A beautiful message to us all

Dear friends! I just had to share this with you, it is a message my sister channeled this morning. As I have told you earlier, she recently came to the conclusion that it was time for her to “reopen her channel”, and I promised I would share her messages with you whenever I was guided to do so. I think you will all feel the beautiful energy in it, I had to reread it several times myself, there are so many levels of information contained in it.

My sister wanted me to tell you that even if she herself is not “visible”  in this space, she feels very connected to everybody who shares their light and energy here, and she sends you all her love. Here is the message she channeled:

The dna sequencing is revealing the ancient decoding. The hu-man from base is nothing but stardust. The reemerging of this will upgrade the hu-man dna to what it once were. You know that from the beginning your origins was not from this galaxy. The remoteness of your disturbance was hence needed for this earthly experiment, the Gaia, the starship were mankind could evolve and solve the age old riddle. What happens with free will? The re-emergence of your ancenstral dna will put a spanner in the endless cycles of misgivings and tribulations. The corner stone of all this is the intergalactic fleet howering on the horizon. We, the crew, are seeing your magnitude as you see not. The ancestral dna is flowing in your human veins, and are starting to fire up the engines anew.

The Blue planet has no remorse, bears no grudge. She will open her arms to you, forgiving all misgivings and correcting all wrongs. Like a mother forgiving her wrongdoing son. She will flower with as yet unknown abundance as all above, below and inside her will be reborn. The work you are doing for mankind is also affecting every living being on your beautiful Blue planet. She is sensing the changes as the spring is entering the northern horizon. You can feel the earth stretching and yawning as the earth molecules are reacting to the prolonged hours of sun. The magnetic field will also stretch and yawn, shrugging off the winter pallor as the stars glimmer faintly in the morning skies. The new spring is an event unfolding throughout the universe, as the far stars glimmer less faintly than you have been used to seeing. The magnitude of this event is as far reaching as the edges and the core of All that is. Remember, not a single being on this Blue planet is unaffected. Even the stones and the deepest recesses of the sea are in on this. The creatures of the oceans are shivering in anticipation as their undulating songs across the magnetic oceans will be telling you if you could only hear it. By putting your ear to the ground you can feel the shake, the slow undulations from side to side, as the Earth gathers up her skirts and prepares to shrugh of the winter pallor from the seams of her outer garments. The shake, roll and wild ride is sometimes slow, sometimes in full abandonment. But all is as it should be.

The oncoming spring has yet to be fully sprung, hence the abysmal feeling of loss, dread, boredom, apathy and lethargic irritation. But fear, not as the days lengthen, so does the magnitude of this long awaited event. The energetic release will shake you all to the core. The birds are aflutter as they are sensing what is coming. So are the trees. This spring will not be silent but filled with rehearsals for the new dawn. Amongst you all there is a sense of dread, of lost purpose. But together you have already set in motion the chain of events toppling the house of cards and refueling the engine of deep soulfulness.

The master’s disguise is to have no disguise. Thereby rusing those in vain trying to stop this new game. Therefore the codes can go unhidden as they release their new credo. The manifest of the manuscripts from yesteryear. The alfabetic decrypting will take place inside your brain as the hormonic enterprises are subconsciously interrupting your sleep patterns to increase the output of your human dna. On a cellular level this will increase your longevity, and deep breathing is needed for this to implode your old structures. Try not to hold back as you resolve the old patterns as this will hinder the unfurling of the long strands of genetic intercoded dna. The deep sleep patterns are resetting the codes and decoding the new frequencies being downloaded into your cerebral fluid, thereby enhancing the process further and faster. The unwieldy physical body will take its time to readjust but will emerge wet and blinking like a newborn from the womb. On the first inhale this will release all the old and reboot the process of the internal separation from all that was and reset to all that is. Thus you are being born anew into this new idea of a celestial life on planet Earth. Forever being connected to your higher selves and the lower frequencies hitherto being visible only to those inhabiting now the deep oceans.

As above, so below. No more incorporating for your own pleasures only, but for the rest of the Universe also. This we say. Do not forget your origins as we are not forgetting your exactitude. The synergies are expanding exponentially as we write these messages not only on your computer but on the very origin of species. The mass distinction of everlasting life is what is being written out as the chain of events are subsequently linked to the chain of letters on a web page. Therefore the human race has attained its ability to leap out of the 3D and into the immortal abyss of multifaceted realms of celestial stargates and immersing themselves in layers and layers of reality. As foretold, this is like pulling the wool from people’s eyes. For the first time seeing who they truly are will scare many shitless – if you pardon the phrase. The shit will truly hit the fan. We are overusing a vernacular being used and well known to you, wink, wink. Yes, the human body is excreting not only digested foodstuffs but digested old patterns of belief. The disbelief is an intricate part of this transition from hu-man to new man, to celestial beings on the planet Earth being aware of their inheritance and being respectful of their host.

The most you can hope for on this day is to help birthing yourself. As you release, you fertilize the spring fields and very soon the first sprouts will be visible on the surface. They are shooting strong roots already, gearing up for breaking the tilled soil surface. And very soon the tender leaves will be visible to the naked eye, belying the strongness of the roots shooting down and anchoring this new reality into the core of Mother Earth. She herself is taking great care not to disturb this process, as the roots must find their own way to ensure magnificent growth. She is tenderly surrounding them with her love and gratitude, like a mother holding her hand on the gently swelling belly of her as yet invisible infant steadily growing inside. Soon she will feel the movements of new life as she can no longer keep the secret truths from prying eyes. The proud Mother thanks you all for doing your part in this spring miracle. The judges are all in on this; you will be forever blessed with our gratitude as you have held the hardest position of all. Like the ox pulling the plow, the farmer tilling, you have performed a task of hardship and little gain but the hope and belief that all this will be. And so it will.

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  1. As I read this beautiful missive, my minds eye is drawn to the vision of the hunter in the night sky. My eye follows the point of his arrow drawn and to the blue Seven Sisters and a home never forgotten, but beyond present memory. I feel loved ones forever at my side. They eternally love and protect me.

    1. Wilber, my Brother, what inspiring and beautiful words you do write! Thank you for sharing them here!! They moved my Heart, heard my Soul whisper too, yes yes these words are True!

      Love you much, MomAmy

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  2. I haven’t done clearing for a week or so. It’s been pretty crazy. You know how during the day we always get bits of downloads. So I wanted to clear myself cuz I was f-up. But I was tired so I just fell asleep. I woke up around 4am or smth with a crazy bird doing her creaks non stop.:) I knew right away that bird is trying to make it worse so that I finally clear my shit. So I cut the etheric cords, and called on for help to clear all the dense energy inside out of my field. After thorough who knows how long clearing I felt painfully empty in my solar plexus area and asked the integration of light body crew to help me. After couple of long uncomfortable seconds they hooked up something to my archeles spot on my feet and started filling me up with the floods of new energy that feels like liquid. I could feel how this amazing good stuff filling up my empty compartments of my solar plexus. This was happening for about 20 minutes as I breathed deep trying to get more BS out of my system so that there is more space to fill up. I felt like a sports car filled up with top quality gas. Then I was overflowing with this energy to a point I couldn’t move then guess what happens the new layer of negative thoughts along with more density pulls up to the surface. I mean isn’t this an ungrateful job lol The energy field is crystal clear and then all of a sudden out of nowhere new layer of issues come up. This only confirms that there is a compartment in a brain that stores all the BS from all the lifetimes possible. I think the shit is released to the consciousness from DNA. DNA is the key.lol Let’s say you all happy going on about your life and then all of a sudden somebody you meet calls out a very old friend inside your DNA that you don’t even know about but he /she definitely resembles your issues. From that moment you are not alone in the body you got some weird dudes/dudettes inside of you that are pretty visible to people who you are interacting with and that unfortunately slows down the progress of our external needs met. I am very concerned about us. This shit doesn’t end. Hope is irrelevant when you know the truth, but Hope is a good friend that will hold your hand and Faith is a friend that will carry you on his/her back. And Truth is a friend that will tell you straight up this is how it is deal with it! I mean all of us dealing with this layer by layer cycle for awhile no kidding everyone on this blog can’t wait for the next message for it unfolds our destiny and the way we will perceive it. I say this suffering can’t continue any more! I speak to myself and those who resonate! Hope & Faith is good stuff! But Truth needs to be conveyed to our egos straight up for what it is. I don’t wish to be an ambitious fool but I am so I will ask if anybody has suggestions of how to make the process more smooth for all of us 🙂

    1. Golden Eagle,
      Golden Light that you are.

      Between my (erratic )readings here and there, talks with some folks, and also my “intuition” (who is right, even when I wish it wasn’t 🙂 ) this is kind of what I gathered :

      shedding is still happening, and faster now, because it’s about releasing the last bits of BS. Emphasis on LAST.

      You wouldn’t put a favorite T-shirt to dry in the sun if it still had stains on it, would you ?
      Nope, back in the washer for another spin 😉

      Neither would you wear a still WET T-shirt.

      Gotta dry first. Then it’s a big pleasure to slip it on. Neat and clean and smelling fresh.

      Coping … did you try the “observer” mode ?
      When this crud comes up, allow it, “embrace it”. But switch to observer while the wash is running.
      Suff the crud in the “heavenly machine”, add soap (Love & acceptance), pour in some fabric softener (gratitude).

      Run the machine.

      Allow drying time. Then slip on and smell the fresh scent of JOY.

      (now I’m running for cover as you yell at me :D)

      Love you, Golden Wonder !

      1. P.S. “Running the machine” transmutes the crud into the Light energy. Which comes back to fill the “voids” left by above-mentioned crud.

        But you know this 😀

        (really running now !)

      2. Brianna, you and I were writing at the same time. I think we are saying the same thing, you using the metaphor of the washing machine, and me using the passages of the Passion of the Christ. We both cited the same prerequisites, the condition of our heart, and you listed them: love, acceptance, and gratitude.

        Thank you for writing to me at message 299 and sending the bubbles of joy.

        I love you


        1. Love, Acceptance, Gratitude……….Yes……..Words when put into action brings Heaven to Earth.

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        2. 😀
          How great (and fun).
          We both left “ammo for the pale blue days”.
          probably both “versions” were needed, for perhaps, more than one person.

          Love you too, and blasting Bubbles back at you 😀

      3. Lol that is so cool how you laid it out 🙂 observer mode is a little hard when negative thoughts overwhelm you or eat you alive but observing myself being eaten for what it’s worth is much better than a slow death limb by limb indeed, which I eventually learned. 🙂 Good call I’ll take it as a compliment lol
        Thank you sweet heart! 🙂 I’ll take myself for another wash lets just hope I don’t lose my color lol

        1. Oh good, he spoke, and I can stop running 😀 😀 😀

          Observer is not easy, but (as we all do) you answered yourself. It’s better than …

          Accept and observe. Contemplate when resting (still moment or happy moment) how it unfolds for you. Patterns ?

          Noticed anything that triggers this?
          Asking (you don’t have to answer here) because I had an epiphany (yes, sir) while cleaning cat shit (that sort of sobers the moment 😉 just 5 mns ago)

          My latest onslaught of “caca” (mid-march) was returning fears and anxieties (talked about it before). They seemed to coagulate at some point. Suddenly I was full of fright about getting kicked out of home.
          Sure, there was some “base” to this, as finances are … nowhere, but there was no immediate reason.
          Guess I was so happy when the washing was done, that I entirely skipped trying to figure out why this ?

          So, back to now and cat shit. It hit me ! (not the shit) : this “losing” fear was an easy button to push, because all my family lost everything to communism. So, the crud was actually coagulating nicely around a form of “ancestral” fear. Not even mine personally (my mother lived this, and her parents etc…).

          This helps. So, aside from a long here rant, I’m sending you big Gratitude !!! Because this fear will never get a hold of me anymore. Now I know it’s “pattern” and origin.
          Golden Soul, big thanks !
          With Bubbles 🙂

    2. I don’t know, Golden Eagle. I just don’t know. As much as we would wish for the process to be smooth, I don’t know if that is in its nature.

      I’m impressed with your articulation of the concepts of Faith, Hope, and Truth. I like how you describe their function and application. I wonder, is there a place in there also for Trust.

      I’m reminded of my Easter viewing of the Passion of the Christ film. It seemed the thing for me to do, and so I did. My wife was tired and left the film early. I stayed with it, purposefully. It was not for entertainment, but rather for my edification. I needed to do this.

      There are three places in the film that are most memorable for me. The first was the beginning, in the garden where he prayed to the Father to let the cup pass from him, but nevertheless, not his will, but his Father’s be done. I see a metaphor here, where the Father might represent our higher nature where all things are known. It was the human nature that made the prayer and asked for it to go easier.

      The second, and perhaps most profound for me was when he was bound at the wrists and placed himself over the stump on which he was to be scourged. He looked up and said, “My heart is ready, Father”. And then he was beaten until he lay on the floor in his own blood. What is so profound to me is the condition of his heart.

      The third is when he was carrying his cross through the streets. His mother was running to get into a position where she could see him, and when she finally made her way to where he was, he had fallen under the cross and was down on the ground. He looked up at her and said, “See Mother, I make all things new”.

      We have been separated from God (who we are) for a very long time. I see a metaphor in these passages where we have to die to our old nature before we can be resurrected. I don’t know how smooth the dying process can be. But as I go through the cyclical heartache that accompanies what we are going through, I pray that my heart will be in the place that is right.


      1. Carl, your words so powerful! I know the movie you speak of and as you said, it is not for entertainment purposes. I’m really digesting what you said about the heart, for I can so relate. I ponder these words as I begin my day, saying to heart, “Are you willing this day?”

        Thank you. Peace today, Brother. GOD’s Will Be Done.

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        1. Amy, my sincere congratulations on a magnificent personal victory. I believe it was hard-fought and well-earned. I feel you are to be commended.

          love, Carl

          1. Carl, you touch me so. I love you.

            I have a saying and it goes something like this…..what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…….To be quite frank I am really finished with strong, and now only want JOY. Yet before the JOY came I had to shed what stood in the way. And I did shed. Ask Nohmad. (smile) Healing the dark is for the brave, and now I am ready to move on. And I am.

            From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

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      2. Carl thank you that was profound 🙂 Jesus changed the whole dynamics of light & dark in all of this free will universe and thanks to his act we are able to ascend. Indeed what a superb soul! Since he made it easier for us there are more ways of approaching ego death. I trust 🙂 one of them will manifest! Thanks Carl!

      3. Carl,
        beautiful ! In my part of the world, Easter has not happened yet, it’s on May 5th. And, as usual, I will be watching again too.
        Thank you for these words. They remind each of us what we should never forget.
        With Love, and Bubbles !

        Golden Beautiful Eagle : did you ASK ? For something to manifest, we also must ask 😉
        Intend, even 😉

        Love, as fresh as spring !

    3. Golden Eagle, it might be a good idea for you to visit the Oracle Report Site, go to Books and then look in the index of the book on the Black Moon and find what your Black Moon Lilith is from your natal chart. then go to the section of the book where it explains what your black moon is and then how to clear the issues related to your black moon. the black moon is your shadow self and represents the core issues you wished to experience in this life.

      If all the issues that are coming up for you are related to this black moon, then of course, processing them and forgiving yourself and releasing with love or even using the violet flame of transformation can help, but if they are not related to your black moon then you are clearing and transmuting for the collective. In this case there is no need to analyze, no need to “find the truth” there is only a need to witness what is happening, and release it to the ethers for transmutation.

      I have cleared TONS of stuff lately, tons and as I allow myself to accept the release, knowing that it is simply a dumping of baggage, I have no energetic ties to the situation and the releasing is so much easier. I in fact look forward to it because in the end I will be light and pure.

      Big hugs! alex

      1. Yaaaw, Alex,

        now that you mention it, I read the post about it, but never made it to the book, to see what’s what.
        Anyhow, might you have saved a link ???

        I find it interesting to have more insight in making a difference between personal crap and collective crud !

        Or, at least, do you remember who’s post it was ? Eileen ?

        Big hugs Sister 🙂

        1. Hi, BBri, I’m to the point when I slug through the mud I know since I am connected to All, that what occurs is what IS, and not try to put on a label, as to why. Now this is my way, and hence works for me. The exception to this point of view is when I do heavy duty cleaning, when their is no question in my mind, that the mud I am slinging is mine to transmute. And even there I still know, that in my own personal cleaning, I did affect the All That Is, And know the All has been lifted higher.

          What makes this journey so very cool, is when I read how others clean house. How different we are in so many aspects, yet the outcome is always the same. Wow! Sent from my iPad

          1. You are very RIGHT !

            Guess I still need to search around for signposts 🙂 Old habbits, you know 😉
            Wow, Love how we “wow” a tremendous lot these days !

            Bubbles and hugs, and cuddles with bubbles 🙂

            1. That’s OK my Bri full of JOY! Habits are harder to break then we fully realize. One day we had the water off and I cannot tell you how many times I went to turn on the water even fully knowing there was no water to be turned on.

              So be gentle with self, and add a sprinkling of patience, which shall go a long ways! One step at a time, and the first step in knowing, is catching ourselves in the act!


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              1. Muah !
                Muah, muah, and billion muah,

                You Mighty Master of Techy Transforming 😀

                Have to say it once again… I LOVE this.
                Explosion of Pinkiness here 😀

                Ask, and Her Royal Pinkiness appears !
                Cheering again, Lovely Rose of Crystal Rainbow 🙂

                MUAH !

                1. BBrianna, you are beyond precious! MUAH x 100000000000000!!!!!!

                  Bowing to you, my number 1 cheer leader!

                  Sweet Bubbly Brianna…….from me to you!

                  Sent from my iPad

          1. Muah, muah, muah Magpie !!!

            (blame Her Pinkiness, she started the kissing spree 😉 )

            Thank YOU ! Tomorrow morning, armed with mug of coffee, I shall explore this 🙂

            Another grand day at the Pond too 😀

            Blup !

            1. Love love love to kiss! I can’t help myself! I have so many KITS that I am kissing all day long. What better way to live then to MUAH all day! LOL

              B-B-Brianna, how you bring such JOY and blurp bubby bubbles to my life!! (((HUGS))) Bubbles

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      2. Alex thank you I’ll definitely do that. Alex what are the dynamics of clearing between us and collective. I know we are all under the same crystalline grid that can measure the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness. But how could we be clearing stuff for collective how does that look like?

        1. Oh, wow, Golden Eagle, I am feeling those wheels turning so fast in your brain! You are really a deep thinker…….I honor your journey and your words here have brought so much to this POND.

          Me on the other hand, yes I do think (do I still have a brain?) but tend to be more abstract as the artist I am. It is so cool to see how each of us approaches ascension in his/her own unique way!

          I Love you! Did you rest???

          (giggle) from Mom

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          1. Thank you Pinkrose! I did 🙂 I believe heart chakra (thymus gland) is another brain that humanity has misunderstood. Your knowledge is impeccable for it’s cosmic 🙂

            1. Golden Eagle, Oh One with High Wings, your words coming from the source they did, I take as an extremely high compliment. I bow to Thee for being so gracious. Gratitude Eternally.

              Thymus Gland has at times been so painful, the regrowth process that is, has had me clutching the arms of a chair and chanting, “I can do this” as sweat beads the brow. I have seen the correlation from the expansion of High Heart, with the “words” that flow through me, and I am humbled that you have seen.

              Much Love Lady of Roses

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      3. Alex darling you really hit home with the Black Moon 🙂 deeply appreciate it! I gotta say all of the Black Moons I have are hooked up to my Main Core Black Moon lol If I can heal that one all of them will dissolve indeed. Thank you for bringing me this golden truth to shower my wings with 😉

  3. Magpie, where are you? Drums and rattles needed at the campfire! That’s your cue, and bring that wonderful song with you.

    1. I went to talk to a star, that was my intention
      boom-da-da, boom-da-da, boom-da-da boom
      But I lost my direction and I lost my dimension
      boom-da-da, boom-da-da, boom-da-da boom
      Whooo wooweeee what a trip! It was timeless and spacious
      boom-da-da, boom-da-da, boom-da-da boom
      And I didn’t see God, but I found Grace….yes!!
      boom-da-da, boom-da-da, rattle and drum

  4. Oh yeah, I remember.
    I loved that comment about climbing the cliffs of my mind.That is so true, when the body gets tired. The internet can still take me on adventures.

  5. I’ve reached the point that by the time I read these comments, I am
    befuddled. So many things to think about.

    I get a lot of help from Rolfing, we are using some harmonics and other things a can’t remember the names.
    My physical therapist has a healing touch. She is a Wise Woman.

    Thank you all for caring. If you’re right about the Alchemy, maybe transmuting Titanium may do me good, in a Terminator sort of way. Now I need a reminder on the other comments which are somewhere a long scroll up and away from here at the bottom.
    Could threads happen here? If we could separate conversations, it would be a lot easier when I come back later to see what was written..
    I dunno, I was 28 when Space Invaders was new.

  6. Amy – from castor oil pads to iPads and uplifting doctors in the blink of an eye! Woohoo, we’re not in Kansas anymore and things are happening at warp speed.

    John Denver shining like a beacon from the top of his Rocky Mountain High, soaring with the eagles, galloping with the horses, goosebumps up my arms and a lump in my throat when he drops in. Just yesterday I was watching a youtube demonstrating scientifically how humans act as antennas – the guy touched the radio antenna and instantly the signal strengthened and became clear. ..playing Rocky Mountain High!! But of course!

    “Fly Away” sings out all the wistful yearnings to go home, “Wild Montana Skies” gets the heart pumping and the body up and dancing, and “Sweet Surrender” is perfect for now – “Lost and alone on some forgotten highway, travelled by many – remembered by few. Looking for something that I can believe in, looking for something that I’d like to do with my life. There’s nothin behind me and nothin that ties me to something that might have been true yesterday. …”

    I’m so glad there are other members of his tribe here with me.

    Much love

    1. Ah, Elle, I do LOVE you! I too am so glad we are riding this together!!

      LOVE from techy Mom Amy heheheehheehe

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Elle, the only concert I’ve ever been to was John Denver’s…about 40 years ago…been appreciating your posts…especially when John Denver is mentioned… 🙂

      ♫ “Yes, and JOY was just a thing that he was raised on,
      LOVE was just a way to live and die…” ♫


      1. Well hello Beautiful Janis….this is starting to feel like The Gathering – souls united by ancient bonds, sitting around the campfire, guitars and flutes and lilting voices, fireflies and butterflies and dolphins leaping in the air.

        He sang “My life is worth the living and I don’t need to see the end”. Oh heavens, I have tears in my eyes. There is no end – just new beginnings.

        Blessed be

        1. So enjoying you, Elle and Janis! Imagine this campfire and song with laughter and hugging, fireflies and butterflies and dolphins leaping with MERMAIDS riding! The flutes the guitars the bongo drums the rattles……OH for the JOY of it all! The POND GATHERING!

          Sent from my iPad

    3. Your heart is bleeding… like if all is lost…
      Don,t know, don,t know… what,s going on…
      This is a new downing… not a funeral…
      Why is your vibration so low… why…

      Does you not know what hope means?…
      Or it is so difficult to cut 3D of your life…
      It,s gone, will never come back… forget…
      Why is it difficult to see the Light to shine?…

      Why to look in the past for answers, now?…
      Let,s face the facts… all cards are on the table…
      Solitude isn,t good company when the heart pains…
      Elle, you are most lucky… for being amongst all of us…

      1. Was that for me Nohmad? That was yesterday darlin, today I’m boppin to Joni Mitchell, heart’s all done bleeding for today anyway. Going out soon to mow a couple of acres of lush green grass and chat with the trees. No room in my heart right now for misery.

        Hard to keep up I know, I’m just kinda spiralling and that means revisiting the gloomies now and then, but then I find myself up another level. I’m actually getting bouts of nausea out of the blue, yesterday and today. Maybe it’s the rolling and rocking effect Lissie’s message referred to?

        Whatever …. it will pass.

        Love to you Nohmad.

        1. Joni Mitchell singing “All I ever wanted was just to come in from the cold”. How’s that for synchronicity?


  7. Just won another battle with myself! (Sigh) Crazy shit! Still can’t grasp how I signed up for this. I will write something I learned in a couple of hours.

    1. Golden Eagle, rest. Rest I say. The body must recuperate from these battles. And by the way, good for you! I am SO proud of you!!!

      Sending much LOVE to you right NOW, embracing you and washing your weariness away. Rest, my Brother, rest and know, you are so so brave.

      I love you, Mom Amy

      Sent from my iPad

        1. Ahhhhh, you recognize the “voice” of Mom. And this is good!!!! (((HUGS)))

          Sent from my iPad

  8. It is our RESPONSIBILITY as lightworkers to send healing thoughts and prayers to Boston. We’ve been waiting to kick into high gear with our work, and here is an opportunity. To wonder who/what/why will distract you from your work, no matter how normal it is to question. There may be more incidents like this relatively soon, so we need to all stay very focused. Keep up with what’s happening, but limit your news intake so you can focus your energies appropriately. And please understand that while supporting each other here on this blog is vital, it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE to focus on others in need who live outside of this pond.

    1. The miracle that is unfolding here at this POND is truly multidimensional. As the LIGHT grows here it affects every connection in All That Is. From where I see, the LIGHT comes with me, in all I do. And from there the ripples move outward incessantly, affecting All That Is. By staying in High and Living in Light, which this POND represents, all alive feel the “shift”. So as of this very moment the LIGHT has already improved the outcome in Boston, and I for one thank GOD the tragedy wasn’t any worse.

      Naomi, I am living proof my insisting on focusing on the LIGHT just in myself, all around me and more then I know of, are truly affected. I sent a Beam of Light to Boston to assist in every way. All is Good, All is Perfect, All is already done.

      Peace. Peace I say to you. I embrace you tenderly in my arms, and hold you close to my Heart. Let me wash your fear away and sing a song of Love instead. My Way is focused on Light, no that doesn’t mean I ignore or am in denial. The more I Love the more I Light, the more darkness is gone. And so it is.

      With all my Love, Mom Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Very right Naomi !
      I’m quite sure many of us are doing this.
      Some are still “raw” from shedding old feelings, but others are standing tall and “being out there” already.
      Trust this. I’m one of them as much as I can now.

      P.S. great to “meet” you !

      1. Oh, forgot the most important ….

        We are becoming much stronger as a group. This is very important. Intent and prayers sent grow exponentially.
        And, of course, some as ready to walk the talk.

        For this too the forming of this family is important. A place we come back to anytime, to lick wounds, comfort ourselves, and strenghten our new found voice 🙂

        1. You are absolutely right, Brian. I am aware that some of us are still too wiped out from the process. I meant this message for those of us who have the energy and focus to do this work. I am told not to force the energy (in other words, this takes very little effort), just to intend for it to go where it needs to go and let it flow. Nice to “meet” you as well.

          1. 😀
            Hihi, I guess it’s a normal reaction (“Brian”), maybe I bring on more masculine energy when going in my activist mode 😉
            As I was writing to you earlier, I was remembering how I got arrested about a dozen times in 2012 for protesting 😀

            Oh, last time I “took the streets” ? April 4th, against Fracking 🙂

            And I see how “street activism” is still needed. Yet I also see this “silent revolution” or “re-evolution” as something still gestating, but that will have a much greater impact.
            And that’s all of us. All over the world.

            Thanks for bringing the subject here !!!

            Love you, Naomi.
            OCCUPY LOVE ! 🙂

  9. I was told to hang back and let the rest of you guys do what you need to do here. But know that I am here, still connected, and thinking of you and everyone else who is here.

    1. Any time you feel ready to jump back in, I will catch you cause I am a really good swimmer!

      Thoughts of you in my Heart, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

        1. Nohmad, again you make me laugh! What does being High Tech have to do with being brave? (giggle) You are so precious!!! I figured out this I-PAD in nothing flat, which even amazed me because nothing lately seems difficult. And I mean nothing! Having to conquer this keypad, well, that is another story. OK OK so I just blew my “nothing is difficult” spiel. Hehehehehehe

          Sent from my iPad

    1. I’ve really missed you. In fact, Naomi, and this is the Truth, just either yesterday and the day before (the days are virtually running into one another) I was thinking of you and hoping you were OK. Stay in touch more often, IF you can. If not, I know now you are here! (SMILE)

      Sending lots of LOVE LOVE LOVE to YOU!

    1. Dearest Naomi, welcome back! Of course you have my prayers! Come on PONDers, send your LOVE and LIGHT to these people in Boston, MA.

      With huge hugs to you, my Sister,

    2. Naomi, I came in here to post the same message requesting love and light for the beloved people of Boston. This is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Working class down to earth family oriented people who were happy to have a day off from Work for their own Patriots day. Sending love and light to them all and to the world for healing and that all hearts may be buoyed above and not fall into fear or despair…remember folks…we have ALL been told time and again by the CC and other wonderful angelic and celestial channels that things would be occurring to distract us from our mission of love as the 3D Crumbled. We need to be strong and continue to love the world and each other through all the changes…Golden white light encircling this blessed mother of ours at this time….holding all of your hands in unity for the One and love for the All…Alex

      1. Ay, Alex.
        was going to write something, and here you are.
        Actually there was a discussion about most probably “terrorist attacks” will be “targeted” to allow more control (giving it motives) over people. This was a few weeks back. Not here, on a FB group.
        And here it is 😦

        Enough of it here. Not “buying” the “drama”.
        Feeling sorry for the people unwillingly involved. Prayers will be sent for them also in the days to come. Mental trauma is just as horrible as physical damage. And they have both.

        Holding hands,
        sending soothing and healing for them
        and gratitude to Mother Earth
        sending gratitude for not feeling hatred, nor thirst for revenge

        We will not feed the dark with negative response
        We look at this unfolding, and fill the space with LOVE

        OCCUPY LOVE !

  10. SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many comments, I suppose I got lost a bit. So I write way down here on my new IPAD what I need to say!

    Lady Aisha, Sister Bri-JOY, I believe these tones are still as yet, perfected and too new, not fully completed.

    Yes, Bri, as a child I had visions, geometric shapes with vivid colors. I had a parent who did not understand and punished these visions into silence. These visions made me feel excited, connected and like I knew what they meant. They were fascinating, mesmerizing, and I am pretty sure I was being “taught”.

    Last night I attempted to fall into the tones, but my family needed me instead. The next time my head hit the pillow, lights out, if you know what I mean.

    Last summer I began to notice when the crickets were singing, thousands in fact, the resonance and pitch were exactly as I was hearing in my own ears. I stood there riveted, entranced, mouth gaping open wide in wonder. Since this time, these tones have broadened, more “bandwidth” if you will. They are so loud at times, especially during downloads that I sometimes want to clap my hands over my ears and say STOP!

    Back to last night. Before my family needed me, I saw a Lotus Flower! So beautiful, expanding outward until it faded away.

    My intent is to bring on back, my visions of color and design. My artwork is a good example of what I saw as a child. Shapes within shapes, pictures within pictures, holographic if you will.

    So I shall see what I “see” and what I “hear”. A new adventure, how exciting is this???

    And in closing, do either of you have any idea, how wonderful it felt to compliment this doctor today, telling her Truth until she blushed, humble and not used to getting a “lift”? This “healer” knows how easy it is to give and sometimes we tend to forget how to receive. I know I spoke directly to Heart this day, and for this I rejoice!

    So all of you who lump all doctors in with a “sinking ship”, know there are really some true healers, struggling to stay alive. They need our prayers and LIGHT/LOVE. They really do.

    With all my Love,
    Lady of Roses of Light

      1. To chackk????? What does it mean “chack”? I meant check. How can I try someone understand me if sometimes it is impossible to me …. Guys, you do a very good job….oh my God, I’m going to bed…yes..I think is the best option. See you tomorrow…..or maybe tonight…don’t forget (mayhaps I can’t realise) but greet me and I wil recognize you….zzzzzzz

          1. Isn’t our Emma just so cute? GOD, I love that LIGHT in Spain called Emma!!!

            Sent from my iPad

    1. My sweet and amazing Sister Rosie, Lady of Pinkiness 🙂

      I commented somewhere “up there”, but here is again : BRAVO for the way you whispered comfort to your doctor lady.
      This is Heart enlightment you did ! with some system busting 😉

      Now that it sank in, it comes to me that buying your I-pad is not only a cute gift to celebrate, but also a new way of expressing yourself.
      me liiikeee ! This new found 9re-found) voice of yours is starting to resonate loud and clear 😀

      And you can do it from the garden now 😀

      Love you !!!!!
      Many Bubbles ! 🙂 😀 :*

      1. It’s no “coincidence” that I have gone High Tech, as I realized as I was lying in bed. For some reason I don’t understand right now, I feel more connected to the POND and to all here. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, just thinking of my Family. This “voice” is the by product of all I have endured to get to the end of the “race”.

        No longer shall I hold back, no more. When I am quiet, I don’t write. But when that “voice” has me running to my I-PAD, you’ll know it!!

        I LOVE you, JOY Sister! Hugs and Kisses from Me!

        Sent from my iPad

        1. Yeees 🙂

          From your bed, from your garden, from anywhere you want. Brilliant idea !
          Oh, I hear you, Pink Angel Sister, this new voice of yours is really clear. The difference in you is big, hudge, humongous 😀

          Celebrating you tonight (it’s hilarious, 2 days ago chatting with Alex here, I got the urge for eggs. So I got dressed, went to the store, and got some. Now again, i want EGGS. Funny) 🙂

          About eggs and such … Food tastes incredibly better !
          Oh, and about sleeping (this came to me a little while ago, as I was waking up from yet another afternoon nap, full of vivid dreams) before, if I indulged in a nap, it would be nice, but waking up I always felt … yucky.
          Now I wake back here with a big smile, and feeling wonderfully refreshed.
          Laa-Dii-Daa 🙂

          Big hugs, kisses and Joy Bubbles to my sister of Crystal Pinkiness 🙂

          1. My Bri, number one cheer leader! How fantastic! How wonderful for me! Your Bubblinss, Your Holiness, speaks to my spirit, giving it fuel to keep on keep on.

            I do so Love you! The day quickens most certainly when we meet and hug and kiss! A smile crossed my face as these words I did write, oh yes, mark my words, we will meet!!

            HUGS! Crystal Rainbow Light of Roses

            Sent from my iPad

  11. This is a beautiful message and it rings true to me! Me sleep patterns have been weird and I’ve been awfully tired for a while now. I’m here doing my divine mission and I’m looking forward to the upgrades & the shift. You’re all beautiful people!

    Namaste. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much Aisha! Please convey my deepest appreciation to your sister for this profound and encouraging message. I had just set my mind to “dig in” for another 30 years. This gives me hope that we might be seeing some major changes within this year after all. I’m back on track. Much love, Alia

  13. Hi Nohmad – yeah, balance – hence the see-saw thing, always weighing up pros and cons – on and on. Ancient baggage – no doubt. Feel free to evict anything nasty you pick up on! Gawd, I’m still dumping stuff from this life, right left and centre – going great guns there but have no idea what’s gone before in previous lives. I know that I’m finished with karma though – was told by a very good psychic years ago and it felt exactly right. Have come the full circle and finished this cycle but not going to die, she said. She reckoned she’d never seen anything like it. Still here for some reason in the body that needs to eat, drink, rest, exercise, work – blah blah – I’m bored with that. I so need to lift off and fly! Ha ha – don’t we all!! Incidentally, that lady connected with my late husband – absolutely no doubt with her description and the messages for me. When she’d finished the reading, I told her I could feel someone behind me and asked her if she could see. She could only see a blurry form and asked me if I knew who it was. I certainly did. John Denver, believe it or not. Long story which I won’t bore you with, but he comes sometimes and I love him dearly.

    Brianna, for what it’s worth I went to a talk by Drunvalo about 12 years ago. He was very good looking in a macho way, shirt open to the waist, grey pony tail – strutted on stage – arrogance personified. First thing he did was tell everyone in the audience (about 600) to hug the people next to them. I hate that! Then he instructed everyone to meditate and everyone closed their eyes and bowed their heads obediently. It went on and on – total silence – except for me. After about ten minutes I couldn’t endure it any longer and a huge bubble (tee hee) of laughter was building in my belly and I just couldn’t keep holding it in. I had to push past the knees of dozens of mesmerised dimwits to get out of that hall, or burst. Made it to the door and this huge laugh burst out so I ran. Pretentious twit…..

    Have seen David Icke in person twice – total opposite. Strong, organised thought, no rambling, extremely credible (which is not to say he’s got it all right of course) – massive personal power. Met Linda Moulton Howe when she gave a talk in a small hall here – beautiful, intelligent, warm woman.

    All my personal opinions of course, but seeing someone face to face and feeling their energy is soooooo different to videos or written words. I can’t handle David Wilcock either, but George Kavassilas (Aussie guy) is kind of interesting IMO, and has some positive insights.

    Thank you all for your tolerance, warmth and loving words. I’m kinda used to being scorned and ridiculed by my earth family, so this is a whole new ballgame.

    I’ll be lucky to get to sleep tonight before I have to get up to pee pee at 3 am and stay awake until dawn. No wonder we’re all exhausted – we’re obviously working day and night – lousey rates of pay too, so far……….


    1. John Denver ! l love him and his music tho only cottoned on to him a couple of years ago and I discovered he died in 1997 around the time of my spiritual awakening. I was listening to him only yesterday in my car – Eagles and Horses is my favourite it truly makes me soar. Know he must be doing something special in the spirit world – how lovely for you to have him around. Also kind of had the same suspect feeling about Drunvalo. x

    2. I LOVE this 😀 😀 😀

      Elle, I have a vivid imagination, so I could see you giggling as you tried to run out of the room 😀 😀 😀 Away from Drunvalo – Dire Drum 😀 😀

      Who says basically we are shit ending now, but sells stuff on-line and has gatherings and confs booked solid thru 2013 😀

      Anyhow, there are great people out there, as there are frauds and bullies.
      So cool that you actually manage to attend some of these things, as opposed to just youtube it.

      About Wilcock, he looks exactly like an ex-boy-friend of mine 🙂 🙂 just blond instead of dark hair. Same face, same expressions. So it makes it a bit hard to just listen to him, because I start laughing every time.
      My ex didn’t hear about him, so when I sent him a link, he was mesmerized 🙂 always said he felt he had a twin somewhere, probably in the US.
      Funny, ha 🙂

      ah, and this is not about tolerance, sweet Elle. It’s about love 😉

      You are part of this family, and we are all individuals, with personal traits.
      So, go right ahead if and when you need to vent.
      Sharing is shedding 😉

      I love how in most of your posts, you answer your own questions.

      Big Bubbles, I’m still laughing … woke up the cat gang 🙂

      1. Elle, I join Bri in seeing you laughing your ass off and running out of the room. well, you ran out first, but my mind, it loves to play with things! hehehe….

        Bri, you shifted something strong for me…sharing is shedding! I used to see venting as complaining and then got stuck in the technical terms of law of attraction and how could you attract good things if you always complained….well, now I see that in saying the words of the things that bug you or you don’t want you are releasing them from your being and that makes you feel better and then more better things can flow in! Sharing is shedding! I want a t-shirt with that on it! Thanks bunnnys for your lovely share! 🙂 Alex

    3. Hi Elle, just have to comment on the synchronicity of you mentioning John Denver appearing behind you. I heard a webcast recently on discovering your purpose; one of the things the speaker recommended was having hobbies. She said if you want to get better at your hobby, then ask one of the old master souls to help you. Well I’m learning to play guitar and I decided I was going to ask John Denver (love him!) to help me learn! So I hope you can spare him sometimes, lol. His “Eagle and the Hawk” is the song I wake up to every day.
      I also really get your frustration and wanting to scream “all the way to Andromeda” (someone recently told me that’s my home planet though I really don’t know). I’ve had so many weird things happen – mostly internally – these past 18 months it just all has to be for something! I only started reading this blog and the CC’s around the first of the year and they’ve been really accurate for me. Even going back reading stuff from last year there was a lot of correspondence in what they were saying with dates that crazy things were happening to/in me. It’s kind of mind blowing, and I’m so grateful to Aisha for doing this! So I have faith, but it’s hard when you really don’t know what to expect! Maybe we’ll be singing all the way to Andromeda with John Denver backing us up 🙂


    4. Hello, Elle! Just a quick note to thank you for the share and let you know I would have been right there with you LMAO, just to break the tension of all that pretention! And how totally I, too, dis-prefer leaders telling their congregations to hug each other. Your honesty ROCKS! : )))

  14. I have found that universal knowledge. Is for everyone that gains access to it.There are people that have access to this. That send out their interpretation of universal knowledge they recieve. Remember that this a world of choice. Where you get your information will always be converted by your thought process into what you believe then shared to others. If this wasn’t done what you recieve and told to others will and can be misunderstood.

    Sometimes what one may recieve isn’t just words. Because what you recieve is for you and nobody else. You recieve by what you understand and can use. Many things written are in parables. This lets people read using their own interpretation. Some things aren’t written in parables. These are ment for only a few people that understand the interpretation of the writer given. So never be the judge of something written you don’t understand. Just give it a lot of thought to try to understand it. If this doesn’t work put it to the side and look later to see if you get a new knowledge from it. You can read something 20 times. If done over time you can get a different interpretation each time you read it. Your understanding changes daily and sometimes in minutes.

    I name the different tones I hear. This is eight tones for me. Sometimes I hear a new one. I have found that these tones are for people on different levels of understanding so nobody is left out and can access at least one of these. The tones I have looked at are a lot alike. I have noticed that three are much different than the others. One stands out much more than the others with what I recieve. I use this one most of the time.

    If any of you are having a problem with your inter eye. A way to gain access to this isn’t very hard. What you can try is go outside when the sun is coming up. Right after the bottom of the sun raises above the earth. You can look at the sun while its rays are filtered through our atmosphere at this low elevation. I look at this until I see a bright blue space around the sun. In a few seconds a bright purple will form around the sun with the blue on the outside of this. Each person may see other colors. You look at this the same way you would look when you are day dreaming. You are looking but not looking. For what you are looking at is nothing made into something. You are waking up your inter eye. Once you see this stop looking at the sun. Be carful not to look to long it can hurt your eyes if you look to long. Never look at the sun when it is higher in the sky.

    Then you can look at anything that is alive. A tree a pet a bush or even grass. Works great when looking at people to. You look at these just like you are day dreaming. Then focus on the inter eye. You will see the different colors of the aura of what you are looking at. It may be one of many colors of the inter eye. You may see 2 or 3 colors while looking at one thing. Every thing has a basic color and sometimes one or two more colors around the basic color. This will help you develope seeing with your inter eye. This also will help you to use your inter eye anytime with your eyes open. If practiced enough you will be amazed at what you see sometimes. Once you learn the meaning of the colors you can look at someone and see what mood or frequencies they are in by the color you see. Sometimes people can be in several frequencies at the same time.

    Bless all

    1. “Remember that this is a world of choice.” Yes, Ray, isn’t that the truth and yet the very opposite of what we programmed to believe. Understanding this truth is the greatest gift. Thank you for your gift of the inter-eye exercise, I will try it! Much love to you and much appreciation for your teachings.

  15. OH, my precious Family, I go this day to water seeds I planted only last week, in a place that is in such desperate need of LIGHT, of LOVE and of TRUTH. My Adventure today shall truly be earth shaking, hehehehehehe, rock and roll, rattle and shake, as the monkeys are shaken from old dead branches. I speak my Truth, with Love in my eyes, and as I walk from this, I leave behind, a broken system, knowing full well, some day, that system shall be replaced.

    I have spoken to my Team, to go ahead of me, to prepare the Way, for when my Rainbow Feet do touch the ground, upon which my I dance in Love, Beauty unfolds, creation begins, founded on All That I Am.

    I hold you dear, all of you so close to my Heart. Cheer me on, BeLoveds, as I walk to water the tender shoots of the seeds I planted last week!!!

    Crystal Rainbow Light

    1. Dear shining sister – I wish you Godspeed on your journey today. You are in our hearts, and I know we will all do what we can to assist you.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. I am doing the Victory Dance! Hurray! Blowing Bubbles! Singing for JOY! Exact words said by the MD, “I see you have won. You beat the knife!” Hahahahahaha

        I also with Compassion and Great Love, put my hand on this doctor’s leg, looking her right in the eye saying, “You are a Great Healer. I know it. It is such a shame you are in a system that is broken”. Her reply, “Sadly I know. It is like watching a good friend slowly die.”

        My Family, the doctors KNOW the medical system is failing. They know. I also told her straight out, that a New Way of Healing is so needed, one that addresses the whole body. She said something quietly, about how she believes in treating the Soul. I told you she is a Gifted Healer.

        Oh, yeah baby, I am singing and dancing and blowing bubbles. I wish I had a camera to catch the look on my husband’s face, when he said, “I don’t believe it, but YOU ARE RIGHT!” I’ve only been telling him for a week that I am OK. LOL

        Will be back later. I just bought an I-PAD OH WOW, so now I am getting savvy! Techy! Oh cool! LOL I have to go and play and figure how to use the darn thing! Giggle. Roar. Oh yeah baby, I am so cool!

        1. Wow, I am in awe of what you bring to this world, Amy, sweetest of Roses. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do, your light is penetrating into the deepest recesses of all those you interact with. I bow to thee, Lady of the Lamp!
          Love and light, Aisha

        2. Lady Pinkiness has WON 😀

          Rosie, how great. Love the way you let your doctor express her inner feelings.
          Love that you “indulged” in making YOU happy (buying the I-pad).

          Love YOU 🙂 Amazing Pink angel with a crystal voice and Light 🙂
          Keep blowing them Bubbles, they reach far and wide 🙂

          1. This Lady bows to Thee, Glorious Princess of Bubbles, for showing me how fun it is to blow those bubbles!!!!! I LOVE you!!!!!

            Sent from my iPad

        1. Alex, the LIGHT has won! It has won! I am free! I am free! I am well! OH GOD! I am alive!!! Thank you for being there with me, Alex! I felt you along with so many! As my Little Emma said, oh my what a big family we have! I LOVE YOU, Sister in my backyard! MUAH!!!!

          1. If I understood well….(sorry for asking) You went to your doctor and….everything is ok??? I can’t believe it….or…yes, I can. It had to be like that, soooooo glad
            I love when you call me little Emma 🙂 , it is sooooo charming…

            1. My Little Emma, yes I went to my doctor this day, and she could plainly see, I was in no pain. Last she saw me, I had tears streaming my face, but no not today at all.

              I have another sonogram scheduled in 6 weeks with a follow up with this doctor. Yet, I don’t need those sonogram’s results to know, that I am fully healed. I am STILL WALKING OUT THE PROCESS, and for all of you who are seeking healing, know that it shall happen for you too, BUT one must take the first step of FAITH and walk it out.

              Yes, the pain is still there but not as high. It comes and goes, and it is only this body saying, healing in progress, thank you!!! I know I must return to the gym as well, to keep this body strong. My thoughts are still not on the page that I can think myself into Atlas Woman. Besides, I love the exercise, I love movement, simply put.

              Yes, My Sister, I am well. More then well. I am Perfect.

              With all my LOVE,
              Crystal Rainbow Light

              hehehehehehehe I have SO many names now. Oh what glee! Bubbly bubs and bubs some more, with oh so much JOY!!!!

              1. I’m so glad my soul. Here’s something similar happening, I’m watching the process and it’s really amazing … I’m putting all my faith and energy in the process and although not directly to my body is really working … I am very happy, much still remains to be done, but waiting with joy everything is different ….. I love you sooooo

                1. Keep the faith, Little Emma, never let go! Walk it out right along with me! Our LOVE is unbeatable, you know that???

                  I live for the day I see you in person. I will wrap my arms around you and never let go!!!

                  HUGS, Mom Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                  1. Ayyyyyy mamá mía!!!!!!!
                    This is something to respond with the five senses fully awake, and now I think I have one … or even that. I’ll reread tomorrow. Good night


      1. My “host” is here Nohmad. The words have no power on him: “I love you”, “You are a shit”, “Lets talk about universal co-existence”, “Ok, stay with me”, “Fuck of” …. …. Nothing. Patience!

        1. I SAY IT IS GONE FOREVER! You don,t need to believe in my words, but your general situation will improve hereafter. Try to believe in facts then.

          1. Sweetheart, Nohmad speaks Truth and Health. I know. I have just come from a very close call with death, and this Great One of the Light, saw what needed to go, and assisted me to heal. BELIEVE! All things are possible with LOVE!

            I too say! IT IS GONE FOREVER! AND SO IT IS!

            Love and many hugs,
            Mom Amy

          2. Nohmad If I am fighting with this beast since 3 years without losing my mental sanity, it means I am not a “kitten”. I did everything possible and impossible.
            First I thought that he is my Higher Self, but he is not; because I am not a beast; then I thought that he is my shadow self, but he does not accept the light. When he want he has the complete control of my body. But I know that I am a soul. So he has not a complete control on Me. He is terribily clever, powerful and without love. He is also very fascinating. Magnetic. But his nature is not magnetic, he is electric.
            Awful? No. Not for me. He is interesting. But he disturb.
            What a kind of “shit” is this?!

            Ps: Sorry for english. It is not my mother language.

            1. He,s a being, like you and me. He was brought to Earth by darkness. The vibration here is not good for him now. He is scared and wants to go home. He says thank you to you and that he didn,t meant to harm you. He just needed to survive while here. Gone to never return.

    1. Gattina Hi! which host are you talking about? Is it in a belly physically or you can sense emotionally?

      1. It is living in belly or has a connection with the belly: The Power Point of the Body. I can sense it emotionally. He can write to me by using my hand. First I tought that he is my Higher Self, but by the time I saw his nature worse then a beast. He is very clever and without love.

        1. Ok Gattina don’t worry he helped you to make peace with the dark so you don’t have to deal with it later in the same fashion. Ok here is how we are going to heal him and you 😉
          Tell him that you gonna take care of him and heal him and set him free. Make a good loving atmosphere in your room. If you have big speakers and big monitor that would be great. Here is the link for healing for both of you 🙂

        2. While watching call St. Germaine he is the keeper of the violet flame. He is very powerful. Violet Flame transmutes even karma! It’s a #1 healing energy 🙂
          Ask St. Germaine to come to your room and heal you and your clever friend 🙂 so that both of you can be free to experience joy and peace. Imagine the violet flame gracefully flaming up your whole room and your soul. Imagine how all the dark areas are happy to be healed and set free. Thank your clever friend out loud for making you stronger and wiser. Tell him that you want to be in peace and harmony. And tell him that if he wants to stay he needs to change and support you and if he wants to experience reality his way then set him free and wish him love on his path 🙂 Then call Archangel Michael to cut this karmic cord and set both of you free. Imagine your already cut cord being pulled out of your solar plexus or navel or both and then ask Archangel Michael fill up the hole with love & light. Imagine how all of your fears are receiving love and freedom! 🙂 don’t worry about the structure just go with a flow! 😉

          1. Golden Eagle
            AA Michael or St. Germain are not blind, they see what is happening here.I am fighting for my sovereignty.
            All planet is fighting for sovereignty. This is my case. Everyone has his/her own.
            I wanted just know what is it or who is he? Nohmad confirmed my suspects.
            However I thank you very much.

            1. Lol so you do enjoy fighting with him 🙂 cuz what I told you is going to do the trick like it did for me! Anyway Gattina, anytime anywhere 😉

              1. You think I didn’t ask help? I don’t enjoy fighting him Golden Age. I am a psychologist. I know tricks of an Ego.
                How interesting is, isin’t it: a family member ask help to her family, someone offer a web addres, some other doesn’t have interest; because he/she is so much full of his/herself: I…. I…. I… Love, Light, Love, Light…. and some other says “I hope somebody will help you, go to ask…. ”
                What can I say? Thank you very much.
                Err… have good journey. 🙂

                1. Well the thing is if you have a connection to the being it’s probably energetic. The video I sent is music and color that has its own unique vibrational frequency. If you try it might help because energy interacts with energy like we are through this blog, so through listening and watching you are receiving energy that will heal at least something believing its impossible or everything has been tried nothing is going to work limits your power over these things. You are very powerful in beautiful ways. Being open for healing is the first step. Resistance only makes it longer as a psychologist you would know that 🙂 what language do you speak? 🙂

        3. After you done let me know how it went down I’ll send you another link to make sure you’re fully cleared of this finally finished experience 🙂

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