The manuscript of survival – part 294

Time is flying by, and the days keep getting longer and longer in the northern part of your hemisphere as the sun’s rays are prolonging their stay on the surface. And as such, much light will continue to pour onto this little sphere floating out in space. And with this light, comes so much you have hoped for, but mayhaps also some things that you would rather be left forgotten. For the light is throwing doors open within you all and whatever the light seeks out, cannot hide anymore. And as such, this spring cleaning can be more than a little taxing at times for some of you. But again, we say, all is well and indeed just as it is meant to be. For this shake up is a thourough one, and as we told you earlier, this is indeed the last in a very long line of such shake ups, but this time, we intend to finish the job if we may put it as bluntly as this. Or rather, we intend for you to finish this job, as all we can do, is to assist you in any way we can. And so we will contiune to do that, even at those intervals when you feel bereft of any support at all, and you feel like the loneliest person alive in the universe, nay, in All of creation, you must still know that we are here, by your side, every step of the way.

But this deep plunge into solitude is something that is very important indeed, for you all need in some way to be disconnected from any distractions, whether they be of a positive or negative nature, and as such, this feeling of being tossed into a void or vacuum is indeed an intrinsic part of this whole process. So again we say do not think you have fallen from grace in any way even if you feel like we are disregarding your cries for help. For we hear you, no matter how high or how faint your cries are. And we do not dismiss them in order to punish you or make you feel even worse than you already are. No, we do this as this is part of the agreement we set up beforehand, where you yourself mapped out the arrangements for your sojourn on this planet. For we abide by your rules, dear ones, as you are the ones who stipulated beforehand just how this process was to take place, and as such, we can only obey and serve you in the best way we can while still adhering to these strict rules. Again, this is done by you, not for you, and we will always play second fiddle, in this, the greatest liberation ever taking place on this beautiful little planet.

For your road has been mapped out very carefully beforehand, and so no matter what you encounter on your way, know it has not been set up as a stumbling block to hinder your advancement. It has only been set up as a task that you wish to overcome in order for your process to run out as you have planned it. So again we say that all is well, as your journey could not be done in any other way than how you are approaching it today. For you follow in the footsteps you chartered out a long, long time ago, when you first ventured to take on this assignment of being part of the Earth’s ascension. And so here you are, in the midst of it all, doing exactly what you came here to do. For some of you, you feel the journey has already had its fair share of trials and tribulations, while for others, they are still waiting to see just what will happen next. For all you do, is according to plan, and even if it at times can be very difficult to see any pattern in this rather bewildering array of ups and downs, know that they have all been designed to get you all up, up and away and into your new existence as truly enlightened beings, inhabiting this beautiful planet, all set to make her once again shine in all of her old splendor.

So fret not, even if the road at times seems to set off in all sorts of bewildering directions, for know that it will take you to the designated target, if we may call it that, in just the manner you chose as the most befitting for you. And if it seems more than a little arduous at times, know also that the reason for that, is that you deemed it as the most perfect way for you to truly re-enter your former state of greatness. For you are all stronger, far stronger than what both your physical vehicle and maybe even your resolve at times seem to think, so in that way, you have nothing to fear. For you are here to make it all the way, and now, you have but a few small steps to go before you can say I am truly here, and I am here to stay for good now.

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  1. hi again, can anyone tell me when the next group meditation will be? thanks so much. Also I love this blog but I am wondering why people keep referring to the Pond. Have I missed something? Would really love somebody to advise. tks.x

    1. Hi, Chelsea! Next meditation is to be scheduled by Aisha, and she,s waiting CCs orientation about it.

      A long time ago, I was saying why people come to Aisha’s blog frequently. Then I used that say: ‘Birds of the same kind fly together’, what in our case means: ‘People of the same frequency come to Aisha’s blog’. And referencing the other sentence, I wrote Aisha’s Pond.

      After solstice, I call it simply ‘Pond of Infinite Pristine Light’, because in the solstice, a Blue Beam of Pristine Light descended upon Mother Earth, and is stored in this Pond and other sacred places. So, this ‘Pond’ protect us, nurture us and is our (New Family of the Light = Sisters and Brothers of the Light) gathering place while walking ahead to Unity Consciousness.

      Chelsea, your name remind me of fresh breath of sea air.

      Much love,


  2. Dear Aisha & CC team, thank you for this comforting words. Just a reasurrance of what I needed to hear. I am sure many of us here needed to hear! We are going forward!

  3. Thumbs up if you are clearing anger right this moment cuz I am 🙂 I don’t know how Higherself gets away with all these things but the set up of the clearing especially with other people involved sometimes is pretty cruel . Situations that don’t make sense and make you wrong from any outside angle you look at it but you know with all your heart that you’re not wrong but still somehow you take the blame of being you and then clear it up between you and you so nobody gets hurt in the end but you. Lol what a day!

    1. Golden Eagle,
      I have been clearing since October and continue to do so. The crux of it, the anger, was on the Spring Equinox, and it can only be described as a pure rage that came from no where. I had been hoping for quite another experience that day. I wasn’t angry at anyone in particular, just in general. Angry that I was here, in a cruel world that I did not feel that I fit into. A feeling that I was far from home.

      This lasted for two days and then decreased in frequency lasting an additional week, then I came down with a terrible cold/flu.

      I am coming back up now in my energy and more changes have occurred. So it is all part of the process I have to presume.

      I feel that the currents are stronger, my work is changing, the change in frequencies which affected how I perceived music is now affecting my vision. There seems to be a “lag”.

      Just stay with it and try not to judge yourself or anything that is happening.


      1. Phoenix a little bit of science and a little bit of silliness! Something I wrote 🙂

        Emotion is an energy that travels through energetic field as a chain reaction of something that took place. But it becomes an emotion when energy meets the specific pattern. Let’s say energy stumbles into a dense pattern that you don’t particularly like and by energy I mean “the point of awareness” that is located in your energetic field like a cursor on a computer, which in 3d world as you all know is called “Attention”. Where the attention goes energy flows! So you put that point of awareness which is constantly emitting energy wherever you direct it let’s say on that dense pattern that you don’t like and the collision of energies of + & – takes place. Now hold on what’s a “Pattern” and why it could be “dense”? In spiritual teachings we hear all the time negative patterns or positive patterns. Patterns are experiences or as higher vibrational beings like CCs would call them – “Storages of information”. Unresolved experiences or “Incomplete Information” make up the “Dense Patterns” for they are heavier in vibrational frequency for they are incomplete and survive by self-absorption which makes them more dense like little black holes in your personal cosmos. That’s why you kind of feel selfish when your point of awareness is consumed or sucked energy from by your dense pattern. Now lets go back to collision of + & – energy process. The dense pattern could be interpreted as negative because the energy that is stumbling into a dense pattern blocks the flow of the energetic field of consciousness lol and stimulates the pressure which gives a birth into a distorted extra energy that turns out to be a negative emotion. Different collisions create different negative emotions like fear, anger, shame, guilt etc. especially if you resist or don’t want to accept the dense pattern for what it is, well of course it sucks your energy when you put your attention on it who wouldn’t resist or block it out or try not to think about it unless you’re Jesus. Well you are cuz you’re reading this 🙂
        Now dense Patterns can hook up to other dense patterns whether these are in your energetic field or you found a friend that has similar dense patterns in his or her energetic field :). Well of course you gonna have drama because it’s like you block the flow of the energetic field of the Creator which is All That Is lol. So you’re probably familiar with this process cuz that’s how beliefs clash. Beliefs are like already mapped out routes of how emotion usually travels from one pattern to another creating a chain reaction in our energetic field. If the belief has been created from fear, anger, shame, guilt, control, manipulation etc. you definitely know which route it’s going. So that negative emotion can travel through other dense patterns of your energetic field creating more pressure therefore more speed to your emotion next thing you know you’re choking somebody in a bar lol dense patterns can make up a chain which can be hard as a steel until gets broken and those chains most of the cases are core beliefs. Ok let’s get positive! We don’t want to live by the linear mapped out routes we want to live by the Big Map itself that is infinitely intelligent and full of multidimensional treasures. But hold on what if you direct your point of awareness in your energetic field on the “Resolved experiences”, on the storages of information that are “Complete” and hold immense wisdom, love, compassion, peace, joy, excitement, happiness, unity, gratitude. That means instead of collision we have an acceleration of the energy ++ = Bigger Plus turning into super powerful emotion that can heal thousands of people just by you being around them for it not only dissolves their dense patterns and frees their points of awarenesses from its consumption in their energetic fields but also accelerates their energetic fields that leads to major Awakening. And we don’t have to do anything but be ourselves lol
        No dense patterns No Problém

        This is a link to the picture sample of an energetic field it’s of course more complex than that. Check out those strings lol

        1. Golden Eagle-

          Wow!! That picture is absolutely beautiful!!!

          I think I do actually understand everything you said above.. It is just like the law of attraction, or ‘the secret’.
          We are creators. So whatever we give out attention to, and then add intense emotion, creates. This creation has a ‘frequency’, and since like attracts like, we pull more of that to us. Whether it be what we perceive as good or bad.

          Once I found the blissful space, feeling nothing but gratitude for all of my experiences and people (even the negative ones, for without them, I would not have had anyone to propel me forward…to give me a reason to ‘not choose’ these experiences), I only wish to be there at all times. Sometimes easier said than done.

          I am getting better at staying in that space… The lighter, higher, less dense pattern.. I practice it, and there are so many opportunities to do So!!! lol It’s amazing what has occurred since I began to consciously avoid connecting with those lower frequencies.

          The Equinox rage was, I believe, something outside of myself that was coming through, but I fell back into taking it personally for a brief time.
          I’m definitely in the new school!!!

          Graduated from the old one, and ready for more learning!!

          Thank you for your explanation!!

          So much gratitude!!

          Namaste my brother.

          1. Phoenix Thanks for sharing of how you feel! I’m happy that you are done with the old school 🙂 in the new school we definitely gonna have more fun. No more BS lol

            1. Oh!!! I AM ALREADY!!!!
              Soooo Happy!!!

              I just want to hug myself for being so brave… (Lol)

              In fact, everyone here needs to just take a moment to say thank you to yourself…Look how far you have come!

              I thank you all for being here.

              In love and gratitude,


              1. I (((HUG))) you for being SO brave! Dang, those tears again! And now the giggles……… laughter, OH I AM SO HAPPY!

      2. By the way 2012 was hell I remember those no reason rage incomings. I probably shed a thousand skins that year lol still more to go!

  4. The strangest thing happened a little while ago. I had burst into tears for no known reason, and then with tears streaming down my face I got the giggles. I don’t think I’ve ever done both at once ever before.

    1. Otmn, BIG (((HUGS))). You are right on track for YOU. Know that no matter what happens, this is exactly where you need to be. All is Good. All is Perfect.

  5. I share with you, My Family, (again), for in me will reflect in you. WE are ONE.

    It’s been a bumpy ride lately, smooth going, dips, BIG bump, whip lash, screeching halt, stillness.

    I’ve been “sensing” something is coming, and sure enough it did last night.

    Dearest Most BeLoved Nohmad, your timing is explicit. Your message came when I was in a state of shock. I just found out that someone within my husband’s family experienced the exact situation I was involved in 29 years ago, and in so hearing about it, AND my husband’s reaction, led me to “see” I have not really forgiven myself. I don’t know how. I really don’t.

    I know we all make mistakes and I know that earth is the classroom in which we learn, yet, knowing does not cross the line of being or doing, unless one really understands the concepts.

    The “shock” in “seeing” that I haven’t forgiven myself, and all these years, I truly thought I had, squeezed my heart with an iron hand. I in no way can even relate to that woman of 29 years ago, and would I do today what I did then? No. My heart hurts, as I really desire to forgive myself. And with that unforgiveness that still lives in my heart, their are strings attached to several people who I truly haven’t forgiven either, again, thinking I really had.

    How could I have been so blind for so long? How could I have truly believed that forgiveness had taken place, I mean real forgiveness, and what IS real forgiveness?

    I “see” the same reactions in my husband’s family as if time looped and we are once again sitting 29 years in the past. My heart hurts really hurts for those involved, for I have been on the receiving end of a “witch hunt”. Dear GOD. I told my husband last night I wish his parents had told me they had forgiven me before they died, which they never said to me. There was always “it” there…….I could feel it.

    When I had my NDE in 1984, one thing that I brought back with me is not go to your deathbed and pass with unforgiveness on your Heart, for you will truly regret it. Do we honestly know what forgiveness is? My aim is to find out, and I will search high and I will search low, until I know without a doubt what forgiveness is. I am turning to my main teacher, Jesus, to help me understand, for if he could forgive the very men who put him to death, he can of anyone, teach me what true forgiveness is.

    From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

    1. Amy! I want to offer solace but I have to take one of our cats to the vets and then I have a class!
      I will paraphrase the words of our beloved Yukteswar,
      “The pasts of all men are dark with shame, begin anew from today”
      We came here to know love fully and we took the ‘via negativa’ to expose what is not love. So we tried all forms of un-love fully
      so we could really know and feel deeply and in the end we will say it was a beautiful game, even the icky bits!
      How much can we love ourselves? Enough to be okay with all the things we have done and failed to do? Ultimately, yes!

      1. Pash, (((HUGS))). Thank you. Deeply.

        Your words spoke volumes, as did Yukteswar’s as well.

        I came to show Love, to live Love, and in the “game” I forgot at times who I am, and thus, hung on to shame and guilt. As I know from my own life, in order to fully grasp the scope of what being a human is, I had to walk through fires and hell again and again, so Compassion could swell within my Heart. In order to know what Love, is, I walked through what Love is not. That may not make sense to some, for if I came to show Love, to live Love, why would I choose such a difficult Path?

        I chose the fast track to Resurrection.

        I small still voice said to me this morning, “My Child, only look to your Heart and no where else. Cut all cords of disharmony. Begin there.” (I relate to Jesus as a child would, for when I was a child, I had other worldly experiences with him and with other children. With that thought, is there anyone here who remembers the field with the huge tree?)

        Practice, stumble, fall, get up, wipe off dust (mud), take one wobbly step forward, and with Deep Intent, know I have been forgiven and I have forgiven those who still carry unforgiveness in their hearts toward me. In so doing, I walk away from shame and guilt that hid oh so cleverly within, but now I see. I am not responsible for what is in their hearts, but only what is in mine.

        And then there is the fact, I “reflect” so much, and at times don’t know what is mine and what is another’s. I do not joke when I tell you I feel you, and in that feeling, I with Deep Intent, go to my Heart Place, and pray for you. I know “pray” is a very misunderstood “word”, yet still I use it. There are times I am so overwhelmed by all the pain I feel here at the Pond, that my Mind and Heart are close to exploding, and when this happens, I must withdraw to let go of what was given me to release. Yes, I still am transmuting. This is a part of who I am.

        I love you, Pash. Deep Deep gratitude.

        1. And now, I go one step more and realize, this dualism is all an illusion, and the Voice I heard is mine (HS). GOD (Source) is whole, is ONE. We are all remembering we are that One. So, I am you, you are me, there is no division. We are spirit remembering we are not separate from Source.

          Deep sigh.

          As I just closed my eyes and went within, my heart is smiling. And at the very time I wrote those words, the SUN came out from behind a cloud. Peace. Deep Peace to all of you, who are me, this day!

  6. There’s some powerfull entities behind the vortex and quite playfull bastards they are. Higher-Selves making spooky calls ‘n all. It’s like they make warns all the time and I don’t listen. It’s a funny game. And I get my ass kicked all the time ;).

  7. Thank you so much, Aisha and CCs…feeling a little anxiety as well as support and affirmation from reading this…so thankful for the process while also feeling unsure…so appreciating that you are here and have provided this space for others to gather…means so much to me…love to you, Aisha, and all…♥♥♥…janis

    1. Dearest Janis, I’m asking for soothing and reassuring energy for you. It seems to me like the process is happening at breakneck speed compared to even a few weeks ago. I have faith that if its happening its because we can handle it. Big (hug) pash

    2. I am here for you, my Sister Janis. My Love surrounds you. Breathe deeply. Go within to the Kingdom and there you shall find your Peace. All is well. How can it not be when all there is, is LOVE? BIG HUGS!!!

      I love you, Janis. *****The more you resist, the more it persists.****** Let go and let GOD. (smile)

    3. Janis, my beloved sister of the light, you don,t have an idea of how much I love you. I WILL ALWAYS BE AT YOUR SIDE. ALWAYS.

      1. Ohhh, Nohmad…thank you so much for wanting to tell me this…I am having such a hard time…I’m thinking that my trouble is with decision making…with ‘trusting Self’…I just don’t know what to do…I feel that there is a barrier every where I turn…it’s so hard to balance where I am. The best I can think to do is ask myself if there is something I am going to do different NOW or leave things the same for NOW. It use to be fairly easy to go with the flow but I cannot find it now…some of what I’m dealing with are health issues…very little money…no health insurance…and now this message sounds like we won’t be guided but will be supported…??? And, also, while I struggle with this I’m just inviting MORE…I am so heavy…and if I cry out for help and there’s no one there to guide me…I don’t understand…I don’t understand…

        1. Ohhhh, Janis, if you can just hold on and listen to what I was JUST shown. It will blow your hat off of your head! I have been feeling like you, and lately I have been looking all around and feeling like I am living in a nightmare.

          The subject of forgiveness came up with me……..and I asked, “What is real forgiveness?”

          I went to my Quiet Zone. And this is what I heard!

          OH GOD! Help me write this correctly so that ALL understand!

          I am shaking this is so huge!

          I heard:

          No-thing in this universe is real, for all has been created by your subconscious (ego), an “ill” part of you that believes it is not of GOD. If no-thing in this reality is real, and it is not, then there is no need for forgiveness, for what you are “perceiving” to be forgiven doesn’t even exist, it being in the illusion!

          We are Perfect. We are GOD. Anything that we are perceiving less then Perfection, is being done so by our subconscious, which again, created this imperfect world.

          By believing we need to be forgiven, we are being pulled into the “victim role”, and being pulled into the victim role, we are being less then who we are.

          I want to repeat what is blowing my hat off of my head!

          No-thing in this world or of this world is REAL, therefore, what you are perceiving that is making you feel “bad” is a ploy to keep you prisoner in this imperfect world, thereby stealing your inheritance.

          All we have done, are doing, or will do, are all Life Experiences that are designed by us to assist to remember who we are. We get SO sidetracked so often because this world seems SO real, and our emotions seem SO powerful, that we slip into forgetfulness and fall victim (again) to our subconscious.

          HOLY CATS! In order to step out of our “miseries” we must first see that those miseries are not even REAL, no matter how real they seem!

          So, what I am doing starting this day, every time something in my life insists on pulling me out of the Higher Realms which is HOME, I am going to envision my Crystal Sword slicing this “thing” that isn’t even real, and watch as this hallucination turns into flakes of Gold, raining down upon my head!

          Oh, Janis, PLEASE read this again and again. This is the Truth! I am learning this as well as you. My HS had to bring so many aspects of my illusionist life to a boiling mess in order for me to realize, that what I am focusing on is NOT HOME, and anything that is not HOME, is not real!

          I love you, I love, I love you. I am still shaking as I write this. You talk about one HUGE A-HA moment! We are to use 3D as a road map to get us back HOME, but NOT get sucked into the drama of it, as we ALL do. Oh dear GOD, I pray ALL of us, ALL of us in this world, grasp the understanding of this.

          1. Dear Amy! Perfectly put!! Yes, this IS an illusion in all sorts of ways, and as soon as that really sinks in, you start to step back from the drama and to truly reconnect with the reality that you are something much greater than this human acting out “reality” here on earth. For we are here to remember just that, and now, the doors to this truth is finally starting to open up wider and wider. I think Brenda Hoffmans latest post can be of interest, here’s an excerpt from it:

            “You will discover more about the unreality of your life by uncovering those pieces that hold you in 3D. Many of you are now declaring that you have uncovered unwanted pieces for months, perhaps years. What we are speaking of is a bit different. For example, you may discover you are angry with someone because they are needlessly affecting a current relationship via past life encounters. You will discover the ties between the “reality” of this life and activities that occurred centuries or even eons ago.

            You will be more of an observer than a participant. As you uncover pieces of your unreality, you will merely wish you had known those pieces earlier – instead of feeling every nuance of that experience as you have recently.

            Your first DNA shoots are ready to push through your dense 3D life and world. They will do so by first helping you understand why so many of your actions are and were based on activities that have little to do with your current life. Such will be your discoveries. Such will be your astounding joy as you realize you have kept yourself in a dark, little box because of something that happened to or by one or more of your silvers eons ago. And that those actions are not repeating in this lifetime.

            Will you discover pieces that you may not necessarily like such as you were the instigator of those actions? Probably. Will you feel guilt or pain for such actions? No. For you will finally understand that your enemies were merely part of your play – at your insistence. They meant you no harm and in fact, provided you with valuable information for you to better understand you.”
            Read the whole message here:
            Love and light, Aisha

            1. I am weeping in JOY. Thank you for your words and this article. I feel about ready to bust, so I must go to the gym to release this energy within me. I mean it. This realization came so fast, so sure, in its entirety that I still shake an hour after it happened. I saw so clearly. And freeing? Oh YES! Freeing me to push aside all that is not real so that I can build upon what is real to anchor AND create Heaven on Earth!

              I love you, Aisha! BIG (((HUGS)))

          2. Ohhhh, yes, Amy…I like where you are coming from…it is so freeing…and then we just have to work thru each little thing that comes up that tries to tell us differently…until we’ve let go of that habit of thinking…!

            Your insight expounds on something I read the other day: “Love is the way Home. To find It, open your hearts to receive It by accepting yourselves and all others, and by forgiving yourselves and all others for what in truth you have not done and could never do because you are Love and nothing else. ” from Jesus through John Smallman @

            It is so freeing to come upon such an insight at such a deep level…so appreciating your sharing with me this hopeful perspective that I can reflect upon.

            Sending you much, much love, sweet Amy…♥♥♥…janis

            1. Oh, Janis, now I am weeping. We really are starting to “get this”! I know this is a process, and I was just wondering if what I am seeing today I will maintain tomorrow. Mayhaps I should put on my refrigerator what I have realized today, so that the veil of forgetfulness will not steal my Truth from me. I am still literally shaking! (((HUGS))) and SO much LOVE!!!!

        2. PS I LOVE you so much, for you are me, we are ONE. I don’t know the answers for you, but you do. I only can speak for myself, that I am learning through the road map I designed, how to get myself back HOME. Meanwhile, I am here to encourage you, to cheer you on, to support you, to LOVE you, to honor you, to cherish you, and have every confidence that you shall find your way back HOME.

          BIG HUGS, JANIS!!!!! (double hearts)

            1. ……still crying………this is just SO huge! Oh thank GOD our DNA is finally getting connected! I SEE! I really SEE!!!! And so will the ALL OF US!!!!

        3. Oh Janis, you are the bravest of the brave and you have taken on an enormous weight for the good of all. You ‘anchor’ so much energy into this dimension sometimes it’s like you cant even stand up, yes? You are a ‘frequency holder’ of the highest order. One day very soon you will look back and see the enormity of the work you have done, so please to not compare yourself to a ‘high earner’ ‘go-getter’ ‘3d thruster’ They cannot hold a candle to you. You are doing what you do ‘on a wing and a prayer’ as they say, to your even more credit! Very soon the clouds will part and you will step into the sunshine for good, I promise.

          1. For goodness sake, Janis you have put me in a flood of tears and now I will be late for class! ♥ 🙂 ♥

          2. *watery eyes*…I can’t find the words to express my appreciation for such a beautiful encouragement, Pash…such a surprise to read such an affirmation…just the idea of the possibility helps me…thank you, thank you so much…♥♥♥…janis

        4. My dear Janis, you really need to do nothing. Just hold on. Your Team is taking care of your health and your process, don,t worry about it. Money, if you have enough for your essential needs, it,s okay.

          We are going Home, now. Illusion is slowly fading. Trust. And be happy.

          When Paramahansa was at ‘school’, Yukteswar taught him that this ‘reality’ is a movie inside another movie. What does this mean? That this ‘reality/3D’ is all just illusion. Now we are going Home/5D, the only Reality = Love. But this is also the second movie. At the end, only rest God. We are all going back to God/Source, because we all came from HIM, so we are also HIM, then we really are ALL ONE.

          1. Ohhh, thank you, Nohmad…I love that perspective…I’m going to try to stay in the NOW with my responses and try to let go of worrying about what MIGHT happen down the road…thank you so much for your lovely encouragement…♥♥♥…janis

  8. How many of you remember this song as children?

    Row Row Row your Boat
    Gently down the Stream.
    Merrily Merrily Merrily….
    Life is but a DREAM.

    1. Sang it constantly! 🙂 Lovely reminder rosie! Yesterday was a strange day where I had this frustration building inside me and I simply put on my music and danced! I entered an almost meditative state and at the end of the day I had done a ton of mundane things but in a complete state of bliss! I had music on shuffle and asked for kick butt happy songs and one after another they raised my spirits until I was soaring all over the house! Today we as a family had to do something that focused us back into 3d(taxes!) and before we did it I simply asked for all fear of the unknown to be replaced with the knowing that all is well and will be handled in divine timing as it always is. Of course the fear was worse than the “reality” and so I am feeling grateful at the moment for being OK and knowing that even this construct will transition away as we are filled with love and light of the new world! Hugs and love to all!!!!! Alex

      1. Oh, Alex, VERY cool! Yes, music immediately lifts the spirits. When I feel “down” and no matter how hard it is, I begin to SING, and LOUD, and before I know it, I am handling things so much better and feel better as well! I actually realign my self within with MUSIC, bringing my focus from the bottom of the barrel, to the rooftop. Sometimes in order to break out of a “down spell” we have to jump in with both feet and MOVE and GROOVE to chase the gloomies away! I love certain classics (the music I grew up with) and there have been times I dance with the vacuum cleaner with them! LOL

        Yep, I know what you mean about the “fear monkey”…….

        I love you, Sister!! FYI…….about my other post……years worth of Lessons I have learned that certain words contain “symbols” that denote certain things and those things are attached to a Cosmic Consciousness. You are one very smart woman. I encourage you to quiet your Mind, and with great concentration, say LOVE. What do YOU feel inwardly??? Then say “bomb” and observe what you feel. I guarantee that you WILL notice something. I am not giving you the answer. I want you to discover a Pearl yourself.

        I’ve been “living” a state in my present now, that I created because I allowed someone else’s WORDS to bring me down and I felt anger, I felt disgust, I felt a lot of things that truly are not of a Higher Vibration. Now, I am being shown, literally, how powerful words are and IF we allow them to penetrate our BLISS ARMOR, especially now in this rapid time of manifesting we live in, there will be an outcome, one that we won’t be happy with. So, I climb back up on my beautiful Stallion, and I ride to my Castle, and there I spin and weave my Tapestry of LOVE and Health in order to bring this body back into alignment once again.

        Bottom line, I FORGAVE not only the other person, but myself as well for “falling”. (tears in eyes) Even though I stood my ground and would not budge, I still allowed anger to enter my Castle, and now, I get in my Boat and I row merrily, KNOWING all is well, and what was created can and will be re-created back to LOVE. (I row after I ride my Stallion so that I can take a nice refreshing swim in the River!)

        HUGS from ME to YOU!!!!! DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!! Taxes??? HUH? They don’t exist in MY WORLD! LOL

        1. From the online etymology dictionary (its a hobby of mine)

          Bomb (n.) 1580s, from French bombe, from Italian bomba, probably from Latin bombus “a deep, hollow noise; a buzzing or booming sound,” from Greek bombos “deep and hollow sound,” echoic. Originally of mortar shells, etc.; modern sense of “explosive device placed by hand or dropped from airplane” is 1909. Meaning “old car” is from 1953. Meaning “success” is from 1954 (late 1990s slang the bomb “the best” is probably a fresh formation); opposite sense of “a failure” is from 1963. The bomb “atomic bomb” is from 1945.

          Words are just squiggly worms! We must attach a meaning at the receiving end and that meaning is learned. It also changes from person to person and situation to situation. If we were talking about Sanskrit I would agree that those words have a spiritual dimension
          but that sensitivity was lost long before Latin and Greek.

          Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

          1. Ah, Pash, lovely. I “see” things a little differently as I tend to associate certain words with this chaotic world, and other words with Heaven. Yet, again, words are just words… is what we make of them. We could really dig deep with just this one subject! Seriously! We are all entitled to what we think and how we think. I like to think that with all I have studied and experienced, my Mind is becoming a trained one, versus an untrained one. But, I could be fooling myself, and think something, when it is not true. It all depends upon perspective.

            Alex, if you like the words Love Bomb, who am I to try to persuade you otherwise? You too, Pash. (smile) This world would be very boring if we all thought alike, now wouldn’t it?

        2. And therein lies the dichotomy. I just ripped myself up. I too am learning, and will always be so. I used the words “Bliss Armor” which in thinking about it as I was walking, again two words that are clearly one against the other. Bliss to me is a part of GOD. Armor conjures up images of war. Yep. I am at odds with myself. I saw it. And I groaned, for in the seeing, I end up with mud on my face. But, that is OK, because I want all of you to see that I stumble right along with the best of them (and You here ARE the best!)! How about Bliss Shield? Again that is a word of war. Bliss___________. Anyone? How about Bliss Cloud? I see myself covered (to be protected) in my Bliss Cloud? That will work for me! I LIKE it!

          1. Dear brother Pash. Dear sister Alex. Don,t take in consideration, please, what Mom Amy is saying to you. There,s no problem with both of you. The real problem here is about me, Nohmad. Mom Amy is a little bit angry with me because of a replay that I placed to a post of her on N# 293, that you Alex also replayed.

            As it has been from the first time I jumped in this Pond of Infinite Pristine Light, it is my intention to the date, to help, support, share my love with ALL my Sisters and Brothers of the Light, My New Family. It is from deep of my heart and I can,t avoid doing so. When I feel it is really necessary, I do my best to be of some help.

            Mom Amy is one of my most beloved sisters in this Pond. It is for this reason that I call her ‘Mom’. Her Light is infinitely brighter than mine and I am left far behind her immense wisdom and knowledge.

            As I observed in her comments that she was not properly centered in her heart, it was my intention to give her a signal of caution. it is written in N#293. This reaction of Mom Amy is not from her heart, that is INFINITE LOVE FOR ALL OF US.

            May be I,m totally wrong. Perhaps I was rude in my replay. Mayhaps I don,t know what to say more…

            Mom Amy, please excuse me, please forgive me. I beg you thousand pardons. But be always my ‘Mom’ Amy.


            1. Nohmad, Brother, I really have no idea what you are talking about. I am not angry with you, not whatsoever, and there is nothing to forgive. Nothing. I really am doing a deep study with self/Self on words and how we have been programmed to say words without thinking about the meaning of them. I took your advice, I have gone within and that is where this “conversation” began about words and how deceptive and how destructive they can be. I’ve been on the quiet side, for several reasons but none at all having to do with you.

              I’ve been getting side winded in my personal life, left and right, determined to stay Centered and Balanced, at times not succeeding, so instantly I go within to drink deeply. I’ve really detached to attempt to understand so I can see right.

              I didn’t reply to your post, for I had nothing to say. I took your advice at Heart value and went within to rebalance. While there, this discussion on words began. That’s all that is to it.

              Pash, Alex, if I have offended you in any way, I deeply apologize to both of you. Sometimes what I say is misinterpreted for I really do see at times in an unusual way. This way of mine has gotten me in more trouble then I care to recollect, and it is absolutely unintentional.

              I hope this explains things. I love all here so much.

              From my Heart to your Heart, Mom Amy

            2. Dearest Nohmad, I have cherished your unique perspective as long as I have been here at the Pond and have never detected any attitude in your words other than the intention to love and support as much as possible. I hope that no one feels the need to edit themselves as I did for many years and can no longer do. I feel immediately uncomfortable if I hold my tongue in case somebody doesnt like it and immediate bliss if I speak the truth from my perspective. We are all sincere lovers of Truth here with the conscious and present intention to support each other.
              We all have ‘bugs to iron out’ and the pace seems to have quickened somewhat but I for one am loving the fact that we are becoming more direct AND more sensitive and I welcome any challenge to my words as it helps me to gain a deeper understanding. Its not like we are calling each other names or trying to force our beliefs. For instance we had several definitions of the word ‘ego’ yesterday and none were right or wrong just different angles on the subject.
              To me words are a creative art form which is constantly evolving and therefor cannot have absolute definition.

              Felix Mendehlson the composer once said
              “People usually complain that music is so ambiguous, and what they are supposed to think when they hear it is so unclear, while words are understood by everyone. But for me it is exactly the opposite…what the music I love expresses to me are thoughts not to indefinite for words, but rather too definite.”

              When I heard that quote on the radio it changed my life and my love of music and words increased immediately.
              I think we are making beautiful music here!

              1. Dear Pash – thank you so much for this! Yes, this space is to help each other see things more clearly, and we do that by being just who we are and bringing in our unique perspective on things. This is not about “right” or “wrong”, this is about sharing from the heart, and yes, making music by adding our special tone to this beautiful choir to enrich the sound.
                Love and light, Aisha

          2. Oh, I in no way am angry at anyone LOL isn’t it amazing how we say what we feel we must say and then second guess it? I appreciate all ways of thinking but I have my own way. I appreciate the idea that words have meaning and symbology, I also appreciate the idea that words can be reclaimed and the energy transmuted. Heck, how long has the word Love stood for so many actions that were not loving? How long have wars been waged in the name of GOD!? I send out love bombs simply because I like those bath bombs that you put into the bath and they fizz out with all this beautiful sent and bubbles and so That is what i am sending out!

            I have to say on some level I agree with my Rosie because there are times when I started to reword certain prayers. When I left catholicism, I decided to take the Mother Mary with me because she was really the only energy I ever felt that was unconditional to me and I definitely felt a direct connection to her and interaction above and beyond the image painted of her by the bible or church.

            My prayer before partaking in any action outside my home is my own Hail Mary and the change is at the end as such….pray for us children now and forever amen….that feels SO much better than sinners and death–because I know I am not a sinner and I know that as a divine soul I never die…

            If anyone can give me a wonderful evocative word for bomb, I would certainly use it! How about love comet? oh shittteee…..that DOES feel good! hehehe……love fireworks is a bit clunky….Loving you ALL and appreciating the discussion! Alex

            1. Alex! YOU just made me fall off my chair! I did the SAME thing with the Hail Mary! Whoa! I kid you not. I just could NOT say pray for us sinners, so I changed it to pray for us children! HOLY CATS! Now and forever amen, just like YOU did! OH wowowowowowo! This is too much.

              I LOVE you, my Sister Alex! I am you and you are me! I think that is getting pretty obvious. (giggle) BIG (((HUGS))) via the Express Love Train!

              PS I LOVE your description of the bath thingies. Now THAT I can do and that I see as a “Love Bomb”. Cool……..hehehehehehe

            2. I have two other ones, Alex. How about Love Fizzies or Love Rocks? Remember that candy I think that was called Rocks, that when you put in your mouth would pop and fizzle like crazy? Love Fizzies? Love Rocks? Hehehehehehe

            3. Alex, Pash, I,d like to tell you what happened about 2 months ago, about LOVE BOMB, with me. I was waiting for elevator, and from a door nearby, my wife and I heard a BIG discussion. It was a young just married couple fighting like tigers about money. She wanted to buy nonsense and him saying the budget was short. As elevator delayed too much, it was impossible not to hear all what was going on. When we were descending, alone, my wife said to me: ‘this couple will not go too long together’. I said nothing. But… But… I made the biggest LOVE BOMB in my mind, with much passion, peace, love and pleasure, inside it, and threw inside their apartment.
              I,ve never heard again nothing weird there, and they look very lovely until now. I definitely love LOVE BOMBs.

    2. Sang it many times to my boys when they were wee. Happy memories indeed 🙂 Now they are kind and conscious young men, deeply loved among their peers. Whoever wrote that was inspired, it will ALWAYS be true.

  9. Thank you! Our sincere love and appreciation Aisha!

    Greatly encouraging message as always. This is getting increasingly near.

    Aaron, I feel that I can relate to what you are talking about as I had a very beautiful and powerful dream/vision/preview of ascension last night. I too was lifted and felt that I might have just kept going up…

    I suspect that what is happening is that our veils are coming down. At this point, it is nearing completion.

    No matter where we are or what any of us might be going through right now, let us hold fast to the truth–we are perfectly loved and right where we need to be.

    Love and Light to you all!


  10. For those of you who posted their concerns regarding the situation I “thought” I had, I thank you deeply. Solutions have arisen, those in which I can live with and that I am carrying out.

    Other learning Lessons have risen as well, and as I was reminded this morning, I can choose any Now moment, moment by moment, to have my Life experience. Within the Now, there is an Eternity of choices one can make. I consciously choose wisely, with soulfelt determination that every choice I make, is on the Path of Remembering I am GOD, therefore rising out of the Illusions I “see”.

    If GOD (LOVE) is all there is, are you not GOD?

    1. I am! and you are, too! and every other soul and tree and pebble!
      My Joy was elusive today (its 6pm here) but after seeing the depth and scope of your heart, Amy, my Spirit is soaring again and tears of Joy are welling in my eyes!

      A couple of years ago I started hearing the words ‘The Universe is made of Love. Literally’. Science looks deeper and deeper into Nature every year and I fully expect one day they will say, “Oh, its Love! Everything is made of tiny pieces of Love” Then they can make a bomb out of it. A bomb that heals broken hearts. Why not? It works the other way round!

      1. ……yet…….anything everything is energy thus the word bomb in connection to Love is impossible, for one is of war which is part of the illusion, and the other is Love, the only Reality………..There is NO connection whatsoever. How about Ever Unfolding Expanding LOVE which originates within the Kingdom of GOD within……..And as it expands, so too does the Kingdom, which in turn will erase the illusion……..

        (((HUGS))) Pash! The Kingdom is calling all of us to remember so we can return HOME………..

        From My Heart to your Heart as I wipe your cheeks gently with my Holy Hands, Amy

      2. Pash, my BeLoved Brother……one more thing…..

        You are LOVE (GOD)
        From LOVE (GOD) you came
        To LOVE (GOD) you shall return.
        This is a given.
        Therefore rejoice,
        for you are coming HOME.

        I LOVE you! Your Sister, Amy

        1. Big hugs Rosie and I think we can choose to reclaim ANY word for its intended purpose. I send Love Bombs all the time, Love exploding all over everything. Anything can be reclaimed when you are a Goddess/God…!!!

        2. Thank you, my sister……I Love you too…. I will rejoice with all my brothers and sisters as homeward bound we go! Yahoo!

          What I wanted to say was I pray that people will use the new technology for the greatest good of all and not for the hurting of some in the favour of others.

    1. Hi Aisha! I watched the video on YouTube. This month was different, wasn’t it? Wasn’t so much a forecast as he seemed to just want to share his experiences and what is happening on a larger scale energetically. I’m glad he helped to make sense of the ‘walking dead days’. We are being affected by major waves before we sense them.

      I am slowly coming out of the fog. Even though I have been ill, I certainly accomplished a lot with mediation and even doing some writing.

      Two things to share today:
      All day long Elton John’s song ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ chorus has been playing in my mind “Shine the light, shine the light’
      “I Lu huh huv, YES I DO!”

      Second thought:
      Had anyone else had any dreams of late referencing the BIG LIE? I awoke around 4am and ‘they’ had been explaining something to me about the big lie, a program running in the background’ but I couldn’t quote grasp all of it… I journaled as much as I could remember.

      This pond SURE is GROWING!!!!

      Love you all!!!


        1. Haha Janis!! Don’t you just FEEL the LOVE when you listen?!!!
          I’ve been dancing around my kitchen singing along at the TOP of my LUNGS !!(in a croaky voice, as I have had laryngitis)

          Love you!!!

  11. I thought I was doing so well. Hadn’t cried for about two weeks. Then came Sunday, Monday, and today with more tears. Not lasting long, but tears none the less. Strange dreams too with many people from my past. Had the most interesting experience yesterday though with the energies coming in. Got tingly all over, my arms felt heavy, at times could not feel my body, and got giggly. I keep trying to ride it all out but the waiting, oh, the waiting, is not something I do well. lol. Hope everyone is doing okay.


    1. Dear Vanessa (you wanted to be called Vanessa right?) Tears are great!
      Afterwards you felt blissful! Tears of release, tears of Joy, I cherish them all.
      Waiting is something NOBODY does well! Waiting is hell. Tears ARE what you have been waiting for, this is it! You have cracked it , so to speak.
      YOU are doing the work NOW and its working, the energies are supporting you, not doing anything FOR you. There is nothing to wait for.
      Thank you for sharing your experience I really felt it deeply and I wish you Endless Joy

      1. Thank you Pash. The tears since last summer have been a bit ridiculous. I have never cried so much in all my life! This week has been a tough one. A lot of energies coming in. Twice this week in the middle of the night. I guess I am waiting on some kind of sign or message as to what I do next. I don’t like feeling like I’m just mindlessly going about my day. Does that sound weird?


  12. Friends of Aisha – please join Web of Trust and give this site a SAFE rating. It is under attack from those who would say otherwise. WOT works in all browsers I believe, and itself is entirely safe. It is an app.

  13. Thanks so much Aisha & CC’s for singing these words to my Heart :

    “For you follow in the footsteps you chartered out a long, long time ago, when you first ventured to take on this assignment of being part of the Earth’s ascension. And so here you are, in the midst of it all, doing exactly what you came here to do”

    “as truly enlightened beings, inhabiting this beautiful planet, all set to make her once again shine in all of her old splendor.”

    “For you are here to make it all the way, and now, you have but a few small steps to go before you can say I am truly here, and I am here to stay for good now.”

    Exactly perfect ! Mother-Earth is the physical embodiment of the Divine Mother & we are here to aid & see it through, accomplishing her transformation to All that she is & was created perfectly to be ! We were never going to fly away into the heavens & leave her…our intentions were always in staying with her….seeing her shine in brilliance as it was always meant to be ! LOve, Healing & Strength to Mother-Earth & All her BeLOved creatures….LOve to ALL that help in making her shine once more !~…Bev

  14. very timely message. thank you for that. hope i make it through these dark days (years/decades). guess i chose one brutal path as all i can think about with any real interest is leaving the planet due to failure upon failure. we shall see.

    1. Dawn,
      I wrote the following a few weeks ago, and wanted to share in the event that some of it resonates wtih you.

      ….I do know that the eternal hearts, the souls, that have experienced such hardships are wise, and strong. Perhaps they experience such situations to help the universe know what it’s like to feel separated from others, to sit in despair and to want for something different. They have done their job. And in the midst of such despair and challenge, the thing that they were never cut off from was- is- their Being. Their soul and breath of God that lives within them remains steadfast at their core. Their eternal heart is a light that will not go out.

      So when we wonder how things could ever possibly change, and when we have no idea how change might occur on the surface of our human experience, and when we are impatient or facing challenge, and when we can’t see past the suffering the world (or we) has been though, we can remember that our Being is taking every experience we have in our physical body, on the earth, interacting with others, and is using it to help us manifest the reality that is our absolute truth.

      In our absolute truth, there is no doubt, hopelessness or despair. There is only light, love and the freedom to be.

      1. thank you so much Woodland Manitou for taking the time to share this with me… Did Help to read and consider this perspective. thank you for that kindness.

        1. Janis and dawn, i’m glad you found encouragement and perspective, and I appreciate your gratitude, and return it with love and light.

  15. Aisha,
    I read your blog every day, and each post is reposted on my blog. thank you so much for all the loving work you do. I’m so grateful your here with us in this world.

      1. smiling, Aisha, I’m VERY happy to be here in this pond with all of you.
        Much love and many blessings,

  16. It sounds good, but not too concrete for me, especially this sentence
    “So again we say that all is well, as your journey could not be done in any other way than how you are approaching it today.” Do they mean it literally today? I hope, that it is not just a metaphor… my “tunnel” (or vortex) to higher realms was already established on Saturday. I felt that I can easily ascend right there, but it was not allowed yet… I got a message perhaps from my higher self that this setup must be done with every hue-man (or ascending ones), and it takes a little bit time. Yesterday my mother went through the same experience which I felt on Sat. How about you?

      1. I’m not sure, of course, but I can say that we had several ‘energetic’ experience, and this is how I feel now. I know firstly it sounds boastful, but the picture is more bigger than we can imagine… Unfortunately I can not describe the experiences properly, because my english is not the best, but if someone resonates with my comment, please let me know, I really would like to put the pieces together.

      2. I recommend the latest Gaiaportal messages for further explanation, they are fully corroborate with my feelings, particularly the recently posted.

        1. As you are Master of your Life, why give power to another in how you perceive your World?

          1. Pinkrose you misunderstand me, we are co-creators, not separated individuals, yes I am master of my life, you are master of your life and so on, but WE are master of OUR world. Do not forget that everything is related with everything.

        2. That is just it! I find gaia portal messages to be quite obtuse. I don’t find them very explanetary. always leaves me wondering what they are getting at.

          1. Yes,, i just read the latest one and it is very clear this time. Did not see the latest post come in until i made that comment. It does feel like what is described here is transpiring. The CCs are usually more direct and to the point which i appreciate.

            1. Yes it is, let’s see what happens next. Be aware! 😀
              PS I agree with you they like to message circumstantial, sure it is necessary

        3. Aaron, where are the gaia portal messages? The energies this week have been intense for me. Started Sunday and have not stopped. Geez, the crying all week and especially today has been annoying. Getting swollen and snotty does nothing for my ego! ha ha ha Anyway, I have not heard of the gaia portal messages. Thanks!


  17. Big Loving ((( HUGS ))) to Aisha and Pond Family 🙂 To all my Sisters and Brothers here ❤

    So many of us need "me time". To go within, to look at ourselves, to observe, and to simply … BE.

    Enjoy it, let it go, Be, Feel.

    When you can (fatigue is present also for most of us) share, as it is a joy to read (Bubbles of Joy, which are an expression of my Spheres of Light, how cool).

    So much resonance, so much sinchronicity, so many "signposts" lately 🙂
    We have so much to give, so much to learn from each other !

    Waves of Love, Light and Joy (sharing my Bubbles everywhere lately, feels fantastic).

    1. And… here it comes 😀
      I had catching up to do, I read a lot, wrote a bit… and BAM… Sleepy to the point I am struggling a bit to finish this sentence.

      See you in dreams also, Pond family 🙂

  18. thank you Aisha, thank so much, you ‘ve done it again… given the words we just needed, love and light

  19. This makes so much sense to me Aisha and CCs for I have felt strongly in the last days the pull within and a pause from any kind of distraction from any direction… so I’ve been following that and this brief visit here affirms once again my own senses and so I offer deep gratitude to the CCs, Aisha and all in the UniPond…

    I’m quite excited as I type these few words and I know that I am going to allow myself the space to embrace this shift…

    Much love to all, Philip 🙂

  20. Thank you Aisha and the cc’s. It is good to know that I am not on my own with this. Things I have done for years now seem meaningless. I did feel abandoned yesterday by my usual helpers (angels etc) so it is good to know that that is part of the plan. Love and joy to everyone pond side today. Sarah xxx

    1. Dear Sarah, welcome to the Pond. You are never alone, wherever you are your team of angels, guides and helpers (not to mention your higher self as well) is with you. All we have done before may seem meaningless in the new light but it was a necessary process that brought us here, was it not? All those yesterdays were precious lessons that led us here and this is a good place, right?
      Love and Endless Joy to you,

      1. Tears Pash, thank you. This has been a long bewildering week so far. Participating in family meet ups that I have enjoyed in the past, but now feel quite lonely here not being able to communicate about this stuff as it is the most important experience in my life! X

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