The manuscript of survival – part 301

As you have already ascertained, the waves come and go, and sometimes, it is as if your feet are being knocked out under you. But at other times, you will feel yourself as lifted aloft, and you will feel how the power of the waves surges underneath you, carrying you higher and longer than ever before. For such is the nature of these waves. They are not here to drown you, but to lift you even closer to that oh so elusive goal that you have searched for for such a long time. And what is this goal, we may ask, and we think you have all started to find your true answer to just that. For what on the outset started out for many as a quest for that perfect world, has now turned inwards. For you have all started to see the truth that paradise is not something that comes from the outside, it is indeed something that comes from within. And as soon as you discover this, much will start to fall into place. For then, you can finally start to build your future on the most solid base of them all, namely the one that you always carry with you.

For eons, mankind has set his store on other, more flimsy constructions. And these constructions have been many indeed, and they have gone by the name of family or ancestry, government or even religion. But all of these, no matter how closely tied they are to each and every one of you, are outside constructions, and nothing to build your own future on. We do not talk about a complete disregard for your fellow men here, nothing could be further from the truth. No, what we refer to, is the fact that for a very long time, makind has searched outside himself for some sort of salvation. And in many cases, it will have seemed as if he found it, only to discover that this salvation was a fickle one at best. For no matter how solid a ground you seem to stand on, it is nothing but quicksand if you do not have the rock-solid foundation you truly need inside. For then, and only then, can you start to build everything else around you.

So that is what this process is all about, the tearing down of everything old and misconstructed, and the rebuilding of the most solid foundation of them all. Namely that fact that you are indeed sovereign beings, complete and perfect, and ready to start to go out in the world as such. And when you do, you will start to interact with all of these other, new rock-solid beings that surround you, in the shape of your fellow men and women. And together, you will build the world of your dreams. But again, that dream must start at home as it were, with the complete dismantling of anything old and substandard that may be present inside, for then, to put the good pieces back together and build it into this rock-solid and immortal being you are all starting to emerge as. For what we have talked about today is not news to any of you, for you are not novices in this. For you have been in this construction business for a very long time now, and now, the time has come to survey this magnificent structure you are about to complete. It can be difficult at times in midst of all of the seeming chaos to see just how powerful a structure this really is, and just as it is on a regular construction site, without surveying the blueprint, it can be very difficult to get a clear image of what is under way in this confusing mass of busy workers. But we have the blueprints, dear ones, and we can see just how faithful you all are in following them, and so we can see clearly just how close you are to putting that final capstone into place, and declare this, the work of re-constructing yourselves, as finished.

It may not be all of the comfort you need at times like this, when tempers fly and irritation can become high in this, the final flurry of finishing touches before the unveiling. But trust us when we say that even if you might feel a bit stressed out now and then, and you feel as distant from the finished product as ever, know that this is not the case. For you are not lagging behind, not in any way, and you will all make the deadline you have set for yourselves for this process. So fret not, even if you at times may feel like your whole structure is tethering on the brink of collapse. For your building is indeed build on solid ground this time, not on the loose and treacherous sands of yesteryear, and as such, it can weather anything that maybe waiting ahead. We do not say this to imply any sort of cataclysmic event, we just say this in order to remind you that you are build of sturdy stuff now, and so come rain or shine, storm or quiet, you will be standing tall and proud and rightly so. For what you have done, is to build something that will last and last, and when you get to know this new you better, you will also see the bright future that you have in store. Not just as brilliant individuals, but as this whole beautiful conglomerate of magnificent structures, all linked together in a way that will make everything else pale in comparison. For this is no fata morgana, this is the true paradise you are building. For as you struggle and push to get those final pieces in place in your own personal setup, you are also simultaneously doing the same to this whole planet. For this is what dreams are made of. Not mere fiction, but the facts that you have already started to make it come true by making yourselves become true. The true humans, based on their true conviction that what you have become, will never be torn down again, and as such, paradise is already rising from the ashes of the old. And you are the ones making this happen, by doing the hard work of rebuilding your own personal being from the ground up. And now, you can all feel dizzy at times as you have started to raise this new you to such lofty heights, you are already towering above the old renamnts of the one you used to be. There is no need to look down now, dear ones, just keep your focus up, and you will have a better chance to finish this whole process off without being too overwhelmed by vertigo.

For remember, you are not yet used to moving in these let us call them elevated spheres, and as such, you will feel a little bit insecure and unsteady on your feet. So just stay focused on where you are going, and do not spend too much time mulling about where you actually came from. That way, your heart will follow your eyes, and you will find yourself striving towards your own completion in a way that will help you to attain it faster than if you spend too much time looking back over your shoulder. For you are not going back, you are simply to keep moving ahead, and that is what you do each and every day, even at the times where you feel more like you are holding on for dear life, on the brink of being tossed back down onto the ground again. But trust us when we say that this is not the case, it is simply a signal that you have not yet gotten used to the purer air at this height. So just take your time and go slow whenever you feel the need to do so. As we said, there is no risk that you will miss your stipulated time of completion. So again we say that all is well, and even if your whole structure seems to be swaying considerably at times, it is more solid than you think and it can withstand it all. For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, indeed you are all stars, and you shine brightly even in the brightest of daylight. Not just today, but forever.

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    This amazing channel from Aisha North is amazing, I read through it several times, and got more from each reading. I especially like the capstone hint, which I feel is referencing our octahedrons, what I understand to be our “pyramids” of Light.

  2. Dear Lara,

    My heart goes out to you for having to go through this situation, but it is happening more and more to lighted beings where they are picked out as being the problem when actually they are simply shining their light and it makes others feel uncomfortable. That they would say YOU were shedding negative energy only means that they were right on target with the energy bit…you see, to a group of negative beings, positive energy does feel strange and negative to them! Not sure if you know that Aisha has put up the Manuscript 302 on her blog and it is very much about this and how those in the shadows will flail their arms and do everything they can not to be exposed to the light!

    Simply, you have to let go with love. There is no point in going over and over what you did wrong, because you did nothing wrong, you were simply a target for them and eventually you will understand that disconnecting from old ties, while difficult are the most important things we have to do at the moment, so new ties, like your angel in the bar and your polite man on the street can come in.

    big hugs! We love you La la!!! Alex

    1. And another beautiful one, Alex !

      Dropping in to say : consider saving these thoughts somewhere else as well. Like a word doc.
      Whoot-whoot and Bubbles πŸ˜€

  3. Dear Ones,

    so I had the strangest weekend – I too was traveling but just for one night. I went to celebrate my best friend birthday party abroad (together we were 5-7, those “extra 2 my friends Mom and her friend). I ended up being accused to “be negative and bringing negative energy” to the party by that “best friend”. I had no idea what happened really. I feel like I did nothing of those accusations. I was maybe tired (had woken up 3AM ect) and got excited to talk about my new life coach career with a person that asked so many questions about it.

    So, I ended up leaving the party after just the first drinks. I felt like I was stabbed. Crying like mad. I really had the saddest moment in my life in the streets there. I prayed. A woman came to me. Hugged me. Invited me to the local bar for a drink and to her nearby home for a conversation. I have never felt such love in my life from anybody. She was my angel.

    In the morning I meditated and this was the first time I felt LOVE. I saw in my inner eyes pink, orange light and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    The same day I met a homeless man on a bench. He was very polite. We chatted and he was very kind. He said “why do you need to write books about life if your every day is a present”. He had the compassion that was lacking to my friends Mom who half-shoutedly coldly said: “you have no right of ruining other people’s party – you are not the only one having problems”. At that point I WAS crying already and told that I have a custody court case coming up.

    I am still very confused that “what happened”… I know my friend has not “followed a spiritual path” but I always considered her nice and my good friend. It is like I am living in a strange dream. It is not a nightmare but very very strange.

    What do you think about this?

    πŸ™‚ Lara

  4. Does anyone here read Stuart Wilde? He’s pretty much been my ‘go-to’ metaphysician for 20 years or so now – a self-proclaimed scallywag and one powerful dude methinks. He has an item on his site now about a church and the lamb of God. I think many of you will relate to what he says about pain, shopping centres etc.

    Sorry I don’t know how to embed links, but his site is


    1. He has a pretty good sense of humor, Elle. I see you in his writing. No, I’m not familiar, but I went over and glanced through the article titles, and read the article you pointed to, “The Vow at the Church”. Short and sweet it is, peppered with some colorful adjectives along the way.

      I’m pleased to see spiritual and metaphysical sites now carrying articles that are uncovering the truth about events that the majority of the population used to take at face value. I’ve been privileged to know for over three and a half decades that things “out there” are not as they seem. It was a long, hard road carrying this knowledge almost alone for so long, and I’m relieved to now see it be known and published on such a widespread basis. My thanks to a high school teacher who spent eight years as a G-man in the FBI before he became supervisor of our school and taught American Government. He served two U.S. presidents directly and so knew how the structure operates. What we learned as a consequence was not found in any textbook.

      A warm hello to you, my lovely lady. I need to get back to sleep now, the 3:00 AM club is closing for the night.


      1. Ni ni Carl. See you in the morning.

        Stuie is a multi-faceted character. I think his first book was The Quickening – around twenty or so years ago. He was writing about events that few were interested in back then, but are certainly manifesting today. Let’s just say he’s an acquired taste as he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and I believe he knows our true predicament. It just isn’t as simple as love and light and fluffy bunnies of forgiveness for all, then we all float off to 5D.

        I suspect that most, if not all, here know that deep down. Our difficult lives and our pain are reflections of our roles within the spiritual battle which is culminating in this, our time. First and foremost, we are warriors, and we have the scars to prove it. I suspect that is what you’re alluding to, Carl?

        Stuie’s articles are for the masses but there is much depth in his books. He was honouring the feminine and predicting the downfall of patriarchal structures long before anyone else that I’m aware of. Strangely (or not), I’m dreamt of him twice recently – in similar situations to your dream. A group of people, a sense of excitement but also danger, and Stu calm and kind of humble, in white shorts and tee shirt. I found his presence comforting.

        He used to own a large castle near Sydney called Tolemac (got it?) where he ran workshops. I would have loved to attend, as they used to go frolicking in the woods at night, communing with the nature spirits. Like all of us, he’s nearing exhaustion but hanging in there. Mighty warriors come in all sorts of guises – no?



        1. Hi Elle. I’ve read your communication three times and most of it I understand, but when you ask the two questions, I simply don’t. I’m just not connecting in either case (sorry).

          I like your depiction of this gentleman. I understand this. What’s kind of funny right now is the “fluffy bunny” part. What I experience sometimes is the thinking process which remains firmly entrenched in the old existence sometimes look at us as fantastical (as in fantasy) airy-fairy love-fest do-nothing people who live in our mother’s basements. -And that thinking of course lives in the “real” world and we do not. What that thinking process does not realize is our courage moves light years (literally, as in light) beyond the painful grind of 3-D existence. What we possess is the willingness to look within ourselves and do the hard work of processing, so we can break free of the illusion and come back to Reality.

          The old thinking process is simply scared. -Okay, sometimes I guess we are, too. But the difference is, we make the choice to overcome our fear and do the work…the hard work, which ultimately results in joy and a greater existence, and a connection a greater reality.

          I guess its time to move on to the next missive. I feel the group has shifted there, for the most part.

          I’m grateful for my connection to you. Thank you for loving me.


          1. Dear Carl

            Firstly, you’re very easy to love. You open your heart and allow vulnerability, you’re authentic and warm. Also, you share a name with one of those older men I loved when I was very young, so there’s a whimsical personal touch.

            About the questions – not important but I got the feeling that you were saying your old teacher told you about sinister goings-on from his first hand experience, and you understood the depth of deceit and the need to question the source of information and social engineering, rather than just go along with the herd. I’m not putting this well at all, sorry. I think I have to leave off with that, it’s all too wordy.

            Tolemac – Camelot – our inner vision of a world we know can exist because we’ve lived there and our hearts know the truth of that level of being.

            Mighty warriors in all sorts of guises – well, there’s you, there’s me, probably all Pond people, musicians, suburban housewives, tribal elders and star children… and there’s Stuie, who tells his stories of encounters in his favourite pub (the Dog and Duck), along with merging with walls and destroying ghouls with purple fractals fired from his fingertips. A white haired, pleasant faced English gentleman who merges with the crowd and has made it his life’s work to save humanity from an ancient enemy that most don’t even acknowledge. The genuine article, methinks. He appeals to both the mischievous elf and the sublime goddess dwelling within this ordinary human.

            It’s a new day here, the sun will rise soon. My love flies across mountains, oceans, space and time to Carl in his many guises.


            1. Dearest Elle, I’ve been in quiet mode but my eyes fell out of my head as I “happened” to see what you wrote here.

              Could you please write back and tell me what you are talking about regarding Camelot? I am very curious as my heart is pounding. I don’t understand and I want to.

              I love you, Amy

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              1. Amy, I’m sorry I didn’t see this until just now. I’m not sure what to tell you, as I feel you would be familiar with the ‘fable’ of Camelot, King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot etc and the dream of living in love and truth. Stuart Wilde has been a metaphysician for a very long time, and has passed through many stages as he matured and grew in understanding. I relate to what he writes in his books, and there are many levels of understanding.

                He bought an estate with an old castle on it near Sydney, Australia and he conducted workshops and training seminars there, obviously with the goal of bringing people to a higher understanding of our ‘reality’ and the hidden influences that shape mankind’s destiny without their knowledge. It failed – largely because people like to shoot the messenger. It makes them feel important. Stu tried so hard (and is still trying, though he’s worn down with it all) to bring people to a place of tolerance, friendship and compassion for one another.

                His Camelot (Tolemac) failed, but he continues to travel and reach out to people, because that is who he is. In the post below, Stephan writes about people in chains. What has become very clear is that the majority of people prefer their chains, and their human dramas. When I read about all humanity ‘ascending’ together, I just smile to myself. People are so busy inflating their egos whilst claiming to have none, putting restrictions and labels on others and themselves (chains), claiming to have inside knowledge of other realms – on and on, ad nauseum. Aaarrgghhh.

                Classic example today – a person claims to be totally healthy and symptom-free – not like the rest of you dumbasses ha ha. In the next breath he talks about suffering a dark night of the soul for 13 years! He has managed to separate his own soul from his physicality to that degree, and he can’t even see it? People pretend to be something they are not Amy – you know that as well as I. They do it to feel superior and in control, when in reality they’re too afraid to live. Camelot is just not possible in 3D – it’s the impossible dream of real love that Carl dreams about. Until we all learn to shake off these illusory chains and claim our sovereignty, we remain here in hell, even though the gates are open now. Like you Amy, I can’t overcome my physical pain without external aids, but I’ll keep working on it because I have hope that one day, conditions will change.

                Please keep this exchange between us if you can, it’s not likely others are still reading here. I don’t want to be the cause of division at Aisha’s special place. My personal version of Camelot is developing nicely so far, but I’m trying not to have expectations or attachment to the outcome. If I can leave this sad, sick world just a little bit brighter, I guess it will all have been worthwhile. Maybe.

                Much love


                1. My Sister Elle, how truly alike we both are. Just like you I have for years determined to make my own world based on Love and Truth. I don’t go by what others say. I don’t do what others say. I walk to my own beat and I for one am smart enough to listen to my body, for I have learned the “hard way”. I eat what this body needs to maintain health, and yes, if that includes meat, I eat it. I’ve honestly tried to go vegan but no it is not for me.

                  I dream of Camelot on Earth, and in fact, my little world is called “Garden of Eden”. I am the nutty one who communicates with the animals, cares for them, loves them, sings with the birds, talks to the trees and listens to them……you get the picture. What people don’t know I am a huge warrior in spirit and these animals assist me in ways I don’t even understand.

                  I love the tale of Camelot and have always been drawn to it. That is why asked and because of what someone told me. I am beginning to realize too, so much ego still, even with self but yes I am catching it. These chains are so resilient and I practice trying to see above the mundane though I don’t always succeed. I live with one who I swear has mental programming that is from the dinosaur ages. It never ceases to amaze me how deep these “hooks” are. Humans on the whole have a long way to go in order to be free of bondage.

                  I thank you for taking the time to write what you did. This Stue sounds fascinating just my “cup of tea”. I too know how hard it is to get people to see and let go etc…..and in fact, just today saying how amazed I am how stubborn these invisible chains are. Our programming has truly been vicious, to say the least, but I rejoice because there are some of us who are getting it. Trial and error basis I must admit, some days better then others, but on the whole I’m digging it. What I see more and more is a horror story and there again I choose to avert my gaze and look on beauty and intend beauty.

                  Luv, please don’t ever feel you could say anything wrong here. Like I said, and I know it goes for Aisha as well, we practice non-judgement always. I see you as Perfect and whole, for I see your Soul. I am really glad to begin to know you. I love the way you think and what you say. I mean that.

                  The honest to God Love I am feeling for you is awesome. At times when I am just chilling listening to music people here come to Mind and it is just like they are right there with me. This meeting place of Beautiful Souls is the Best Gift I have ever been given.

                  I Love you, Elle! Amy

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            2. Elle, I have had a whimsical touch here as well, and cannot talk about it due to others who may read this blog. I wish I could be totally vulnerable about everything with everyone here but now is not the time. Its nice that you say I did that for you. I know what that feels like. Someone here wrote, “love, (and their name)” and I almost came undone.

              “I got the feeling that you were saying your old teacher told you about sinister goings-on from his first hand experience, and you understood the depth of deceit and the need to question the source of information and social engineering, rather than just go along with the herd.”

              Precisely. He was very high in his rank and so knew things that so few understood then. He was a spy in Russia for three years, and was among the 1/3 who returned home. He told us that we don’t choose our president, but rather there is a group of people who meet on a regular basis and decide who will be heads of state in most countries. And he mentioned three organizations no one ever heard of or talked about. Today all three are essentially household words. What’s amazing is this was in 1976, so this information was only found in a few obscure books. But how interesting to hear these things in my teens.

              “Tolemac – Camelot – our inner vision of a world we know can exist because we’ve lived there and our hearts know the truth of that level of being.”

              Amy asked about this, and I am too. And I know what it is she wants to know about- the inner vision we know can exist. Perhaps a link for reading, or otherwise just a few short words? The “because we lived there” part seems interesting.

              “Mighty warriors in all sorts of guises – well, there’s you, there’s me, … and there’s Stuie, who tells his stories of encounters in his favourite pub (the Dog and Duck)”

              Reminds me of a scene from Crocodile Dundee, which we happened to see once again recently, and had fun. All these years later its a bit cheesy, but I do love the character. I love his heart, because it is right, and that is where his charm is, and he is so very human.

              “A white haired, pleasant faced English gentleman who merges with the crowd and has made it his life’s work to save humanity from an ancient enemy that most don’t even acknowledge.”

              Now that’s like Dr Who πŸ™‚

              “The genuine article, methinks. He appeals to both the mischievous elf and the sublime goddess dwelling within this ordinary human.”

              Your description of the ordinary human sounds like the feminine version of Mick Dundee.

              “It’s a new day here, the sun will rise soon. My love flies across mountains, oceans, space and time to Carl in his many guises.”

              It is received. And do I have guises! (If the industry I serve only knew.)

              Yesterday morning I stood on a cold porch and drank coffee in the brisk morning air and watched the sun rise. What I was pondering is how I’ve become connected with people halfway around this planet. I feel so close inside, and yet the distance in miles seems so far.

              hugs and kisses,


              1. Ahh, those hugs are nice and warm Carl.

                All I can say is that I know nothing. About anything important. And sometimes lately, I even feel nothing. That frightens me.

                What can I tell any of you about Camelot? All I have is my yearnings, same as you. How can we imagine it and yearn for it if it doesn’t exist – anywhere? It feels like a memory, but how can I know?

                Words, words ….an endless flow of words….all of us pleading for understanding, belonging, inspiration. Sometimes all I want is a hand to hold in silence, like a little kid needing her mummy. I’m tired of pretending to be grown up, tired of trying to remain positive, tired of trying to understand the unfathomable.

                I’m so sorry, right now I’m empty. It’s okay, I’ll be back, I just need to lie low beneath the waves right now. I love you, gentle man.

                1. Elle, we know nothing. We know everything. I understand, I really do. You conveyed perfectly. I’m not asking for any answers, all I’ve been doing really is just communicating, and what we have through this medium is words. So enough of that today. I’ll just hold you right now for a few precious moments. That’s really what we want, anyway.


              2. Sorry Carl and Elle, for sort of “barging in “.
                About distance and connecting : have a growing feeling that the way we connect is expanding too.
                The past days I’ve been … kind of all over the place πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                We are truly evolving in various ways. What seemed a dream yesterday will become normalcy tomorrow.

                Love you both !

    2. Dear Elle
      I was introduced to his writtings back in 2003, by my Indian tribe brother Michael had done some PR for his books at the time. I read one that he had written in 4 days (as I remember it from the top of my head) there was a story in it about a slaveship and how to we were all slaves, and then a time would come were our chains would be removed. I also remember Michael telling about how the room at times seemed to merge around Stuart in a very matrixlike manner.


      1. Stephan, you make a unique contribution to this forum, with your many and varied gifts. Thank you for your comments about Stuart and also Mel Gibson.

        I feel that more than anything, Stuart is a Wayshower. I’m so grateful for the way he has touched my life, and I don’t need to understand the technicalities of how he does what he does. I wish there was a direct way to tell him how much he means to me, likewise Mel.

        Stuie found a way to guide and teach whilst remaining under the radar, so to speak, whilst his friend David Icke has been bold and brave and consequently attacked mercilessly over decades. Mel Gibson was schooled by his father all his life in the truth behind the facade of our world, and he bravely and rather naively rode in on his charger to enlighten the masses. The Hollywood mafia used his human frailties against him in a classic sting that totally blindsided him, and almost took him out of the game. With the help of another mighty warrior – Jodie Foster – and his loyal ex-wife, he survived.

        Pure masculine energy is awe-inspiring.

        On that note, I’ll say adieu for now. Bright blessings to you, Stephan.



  5. Dear friends of the pond

    I just want to share a video I made a few Years back in a project I named Steambuilding, the idea was to bring the healing of sweetlodge to the people of the west. But because I was not ready for it, I wanted to heal people but had not even been able to heal myself, the project lost it’s energetic support around summer solstice last Year and I threw the towel in the ring and scraped the project, asking the powers that be to show me the underlying trauma causing me to lose the energy in the projects I involved myself in again and again. After asking this and doing a fire ceremony, I was taken up in the light and shown myself, as my higher self saw me, and my self asked me in a ironic tone, how do You think It is going, and it was not going very good from the looks of it, since I used my gifts in egoistical ways, to impress men and woman under the pretense of wanting to help them. Then I was taken to a very dark place, it was like google earth at night, but instead of city’s and roads the map showed me the people I had been wanting to heal connected with thin lines of gray light, like the reflection of the moon in water at night. And just like google earth I could zoom in on every person and behold details of their karmic load and how I by performing ceremonies for people had linked this carmic load to mine and thereby being linked to their dark side, and I saw because I had not followed up on my sacred plight to heal them the load was accumulating. This vision was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen and I wanted to look away but I was not allowed to for a terrible while. Then the voice told me that I could choose to go back to my hum-drum live of idleness or heal my presence by severing all the connections on the map. It took me about 14 days to grow the balls to pick up my cell and phone my best friend, she and had been friends for nearly 30 Years, and tell her our relationship was over. From there on I had around 20-30 friend I felt I should call by phone or meet face to face. Then there was the remainder of 127 friend on facebook to whom I wrote a letter of farewell, leaving my cell-number should they have any final questions before we parted ways. Last but not least there was my family that I gave the ultimatum to look at the family issues or they would face the consequences of us parting. This process took about 3 month to complete. Then I began to try to listen to my heart via a method I called single-tasking. I just did one thing at a time and made sure to weigh if my heart was in it, taking baby-step, now You people here enabled me take Gargantus steps by adding the last thing I needed to go through with the process namely the notion of and belief in unconditional love, so thanks again I love You all.

    I am a great admirer of John Trudell.

    My shamanic teacher and Chief Sonne Reyna for the period of summer 2003 until winter solstice 2004, taught me a lot about the fight of AIM. The Chief being a Vietnam veteran and from that experience choosing to become a peace-chief for his people the members of the rainbow warrior tribe as envisioned by Crazyhorse, was a great inspiration to me.


  6. Would like also to share a video I just watched. I thought it was very uplifting and encouraging. It is a little long (1:20hr) but I enjoyed every minute, even though the voice sounds a little ‘preachy’, but it is done in a soothing way. It claims to be channeling the Divine feminin and it sounds genuine. Many of you will see themselves in the topic.

  7. I would like to share this absolutely gorgeous song from Medicine for the People. The video was put together from someone else and is available on youtube. If you have seen it before, it never hurts to see it again. The beautiful cinematography simply takes my breath away.

    Bodies of info, performing such mircacles


    Hope this link works, as I do not know how to put the video here.

    Love you ALL!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Phoenix, absolutely a beautiful video with stunning lyrics and music. I found another version of the video a while back, so the pictures have connected to this in my version of reality. They have to do with the Mayan calender. According to the Mayan t’ol’kin calender used Guatemala we are at the trecena of Ix’balam the 13 day period of the Jaguar that began on the 14.april. What made me love this video besides the fantastic dubsteb/chillstep mix, was it’s depicting of the ancient deer-dance of the Yaqui-people. A dance I performed in the winter of 2003 on the Island of Ibiza, under instruction of my shaman teacher who is of double decent his mother being Yaqui and his father being Lakota.

      Yahete, with love from my heart

      1. Extraordinary video Stephan! Soul food. Thank you so much and thank you also for your input on Braveheart.

        To others who have spoken to me here today – Hello and I love you! I’m reading and absorbing.


  8. The singular friend you find in yourself is the creator. You have to find him within yourself. You can see his words from others writtings and feel them deep within. Trust comes when you find him. You just have to know it is him and not something else. Many say they are him. Our creator is singular and shares with all. Many think the source of knowledge we share is our creator. Our source of knowledge is a part of him, and sometimes from others, but not all of him. It is just a sharing of some of his knowledge. Once you find him you can share with all what you learn. Just like we are singular and have a journey that is ours alone. He to has a journey that he shares parts with us. As we grow he shares more. He gives us as much as our understanding can take. Sometimes more. Just because he is the creator does not mean he stops seeking knowledge. Learning of knowledge never stops.

    Blessing to all.

  9. You guys all have the coolest names!

    Here are some impressions, well-wishes and friendly offerings. I am now convinced that every time we reach out from the heart it contributes to the beautiful work of the Light so…

    Ian, I trust that you felt all of those beautiful gifts of love that were sent your way. I did not write but I read those beautiful words that all these people sent to you, and I sent you my love and light as I am sure that many others did as well. Powerful stuff.

    Amy, I am very pleased that you are feeling blessed, better and more empowered. You are a very strong voice for many here. I am sure that you have carried great burdens in your lives and, like many here, I am pleased to see you feeling more and more of the peace and love that you richly deserve. Also, I believe that you are now correct about the two worlds. It is both sad and exciting. I love the line from “Small Wonders,” “Let your clarity define you…”

    Emma and Alex, you two are very funny. Soft-hearted and funny. Very cool combination! Thank you so much for your grace and laughter!

    Elle and Phoenix, can I ever relate. I suspect that our common affinity with “privacy” is really more about loneliness and self-preservation. Love is a very big word for me–not because it takes a lot to say it but because it truly means so much. I suspect that we have all been more then slammed around by the harshness of this world–and many times over. It has driven many of us to that hiding place that the CCs have invited us to leave. We (or at least I) will never want the kind of energy that exists in all those false public spaces, but we (or at least I) cannot deny how much I truly long to be loved by those who truly “see” me. (Great Avatar line!)

    Ray, your wisdom is always evident and you may well be right about that singular friend. However, I am sort of hoping not. I love the line from “Joe v Volcano”: “I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately…asking myself some pretty tough questions, and do you know what I found out? I have no interest in myself. When I start thinking about myself, I get bored out of my mind…” (GREAT MOVIE, btw. I think It’s pretty much a blue print for what we’ve all been going through…)

    Anyway, though I am not entirely “bored” with myself, I certainly want to know more than myself. Honestly, I am longing for a day and a place where I do not need to hide myself away from anyone anymore. I have always said that the idea of the Trinity is the Church’s way of saying that God dwells in community. So surely, at some point, we will too!

    Carl, and I imagine many of you as well… I sincerely appreciate your struggle with organized/institutional religion. It has been my “cover” for my entire adult life. While I know that I have provided some connections and some language contributions to folks along my weary way, I know now that my real work has been largely invisible to me. Despite the fact that most of the time, I would rather be far away from crowds and structures, I realize that I have somehow carried a light within that has been brought into some pretty dim places. Though seriously frustrating most of the time, I am genuinely humbled to have served in this very odd way.

    The pain accompanying all this–and this goes back to my earlier comments to Elle and Phoenix and all of us who have learned to hid ourselves away–is real. Or, it is as real as anything feels in the illusion. Love is the thing, for sure. It is our hearts desire and truly what our hearts are made of, but this world got seriously buried in fear and darkness. It became very hard and very painful, especially for those who’s hearts remembered anything of what it was once like.

    This is all coming to a conclusion now. Love is the Light that we are always talking about here–and it is pouring down upon us like sunshine! This, in turn, is what is allowing our love/light to break forth out of that corner in our hearts where it had once retreated… Of course, love has been there all along–being patient and kind as it is prone to do. But now it can come out and find welcome in the open air again.

    All I can say to this is, count me in!

    Blessings to All of you. I love you all–and as I said, love is a big word for me. So know that I sincerely mean it.


    1. Oh Dearest Mark, your words are so eloquent and yes I have been stirred. I thank you for your caring of me, which truly made my day. My real time life has been such a whirl, I’ve missed out on so much here lately.

      I agree with you that Love is coming in and here to stay because of the ferocity of the “other side” who just don’t want to give up. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and what with all the changes we ourselves are going through and then some of us doing spiritual battles, and others are drawing the line in the sand NO MORE…….whew! as I said, a whirl!

      But when all is settled down the Golden Upliftment into the Love we all know is here, will truly be of the greatest GIFT we all could imagine, for each of us has worked so hard for it. I like you have weary bones this day, for I have gone through the “wine presses”. Not much of me is left but what is left is US.

      Even though I don’t comment much with your posts, and for reasons I don’t quite know, I want you to know that I do Love you (and that is from someone who has struggled with that word for what this world has done to me) and I so appreciate what you say. You are my BeLoved Brother of Light, who I treasure more then anything, just as I do with each of my BeLoveds here at this POND. We have truly become Family learning along the way, how much we mean to each other. We have found US again.

      With my Love, Lady of Roses

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Joining you Rosie in giving our dearest brother mark a big fat hug! I was very moved by your comments mark and I feel them strongly! In love and light–alex

        1. Even though these words are in response to Ali, MARK, this is for you and for all who struggle with the Love word. I am determined that past nor this world will take from me my innate knowing that I am Love and I will say I Love you and mean it! I am done with something being taken from me that is mine to begin with. LOVE.

          Sent from my iPad

    2. My dearest Mark
      You’re always so charming? Because if so, everyone should enjoy you … not hiding …. unfolds all your light ….You will blind more than one
      I think everyone here has the broadest sense of meaning to the word Love, and it always used it seriously (and we received / feel, at least I). We are so blessed to share it here with so many souls That We understand perfectly .. Oh My God
      You say: I have no interest in myself. When I start thinking about myself, I get bored out of my mind … “(without words), I feel very identified, but not know which movie you mean, I see it encantrΓ­a.
      Thank you for your words to me, I’m glad to know that I get a smile from time to time, reward better????
      Count me in also
      I love you Mark

      1. Tears just keep coming to these eyes of mine as I continually see what is unfolding here. The Love is so tangible that it reaches out from this blog directly to my Heart.

        Emma, my Little Giant Emma, the growth I have seen in you makes me so proud of you. Your willingness now to shine your Light is blinding where I am coming from.

        I Love you! Amy

        Sent from my iPad

        1. Oh yesssssss! (silly smile on my face). This course have been applied, I studied hard to make Mommy happy …. then, will you take me to Disneyland this year as promised?????
          I can only say that no good pupil / student without a good teacher … Oh Captain my captain …..

          1. I will take you anywhere you wish. But first I want to take you in my embrace to hold you close to my beating Heart, to smell the flowers in your hair, to touch your soft cheek beneath my hand, and to tell you, I have loved you before time.

            Emma, you make my Heart sing! And I thank you for your compliment. My Heart just swells to see the progress you have made. An A+ student all the way!

            HUGS, Mami

            Sent from my iPad

      2. Hi Emma,

        The movie is literally called, Joe vs. The Volcano. It is a comedy and, indeed, very funny. But it is also very profound. Of course, we are all interested in ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that. But, at the same time, if we are only interested in ourselves, we will eventually get bored and disappointed. So we are pushed outward as well as inward. There is a wonderful Creation for us to see, explore and love.

        Thanks for the kind words!


        1. Mark, thank you for your words to all of us. I always pay close attention when you write. And I put Joe vs the Volcano in the movie queue!

          lots of love,


    3. Mark, you just amazed me. You ARE in!!!!! πŸ™‚

      The privacy thing Initially came from pain. I have been lied to too many times to count, some, if not most, were unaware of what they were doing. Some intentionally misled me. I have been hurt for most of my life by others. Trusting, loving, and then getting wham-o’d. Betrayal. And I am talking of giving ones heart to another or at least trusting anther enough to give, only to have it misused and taken for granted. If I tried being myself around others, the females would spin it as something ridiculous, and the men would use my vulnerabilities against me in order to get close.

      Now, however, I have stepped through the vortex, I do not (usually) get myself into these types of relationships with people out of yes, you said it, self-preservation, and ultimately, because we are their teachers, whether we accept this truth right now or not. I do not fear of having not. There is an abundance of love, but it does not exist out there in 3D.

      I love the matrix people as a teacher would love them, as a parent would love them, but I expect nothing in return. I seem to be of more assistance and give more when I am in Observer mode. Absence of ego.

      Now, instead of giving (I have a slight issue with the connotation of this word), I share. And yes, I know we are now supposed to all come out of hiding, but that may mean different things to individuals. Perhaps some need to now write, rather than be silent. Some need to become the musician they were meant to be, some need to speak up about the knowledge they were given during a meditation, or try forming a spirituality based group. Some want to start farms, or community based living, some just simply need to start living their own truth, and stop giving themselves away when they don’t wish to. Whatever you are, it is now time to BECOME. Become your facet, show your spark. We individually make up the one, huge, beautiful, shining light of the Divine Diamond Love.

      you are Brilliant, my friend, Mark.

      Shine on Brother!!

  10. There are many different kinds of friends. Some you can trust with wife. Some you can trust with your money.Some you can trust with your life. These are just 3 of the types of friends. Most can count on one hand those you can trust with all three of these. These are basicly 3d friends.The most important type of friend is someone you can trust your soul with. There is many whom you can put this trust in. It is up to only you to pick this friend. In the end there is only one friend whom you can give this trust to. It is yourself. It is up to you to find this friend within yourself. Once you find this you will find many others to share this friendship with.

    Bless All

    1. Beautiful, Ray. Such Truth. It always begins with self, does it not and then it goes outward.

      Blessings, my Brother, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Well said, Ray. You are the wiseman. When you speak I “see” you as a being sitting in complete peace and completely unmoving. I see no judgement, only love.

      Bless you, too.

  11. Hello Sisters and Brothers πŸ™‚
    Still have some “stuff” to do, and I’ll be back later. Much reading to catch up (yes, I try to read ALL the posts and comments, there is always something to learn).
    Had to share this. Just read it, and it reminded me of a recent conversation here about “the power to say NO” πŸ˜‰
    Miss you all, be back soon !
    Love and sunny Bubbles πŸ˜€

    1. Laughing hysterically Bri bri! i ALSO shared that article somewhere in the depths of this pond! Wasn’t it wonderful? Self love sets up boundaries and does not expect martyrdom in order to exist! I also have to add that when I came in this morning there were 333 comments! Hello Angels! Loving on you all! alex

  12. For those of you who were interested in what was happening here, with my visions of community gardens, men with gentle energy and practical skills etc, I’m just letting you know that it has turned out wonderfully. Two men showed up – one with enormous strength and skill, who has been wealthy in the past but is not now.

    The other is a musician with a heart as big as a house, who lives and breathes music but also likes to grow and use healing plants. The first decided my situation wasn’t right for him just now, but offered friendship and help with whatever I need, and I know he means it.

    The second was so grateful to be here and will build on what already exists and has already brought his special energy, plus a network of connections that will contribute to our shared goals. We just had another long conversation where we shared our private relationship with the Christ, and he said “We are the Second Coming”. We’re all feeling it now, aren’t we? We’re all over the world and we’re coming together here at this pond, and we will come together more and more to fulfill our mission here.

    Whenever two or more of us are gathered in His name……there is love…and laughter, music, hard work…..and magic.



    1. Wonderful news Elle! My space of love, which is simply an extension of The Garden is jumping for joy along with me as we embrace your Unity Garden and all the people, animals, birds, insects, water and air that it will touch! Much blessings on you and I am giggling at how you imagined, intended and allowed the perfect sharing to occur! Yeah baby! Alex

      1. Thanks Alex! You’ll get a kick out of this – this person is involved with a program called Creating Unity – Soaring together – Flying as One.


    2. Oh Elle, this is fabulous. I’m very, very happy for you, and of course for all of us. What you shared and wrote is beautiful. I love the part about all of us coming together around the world.

      I have a number of clients in OZ, as well as friends from there, who return frequently. One day I want to get there and visit. When I do, I’m coming to see you…

      …with or without Bri πŸ™‚ (I’m laughing and kidding, of course)

      Love you,


      1. LOL Carl, no you aren’t kidding! Why wouldn’t you want to take our bubble queen for a trans world roadtrip??? πŸ˜‰ hehehee!!!! I have a sister in Oz–half sister who is very spiritual too and I am certainly gonna make it down there one of these days!

        1. Wow! I can feel a party comin on! Isn’t it lucky that my new guest/shed dweller cooks, cos I bloody well hate cooking. You are all so welcome, and there’s plenty of room for teepees – I promise you will love this place.

          Carl me darlin, I would love to meet you, and the beautiful redhead. I’m assuming you’re in the US? Don’t answer if you’d rather not. I also feel a cautionary vibe about being too open here. When the time comes, we will find a way…..

          Alex, one of these days could be sooner than you think. Woo-hoo!


        2. Well Alex, to be frank, my beautiful, loving, and incredibly understanding wife might not be so incredibly understanding if tried that one πŸ™‚

          I believe there is going to come a day when we all will be able to express ourselves in any and every appropriate manner as divine, loving beings, and do so without issue, threat, fear, recrimination, and so on. I’ve written here about some issues I’ve had and Bri really “nailed it” as I said recently. She identified how this works, when she indicated what creates monsters (that being fear).

          Alex, I’m working on this subject in my thoughts continually. Over time, I plan to write about it. I’ve made allusion to it when I’ve written that I think what we are all really after is to experience ecstatic union with the Divine, in large part demonstrating it through our relationships with others. This thought process is an ongoing effort, which I now understand began some 28 years ago for me, when someone who is much more accomplished than myself communicated with me in a fashion that had no barriers. They communicated in a total open manner with such naked ferocity and total fearlessness that all my barriers came down and I was catapulted into ecstasy, right in public, before God and everyone. The room disappeared, and it was the two of us, from two completely different worlds, locked together for a moment in time, even though we were standing probably ten feet apart, and in the company of other people who were watching and listening to the interaction. Neither of us cared, because we both touched God. We tasted ecstasy in our interaction, and there was never anything inappropriate about it. -Scary?…oh, yes. Incredibly scary, to the point where 999 out of a thousand people simply would not understand what took place, or how or why either of us would or could have said the things we said to each other. But -we- understood.

          I have never forgotten this experience, and it became a benchmark for me, where I want to know what divine ecstatic union truly is, in waking consciousness in these bodies, and how we as fully conscious Gods can accomplish it. Would that not be “Heaven on Earth?” I believe there are beings here of unusual caliber who have the capacity to love in a measure that words cannot capture, and I believe those beings are many here at the Pond. In my time I have met in person at least three incredible beings who have magnificent hearts of almost limitless capacity, and have loved and been loved by them. One was for a few moments. One was for months but neither said anything, including even admitting in words to each other the relationship existed, because it was just not appropriate in its context; and one was for a magical and beautiful timeframe where we actually got to express in full measure, and it was “safe”, and acceptable, although many still did not understand.

          I have read many accounts of “near-death” experience. In almost every case I read of the experience of an unfathomable love beyond anything the person had ever experienced, which in many cases caused them to not want to come back. What is this love, and if we are capable of experiencing it, why not here, in these bodies? And what is “full consciousness”, anyway? Would it not include this kind of powerful, all-encompassing love?

          As time goes along, you may see me write about this subject more. I’m very much interested in what Love is; what Divine Love is, and how and why and in what manner we can and will express it in the New Reality we are creating.

          I do love our Bubble Queen, no doubt about that. Right now a trans-world road trip is probably not in our collective best interest (big smile).

          Love you, Alex


          1. Yes Carl. To dream the impossible dream. I relate to what you write. Love is tarnished in this realm and is usually a name for something else. When I was a girl, I loved two older men. They were both beautiful and wise, and they understood the boundaries. If either had touched me, I would have run a mile. I still love them and honour them for understanding my tender young heart.

            Your beautiful wife is welcome too. I’ll share you Carl, that’s okay. Bri will understand too.


          2. Carl, I am honored that you chose me to address this too because that ecstatic loving union is absolutely possible and that coming together of like souls where all else disappears, where two beacons of divine love and balance come together–yeah, I have had that…where all else disappears and the “beloved” (for lack of a better word) is singing for joy in your head and you are the only one who hears it–yes…when you meet a twin flame, a soul mate (and there are Many of those incarnated, not just one)…there is nothing else that exists–the recognition and unconditional love is the nexus of all things!

            I absolutely know beyond doubt that the 3D controlling constructs relating to relationships on all levels will be the first things to truly shift when we are flooded with the actual 5D construct and all our secrets are out on the table–and I mean All of them, from many lifetimes…it will take a while for us all to process that and then we will be given our freedom to explore who we truly are and all the rules and inappropriateness will fall away. Truth is, that as a species we were not meant to be monogamous and society chose it for us, or for some of us, and serial monogamy became the norm for many others. While I don’t particularly understand the dynamics of the polyamory community, I do understand the polyamorous heart because I know I can truly love many beings at once and have always been this way, though my devotion to my beloved is sacred and I do focus on the here and now in that union.

            I feel there is this entire other level of interaction, communication and relationship that has been held from us for a reason and it will be opened to us very soon and will bring us such joy to either participate in that level or choose to remain as we are–choice again is the key ingredient in all things–but to me, blessed sacred sexuality, which is a huge part of our divinity incarnated, and relationship is on the horizon to be shared with great curiosity, innocence and joy and will be entirely appropriate…

            Love you too carl–love the ability to share and be blessed by the sharing of others! Alex

            1. P.s. carl, though, I was only teasing you because whenever anyone says, Only joking they deserve to be teased! Just a little playful FUN! πŸ™‚ hugs! you know I am part Imp dont you by now? LOL

            2. Alex, “you understand!” I KNEW there were more of us here. And yes, I have the capacity to love many beings simultaneously. Each one different, because each IS different. Each holds a different and sacred place in my heart. There is enough to go around, and no one has to feel any loss! I KNOW it to be true, because it exists, and how could it exist if it were not true.

              I’m amazed and feel wonder at your understanding of this issue and truth. And I like very much your description of what will take place, and how it may happen. I know that it will, but I’ve not yet become aware of HOW it will come to pass. Your explanation is very helpful, and it gives me hope. I’m going to read it again and again.

              OMG, Alex. I knew you were one of the Great Beings.

              Jesus, this is incredible, what’s happening here in this timeframe at the Pond.

              Please feel free to tease me any time you feel its appropriate. And yes, I had it coming, BIG TIME.

              Love beyond words.


          3. Hold on, brother Carl and sister Elle, ‘that time’ is almost under our nose. Some call it sacred love, others unconditional love, and others, yet, tantra love. But I say it to you, for me, love is true love when it comes from our open true heart. Then, the rest, ceases to exit. And it only needs is two beings mutually open to be one, in state of grace.

            For us, bravest of the brave, it,s not difficult to entertain such thoughts. It needs a very high vibration and fearless spirit. To be One with ALL THAT IS, is a privilege of the few who knows – and accepts – deep in their hearts, that God is ALL LOVE.

            1. Oh these eyes of mine tears be found again.

              Nohmad, your words are magic. Pure Bliss. GOD.

              You are an exceptional priceless Knight of Light.

              Yes, GOD is ALL LOVE.

              And no-thing else exists.

              Sent from my iPad

            2. Nohmad, I knew that you know as well. I saw it when it first came here. Thank you for extending your loving heart to my query and giving promise assurance to us. I like your explanation, yes it seems right. “A high vibration and a fearless spirit.”

              Let it be so for all of us.

              Love you,


          4. Carl, so many of us here on this journey understand exactly what you are saying. We are on a mission to find Divine Love in this incarnation. It does exist. You have already had an experience. I have only experienced this state of nirvana with the Creator during meditation or during one of my kundalini journeys. Alex, you express beautifully the concepts as well. I am enjoying reading all of these marvelous gifts.

            I think that in the future it might be possible to just simply go into a state of deep meditation or heart space with another and simply by connecting the energies of the two individuals, may send one another into bliss. I don’t know that any physical act will be necessary. Im sure that is something that one may still choose to do, but not necessarily a requirement.

            I don’t know if this is what Nohmad is referring to or not, but it makes sense to me. I think we may choose to have the physical love fall away as our vibration continues to refine.

            1. My dear sister Phoenix, as Alex beautifully said ‘choice again is the key ingredient in all things’.

              If you want to have a platonic relationship with another being, incarnated or not, great!. You just need is to find another 5D (or beyond) being that is open to be one with you in this special way.

              But… But… I love this word… It always brings me hope… If you have many 5D incarnated beings that you trust and you know they love you in an unconditional way, but they not share your platonic dreams, two choices: you just watch them enjoying True Love or you join them. If you choice the latter, two conditions: a very high vibration and a fearless spirit, what in other words is to be in a state of grace.

              We are remembering who we really are, that is, incarnated divine beings. Now we have integrated our heart (compass), ego (passion) and mind (tools), each doing its specific function. Survival mode is over (3D). Now the energy around us is one of love, joy and union. It,s a totally unknown terrain for us all. I just can imagine, like Carl, what is it like to have a full love experience of body, mind and soul.

              And we have this lovely Pond, full of the most amazing beings that anyone could ever dream. And in short time our star families will be here, joining us, as our inner Earth family, all 5D and beyond. Our Twin Flames are coming. Heaven on Earth. In my mind can only be one thought: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.

              My dear sister Phoenix, I,ll leave you now with your imagination. And remember, ‘choice again is the key ingredient in all things’.

              1. My dear brother Nohmad,

                Thank you enormously for your contribution to this subject matter.
                I completely agree that this pond is full of the most beautiful beings I have ever known and the wisdom revealed in this space is beyond measure. It has touched me and changed me, and I believe these ripples of wisdom reach far and wide.

                As far as the ecstatic Divine Union between souls is concerned, I don’t have any needs for it to be defined in any particular way. Platonic or otherwise. I simply wonder if it would be possible to have the experience in a platonic manner, and according to Carl, this is absolutely possible.

                I agree with you completely, that the best is yet to come, in fact, I believe we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is available to us. I have tears of gratitude for what I experience now, I cannot imagine holding a higher state for long periods, which must be the reason this is happening very slowly, in increments.

                You’re speaking of the twin flames arriving brought me to tears…. Thank you Nohmad… Your light shines so brilliantly here.

            2. Phoenix, I agree with you. Two of the three relationships I mentioned there was never any physical contact. One never even had words that acknowledged there was a relationship at all, but it was unusually profound for both of us. And none of them involved sexuality in any sense. I’m not saying that I disagree with Alex, or Nohmad. Alex touched on an important point, which I also ran across in some of my reading, that sexuality has its place, and I feel is and will be a grand part of ecstatic union in the ne understanding, but it will be determined on an individual basis. What I’m saying is, I think all of it is true.

              The key here, in my estimation, is communication. And I’m not talking about just mundane “talk”, but REAL communication- the kind when one opens their mouth that everyone else is hushed in silence, because something meaningful is being communicated. This requires a total and complete absence of fear (yeah good luck on that one, eh?), combined with the other key ingredient that I look for all the time and that is this… a magnificent heart.

              I believe that when beings who possess magnificent hearts meet each other, and even better when they possess no fear, that some form of unusual communication and union is bound to take place. And it matters not age, gender, or anything else. Magnificent hearts recognize each other, and it usually happens immediately. And the communication can take any or all of the forms we all have mentioned.

              A most profound relationship that I experienced was with someone whose heart I saw so clearly I was blinded to physical sight. Only my spiritual eyes were working, and that was all I could see. (After I met them I honestly did not know what they looked like. All I could see was their heart). And we SAW each other, and we touched each other, but no one ever said anything. And as you indicate, we communicated in meditation, in the spiritual realm for months. We went so far as to make agreements that prompted specific questions or comments that were a queue to giving specific information. This was proof the communication was taking place. And the love…it was cosmic, and all-encompassing. And never a word was said about it. But neither one of us ever had a doubt. And my best descriptor for this being is, “magnificent heart”.

              So I believe in all of it. And I was thinking of you today, and some of our earlier discussions together. And what I wanted to say to you as I though of you in my mind is, “Phoenix, we’re home! There’s people here who actually have the capacity to love like we do!…can ya dig it?!!!”

              All smiles for you,


              1. Thank you, Carl. I love reading your stories. You have a special way of conveying with words that describe both situations and concepts that I can easily understand an brig myself into – into those spaces.
                I am ‘looking’ at all of this information, studying it, turning it this way and that.
                I am open to the ‘all’ of Divine love. All expressions. My personal experiences do not include others while in the divine moments of bliss that I have felt, so it is difficult to imagine the combination of two in that state.
                And, yes, I can certainly DIG it!! Lol

                I am feeling a little disoriented this morning or ‘distorted’ or ‘muddy’. Nothing is clear to me right now.

                So, I will leave to ponder before I say something that isn’t in alignment. I like to be sure that what I say is true for me. I don’t take this place lightly or for granted. This is a classroom for me. sometimes I am a student and once in a blue moon, a teacher. Every now and again, more often lately, I see miracles occurring here. It is such a beautiful place.

                Thank you for your presence, and your magnificent heart.


                1. Ahh, Phoenix! You bring your thoughts to my screen with a rare clarity and a depth of understanding. I do understand those times of disorientation and muddiness though.

                  Yes, our wonderful Carl. The cute little boy with the bucket of water grew up to be rather special, didn’t he?

                  Much love


                  1. Yes, I feel like a rambling idiot today. I have reached down DEEP to get some semblance of words to describe my gratitude for the replies that I read this morning. My words limit me today.
                    I will keep it light.
                    I feel and can almost SEE, detect, whatever, the program running in the background…. It feels like an ‘unwinding’ is taking place… So many things zipping by with such a speed that I can’t truly see any of them… Just a blur.

                    Thank you darling, Elle… My sister!

                2. Ah, Phoenix, God bless you, for I seem to have lost the ability to write prolifically. I feel muddied as well, confused (again) and for me to loose my ability to flow with the written word, scares me. So much I want to convey to many but my hands Mind and Heart just aren’t with it. And so like you I am quiet.

                  I Love you. Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                  1. Yes my lovely Rose, Amy…
                    Don’t push today… Much happening in the background. Rest today.
                    Nothing is required of us. Being here is enough for today.

                    I love you!

                3. Yes Phoenix, the last 18 hours has been different for me, too. Old physical symptoms flared up, writing is more “forced” and hasn’t flowed like normal, and this morning I feel kind of “run-over”. We went really high here, over the weekend. The ride was incredible. We took this spaceship into the cosmos, and kind of blew the roof off. Sure was incredible, I was riding as high as Amy πŸ™‚ Perhaps its the cycle of waves going on, we’re on the ebb side of it right now.

                  Phoenix its nice to connect with you again. I’ve missed you since you were here last, when we first talked. I’m sincerely sorry to hear of the loss of your data. That’s heartbreaking, because I know that material is precious and hard-earned, and its really not replaceable.

                  I’m also having trouble connecting with the greater aspect in words today, but I do want to communicate because this blog moves so fast and I don’t want to miss this, so I’ll try just a bit:

                  I love and appreciate how you write with an open and very brave heart. I’m touched by what you say. I appreciate that you’re being so candid with your issues, and bringing them to us. I will remember to handle them with love. Thank you for reminding me of the sacredness of this place. I think you bring an important and necessary balance here.

                  I hope you can feel what I’m saying.

                  love, Carl

                  1. I feel you, Carl… I understand what you are conveying… And I thank you from my heart. Sending love to you.
                    In fact, something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, which is get off my arse and exercise I just did, and afterwards put my headphones on and danced. I danced more freely than I have in quite some time, absorbing the energy of the music and translating it with my expression… I thought of all of you here at this pond and I brought you all in with me to dance. I danced for you and for me, and for all…
                    I LOVE to dance!!!! πŸ˜€

                    I have missed you as well, Carl. You’re energy is very calming to me. What you say resonates very deeply…
                    Thank you, my friend. I see you.

                    I have been… Lets say… I must be careful here…. Processing a new experience in my life. I want more than anything to trust this, but I don’t know if I can completely walk into it quite yet. I do not know if this is due to old wounds, (the 3D self), my darned black moon (lol), or something I do need to pay attention to. It is taking much time and energy to look at. I prefer to be in 5D at all times… So perhaps there is one clue… I am not in 5D in the experience I am talking about. Or at least I don’t feel that I am at this point.

                    More and more often I am preferring to be alone to allow myself to become whatever it is I am becoming, and what all of us here are becoming. We are doing very important work. Laying the groundwork here… For what? Time will tell. I cannot define it for myself at time.

                    I was riding high last week, even into Friday… So high!!! I did not have the luxury of joining you all, however, I was with you on the crest of those gigantic waves, laughing in amazement. Saturday, I had apparently reached a shore of some sort… Calm… Time to bask in the sun on the beach…and sleep.

                    I leave now, but I thank you my brother… Over and over…

                    Namaste and LOVE!!!

                    1. Dearest Phoenix and Carl,

                      Since I seem to have lost my touch in words (just blah) I want to touch both of you this day for I too am sensing a new shore, not sure if I entirely like it, but I am there nonetheless. Carl, like you the words seem stymied and Phoenix I have choices in front of me, that are not in 5D but just like you I want to be in 5D. This being in 2 worlds going back and forth at times leaves me feeling I have no mind left. I have so much in 3D to be responsible for and it is a luxury for me to even be here.

                      I’m feeling lower emotions today and so I won’t write until I am done “processing”. I want you to know the incredible High that I experienced over the weekend, has changed my life forever.

                      If I don’t post much just know I am doing what I must. And most of all, I Love you oh so much and all my Sisters and Brothers as well.

                      I Love you, Amy

                      Sent from my iPad

                    2. Phoenix, I read this well, I think:

                      “I have been… Lets say… I must be careful here…. Processing a new experience in my life. I want more than anything to trust this, but I don’t know if I can completely walk into it quite yet.”

                      I would say, take it slow. This is new territory, and we need to integrate it. It needs to fall into place (I’m “winging” it here) at every level; including body, mind, soul, character, programming, faith, belief, dreams and aspirations, and so on. We each have a pace that is right, and I’m not certain that “forcing” it is so good, so what I’m saying is, expectations are probably not in our best interest right now.

                      I’m in new territory now, daily. When I write here, I’m on the cutting edge of my capability- stretching and reaching, because I feel safe with you (all). I trust you all. I know you love me, and I know that if I fall, you will be there and you will catch me, and help me back up so that I can do the same thing that you’re all doing, and that is, Becoming.

                      So my feeling here is, yes, we must and will have faith. But like Shirley MacLaine, we’re out on a limb, and what we’re attempting to do here is become “professional limb walkers”.

                      So when I read your reply, (which warmed my heart really wonderful, more than perhaps ever before) I focussed right away on the statement above as being the core of what’s going on for you.

                      I think baby steps are okay, too (great big smile).

                      I was dancing this afternoon, too (well, as much as one can dance when driving a car). A song came on the radio and I danced with all of you. And then I read about -you- dancing, and so this is the song that came on, and I think maybe its for you.

                      Sincere feelings of heartfelt love,


                    3. Thank you, Carl. I looked up the song you mentioned in another post, the Steve Winwood song… Thank you so much!!!! I’m such an 80’s fanatic… Those old songs bring back so many memories….

                      It’s been a busy afternoon and am trying to find all of the comments- I am continually amazed by the wisdom of the souls here in this space. Nohmad was so correct when he stated (paraphrasing as I do not have immediate access to the statemet)these are the most miraculous and wise souls on the planet, right here.

                      I am blessed beyond measure to be here… To have found all of you. So much gratitude.

                      And yes, you SEE me correctly… And yes, we love you and will always be here, to pick you up, to brush you off, and get you on your feet. I know I can trust the same will be given to me, when those times come.

                      This is a lonely road at times, isn’t it? But I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. πŸ˜‰

                      Much heartfelt Love to you, dear Carl.

                    4. Carl, I saw your last post where ever it is. I am so lost right now… Can’t find it, but I read it on my way out the door the other morning. It touched me deeply… The finer things do shine through…

                      I must say that I am quite upset with the tone this board has taken on the last 48 hours, by a few, not all. Judgement in any form, wether it be pity or immature narcissistic finger pointing, is not of the light.

                      ‘Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.’

                      I love you, and all,

          5. You said it Carl.
            Full consciousness (or any of the several names used for this state of being) IS all encompassing Love.

            Simple as that !

            Bubbles (love you guys comments, btw. Giggling now πŸ˜€ )

            1. Phoenix, group, I messed that song up quite badly. Its NOT Hall and Oats “Rich Girl”. The song that came on the radio was Steve Winwood’s “Finer Things”. Maybe someone can help me out on this, as it appears I tapped into a playlist, and then the screen at this level is too small, anyway.

              There are lyrics in Steve’s song that go like this:

              “Please take my hand, here where I stand
              Won’t you come out and dance with me”

              Sorry about that. Maybe Aisha can delete the posting, and I’ll write the text again. I’ve saved it.


                1. Yes, that one! (very good, thank you!)

                  I don’t mind at all that you “barged in” on my conversation with Elle. I took special note of what you told us. One day I hope to hear more about that.

                  Yesterday I was riding with my coworker as he was driving and I was “going around the planet” and the pond with my feelings. I checked on Elle, and on Phoenix, and I checked in with you, and I got a slightly different, yet warm feeling from each. Sometimes I sense that I’m being communicated with, and for me (in this timeframe) it almost always comes in the form of feelings. Sometimes it is very strong.

                  Thank you for continuing to reach out and touch my life.

                  hugs back, Beautiful Sis


                  1. This communication grows.
                    It’s nice to see the stages, and each is to appreciate πŸ™‚

                    I’m very much a “feelings” person myself, so I understand what you mean, getting different “feelings”.

                    Hugs, Love and Bubbles from a most sunny Bucharest. 29 Celsius !
                    Summer in april πŸ™‚

                    1. Wow, it IS summer in Bucharest, and its going to be warmer tomorrow, and still warmer on Tuesday!

                      Goodnight, Bri. See you in your dreams,


    3. Elle, you just gave me goosebumps and a shiver all the way up my spine!

      Wow!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!!!


      1. Thanks Phoenix! We can but try to make our dreams come true, no? The trick is finding others who share the vision and are willing to put in the work, and I’m very blessed to be able to share a little patch of ground with lots of potential. I’m actually a very private person, so there will be challenges……

        I’d still rather just fly away to be honest, but if I signed up for the long haul I may as well make the best of it. Remember that movie “If You Build It They Will Come?”

        May the Goddess of Abundance bless us all.


        1. Ah!!! Elle!!!

          I am an EXTREMELY private person!!! Haha!!! I wonder if most of us are. And why are we this way? I propose that it is because we must be, most misunderstand or cannot quite take what we are here to do, what we speak of.

          I recall a conversation I was having with 3 others at the coffee shop recently… One of them engaged me in some interesting topics, so I opened up and began speaking of a recent message I had been given. As I spoke, I saw the other two give each other “the look”. You know the “look”… The one where they roll their eyes and sigh, as if saying Uh, Oh, Here we go!!! As they uncomfortably shift in their chairs.

          This doesn’t bother me any more. I used to think I just didn’t belong, but I now understand that they just aren’t ready to hear it, and that is ok. I love them anyway, they are my friends. πŸ˜„

          Love and light to you, Elle!

          1. Phoenix and Elle, big hugs to you–I have to laugh because I am not a private person but my husband is an extremely private person and we always get into discussions about why I simply “vomit information” on other people when it seems the time is right…I am just the way I am and he is just the way he is, but I have to laugh phoenix at your eye rolls from friends…though I am not one of those “shock talkers” who say things that are not contectual, many people are suprised to hear what I have to say and I am learning to be more discerning in what I share–it seems I was born with no filters–hugs! Alex

          2. Phoenix, it used to bother me a great deal that I don’t belong. Now that I know for sure I don’t, I’m so glad. I’d much rather be here exploring the depths of the pond, marvelling at the sparkling jewels in the caverns beneath the surface, than paddling about in the shallows. All those dreams of being able to breathe under water had to mean something, didn’t they?

            Love to you too


    4. Elle !
      Beautifully said. It’s shaping more and more in lots of us, what were mere insights before, fleeting lights and then gone, are now becoming certainties.
      Hudge hug to you ! This was a powerful message. And it will stay with me as I move on into evening.
      Until tomorrow morning, when I hope to sit and get back with you.

      Love you, Spicy One ! You are doing great things !
      Bri and the Bubbles πŸ™‚

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