The manuscript of survival – part 293

As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from before. But as they in some cases are rather subtle, you may find it hard to hear the different resonance this is making throughout your whole system. For the tune has indeed changed, and so have you, and as such, the melody being played out by each and every one of you has also changed. And together, the choir you make up has changed its tune in such a way, the whole of Creation is able to perceive it. And yes, this will indeed affect us all, and as such, the reactions to it will also change. In subtle ways, but also in some more noticeable ones. For remember, there are still those around trying with all of their might to quell these sounds of revelation, and as such, they will also feel forced to up the ante in any way they can. Hence the somewhat surprisingly vehement attacks some of you have encountered lately. For remember, your voices and your mere presence signals the arrival of a light that is becoming more and more brilliant, and for those eyes still more accustomed to shading themselves by constantly being focused on the dimmer regions of your planet, this brightening light will feel like it is almost piercing into their brain, even into their very core. So they lash out in protection, and anyone standing in their way may feel the brunt of these attacks.

So it can be hard at times standing in this new light, for it exposes so much not only within yourself, but also within those around you, and that can indeed be painful in so many ways. For what you see it not always easy to digest. But again we say, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and no matter what arises in these next few days, whether it is within your own sphere or it is on a more macro level, know that all is well and everything is happening for a reason. Remember, this is not ”judgement day” in any connotation of the word. For this is neither doom nor a final reckoning of anyone’ s feasibility. For this is just the final clearance of anything that may still stand in the way of these arrows of light, and as such, give thanks to whatever you might find popping up in your life at the moment. For it is not coming up in order to make you feel bad in any way, far from it. It is only popping up to show you that you are jettisoning the last remants of any baggage you might still have concealed somewhere on your person, and this baggage must go in order to help you take that final step forwards.

So again we say, this is a process that can seem to be bewildering, as you will feel yourself being tossed between a complete state of bliss one moment, for then to be thrown into confusion by something that suddenly materializes in front of you. But even if it might seem like it to many of you, this is not a case of one step forward, two steps back. For no matter what you experience now, whether it can be looked upon as smooth sailing or fighting for breath, they can all be considered as steps forwards.

So rest your weary heads and your confused bodies, and know that you are constantly being propelled forwards, in the best of ways. For we are helping you to keep putting one foot ahead of the next, as we see to it that you are gently guided to look in the direction that will give you the best of opportunities to find the most effective way to advance. And remember, you are not alone in this, and even if it all comes down to each and every one of you how you want to tackle this journey, you will have access to all the help and assistance you need in order to be able to fulfill this quest for glory. And glory is what you will find, no matter how deep you seem to be mired in the old muck at times. For you are not stuck there, not in any way, and the moment you realize this, you will not waste any more time fighting against it all. For surrender is once again the key word here, as to surrender is not to give up, it is merely to accept this process for what it is. And when you do this, you will indeed find yourself being carried on a swift current towards that final resting place, where you can simply step into your completeness and leave all of this toil and worry behind.

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  1. I don’t know much about the guru, but I am friends with several Ananda people.
    I spent Easter with my materialistic relatives. I guess I show up on the other side of the equation on this one. I was what popped up to challenge the way they think. I was the strong current which carried them along. Some got angry, some annoyed, and some were ashamed. I simply stated my truths and let it go at that, without punishing anyone. If they can hear, then good, if not, oh well, maybe later.

    1. Great post, thank you. I dont think we need gurus anymore, just friends!
      I had a similar experience this weekend. It seemed like my energy was causing a reaction in people just by being nearby. none of it was directed at me. maybe I’ll get it tomorrow 🙂

  2. Big hugs Pash dear! I am feeling the same way too! Nayon the other day I had something similar to what you were explaining and it felt as if wave after wave of love were hitting me and like I was truly being reminded of how much I am loved and my heart overflowed and the tears flowed from my eyes and every single thing I beheld I found beauty and love in!

    I have to also tell you all something that very much could have upset me but because I am in a different place now and also what the CC’s said about being attacked. I share on a forum and a question came up months ago based on an ascended master reading that spoke on sexuality. The discussion went over and over and over again, bringing it up, people would argue against sexuality as a sin, as holding us back from ascension, all these 3D things and a few of us shared in a very open fashion with love and acceptance. Yesterday one person who is older and would not shift her hard stance was very rude and hurtful and acted like a baby who put her hands over her ears and basically said, I don’t want to hear you….

    Now in the past I would have reacted to such an attack to “defend myself” but there is nothing to defend. She IS me, she is me on a different level dealing with issues that are very difficult for her and no matter what she needs my love, so I will be sending her love to the star of her soul above her so it can sprinkle it down on her for her path. I think the point for me personally was to illustrate that some things are not easily talked about, brought up, shared and released and that the deeper the wound or the more repressed the area, the more folks are going to fight kicking and screaming Not to release things–and that is ok-for them, but I choose a different path…

    big hugs and love and happy April 1, which we call April Fools day here in the US and we make jokes at each other..a day for silliness and fun! Alex

    1. Dear Alex, it seems that I,ve embarked in the same small canoe as you, I also think ‘things’ very different from the mean. For example, about sex, I,ll quote a paragraph from the book Talking with God 1, of Ronald Walsh, that I simply agree:

      ‘The sexual experience is the single most loving, most exciting, most powerful, most exhilarating, most renewing, most energizing, most affirming, most intimate, most unifying, most re-creative physical experience of which us humans are capable’.

      As you can see, this is the other face of that old rusty coin called sex, the other one was made by darkness, and represents another dogma that we all know too well. So, i,d like to send this another vision to that old lady by the same means you talked about, mayhaps she finds some enlightenment in this April 1. Big hug for you, my loved sister of light!

    2. I have yet to be attacked yet myself but I have seen people getting quite snappy! The truth is coming out and that means repressed feelings as well. It’s great that you felt no need to defend a position, the lady was determined to lash out and that was that. I guess we may be seeing a lot more of this as so many of us have had sexuality used in a violent way against us that an association can easily form between the two that doesnt really exist.
      A bit like saying a kitchen knife is a sin. Nobody blames the knife if its used to hurt someone so how could sexuality itself be to blame for any transgression?
      We are by definition sexual beings. the ‘demonising’ of sexuality was an act of suppression by the early church to disempower people and impose authority. It was simply a power trip. What it implies is that our very existance is a ‘sin’ and we are unworthy and inferior in comparison to the celibate officials of the church who are untainted by the ‘original sin’. This insidious lie still pervades much of the world’s cultures in subtle ways even in ‘post-religious’ culture.
      This is also a total perversion of the idea of celibacy which is merely a choice of where a persons energy is focussed at a particular point in time.
      Next week it will be money they are fighting about! The best way to revive a dying ego is to take a position, have an opinion or belief and attack someone with it. Sounds like a lot of hard work for nothing to me, I’m going to let my ego die next time it shows up!

      1. Nomad and Pash, I am in the same frame of mind as you and have been blessed to come out of repression and also injury related to sexuality and reclaim my sacred divine feminine and sexuality. I agree with both of you whole heartedly and this is an area where many will struggle because it has been ingrained for many lifetimes. Nomad, just to let you know your sending love and my sending love–she apologized for her behavior. no justification, simply sorry for being hurtful. I accepted. It is done and over and that feels so much better than holding resentment or needing to feel right. Heck, I am so loving feeling Happy and being kind instead of needing to be right or self righteous. I also feel a lot of “guru’s” who tell people what to feel, how to feel, what to do, etc. regarding ascension are simply just spiritual self righteous hypoccrits! give me someone working their path with humility and a bit of confusion any day!

        Also Pash, think about your ego as a very sad and frightened child. You do not need to let the ego die-this is also another false teaching. The ego can never die, it is a part of you, but it can be integrated into being a part of the process by accepting it and loving it and asking it to be your assistant in all things. I met my ego in meditation and it was a black crow. i cuddled it and forgave it and apologized for all its hurts and then firmly said that I wanted it to integrate with my whole team and be a part of the process. I then had a dream that night that it had turned into a hummingbird that looked like a cross between a peacock and a phoenix! The love was amazing!

        Now, if I want to see why I am hurting or want to see past lives or vasanas I go into meditation and I ask my low self (ego) to show me what is hurting or what I need to know–it is analytical and logical and always finds the data I need. Try it and see! this also helps to stop the fear and brain chatter because you are giving it a job on the team instead of trying to block it out! You can treat it as you would a child with love and with firmness if needs be.

        Tons of love to you all! 🙂 Alex

        1. That sounds like an awesome exercise, thank you, Alex! I definitely agree with negotiating with the ego and have only recently started – the teaching that it must be dissolved or can some how die confused me for years. Also, I can only speak for myself but I feel that as people awaken it’s really time to “lose the guru.” Certainly let’s learn from one another as teachers and students as we all are, but let’s take the special-ness out of it…it’s so 3D! I find myself shrinking more and more away from those who refer to themselves or allow themselves to be touted as “luminaries.” Who doesn’t hold the divine spark – who isn’t a luminary? Much much much love! : )))

          1. We are just using a different definition of the word ego. There seem to be several in usage and I think thats great. I am expanding my understanding thanks to all the unique points of view.

  3. I just want to tell everybody how much I love them all the time now because it makes me blissful. I cant go through every post because my arm hurts and my eyes are foggy!
    So everyone, I Love You! 🙂 ♥ 🙂

    1. Love you back, Pash 😀

      Foggy eyes … yes 😉 some days I can hardly read anymore. All becomes hazy (Haloes around bright objects too).

      Wonderful of you to drop a love note to all ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Greetings from Spain. Salamanca in sight.
    Dropped the Thermo clothes. Lots of water in the rivers. Sailing onwards to the Mediterean sea.
    On route 62.
    You must remember this. A kiss is just a kiss.
    It ´s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory. Da di da di da di.
    I send a postcard when we reached Casablanca.
    or Kioto,
    We love you.
    Love devotion and surrender.

  5. Yesterday I went thru something strange and I was wondering if others felt similar things. For a time, I was hoping this was the actual ascension event, but I’m still here obviously.

    During meditation, which I did a lot yesterday, I felt waves coming at me, but the kind I have never felt before. It was kind of a shiver but without the cold, and it was slightly but definitly orgasmic. The feeling was mostly from my shoulders, between heart and throat chakras. It came in set of waves, spaced by irregular moments of peaceful bliss. On and off during the day, I experienced this for about 2 to 3 hours.

    1. Dear Nayon, I,d love to feel that wonderful orgasm too. I feel your heart of heart chakra (to the left) is opening. Much love to you!

    2. Dear Nayon, this is very exciting! 🙂 It is the remembering of our natural state of Joy. Millions have arrived at that point in the history of mankind. In Yoga it is Samadhi (of which there are several levels) or God-realisation or many other names, in Zen it is Satori, for Christian mystics it is rejoicing, Sufi (mystical Islam) has a name I cant remember. All are the same. You WILL not be able to live without it. It WILL grow over time. You MAY come down with a bang as any stored emotions in your nervous system are dislodged. Dont let this put you off, one day it will be PERMANENT!
      Your post reminded me of this quote

      “God-consciousness is 10 million times more blissful than sexual experience.”
      (Sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa)

      from this wonderful website

      1. Thank you Nohmad and Pashstclair for the info. It was indeed a wonderful and addictive experience. I wish it could have been a collective experience and maybe it will be ‘soon’ (oh no, not that word again) Today, I can feel some sparks but much weaker. My cat seems to be quite attracted to me also, he jumps on my shoulders, in my arms or lay close to me whenever possible. Now if we can get this show on the road, it would be an extra bonus.

      2. Can I just add that in no way do I believe that Ramakrishna was advocating an opinion on sexuality but merely trying to convey with the crudeness of words something of the feelings he associated with realisation by way of a metaphor. He wasnt saying god-consciousness was ‘beyond’ sexuality as many churches have implied, an association that may be made in western culture but not perhaps in the India of his time. I kinda regret including that quote, but I am interested that Nayon would draw a comparison there too.

        1. Pashstclair, your quote was not out of context. I’ve read before that ascension could feel similar to an orgasm. When I wrote ‘slightly orgasmic’, I meant it was similar to shivers you get when being caressed but without the muscle spasms. This afternoon, this energy came back, less than yesterday but more than this morning. But there might be more to it than personnal enlightenment. I was very surprised a few minutes ago to read this comment from Georgi Stankov on his blog; ”I have inner cold shivering all the time, although I do not feel cold”

          Those were almost the exact words I used. One of his collaborators also mention tooth aches which also appeared for me today. Lets see if tonight’s session brings along more surprises. Dr Stankov claims ascension could occur within the next few days. Although I am not a blind follower of anybody, I sure wish he’s not too far from the truth.

  6. Dear UniPonders, beautiful family of light! Once again I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart for what you bring to this space. Your insights, your visions, your pain, your joy – all that you share is a gift not only to the people gathered here, but to this whole world. For what we do is not just for us, this is a process that involves all of humanity. So thank you for what you are and for what you do, for you are all truly changing this world with every breath you take and with every beat of your heart.
    Love and light, Aisha

  7. find yourself being carried on a swift current towards that final resting place, where you can simply step into your completeness and leave all of this toil and worry behind..

    Sounds like DEAD to me, could be wrong. All these messages from many sources are saying the same thing. I, personally, don’t intend to be complete or leave toil and worry behind. I have stuff right here, right now, that needs healing and love.

    1. No problem, dear Sadee, all of us breathing here and now, have lot of stuff pending, deep wounds that need healing and we all need much love. Much, much love, because we forgot what is to love, what is to be alive, what is to be free. Our life is full of dogma, our culture is one brought up by darkness to fulfill their agenda. We don,t know who we are, or why we are here, or what comes afterwards. We are like that people lost in a desert. Without compass and blind. Just looking for our way just with our hands. 13.000 years of darkness is not easy to be forgotten. You are right, we are like dead. But… But… There,s this long process called Ascension, a window in time of 36 years, and we are in the middle. Someone thought it,s time to us to awake again from this long nightmare. And here we are, trying. It,s not a race, each one of us awake in his proper time. And is good that, those that awake first, help all others to awake too. And this is what we, here at this Pond of Infinite Pristine Light, are doing. We are exactly the same as you, we need all you also need. In this place nobody is above another one. All of us, Sisters and Brothers of the Light, have the same wrights and duties, however we have no explicit rules. We only ask everybody to treat everyone with love, sympathy, discernment and compassion. Because we are meant to be a Family. A family of light, where all take care of all, give support, understanding. As we are all different and unique, we have had different experiences, then we can sometimes help others. As others help us too when we need. A family, do you see, Sadee?. Now, we are becoming very happy, because as we are healing, we begin to slowly forget our dark past. And we are beginning to see our future with hope, love, union, peace and joy. Do you think we are wrong? Do you think we are all crazy? Living in this chaotic world and don,t looking at what the news, TV and paper say. The problem is that we are tired of always the same. All the best for a little and slavery for the rest. We are evolving. We are rising or frequency and our sight to a new paradigm. We are going to a new dimension, where the separatism imposed by darkness does not exist any more, just union, joy and love. In this process, our ego and mind are quiet, just doing what they are meant to do. And we are opening our heart, more and more, to guide us again. So, brother Sadee, I ask you to join us, because you are one of us, otherwise you would not be here. Be our brother of the light. Welcome!

  8. So sweet recollections we had today…
    There,s no doubt that all was not just dark…
    So many books, authors, masters…
    Paramahansa, Yukteswar, Lahiri, Babaji…
    Shankara, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ…

    They all came, stayed and went away…
    They all taught many and many things…
    They showed there was another way…
    To live life, with love, union and peace…
    Who send them to us? Why? Do you know?…

    Today we hear talk of other different names…
    Kryon, Bashar, CCs, Mattheu Ward, Salusa…
    That send their teachings from afar…
    Channeled by people like our beloved Aisha…
    Who send them to help us again this time?

    It was a long, long time in complete darkness…
    We forgot even who we really are…
    Our history was hidden, corrupted, adulterated…
    Slowly we are knowing, it,s time of awaking…
    But there,s someone missing who tries to talk to us…

    We were taught that God is to be feared…
    That He,s vengeful, jealous and unmerciful…
    But this was just deceive from darkness…
    To separate us from His eternal love for us…
    Let,s finally go Home to be One with God, mayhaps…


  9. Thank you my dear Aisha & Constant Companions for all your love and support. I am so thankful to the Cosmos, My love and blessings to you all,

  10. Is anyone else here experiencing a sense that they are in idle, but the pedal is to the metal? I feel such an intense rush of energy but I have absolutely no direction as to what to do or where to place my feet next. Trying trying trying to stay in the moment, but man, it is even challenging to sit in one place for long. I’ve picked up two books today, done my thing and continue to do so, with my cats, watched one movie and tried watching about 5 others but no interest, and I attempted to go for a walk but it is raining now. So I feel like I am spinning my wheels going nowhere. And oh, meditation? Forget it. I just am not able to BE STILL right now! Should I paint? No motivation. Should I work on my crochet? Again, no motivation. I just don’t want to sit still. I feel like FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! But where to go??? Thank GOD for all of you I have spoken to today! (((HUGS)))

    1. Try inside, sometimes is the best/unique place to go to find calm. It,s infinite, so I bet you won,t bore inside you, like here in 3D, where all you want must be paid for and is messy. And, as it seems you like the pedal to the metal, I think you will be at home there, because inside you, just you give the cards. This is not that kind of scientific meditation, with controlled breath or with lots of rules, no. It,s a while just for you. Nobody must know. It,s for you to know what is going on within you. To know if you are going too slow or perhaps too fast. Or to find out what is the best velocity for you.
      Sometimes we try to embrace the world with our arms. Why?. What for?.
      It,s for you to find your exact center, which no wind will make you to lose it.
      Sometimes we need to go inside to reach peace again, to nurture our spirit for the journey ahead. Sometimes we need to be alone, just with our thoughts, and talk to our minds to say stop, go to the back seat and don,t make more noise. To be alone, inside our heart, is magical, you know. It,s a portal to the unknown about us. It,s where we put in order our thoughts and our life. Take your time. Give a try. Mom Amy, I do love you!

      1. Great points Nohmad my brother! Rosie, I feel what you feel as well and what I do in those times is put on some good music and DANCE! Sending you tons and tons of love! We are bored where we are, and do not yet know what the future holds, but we can imagine it, we can feel it, we can love on it and that is so powerful as well!

    2. Hello my beautiful and beloved Amy …
      As so often I’m in your same point and totally agree with you, I but you’re my words;)
      I have missed you so much these days of “lethargy” in which a lot has happened and nothing at once. Both have written here that leave me stunned, I and just know that I LOVE YOU ALL.. I have to catch up with the readings, I but thanks for being here.
      Much love, Amy, Janis, Alex, Nohmad, Aisha, Heather, Marc, I Michael … (I forget a thousand, but you are all in my heart), Your sister from Spain.

  11. Hi my blessed brothers and sisters of the unipond,

    I wanted to share the vision I had last night in meditation because it is so spot on with what the CC have been saying and also after processing it I see it is the process that we are going through!

    When I connected I saw this vibrant beating heart in the center of my field of vision and it was beating and as each beat occurred a wave of vibration came off the heart and it seemed to be putting out concentric circles of vibration and at first this heart was beating alone and saddness and gunk was coming out of the heart as well as love.

    Then the vision pulled back and I saw two hearts beating and the concentric circles intersecting and gunk and sadness at first being interwoven and then love permeating the concentric rings.

    Then the vision pulled back even further and I saw millions of hearts beating in concentric circles and sadness and gunk being released and love permeating and then within the concentric circles where they overlapped each other, light began to radiate down and I realized these hearts were encircling the earth—the eternal hearts were working together to clear and then to create love and co-create light on the planet. Light poured in from above to boost this work and I felt strongly the connection to source and its support of our process, but felt strongly that WE are doing this–we are through our own hearts, shedding our pain and all else and then focusing our love, and when we are in that space, we can assist others to shed their pain and focus their love-on and on and on!

    I was then given a bit of clarification about the way in which love and light are shared on an individual basis for the highest good of all. I saw an egg sitting in a halo as if it was in a force field and I saw another egg also in a force field but with a heart in the center and I saw the heart center beam out light towards the other egg. something happened and the light was reflected off the force field and back directly to the heart egg and the beam of light returned with great force. I got the feeling that when sending love and light and shining an example to a person still in their “small separated, ego run consciousness” through fear they simply bounce this energy off themselves. They are too afraid to let it in because they may have to experience change or really look at themselves and evaluate, and they still want to be asleep.

    The second time I saw an egg, still in its force field and another egg with the heart center and it was beaming love and light up to a star like point above the first egg and that point collected the energy and then I shone it down in gentle radiance on the egg and that egg accepted the energy of love and light at its own pace and released what it needed to release and accepted what it needed to accept and then, its heart, it started to show!

    So, we are all connecting, we are all releasing, some of us are going with the flow, others are still asleep and that is their soul choice, but asleep or not all souls deserve our love and so sending love to their higher beings for assimilation at the proper pace for these sleeping fellows is the direction I am going to be taking. It feels so good to me!

    Big hugs all! Loving on you big time! Thanks aisha and cc! Alex

    1. That was breathtakingly beautiful, Alex! Feels so right on. A while back I got a vision of my three younger sisters as little girls sleeping side by side together and I was watching over them. I took it to mean all is well with our relationships, there just sleeping still while I’m awake. This inspires me to keep gently radiating love and light toward them…thank you so much! : )))

  12. This is for those of you who find themselves in “painful family relationships”. I share a piece of my life with you.

    Today, my husband is all bummed out because he found out his brother and wife have been invited over to his sister’s house for Easter dinner. Now, the only reason we have not been invited, is because this sister is very uncomfortable around me (the Light in me) and has the attitude I am all wrong for her brother.


    Powerful words bubbled up from within me, and I said them to my husband and they go something like this……

    “Are you going to allow someone else to ruin your day, knowing that you were not invited to an Easter dinner because of me? Do you really want someone actively present in your life who doesn’t “approve” of what you do with your life? If you do not realize by now you have every right to be who you are, regardless of what that person is, what is the sense of even being alive? Do you really want someone telling you that you will be accepted by them, if you live according to how they want you to live?”

    Just some “food for thought” for those of you who are in less then optimal family situations. And I will go a step further. What are YOU learning from this “polishing lesson” or are you not learning anything at all?

    With a little wisdom gained, one can see the tree through the forest.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this, Amy. You are on my mind a lot lately. A while back you shared a beautiful integration exercise that expels all that doesn’t serve, transmutes into Love and invites it back into one’s being to fill all voids and crevices as Love. (That is my interpretation any way – you said it much more beautifully and articulately of course). “Do you really want someone telling you that you will be accepted by them, if you live according to how they want you to live?” No, I don’t. Which is why I finally said goodbye to my entire birth family of 6 people recently, 2 parents and 4 siblings in the last year.

      I spent the first 40 years of my life catering to religious zealot-child-abuser-bullies who taught me that love and abuse are the same thing. I was the eldest sister and the true mother to my four siblings who I gave my life to, only to grow up and watch them become alcoholic bullies to me like our parents. While I too became an alcoholic, I am not a bully. I see my mother’s bully come out in my sometimes, and I say to it, “No, no. Not happening,” and it shrinks back and takes a seat with the other negative archetypes I choose not to indulge. I no longer drink to quell my demons – I surrender to my demons and watch them melt in my Love. I accept people unconditionally and don’t want the acceptance of anyone who is not unconditional in their acceptance of others.

      And so, I wasn’t invited for Easter this year, either. And all I have to say about that is HAAAAALLELUJAAAAH!!!

      It’s not about not being forgiving and long-suffering. It’s about not suffering anymore, period. It’s about staying away from psychopaths until they choose to come to the Light. We can love them and pray for them without having to be in the room with them, or tolerate their demands, their cruelty, their ignorance. Bless them always, for we are One. May we all stay united in Spirit if not consciousness or physical reality for now.

      I love you, Amy! I am in awe of your power, strength and beauty as I am of everyone in Aisha’s Unipod of Light. All my love, Heather

      1. Oh, Heather, my Dearest Sister, you are making me cry! I was just crying out for something, and that something has everything to do with Love in my Heart. You make me SO proud for the gains you are making in your life for YOU. You have every right to live your life the way you want to, and for anyone to associate abuse with Love, walk away. I too have walked from my family for that reason. I will NOT tolerate being treated any less then how I dserve to be treated.

        Heather, it may be a bit difficult in the “inbetween phases” and by that I mean, between the position you are in, just hovering it seems due to all the cleaning out you have done, and then life that is about to open for you, one that is founded in LOVE.

        Oh OH OH, how tears are coming. I am SO happy for you. Thank you for respecting yourself and seeing what IS and making better choices for you.

        This Easter is again not the “dream” I see, yet the “inbetween phases” eventually pass away. Keep up the Great Work you are doing for YOU. Believe in YOU. If you don’t, no one else will, that is for sure!!!

        From My Heart to Your Heart, Amy

        1. My dear rosie and heathie!!!

          My heart jumps to your hearts because of the synchronicities in our paths! This easter, we sit home because my mother “could not be bothered” to do easter dinner and the one person who is upset about it is my husband as he feels judged! I am happy as a clam that I can BE me and choose not to celebrate a holiday that I do not believe in! Surely we made eggs last night in honor of Ishtar who’s festival of sexuality and fertility is the basis of the christianized Easter, and sat eating dinner with those beloveds around us who accept us as family and love us for being exactly who we are! I imagine you all at our table, sharing the food prepared with love, the wine in toast, the pleasant conversation and sharing of stories. That feels so good to me as opposed to the feeling of YUCK around gathering with a family that does not really Want to be together and only is because of habit. Throwing out the old habits and making our own new blessed traditions is what this season of new birth is all about! Blessing a world where we are all accepted and loved unconditionally in all our silliness and freedom as divine beings! Hugs! Alex

          1. Alex, I CAN imagine all of us sitting together “breaking bread” together, really talking, laughing, touching, hugging, crying, exchanging stories, listening, and LOVING. My hands shake at this image, one I have had for years, REAL Family, REAL Friends, sitting together because they WANT to be together and not because of some holiday that no one even cares about.

            LOVE your imagery, just LOVE it. I too am away from madness, yet I have done it for years, and over those years, the loneliness has crept in. When WHEN will I live to see the day those who I really LOVE and who LOVE me and understand me, come together to enjoy each other’s company?

            The sand in the hourglass has run out. New has begun. Today.

          2. Wow, I just love the way you describe things, Alex! So cool how you celebrated Ishtar, I will have to do that next year for sure! My dear friend Paul calls me Heathie – he was the first person to ever call me that and you are the second! It’s beautiful to meet you, Sister! Thank you for inviting me to your lovely dinner last night…it was amazing! I feel so embraced, safe and joyful in your home and with your beautiful guests! Great seeing you there, too, Amy! (Yes time (what is time?) travel is possible – all it takes is a little imagination and an open heart!) Much love and hugs! :)))

        2. Thank you for your beautiful encouragement, Amy. Something told me you would understand having been through it, too. It’s taken enormous courage to do this as you know, and I hear you on the inbetween phases. Oh boy, I hear you – it is much like surfing those waves Aisha talked about in one of her posts the other day. I get pummeled by waves but the more I surrender as the CCs say, the faster I float back up to the top. I will eventually arrive on the shore of a new life and family founded in LOVE like you said. I’m in no hurry anymore to “get there” or “arrive” or “be done with this healing already.” It’s already happened. Now it’s just a matter of watching it unfold. Sending lots of love to you and am so happy to have found you, Dear Sister! : )))

          1. Heather, our new lives will unfold gracefully and beautifully and when they do, we both will look back and see the whys, see the Lessons more clearly, and carry with us Eternal Gratitude for the New Life we never gave up in believing in. BIG (((HUGS))) to you! Yes, it takes courage to make changes, yet I must admit the pressure within indicating something needs change, is the impetus to step out to do something to change that very thing that is strangling you.

            I love you, Heather. From one Sister to another, there will be times you will be tested to pick that bottle up again. You know it will only borrow trouble. Stay strong and say NO! or better yet get the courage to LAUGH at the temptation and BLIP it good bye! Hang on to your Dreams, for they are about to manifest!

            1. Thank you for watching out for me, Sister. After a long struggle to stop using alcohol, it is no longer part of my reality or even a temptation. I create a strong structure to support its absence: healthy friends, activities, diet, exercise, etc. Yet, it’s been so long now and I’ve purified my mind and body so much, I can’t even imagine how or why I ever struggled with it. I shifted out of that timeline and am too committed to full awakening to go back to the other now. Temptations may manifest, and when they do I will laugh and think of you! I love you, too!

          2. Heather & Alex, sweet beloveds sisters of light, WE ARE YOUR FAMILY NOW. Sever all dogma of 3D from your life. Surround yourselves with people that vibrate like you do, that love like you do, that want to be free of 3D like you do, that want to be happy like you do, that want to evolve infinitely like you do, that love Mother Earth like you do, that want to go Home like you do. I love you!

            1. I love you, Nohmad! Thank you for reaching out and affirming that WE ARE FAMILY. Something I know deep in my heart and which I came to this beautiful Light pond today, on Easter, to see reflected back by my amazingly brilliant and beautiful brothers and sisters. I love my family!

              1. Awwww! Big hugs to all of you and especially rosie with relation to her beautiful cat spirits. Abraham-hicks has a wonderful message about cats and how they are not at all attached to their individual incarnations but joyfully come back again and again to bask…in the light of love…also know that you can intend for these blessed spirits to come back to you. I have done that before and it always works…as a lover–a mother-a giver it is so hard to sometimes let go of the physical–even though we know there is no death…so blessings and love as you deal with what you feel is to come with much love and care. Alex

    2. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve come to the same realization myself after a painful family vacation. I finally learned that I have to distance myself from family who will only approve if I do and be what they want me to do and be. I was able to say “Goodby and good luck” without wishing them harm. It took a lot of pain to come out the other side. I also read everyone else’s posts and am truly inspired by their words!

      1. Thank you, too, Kris! It is so inspiring to hear that you found a way to do what was necessary to fully shine your light and empower your Life. In so doing we are being of service to our family, I believe – by showing them that true love starts within and is kind, nurturing, gentle, powerful, and unconditionally accepting. I know the pain you describe but as my one of my dear friends says, it’s so worth the freedom.

  13. Infinite graditude Aisha and C.C.’s for bringing this message of Light & Love.
    I send Blessings of Love and Oneness to you my Family of pond dwellers, I Love and Embrace you ALL in Joy and Celebration. 🙂
    Linda ❤

  14. Dearest Aisha, what a wonderful, fine and fitting missive today. It seems to mirror what is going on for myself in a precise manner, so much so to border on being uncanny. And for the moment, the bouts of doubt, confusion and perhaps minor smatterings of fear appear to be the lesser percentage of the whole experience, while at the same time the subtle dissimilarities mentioned feel slightly more than subtle to me. I sense and feel an underlying stability which contains a greater overall sense of well-being, like as in a foundation that is unshakable. It consists of a knowing, and hence a feeling of joy.

    There is a new song playing, that’s how it seems to me. I’ve been feeling it for some days, now. I’m being cautiously optimistic 🙂 …but this song may well be nothing short of glorious.

    I have asked for the final clearing that is being referred to, and so am waiting for the “onslaught”. On good Friday I watched for the second time the film “Passion of the Christ”, so that I might again appreciate the significance of suffering and dying prior to rebirth and resurrection. So far on this Easter day of resurrection I must admit I’m feeling rather good.

    My love and sincere thanks to you, and to all of you who contribute to this community.

    Happy Easter,


    1. Dear Carl! Thank you for once again sharing your light in this space. Yes, this is truly a resurrection for us all, and it is such a blesssing to be able to share it here in this space. Happy Easter to you too!
      Love and light, AIsha

    2. “I sense and feel an underlying stability which contains a greater overall sense of well-being, like as in a foundation that is unshakable. It consists of a knowing, and hence a feeling of joy.”

      Carl, same here. “Something” has “settled in” and it feels wonderful. I too am cautiously being optimistic, or better yet, I am just going with the Flow, and allowing the next moment to unfold into the next. No struggle. Effortlessly letting go and letting BE. (((HUGS)))

      1. and again … sinchronicity ! Amazing.
        “cautiously optimistic” … yes, I know exactly what you feel.
        After some “big dips” in march (the unexpected return of old feelings… anxiety, anger even…) it felt like “cautious” optimism when Joy was coming back 🙂

        Carl, Amy, and all Pondwellers, Aisha author of this glorious place, we are coming together by no coincidence 🙂

        I Love oyu, I Love US 🙂
        Joy and Love 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Woke up with a slight headache. Closing my eyes I could see a dark smoke coloured ‘thing’ in front of me.

    But it was moving away from me, never to be seen again. There were some connections between it and me, they stretched to extreme and snapped off, one by one.

    Bye bye garbage, bless you!

    The headache is gone too…

  16. hi Aisha,   do you ever take calls? As I had the most crazy dream ever last night and wanted your take on it…

    joy and peace and  May you always be well  xoxox




    1. Hello Maria and welcome to this space! I think my best advice would be to share your dream here on this blog. That way, you get a chance to invite everybody to bring their insights on it, and I think you will find that to be very helpful. My time is limited, so I always have to decline whenever I am asked to do private readings, instead I try to contribute my share here in this space.
      Love and light, Aisha

  17. I bow to Thee CC and my precious Sister of Light, for Words of Life that I drink oh so deeply. My Love to you, on this Golden Day of Resurrection. My Heart is Your Heart. And so it is.

  18. I love the message, but I certainly am feeling pummeled by the energies. My energy is totally gone and my mind is living a life it’s own. Different emotions come and go, but I hope that I am finally able to let go of any baggage that I’m still carrying with me. I want to let my inner wounds be healed. I am glad that I have chosen this tough, but satisfying journey.

    Namaste. 🙂

    1. Thank you for describing some of your experiences, Child of Light. I can relate: My energy’s been sapped, and my mind and dreams definitely have a mind of their own.

      So grateful to Aisha and the CC’s for their guidance at this Divine time. Although I choose to be mostly by myself these days, Aisha and her light-pond make me feel less alone. Happy Easter to you and all. I love this holiday that signifies “Resurrection.” It’s the perfect words for Blessed Gaia and Her Earth-bound souls: Rebirth, Reborn into the light, Resurrected.

      I was thinking this Easter morning of Paramahansa Yogananda’s poem, “Samadhi,” where He wrote:

      “From Joy we come,
      For joy we live,
      In the sacred Joy we melt.”

      It was a happy reminder that despite appearances, all is Joy Joy Joy 😉 Again, Happy Easter & Joy to all, xo Kat

      1. Thank you, Kat. When I was studying through the Self-Realization Fellowship program, I purchased many books written by Yoganandaji. What a beautiful poem to think about as I go about my day today. “From Joy we come, For Joy we live, In the sacred Joy we melt.” Ahhhhhhh………We ALL can experiene Samadhi anytime we want to. It is only a tweak of Attitude and to be present from the Higher Perspectives.

        Between this and the missive today, my head is tingling all over! Peace, my Family of Light! Peace and JOY this day of Resurrection!

        1. Happy Easter, my friend! I also am a student of P. Yogananda and can’t imagine my life without His love. He wrote ‘Samadhi’ after his first experience in Sri Yuketeswar’s home by the Ganges. I LOVE His triplet phrase, “From Joy we come…” Happiest of Easter’s to you and yours. I hope you are bathed in Light & Joy & showered with Blessings, xox 🙂

          1. Wow, I’m self realization fellowship too. Paramahansa said that he would guide us even after his death. I’ve always felt that he has been doing just that. Another big “hit” for the CC’s in the syncronicity department.

            Happy Easter to all.


            1. Dearest Brother, now you have me wondering how many other “students” of Yoganandaji are here in this Pond. The program builds character and discipline and I can honestly say, it changed my life. Namaste, Jeff. Amy

              1. SRF changed my life 18 years ago, Amy! Master said that Earth will need hundreds of thousands of Kriya Yogis to bring the light so perhaps He accomplished that! Jai Guru! 😉

                1. Kat, honestly I knew there was “something” about you. Energy doesn’t lie. I recognized in you what is in me. Did you get far enough in meditation to see the “Eye of GOD”? I did, and when it happened, I immediately jumped out of this body to merge with It, but I was pulled back. The event left me shaken to my core, and to this day, I have not forgotten. As with you, SRF changed me, and I am forever grateful to P Yogananda for what I was taught. (((HUGS))) Ananda Ma

              2. Me too!?! :-0 I ADORE Yogananda, he IS a guiding light for me always. I read autobiography every year. Usually around Easter! He adored and understood the teachings of Jesus like nobody else.
                This is too wierd!? Ananda Jai!

                1. OH, Pash! I am covered in goosebumps and I have tears in my eyes! Yoganandaji taught me how to “communicate” with the Great Central Sun and because of him, I am now able to look at the Sun any time of the day and receive.

                  Because of YOU, I am pulling out the Autobiography to read again. Thank YOU, Bless you. How many MORE of us are HERE?! Again, goosebumps!!!! With all my Love, Amy

                1. Oh, Crazywolf, very cool! I am reading this very book right now! I just popped on here to see if anyone posted before I go for a walk. A cat named Nandi. That HAS to be one very unique cat! (((Hugs))) to you on this Golden Day!!!

              1. Kat, Amy, Pash
                I’ve been SRF for about 10 years. Got Kriya initiation about 5 years ago. Presently, I’m an usher and greeter in Denver. My first book was Journey to Self Realization given to me by a dear friend. I’ve read it 6 times and put all my rose
                petals from Kriya ceremony in my favorite spots. The rest of his books I have read 2-3 times (I mean all of them).

                There’s a six book set called “The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding by Devorss Publishing that is amazing.( It tells of a group of people who have many wonderful abilities and live in seclusion like the early Essenes (who Jesus and John the Baptist grew up with). Just a guess – I believe we are evolving into these type of people.

                Love Always

                1. Dearest Jeff, Your wise words stirred my heart. Could this be the reason why some of us have been severely tested time and time again, to separate ego from Self? Could this be the reason why circumstances have been placed in our lives where we find ourselves so far away from most contact of the world? Could this be the reason our innate Gifts that we have been given, have been “fine honed” over years worth of Inner Work and Guidance? Could this be the “raising of the Saints” that will lead the world from the ways of darkness into those of Light?

                  There is no coincidence regarding those who are here at this Pond. None.

                  I thank you for the link you provided. I giggle as I write this, because those are one set of books I do not have. Just the other day I looked upon my library and was awestruck regarding the percentage of spiritual books compared to other subject matter that I have. Probably 99:1 ratio. Another giggle. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to know GOD. I had these amazing visions as a young girl, and I have been praying to have these visions return once again to me. They will. When the “time” has come.

                  From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

                2. Jeff, consider yourself very fortunate to have been initiated into Kriya Yoga. Those rose petals must hold a very high vibration…..oh I can just imagine. I wasn’t able to get to the West Coast for initiation and the small following that is here where I live, I did not feel comfortable with. I just now “do my own thing” being guided from Masters and Master Amy, which is the way I am more comfortable with. I have prayer beads that have the blessing of Yoganandaji which make my hands buzz when I use them.

                  Bless you!!!

              2. Amy
                From Conscious Awareness
                The path of suffering – 15% incline
                The path of service – 45% incline
                The path of alchemy – 90% incline

                Picture yourself mountain climbing up a 90% rock face.
                How many people do you expect to run into? Not many!
                Everyone here on this site is on the path of alchemy. It’s not an easy road to travel but if it was easy, anyone could do it.

                My books look a lot like yours. Spiritual. You start gaining knowledge, then wisdom. It never gets boring.


                1. Jeff, I am hanging on a rock face with one hand gripping a hole in a rock, the other ready to swing the pick to haul myself up, both feet with toe grips only on rock below me. In other words, I have come to a day when I prayed and I hoped would not come, but rather, I would get the miracle I have been believing in.

                  I care for and love special needs cats. Some of those cats are no longer living a quality life, so instead of leading them to a Land of Gold, I am faced with having to put them down. My Heart is a stone right now, for if I acknowledged the emotion that goes hand in hand with this, I would be swigging right from a bottle, not stopping until that bottle was empty.

                  These are wild/feral cats. IF I had not rescued them, the most they would have lived would have been probably 2 years, 3 the most, and miserable at that. I have given most of them 7-8 years of a good life, so yes, they have been given more then if they had remained outdoors.

                  I prayed this day would never come, and I prayed that Ascension would happen last December. When it didn’t, I was devastated for more then one reason. I now am faced with making an appointment with the Vet to ask how best to go about this. I do NOT want them to even realize what is going on and that means giving them something very strong here at home prior to taking them in.

                  I need LIGHT/LOVE my Family. The day of reckoning for me has come, a day I had HOPED would not come.

                  1. Ohhh, Amy…I know it’s so hard…I love what Alex had to say…and I’ve also heard some say that loved ones may leave us now because they may have more of a job to do on the ‘other side’ to help the greater whole through this thing we’re going through…maybe that can apply to pets, too…???…sending much love to you and your cat family…♥♥♥…janis

              3. Amy
                You’ve already blessed their lives. Compassion is strong in you. They’ll get to source before us and be waiting as kittens. We may be evolving, but we are not God, he is, you know the big guy.

                Let me ask you – throughout your life, has it ever gotten easier, the tests less intense? Not for me! I don’t expect them to. I may make it to the top of the mountain just in time to see all around me falling apart and falling away. I’ll sit down and cry for the rest of the world awaiting my death but knowing that I did all I could, and I’ll be OK with that. Then I’ll thank God for the chance to have lived my life – then I’ll stand up and scream to the heavens in joy for my victory. Then God can take me, I just want that one moment of triumph.


      2. Ohhh, so beautiful, Kat…I love that poem! I am feeling like you and Child of Light…very little energy. However, as you so aptly referred to it, the “light-pond” certainly is refreshing…♥♥♥…janis

        1. Dear Amy, Jeff, Pash, Crazywolf and Janis ~ How wonderful (and completely understandable) to find you here in Aisha’s Light-Pond!!

          The last lines of Autobiography of A Yogi are: “Lord,” I thought gratefully, “Thou hast given this monk a large family!”

          The truth of those words is brought home to me today with you all! Thank you for reminding me of the happy memories that accrue when following Master’s footsteps: The great and inspiring Autobiography of a Yogi, the lessons, wondrous meditations, the beautiful Kriya ceremony and rose petals, Convocations with Sri Daya Mata and Anandamoy. Wonderful, wonderful. And the hilarious stories the monks and nuns share about Master. And I loved in the Autobiography, how Master Mahasaya would refer to him as “Mischievous little sir,” because you just know, little Yogananda was that!!

          What a privilege it is to be in the Spiritual net of that great Avatar. I’m not a very disciplined student but my heart is true and steadfast and Master wrote that all paths lead us home so long as we each do the best we can.

          Aisha and the CC’s are amazing guides that reinforce the lessons Yogananda taught us and continues to teach us. So we are doubly blessed to have Aisha and the CC’s guide us as well as our great Guru. Thank you for such a Happy Blessed Easter. I wish you all Joy & Light & Love & showers of blessings and rose petals, always, xox

          1. Dearest Kat, I have left the extreme discipline of Kriya Yoga also, for what I was to gain from this practice, I gained. I have always, no matter how beautiful the tradition, always have been guided to find my own way. I believe with all my Heart, that in order to find our True Authenticity, we must all walk our own Path, for yes, as Yoganandaji said, there are many paths to GOD (as I too have always said). ALL lead HOME. And living according to the ethics and codes that YOU create, that is the making of a Master. (((HUGS)))

            1. Thank you so much, Amy, for taking the time to write EXACTLY what I needed to hear!! I’ve been on my own path for some years now, but Yogananda is ever with me, in my heart, thoughts and solace. Thank you for being such a blazing LIGHT in this pond 😉 x o x

              1. 🙂 and (((HUGS))) You are SO welcome! I just “reflected” what YOU already knew! (smiling) XXOO x Eternity, Amy

            2. Amy, who determines what a “quality life” is, or what the purpose of a life or an existence is? Do we see all? Do we know all? Who are we to decide when a life is to end? And what do we know of the soul and its purpose, why it suffers and the purpose behind it.

              I have been in your shoes, more than once. I was NEVER sanguine with “putting an animal down”, but I did it, more than one time, because in my limited perception the animal was suffering more than I could bear. So who was I protecting, anyway?

              If you’re having to separate yourself from yourself to the extent that the only remedy would be a bottle, then its time to take a deeper look at your decision.

              A very wise veterinarian once said to me, while we were euthanizing an injured deer at my request, “Suffering takes care of itself”.

              Is it up to us to determine the fate of any soul other than its natural course? Is not our place to love and care for it as it goes through its process? Who knows the purpose of all suffering in every case?

              I have studied Tibetan Buddhism, and in the teaching I found the answer, in a story about crows who were pecking out the eyes of a dying horse. If you wish to understand this truth, you can look it up.

              My last experience euthanizing a cat we loved dearly who had cancer still weighs heavy on my mind. Our beloved animal of 13 years was not ready to go. He fought it. I still play it over and over in my mind. Since then my wife and I have allowed the natural process to take place. And every time we have found we are sanguine with it. In two cases of three it was unusually peaceful. And in the third, our Callie Ann went here way on her own, and went through her process swiftly while we were unaware of it.

              Nature has a way of taking care of its own.

              We still have five cats, all of whom were originally abandoned. We gave them a home. Each of them will pass on in their own time, and no matter how painful it may seem for all of us, we will go through each with their process.

              We will never take life arbitrarily again, for we do not know the cause and the purpose in every case. We simply do not see that far at this time.

              You are loved,


              1. Amy, my heart goes out to you and your sweet angels, and rest assured you are surrounded by this family’s love, light and support right now as you navigate this crossroads. Carl, thank you for sharing on a topic that is really tough but needs discussion, I feel. For I agree, and witnessed it just last year with my housemate’s cat, our little GrayGray – not all of them are ready to go when it appears to us they may be, and knowing what to do to alleviate suffering, yet ensure they cross peacefully can be incredibly tough. GrayGray was up there in years, had stopped eating and was getting weaker by the day. My housemate is very intuitive with animals and although he could see his buddy deteriorating before his eyes for months, he trusted his discernment and decided against euthanization. On the day he passed, GrayGray slowly inched his way out to the living room to alert us, to say goodbye to us in hindsight, and then started the process. It was very peaceful – yes he caterwauled a bit, and it was hard to watch him leave, and then at the same time completely natural and holy. Amy, I know you’ll know what to do – of course you will – and there will be something beautiful that comes out of it for you. You get back what you put out, and what you’ve given your angels is nothing but good and right. So it will be in this. Much peace and calm to your heart.

            3. Wow Amy Pinkrose !
              Your childhood resonates so much with my own.
              Quest for God, yes. And from an early age some “battles” with established religion (in my case Christian Orthodox).
              I remember my mother calling priests at home to speak with me, because she thought I was “off track” 😀
              All the comments I read so far are … WOW.
              No coincidence 🙂

              Big HUGS to you all, I will go on reading now. So much to catch up, not logging in for a day or 2 (time is quite unreal at…times) 🙂

              LOVE, and bundles of JOY !

              Amy, about the cats…. what can I say. I “saw” exactly this. Holding cats (big ones, smaller ones) as they were … going.
              I thought it was me. Oooo Amy, it was YOU. Bless you.
              Sending waves of soothing energy your way, sister ! You did a wonderful thing. You will again. You are wonderful.
              ((( HUGS )))

    2. Adorable Child of Light, you are here and now, with all of us your family of Light. Let go all the extra baggage, at Home you,ll have anything you need and much, much more than you ever dreamed. Your Team is caring of all your wounds, one by one to you to be anew soon, before reaching Home.

      1. Thank you! I can definitely feel the loving energy here! I’m glad to be part of this process.

        1. Janis… Janis… Janis… You are becoming a big problem in my life. Now, I don,t know if I love you or myself, more. But, there,s no problem, really, because I,ve just remembered we are all ONE.

          1. hahaha…*smiling*…thanks for that, Nohmad…yes…ONE!

            ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
            ⋯ o ⋯
            ⋰ ⋮ ⋱

    3. Dear Child of Light, I hear you. I wanted to share a tool with you and everyone here who might be interested – Bashar’s Transformative Shifting exercise which you can find on YouTube. I’ve been working with it for several months and am astonished by how effective it is at uncovering subconscious negative beliefs. I’ve asked many times over the years for instantaneous healing and removal of all that doesn’t serve me. What I’ve received instead are the people, events, teachings, tools, guides, and now energy upgrades (woo hoo!) that have helped bring everything into the light to consciously look at, honor, and let go of myself. I’m not saying this is the way it must be for everyone. However, considering the nature of the mind and the negative conditioning and brainwashing many of us have experienced, identifying and rooting out these core negative beliefs seems right to me. We read a lot from channeled sources that they can’t do the work for us – perhaps this is what they’re talking about. I agree with Bashar, that you can’t change (or let go of) what you don’t own (or are aware of). So, if this happens to resonate with you, I encourage you to check it out! Again, you can find the exercise on YouTube and download the full “Changing Core Beliefs” seminar it came from at Much love, joy and deLIGHTful acceleration to you all. : ) Heather

      1. Thank you, Heather. I will have to try the exercises! I’ve always liked Bashar and his sense of humour.

  19. Thank You, dear Aisha and CC, we thank You and Love You so very Much!
    Love and Light from Carina and Kim

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