The manuscript of survival – part 297

Time is passing quickly now dear ones, but for some, it cannot go quickly enough. For they are so eager for change to occur in their lives, and as such, their patience seems to be stretching more than thin at times. We know you so well dear ones, as you have once more been exposed to the healing forces of the light, but as the light will expose everything to the light in order to make it heal, it will also bring what it exposes to your attention. So with this light comes focus, and with this focus, comes an overwhelming feeling of not being good enough for so many of you. For what you see, is what is brought to light, and that is also all you see.

In other words, you fail to see the greatness in yourself, for what you focus on, is mostly that which has been pushed up to the surface by this endless stream of energetic lifeforce. And so you see yourself as if crawling with infestations of anger, fear and so many other issues you will consider as shortcomings. But is that what this really is about? A process to make you feel less and less pleased about yourself? For as the sun rises every day, so too are you rising in our esteem. For what you are doing in all of this, is actually to cleanse yourself of any residue that has been left unattended within, and remember, this residue is a residue collected through many a lifetime. So even to the lightest of you, this residue at times may seem to be more than plentiful. But remember, that is why the light has come into your life, and that is why you have taken upon yourself to let this light enter into your very core. For it is you and only you who can decide whether or not the light will be allowed to penetrate into the darkest corner within, and when you say yes to this, this is what results from it.

For the light is unstoppable, and it will not stop before it has pushed any and all remains of the old up to the surface and out into the light. And there you will be able to see it all, and for many, the magnitude of old dross will at times seem to be more than a little overpowering. But again we say, this is not something to fear, this is something to celebrate. For it is only visible to you because it is coming out, never to be seen again. And as such, this final cleansing, for that is truly what this is, will seem to be more dramatic than what it really is. For you are not to sit down and take account of it all. This is not about balancing the books, keeping a close score of anything that may come out of this cleansing process. This is simply a case of releasing what the light is driving out, and as such, the process is in fact more easier on you than you mayhaps have gotten into your mind. For remember, the mind still have a mind of its own at times, and for the mind, this seeming accumulation of old energy might set it into a spin. But do not let yourself be deceived by all of this, for you are doing good. And do not fall for the temptation to start to compare yourself to that of your neighbour, for as always, this is an individual process, and each and every one of you must take their own path in this, not try to emulate your brother and sister in any way.

For you must simply go forth and do your thing, whether that involves a lot of releasing, or whether that seems to be s slightly less strenuous path. For it is up to each and every one of you to do what makes you feel lighter, and you must do so at your own pace. But do not forget, the light will stop for no one and no thing, so you cannot tell the light to stop. But you can give yourself some leeway in all of this, and you do that best by stepping back and relinquishing the controls, and by surrendering yourself to this process, you will assure that it runs as smoothly as possible. For if you do try to take matters into your own hands, you will feel the squeeze from this energy more than if you just let it run its course.

So again we say breathe, and let yourself go with the flow. Only by doing that will you feel better able to sail through all of this without feeling as if your heart is being smothered by these, the last remnants of the old you. For they will surface in one way or the other, and the more you accept this, the faster this flow will pour out, and the faster this process will go. So let go, and let it come, and whatever it is, it is nothing to fear. For it is lifted out of you in order to let you lift yourself up and away from the one you used to be, but are no longer. For you have already entered the halls of tomorrow, but as you are still a many layered being, not yet fully merged, you will still need some help to get everything together as it were by making sure that nothing is left of the old. For you cannot carry any extra weight if you want to become the truly enlightened one, so just look upon this process as the lightening of the load it truly is, no matter how burdensome the process in itself may seem at times.

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  1. This has just been drawn to my attention by someone I shared Spheres Of Light with early in the New Year… He was in the UK and he’d been guided to me to take Spheres Of Light back to Moscow…

    Anyway he has just sent me this link to a very brief energetic update blog that I keep an eye and can usually relate to as I often feel something akin to the shift being talked about… I hadn’t seen this post until a few minutes ago…

    Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

    1. I love the Gaia portal messages! Yesterday it was about no turning back and I felt it was all about releasing those last remnants…very much what Rosie is going through–this so makes me giggle phil because we have been playing with the spheres/bubbles so much lately! There was also a message elsewhere, i think it was poof talking about eggs cracking and releasing stuff….another friend was talking about releasing the shell of her seed to grow–so cool!

      1. Hi, Alex. Another quick peek here…..just don’t wish to stay away long. I too love the Gaia messages and I immediately thought of Philip with the last one. Speaking of releases…..hehehehehehehe……it is thundering and lightning and pouring rain here. Kewl! (giggle) Yeppers we be releasin’ all over the place….crack crack PA-BOOM!

        1. Amy, I wanted to give you a bit of a boost regarding the husband and a little bit of proof. When I was younger I had horrible ovarian cysts that would develop and many would rupture and cause internal bleeding and what they call chocolate cysts which were wells of blood that remained in the corpus luteum from one ovulation to the next. Ovulation/middleschmertz was extremely painful to me as well and I would be bed ridden for some period of the day during this time. I had one very large cyst removed and another removed during a cesarean section. always on the left side for me which is created life related.

          My doctor wanted to take my ovary and I said lets wait and see. She said, well, lets put you on really strong birth control pills which should suppress these cysts. I tried it for 2 months and almost killed myself from the depression and mood swings and in the 3rd month my blood pressure went so high I was on a cruise and my body felt like it was going to explode so I went to the infirmary and they were really scared because they thought I was going to have a stroke. i knew it was the pills and immediately went off them. I then decided to take matters into my own hands.

          I had read in a few places (louis hay, christiane northrup and also dr. clarrisa pinkola estes) that ovary issues can be related to suppressed creativity. I was also having multiple “dark man” dreams which are also about holding your creativity back. At this time in my life I was focusing solely on my children and home/husband and had stopped doing my art. I decided to start doing art and getting back into the creative flow and I intended to pass this creative energy through my ovary. I also did a meditation with red and orange root and sacral chakra energy where I saw the energy open up the minor chakras in my ovaries and burn out the dross remaining in those areas as if fire were coming out of my ovaries and out of my abdomen.

          My doctor had wanted to schedule a complete removal of the ovary on that side and I had told her wait 2 months. After that time she checked and my ovary was completely clear. Other than the occasional twinge which reminds me to keep my creativity flowing and especially during the new moon and up through the half moon phase, I have never had another problem, and this is going on 16 years. I also stopped using tampons unless swimming and if I do use them I only use organic cotton ones but usually I simply free bleed onto cotton flannels…TMI yes, but important because tampons can cause endometrial backflow and rayon tampons actually draw more blood out of the system that usual. All my excessive cramping has gone and my 7 day long heavy bleeding is now only about 3 days and I am completely regular.

          Of course praying to my guardian angels for my healing was also included, but I wanted you to have a real and true life example of healing–and for the record, my father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse midwife so I exist with a medical team who supported my decision to wait. Hugs and love and light! Alex

      2. Amazing and fun isn’t it… I’ve had a few messages about eggs cracking in the last few months… cool stuff.

        Spheres/Bubbles of Joy Philip πŸ™‚

  2. I love to meditate. It always brings me incite to things. Lately I have stopped meditation. It hooks me up to all the cc’s that I get a flood of info from that I don’t want. I have started just using controlled thought to bypass the middle man and go strait to the source. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. I am just saying this works for m much better. I don’t like to meditate when I can’t trust what comes back from it anymore. I know a lot will say just let go and go with the flow. I have always been independent and always will be. I have never been very good at following anyone. I have always set my goals and took the not always the fastest way to reach them. But pick the best way for me to get their. I am one that has never let others tell me what I should believe in or how I should live. Everything I have done in my life has been my choice and I accept the out come of it. I have read everything I can about human life and mans goal in life as a young man and always took everything with a grain of salt. I have read most of the teaching of all the main religions of the world. Even the oldest ones that have been released to man. There are still many that have remained hidden. Every person is different in what they do and believe. That is what makes this world so different from others. We have a choice. Some only have a choice of what they can pick from. If done different they are outcast. I want everything not just one way. I want the pie and eat it to. I want to taste life as it is not by what is told what it may be. I have done this. I believe what I believe and not what someone tells me what I should believe. This is my journey and mine along. I read of a lot of others journey. And I love all of them. At the end we will all take our journeys and join together as one. Each of us will still have our own place in this new world and still be all in one. And one in all. In the days and months to come I will try to share what I am asked to share. Yes I answer to a higher source just like everyone does. I can only do and show what he shows me. I may say something and 10 may not like it. I don’t ask why he tells me what to say. I just know if it helps one person out of a hundred it has done what was needed for a purpose. I believe that everything is written before it happens and has a time to happen. If this was no so it could not be changed back if needed. Know this there is more than one race of people that can do this. This is part of the silent war going on in the world now. People are far enough along now to understand what I am saying.

    Bless all in everything you do

    1. Ray, I am so resonant with what you said here because I too always felt the individual path and followed my own soul exclusively. While I might read about other paths and other channels, I actively sought only my own soul council. In fact the only other connections I truly take into consideration are the CC’s and Lisa Gawlas because they both deal with energy and it is a thing I have always known about and so with my heart knowledge and my “skill” I can feel on what is right.

      you keep doing what feels good for you and soul expanding. It is an honor to see each one here learning to stand on their own two feet and spread their wings! πŸ™‚ blessings right back to you! Alex

    2. Gratitude Ray.
      Odd thing (not odd at all, just not so good with words today πŸ™‚ ) I stopped meditating about 2 weeks ago (hard time with time, but it’s about 2 weeks).

      Coincided with the massive release I’ve been going thru around mid-march ’til end of march. Everyday I said to myself “tonight… ME-DI.TA-TION.
      And … not.

      Never do something that feels not right.
      And yet there has been a lot of growth since. And the Bubbles of Joy came, and I left the drama of releasing. and… and … and πŸ˜€

      Thank you, Elder Brother Ray.
      Re- Silent Revolution … signposts all over. Work to be done soon in a more active way. Being out there.

      With Love and Bubbly Bubbles of Joy

  3. Knowledge comes from correcting the disorder in your life to order. This knowledge is used to search out all disorder and correct it. This is the growing of light within and becoming one with all. This becomes ascension .

  4. could not have been more timely. weird, “bad” stuff happened today, nothing dramatic, and it doesn’t even get to me any more, but it was enough to say to myself, “what the heck is going on?” and then I remembered I read this, this morning, and I thought, AHA! just like they said!! and now I am tuckered out “for no reason” (hahaha!) and will go to bed early!!

  5. So Touched I am at all here who sent me Love on my Journey this day. I am so deeply grateful to all of you!

    Weary I feel, yet Victorious we are!

    I write this waiting for tests results to be known…

    The first place I went, the Light was so there. I felt it, I knew it, I blessed it. I added my Light to what was already there, to strengthen it and to make it grow.

    The second place I went, MUD. Shiver. Yuck.

    Ignored while waiting in line, the only one while women gabbed. Finally I was called, as if I were an it, but determined I was to bow to the Light. When the exchange was over, the woman I spoke to, was laughing, how about that?

    Waiting waiting waiting in number THREE waiting room. Heard a nightmare story how the Powers at Hand are ruining a womans’ life. Yep, I truly was in the right place.

    Finally I was called and led to a changing room and glancing UP I saw number THREE. Hmmmmm…….I smiled to myself remembering the license plate I saw on the ride to the doctor’s office. OOPS, reading his over before I post, something told me NOT to write that license plate number out so I erased it. I interpreted it though, as BIG change, ONE, double trinity (ONE) and Jesus/Joshua is with me. (smile)……2 initials…..

    Back to the changing room. Full bladder I had, please hurry! Finally was called, the test was done, I could empty my bladder. Oh thank GOD! Went back for part 2 of this test, and then told to wait. Wait. Hmmmmm……Wait?

    Yes, wait. Sure enough, an error was made and part 2 of the test had to be done again. And then it hit me! OMG! I became so wrapped up in 3D events, I didn’t do what I came to do.

    So on that table, I went deep within, first singing out loud “Row row row your boat” and then saw the BLUE BEAM being anchored deeply not only in this one building but the entire medical complex, the exact same complex that 2 doctors had me kicked out last year. Hehehehehehehe


    These people will never be the same again!

    Pain has a strange effect on one’s Mind. I fell into anger when I returned home, for again, the husband is withdrawing from fear. So much to be done, yet here I am, I should be resting, but work I had to do. Anger. Sizzle. Words spoken in Truth, but in anger. Pull away, asked where is my JOY, and spoke to pain, saying NO! you shall not steal my JOY!

    So, here I sit, relating all to you, waiting still for the doctor to call. I know surgery is in my near future unless that is, a miracle occurs. I breathe deeply now, and smile as I go to eat my dinner, which by now is cold. That is OK, for it can be warmed up, just like I can warm up my Heart.

    I LOVE ALL YOU !!!!

    1. So glad you were able to shed your lovely light on the world today while illuminating what is going on for you. I bet you anything its simply scar tissue adhesions from your previous operations that have grown inside you over the years. They are caused by pain, but also by emotions not shed over the issue cut away. Energetic wounds continue to grow if the initial cutting away is not assisted by forgiveness and energetic clearing. We all live and learn this.

      I have lived and learned this- I broke my tail bone 3 different times for three different reasons and after years of not releasing my fear related to survival/being safe/root chakra, I developed a HUGE fatty cyst over my tail bone that had to be surgically removed. At that point my doctor told me he had never seen a situation like it ever before and when I explained it he said, scar tissue…

      energetic scar tissue must be cleared just like physical scar tissue and spiritual scar tissue, and that is what you are doing now–at least that is what I am picking up…so sending you more love for release and healing as you see fit to use it through your own free will choice…

      Tremendous love for you Rosie and so glad you checked in to the pond and visited us! You wicked rock! Alex

      1. Yes, Alex, you hit the nail on the head. Scar tissue. Adhesions. At least this is my guess, and that is what the doctor guessed too. I said “oh a problem that is an easy fix!” and she replied cautiously, “No, not really.”

        Lots of anger coming to the surface where I just want to scream, kick a hole in the wall, etc. I even made up a rhyme as I lay on the table, how ironic life is. She who strives to remain healthy and do all she can to do so, yet lives in pain every day, and he who strives to do nothing to stay healthy and wants to be ill, and is healthy. Yes, this is certainly an upside down world, and the only time I see straight, is when I am flying.

        Self-forgiveness. Doesn’t this boil down to what is the core of our issues?


        Why did I do this, why did I do that? I want to shake a certain someone until his teeth rattle so, yet isn’t it easier to project our own anger, our own guilt, on someone else?

        To go through life, missing out on Motherhood, thinking for years how I would bring up a child, and then loose that opportunity, is a place I wish on no one, especially on one whose heart is so big, so ready to Love.

        I don’t know how to let this one go, Alex, I really do not. I am reading a book that says all this is just a dream, and that all our base emotions arise from our guilt. The answer is forgiveness, simple and true. Yet how do I forgive something that is so deep, that even I don’t know how to get to? Perhaps in the cutting away of the adhesions will release the deep seated anger at myself, for “failing” in so many ways.

        And then I do know, that all around me I have created, and that, dear Sister, is a bitter “pill” to swallow. Reality hitting in the face, not sure where to go with this. I truly thought I had done my Inner Work on this, but it looks like there is still more to go.

        1. Amy
          I thought I was home free. Last Thursday morning I got a phone call about my daughter. Well it wasn’t a good call and I guess I’m not done yet. I do remember a number of days ago the CC’s saying our caterpillar bodies were going to be turned to mush or something like that before being restored into our new butterfly bodies. Well I don’t think I have ever had such heated arguments with my furniture since last Thursday. My dog is so sweet – she just looks at me with love even though I know she thinks I’m nuts.

          You hang in there Amy, and everybody here. We’re all still in the river and holding each other up. We’ve just hit a few rapids and I’ll tell you – There is not a better group of people that I could ever pray for who I would rather go through this with.


          1. Jeff, GOD bless you! Your realness touched me exactly where I needed to be touched. Heated? I don’t think I have heard myself saying the “F” word so much in my entire life, me, who shuns away from the word.

            Dang, these rapids are crazy, aren’t they? And you are so right. There is NO better place then to be for we truly are with Family!

            Let me know when I can breathe again knowing, that I am really DONE.

            HOLY MOLY!

            SWEET LOUISE!

            BABY JESUS!

            Jokes on me. Haha…..29 years worth of Inner Toil not enough? Guess not!

            From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

            1. Amy


              You just made my day! The “F” word huh? Sorry, but I would love to be with you to hear that. We would have such a laugh together. I’ll bring my dog. She loves that stuff – hears it all the time around here.


              1. One last statement to you Amy. I feel your pain! I know that I needed to help even if it was just to get you laughing. Thinking about that, do you believe that we are becoming all one yet? I don’t even know where you live but it doesn’t matter, a fellow human being needed help and I felt it and responded. I had to! It was a calling from your heart to all of us. I felt it.

                You bring so much love here – even when you don’t feel like you can? But you do sweetheart! We all understand this in our inner being – we’re just starting to become aware of it. You’ve been so strong, I have aspired to feeling as awakened as you are. Now you get hit by a low point, it will pass, you are too strong, we all know this, keep the faith, it’s all any of us can do. The river still flows and it only goes so fast but it’s just the right speed. We’ll all get there – together.

                Love always

        2. Dearest Sister and Mom of the Pond Amy.

          I am in awe once again of your courage and love… it shines out of these pages each time I read your posts!

          When I read about the scar tissue it made sense to me. I did a little work on on scar tissue a few years ago with others and it was noticeable as ‘healing energies’ were directed there the ’emotional aspects/trauma’ of that which caused it came up for healing like it was stored in the tissue. You probably already know this so this may just be in that camp…

          I found working with some people on this that by focussing the intention/energy there the ‘stuff’ would emerge for release/transmutation – kind of like ‘telling its tale’ and then going.

          Perhaps this information may be of use, perhaps not… one thing is for sure I know the right and perfect path will unfold for you.

          Much love and joyous bubbles to you,

          Philip πŸ™‚

          1. Dearest Brother,

            I write to you but I hope all here will read this as well.

            My body is telling me to be still, with heating pad and inner vision. I wish you could see who is in the bed with me. My cat Bella actually gave me the idea of a heating pad, because for some reason that I listened to, I was prompted to put a heating pad on the pillow she sleeps on. This cat has had major trauma in her life. AS I watched her respond to the heat, I said hmmmmmm……..mayhaps this too will help me. So, she is on her pillow lounging across, stretched out full on her heating pad, hehehehehehe, and I next to her, curled up on my side, with heating pad draped across my lower belly. And then all around me, of course, are several “healer cats” joined in the process I find myself in.

            I am forgiving forgiving forgiving and not stopping.

            I am eating only fruit and veges and I have order some Magnesium.

            Drinking WATER until it comes out of my ears. Hehehehehehehehe

            I am trying to convince my husband that a true miracle has happened, as he insists surgery surgery surgery. Um, no. This is my body. Listen to your doctor, he retorts back, his face all scrunched up in worry. And stop listening to those people on the internet who are giving you all the wrong advice. Honey, I replied, it is only things I already know and have been in denial about because truth be told, I like my ice cream, and I have so much on my plate with all these animals, I really didn’t want to take the time to learn to eat differently.

            Now I am.

            So, I will not be here very often this day, for I will be laying in my bed with my heating pad.

            And Brother Nohmad, stay with me, for as long as I need your strength and protection. I bow to Thee for helping me, rise above and see what is.

            I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!

            Oh, and as for being “real”, I know of no other way. If my words disturb any here, I will not apologize for being me. If I find myself struggling, then there are many here as well, for I reflect. If I can interject some humor with a few choice words on how I really feel, then good, because then I am describing what you are experiencing too, or if you are one who still is in denial, then my words do prick, but they do prick with LOVE.

            YOU are ALL in my HEART. Love, Mom Amy

            1. I am just giggling because I was coming in here to suggest you do a castor oil pack on your abdomen…If you have some castor oil and google castor Oil pack you can do one with the heating pad and this brings deep heat into the pelvis and assists in releasing pain and bringing deep healing.

              the thing about adhesions as well is that they are simply growing tissue that is reaching out to make a connection. You can connect with this tissue and love on it and thank it for bringing the message to you that you need to love on your reproductive organs and release the pain. You can focus on the filaments and ask them to return to their “home” I know that Ray was speaking about talking to different ailments and I guess I am saying the same thing, but I know you will listen to your heart and know the right thing to do.

              The three D world will certainly react in fear to your choices, but they are your journey. Another great book that discusses this is by Louis Hay called heal your body heal your life and her process took her from childhood rape, to vaginal cancer to healing herself through her thoughs and energy. its very inspiring and you can read her story on her website if you dont have access to her book.

              tons of love and healing warmth to you……another thought is using the violet flame of transmutation if you feel like doing an active meditation…will check in with you later–your sister–alex

            2. Yay for YOU Amy!!!

              You DO know what you need and what you don’t. I am very proud of you.. You have taken charge of your own health, something we must all do. Times are changing and people are starting to wake up to the fact that surgery after surgery and putting little pills in your mouth just doesn’t really cure Everything, and hardly anything. It’s absurd really.

              Apple Cider Venigar will help to kill off any candida in the body… Im sure you already know this.

              I LOVE YOU AMY-ROSE!!!


              1. If any of you know how to calm an angry husband, I am all ears. My husband is furious that I will not schedule for surgery, nor will he believe me that GOD touched me last night. Making scene after scene, complaining and moaning. Acting like the end of the world is here.

                I”m healing right now. Thank GOD someone understands. I’ll stay in my bed with my heating pad for as long as it takes. It is truly a shame some people don’t know GOD.

                I will accept and thank all for their prayers and LOVE sent to keep this man CALM so that I can rest. (((HUGS))) Please keep in mind, he is terrified right now, for I am stating something that cannot be proved (yet) and he is looking at mortality in the face. He is also out of sync for he has just lost a “good friend”. BLESS YOU!

                1. Bless you Amy in your chosen and perfect path.

                  Re Terrified/Angry husband… I’ve just posted in missive 298 part of my journey in the divine trust that it may offer a spark of inspiration for some.

                  Part of that was a couple of times when I was faced with a partner with absolute rage fearing for my life.

                  So this may help/it may not – so take it or leave it as is perfect for you.

                  What I found helped was absolute equanimity in the face of the storm. I offered no verbal counter at all.

                  None. No-thing.

                  It was hard but something kept telling me in that storm say nothing just listen/be.

                  Obviously, I had to protect myself for it was both verbal and physical. A little easier being a man but even that was done with love hugging her so she could not harm me or herself.

                  It petered out. Though it was not done – for the source of the rage was deep. But enough to get us through.

                  I learnt years later from an Eckhart Tolle talk that the complete absence of a resistance in the moment was absolutely the right thing. There’s no-thing to push against.

                  Your husband is surely terrified. No doubt for many reasons.

                  One may be one the ‘male myths’ we get taught by society. The knight in shining armour syndrome. Attack the enemy to save the damsel in distress. Now in this case, the ‘enemy’ as we know is not an enemy its in your body and the rationale he may be coming from is to ‘cut it out’ – kill it off.

                  You know. I know. There is another way…

                  So a way is to listen to him with your profound love to his every issue, his every concern, ask questions, seek to understand until he is done. Offer no counter, just seek clarification. Honour it all.

                  When it is done and probably after some time has passed. Speak your truth of course acknowledging his position with love but your truth gently, calmly, lovingly… and wait.

                  This may or may not help but is offered in love. You of course already know all this Master Amy. My role is merely to act as the mirror.

                  With love and support, Philip πŸ™‚

                  1. Master Philip, I bow to Thee.

                    Words of Truth have already been spoken, not in Love, but in anger. All the stuffing I have done over years, came pouring out as lava, unstoppable. I know that I know this is not the Way of Love, and just a few moments ago, I went within and with the assistance of some, took the anger spoken and transmuted it into Love.

                    From this moment on, I will not go into anger, and yes, I know how to rise above the lower vibrations. I know how to LOVE, uncondtionally, and that is what I choose, not fear.

                    Even though this marriage is broken, I will not again succumb to anger. In hindsight, I realized, my anger stemmed from MY fear (of course), very overwhelmed that once again this man chose to withdraw, drink and not respect me. I’ve been waiting for the “hero” to emerge from within him, but sadly to say, this man has chosen fear.

                    One step at a time I do take, and if I had a way, I would train someone to take over for me so that I can book myself a reservation on a Tropical Island, just me, for me, to LOVE me back to health. I can still do that here, even with the care I do give to so many, and to make my point, I have transferred my laptop from my own private room, to my bedroom so that I can lay/sit while on the heating pad.

                    I called a neighbor who totally understands my predicament, for she like me, has a husband who bows to fear. She is going shopping for me later this day, so that I can make myself homemade vegetable soup. I am so grateful to her, for I will not go beyond my front door until this body says OK.

                    I work with LIGHT, knowing full well…..

                    I AM GOD…….GOD I AM
                    I AM GOD…….GOD I AM
                    I AM GOD…….GOD I AM
                    I AM GOD…….GOD I AM

                    I AM LOVE…..I AM LIGHT
                    I AM LOVE…..I AM LIGHT
                    I AM LOVE…..I AM LIGHT
                    I AM LOVE…..I AM LIGHT

                    And so I go and CREATE my health, finishing what a Master Healer began. I am forever grateful for this Event in my Life, this Miracle to give me the chance to walk out my Mission.

                    I opened a “door” many years ago, and with a decision I made, something vital in me broke in two and I submitted to guilt. With that door open, came an opportunity for evil to attack, and attack it did, making my life so difficult. Its intent was to kill, to maim, to destroy. The things that have happened to me again and again, bringing me close to death, I now understand why. I have been given New Life, and I rejoice with All I Am, for with that New Life, my Destiny unfolds.

                    When I close my eyes, even though it is dark, I am seeing circles and spheres and bubbles. I’ve seen this before, but there is a difference now, more pronounced, more real.

                    So in JOY I do close this rely to you, and in so much LOVE…..

                    From My Heart to your Heart, Mom Amy

    2. Hi, Mom Amy! So good to have you back around! This Pond needs of your energy to be with all the lights on. We all missed you!

      1. Thank you, Nohmad. Hurting Heart, Sad Soul, no where to turn, except inward of course. I don’t have a map, I don’t have a guide. I know not how to get to where I must go. I ask my Team to help me with this, as I again say to me, now how did I miss this when I for so many years, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more? Please help me with this, Nohmad. I really feel so weary, just too much of pain. Pain will make you crazy, just take my word for it.

        Now I go to the barn and feed my babes there, and shut down the house so that I myself bed.

        Thank you for your strength, your protection, your Love.

        1. Tremendous love to you Rosie. Steve Beckow just posted an article on the Golden Age of Gaia about going through the last 10% of what he calls Vasanas and what I call soul deep pain. The first 90% are no picnic but that last 10% hide deep in the psyche and when they surface we FIGHT with all our might to avoid that pain. My only suggestion to you is not to try and think it though but by each breath you take say the words I release this to the universe so that it can be transmuted back to all that is.

          I also wanted to mention that you can connect if you wish to all the children you have had, as you have been mother and father many times before and your spiritual DNA/signature is entwined with many more beings than the ones that exist in your current incarnation. It is painful when we suffer through a karmic balancing that causes such deep pain and on a human level it seems so unfair, but all our true soul path level lessons are BIG and since most of us have been on the soul path for a long time and done a lot of work, it is no surprise when huge things like this come up.

          Much love to you….alex

          1. Alex, I went through forgiveness this morning, and with that, I feel at peace and really have no pain. Steve is so very right, for this last 10% is so painful, that all you really want to do is put your fist through a wall!

            Must go but will be back I do so promise. I care for many who rely on me, and thus I go and care.

            I LOVE YOU, Alex!!!

        2. Your desire is an order for me. I,m also you, forever. From the bravest, nothing compares to you. I do love you, Mom Amy!

          1. OHhhhhhh, don’t I know NOW anything is possible. I am in AWE right now. Just in AWE of the Power and the Magnitude of GOD. I am in AWE how much I am Loved. I am in AWE that what transpired really happened. I am in AWE that I was heard and now I stand, though still recovering, and say with All I AM, that I will accomplish what I came here to do! I will and I AM! And so it is!!!

            Tears glisten in these eyes. I am so so so so so grateful, I have NO words appropriate for what I feel in my Heart. I am down on bended knee, in complete humbleness and humility and deep deep gratitude to the ONE.

            There is One who walks this Earth, who I have known and felt. There is One who I do Love, and now I know I found Him. We are ONE, oh Mighty ONES of the LIGHT we are ONE! Our Mission unfolds, and it shall be, more Great then anything foretold!!!!

            My Heart is Yours forevermore! I am Eternally Grateful! Amen!

        3. Dearest Amy, I thank you for sharing all that you are. For you are Mom Amy, the Queen of hearts and a wise and shining soul. I send you my love, and I hope you will find the peace and ease you long for and deserve.

          1. Master Aisha, I am on bended knee, your faithful servant for all Eternity! I LOVE YOU! I am so grateful and so honored and so lost for words. FEEL ME. I beat in your HEART.

      1. I love you, Emma. I am preparing the bathtub for a hot soak in epson salts and then back to bed I go! I take all of you with me!!!

  6. Oh, God…Dear Constant companions, your todays message is so accurate to my situation. I had big bad quarrel with my brother tend days ago…old wounds from our childhood were opened again…wounds that were burning me for so many years.I never thought that I will ever tell him the truth I was hiding in the deepest part of my soul since I was 5-12 years old. After I said what i have to say I even haven’t tears any more to cry out the hurt I was bringing with me for many years because I teared them up long time ago. At the end I wanted to say I am sorry for I was keeping such bitterness for so long, but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure do I want to say that I am sorry.
    Oh, dear Aisha thank you so much for passing the CC’s warning not to make big deal of the work of dieing darkness…but really this message shacked me once again deeply.

    1. Why not to say ‘I,m sorry’? Imagine the scene you saying it to him and also hugging him. What do you feel in your heart? Does it serve you? If yes, then do it. It,ll free you from that old baggage that does not serve you more. Be free. And be happy. This is the reason for all what is happening around us. A new energy. A new World. A new beginning. A new chance to feel joy from the first time. To love with deepness. For all.

    2. Big hugs Sonya…the release can be difficult, but I think CC means don’t dwell on it or evaluate it, simply allow it to float away and know it will never hurt you again. Do what your heart tells you to do in this because your heart will direct you if you listen. Much love and light for you little one…Alex

      1. Thank you dear Nohmad and Alex for generously offering me your shoulder. I’ve already said sorry and forgive me and the same was replied to me. Let’s hope that he seriously have said that holy words from the bottom of his heart as I did. I also truly hope that the Universe=One will balance the energy like every organism as He is doing all the time and than everything will fall in it’s place..) Big warm hug to you and to all parts of the One’s organism πŸ™‚

        1. Sonya, loving on you…I just want to tell you that it is interesting that a lot of people lately have been having forgiveness episodes and some of them have come up through dream time from beyond the grave. Not only are us human incarnations going through clearing but those in the non-physical are being given dispensation to contact for clearing of much Karma should they decide to remove themselves from the Karmic Cycle and ascend along with the rest of us into new pristine 5D bodies. So your process is very much in alignment with what is occurring. Big hugs! πŸ™‚ Alex

  7. my cat sometimes stares at a spot about a hand span over my head
    I’ve been wondering about what it is about 3:30/4 am
    turns out, that is when the part of the planet that you are on is facing straight ahead in our orbit around the sun. it varies a bit because the orbit is an ellipse, not a circle.
    this morning i woke up to a collage of everything i ever did to embarrass myself. there was one when I was a teenager, it was the first time i ever ate dinner with my girlfriends parents, i tipped the plate of food over in my lap, there was every spilt glass of milk, untimely fart, everything
    anyway you get the idea.

    1. *smiling*…so appreciating your description of your ‘collage of everything i ever did to embarrass myself’ and wincing a little, Otmn…identifying with that awkwardness… πŸ˜€ …β™₯β™₯β™₯…janis

  8. Aisha and CC’s THANK YOU!!

    Right on. This is exactly where I am. Exactly.
    Big Hugs and a Bucket full of Gratitude!


    1. Phoenix, I just left a long message for you on the last blog, Manuscript 296 at the bottom of the page where you commented on my post! Please check it out! At some point I stopped calling you Phoenix and stated calling you Phillip:) Sorry for that confusion. But, we are all ONE , right?

      1. Lol!!! YES! We ARE all ONE!! πŸ˜€
        Absolutely no worries! It is rare that I get offended any more (we can’t be offended in observation mode!)
        I got the message as a whole and individual words are not as important.

        Thank you!!

  9. This message is so perfect. I think many people forget (me included sometimes though I have been praciticng for a long time!) that we have hundreds or thousands of positives in our lives and only a few negatives but we have been trained by our families and powers that were to focus on the negatives and feel guilty about them.

    And why IS that? Because they know we are magnificent creators and if we actually focused on all our wonderful joyful things in our lives we would create a world FILLED with joy and wonder…

    Drop not only the old junk, but drop the old out dated habit as well! I am shaking with power right now just thinking about that! Chills! So, for every tiny little vestige of dark left inside me that comes up, first I will thank the energy of love and the divine cosmos (and the cc’s! LOL) for helping me to release it, and then I am going to think about a few things that are wonderful about myself, or things that I want to include in my NEW and IMPROVED Being of Light~

    Huge hugs to everyone–and Nomad, I loved your poem and I also love the Pond and how Phil is now all up in the bubbles of love and how friendly they are, like teenage spheres of light! I also love seeing everyone’s bright shiny smiles at pond side…I also have to say to Ray that I used to send love and light to the divine chakra/inner being of an individual which I viewed above their heads and lately that point has started to look like a star to me, so I very much feel confirmation in your “inner star” meditation, so thanks for sharing it with us all!

    Whooot whooot! The world is on fire and we are the lightening conductors! Alex

  10. Thanks A Big One Aisha & CCs! I also realized that if I cut etheric cords from all the chakras everyday it’s much easier to know that solar plexus chakra is in work releasing all the buried emotions while other chakras are in peace & balance helping to get through the process smoother! If root and sacral chakras are out of balance its hard to even live the day clearing all the stuff with solar plexus chakras. Especially these days extra sexual energy throws a little out of balance. I realized water with lemon & putting your feet on the soil helps a lot to ground those extras. πŸ™‚

    1. Still clearing over in my world as well. Disconnected for a bit this weekend because I just needed to process everything.
      Ended up at my favorite local coffee house and had really great chats with my coffee-house family… I was amazed at what I heard coming forth from my mouth- the information and also noticed how much I’ve changed since talking with them all the last time.

      I went back to trying to meditate again yesterday afternoon, but ended up so frustrated. I couldn’t ‘go anywhere’. I was starting to panic. Felt like another ‘void’. So I started using a visualization that I recently read about in a book about Angels, which is also probably similar to The Spheres of Light. Then I felt someone lightly touch my head very gently. At that point I burst into tears, just sobbing and then I heard them ask me why I was in such a darn hurry. To just relax, that Im doing fine. I then fell asleep.

      I realized last night also, that I probably won’t be joining those who will fully ascend right now.
      I really do have to keep one foot here, because its part of my personal mission, to assist others. At first I was incredibly sad, but then after I looked at this for a while, I realized that I am honored.

      Golden Eagle- as far as the energy you meantioned, ‘they’ have been working on my kundalini for over a year now. I think I’m afraid to let it go. But the twinges, which used to be very far apart, are now an almost dull buzz at all times. If I take my awareness to the root chakra, it lets me know that yes indeed it is waiting for me.

      Love to everyone here! And Amy… My thoughts are with you, beautiful!!!!!!

      1. Ascension is an ongoing process for everybody and for everything. The mission of ascension is a personal process but energetically it’s collective too because we are all part of the Crystalline Grid as well as light anchor-ship lol for Gaia. Thanks to anchoring = existing on Earth, Gaia is already in 5th dimension starting this year and we can ascend our consciousnesses as well as our physical bodies into it anytime we choose to. That means our mission is to be happy! Lol no strings attached; the whole point from now on is to be ourselves. The more we can be ourselves the more light will be on earth. Our existence is already carrying out the mission of enlightening other souls into a better world. We are worldly people who have no identity for this word is not quantum therefore can not grasp the magnitude of who we are. Identity in 3D world as you all know is just a role in a screen play and if you choose to play the role that speaks to you the most then be it but you know the role is a role it is not who we are. Eventually it’s all about letting go of all the identities you can possible imagine and the closest word that can describe you is Multidimensional. Realistically speaking that’s what we are doing right now letting go of the old meaning letting go everything! Phoenix you are doing great! The stuff that makes you doubt your instant ascension is the stuff that is being released. The proof of that is you recognizing of your own Essence once again! Serving Humanity in quantum physics is just being a part of a multidimensional web where everybody and everything is connected therefore your own personal evolution serves All That Is for what it is in creation. The word Serving came from an old world, in multidimensional world it is “To Exist”. From Egoless to Egocentric to Ego Wise we may Exist on Earth as major conduits of light for the Creation to recognize it’s own essence once again. πŸ™‚

        1. Wonderful Golden Eagle this resonates deeply and I’ve just re-read the Metatron message…. “creating your lives as masterpieces of Joy” – so true… that’s the way…

          Joyfully, bubbly, Philip πŸ™‚

          1. Bubbles to you too Philip! πŸ™‚ the word bubble’s got a funny frequency to it. Every time you think of bubbles it’s like Bubbles! Lol

              1. Who is it that said – some 2 or 3 days ago- that it almost sounded like a code πŸ˜€ Making one feel good.
                There is something very … Round to this word πŸ™‚
                bub – Bub- Bubbles πŸ˜€
                Of JOY πŸ˜€

        2. Golden Eagle, I thank you so much, for when I read what Phoenix wrote, I noted to self, I must oh how I must tell my Sister, what she writes is so not the Truth. Phoenix, you shall ascend as all of us shall. It ‘s only a matter of when, that’s all. As Golden Eagle has stated, what you are releasing is making you feel, something that is so not True.

          All is Good, All is Right, All is LOVE.

          1. Oh, Amy! πŸ™‚
            What I wrote probably didn’t come out quite right. I know that I will ascend, but I want to right NOW! Lol

            When I realized I would be hanging out in 3D for a bit longer than perhaps most or some, who knows how many, I became very upset and felt lonely all of a sudden. But then as I allowed this to sink in, it really wasn’t so bad, and what Golden Eagle stated about being multi-dimensional was very calming. This means that I CAN ascend, or be in 5D and still work with 3D. So, now I suppose I understand that I won’t be left behind. I would miss you all TOO MUCH!!!

            Love you, beautiful!

          2. … And! Yes, I am still releasing… It is difficult to distinguish myself from old things and emotions that aren’t ‘me’ anymore…
            Sometimes I just have ‘those’ days, but I really am not angry, it’s more like just watching the show when I realize I need to detach from the emotions.

            Thank you dear Amy!
            Glad you are back!

            1. Oh dearest Sister, I fully confess, that yes, I release anger so deep. Pain is pushing my buttons. Let’s leave it at that. Besides, when all this is done, I would never leave YOU behind! I love you too much!!!

        3. Thank you, Golden Eagle.
          I think when you said, ‘multidimensional’, that hit home pretty hard.
          I’m definitely not in 3D Kansas anymore. Lol

          I am VASTLY grateful that my day ‘job’ is indeed 5d. I am most aware of changes in this area of my life. i now speak directly to the parts of the body that need releasing/cleansing on the people I am working on. I have said in an earlier post here that I believe that each cell within the body has its own intelligence. this is continually reinforced in my work, because those cells and clusters of cells respond to my loving but firm commands. I still don’t know why they do, unless it is because the person has already given unconscious permission to me by simply showing up. I now see lots of other people within these people- Faces and sometimes objects. I have no idea what this means and don’t usually try to infer anything, I simply send love to whatever I am seeing.
          So, yes, my ‘job’ is very multidimensional. I am working in 5d on 3d people for the most part. Most are completely unaware of what all I am doing. I am assisting healing at a quantum level. My work is the biggest indicator that I am indeed transforming, therefore these affirmations are very comforting.

          I read another blog that state clearly that the light workers are bridge builders and gate keepers linking heaven and 3D ‘muck’. I posted something Friday(?) evening here in this blog about this very thing, although it was more of an ‘automatic writing’, and I said something along the lines of, some of us will stay in 3D more thsn others. Then when I read the other blog yesterday, it suddenly hit me that this is indeed true. Some of us will spend more time than others working with 3D peeps. I’m ok with this, now. When I really studied in my mind what that ‘looked’ like for me, it is exactly what I want to do. I am already doing it.

          I also read that with working to open chakras more, an ongoing conversation with your guides is very possible. This is what I am striving for right now, and it’s frustrating.

          When I am home, I spend most of my time thinking and reading about the ascension, books, and of course, the pond information, but I am definitely still releasing, seems as if its mostly anger. I want to be at the finish line already!! :). It never seems as if Im doing ‘enough’.

          I’m pretty sure most of us here are the type that always want to be the best that they can, and being diligent in this ascension journey is no exception.

          We have no modern literature or professors to guide us, or yardstick to measure ourselves against. Aren’t we having all kinds of glorious fun? Never knowing what’s around the corner?! Lol

          So I must deduce that We are all together writing what will be the story of the ascension. For all that are here on Earth now, and everyone after us.

          Thank you for your words of encouragement, so very much.
          Much love and gratitude!

          1. Heeeeey Phoenix I knew this pond was full of super humans! πŸ™‚ you read energy fields And you communicate with distorted energy patterns and they listen to you?! That’s amazing! That is a wow man! As far as guides it’s the pineal gland factor I suspect. For pineal gland is a 3rd eye chakra in its 3d dimensional form. When I ingest sugary foods I can feel my consciousness going dumb lol. I suppose that’s how they keep people in 3D for pineal gland in healthy condition makes you clairvoyant, claireaudient, clairsentient. Sugar is a major pineal gland killer and water & fresh air being the opposite :)I’ve been into Chocolate for a while lol but it does lower my consciousness blocking my creativity flow. I remember as soon as I stopped smoking I started to see 4th dimension much better. Now my next thing is Sugar because I too want to be more claireaudient with my guides & other folks. Also self doubt has been my vulnerability but I’ve figured that is because I subconsciously judge myself according to past failures to fit in with the systems. Also it’s because I kind of f-strated when reality manifests in the most ungrateful ways lol but I know those are set ups for ego evaporation under high temperature and strong pressure to make some Golden Dust for my wings lol when I drink a lot of fresh water without touching the food my pineal gland goes Woohoo and my solar plexus chakra goes No way dude! Cuz all my issues literally all my issues layer up to the edge of the rock eager to jump out without a parachute and my body is all crazy as If I’m detaching from it lol but you know it’s like in the Metatron’s message the more physical body can become crystalline the more the light body can integrate into physical body therefore move it to 4th Density and perception of the 5th Dimension. Phoenix Congrats on your 5D job :)))))))

            1. Heeeeey Golden Eagle!
              Your post has me just smiling. Cheesing, really. Lol
              I can’t quite put a label on what I am. Some sort of medical intuitive… Definitely my 5D job is in the healing arts. I honestly don’t know how I know how to do what I do. I just ‘do’. It is my gift. And it took a very long time to discover and relentless trial and error along with working with hundreds of patients. It has developed over time, but a relatively short time, almost like a miracle. That’s how I knew I was in alignment with my purpose here. It all has just ‘come’. The only thing that has ever come easy to me other than just being a people person. The journey here was not at all pleasant. In fact, probably the absolute most painful, heart-wrenching period of my life. Dark night of the soul, TAKE FOUR!! Lol

              As far as sugar is concerned, if you put a bag of girl-scout cookies in front of me, they have no chance ever of surviving. However, 10 years ago, I had to get rid of it. All of it. I saw a young woman in the mirror that I did not know. I changed my diet, eliminated all sugar, and transformed.

              If I eat it now, I truly feel sick, even losing my breath. It has the same effect on the brain as drugs, releasing the same chemicals. I just can’t have it at all, because I would have zero self control. One cookie? Are you insane? Lol.

              Now, I exist on mainly vegetables and juice. Freshly made juice at home. Carrot, Beet, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger. It is amazing how much energy you have! Water! Yes, definitely water.
              Nature? Yes. I live outside… I only am inside to sleep or cook, or work of course. I do not watch Tv… Haven’t in over four years. I feel most comfortable outside. So most of the time when I post, I am in my outside heaven, listening to either the birds or the crickets, looking up at the stars or smiling at the sun.

              Sugar is probably the most horrible thing we can ingest that is widely available to the masses. Most people have candida overgrowth in the body, which is a fungus. Guess what it feeds on? Sugar. Carbs. Cancer feeds on sugar. All of those bowel issues? Yep. Candida. Irritable bowel, huge, painful tummies? Same stuff… Candida.

              In fact, we are being fed so many lies… Low fat diet? Guess what… They increase the sugar content to make us feel more satisfied, but the truth is that candida overgrowth causes us to actually CRAVE more sugar…. So we want more, never really feeling satisfied. We need fat, good fats, like coconut oil, even butter, and some olive oil as long as it is not heated to high temperatures.

              All this being said, I am not perfect… I just know that if I maintain a more alkaline diet, the other stuff won’t affect me as much. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment. Sugar is majorly acidic.

              There is a living foods institute within a couple of hours from me and when cancer patients go there, the first thing they do is put them on a highly alkaline diet.

              Another big one- you mentioned the pineal gland.. Our pineal gland is highly susceptible to calcification. The fluoride in water is also horrible for it, so the more filtered the water, the better. I also add lemon essential oils to my water to increase alkalinity.

              There is a gravity fed machine that will purify any kind of water, including pond scum called a Berkey water system. Check it out.

              We also do not ingest enough magnesium as a whole, and the purpose of magnesium is to rid the body of excess calcium… This extra calcium deposits everywhere, especially in the connective tissue of our body which is so important for our health and all of our nerve signals firing an connecting, as well as flexibility and physical comfort. Too much calcium literally puts us in a ‘straight jacket’ and we feel stiff and sore because the connective tissue cannot stretch. It is hardened. I used to see commercials all the time when I watched tv and they were FULL of info pushing more and more calcium….
              Hmmmmmm…. Another big lie perhaps?

              Balance… Everything in moderation, nothing in excess…

              Enough of me!!! Lord Im on a roll!
              And that is all. Lol

              1. Wow! Well Phoenix I think next time we will be exchanging thoughts you’ll be having water with lemon with materialized ETs playing a card game at your garden area! πŸ™‚ I mean the only thing I can come up with right now that is holding you back from instant ascension is the stuff in DNA that we are all releasing lol however I do have a trick that I recently learned that can accelerate your ascension. Ok if anybody have time to try it’s a 10 out of 10! Google “flower of life crop circles” push on the images so all of them can come up. Then pick the one you like and focus on the energy of it, then channel it to your field or aura with your intent and visualize the structure of the flower of life crop circle around you where you are the core of it. When you are comfortable with how it manifested in your visualization, with your intent begin to spin it around you and let the motion evolve. Once you get the spin of it give it some sounds. Once you feel like you are accelerated start to move with it next thing you know you are using sacred geometry which brings out the gifts of the ascended masters among other cool stuff. If you want some extra info on that one check out this video! πŸ™‚

                1. Haha!!!! I love it, Golden Eagle! So funny!

                  I did have some visitors last night, however, so having lemon water with ET’s isn’t too far off the mark. I was absolutely delighted that they showed up – I have no names. They are different beings usually. The ones last night, however, were a ‘group’, and I could faintly hear drumming in the background. I believe they were of Native American decent, and all I remember as I drifted off to sleep was an intense sense of powerful love surging from my tailbone to my crown, smiling, and expressing gratitude for whatever work they are performing on me. I believe it was both healing and more downloads, or exchanges.

                  Thank you so much for the above information! I will practice this tonight!
                  And! I have been wanting to learn more about sacred geometry but have not made time, so thank you for this gift- For helping me to remember that was also on my extensive to-do list.

              2. This is the video if you watch it from 1:14:28 to the end it will give some extra info on the use of sacred geometry to accelerate your personal ascension! In my personal opinion it’s a treasure that we are blessed to use especially us who are following this path! πŸ™‚ if you’d like check out the whole thing some good intel there.

                1. I will check it out but for some reason cannot see a link here.
                  Will log in from a different device later.
                  Must be gone for awhile..

                  Thank you!

              3. Phoenix again thanks for your wisdom! I made some notes πŸ˜‰ your amazing advancement not only inspires me but also energetically opens doors for all to move to 5th dimension much faster. Major Bubbles to you! πŸ™‚

                Eternal Water (8.0 PH)
                Hawaiian Springs Waterr (7.8 PH)
                These turned out to be the purest ones out of all the water brands in US. Those are delicious. That water filter you mentioned definitely getting that sometime soon! Lol

              4. So many here today I just want to chat with! Oh wow! Phoenix, I go today to get magnesium. As of today the wee bit of sugar I put in my coffee, (um yeah, I still drink coffee…….one thing at a time!) no more!!!! Magnesium! That’s it!

                I really must go to take care of the forgotten ones outside. OH OH OH how I wish we were around a big table. There is SO much wisdom within this group it gives me the goosebumps!!!!

                I LOVE YOU!!!!

                1. Amy, love, do your own due dilligence with anything regarding your health.
                  Because of my limited patience with writing, I tend to say things simply. I come to my own conclusions based on research, and experience working with the masses. I am usually correct, most things are just common sense, But Spirit plays a huge role in delivering concepts to me as well.

                  I do not know the best way to obtain more magnesium except naturally, as it occurs in various nuts and some shellfish I believe.

                  I LOVE YOU Amy!!!

            2. Also, thanks for the song!! Been playing constantly. 3 Doors Down.

              If I go crazy then will you still
              Call me Superman
              If I’m alive and well, will you be
              There holding my hand
              I’ll keep you by my side with
              My superhuman might


            3. I too “see” energy and “speak” to it, Golden Eagle. There are some out there that are so dense, I do not even see the “spark”. I speak to “Light” within those I interact with, and ignore the rest of it. I’ve also seen how just with me being in Higher Perspective, all those I care for seem to be uplifted and all flows.

              About chocolate……..I have one vice and that is mint chocolate ice cream. I must cut this out, for as with you, I notice a decrease in my “seeing” abilities. Hmmmm…..mayhaps that is a good thing, for sometimes I just SEE too much! Ugh!

              I just want to encourage you with the chocolate. I know I KNOW it will just happen. Your body will just one day say NO! and that is that! So, until that day comes along enjoy your chocolate and I’ll enjoy my ice cream! LOL

              1. Wahahahah that is hilarious! There is gluten free chocolate out there that they cook with less sugar as well as there is gluten free ice cream based on coconut milk. It actually tastes much better. I used to eat ice cream everyday to calm my nerves down but those nerves had to be overcome sooner or later because that’s the stuff that kept me angry. I’d just recommend us to switch to alternatives or first gluten free chocolate and ice cream based on coconut milk and then to alternatives like cold greek yougurt with pieces of fruit, cold fresh squeezed orange juice. Watermelon & melon do the trick too especially when served cold. I think it’s just a matter of fooling your body. I’ve limited my sugar intake to one dark chocolate graham from Starbucks a day, which is distracting my body from knowing that I’m switching to fruits and fresh squeezed juices. Drinking the juices cold would give the same chill that regular ice cream gives. I definitely knew that every person here has a major gift to him or her otherwise we wouldn’t be needed on earth πŸ˜‰

                1. Oh, Golden Eagle, you are making me laugh! I had coffee this morning, and um, something said, uh uh. Groan. OK. No more coffee. _________ You fill in the blank!

                  I do all right for breakfast with an all fruit smoothie. Still have to cut out the yogurt, though.

                  So not easy to change the diet. So not easy.

                  I am very negligent with veges. Do good in the filtered water department. I get a star there. Hmmmm……….wheat free bread……..another star.

                  Dinner……..I totally fail. yadayadayada……..

                  I don’t know if I want to see any more. My eye is so open at times, I run! Geese Louise!

                  YET, in drinking the coffee and adding a wee bit of organic sugar…..OK so I tried to fool myself…… body started twinging. Nope. Time for an overhaul!

                  MUAH! Sending kisses your way!!!

                  Just had orders to get on my heating pad! SO I go! Bye! (waving)

                  1. Have a great day pinkrose! πŸ™‚ by the way if you don’t focus on anything you won’t see anything as well as if you define everything as neutral even yourself you will be resting in your cocoon while monkeys are flying around lol

                    1. I think I like defining everything as neutral and accepting the Blue Water. Since I went down with my heating pad, all is quiet within, and no real sense of “I must hunt for more”. So, I just float, and breathe in Blue Bubbles, knowing my way to health.

                      Did you all know that toothpaste contains fluoride which will shut down your Pineal Gland? I use baking soda……..hmmmm……yep, even toothpaste.

                      I arrived to a point yesterday, I said I stop fighting. I just stop. Henna for hair won’t do chemicals. Only filtered water or spring. I Make my own body butter and soaps, yep even that. Still do commercial shampoos and conditioners, but hey, I’m working on it.

                      Careful with all cleaning products and in fact use baking soda with lemon juice to clean and scrub. The floors that is a different story unfortunately due to my cats, but I again do the best I can and INTEND no harm.

                      So much it boggles the mind. No cell phone. Nope don’t want brain cancer. No TV, avoid those rays. Careful of what music I listen to. Watch my words and thoughts.

                      And it goes on. So food is not the only area that needs addressing, and folks, don’t think you can do this in a day. Oh no. This is a process, and when you are ready, you will know it.

                      And then there is cigarettes and alcohol……..another biggie. Husband smokes, tried to quit, doesn’t have the fortitude (It’s tough I KNOW!) but the second hand smoke, gag, it reeks, which I avoid at all costs.

                      My nose is so good that I can smell a cigarette in the car ahead of me, even with windows shut. How? I just do.

                      OK. That’s enough for now. Back to the heating pad I go.

                    2. Oh man those dudes got all the angles in these things. We should take our time πŸ™‚ little by little hunter knows he will get his prey so he doesn’t worry!

                2. And one more thing. How odd it is as I gaze in the mirror looking upon a face that is getting younger. HUH? I know what this face looks like when this body is tormented in pain, yet this face is loosing years instead of looking haggard.

                  OK! DNA! Go to the broken veins and the cellulite and the liver spots. Oh, don’t forget the grey hair and wrinkles too! Go GO GO! I’m ready, I embrace, YOUTH! Yes! So as it seems it starts with face and works it’s way down? Huh. OK. I’ll take!

                  HUGE GRIN as I go to drink my smoothie and connect with my heating pad again!

                  1. Lol I send you bubbles of blue water where you can still breathe in! That’s the stuff they got in Rejuvenation Temples! πŸ˜‰

              2. I’m just kind of randomly scrolling through these beautiful comments before I start my work day and quickly wanted to say hi to my perfectly healing sister Amy – much love to you as you mend – and I hope you snuggle up with some coconut ice cream to Golden Eagle’s point! That stuff is AMAZING. Coconut Bliss by Larry and Luna is a beautiful product if you can find it and there are many others. As for coffee, Amy, I switched to Irish tea about a year ago and it’s a great alternative once you’re through the coffee withdrawals (when you’re ready of course, no small matter leaving the coffee bean I know). Golden Eagle, thank you for the information you’ve been sharing and much love to you and everyone…hope to interact more soon. : )))

              3. Hi Amy,

                My heart goes out to you today. I had an ectopic pregnancy too. I just had a couple of pragmatic thoughts I wanted to share, especially as you are in bubbling blue water mode. A hot bath with epsom salts (at least a cup) is a very good way to absorb magnesium through your skin. I’m sure you know about the problem of absorption with a lot of the supplements that we ingest, so you might want to double up with internal and external support for a few days.

                Also, I’ve been intending to make an appointment to see an alternative med doc that works on scar tissue through deep massage. My neighbor speaks very highly of him after experiencing similar issues to yours. So I know there are alternative treatments available. For me, the idea of surgery to correct a problem caused by surgery makes zero sense. At the same time, I’ve spent a lot of money on alternative medicine with outcomes that are very difficult to quantify. All in all though, I feel that I have never been harmed by alternative methods and I can’t say that for the traditional path available to us. I know you are on the same page. I hope you live somewhere with a decent alternative med community.


                ps- if I finally decide to see the above mentioned doc (and your comments have made me wonder if this is a synchronistic prompting), I’ll let you know how it goes.

                1. Magpie and Alex, I have tears in my eyes. Castor oil and epson salts I will have hubs go get some for me when he comes back from the barn, feeding my babes over there. It is damp out this day and HEAT is what my body is wanting, so I asked him to go in my place, and he did. Thank you! I am SO lucky to have you in my life. Yes, I need both right now!

                  I had to get “tough” with hubs just right now, acting the victim, so sad. “Oh, Amy, you just won’t listen to me….”. I told him a miracle happened last night, and he will not believe me and wants me to make a surgery date for next Tuesday. No. I wait. This is my body, and this is my decision. Besides, I told him, he is about to be amazed and will be eating his words. (BIG smile)

                  FYI…..the data is in. Its more then adhesions. Much more. Not cancer. No. Multiple cysts on both ovaries and left fallopian tube totally blocked. Now, I am believing in my miracle, that happened last night, and giving this body TIME to rest. I am not about to jump on another OR table, not on your life, not at this moment. I believe in my miracle. I believe in the Power of GOD. I believe in the LIFE that is at this POND that brings LIFE. I believe that what happened last night, DID! That is my little “secret” for now that I keep, for I need to savor what GOD did for me, through a very cherished friend.

                  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

                  1. Anything is possible Amy as you know and I know you will go with what is ultimately perfect for you whatever the route is…lots of love to you Philip πŸ™‚

                    1. OHhhhhhh, don’t I know NOW anything is possible. I am in AWE right now. Just in AWE of the Power and the Magnitude of GOD. I am in AWE how much I am Loved. I am in AWE that what transpired really happened. I am in AWE that I was heard and now I stand, though still recovering, and say with All I AM, that I will accomplish what I came here to do! I will and I AM! And so it is!!!

                      Tears glisten in these eyes. I am so so so so so grateful, I have NO words appropriate for what I feel in my Heart. I am down on bended knee, in complete humbleness and humility and deep deep gratitude to the ONE.

                      There is One who walks this Earth, who I have known and felt. There is One who I do Love, and now I know I have found Him. We are ONE, oh Mighty ONES of the LIGHT we are ONE! Our Mission unfolds, and it shall be, more Great then anything foretold!!!!

            4. I love you all. I really do love you all, but I couldnt read all these comments about demonizing and pushing against. Guess what? YOU are a divine being and you completely control your body’s reaction to anything ingested if you get into alignment with it.

              I personally have been down this path in my healing work, all the way to raw vegan and because of fear and misinformation provided by gurus who said they knew everything I only got sicker and sicker.

              If I didn’t love you all tons, If I didn’t feel you were all a part of me, If i didn’t feel that time is short, I would allow you all to walk your own path down this road and learn for yourself.

              Fear my friends, fear of anything will create a reaction in your body. If you have not read Dying to be Me by Anita Moojani, and you believe that eliminating certain things out of FEAR that they will affect you (you a divine being!) then you should. I have friends who live in the pristine countryside of Germany on an organic farm and are Orthorexic (only pure clean things) and are so full of fear that they have created horrible issues for themselves.

              Coffee is FINE…a wee bit of organic sugar, or a cookie made with love, or properly prepared grains or bread are all fine. I agree with eliminating the known issues like chemicals and excessive radiation, but these things are simple! Love my friends, love and peace are the most important things when ingesting anything.

              I love Dr. Christiane Northrup, and she has a DVD of a speech she gave around a food experiment where Rabbits were bred to have heart disease and fed bad food (of course we know that traditional food was demonized as bad, everyone switched to the new way of eating and everyone got sicker and sicker–way to go big Agra!) but one set of rabbits did not get sick and so they had to repeat the experiment again and still they did not get sick. Finally the video taped the whole process and the rabbits that did not get sick had been stroked on and loved on by their care taker…that was the only difference…while they were eating, they were loved on, felt peace and so their bodies assimilated the food and their miracle of a body and spirit kept them healthy.

              Magnesium is a good thing, but too much magnesium oxide will give you diarhea. Take Aspartate or citrate if you have bowel issues, but eating dark green leafy veggies would also help.

              Align with joy and peace and not fear. Align with the ability to accept anything your body desires without guilt. Your body will respond to you appropriately. If you love on yourself and treat yourself with kindness and completely align with that process, miracles do occur.

              Again, simply my humble sharing of a very long path through many “healthy eating protocols” including Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, natural hygene and finally the one I have settled on is traditional food for my basic every day life with whatever treats my body desires. And yes, occassionally I will have an ice cream sundae but I align myself with it and it assimilates perfectly. Unlike my friend who is so “clean” her body cannot eat outside her home without violent illness…this does not mean those things are inherently deadly, it means she has so much fear of these things her body can only react violently to her miscommunication–eat this in FEAR…no thank you…

              Loving on you all! You are magnificent, magical beings and when you truly understand that so much amazing stuff can occurr! Alex

              1. Oh, Alex, you are amazing me, for this is the EXACT conclusion I came upon as I lay in my bed just this past hour. INTENT and LOVE that is what counts, not what goes in the mouth. Yes, I do avoid the preservatives and chemicals, but what I am eating now, I am OK with it, actually. Just thinking about changing my diet (again) got me so stressed out it isn’t even funny.

                Yesterday I was asked by a physician, how I keep my FIV+ cats healthy and alive. One of my answers was LOVE, honest to GOD! Yes, good nutrition, and herbs once in a while, but LOVE is the most important ingredient. She just looked at me like HUH?

                Thank you for AGAIN clarifying what I know intuitively, but again started fretting, especially due to all what I am facing (or was) asking myself how can I better improve my diet? I too have gone round and round with this, and my body keeps telling me everything that I do eat, eat in moderation. I LOVE my mint chocolate chip ice cream! It makes me feel HAPPY when I eat it!

                OH OH OH I could KISS YOU!!! Honestly!!! I wish I could hug and kiss you for what you said here. Yes, everyone has an individual path, and mine is what it is, and I have done what I needed to have done to tweak what needed tweaking and now I leave it at that! WOW! The pressure that is gone from my shoulders!

                How caught up we can get with all the “shoulds” instead of being in the NOW Moment! Wow! Incredible!

                Your are brilliant, Alex! LOL I LOVE YOU!!!!

              2. Totally, Alex! Couldn’t agree more and thank you for this gentle reminder. I’ve ditched a few things like coffee and certain dairy products only because my body feels better without it, not because these things are “bad” or I’m afraid. I was addicted to coffee and just knew it was best to stop drinking it everyday because of the acidity. But now I can enjoy it here and there and it’s fine! I stopped eating desserts a few months back and my weight dropped a scary amount so now I lovingly ingest at least one sweet thing a day, white flour, sugar, no matter – it’s okay. Our bodies are light-filled and strong and we know what we can handle intuitively. We are infinite, eternal creators of our experience after all, and do derive whatever effects we choose.

                1. Amen, Heather! I went into “fear mode” earlier today due to the situation I am in, and what others were saying about food, which I have known, got me off course. Yes, I am one too who listens to my body, and what I do now eat is OK with it. I avoid all processed foods because I just don’t good on them, and coffee, I love, so yep, that stays. I avoid milk same reason as you, just don’t feel good on it. I only drink water, no soda, no alcohol, just water, but then, that’s me, and I am fine with that.

                  But don’t take my ice cream away from me. I have found one with ingredients that my body says YES to, so that too shall say. hehehehhe

                  I LOVE YOU!!!!! (((HUGS)))

              3. It’s a very good point about the fear! And that anything that goes in your field becomes transmuted by your love frequency if transmutation is needed. Preference is a Key player too for body knows what’s best for you. I prefer some veggies because they come from Gaia’s soil, grown with Sun’s love and watered with the liquid of life and it grounds me if the veggies are straight from the garden. Natural stuff that magnifies your loving field of consciousness that’s what I’m talking about! πŸ™‚ If there is something human made with love even better. If anything that is aligned with love is great. But if I’m not aligned with love I’m going to get some love from Gaia’s garden lol

          2. “Bravest of the brave…” Who knew huh?

            Your post made me think of the CC’s constant assurance that we are the bravest of the brave. I, very often, have felt like the weakest of the weak, but I am pretty sure that is not how the story ends!

            Release, Release, Release…
            Accept, Accept, Accept…
            Allow, Allow, Allow…

            Grace and Peace and Love and Light! And, your name is Phoenix–quite fitting my friend.


            1. Golden Eagle!
              Thank you for this- I did watch it all the way through and am very grateful for your sharing.
              I am now able to better explain to people why the sugar/high fructose corn syrup is so evil.
              Goes straight to the liver just like poison.

              I’ve been telling everyone for years- it’s NOT THE FAT!! It’s the SUGAR!! Lol

              I think there are many many other reactions in the body to the poison, other aspects that he didn’t cover, however those would be additional topics to be presented separately. That was definitely enough info to take in in one sitting! πŸ˜€

              1. Carbohydrates turn into sugar in the body, so even an excess of carbs can harm. Phoenix, there is just so much to know, so much to understand, and downright overwhelming.

                I’ve cleaned up my diet a lot, but more must I go. The task is daunting, to learn how to eat differently. In fact, just writing this, I feel “stress” inside, so I leave this arena for now, and let LIGHT work on me.

                One can only do so much, and right now, and I extend to all who are in a healing mode, don’t take more on yourself then your “body” tells you to. I need to float right now, and just BE. No “what do I change, how do I change, what do I study, oh GOD, even this I need to do different??”

                Common sense, my Brothers and Sisters go a long way. And if you can really grasp the meaning of this, you could eat outright POISON IF your thoughts were strong enough to realize that your were eating nothing that would harm you. Something to think about. INTENT goes a long way. I know.

                LOVE YOU!!!!

  11. For Ray, communicated with my star last night sending love etc and got a lovely message back in the line of a song “Can’t give you anything but my love…”

    Wonderful – Gratitude Ray – not tried it that way before and have been doing it since!

    Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

  12. Sending extra special love and light to our Mom Amy and my girl Rosie (same Being! LOL) may she clear all she needs to release in order for her body to buoy up to where her wonderful spirit is already residing in the clear and clean pristine light of love! May the waters of this blessed pond bath her in healing and love! Please join me in sending her a HUGE love comet for strength and patience on her path! Much love to you all, your sister Alex

    1. Amen and huge healing hugs of love to you, perfect Amy. (Thank you, Alex!) Much love to everyone here.

  13. You are mine… And I AM Yours…
    You are Mine… And I Am Yours…
    You are Mine… And I Am Yours…
    You are Mine… And I Am Yours…
    You are Mine… And I Am Yours…

    I AM YOU… And YOU are me…
    I AM YOU… And YOU are me…
    I AM YOU… And YOU are me…
    I AM YOU… And YOU are me…
    I AM YOU… And YOU are me…

    Yes, it,s a mantra…
    First part was taught by Paramahansa…
    Many, many years ago…
    When he was in Encinitas, CA – USA…
    To a dead youth… However immortal…

    Today ‘things’ have changed a lot…
    Light is everywhere, unstoppable…
    We are changing to light velocity…
    It,s unthinkable what,s unfolding…
    Eternal life under our nose…

    Second part is a new version…
    More suitable to the current situation…
    When we look inside and there,s light…
    Now is easy to say, with confidence…
    God, I AM YOU… And YOU are me…


  14. finally something that I can relate to…. the shit hit the fan for me this week and It just doesnt want to stop… everything that was buried deep down long long time ago keeps surfacing and messing my head…. and this song keeps popping in my mind all day long provoking me to do something I might regret….

    1. I have been getting Pointer Sisters ‘I’m So Excited’ and Beatles ‘Happy just to dance with you’ only to be interspersed with ‘Never gonna dance again, guilty feet ain’t got no rhythm’. What?! Don’t worry, BE happy, Stay in the Heart! Lots of Love and Light,

  15. This process is fascinating! I’m starting to watch my thoughts and emotions in 3D! I’ve been blogging for the past year or two and I go back and read it and to see the process unfold through the many things I was feeling is incredible. Everything is in its right place. Even old stuff/emotions/baggage that is being dug up right now is not affecting my core. I feel it in my physical body but my awareness continously shifts to that which is watching. So excited right now guys….I have been traveling with a really close friend and he is really going through it. I’ve been giving him advice and support but his head is everywhere right now. We’ve been having epiphanies together like crazy. Beautiful times we’re living in right now. Just fascinating. (anyone wanna check out my blog, i just started it, es Peace and Light!!!

  16. Deep gratitude to Aisha and the CCs! And deep respect and appreciation for each of you for your kind and courageous efforts.

    Accept, Accept, Accept
    Release, Release, Release
    Allow, Allow, Allow

    I find myself saying all my prayers and affirmations in threes.

    Light, Love and Spirit to all.


    BTW, Emma, I agree with Nohmad, it was good to see that brightly smile.

  17. Aagh! As I integrate this Light=knowledge and major puzzle pieces fall into place regarding this matrix simulation, I AM more anxious to leave it. The magic is AMazing and AMusing, but how much longer must WE walk in two worlds! This mentor would Love a mentor. Even amongst the spiritual groups I AM part of, there is no one speaking my language and it seems futile to even try. I realize that these thoughts seal my fate for yet another day, so I will meditate and I will sleep, but eventually I AM going to have to venture out to buy toilet paper. Wishing all of you a speedy recovery! Lots of Love and Light,

    1. Phillypam,

      Big hugs to you!!!! It matters not if anyone speaks the language you are speaking because it is not your role to speak to them about what to do or what you are doing. There is only one path and that is simply Your own path. If you want to have a wonderful group of people who simply accept you for you on your Being path but still need to vent or share or be uplifted by love, then the pond is the place to be.

      I am also just a wee bit surprised that you have not thought that your thoughts can be changed in an instant and that your path can change in the blink of an eye from moment to moment. If you have a thought this moment that is bringing you down, wow in the next breath you can have a thought that brings you right back up! We are getting to the point where managing our personal vibrations will become unconscious and seamless but at this point, if there is anything to be micromanaged it might be the harmonic vibrations. If meditation and sleep assist you in finding harmony then great, but it seemed to me like punishment for wrong thought and it is only through having thoughts that are counter productive that we can change our minds and hearts and find thoughts that are productive…treat yourself gently…

      Big hugs and enjoy the pond…this is the place that understands me so well and I revel in it! I hope you will join us more often in reveling! πŸ™‚ Alex

      1. Thank you Sweet Heart! It was the knowledge that I was flooded with over the weekend regarding the workings and status of the matrix that aarghd me. I have put many pieces of the puzzle together, although there is not one particular outlet I can share this info with, I Know the appropriate Ones will receive it in unity consciousness. I AM well and I AM grateful that when I meditate and sleep I have access to more. Today, I AM overwhelmed with Love from my Twin, Memories of who I AM and my Mission. On Easter I received the message, ‘The Phoenix is Rising’ and Now I look into the clear blue sky and there is one huge cloud of the Phoenix, Wow! Lots of Love and Light,

  18. INDEED!!!!!

    The rides at Disneyland are fun “because” we sit back enjoy πŸ˜€

    ASjoying the ride.


  19. Yes this resonates with what i am feeling these past weeks. My manta has become “surrender” once again. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this missive. Love, Crazywolf

  20. Uhowl! this message really resonated with me as well.
    Thank you dear friend… Thank you very much.

    May your hearth shine as light, for ever!

          1. Yes, really a beautiful place, very quiet, very peaceful and very good energy. Reflects exactly the same feeling I feel in Aisha’s Pond.. Just drink, breathe, be calm and let go …..
            Thank you very much Nohmad
            I love you very much

  21. “For you cannot carry any extra weight if you want to become the truly enlightened one, so just look upon this process as the lightening of the load it truly is…”

    … my feelings exactly!

    Much love and support to all in being ‘lightening conductors’ as I call us…

    Gratitude again to you Aisha and the CCs. It is so wonderful to have these blogs as a constant companion (ha, ha) on this exciting journey … sending you all many Bundles of Bubbles (BoB)…. Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

  22. Oh, how this message resonates within me! I’ve been feeling those intense negative emotions for a while now, but I am fully accepting these purifying energies. I do want to let go of all the emotional garbage and I want to be free as a bird! πŸ™‚

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