The manuscript of survival – part 298

As the tides turn, so too does your sense of the world around you. For it is indeed changing, little by little, day by day, and as such, you are growing end evolving. For it is indeed you who are changing, for the world as you know it is no longer the same. But that is because you are no longer the same. For every day, you step closer into who you truly are, and as such, every day, a piece of the old you fall away, for never to be needed or retrieved ever again. For you are not here to gather the pieces that seem to be slipping through your fingers, whether they be pieces of your family, your relationships, your ideas or your wordly goods. For remember, anything not a part of the true you will no longer be a part of your life, and as such, there are many partings going on now.

Fear not, this does not entail that you will be left bereft of anything that is at all familiar to you, it only means that you will be left with the true parts of everything. So your family or friends will not simply walk away from you, but your relationship to them will turn from the old version and into the new and true version. If that entails growing closer or growing even further apart, only you will know. For remember they too have to decide their path in all of this, and even if you can face the truth to this, many of them cannot. So again we say know that this is not always an easy journey, for what the light shines upon, will always have to revert to the truth. And as such, painful connections will be revealed and must be torn asunder, for sometimes to be healed and reconnected again, but for other times, to be bid a final farewell.

We know this will sound overly dramatic to some, but what we are trying to say is that in this, nothing will be left to fester and corrupt, because you have to walk your truth, no matter how painful it is. But again, this is not about stripping you of everything you love, this is about stripping you of everything that is harmful to you, and sometimes the painful truth is that the strongest of pains is the one we are most apt to hide away, even from ourselves. But now, if there is anything left in your life that you need to reassess, it will be shown to you, and only when you accept this, will you be able to deal with it in a loving way. For this is all about love, not about anger, fear or hate, and as such, know that anything that comes up for evaluation, does so at the behest of the light. The light wants only what is good for you, but sometimes, that means that you need to do something that will pain you. At least initially, but trust us when we say that you will soon see the wisdom in this, and you will also feel the deep love that lies behind each and every painful encounter with yourself you may have in the times ahead.

For what you are doing, is severing each and every bond that are holding you back, and these bonds are bound to run deep, not only in your life, but in other’s as well, and as such, it takes more than courage at times to stay the course in this. But again we say, if you need any help, please ask for it, and know that it comes in all shapes and forms. For you might be surprised by the resonance your acts will have in those around you, even in those you would deem as the least responsive to anything that the light might bring. For remember this, what the light exposes is not only negative for you, it is also negative for those to which you are connected by these old bonds, and when you start to sever them, you will also set free those that have been tied down with these same chains. For that is what this truly is, chains to bind you all down, and as soon as one of the prisoners starts to loosen his or her chains, the effect will be felt by everyone tied on to that same chain. For some, this sudden sense of freedom will be daunting, to say the least, but for others, it will be like a breath of fresh air that helps them to see things more clearly too.

So again we say, this is not a harsh and cruel cutting off of ties, this is a willful and deliberate freeing of you all, or rather, it is the offering of freedom, and then, it is indeed up to each and every one if they want to continue to loosen those chains completely, or if they want to wrap them even tighter around themselves. For this is the fast track to freedom, and for many, nothing could be more fearful to contemplate. For just as for a prisoner standing at the gates of his prison after being incarcerated for years and years, the prospect of walking out into the world as a free man can be too much, and he will be tempted to turn around and go back to his old cell. For the familiar confines can be more gratifying to him than the prospect of having to step out into a world where there are no familiar boundaries. And so too it is with this process. For you all have some old limitations in your life, whether they be internal or external, and when these limitations are given an option to cease to exist, it can sometimes be hard to embrace that option fully. So make sure that you do not shy away from that choice, for it is indeed one you have to make.

For this journey cannot be undertaken half-heartedly, it must be taken as a whole, not by picking out the parts that seem to be the least challenging. And remember, the choice was made by you even before you came, for if not, you would not even be here now, contemplating the results from that choice. For you chose to become free in this lifetime, and that is why you are being given the opportunity to be just that now. As for the others around you, they have also been given the same choice, but remember they might have chosen a slightly more meandering path than the direct path you took. So to them, the options can be a bit wider. For they can have given themselves the opportunity to choose the freedom this time around, or to continue in the old school for a lifetime or more. Again we say, you have chosen your option, just as they have chosen theirs, so in this, you have given yourself less leeway than some of the others have. For you have deemed that your time is now, while they have chosen to say ”my time might be now, but on the other hand, it might not”. Therefore we say, prepare to be surprised as you yourself continue to cut asunder those old ties that are binding you to your old way of life. For as you do just that, the freedom to move will make many around you blink their eyes to the light and say ”I think I will follow your example, beloved one, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to do so”. For this is not an invitation to cast anyone or anything away from your life, this is an invitation to tear asunder any old and negative limitations that are keeping you all cemented to the old ground level so to speek. And no one of you will be able to climb those stairways to heaven if you do not remove the old chains keeping you there.

Let us leave it at that for today, and wish you all Godspeed on your continued journey. For many, the weights of the chains have started to lift off of you already, and you will already see some of the outcome of this, both in your life, but also in those around you. For others, these weights seem to be weighing heavily upon you, but please know that it takes much less of an effort than you mayhaps think to make them fall away from you completely.

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  1. A lot of people say we are god. From what I see all around me in other people. All like to think of themself as god. To me we are a part of god and can share knowledge. We are in our small part of the galaxy. There are parts of the galaxy we can not go because of our warring ways and is off limits. There are some a lot more tuned to our creator than we are.
    We were created to have a choice here on earth. This keeps us apart from god but one in thought with god. The little spark in us is a part of god that was given when he created us. It is god but is a part of god and not the whole god. If you think you are god let me see you create a star a planet a moon.

    Someday you will be able to do this but not now. For now our creation is used in many small ways most are not even aware of. We create all our fears and shadows. Some are learning to control their thoughts to do a little more but not much as yet. You have a higher source to answer to. Why do you think you are doing what you are doing here in this pond. It is for yourself and who is leading you here. Who is trying to help you learn. It is your higher source.
    Someday our galaxy will mearge with another galaxy. This is when you become a god of creation and you ascend as you are trying to do now. The two black holes of the galaxies become one. This happens when you achieve all the ascensions you can in one galaxy you mearge with another one to keep growing in knoledge this never ends. Knowledge never ends. You obtain this knowledge through the ages but never think you are the one that has sent this forth in the begining. You were created after all the laws of the galaxy were made. Then our creator gave a part of himself to create us. We are children of our creator and meant to grow the spark within and learn to become our own creator as our creator. We are just children in this stage of our being. All children like to think of themself as their parent.
    One day our turn will come. It is up to us to learn all we can to honor our creator as our creator and thank him for his gift of light. This is just a basic part of life that to me that has been so misunderstood. This is what I believe. I have no disrespect for others who believe in something different. I just wanted to share what I believe. I know of most of the different religions and the writings they got their religion from and what they teach.
    I also know of the newer teachings that say we are god and there should be no separation in us and god and we are the same. The light in us is of god as i said. It is a part of god not the whole god. The universal knowledge that comes from god. Some say this comes from us and we create it and grows as a whole as we learn as more join into this. You recieve what you can use as a whole because of your intent and understanding. I say everything that is, is in this. All the knowledge that is in this galaxy is in this. This comes from our creator.

    Their are two ways to access this. One way is as a person trying to learn something with the proper intent. What you recieve from this knowledge is only limited by what you can understand. I have found through the years that if you access this as a scribe with the intent to know what is all that can be shown to man with the knowledge on earth. You will get the highest answer that can be given to man. Even if you do not understand all of what is given. What you get is meant to be written down.

    This is what is used to judge man and how he is allowed to grow in new knowledge. This is the total knowledge known to man at the time it is given. There is no knowledge a man can know that can’t be seen. If you know how to ask for it. This is one of the most amazing gifts for a human to see. We are all allowed to share this. The more man as a whole learns knowledge the more he can access in universal knowledge. If your intent is pure and you can understand what you ask it will give you much more than you know and leave it up to you to understnd what is given. The insight of this is most of mans inventions. When you recieve knowledge from this source it is like it is burned into your brain.

    Bless all time for a nap.

  2. A very interesting experience to share with you all last night in whilst awake.

    I could feel the energy pouring in as I usually do and was in a kind of heat bubble (quite common for me), though the interesting additional dimension was this – its hard to describe though I will try:

    It felt like the whole of my being was being compressed from within. Every cell. I wasn’t being pushed into the bed it was as if the force was internal.

    The pressure was huge though not uncomfortable, more intriguing and called for all of my attention.

    If I tried I could not connect with anything past or future. Just how things felt in the moment.

    In the process it was like my attention was being drawn to various aspects of life almost ‘testing’ or asking if I had any ‘attachment’ to it.

    I can’t remember them all now but an example might be:

    “Are you attached to these people” – answer NO

    There were a number of questions like this and I kept saying NO.

    The compressive pressure felt a bit like squeezing every last drop of attachment that I may have had out of me so that all that was left was the ‘essence’ and come to think of it now probably the ‘diamond.’

    I was saying/hearing things like – I am NO THING, There is NO THING and other similar phrases…

    I was in a kind of observer or witness mode…

    It seems to me now to be related to the CCs message. I was experiencing it as being compressed or moved into:

    A complete absence of identification

    … and the experiential realisation that attachment ultimately is what causes suffering.

    The message I was being shown that the instant one identifies/attaches to something – you have instantly become less than the ‘truth’ of who you really are.

    Now, like you I am sure, I have heard this message before but this seemed to be a physical expression of it.

    I feel there is more to come but I wanted to share this with you all that if anything similar is happening to you IT’S OK. Just let it happen. No need to judge it.

    Go with the fllow and let it teach you or may be enlighten you would be a more effective expression of it.

    In awe and Joy, Philip 🙂

    1. In awe indeed !

      The “heat bubble” when going to bed. Ha.
      Every night !

      The rest is amazing shedding. And, one more time today i am saying WOW.

      So much is happening to each of us !

      Baffled Brianna 😀 With Bubbles of Blasting Joy (one more time 😀 )

    2. Philip I felt this to and had to set up several times in bed. I was also getting a shortness of breath. After this went away I relaxed and started dreaming and woke up several times from my dreams. There were a lot different kinds of dreams than I am use to. I was seeing a lot of white papers with writings and symbols I don’t know of. Some of the pages were blue prints of different kinds of electrical devices. I can’t wait until tonight to try to see this again. I want to find out what this is about. Today I also hear a new sound I have never heard before. Its a high pitch beeping noise. I get a pinkish purple color from this noise when I close my eyes. Something new I need to look into. everyday brings something different and new . The moods it can put me in is kinda crazy to control. Some of this new stuff I will have to let go of control to see what it is. I feel it wants to take me somewhere to show me something. Maybe I will know by tomorrow what this is. I love these kind of dreams . Makes life much more fun for a old man like me. i’m old but very young at heart. I just got back from a doctor for my yearly check up. She said I’m perfect from all the test. But wants me to come back for some blood test. She told me to stop fasting that it isn’t good to do that. I love to fast at different times. Just not the hard fast I did when I was younger. The one I did about a month ago was really hard on me. But I felt I needed to do it to do some things for my interself. I do it to clean my blood and body of the foods I eat. A lot of crap in food you buy . Buy the way worms are showing up in human cells now. They think it is something to help the body deal with all the chemicals going around these days. They really don’t know what they are yet.

      Bless all

      1. That’s very interesting Ray.

        I can imagine from my own experience why you felt you had to sit up. I didn’t get any shortness of breath but the compressive pressure could easily have led one to feel that. Very interesting.

        I’ve had downloads of stuff before that I can’t quite make out. I don’t remember any from last night but it was certainly a strange one… even for me who virtually always gets some kind of energetic experience in bed at night.

        I did have some dreams which I processed and come to think of it was slightly unusual.

        There may be more to come as I felt so will share again tomorrow if there is more to report!

        Thanks for sharing your experiences of this Ray sounds intriguing!!

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. I just wrote an email today saying how I am pulling back from the POND for I need so much rest now, oh believe me it’s true. Yet, I don’t want to leave my Family here, and so yet again, I post another reply.

          Ray and Philip, I too have had shortness of breath for the past 2 days, to the point I had to use my inhaler which I use very infrequently. I felt like I was drowning. My lungs just seem to fill up and I couldn’t get air. I felt like I was suffocating. I thought it because of what I am going through now. Between the physical and the emotional “healing” it has been a whopper!

          I also am hearing a “new sound” today, a popping of sorts, one I have never heard before. Nightmarish dreams that left me in a sweat last night, feeling such great fear, holy terror.

          I’m right now so exhausted, been mainly in bed. Feeling so hungry but not knowing what to eat. I feel a “HUSH” in the air, as though GOD is holding a huge breath. Very little activity noted within, again all is quiet there as well.

          Just writing down what I am too experiencing. I feel like I am being squeezed through a very small hole. “Something” just hit me a few hours ago, I could barely stand and again went to the bed.

          To whom I wrote the email, I just couldn’t stay away. But I am slowing down. Mom Amy really needs to recuperate.

          1. Just checking in…while I was flying high most of the day, around 3pm I hit a brick wall and since I want to go to bed so bad, well, of course, I couldn’t because I had to drive kids to activities since my beloved who used to do that is gratefully back at work. Really missing him…both of us are, but it is his path and part of ours.

            Gonna drop in to bed as soon as possible. Yes, hit a brick wall and need to recuperate!!!! Please take care of your healing selves! Sending love and light and patience! Alex

          2. Amy, the essence of your experience does sound similar the ‘squeezing’ for sure.

            Last night it wasn’t there or may be only a faint whisper of what had been there before.

            I think I did get some unusual sounds too which Ray also mentioned.

            I am feeling the need for a bit of a rest and so will be pausing a bit.

            Trust all is unfolding for you perfectly even if it may not feel like it at times – much love coming your way…

            Joyfully, Philip

  3. Thursday morning…ok, this is gonna be long so get your coffee and cozy up to the screen…or walk on by, no matter, but I have to write this down.

    Ok, so this all started to really rock and roll last night. You see a GIANT bumble bee was stuck in our home. My husband is deadly allergic to bees, but I have really been working with my energy to send out love and light to all beings and in he came and was rather frightened and so I calmed him and he found a quiet corner to sleep for the night. i informed everyone in the house that we had a guest and to beware. i am going to end this part of the story and then skip to the middle after because its so much fun.

    this morning, after not sleeping all night, so I was up and downstairs before my beloved got off on his first day of work (yah!) I was in my nightgown and robe and I came into the living room and there he was, huge, I mean like at least 2 inches long, an overwintering giant most likely, and he was upset and flying around and called out to him to come to me in a sing songy voice and I reached out my hand and called to him with love. He landed for one second on the wall and then turned and flew right at me and landed in the center of my chest and crawled up my neck and nestled in my hair.

    I remained completely peaceful and full of love as I walked outside in the early morning fog and waited for him to fly away. He didn’t budge. I took off my robe. He didn’t budge. He stayed nestled on my neck. Well, I certainly was not gonna stay standing outside in my nighty and so I started inside to ask my daughter if she could see him and her first answer was no. So I said to him, where are you? and immediately he descended onto the front of my nighty.

    I went back outside and still he would not leave! I even carefully put my finger under his body and he didn’t want to budge! LOL finally I said, Go! Fly and I blew on him and he buzzed his wings and was off to the daffodils I had been trying to place him on!

    The joy of this magical totem which is such a blessing and asks us to follow his lead to find exactly where your magical aspirations are taking you, is only seconded by an amazing clearing I had last night of every single available chain to my heart and my body. I had a download after a vision which I will share another time and then all of a sudden I was moved to work H’oponopopo (forgiveness–I forgive you, I forgive myself, I cut the chord, I release it with love–thats my version while thinking about the thing or person or event for release)….much of it had to do with past relationships and places where I had used myself wrongly or bent over backwards to get another’s love or attention instead of honoring myself. It was truly joyous as the waves of memories kept coming up and I was able to release the chains one after another. Even my cat, who always sleeps by the foot of the bed came up to my face and snuggled against my heart because she knew something was happening. I did not sleep at all this night, but it was well worth no sleep for the feeling of light bliss I have today…

    Off I go, I have two different rituals I was directed to do today, one involves reclaiming fragments of my soul and the other is completely smudging my house with mugwort to get out all the old energy from 3D paradigm and welcome in all the new energy of 5d! Will let you all know how it goes! Loving all of you and thanks for letting me share! buzzzzzzz!!!! p.s. Rosie/amy did you see I left you a medical proof related to your condition on yesterdays post at the bottom…hope it helps with your beloved. 🙂 ALEX!

    1. Alex, Alex, you leave my head spinning! You are ROCKING! Oh wow! To NOT freak out to have a bumble bee be on you, I’ve been there, I know, but man, you have to be in the FLOW. No fear. That is what I have learned with animals, when you have NO fear, the magic unfolds.

      And yes, Love, I saw your post but didn’t reply. It IS happening with me right now! I am taking this slow, and allowing this body to recuperate. No surgery, my Alex, oh no no no no. After what I am seeing what goes on in the medical world? Whoa!

      One phone call on Tuesday I am told I have blah blah blah and the very next words, “Do you want to schedule surgery for next Tuesday?” Say WHAT? I haven’t EVEN spoken to the DOCTOR yet! Next phone call, Wedsneday, the results suddenly change, and I stand there just shaking my head as now I hear, “When would you like to schedule an appointment to speak to the doctor to consider your options?” Say WHAT??? The doctor herself saying to me, “I’ll call you tomorrow (Tuesday) with your results.” Like I have always said, tomorrow never comes. She never called. The second phone call I received I was also told the doctor still MIGHT call you. Hmmmm…….really. Unbelievable!

      I made an appt. I don’t know if I shall keep it. But if I do I will look at this doctor and say quite bluntly, “Do you have ANY idea what is going on in your office, and WHY did you NOT call me when you told me you would And since when does a receptionist have the RIGHT to tell me my test results when she has NO clue what she is talking about?” How I know that, I started ASKING intelligent questions, and the person I was speaking to began to fumble, …..oh you will have to talk to the doctor about that. When do you want to schedule surgery, did you say? I didn’t!!!

      Wow, people, receptionists in offices now are telling people on the phone their test results and PUSHING surgery immediately. Of course, when the results are bad, and IF you do not educate yourself, you will say OH YES, surgery as soon as possible. Pain also dictates that decision believe me, for I almost folded and said OK. How in GOD’S name can someone be scheduled for surgery when that person never spoke to the doctor about the results? Holy shit!

      I have YET to actually talk to the doctor, one who when she saw me, knew I was in exceptional pain and very concerned. I’m telling you, this is so not right, and if it wasn’t for a Master Healer, I would be staring at a system that I might have been forced to use, because the pain was killing me.

      So, yes, Alex, I did see and I am nurturing myself first then on to creativity. For the first time in a long time, I have a semblance of strength, so this is returning and I will do my ultimate best, to keep it so.


      1. Oh can I relate to your experience here Amy from an experience 18 months or so ago… medical people just assuming you are going to submit to something big like this … ha, ha, well done you for taking your time to see and feel the path that is perfect for you! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. LOL Rosie, how did you know my other screen name is rocknrollgoddess? hehehe….As for the doctors, its difficult for me to reconcile the type of doctor my dad was and those now in practice who are simply pushing pills and weilding the knife. Always remember they are your employee, just as you would hire a plumber…and always remember to get a second opinion any time you think surgery is necessary. You are absolutely doing the right thing in waiting unless they saw an internal bleeder or a large clot, waiting is a blessing and you will see results!

        Well, so More bee news today I also saved one ground bee from inside the green house and then another huge bumble bee from inside the house. He came out onto my hand and groomed himself while I saved him from the cat and walked outside and even when I put him on a daffodil to drink nectar he didnt want to let go of my hand with with back legs. Much bee blessings today–yes, I get it! Follow my dreams! simply giggling with delight!

        1. Alex, I have to send some lyrics that I wrote for a song “Rattle and Drum” about shamanic journeying. The boom da da stuff is sound effect, it’s not sung. I hope I can sing the whole thing for you one day.

          I went to look for Queen Bee but I found the bee’s son
          boom da da boom da da boom da boom
          He said “I’ll talk to you, now that you’ve lost your rea-son
          boom da da boom da da boom da boom
          When you find your hive, you find your vibration
          boom da da boom da da boom da boom
          And then you’ll know where you’re going and the path you’ve taken”
          boom da da boom da da rattle and drum
          boom da da boom da da rattle and drum

          Love you, busy bee, thanks for sharing.

            1. Sure you have! Where, if not here, you,ll find love, joy and union, all in the same place. Enjoy to fullest! You,re most loved by ALL here!

              1. Umm, sorry Magpie, I understand what you’re saying but I don’t want to be part of a hive. That feels more like the Matrix mind – controlled and conforming. We are weird Star Freaks who share many common attributes and themes, but we’re individuals nevertheless, albeit with the ability to form effective groups.

                When I think of going home or being home, I can’t relate to a hive. That’s for conformists, not Systems Busters. Probably just semantics, and me being pedantic, but I am me and I am free…well, I’m working on it!

                Said the kookaburra to the magpie – We are family but we are different. Your song is so melodious but mine is unique and rather silly.

                Love and laughter

  4. 2:20am Pacific Time I have finally for the first time finished reading all the comments. Aisha & CCs thank you so much for the light got deeper into the wounds for consecutive healing therapy of the “flying or falling” process) Man I don’t even know what CCs stand for lol Curious Cats? 🙂 Anyway after reading everybody’s comments I realized that if I was insane I’d think that all these beautiful people is a bunch of usernames I’ve created to talk to myself to make it look like I’m talking to real people. Well thank God I’m not because all these beautiful people are real and as nuts as me! Thank God for this anomaly for the white crow is eventually the one that knows magic. Here are the positives that I have found to be facts:
    1. We are alive! That means we don’t have to die and start over again.
    2. Anytime in this journey we can get away from all of this and become monks in the mountains or move to a village and throw ourselves into agriculture. 🙂
    3. Pain hurts but temporarily and that’s a fact otherwise wouldn’t be “number one” look above 🙂
    4. Pain on subatomic level makes your DNA flush out the debris to evolve into a new more immune form like the Cocoroaches survived the Ice Age 😉
    5. This Pond is a major “free energy based” transmuter & transformer for All That Is for What It Is. No GMO neither lol!
    6. Grandma had it tougher! Lol
    7. Aisha & CCs are the best channeling engineers out there!!!
    8. This pond has the most specialized Duality game players ever! Look at the truth if we were to commit to 3D games just for the fun of it we would be kicking everybody’s butts but we are not because we are not here to play games but to stand in our truth for the great good of all which leads me to say that we are the most specialized game changers ever! For we don’t play the win or lose, dark or light, good or bad games we live the truth of All That Is for What It Is in Creation.
    9. God Bless Internet!
    10. Drink some fresh water, get some sleep and give yourself a treat.
    11. Take off your socks, rest your feet on the grass (soil) and get some sun!
    12. Remember the person who made you blush the most in a good way! 😉

    1. Dear Golden Eagle – I love this! Thank you for sharing your insights, your love, light and most of all, your humor 🙂
      Love from me and The Constant Companions – or maybe The Cool Cats 😉

      1. Heeeey how come I didn’t think of that?! Cool Cats eh lol
        Love back at you dear Aisha 🙂

    2. You really made me smile, Golden Eagle. “Curious Cats”? LOL I can relate since I LOVE and take care of many special cats and over the years I feel I most certainly am now at least 50% part feline. LOL BIG (((HUGS)))

    3. Eagle eye! You got me rockin…you got me rollin! Seriously dude, that is some awesomely deep sharing and I agree with every single thing you said except can I keep my socks on right now? its cold and rainy! 🙂 We are all real my friend, every last one of us…and we are all your brothers and sisters and fast friends forever! Alex

      1. That is hilarious)))) Eagle Eye? Now Im feeling important baby! Lol That’s gonna be my tribal nickname. My mother should have been like “Eagle Eye wash the damn dishes!” I’d be like “you know it!” lol I’m glad you for real Alex 🙂 ok now imagine an Asian guy saying all these cuz that Asian guy is me Lol wahahahaha ok also I’ve got a little bit of Italian nose just a lil’ bit a lil’ bit a lil’ bit a lil’ bit a lil’ bit. Ok then a lil’ bit a lil’ bit a lil’ bit a lil bit’ a lil’ bit have a good one 🙂

    4. You are awesome, Golden Eagle! I feel so much delight coming through in your words all the time. You are a living masterpiece of joy that’s for sure!

  5. !Oh you guys!
    knock it off!
    We are not here to understand or analyze what is happening.
    We are what is happening.
    just do it

  6. “For just as for a prisoner standing at the gates of his prison after being incarcerated for years and years, the prospect of walking out into the world as a free man can be too much, and he will be tempted to turn around and go back to his old cell. For the familiar confines can be more gratifying to him than the prospect of having to step out into a world where there are no familiar boundaries. And so too it is with this process. For you all have some old limitations in your life, whether they be internal or external, and when these limitations are given an option to cease to exist, it can sometimes be hard to embrace that option fully. So make sure that you do not shy away from that choice, for it is indeed one you have to make.”

    I cannot tell you how many times I have read this missive, again and again, and every time I do, it is as though I am reading anew. Lady Aisha, your ability to channel continues to astound me, as I am witnessing with each successive missive, the energy the acuteness the pristine High GOD is so absolutely astonishing. I am in AWE of what you are doing, and I in no way can even imagine the sacrifices you make to continue to be such a exemplary example of what being faithful to one’s calling is all about. How you do what you do, ALL THE TIME, without a break, how you are still alive from channeling such HIGH ENERGY, is totally a mystery to me. I cherish you, Lady in my Heart, you have become oh so dear to me, and I hope you know this to be true. How I LOVE YOU!


    The above sentences jumped out at me this time in reading the missive, for it is exactly how I have been feeling, and what I have staring me in the face in my life. So much around me trembling with change, as I personally make choices that no one in my life, understands. I stand alone, shaking in fear, sweat on the forehead, trembling myself. I stand on the premise that GOD does heal, and I will not back down, no matter what anyone says. I as per usual am going against the grain, but this time, the stakes are truly staked high.

    Even in speaking of what I know occurred, the reactions I get are anywhere from rage, to disbelief, to sarcasm, to not even hearing me, (selective hearing syndrome just like my cats), to manipulation tactics to get me to change my mind, just about anything except, “OH, Amy, how awesome!” Nope, I don’t think people these days even know who GOD is much less know his name. How so very sad.

    Why I decided to be a wayshower some days I truly wonder if I indeed need my head examined. This is so HARD walking a way, alone, not knowing but still going on Faith, insisting no, this is MY WAY, and no one will tell me any different. Tempted to just throw the towel in and give in, and say OK, do it your way! Always paddling up the river can be very exhausting indeed. Yet, when I prove the “insanity” I do is truly disguised as truth, Oh, then others later say, huh, Amy, mayhaps you are truly on to something.

    So never give up, and someday we all, might just have others look our way and NOTICE, hmmmmm……..that person is different, and I like that different, and hey, I want to know how this different is. So, keep the faith everyone, and know, just like CC stated, others WILL notice and will want to know, what we know because they too want to know Truth, Life, and The Way.

    In Peace I leave you this night. Good night, sweet dreams, I LOVE YOU so much!!! (((HUGS)))

    1. Rosie, Good night, sleep tight, may angels guard you through the night and may you have sweet dreams! Kisses! Squeeze!

      May you all rest easy under the stars, knowing that the wings of angels cradle you in your dreams and give you strength to remain here, to do the job that will free all, forever…

      All my love! Alex

    2. Dear Mom Amy, most beautiful of Roses! Even in your most challening hours you continue to give your love, inspiration and encouragement to us all. I am so glad to see that you are also good at receiving all of the love and support you are being given back by the shining sisters and brothers gathered here. And so in this, you are also offering us all a lesson. Brilliant soul, I send you my love, and I hold you in my heart forever, wishing you peace and ease in body and spirit!

    1. THANK you, Brother Ray. This is quite a quality site, and the information I am very interested in. Bless you!!! Now, IF I can honestly find the time to study………ah……..the time issue………(smile) Walk a mile in my shoes or better yet, RV me for a day and you will see. (smile) (((HUGS)))

  7. Being so many of us are releasing so much right now……I just want to share an ancient mesoamerican energy healing technique i learned many years ago from a curandera. It is called limpia in spanish, known as the egg cleansing in english. Directions regarding the process
    are detailed on my blog from a little over a week ago @ It helps to do it often in these energies.
    Many blessings , Crazywolf

    1. Wow Crazywolf !
      Earlier this afternoon I let myself slip into a nap.
      And dreamed of a woman standing in the back of a large pickup truck, holding immense cartons of … EGGS 😀

      she stood there, picked them up and started SHAKING them like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

      Just that. Didn’t see the “crashes”, as I moved into a sandy beach immediately… but that’s another dream.

      Amazed by yet another sinchronicity !

  8. Hey Amy! Thank you! Guess what? I paint too – often roses – pink ones, red ones, yellow ones…….

    You are right – it is letting go of other people’s stuff.

    Blessings to all.

  9. Dear Darling Brothers and Sisters…first love and light to all of you for the journeys you are on. Remember we are holding hands.

    It took me at least 5 tries to read the message from the CC’s today because it was absolutely so spot on that it kind of frightened me. You see, tomorrow, my beloved who has been with me constantly and I mean 24/7 for the past 5 years begins new employment in a much better aligned job.

    This should of course be joy, but when the CC say that light shines in and negativity and all that has been hidden comes to the surface, they are not kidding. I absolutely had no clue of the “situation” we were in and the guilt and shame that my beloved is feeling leaves me speechless that he felt unable to reach out for help from anyone and simply kept piling it all on himself.

    So, today as he gets ready to move into a new dynamic of abundance that I view as a transitional tool to the next great thing on the horizon which I believe to be us all doing and being in complete joy while completely supported by the universe, I contemplate returning to an employed situation.

    I have lived my life for over 18 years Being myself and being fully supported by the universe and others. I have enjoyed my life of being a mother, a volunteer worker, a gardener, animal care giver, etc. I also previously enjoyed working but truth be told, I know I would not want to return to my original field which was advertising because I am completely not in alignment with that. So, the best role would be something that would feel “at will” where I could contribute financially and remain in my own mental state of harmony. I see so strongly that I need to get out and interact with the substance and being of the world, and more than from my computer screen.

    I am excited and scared at the same time and my mind is beginning to chatter, but my heart is still and says, you will find the perfect situation where you can feel you are contributing and you will also be able to start to shine your light on the world in real time. You will also find a situation where if you choose to leave it will be on good terms and easy to accomplish. You will find a situation where you are making money for doing something simple leaving wonderful amounts of time to daydream and focus on the future and your heart will be free of the drama, worries or anxieties that others incorporate into their fields through the work experience.

    Yes. That feels good. Will come back later and read up on everyone’s goings on…you know I love you all, support you all, feel you all and am proud of you all, my blessed fishes of light in the pond! 🙂 Alex

    1. Alex, LOVE, I am right now about to boil. I am on TWO heating pads with castor oil packs so I have to shut my computer down and get off these babies before I melt. BUT, I had to and I mean HAD TO, (((HUG))) you, LOVE you, encourage you, support you, and anytime you need a shoulder, I am here. You are so brave, and your husband is a wonder. GOD bless that man!!! I know you will make the best decision for you and your family. I will be praying for you, my Sister. I DO SO LOVE YOU!!!! Rosie

      1. Thanks so much for the love and support. I can feel it all the way here on the island and it gives me such strength and courage to continue on my path strongly, knowing that all will unfold for each of us as it should! 🙂 you guys wicked ROCK! Loving you all! Alex

    2. Dear Alex! I wish you all the best on this new part of your journey. I also worked in advertising for many years, and I know how you feel about not being able to go back to that kind of work. But you follow your heart, and so you will find the perfect place for you that will help both you an your family.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  10. To all my Sisters and Brothers of the Light. To all that are flying high or flying low. To all that post, reply or comment and to all that say nothing, just read and ponder what you find written by CCs, through Aisha, and all of us, in this lovely Sea of Pristine Light, Aisha’s Pond.

    This process is not easy, just the bravest of the brave are in it now. We are beginning to find out who we really are. We left our little self/3D behind, far away, when we dip in the process of Ascension. Each threshold of frequency took us closer and closer. Now, we are experiencing the last fight of ego/personality, that try to keep us enslaved in 3D. It,s the letting go of that last 10% of what we truly ARE NOT. There is NOT WAY BACK anymore. We must continue our way ahead to the other side of the veil/5D. We are a FAMILY, now. All walking ahead together. I don,t know who will broken the veil first, but what I know is that in that exact moment, ALL OF US will ascend, together.

    Our integration is improving day to day. Our communication too. We are slowly unifying to our new paradigm, to bring Heaven to Earth. We slowly are becoming masters of our proper lives. It,s just to stop and look behind. There,s no parallel to what was our life few months ago. The difference is astounding. Of course Heaven has a big hand in this. Our Personal Ascension Angelical Team is working full time helping us to change, to leave behind all that big baggage that we need not anymore.

    We are the bravest of the brave, let,s fight together, hand to hand, heart to heart, this final battle for freedom. We are all Lightworkers, destined to be the Wayshowers for whole humanity, that soon will begin to follow our steps to 5D. And no one will be left behind. Let,s breath deeply and go ahead!

    1. Nohmad, I do so love you! Your words are so true, so loving, and how they touch my soul. My Brother, oh so strong and brave, bravest of the brave, anyone who is having a tough time, LISTEN to Nohmad. He tells it true!

      BIG (((HUGS))) with all my LOVE.

    2. Nohmad, BEAUTIFUL !!!

      Strong message, great powerful words.
      We are a family. I wrote something along the family lines a tad earlier.
      Lovely synchronicities 🙂

      Holding your hand, holding everyone’s hand 😀 With overflowing solid Joy!

  11. As always, Aisha, thank you for a most timely message.
    Strange that I learned something really painful today about a close relative. Your message has helped put that in perspective and also given guidance about how I may choose to proceed.
    I suppose this is the time we have all waited our lives for – so we should embrace it with a smile. Time to praise the universe … and all its inhabitants!

    1. Murray, welcome! I’m not sure if we have met so again WELCOME!

      Even through our pain, my Dearest One, we always have a choice on how we “react”. We can stay neutral, we can plummet into the mud, or we can fly high like the Eagle. It is always choice, no matter what. I am SO glad that CC encouraged YOU today with their missive. GOD bless you, and keep you and yours safe and LOVED. BIG (((HUGS)))

  12. To all my Brothers and Sisters, I encourage you to sing, put some beautiful music on that will get your feet tapping. How we love sometimes to grovel in the mud, just so down and out, it can be hypnotic. It takes will power, sheer determination to say, no matter what is going on in my life today I will sing, darn it!!!

    As for the artists, I too am one. I got to the point of saying, “why bother” because no one gets my art and the thought of promoting myself made me shudder. So I too know how it feels to be passionate about something but this world is so upside down messed up, that they don’t see real art when they see it!

    Our day is coming! Don’t let others ruin your passion, and just do your art for the LOVE of it. Just get lost in it, without thought of the outcome. I have so many pieces of art just laying in a pile I look sometimes and say, “how sad that this world doesn’t know a thing!” So, my philosophy is, do what you LOVE and the rest will follow!!!!

    LOVE YOU! Now off I go to make my homemade soup……Everything but the kitchen sink melee. Heehehehehehehehe

    1. Amy Ananda Ma, I see your art everyday here in the pond and I love you for it!
      Im doing my Reiki certificate 2 healing course this week and am thinking of you often, I hope you feel better soon.

      1. Oh, Pash, you just made me cry. Dear GOD I am the luckiest woman alive to have this POND in my life! GOD bless you, my Brother. I will receive anything you send to me and I am so deeply grateful. (((HUGS)))

  13. Oh my goodness! To wake up after a few hours of deep sleep – the first in several days really – and read all these wonderful, meaningful comments from kinfolk all over the world! How strengthening it is, how reassuring.

    Now when I read again the CC’s message, I see in it too the answers to all that was causing me such pain. It seems now that clinging to a need to fix things for others, and a desire to make them part of my personal journey, is really a form of arrogance. This need to be needed and useful is just another personal illusion – a way through the loneliness and feeling of not belonging. It’s gone on past it’s use-by date. Time to cast it out, along with all the other useful delusions that we are outgrowing now.

    I feel another respite coming – hopefully a few days of lightness and peace, before the next onslaught of soul searching and revelation.

    Many thanks to Aisha, the CCs and all who bare their souls and contribute their sheer goodness at this forum, and to the world we live in. Onwards and upwards, sisters and brothers! We ARE doing what we came to do!

    1. (((HUGS))) to Elle. Isn’t it a Great Thing to LET GO of others’ “stuff”? I’m being shown again and again, I can only “fix me”. And this is good.

    2. See???? Elle that was wonderful! I was gonna type to you earlier that everyone has to embrace their own power and stand on their own two feet but I hesitated because well, my heart made me, and here at the bottom of the comments is your lovely, profound, totally turned around and wonderful sharing! Yah!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you and thank you so much for showing us how quickly one can flip things from dark to light if they simply sleep on it! 🙂 Alex

    3. WOW Elle !

      Great Sister. 🙂

      I did write a 9quite long) reply, up there by your initial post D
      And you figured it out all by yourself, beautiful soul !

      Sleeping is a great thing too. We need so much of it sometimes.

      With Love and tha Bubbles 😀

  14. Michael I can SOOO relate to your post! And yet you have at least FELT the bliss/joy/well-being/peace. I am still waiting for that experience. I’m more than familiar with the downside of this ascension process … Feeling NOT in 3-D but where am I and WHY am I “here” when I so don’t want to be? And where is my bliss, anyway ?!?!? Still I am grateful for these messages, this pond, and a place to cry out in frustration .

    1. Perhaps its like being in an elevator. We get into a tiny, airless, windowless room with no facilities that isnt even as good as the place we were trying to get away from. Why? because we know that eventually we will get to the top and when the doors open we will be at the place we wanted to be.
      (Sorry that probably doesnt help hee hee its midnight here – all I can do is offer you a big hug and let you know that I heard you)
      love pash

      1. Pash, it is good! It is very very good! I totally agree! Sometimes we have to take the hard scrabble road to get to the green pasture and we always have to remember the old phrase, it is darkest before the dawn.

        Here’s the thing folks. I am feeling this more and more. If it were easy, this path, if we got to where we have been told we are going to go, and we hadn’t been through fire to truly purify us, and release all our baggage and all our chains and all our excuses for why we sit still and do not move forward–if it was easy, then we would probably eventually backslide. Well, 3D wasnt so bad, or heck, i like my privacy or whatever LOL …we are going to have unlimited power. Yes, unlimited and imagine that kind of power in the wrong hands? It might seem hard to imagine, but guess what? The dark had some form of that power in the wrong hands and they enslaved a planet for eons!

        So, while it is tough, crushing at times. I am glad to take the trek, I want to be totally prepared for that kind of power. i want to release every tiny little dark corner and every tiny little feeling that this was done to me and not of my choice. I want to be pure and white light ready to embrace my power and use it with other loving souls to create a world that can NEVER be dimmed, that will always move forward into more love–This is not the rise and fall of Rome folks…this is the continual dimensional ascension of not only a planet but all beings on the planet and all beings in the multiverse.

        I hate to bring up things like boot camp or orientation or hard core training…but that is kind of what we are doing now…yep, it sucks some of the time, but I am just wicked grateful to have this wonderful place to VENT and share and support others and start to really practice our skills! This place is not just words on a page friends. The sea of love (as aisha now calls it!) is very real! It is energy flying between each of us when in need and the web is growing stronger and stronger, so , if you have love to share, or joy to share, do it, by your example we are all uplifted.

        If you have pain to share, or things to bitch about, do it, by your example you give others the opportunity to also get it off their chest and feel safe, but you also give those who wish to the opportunity to open their hearts wide, send energy, send healing, tell a life story, share a tip!

        There are no stupid sharings or questions–only the ones not shared and not asked.

        Love to each and every one of the diverse beings in this beautiful blue water of love we call home! 🙂 Alex

  15. All I can say is I am beyond, beyond thankful for all of your posts above to let me know I am not alone in all of the same, exactly and am holding all of your hands tightly. We are ONE always in all ways……now and forever. So much love from my heart. Bless you Amy, Lisa, Philip, Magpie, Yolanda, Ray, Movie, Mark each and ALL of us. J.

    1. Ah, Sister Jean, your words sent gooseflesh along my spine. I hold you dear, close to me, loving you, all the way Home. Hang on, my Love, just hang on. I have got you tight, I will never let go!!!! BIG (((HUGS)))

    2. Holding your hand, Sister Jean.
      Holding each other’s hands as we march forward.
      Stumbling is normal, so yes, holding hands.

      Together we march, Brothers, Sisters. In JOY, as it is the essence of Love and Light (been saying this a lot 🙂 ).

  16. Impressive souls everywhere. You all have my great respect and love.

    It seems every day or so, I latch on to some line or phrase that just stays with me. Today (and yesterday too I think) it has been “stand in your truth.” I suspect that this means not only, “be true to yourself and don’t let other people tell you who you are,” but also, “do not shy from whatever truth you are experiencing at any given moment.”

    In this way, one man’s honesty about his pain is just as meaningful and courageous as another man’s willingness to embrace a moment of consummate joy. The difference–and perhaps one of the primary lessons of the third dimensional world–is that fellowship/friendship/companionship means a great deal to when we are suffering or struggling.

    We are stronger than we know. So in a world where our strength is clear and easy, we might quickly forget how much we appreciate God’s sustaining love or the loyalty of a true brother or sister. In this way, it is in our weakness that we learn to value others (and ourselves).

    I have certainly learned to value my own weakness because it has taught me to get up every other day to see if Aisha has a new word of encouragement. Now that might be co-dependent or weak or whatever, but I sense that it is something else. I sense that we really are strong and have allowed ourselves to be “bound” in this world. And in so doing, we not only have learned to value our connectedness but also the very real help and love of the holy angels (probably should have capitalized that–ha).

    Michael and Elle, we sincerely appreciate your candidness. You are probably just another version of ourselves–so thanks for taking that role and speaking our word…

    But also, try to see this place as more than a mutual-admiration society. We are trying to do something amazing here. Ascending in bodily form–I don’t know anything about this stuff, but apparently its pretty uncommon. As the apostle says, we are either “of all people, most to be pitied” or we indeed supremely blessed that someone had the foresight to send some angels to help us through this exceptional undertaking.

    We will make it. I trust that it will exceed all our expectations. Oh, that’s right, we’re not suppose to have any… ughhhh.


  17. Dear brothers and sisters of the light – to all of you shining souls coming to this place and sharing your wisdom, love, courage and honesty, how can I thank you enough for what you bring not only to this space, but to this world? This is a gift that keeps growing by the day, and what you are doing is nothing short of a miracle. You are bringing in more and more light, and what started out as a Pond is now beginning to look like a sea of love and light. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this happen!
    Love and light, Aisha

  18. Another masterpiece missive, Aisha. Thank you so much. I relate to EVERY syllable. The chains have definitely started to lift off me. For days now, I’ve been feeling a marvelous rush of fresh air and happiness surrounding me and my life. Everyday I feel lighter, brighter and clearer about my purpose here and so excited about what I’m doing. My physical body…. it’s like it’s been re-booted into vitality. Actually, my whole life feels like it’s being/been re-booted. Thrilling. Bless your generous Spirit unceasingly for this priceless soul-inspiring blog. Peace & light to you.

  19. All my Brothers and Sisters, Peace to you this day!

    These ups and downs are absolutely discouraging, to say the very least, for in tasting Nirvana, Bliss, and then come crashing down to muck again, and again, and again, who wouldn’t think “insanity”. How much can we all take? A lot. A lot more then even YOU think, for in the ups and downs, in the swells and undertows, we find strength within we never knew we possessed.

    We are all being prepared for the MOST important part of our journeys. Nothing can convince me of anything but.

    We are looking at naked fear in the face right now. Not easy by a long shot. There is a reason we are the bravest of the brave, even if you don’t feel that way. And in speaking of feeling, you control your thoughts, and yes, it is superhuman at times to do so, but by focusing on the breath and closing the eyes and saying whatever it takes to rise above the fear that so wants to destroy, you again shall fly. I promise you.

    There are days I am so discouraged that I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and say again and again, Amy, you have a choice. Low road or high road. So, I start singing or doing something, and feel feel feel the rise of energy within from base to High Heart and to 3rd eye. And keep it there. Whatever it takes, you know what to do, for you are Master, all of YOU!

    I’ve come so close to death many times, and honestly do not know how I still live. I am determined and I LOVE and I live in FAITH that somehow somehow, all will turn out for GOOD. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but if I lost my FAITH, I would have NOTHING.

    For all of you who are struggling now, I send you Golden Glitters of LOVE to fall on you, in gentle showers. Just think of me, and there I AM right there holding you close tenderly, wiping the tears, rocking you in my arms, and singing lullabies to still the fear.

    MY FAMILY I love you so. I honor your Journeys, each of you. Although it is near impossible at times, as I can attest, let go and let GOD is my best advice.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Amy, you are a wonder. Great love to you. I wrote a post for you yesterday but it was deleted (said I’d already posted the comment which mystifies me). Mostly wanted to send you love and suggest hot baths with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). Its a good way to absorb magnesium.

      I hope you are better today.

      1. Magpie, no I saw your post and I replied, I hope you saw. I did soak in Epson Salts yesterday and it is because you reminded me of something I knew, but “forgot”. So I thank you again, deeply from my Heart. I am about to go in fact, to my bath again, for another soak. Hehehehehehe I have been avoiding my bath for several years now, for when I get in that water, the visions and “knowings” get so overwhelming, that I stopped. Just quickly jumping in to take showers, LOL, but now back to baths. Now, let’s see what I see and I embrace it all with JOY! How about that!

        1. I went and read your post and gladly as now I am reminded of castor oil which I had forgotten. One of my teachers from years ago and who worked with indigenous South Americans told me that the considered the castor bean plant to be a “white light” plant. She went on to tell me that she put a pack on her son when he came home from school with a concussion. His headache was gone in an hour and he was outside, playing in two hours. She told me a lot of things that I didn’t believe at the time, but they were all true.

          I grow the plant in my garden, they are dramatic and beautiful.

          1. I must laugh, Magpie, because I haven’t done the castor oil pack due to the “mess”. LOL But this I promise to YOU, my Sister, that I shall do this today, for I feel so battered and sore.

            Coming up to the surface all the time, drinking drinking Blue Light!

            PS I don’t know what is happening, but just like Nohmad, hehehehehe, I am “hearing” a rhythm within my head, and as I do, I seem to write, to that very melody, making music with my words. Ha That last sentence didn’t seem to have a melody, but just as well, most of my other words do. Hehehhehehehe

            Love you, Sister!!

      2. PS Slow but sure, I am on the mend. Truly truly I saw onto you, a Miracle has occurred, and I shout for JOY! JOY! JOY! For in the Miracle, I have been given LIFE, something so precious, nothing in this world can buy! When for years I have done all I know how to do, to take back my health, and still struggle so, and now I know that the way has been cleared, I rejoice and say THANK GOD! (((HUGS)))

    2. (¯`v´¯)
      .`·.¸.·´ ¸.·*).·´*) ¸.·*¨)
      . . (¸.·*. . (¸.·´ :* . ♥
      Love love love to you MIss Amy.
      Showers of love, light, COURAGE & joy 🙂
      Eyes on the prize ~
      F R E E E E E D O M M M M M M
      E t e r n a l l y y y y y y y y y y ! ! ! !
      You can do, you ARE doing it, it will be done.
      And so it is, my friend!! x o x o
      ♥ ☮ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☮ ♥ ☼♥ ☮ ♥ ☼♥ ☮ ♥ ☼♥ ☮ ♥ ☼ ♥

    3. “we are looking at naked fear in the face right now”

      Oh wonderful and brave Amy.
      Our Mother, our Sister Amy.

      You are a magnificent spark of bright and pure Light.
      I honor you, I love you. I am grateful to be alongside with you !

      Hugs from Bubbles and Brianna.

  20. I just have to say that these comments today have helped me more than any channeled message could ever do. The beauty that I see and feel from all of you is astounding, and the best part is that each and every one is my own mirror. Thank you for giving me the clarity and the strength that I needed today to realize once again that I am not in this alone. I have been on the bottom and have come close to the top, or close enough to feel what it might be like. We have come too far to give up now, not possible!! Love to you all. Lisa

  21. When i tell you this is *exactly* what I needed to hear! wow man. you’re right, you’re soooo right. thank you for this post. i drove to the heart of many issues im dealing with now. god speed everyone! dont be afraid!!!

  22. I’m relieved beyond measure to find that my recent nightmare is simultaneously being experienced by so many of you. Not that I wish suffering on anyone, rather that I’m not going insane. I have normally approached these issues of growth with some understanding, humor and downright tantrum-ing when it’s been too much, but last several nights I feel that I have come through Hell somewhat, thinking I may have finally reached some place of respite only to find another mawing, gaping abyss of blackness to negotiate safe passage through. I’m besides myself with this with understanding on some higher level yet protesting, begging for mercy on the lump of flesh level. The terrifying thing is the nothingness that Michael described. I’m there. I read somewhere when you don’t know who you are anymore…good, bad, light, dark then you’re just maybe beginning to get it.

    Regardless, this Love business….can’t be the more polar opposite of the fluffy bunny cakka the “world” wants us to believe. Oh heinously no. It’s the hardest, most difficult most MOSTEST (words fail me) thing I’ve ever done. This who thing is as much a living death that I can imagine…death to the illusion of it all with all the throes, wailing and trauma physically, mentally and emotionally…worse yet that you are perfectly observing in yourself as it happening….

    Gaaaaaaahhhh!!! Vaklempft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Aria, you are here with your Family of the Light. Nothing more matters. We are almost at Home. Don,t worry. You are LIGHT as we all are. Forget 3D. There,s nothing more for us there. Much love to you!

    2. Yolanda? Is Nohmad calling you Aria? WOW. I feel you so much.
      I really wish I could see you reciting this. And what is …
      “Gaaaaaaahhhh!!! Vaklempft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Does that mean “ENOUGH?”
      Thank you so much for letting me know that you have felt this as well.
      It is not something that one can imagine without feeling it…or as it so happens NOT feeling it. We are holding such extremes of experience.
      My sister who is truly supportive though she cannot hear about the details, she does not understand it at all. She says to me, “can’t you just take a more middle of the road attitude . Why do you always have to be so extreme? So all or nothing?” I thought this was a great question. But, I said to her, “because, that is who I AM.” And, I truly believe that we , who are transmuting the false paradigm have most certainly taken on the most extreme of JOY and PAIN/SUFFERING. It is necessary to embody the whole spectrum and transmute while finding balance. This is the experience of taking GOD’S perspective in it all. The perspective that encompasses ALL THAT IS.
      I LOVE YOU. Hope you are already feeling better.

  23. I know of the ritual of death and how one does this

    to retain his memories of his past lifes. I know

    some do this to retain power among man and teach

    dark light to keep man in bondage. I also know some

    do this to remain among man only to teach bright

    light, and don’t care about having power over man

    and only wish to bring man out of darkness. Both of

    these is a choice. There is always a choice in which

    way to go. This is where you have to see the

    difference between the ways and make your choice. It

    is up to each of you to tell the difference what

    path you will take. What will hold you back or let

    you go. Look within yourself and remember your past.

    To do this you have to find your true self.

    I see this pond deepens and is becoming more clear.

    Bless all

    1. Master Brother Ray, I bow to Thee, for you have played such an important role in giving me New Life. I am grateful to Thee for all Eternity!

  24. Thanks for sharing your story Philip. Enormous courage.

    Yeah, I found myself joking to the CCs while I was reading this missive, “Ah… where’s all that petting I’ve grown to expect from you guys?”

    It is funny because although I had a fitful night, I felt great after my prayers/mediation this morning. I sat down to read this with my coffee and light spirit… The day was perfect. Of course, there was that one thing… Then I started reading this. Woa…

    Life is not for the faint of heart, but true joy and complete freedom are pretty attractive gifts/prizes.

    I send my well-wishes and love to you all today. I imagine that many of us can feel the message today in a particularly sharply-pointed way.


    1. Mark, thanks!

      I felt called to jot it down the other day for I felt the time was coming where it may be of benefit to a wider audience and this mornings post affirmed that…

      It is a big prize that is there… well worth the hero’s journey…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  25. Many here have mentioned challenges with relationships, work, home, emotional stuff and finances and more and now the time feels right to share a very summarised version of part of my journey that I trust may offer a spark of inspiration to some…

    Whilst I’d always felt connection to the divine, the RC Church did its stuff to make that a challenge. Of course I chose that!

    When I read the Conversations with God books back in 2004 my soul leapt for Joy! Therein I found what my heart/soul already knew. Bingo. Couple this with a long-term and long distance partner of around 20 years who encouraged me to go to a Mind Body Spirit event… and I was off. I read book after book studied and became proficient at working on myself and found I could help others too. ‘Healing’, kind of found me as I didn’t go looking for it.

    Then comes big decisions and challenges! In fairly short order, I knew I had foreseen a life-change at this time I just did not know what it was. Now I knew. I would be focussing on my spiritual path, giving up the highly successful career I’d built from humble beginnings. Would the love of my life join me and share in this? I so wanted her too. No – I was mad would be one way of putting it in the others eyes.

    Anger, no it was rage, of unimaginable proportions emerged for her that I feared for my life at more than one point. I knew it was not her, it was something to be healed. For nearly two years I/we tried everyway I/we could dream up to find a pathway to peace to help us both find a shared way forward. Some inroads were made but not enough and I realised that I had, as Shakespeare put it, “To thine own self be true.” Oh no! I had to find a way out of something that I’d hoped would be a life-long partnership. The toughest decision of my life by far.

    So now I was going to leave the successful career behind, the much loved relationship, move home – oh and I thought I had a plan for financial security. Gosh it was a challenge but I just knew these things were necessary to be true to myself and that is what kept me focussed and going.

    The events unfolded with many challenges along the way, much self-healing, several years in the relationship wilderness, many emotions to deal with and then I finally left that job… right at the top after a major success. Oh and part of that process involved ‘coming out’ about my spiritual path and healing work. How does a high profile director of an engineering business do this? All sounds easy – NO – but when the decision was made I knew I had got my life back no matter what challenges lay ahead.

    A series of challenges and miracles unfolded. Of course, I’d asked for them. I met and married Sue, my twin flame. I’d have you all in tears of joy if I told you about just some of the synchronicities that led to this miracle. Not without its challenges mind. Sue had had trauma in the loss of her previous husband (suicide) and was with two teenage kids. Astoundingly, she was told by her own guidance that she was to ‘embrace her husband’ meaning me before we’d even agreed to see each other and before either of us were sure we wanted to pursue even seeing each other!

    Lots more challenges, self-healing and miracles unfolded. Again may sound easy but we could both see by now the things placed perfectly in our path to share in and move beyond. Same for the kids! A new man on the block as it were for teenagers. No mean feat for them, Sue or me! Oh, the financial buffer came apart too – a big healing for I could see that what I’d invested in my old business was ‘in truth’ like all the market – a house of cards! Ha, the benefit of hindsight! The light knew we were all to share this path and Sue and I knew too!

    The path continues, some challenges and the miracle of the gift of Spheres Of Light came to me later in this journey. Miracles continue and the ‘not me stuff’ continues to be released but in the awareness of why it is here. All this in about 8/9 years. I feel blessed. Of course so does Sue. I see every step as essential. Not always easy journey, certainly not as challenging as some but I am grateful to be here now. I wouldn’t change any of it…

    …and if sharing in this pond this little piece or anything else I offer helps another then that is a blessing indeed.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. I bow to THEE, my Brother True, thank you for allowing us the honor to see you. BIG (((HUGS)))

      1. Thanks so much Phil for sharing your path and indicating how important releasing the chains, however loved they may seem at the time is, because in releasing them, letting go of the safety net of them, we become free and miracles can enter into our lives!

        Big hugs to you and Sue and the crew! 🙂 loving you all! alex

        1. Thank you Alex… that is perhaps the central message I was hoping to convey aside from sharing the journey which was also very important…

          Thank you for sharing your recent insights and experiences too. For one thing I have come to notice the more I let go of/create space – the more I allow the new and experiences beyond my imagination to enter…

          May be some of that is unfolding for you now!

          Joyfully, Philip

    2. Philip-
      What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!!

      I am absolutely amazed at the parallel experiences between your life and mine.

      It’s beautiful! And yes, the book you mentioned changed my life forever. Found it in 1998…. I am forever grateful to NDW.

      Namaste, Phillip!

      1. Namaste Phoenix!

        You are welcome.

        Amazing how we find these parallels…

        The CWG material was definitely the rocket booster for me.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  26. Well hello Michael – nice to meet you. I gave up reading the comments here a while back because it seems that whilst most are experiencing ups and downs, the dominant theme is super-loving hugs and bliss bubbles, rather like a new age love-in.

    Not to denigrate those who feel that way – good for you – but it’s not possible for me to just shrug off huge personal tragedies and just walk away unperturbed by events surrounding those I have loved for a lifetime. No, I most definitely do not want to remain in this obscene ‘reality’, but is it possible to suddenly cease being a lifetime ‘service to others’ entity to become a ‘service to self’?

    My only goal for years has been to live without limitation, to be authentic and free from illusion. It appears now that to accomplish that, I have to ‘joyfully’ walk away from helpless children and others and abandon them to their fate so I can fly free.

    Oh God. did I really, honestly, choose this? I badly need some reassurance that letting go of it all will benefit others as well as myself, otherwise it would seem that I am no better than those who choose to enslave us.

    I need to know beyond doubt that all that I have apparently chosen in this and other lifetimes is of some real value, not just another notation in a cosmic information library. Although the pain that I feel recently is sort of numbed down, compared to what’s gone before, and like you Michael there is very little I relate to in what I see around me, I still feel connection in my heart to many. Do I need to sever those connections entirely to break free of this hellish place? To see what’s left of ‘me’ when there are finally no reflections of others in my pond?

    On the one hand, I can Let Go, Let God. On the other hand, we’re supposed to BE God, and totally responsible for all. I feel like I’m wading through thick molasses in a dark pit, waiting waiting waiting for clarity.

    1. Elle, I want to say hello. And thank you for sharing. I understand your frustrations. Thank you for reaching out. I do not know what to say other than I am sending you love and you are now in my thoughts, meditations and prayers.
      I do know that we need to keep reaching for the light. I think yesterday, was an out wave where everything was cleansed and I felt too empty for comfort. Today is a new moon and there are intense new energies coming in and I am dealing with that. Bill Ballard talks a little about what I was saying in his most recent post. He talks about the intense new energies and said it;s getting really hard for him to make “small chat.” Well, I have been feeling that for a year, and actually was never fond of it at all! 🙂
      But, I do think the best thing we can do to help the poor, the week and the homeless is to continue raising our frequency. And being authentic. So, that if we feel something , we can honor it.
      If you are sensitive to the incoming energies, then you will probably serve yourself and humanity best by anchoring the light and FREAK-wencies.
      You are raising millions upon millions other souls when doing this and most importantly, I do believe we are busting up this 3D illusion based on pain and suffering.
      Which, I guess is not only our mission, but our truest and deepest desire.
      then those you care so much for will also be free for eternity.
      I love you, Elle.

      1. My apologies Michael. I’m new to this sort of forum and have no idea how to manage it so that I get to read everything, so I have only just read your response after a busy day. Ye Gods – sheer exhaustion in return for accomplishing very little!

        I love your FREAK-wencies – how very appropriate.

        When I was moaning about this and that in my first post, I wasn’t referring to anonymous poor and suffering masses ‘out there’, I was actually relating to some rather gut-wrenching events that have come down the pike to either myself or two close friends over the last month or so. Yes, I’m very lucky to have two close friends, although we don’t often get to be in each other’s company.

        Injuries, psychotic episodes, drug addicted parents abandoning children, beloved pets dying, financial stress, conflict and abuse, having to walk away from all sorts of relationships for one reason or another, in addition to the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. ….geeze Louise, how bloody much longer?? The recent step up in intensity, coming after decades of ‘one step forward, two steps back’ has had me bewildered to say the least. I mean, how am I supposed to a powerful little lighthouse, beaming light and love to all, when I feel less love than I’ve ever felt in my life? Instead of feeling the luurve, on many occasions lately I feel nothing! Or I’m defensive, frightened, weary, cynical – just over it to the max!

        Obviously, I’m not the only one. There’s a commenter somewhere in here who’s pretty much saying “Just STFU and get on with it” and he’s probably right. Trouble is, we can’t support each other through the tough times without pouring out at least some of what we feel via the words on the screen. I think we need to take comfort wherever we can find it, and I thank you for caring enough about this stranger to send love and good wishes. Back atcha Michael, and by the way – who’s Bill Ballard?

        1. Love you Elle 🙂

          You are right there where we all are.. have been .. will be for lots.

          This “self-loving”, and taking care of oneself is exactly that, the answer is right in your own words 🙂

          We can be little Lighthouses, but truly, it is important we take care of “us”, in order to better shine for others.

          Going thru all these changes, and what a rapid pace too, is hard, and throws us off-balance at times. So, yes, it is important to “cocoon” ourselves.

          ” Love thy neighbour as thyself”

          How can you love your neighbour if you do not love yourself ?

          You can give (and you are giving) and we all will be giving more and more in the very near future.
          To be prepared for this, we need to be centered and balanced with ourselves first.

          From our birth we have been taught that we need to “deserve” to be loved. We have been taught that in order to be loved, we need to “perform”, or “conform”.

          These are hard chains to shed. (heavy shit, as a friend always says :D)
          Now we are finding that in truth, we deserve the best, and we do not need to “perform” some great act of contrition to get it.

          Nor do we need to “feel responsible” for all the drama around us. For me, this is the hardest to learn. Getting there, after a lifetime of “taking on” people’s problems, and making it “my responsibility” to solve them.
          What an illusion. Kinda of an ego-trip too 😉

          But the future is not only to sit around a Pond, and congratulate each others with many Bubbles 😀 😀 😀

          There will be “work” to do. And it will be done in JOY, not by fear, or for “compensation”.

          So, accept to Love and cocoon and shoothe yourself 🙂
          And your strong and loving self will be a warrior, or a healer, or whatever of the Light it has chosen to be.

          With lots of Love to you, beautiful Sister.
          And Bubbles of Joy

          1. Hi Brianna, thank you and all my fellow freaks (Michael’s FREAK-wencies) for inspiring me to grin and bear it. What happens when a group of misfits scattered across the globe unites as one mind??

            Well kiddies, I think we’re close to finding out!

            It seems we’re feeling nothing so much of the time lately – maybe because we’re bored witless with endless tragedy, fear, pain blah blah bloody blah….seeing the absurdity of it all, and ourselves as we have been….good little souls giving our all for our fellow ‘humans’ and feeling guilty on the rare occasions we indulge our own needs/desires. Can’t blame the others for taking what we gave so willingly and demanding more, can’t blame ourselves either for doing what came naturally.

            Have to say – bubbles have always fascinated me. Blowing them with one of those toy thingies, watching them drift away…swirling colours…some large some small….worlds within worlds.

            Can’t say I’m feeling the bliss yet, but this numbed-out observation mode is okay for now. I guess we’re sort of getting our vehicles serviced and fuelled, and preparing to get this show on the road bigtime. The curtain comes down on the old production, scenery is rearranged, lighting adjusted, audience in anticipation, music swells, star-freaks enter stage right – IT’S SHOWTIME!!

  27. “When we are free of our chains, all that remains is the love we share…”

    Line from a Miten & Deva Premal song that always resonates deeply with me and this message…

    Gratitude once again to Aisha and the CCs.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  28. Unchain my heart. The short cut to freedom is roaring. Fresh wind in my hair. People around me want to be like me. They imitate my way of life.
    They say I want to be like you and activly do so.
    I am open to be an example. They could not have chosen better. Ayyy 🙂
    There is often this situation that I am not recognized. In restaurant everyone gets a drink. Not me. Who cares. I can take care for my own truth. What leaves my life is better gone. Farewell. Nice to know it is a one way instant redemption. It is for sure difficult to find the blind spot of thy deepest angst. But if the chains of fear and hate and anger are broken tomorrow will be filled with bliss. We will be the truth of what really is real truth, or so.
    How did we wrote on the Berlin Wall?
    Let it grow.

    1. Michilin, you have a unique way of putting it, brother and I thank you for it!
      I think I get it and more to the point, I feel it, . Ayyy 🙂 indeed!

  29. Thanks Aisha and the CC’s. I am sure I will read this new Manuscript message over and over again. But, at this point it brings up many more fears and doubts than I can count.
    Yes, a couple of days ago I reached a new plateau, but the energies that pummeled me last night have left me on a strange and unfamiliar shore.
    This time with no apparent access to Joy. I did feel an overwhelming calm and peace today which I could appreciate and be grateful for. But, when I was out in public for the brief hour or two that I go out in the late afternoon, I truly felt like a ghost albeit a peaceful ghost. I felt nothing for my surroundings or the people moving by me. For most of my life, I used to feel a great connection to everyone and everything which would bring me Joy. But, now I feel nothing, but the sense that I am dead and there is truly Nothing left for me here. I am a ghost. I have no desire to continue. I have no desire to speak to the aquaintances who I pass on the sidewalk , and I start to dread seeing anyone I know.
    “how is that art career going?” the first one asked today. It is INSANE.
    Oh then I saw the last client who backed out on a deal at the last second which was the last time I attempted to sell art. I smiled and acknowledged him without the bitterness that I felt last year when it happened.
    I am NO ONE here. If I do talk about what I see, what I am thinking about, what I would like to share, people are not on that wavelength and it makes them uncomfortable. However, If I talk to a stranger about their dog, it is true that they will talk to me like I am their best friend with fantastic kindness and attention like they are mesmerized.
    I am extremely confused being around a million people daily who are completely enjoying their full , busy, happy and successful lives here in SF.
    I have no one, and nothing and no desire to anything . I have no idea what to try to create.
    I have a friend who I haven;t heard from in 5 months email me to make plans for my birthday in May. Normally , this would feel nice. But, I let go of this person when they fell away months ago. And, I know it will be more awkward for me and a lot of effort to keep all conversation off of what I have been doing for 5 months. ” Well, I have been sleeping 12 hours a day, meditating, and other than that, nothing!” While he works on cancer patients as a Radiologist everyday.
    I have been winning the battle of resisting sugar lately and I keep hoping I will start to hear some guidance. I know the sugar messes with the pineal gland and it creates a crazy amount of heat in my head. But today, on top of everything else, I was not able to avoid the sugar craving and gave in all the way. So, now, I will feel even worse and not be able to sleep etc.

    The channelled messages say “create the life you want.” Well, what does that look like ALREADY! Are there people in it? Is there a car in it? IS there an apartment where I can have some peace in it? Is there money in this new reality. I let go of everything 10 months ago and I thought we would not need money at this point. I have no real desire for material things, but I cannot live in this capitalistic this way any longer. This pergatory has gone on too long. I cannot stand this anymore.
    I cannot create Joy in this hellhole. And, I really want out. I mean it.
    I don’t have any desire to go deeper and I do not want to stand here doing nothing while I watch the planes overhead pouring massive poison on us when No one else even notices! Is this not insane?
    Didn’t the CC’s say get ready to fly a couple of weeks ago. Didn;t we all rejoice over that? Why did they say that before the Equinox? Are they messing with us? Did I misunderstand? Did I do something wrong?
    I do not want to be Christ and be nailed to the cross which is what this already feels like. They are not interested in ascension.
    yes, I am you , they are me and blah blah blah. How can I get through another day of this? This is the most underpaid and unappreciated job in the Universe. The CC’s know this is true which is why we get the cheerleading.
    But HONESTLY, I cannot maintain a positive outlook. I achieve something and then it is gone. the incoming energies uplift me and then they disappear. I am no master and I do not want to be in this world and NOT of it. Maybe it is my empathic nature that makes it so difficult to maintain my positive perspective. But, I cannot tell what is mine. All, I know is that I am sick to death of it all.
    Also, the last two nights I have had epic nightmares. Last nights was apocolyptic. Something like a comet or a missile was heading towards earth, there was a flash of light that was sent from earth in an attempt to intercept it and it just missed the incoming object. Everyone at the outdoor dinner party starting screaming and running as we saw the incoming object
    near impact and then….it was all over.
    I do not think for a minute that this is going to happen. But, it left me quite disturbed. And the night before was similar. I have never worried about stuff like this. Is this my fear..from another lifetime? Mass consciousness?
    It’s too much for me to decipher and I cannot follow my own advice which I left you all on my last message. Just let each thought go and bring in the Light and Joy, because I couldn;t find any JOY today. I feel like an idiot for thinking I had arrived at a new plateau.
    And, frankly, I do not see any end in sight for all this.
    I really wish I could just push a button and be done with it.
    I have nothing to give and have no interest in this exercise any longer.
    I know I am not the only one in th epond on this roller coaster ride as I have read messages from people who are up and high and then down and low. But REALLY how much more????????????????

    1. Michael, I hear you and I honour you… IT IS a challenge and your feelings are your feelings and that is it. They are not wrong or right – they ARE what you are experiencing right now.

      I honour them.

      I send you love, blessings and support on the wings of a prayer at this time…

      You find your-self in this situation now.

      This too will pass. It is written.

      Philip 🙂

    2. Michael, I know exactly where you are at because I have been there myself many many times over the past 2 years. I have seen your posts and wanted to write but stopped myself. I now feel like I must share this with you.

      Your personality is fighting for its limitations. You are arguing with yourself. It took me years to understand this. I am not an expert and may not articulate this very well but this is from my heart to yours, someone who speaks from painful experience. We are multi dimensional beings, of which we have our own beautiful gods or higher selves, and personalities. The personality is the old part of us that Aisha and the CC’s are inviting us to let go of. This part of us is conditioned and built based on our old DNA. It only knows what it knows and will fight when it feels like it is losing control. The part of you that experiences the joy and feels the beauty of this amazing light and love flowing in is your god or higher self. It has always been there, albeit silent at times as the personality has run the show. It is that part you feel when you know love is present. When you know what is right or wrong for you. Call it instinct or intuition. It is the part of us that just knows. It will not fight back when your personality throws a tantrum, it waits patiently for it to finish and loves you anyway. The more you are letting go, the more your personality will rise, to find fault or reason not to change or accept what is happening. It will try to convince you that everyone is better off than you, particularly those not on this path. It will try to stop you being who you truly are meant to be in this life. Don’t let it win. You are greater,and more powerful than this old program, this old part of you. You would not be here on this journey still, with hope for more, still struggling on if there wasn’t a greater part of you that knows it is the right path.
      My learning was to stop fighting with myself and accept all of me, even this cranky, tantrum throwing part that I really didn’t like anymore anyway, and was ready to,let go of. But love this part of me anyway because she had served me well all this time, and had shown me what I didn’t want to create anymore, more of the old. Because all this part of you knows how to create is more of the old. It doesn’t know what it doesn’t know so if you want your life to be exactly as it always has been, do nothing and let this part of you win. I read recently that the personality will fight so hard to win that it can create illness, with death being the final triumph for it. When I read this I realised which part of me I was willing to conquer and which part I would nourish and honour. It wasn’t as simple as that, it took some contemplating and more tantrums to realise all of it was my choice.

      I share this with you only because I was lucky enough to have someone to support me through this very painful process and help me understand how this works. I too thought I was going crazy, I too had nightmares that unsettled me for days, I too did not want to go on. I too did not want to be in this world but not of it. It was only when I realised all of this was my choice and what I put out to the world, tantrums included, came right back to me that I started to understand my part in it, and how powerful I was in creating everything in my life. Positive and negative. I’ve chosen to create only positive from hereon and I can honestly say since I made this choice everything has started to shift.
      I hope this helps.
      With respect,

      1. Jules, this is perfectly said and describes my life also. Michael, I am an artist too, and have been able to support myself because I compromised my vision and found a niche market. I do feel like Pegasus in chains. Aisha, bless you from the bottom of my heart to bring up the subject of casting off chains.

        Michael, you know the art world is run by the same power mongers that manipulate our economy. I hope you can find comfort, as I have, in the myriad of ways that your creativity expresses itself and not just the single outlet that closed a door. Your writing is creative, your speech is, your environment probably is.

        If you can turn your attention back to the love you have for the process of creation and the joy of discovering new materials then doors begin to open. Beware the false promises and grandiose delusions of the art world, take what you love and get out.

      2. I have been trying to reply to ALL the AMAZING posts here, one by one. I want to connect with each of you and thank you so much for the energy and love that you have shared in response to my post.
        And, more than anything, it does remind me that I/we are not alone.
        I cannot reply to each post individually. I cannot even name each name because I cannot organize my thoughts. Honestly, I am not physically capable. I have tried and I cannot finish any of them. Some of them, Pasht, made me laugh and smile. But, my eyes are not focusing properly, and my head is not focusing and now, it is a new day here.
        Jules, Magpie, Nohmad, Aisha, Philip, Amy, Meg , Nayon, Elle, Alex.
        Thank You. You have all made me smile and I do feel supported. Thank you for hearing me and being here. I am thinking in so many different spiraling directions I cannot say much more.
        I have read each response a couple of times and appreciate them so much. I AM SENDING
        xoxoxo Michael

        1. I love diving my head into here when I get the chance. I am not going to add many more words to this Michael, I can see you have more than enough to read.

          This is awesome though!

          Good for you man, that was exactly how I felt when I started pouring myself out here. Words can not describe how this all makes me feel!

          1. Ian, I am laughing because I have read your posts and refrained from commenting for the same reason. And, then you seemed to bounce back the next day, too. I feel you. Every day is truly different at this stage of the game. PEACE AND LOVE, SPROUTMAN 🙂

    3. Dear Michael,
      I promise I have/am going throught the same process. The similarities would astound you. EG I have multiple health issues, I am a musician who has not played for a long time. I apparently do ‘nothing’ but im exhausted as if I were climbing everest. However I have 2 things that keep me going. Firstly I fall on my knees I cry out to God that I cannot take another minute and somehow Im still here. Second I have some small community here of like minds that is slowly and surely growing. Our local ‘pond’ I believe is essential for most people in our situation. There is only so much you can relate to online. In a million people they must be there, please stay open to them, you have so much to share!
      You have seen the ‘promised land’ and are now doubly back in the horror show that humans have created for each other. You think those others are ‘happy’!?! they are ignorant. They are skating on the thinest ice you could imagine. Please stop judging yourself by an illusion. Soon they will be looking to YOU for the way. Do you not see the magnitude of the work you are doing on an energy level? If there is a Nobel Prize for Anchoring the Light in 20 years you will be sharing the stage with many other sensetive people that ‘society’ would happily flush down the toilet today!

      On a personal level we are being pushed to the very limits of our tolerance so we can make the space to anchor even more light and how else can it be? Would we relinquish our egos if it were easier? I wouldnt!

      I heard a sobering statistic the other day. Of the 2% people that have survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge ALL of them changed their minds on the way down! The horrors dont exist in the forest or the oceans or the mountains. (Or in mid air apparently!) Only in the human mind.

      Storm the gates of Heaven, Michael. Make a big fuss! WE locked ourselves out and WE threw away the key. That was our prerogative.
      Now its time to go home brother.

      1. Pash, brilliant words.
        Make a big fuss ! 🙂
        Oh, and about changing mind in mid-air : so it CAN happen. Like deciding to “jump back” in this horrid world and changing mind in mid-air 😉 And surviving to tell 😀

    4. My dear brother Michael, I know ‘things’ are not so good for us lately. Much change, internal and external, and it,s difficult to perceive the light at the end of the tunnel. There,s no choice to go back. Neither for you, my dear friend, nor for ANYONE of us. We jumped without parachute (into Ascension), in the night (complete darkness). Now, the light is beginning to shine, it,s a new dawn, for all of us. We are falling to great velocity (dying to 3D), but our wings (light body) are almost ready for us to begin to fly.

      I have already been once were you are now. It was impossible for me to go on in that situation. I needed change. And I left my parents, my relatives, my friends, my home, my books, my country, my language, everything, to never come back, and went to live in another country. Without money, knowing nobody, not knowing one word of the new language. Everything changed.

      Sometimes, the change we expect does not come to us. And we can,t remain waiting all life. We must act, do something. To think to press a button and disappear is not clever solution.

      Michael, I understand that you feel you are dead. And you REALLY ARE, like me and many others like us, but it is just for 3D, not for Heaven on Earth/5D. We are almost there, Michael!. We are really very near, now. It,s not time to throw the towel. It,s time of hope. Our future is magnificent. Out of imagination. Hold on a bit more. Do it for me, my brother, because you know I do love you, don,t you?. Do it for Aisha, Mom Amy, for all YOUR Sisters and Brothers of the Light. We all ARE in suffering mode yet. Look at Mom Amy, the pain is almost killing her, and she is every day at the Pond sharing love, joy and support.

      I must agree with you that us, Lightworkers, are a bit forgotten. But I have faith that all this illusion around us will disappear soon. Our reward is coming, my dear brother Michael!. Let,s wait just a bit more. Do it, please, for all of us that do love you.

      All my love to you, my brother Michael


      1. Thanks Nohmad, I am not going anywhere. And I know that I cannot give up. It is like climbing a mountain. You have to go up or down. And turning back is truly not a possibility on this situation. There really is no choice. Still, at times. “pushing a button” seems like it would be a nice vacation to this Surreal roller coaster.
        I was hoping we would be flying by now. But, time is truly passing at light speed now. So , hopefully we will soon see the fruits of our labor..

    5. I understand, brother. Just something I wanted to say, is that we all feel this way at times, and the best thing to do is to share, get it out, vent!!! I do pray that other(s) come into your life, others that understand and can hear you. I know that was a huge help to me, when i realized I needed to be able to share my “crazy” ideas and knowing, and I did find some others. Some are online, one was literally my backyard neighbor. She was having the same loneliness, and was actually told to “look in your own back yard.”

      I also think one inherent difficulty of this, is the fact that those on the other side of the veil are in “no time.” When they see that the potential for an outcome is so strong, a “sure thing”, I think it gets translated to us as “soon.” In linear time, we are used to “soon” being SOON. Then when it’s not, it is SO discouraging and disappointing. I can see things changing. I can see my life rearranging. I can even see where I am headed. But WHEN!!!???? Most of the time I can have faith and trust, but there is this part that has such a hard time being patient. Talk about frustration.

      Hang in there. Hugs to you.

    6. Dearest brother Michael, I see your light even when you cannot see it yourself. I know you will find the strength to continue, for none of us will let go of you. You are a part of this circle dear friend, and we will hold the light up for you to see it better when you need it, just as you have done for all of us.
      I send you my love and light on this day and forever.

      1. Michael, I feel the same as you do. Of course, there are ways to ‘live with it’, rose coat everything, avoid all ‘negative’ thoughts, but somehow, it doesn’t always calm the storm doesn’t it?

        I read on other sites that there is a ‘pissed off LWs’ energy surfacing over the last days, and I admit I was fully immersed. Yeah sure, we can go on a little further into hell but WHY? We can’t help wondering if we’re not in some sadistic experiment for the enjoyment of higher beings, like in the movie ‘Dark city’. Sure we can spot the flower that finds its way thru this insane madness and rejoyce on it, but is that all we deserve after a whole life of sacrifices?

        What about those invisible ones who say they Love us so much, we are their ‘dear ones’? How ‘dear’ are we really? How hard would it be for them to fly at low altitude during the day in the cities, or make just a 1 minute video, or appear live on TV? I have a problem believing they are really interrested in awaking people up. More than 50% believe in UFOs and most people would rejoyce in seeing anybody that could help us get rid of the psychopaths.

        But no, they do not do it. They are surrounding the burning orphenage/prison/asylum, sipping their cappucinos and telling the children; ”you’re the ones you’ve been waiting for, you have to change your conditions”. If they would just show their faces, but no, because they Love us. Jesus wasn’t so kean on people ‘saying’ to people to ‘take care’ but in fact ‘doing nothing’. What is the difference? I though Jesus teaching was required reading at the GFL academy.

        I am not thinking of myself, I have enough to go on for a couple of years, but there are people, children suffering atrocious lives around the globe and we are still talking nuclear, people are loosing everything all over the place, I care for them, I cry for them, deeply, why don’t they? What kind of rescue service is that? Now if we can just get them to answer those questions, now that would be channeling worth reading because guys like Michael and I are legion. (in no way intented to diminish the excellent way you do it Aisha, one of the few)

        1. My Dearest Nayon, there truly is a reason why “some” of us LW’s are still alive. And by that I mean, aware. I won’t kid you, I’m facing my own challenges right now, and there are times that fear is so “real” the sweat beads on my forehead. There are times I feel like screaming and kicking and behaving like a 2 year old, but do I? No. As Jeff can attest I admitted one day, using the F word as never before and this from one who shuns the word. He laughed and wish he could be there to see me cuss, how about that?

          I don’t like to complain, but at times when I am ready to bust, I come here, and just like you and Michael today, spill. We are REAL here, and yeah, this Journey really sucky pooes sometimes, and yeah, this Journey is so tough ya just cannot take one more step. (or at least it feels that way!) Then the undertow loosens its grips and you are able to pop up for air, and in so doing, you realize you are seriously cool. For anyone to go through this hell again and again, and not even know truly why, is one, either nuts, or two, very brave, and I for one choose brave!

          I LOVE YOU, NAYON! I won’t tell you to hang in there, but I will tell you things will look better again. Ya never know what is around the corner and when the going gets good, get the gratitude going and keep it going. Even on the tough days, no matter how challenging, feel gratitude for the process that is tearing away every single shred of what is keeping you from your “prize”.

          Keep on running the race! WE ARE GOING HOME! I refuse to think anything else! BIG (((HUGS)))

          1. Amy, thanks for your concerns but I was not worried about me, I’m having a ball and I Love everything and everybody, including the devil. I was giving a voice to the numerous souls suffering. If I was in charge, I would not lose a minute to rescue humanity from the grip of the matrix, and that is why I am not in charge. I know there is a timing and imperatives, but I just a hard time swalowing the confusion, lame excuses and BS spread around by ‘channelers’. I would just hate to go thru another 30 years of this and I am not sure the galactics would tell us if it would be the case. Maybe we ‘signed up’ to experience a ‘Mad Max’ type of experience of post apocalyptic wasteland?

        2. Nayon, First of all, you made me smile. Your frustrations with our extra terrestrial allies or Angelic Allies is not unfamiliar to me. 🙂 I know we have read the same messages about disclosure now for at least one year. I have only been reading them since last May, so maybe longer.
          I think that there is more to this pan than meets the eye. And, just perhaps we really need to complete our process of raising our frequencies before the Allies can swoop in. Because, we need to completely change the energetic framework of this reality. So, it is not just about saving those in distress, but being systems busters who change the paradigm forever.
          I know from how and what you write that you know all this. But, we seem to have our moments where we need to honestly vent out very real and understandable frustrations with this SURREAL process.
          Thank you for being so courageous and so honest.

      2. Thanks Aisha, You are so kind and full of Grace. I feel today more a part of this circle than I have before.
        I value your Light and Love and work so much.
        You are always in my heart and my prayers.

    7. I can only say: courage, lots of encouragement. I ask each of all the issues that you are doing, but I try to trust each day a little more, but not worth a long breath …. because my intention is not to feed all these questions we have in our daily lives (3D yes or yes we are living and we have to deal with …. so be it money, relationships etc), but try to be a little happier every day and I trust that is the crux. Whereupon, I think the support is an important part to make you feel supported, loved and therefore not so alone my contribution today is that
      … a little happier? At least a smile? 😉
      Much love to you Michael

    8. Michael, I feel the same way you do today. Lots of fleeting pains and anxiety. Just when i think it has subsided somewhat another round slams me. The night has been hell this week, with all sorts of wierd dreams that take the better part of the day to clear. I am so tired of this process and then you come across others who are just going about their merry way while i cringe to even interact with anything in the outside world. I get tired of hearing “hang in there”. For what, Is this what i get for thinking the golden age was upon us.? Hope this ends soon, brother. Love

      1. Thanks Crazywolf, I am sorry to hear that you are being slammed, too. But, I am glad to be in good company as they say. This is a very uncomfortable transition. I do find that the lows pass much more quickly than in 2012. You made me smile because I , too , literally noticing myself “cringing” yesterday. But, today is a new day, and I have a feeling that by tomorrow , we will be dealing with a new set of energies. PEACE AND LOVE, my Brother.

    9. Michael,
      feeling NOTHING is part of this journey. Of course I am speaking from my own journey, and yes, I’ve “been there”. The “plateau”. Feeling absolutely no-thing and no-one.
      This was a mere 3 or so weeks ago. The whole thing started (what irony, ha?) exactly about the time the CC’s were all out about the Equinox.
      Felt cheated. Felt unworthy and cheated.

      Going to the store to buy (counting every f—g penny) some food was like a punitive task. Went only at night (less people, easier to blend in the darkness). Not answering the phone (saying out loud “leave me alone” to it).
      The only actual thing I did (forget meditating, I couldn’t either) was to search on the net (and I found lots of resonating stuff), and come here. By the pond. Epond if you will.

      And, yes, some of the comments were though, because everyone was talking about growing wings and I was just rather crashing.

      But, I did find beginning of answers here. And in other websites too.
      When I finally “dared” to start commenting here, I got echoes.
      Helped. Actually, I had gone from a total mess of massive return of anxiety and anger (was so MAD to feel like that) to feeling no-thing.

      So, feeling NO Joy, NO love, even in prayer I felt no-one was there anymore, imagine the BIG VOID).

      Want some of the thought ? Well, it went from “I’m DONE with this crap” to “this is only one big manipulation”.
      Yet THIS I still knew to be wrong. (some minuscule voice inside still faintly whisper, at times).

      What came after the big no-thing ?

      A stillness for a while. No more “crashing”, no more “drama”. No Joy and big hooplas.
      Just a stillness. And it felt ok. Still was good. Not feeling was much better than feeling anxious.

      I don’t know how long (or short) this stillness lasted.
      Enough to recover and re-balance.

      To slowly (yes, slowly, I called this the “Slow Bang”) I felt.
      Little moments of … wellness.

      Wellness was good. Much better than Stillness. I liked Wellness 🙂

      I took a look at myself, and felt … Well. A mid-ground. Neither Good, neither Bad. And neither so “still”. Just Well.

      I don’t know when this Wellness turned back into Joy.
      It did. It did even before I consciously uterred the word.
      Then I found (can’t find the right word for this) the “Bubbles of Joy”
      Which are probably very unnerving to you right now 😀

      There was also a big BIG moment of … Surrender.
      Funny, it didn’t happen when I was “down”.
      Nor when I was “still”.

      Happened after the “Bubbles”, after Joy.
      Just like that.
      And just like that I let go of all the bickering I did on myself (where is the Abundance ? Where is my project ? Why this, What that?).

      You know what was bizarre ? After this “epiphany” moment 😉 After surrendering totally to what is becoming my new life and what is starting to unfold as life-mission (much clearer than before) …
      … after there was a HUDGE influx of Joy.

      But …

      Not an extatic form. Not a whooop whooop form. It was a great CALM JOY.
      I was there. I am there, here. Now,
      I remember this page (the Pond) was opened, so I wrote something, and the word that came was … BLISS.

      Bliss as in feeling complete, centered, harmonious (gee, is that a real word ?) and filled with a …aah, though to express… a SOLID Joy.
      As opposed to ephemerous.
      SOLID. Knowing something was “on the go” again.
      That I had done shedding, and more shedding (with plateaus of Joy or back to crash and then no-thing).

      So, Michael, as “surreal” as this may seem to you here and now, I love and honor you for your experience.
      I hold your hand, yes this is YOUR path, and you are doing exactly great, but we are allowed to hug and hold each others hands, as we go thru some of these “gates”.
      Sending you a bunch of Bubbles of Joy. You can kick at them too, it’s ok, they are totally resilient 🙂

      Keep sharing. Sharing helps shedding !

      Love and Bubbles 🙂

        1. With much much Love, Aisha, and gratitude for creating this place.
          The very first place I felt safe and not shy to share into 😀

          So much shedding, so many brilliant posts and comments.

          We are growing (along with growing pains) and I love, just LOVE the way we all share openly doubts and questions as well as Light and Joy.
          Many Hugs to you, Aisha. Beautiful soul 🙂

          Bubbles of Joy all over the pond 😀

          1. Dear Brianna! I love you AND your bubbles :–) I feel the same about what is taking place here. Every time I sit down to read what people share, I am just overwhelmed by it all. Never in my life have I seen so much love and compassion, honesty and generosity of spirit. What a wonderful world this is turning into! For I know that what we see here is just a small taste of what we have in store. This is not the only place that people have found the courage to open up and share from their very core, and the effects from all of this will continue to just expand and grow. And yes, it is so important to share the growing pains as well, for that is the only way we can face these challenges we are being given on this journey.
            Love and light, Aisha

            1. Lady Aisha, as I read in my bed the comments last night, tears of such LOVE came to my eyes, my hand went to my mouth, and I said, “OH my GOD, these people are so beautiful and they really touch my HEART”.

              To say I am the luckiest woman alive to have you all in my life, is an understatement. To know friendship, and Family, and LOVE even though it is through this internet, is the Greatest Blessing, I have ever known. For the first time in my LIFE, I am with people who get me, who honestly understand my words, my thoughts, my Heart. OH for the JOY!!!!

              To go throughout life as though I speak in “tongues” unknown to mankind, to be misunderstood, ridiculed and given a hard time, to be hurt, to be the brunt of a lot of anger……and now here I come to immerse in LOVE? You have NO idea the JOY it brings to my LIFE!!

              I LOVE YOU!

            2. Aisha dearest,
              only word that come to me is BLESSED !

              We are so Blessed to be living these times (I know, we chose to be here, but still it didn’t mean 100 percent that we would actually DO it… you know, free will and all 😉 )

              So, a big hurray for all the Pond dwellers. We all hold each other. We are each other, united in Light and JOY, and yet honouring each one’s specific path.

              Blup, blup 😀

      1. Oh, Brianna, how much I can relate to what you wrote. I seem to be in the “stillness”, regaining strength that is returning, after a very close call with “death”. I’ve experienced all that you have, yet the “calm JOY” never seem to stay. Now I know why, and now I can say, that I will move forward, in the manner I created, to flow effortlessly into the place of the Calm Joy Now.

        Thank you for sharing this. You really inspired me today! This is awesome as you are!! Sending you my LOVE this day and BIG (((HUGS)))

        1. My Beloved Sister Amy 😀

          Hugs filled with gratitude for what you wrote.
          Just before coming back here, I stumbled across yet another post about “real” families and “Light families”. And how so many are either estranged from their “blood” family, or have big trouble relating with them.
          And how we are all starting to form new “families” 😀

          HA !

          This is one of them. We grew close, and are growing closer and closer every day. Lovely !
          Some “arguing” is even close to the surface here 😉 How wonderfully CREATIVE !

          Have you seen how lots of Pond dwellers call your Mom Amy now 😀

          Lovely. Love this family. Love YOU.

          HUGS ti you, surrounded by Bubbles of SOLID JOY !!!!!

      2. This is amazing, my beautiful sister! You can kick a bubble of Joy and it will just go Boing! It is a mistake to think Joy is frivolous and weak and superficial. It is the most powerful force in the Universe!

        Its bubbles of fear that are weak like a thin glass ball that shatters at the mearest concussion. Solid Joy for all! :-))

        1. Yep !
          Love the way you pinpoint stuff. Dead on 🙂

          Boy, what extraordinary days… Times.
          And, yes, this is why I wrote “resilient Bubbles”, because I can see why and how they can be … Irritating to some of us at times. And I say yell at them and kick them, it’s ok 😀

          Right on, the others shatter, Fear shatters so much more easily than we are led to “feel” sometimes.

          JOY is the essence of Love and Light.

          Solid Joy to you, Pash.
          With Bubbles 😀

      3. This resonates so strongly and you are such a beautiful, brave being of light, Briannapurejoy. Thank you for the joyful encouragement you bring to us. Your bubbles of joy ROCK! Everything you said to Michael echoed my sentiments, too, especially about the surrender. And about how we so deserve to hold each other’s hands through this. We so deserve to indulge in our bubbles of joy and ecstatic connection with others’ hearts. Speaking of hearts and bubbles, I wanted to share this video that made me think of you and Phillip! It actually mentions bubbles of heart energy and lots of other beautiful ideas similar to the CC’s recent messages. These teachings have awakened me like no other I’m consciously aware of. Much love to my beloved pond family, led with such strength and tenderness by our beautiful beacon Aisha. : )))

        You;re so funny. I like that yo understand that the idea of bubble of joy can be irritating when one is not in a place to feel them. But, my journey is Up and DOWN, SO, right before I logged on and found your messgae, I suddenly felt a new vibration that made me feel like I might be able to deal with things that I have been telling myself that I cannot deal with. like NOISE from the upstairs, or chemtrails n the sky. Maybe I can create a space, thanks to the new energies unfolding within me where I can tolerate this stuff until we biust the system and instate our reality of PEACE JOY PROSPERITY and PRISTINE 5D MOTHER EARTH FOR ALL. (or I might just be on a little sugar high)
        I do undertstand , that as Master Gatekeepers, we are keeping the portals open for others to be able to step through, so it would make sense that we would have this extreme range of emotional experience as we encompass ALL THAT IS. I really do think that the 5D vibe is blowing a sweet sea breeze through my being as I write and I so believe that the NEW is taking root, taking hold.
        My head has been in a crazy state for over a month with my crown chakra so open that the whole top of my head has been feeling an enormous pressure, HEAT and vibration. I enjoy feeling thiese senastions but it was making me “HOT HEADED” Or perhaps I was just releasing my hot headed energies that I have accumulated??
        Anyway, I love you lot;’s for responding so thoughtfully and lovingly.

        1. YES MICHAEL ! 😀

          Super neat words 🙂

          Do nurture yourself, from what I feel from you, you are still very “raw” ( I remember using this word about myself a lot last month.) After massive sheddings, we are kinda “RAW” for a while.

          And, wooohooo, what would evolving be without humor 😀
          I even talk to the skies 😀 😀 😀
          Not always to thank, mind you 😉 Sometimes I look up, raise my hands and yelp a loud : ” SERIOUSLY???” 😉

          Big Hugs, Michael 🙂

          Riding the Bubbles !

          1. Oh, blip, I’d forgotten something (me really “dizzy” today) :

            Ride tha Bubbles, and ride the new energies.

            I just read something about the new moon (april 10th) bringing cool new influx of energy AND we just got (after months of stilnness) a biggie Solar Flare… which is, hahaha, starting to “hit” us today 😉

            Let them in, you felt them. I was awakened with a massive dizzy feeling, thought I’d fall off from my bed. These energies are much stronger than all the chemtrails crap. So, indulge 🙂

            Lotsa Love ! And humour 😀 Time to laugh ! 😀

    10. Michael,
      I sincerely thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us.

      I have read down some of the comments and know that you began to feel a bit better after writing this, but still want to acknowledge this.

      All of those people that are running around seemingly living JOYous , successful lives are totally immersed in 3D. Most are quite oblivious to what’s really happening. They please their bosses, working for ‘the man’, take the kids to soccer practice, attend their places of worship, completely entranced by it all. And from the outside, things look great.

      However, there is much ugliness there behind the scenes. Most are not living their truth. They don’t even know what that is, because they are buried so deeply in the matrix.

      I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, when it seems you are ‘less’ than when viewed from the outside, however, consider yourself fortunate. You are not in a state of 3D hypnosis. You are free, brother.

      Remember, we CHOSE to take the red pill. That world is gone forever for us. We can observe the old, it’s all around us. But just as we can view 1st and 2nd dimensional beings, the minerals, plants and animals in 3D, so can we still see 1,2 and 3rd density beings from where we are.

      You can’t connect because you are in a different world.. Vibrating a different frequency. I’ve said it before… All you can do is open the door and show them, give them a peek at what’s behind it, but they have to choose whether or not to walk through, just as WE all did.

      So, that being said, if you can find delight in just knowing, really knowing that you are actually in a beautiful place, the joy comes rushing forth.

      I am not in a constant state of bliss, either. I have my void days, then better days sprinkled with some moments of total awesomeness. It’s all a cycle. I dislike the voids so very much, but I try to remember that it is necessary to allow the new stuff to integrate.

      Love you Michael!


      1. Thanks Phoenix, Yes, felt better today. Still just a nice even keel.
        And then a little while ago before I signed on, some bubble and Joy came up. But, I will not expect it to last. I do have trouble being out and about. Not because I am viewed as less. but because I am totally alone and not part of any of it. That is not what I view as living or being free. So,, I may have freed myself but am still not free.
        And, until I understand the new 5D programs, I am still slave to my bank which just informed me that now I pay then 10 dollars a month fee just to have checking! Unreal robbery. They charge you for not NOT having money!! So, I need to really get a handle on how to tolerate all the BS that is slamming me everyday. I know I have a buffer now of feeling well. And, I need to turn my thought process off. But, the challenges are beyond immense. So, I may fall again, as I am still caught in a web of no income in sight and no possiblity of starting a job. Serious health problems, health care problems, living situation problems, family problems, extreme loneliness and lack of passion for anything.
        I wrote in my message about a friend inviting me out for my birthday and while I do feel lonely, I have been struggling for three days as how to respond to the invitation which is going out with his girlfriend and having an incredible meal at a restaurant we love, but, I really think I need to decline. I just don;t feel right. And, as small a thing as it might seem, it is literally blowing my mind as to how to decline the invite and let the relationship fall away. This is an awesome,kind supportive friend but I cannot see playing a part for three hours while we eat. I love him and he is always in my heart, but I cannot be me around him, as they cannot understand.
        I told them how the world worked last year and they were not into it at all!! They work so hard that is all they know. And in 3D , a good person is a hard working busy person.
        Maybe, I am better of being alone until I start meeting my soul family?
        I read a message today by Karen Doonan which I will attach about needing to really embody our soul FREAK-wency so as attract our soul family. I guess it;s like the birds singing their distinctive call to find a mate. And, I guess I need t stop complaining and focusing on the negative for my soul song to soar and be heard.
        Maybe I’ll go to that dinner, maybe I won;t but I am not going to let it ruin my BUBBLES of JOY right not.

        This is an article that speaks to what we have all been chatting about the last couple of days!!!

        1. Dear Michael
          Last month I was being pressured into attending events, two days in a row. The first was a workshop, and I did try to make the effort but it became a huge issue for me and I cancelled at the last minute due to a migraine – no lie as by then I had a massive headache from stressing about going. The thought of spending hours with a bunch of strangers in a close environment, terrified me and I crawled back into bed and stayed there. I might add that I’m not a young woman and I’ve had a career and a busy, demanding life. These days I pretty much live a reclusive life, by choice and necessity.

          Next day was a boat cruise with about 20 people, mostly strangers with a common interest. Once again I woke with dread and feeling “I simply can’t do this!” but then I metaphorically smacked my own face and gave myself a kick up the bum, got ready half-heartedly and went, mostly out of courtesy to the hosts.

          Well, a strange thing happened. From the minute I stepped on the wharf, I became a totally relaxed extrovert, and the whole day was spent enjoying light hearted conversation, sunshine and breeze in my hair, and somewhere inside, marvelling at my own adaptability. Just smiling, asking questions and listening to other people’s stories was enough (I’m so sick of my own!).

          Michael, I think you will accept that invitation to dinner. I think you will switch on the other Michael who knows how to do these things, talk and laugh and relax with your friends, and let the freak Michael take a night off. Know what I mean? We’re all freaks here, misfits and weirdos, but we are wonderful freaks who can do all sorts of things with ease and grace.

          If you can’t manage it this time, don’t beat up on yourself – there’ll be a next time. Please don’t shut down the aspect of Michael who enjoys a good meal with a dear friend, he’s just as important as freaky, lonely Michael. Freaky, lonely Elle says you will go out for your birthday, and you will surprise yourself by having a ball!

          Much love xxx

          1. Elle, you are so RIGHT! After I logged off from the pond. Before I read your message which I am just seeing now. I did email my friend and accepted the invitation! He’s so easy going, it;s always nice to see him. there’s always a lot of pressure to drink alcohol. But, I can just take a sip, 🙂
            Thanks for sharing your story with me, too. This afternoon, I felt an oprtomistic FREAK-wency come in which I am enjoying.
            Love to you. And, Elle, please do not think of yourself as any age other than eternally youthful because this is the true you that is emerging now.
            Eternally yours,
            ps. My very first spiritual adviser- and really my only one- who I spoke to mostly on the phone was named Elle. She was the first one who told me that I was an angelic soul. 🙂

            1. So glad you made the decision to go out, Michael. Sometimes you’ve just got to do these things when you know you can, and you never know who will be there maybe needing to benefit from your energy.

              About the age thing – yes, I am youthful but that’s quite different to being young in years, especially for a woman. We Star Freaks are often naive and trusting in the extreme, and our innocence makes us easy prey for the predators. Frankly, we’re usually pretty darned good-looking too, hmmm? Young, good-looking and innocent in this 3D world can be a deadly combination, and I’m happy to have the discernment of maturity instead of youthful beauty.

              These days I’m very wary about who I allow into my sphere (bubble?) and I’m told I have an aura of untouchability, which tends to keep the crazies at bay.

              Well well, straight after I typed this, my phone rang and it’s one of the biggest predators in my life – a relative I haven’t heard from in many months. Now I’m shaking a bit and needing to get my equilibrium back. That’s what I get for stating that I have an aura of untouchability. Instant attack! Wow! Do all of us at this pond realise just what a battle we’re engaged in? This is truly a battle for spiritual survival folks, and we freaks are the target.

              We need to learn fast how to protect ourselves and what’s left of our sanity, our precarious health and our connection to Source. And I mean FAST! Those soul sucking entities often within our biological families are usually the worst, and the hardest to get rid of. I’m going now, need to settle down and do some cleansing work – have been feeling unsettled for hours but wasn’t expecting this.

              Take care all and God bless.

              1. Elle,
                amazing words. Straight to my heart :
                “Frankly, we’re usually pretty darned good-looking too, hmmm? Young, good-looking and innocent in this 3D world can be a deadly combination, and I’m happy to have the discernment of maturity instead of youthful beauty.”

                Story of my life, until I started awakening !!!!
                You know I had to actually DISCOVER the power of saying NO !

                Was ingrained with always saying yes. And got myself in shitty messes all the time. Unwanted situations.

                Ha, the power of saying NO 😀 This is our first shield, just say NO 🙂

                1. Absolutely, Brianna! We need to stop being polite and stand our ground with a very emphatic NO! to any and all jarring energies. We need to trust our gut and not care about society’s expectations of us.

                  We’ve been told that what we’re dealing with is powers ‘not of this world’. People often have no idea of what is working through them, utilising their bodies and minds to attack those of the Light. That’s why we’re told not to judge, because it can be another light being that is being used to destroy us. Whilst we must try not to judge others, we MUST however, judge their behaviour, and if it is detrimental to our well being, we do what we have to to protect ourselves and other innocents. Drugs of all kinds are opening portals that let in some very scary entities – one glance at the headlines is enough to confirm this.

                  We’re being called The Bravest of the Brave for good reason. We’re not here for a walk in the park! We are encouraging each other, and the essence of that word is COURAGE. We walk a fine line between these worlds, and whilst it would be easy to submit to paranoia, we can’t afford to do that. There has to be a place for companionship, humour and genuine affection as well, if we are to truly support one another.

                  We’re being distracted with a lot of hoo-ha about diet, and physicality in general. Cigarettes, sugar, meat, the occasional glass of wine – these things are pretty harmless in the scheme of things, when compared to what’s being done to us by the controllers. The eternal part of us is what’s really important.

                  God bless

        2. WOW, triple WOW !

          Michael, I just read the link you attached up there. If you have patience, read my post from last evening (somewhere down here) about family !!! HA !

          We are family (oh jeeez, now that 80’s song is playing in my mind)
          The Soul Family. Will post this link you gave under my post too, this is a major time to hear this for many of us !

          Blast of Bubbles your way, this is a cool as can be 🙂

          We are fa-mi-ly, la laaa la laa 😉

        3. Michael,

          I understand how you feel even if my words to not convey this very well. I often find words to describe concepts very challenging for me.

          Sounds like a lot of us. Needing to be alone, but not wanting to be, necessarily. I only have one person in my life that I can talk with about all of these ascension experiences… As even though he is not experiencing all of what I am, he at least listens and respects it. He has his own way of feeling the subtle changes and much of his time is consumed by the matrix hullabaloo. So, the way I see it, to have the time to just ‘be’ and meditate, etc is a true gift.
          When I do feel like being around people, old friends, I venture out into the matrix works with absolutely zero expectation. I don’t expect to connect or be able to share my deep truth or knowings. But sometimes- I am quite surprised at how I am able to slip in a few new ideas to the topic of conversation.

          This arena, this pond, this ocean of LW souls is where I can see myself. This place is my soul family, along with my beloved, and my guides/spirit. I am ok with this, for it is enough.

          One day, everything will come together and you will see how they perfectly prepared you for the beautiful place you will find yourself in. I know this sounds like a bunch of bologna, but it’s true. I haven’t shared my heart-wrenching experience here, but I would never want to relive it in a million years. But…. It got me here. It was perfect.

          I am finding it more difficult to comment on posts recently… Don’t like words right now. If we could all just communicate telepathically it would be so much easier! Nevertheless, I am reading and am here with all of you.

          Much love to you, Michael
          And to the entire ocean souls here, speaking or not.

          Oh- the hearts!!
          It’s an application on my phone… Lol

      2. Phoenix, I also meant to acknowledge that it really touched my the way you thanked me ” for sharing from my heart and soul.” I hope that is really how it come across. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else just labeled it as “complaining.” It was a beautiful thing to say.
        And, I want to thank you for being so open and sharing from your heart as well. 🙂
        How do you make those pink hearts?????

    1. Thanks to you all. Bless you Aisha/Bente. Love to you CC’s. I am so blessed to be a part of you all. What wonderful people. Angels all! How do I know this? I just know. Keep the faith, all will be revealed. How do I know? I just do! Thank you God!

      Love always

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