The manuscript of survival – part 296

As you have already ascertained, these last few days have been nothing if not intense, and even if they in many ways may have left you feeling weaker in the flesh, you will also sense that your spirit has lifted in more ways than one. For you are made of sturdy stuff indeed, but as yet, your physical body has a hard time coming to the same conclusion. And rightly so, for within is where the changes occur, and as such, your flesh and bones may still feel as if they are at times being torn apart. But they are not, and neither are you, as what is occuring, is such a monumental rewiring and rearranging it will leave you all feel more than a little bit worn and torn and the end of it. But contrary to assumption, you are not being torn down, you are only being fortified in every way, and as such, once again the symptoms will mask the true purpose behind all of these goings on.

For you have come here to conquer, dear ones, but first of all you must conquer your own doubts as to what abilities you may have for stepping out and declaring yourselves to be the new rulers of the world. For that is indeed exactly what you are, but as the word ruler still connotes something sinister for so many, let us just add a few thoughts as to what we must mean by that. For in your eyes, a ruler will in many ways equal a despot, and your world has had its fair share of those. And still to this day, there are many individuals who can be given that same title, not just in their own realm, but also further afield. But we speak not of such lesser men who put themselves above others by the force of instigating fear and uncertainty in others. No, we speak of individulas who are held aloft by the very light that they carry within. And it is this light that is now finding a home in your somewhat worn and weary physical body, and it is indeed this light that will make you the new rulers.

For this light will find a way out of you, and when it does, nothing can stop it, not even you. And as such, your actions will all be guided by this light, and in so doing, it will ensure that you behave in a manner that will guide all others around you. And that is the way to rule, by action, not by edict. So yes, in all respects you will be the rulers of this world, for it is indeed by the very fact that the light will speak to all others around you by your way of living, and then, it will be given unto others to follow in your foosteps. And so you will rule the land once again, not those usurpers who look upon it as their given right to command everyone else to obey by their every whim. For these rulers of the old, no matter if their kingdom is a fiefdom encircled by high walls of security or is in some lair hidden away in a high rise building somewhere, will all start to topple from what they see as their oh so lofty perch. For just as you will guide others by way of the light that you carry, people will be unable not to see the hollowness and crepuscular absence of light that will seep out from all of these self-proclaimed tyrants. And then, the choice will be made, whether to follow in your footsteps, or whether to stay on in the shadows of these former rulers.

For that is truly what they are, they are becoming obsolete even as we speak. But you, dear friends, you are becoming lighter and brighter by the day. And even if your physical body is still having a hard time coming to terms with this fact, it too will soon start to understand that it is indeed lightness itself. For this new burden it is carrying is not heavy, it is light, in each and every meaning of the word. And as soon as the dust settles so to speak, it too will start to let go of the thought that this inner revolution is almost too much to bear. And then you will all feel your step becoming lighter and your days seeming brighter, and you and your body will finally start to blend into each other as a perfect match truly made in heaven.

227 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 296

  1. If you have a pet animal you can try this. You can place a picture in your mind. Say you want your dog to get his ball and jump up and sit beside you so you can throw his ball. Do this while he or she is resting so you can test how this works. This Is a way to practice mental communication with your pet. This also works on people just not using the ball part of this. You can use this in many ways. Doing it with animals is a great way to learn this. After you have the picture in your mind look at the animal and send the thought of the picture to your pet. I look at my pet and picture him picking up his ball then coming to me and jumping up beside me. You need to pick something your pet knows how to do. Later it can get to be fun doing other things with this. You can learn how to look at a dog that is barking and he will stop. You just need to learn the picture part. Pets are very aware of how you feel. You have to learn to stay relaxed if your pets are upset. They follow your feelings and feel what you feel. This should never be used to get people to do anything bad or unjust. Only miner things should this be used for. Like changing a mood of someone from bad to good. Should only be used with full knowledge of what this can cause and the out come of it. But it is fun to use this with a wife or very close friend. As long as they know what you are doing.
    After a while they can feel what you are trying to do. So it becomes a shared thing and much more fun.
    Have fun with this. I have

  2. Lord Metatron Has spent a lot of time on his incite of ascension. About the earth I would like to say a few things about our earth changing. All life on earth will change and go through ascension. This means all plant forms and animals. When this happens the animals will be almost human like in their knowledge like we are now. If you think about this if you eat meat and think you will want to keep doing this. You would have to kill a anminal that can comuitate with you in your higher form. Meat eating will be a thing of the past. This means plants will be used for food or we will have to make a food from other sources. If you eat meat now you should try to get away from doing that. The earth will change in a way so food can be grown all year round. Like the fruit trees will bear fruit two times a year instead of one. One day man can just live from light and need no other food.
    If people start thinging about this now with your new creation powers it will come to pass faster. People have to learn their thoughts made into words have the power to create with intent. Once a person speaks words of intent they never go away. They can be felt heard and used by others. This is the oneness of all.

    I would like to say something about the way people forms will change. The whole galaxy knows about what is going on on earth. There are many other forms of beings than just the human race. Many of the other races are here on earth now in human form. Some in other forms. They have come to earth for this ascension. They will change form to just like us but they will have different forms. They will merge with their true forms just like we will merge with our true forms. This is where you have to have no fear of what you will see. It will be an amazing thing for the whole galaxy. I just thought I would put this out in the world for people to think about.
    Remember our thoughts will create the new world that is coming. What you think now will come to life later. So keep your thoughts filled with light and uncreate your shadows.

    1. Thank you Ray, for sharing your knowledge with us. I have been reading your posts and have considered them quite a bit, especially the one the other day about the healers. Some of what you said I don’t quite understand, because I have never heard this before, but it is integrating and I am starting to comprehend better, and I thank you immensely. Certain ‘concepts’ with respect to your words have been shown to me.

      I am one who in the last few months have stopped eating meat… For no other reason than it doesn’t taste good any longer. Doesn’t seem appetizing. I was just thinking about this very thing when I read this comment. I was trying to figure out ‘why’ I don’t like meat, and then I had a concept of us becoming more ‘light’. And if we are taking in more light, it would make sense that plants provide light for our bodies. Live foods give life. Dead/prpcessed foods would not.

      Therefore we are literally eating light via a plant, another avenue for growing our light body.

      I am very interested in your knowledge of the healing arts, and would appreciate any information you feel appropriate to share.

      In gratitude,

    2. Thank you Elder Bother Ray,
      this is making more and more sense with feelings I’ve had.
      And with my ever clingy cats. Clingy-er by the day. They are changing a lot. The way they behave now has nothing to do with how they were even a couple of years back (about when I noticed some changes in attitude).

      And, all my life I’ve waited for a non-winter time. Cannot function properly when it’s cold and plants are gray/brown and asleep.
      Everybody tells me it’s NICE, and winter is beautiful, and this is how nature has to go, but… never made much sense to me.

      Phoenix, love the eating plants because we are made of Light. So logical.

      Big Bubbles ! 🙂 😀

  3. As I leave the Pond for this new night, I want to give each one a HUDGE Loving hug.
    You are with me all the time. I honor each of you. So much Grace, so many blessed and inspiring thoughts.

    With a Big Bubbly Bow I say good night my Sisters, good night my Brothers.

    My heart to yours, your Light sparkles in me too, mine in you.

    We are lovingly each a unique ONE

    Bubbles, many many Bubbles of JOY

  4. Dear Master Aisha, Master Nohmad, Master Amy, Master Philip, Master Ray, Master Alex and my beloved Masters of the pond, I awoke this morning in a chamber of light. A chamber of ecstacy and joy. I finally laughed at the folly of the 3rd dimensional experience. I heard an echo of myself in my mind, “I am a super sensitive person” which to me has meant a lifetime of pain and suffering. I released the belief that a “sensitive person” means a person who suffers. We have been conditioned to believe that the sensitive person suffers. It makes sense of course, and for the most part we have all experienced this to be true, but I believe that this was implanted in us by the Archonic forces to keep the lIghtworkers in a cycle of pain and suffering.
    I believe we may all now let go of this ingrained 3D belief.
    Now that we have raised our vibrations, we can see that this is not the TRUTH. We are powerful and protected Sovereign beings of light. I released this concept of suffering which as many of you who have read my comments know has been deeply ingrained in me, and my body starting shaking and sending electrical impulses up and down my sides. I understood that this paradigm was now transmuted for ALL. I understood that we all have myriads of electrical patterns in our body which hold our beliefs in place and through which we send out signals that create our reality.
    The expression, “I am holding myself together.” made me laugh as I see we do hold ourselves together for fear we will fall apart if we do not hold on. This is what the CC’s have been speaking about. “Just let go.” They say this because these intense energies are breaking our emotional Holding Patterns. I went through many old beliefs about myself and felt my light body growing with each catharsis. All the while taking deep breaths filled with JOY and Light. And laughing wildly aloud.
    I stopped going to the gym last year because I wanted to stop holding my body in place through muscle tension. And, finally this morning after my intense self healing, I felt my body relax into my bed in a way I never before experienced. No muscled tension, no holding patterns! I hugged myself and told myself over and over “I LOVE YOU MICHAEL” and I basked in the LOVE THAT I AM. I then fell into the deepest trace sleep that I have yet experienced.
    After a lifetime of seeking love from others outside of myself, It appears that the LOVE I have been seeking is my self LOVE.
    I want to share this new Mantra that came to me.


    Any negative thought that comes to mind about yourself or anyone or anything can be released.
    When you use this mantra, Breathe in deeply and imagine the LOVE and LIGHT rushing in to replace the negative thoughts and feelings. Anytime you start to slip into anxiety, dear hearts, please do this and instantaneously be brought back to your center. After a few releases. You will feel like you are vibrating at a new frequency.
    This frequency is our birth rite and this is what we came here to create. This is the vibration of unconditional love. A love that shines, like the sun, indiscriminately upon all beings and ALL THAT IS, showing NO FAVORITES. All are beloved and all are equal.
    Many Blessings. I AM TRULY NOW HERE.
    Thank you for all your love and support.

    1. It brings Joy to my heart when I hear of someones profound experiences like this Michael for I know we are ALL one and both the individual and the collective have moved another very important step.

      I honour your courage and insight… just wonderful, much love and joy and plenty of joyful bubbles… Philip 🙂

      1. Thank You My Brother, I have been silently appreciating your insightful and uplifting messages as well!
        Bubbles of Light to you!

    2. Dear Michael, thank you so much for this! You bring light to us all by sharing this profound experience. And it is so good to see you soaring high in the sky on your beautiful wings!
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thank You AIsha! I love you too and appreciate you immensely!
        Many Blessings Dear One.

    3. Master Michael, my Most BeLoved Brother,

      Such JOY this Heart of mine does know, to see you fly with wings of Gold. I truly am amazed by your flight, and as I gaze up up up, tears glisten in these eyes of mine, as they watch you. Fly high, my Brother, oh Love. Fly True, Fly Sure, Fly LOVE.

      Once I was told I am the Master Gatekeeper, and thus these words most seemingly are, coming to life in this moment of Ours. Until all who I have been assigned to my care, who pass my Gate to the Higher Realms, I shall stand at my post, ever faithfully and in JOY, knowing that my day is soon to be here for me to fly high as well.

      Glimpses I’ve had of this glorious realm, yet the JOB is still not quite done yet you see, for some of my “flock” are yet to have wings, so patiently I wait. I’ve chosen to embrace, a path of Destiny, that was only to be used of dire necessity. I go now this day, to walk that Divine Path, in order to set free those last in my flock, whose wings are still yet to come.

      I love you, Michael. Most Cherished Brother of mine, I bow to Thee in honor of your Journey. Welcome to Paradise!!!! Your Sister of Light, Amy

    4. Michael, my TRUE brother of the Light! I always know how you are. I feel you very close to me. But this wonderful surprise, to hear from YOU that now you are a TRUE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE, makes me feel really happy. As always, all my most pure unconditional love is YOURS. I love you, Michael!

    5. Welcome back home, Michael !!!!
      Love, Light, and miriads of happy Bubbles 😀

      Smiling SO much, my cheeks will start feeling numb 😀 😀 😀

    6. Dear Michael,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this experience. You have given me a gift.
      I posted something here in the last week or so – just a question- has anyone else had any dreams or messages regarding ‘The Big Lie’.
      I awoke from a dream where a very important concept was being explained to me about this very thing. The problem is, I couldn’t remember much of it.
      The only thing I truly remember is that I was shown that ‘we all hate ourselves’. I didn’t post this part because it sounded ridiculous. Really? We ALL hate ourselves?? Secretly.
      What you have said here makes perfect sense and the pieces of the puzzle are coming into place. They have programmed us in such a way as to keep us down, keep us not believing in what we truly are, kept us from seeing our true selves.
      I think we have beat their game.

      Thank you SOOO much, brother!!!!!


      1. Yes! Phoenix, oh how I could HUG YOU! Yes, we have been programmed to HATE OURSELVES and that is the anger I am dealing with right now! I don’t know who to be angry at, as this emotion boils within me!

        Now, NOW I will work with AAMichael, and my Team, and I will CUT these insane thoughts from off of me, for just this past month, for no reason, all these “problems” started to arise. Why? Now, I am beginning to believe, my LIGHT has been noticed, and someone wants it snuffed.

        Hmmmm………And IF that someone should happen to read this, I say up yours! You may NOT snuff my LIGHT! HA!

        1. Bwah hahahahahhaha!!! Omg, Amy, you are hilarious! I am laughing so hard right now!!! Funny woman.

          I cannot advise you on what to do, HOWEVER, reading your response to another post regarding scar tissue and adhesions, these can be broken up manually by a skilled body worker. It has been my experience in working with this issue that surgery to remove the scar tissue only creates more scar tissue. There also may be newer technology that does not create additional scar tissue, so just check it all out. I have a rule about allopathic medicine… They can only ‘add’ to me, not take away… So, if my arm ‘falls off’ I give them permission to sew it back on. However, they are not to take anything out. Lol. At least that is how I feel about it right now.

          Send love and light to all of your chakras, dear! Drink lots of water…

          Regarding the Big Lie… The concept is still forming. We were not supposed to see who we are. And it applies to everyone. i think some of us -the ‘lightworkers’ are simply a few steps ahead. Seems most of us have had more than our fair share of school of hard knocks- Mostly in the relationship aspect and the security aspect. Not being able to fully connect with others, as they seem shallow or in my case, power hungry and manipulative, we were always healing others even though we ourselves were crying out for help… It was a silent scream, however.

          We were Loving ourselves by giving love. We always have been creators , we were just unaware. In order to give love away, we must create it first within ourselves, but apparently we were not able to see this. That we had it all along. Most of the others do not do this. They wait until they receive love first, before they give any away. They ‘take’, they have not learned how to Create it, so they always hunger for more.

          It will all come together, eventually. It still doesn’t make total sense to me. Yet.

          You are going to be JUST FINE, dear. Do not give power to this thing.

          I love you, sister!

          1. Phoenix, (((HUGS))) to you! Hey, if I didn’t have my sense of humor, nah, don’t go there!


            I too feel this way about allopathic medicine. I KNOW surgery only creates scar tissue, and so the vicious cycle continues. I too feel as you do, no one has the right to take from this body that is in it. I’ve gone down that road, and boy, oh, boy, the what if comes to mind……and then I say NO! forgive yourself, Ame, forgive!!! And so in this moment, I do, thanks to you, Phoenix!

            Yes, Luv, drinking myself into delirium. Ya could float a boat in all the water I have been drinking, and then of course, the water falls from the “other end”. Hehehehehehehe

            All night last night, I was told something SO important over and over again so that I would not forget, so that I would bring it with me when I awoke. I questioned why if I have experienced Nirvana, Bliss, why does it not last? And I was told: Becoming Master, becoming Perfect, is a process. Ongoing. Only when one fully and I mean FULLY integrates/merges with GOD, will the process end. The process unfolds in the NOW moment in your life, so what you learn in either books, meditation, or POND, you apply to LIFE in order to grow.

            This Ideal of so many that there comes a “Magic Moment” and in a blink we will be transformed. NO. It is a process. A long one. And if anyone tells you anything different, they are not saying the Truth.

            Now back to the anger/forgiveness issue that WAS glaring at me. Hmmmm….this morning, I asked, How can I forgive when I don’t even KNOW what the ______ I am forgiving? Yep. I’ve gotten to that point, I am very blunt. GOD knows what is in my Heart, so why should I pussy foot around? Anyways….

            I lay there quietly and a “scene” from my past came to my “eyes”. OH! Yes! This is what needs forgiveness and even though these people are NOT in body any more, I KNOW I can forgive them and for myself, for holding onto GUILT for what I thought was WRONG. Hmmmm…….remember no rights or wrongs.

            So, I forgave, and in that MOMENT, I felt a flush of heat go all the way down to my lower belly, and I stayed in that Moment, relishing that warmth, and thanking myself for forgiving that event. It is DONE. At least that scene is gone. I erased it with my forgiveness.

            Now all those involved, can go on without this string of “punishment” wrapped around their necks. I forgave ALL. And when I forgive, it is total.

            Sooooooo glad I made you laugh, Phoenix. Knowing I made you laugh made me laugh, hence giving me a brighter day!!! I love you, Sister!!!

          2. PS So far this morning, no pain. None. I go from screaming pain to nothing. Yet, IF this should turn out to be a “process” I will begin to ask around for a body worker who knows how to break up adhesions. Thank you, Phoenix!

      2. Brother Phoenix, I have read some beautiful posts from you as well but haven’t commented. I am not sure but are you in Denver?
        Anyway, the beings running the 3D game are quite brilliant at deception and everything seems to have many layers of unTruth and purpose such as the lie that you speak of. They play a game that we might consider to be a child’s game. They play a game that I call Opposites.
        Look at the Bush and Cheney presidency. The “No Child Left Behind Act” was really the Destroy the School System Act” and their “Clean Air Act” was really the “Pollute the Air and Drill in Alaska Act” and when they pointed the finger and said “They are the axis of evil” the opposite was true, that they themselves were the “Axis of evil.”
        So, it seems that this opposite game has permeated the reality of our society and 3D.
        I have read Lisa Renee’s work on Archonic implants and I know I have had a major implant blocking my heart chakra. I felt it lift last year in May during the Venus transit and she wrote an article about it at that time which you might find quite interesting. According to Lisa Renee this was an Archonic implant creating negative self image. But, sometimes I wonder what blocks we, ourselves, implanted in
        our energy bodies in order for us to forget our true identity and accumulate our human 3D experiences. Maybe at some level we have agreed to have these Archonic implants? Some people think that just traumatic experiece of being born into the physical body and dense 3D reality is enough to start hating ourselves. I am anxiously awaiting my abililty to read the Akashic records and have this knowledge. But having said all this as other layers to your question, I would say yes, that there was some kind of thoughtform of self hatred that we are given to keep us week and powerless in our human experience.
        Philip, I also have felt, that even though we agreed to come here and that we knew it was a difficult mission, that we, like Amy wrote above, have had a lot of misplaced anger for suddenly being stuck in this incredibly LOW vibration of a reality which is foreign to our nature.
        And, that we may come to hate ourselves and God for this incomprehensibly painful experience. I can be even more infuriating to be constantly told that it is an illusion when the pain is clearly so real to us. Once I learned that I supposedly chose my parents, I hated myself for that! 🙂
        But, Dear Brother, when we reach a certain level of awareness, we realize that hating ourselves is the same as hating God as we are God or if you prefer we are ALL THAT IS. That is why I was laughing when I awoke yesterday and saw that all my countless painful lessons
        that have been haunting me became, in the end, countless reasons to forgive and rise above to a new perspective of Christ consciousness which I truly believe to be the biggest GIFT.
        Philip, I hope I have answered your question to some degree. My crown chakra has been exploding this past week and I really do no think clearly in a linear fashion any more. And rightly so, because all the truths are connected and they spiral around just liek the goddess vortex energy that we are receiving now through our crown chakra and sending out now through our crown chakra!
        BLESSINGS and LOVE, Michael

        1. Phoenix, at some point in the message I started calling you Philip!
          Sorry for that 🙂

        2. Oh, Michael,
          I feel so much Joy reading your message. Reading your words, I take in the frequency of your message. It is truth and it IS wonderful.

          I am not in Denver, although I was there a couple of months ago. I had the most wonderful experience! I walked down the streets and was so HAPPY for no particular reason, but I looked everyone in the eyes SMILING as they passed me on the sidewalks, and to my amazement, they all smiled back! It was so wonderful.

          I am currently helping to bring light to this HUGE vortex in the ley line matrix that exists near the Southeast coast. Georgia/South Carolina. The Native Americans mapped out spirit animals According to the ley lines and I am in fact, in the eye of the Phoenix, another HUGE synchronicity in my life. It is a Long story.

          I will comment further, now I must sleep. It is late here.

          I thank you so much!!!!!! Really, you have no idea.

          Your sister (:)) in light,
          Blessings and LOVE right back at you!!


          1. SISTER Phoenix! I am sorry for thinking you were a brother. I knew your messages carried feminine energy, but my only association with the name Phoenix was that I knew a guy with that name 🙂
            What a BEAUTIFUL name. And truly one of the greatest metaphors for our current experience as we are all rising from the ashes now.
            But, I am certain that you have heard that a million times now from the lightworkers.
            I love you! So happy we are connected.

        3. Dear Michael, I’ve read so many posts now I’ve lost track of the question I asked! But I read where you are at now and I resonate with where you have got too – so I trust that’s OK…

          many joyful bubbles to you! Philip 🙂

        4. Michael,

          I know that things have been hidden from us, many things, especially our true identity. I also understand that we came here intentionally, to assist, and we had to have this experience once again of discovering or remembering who an what we truly are. It is through this remembering and the journey to remember that we will best be able to relate to and assist others. At some point though, perhaps NOW, we do not need anymore of these experiences, hence why we are ascending. We have detached from the drama, and have become the Observer.

          I am wondering that if it weren’t for the profound struggles, to keep us reaching and searching, would we be at the place we now are?
          What if we had the ‘easy’ road, pacified by every matrix physical comfort? Would we still be here?
          I do believe the answer is still yes for most of us, Because we detect at some deep level, that something is amiss. And it’s something BIG. And we have all been hypnotized throughout our lives to believe that anything other than what is real should make us happy.
          The majority of people are afraid to be real, they want to fit in, so they alter themselves to fit in. Then you have the other group who don’t fit in so they become outcasts and strange for the sake of being strange with no underlying message. Strange as a novelty. Both situations are ego issues.
          Both groups and all in between are getting a message that its not ok to love ourselves as we are,
          Or more directly, we loathe ourselves so we must be something else.(I am speaking in general terms of people)

          (I’m observing out loud reasons for self loathing). Is it an implant? Is it the veil? To be answered.
          Did WE the creators put it (the veil) here? Haven’t many hinted that this is all a big game to see if we could find our way back? Are we tired of the game, now? These messages consistently come through our beloved channels.

          Perhaps many of us here tend to spend more time alone for a reason. We have to get away how others define us so we can figure out who we are and what in the world is GOING ON.

          I am deeply considering all that you have offered and am in deep-thinking mode this morning… Lol

          I will share as concepts are more formed as of now I feel as if Im babbling…

          Joy, Love, and Light Michael!!!

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