The manuscript of survival – part 291

The undertow will be strong for many of you now, and it will feel as if your feet are in danger of being swept away. And so you think you face certain destruction, for when you venture to feel into these energies surging around you now, you can feel just how powerful they are. But in this, the lesson is the same as for those caught in a riptide when they are out in the waters. Do not fight this dear ones, for then you will only prolong your pain and misery, and you are apt to tire yourself out completely. For what you need to do is to go completely against your instinct. For your instinct will tell you to hunker down and fight with all of your might against the relentless push and pull if this surge. But what you need to do, is the complete opposite. For you need to just lift your feet, release your hold on the firmament, and let yourself ble swept away on these currents. And when you do, you will find it is so much easier to navigate this stream of incoming energy, and you will find yourself floating freely in this large body of water. For if you stick to your guns, you will find yourself fighting for air, as the water rises and your head starts to become submerged.

So again we say, do not fight this, but surrender to this, and you will find your breath slowing down, and you will be better able to tune into your own heart. And when you do, you will find all of the assurance you need. For your heart knows that you are not drowning, you are in fact being propelled upwards and forwards, and so your heart will go on, in a steady and powerful rhythm. So again we say, stay connected to your core, and all will be well, and follow your heart and let yourself fall into the loving embrace of this undulating wave of love and light.

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  1. My dearest Ashia thank you for all you do and may this journey we travel be full of love and light 🙂 ….

    Always mark

  2. Greetings Friends–

    So appreciate all of you and the ups and downs that we have all known. I have been listening to this song a lot lately and it is in my being.

    I am linking you to a lyrics version but the actual video from the film is even better. I just wasn’t sure about all the laws/rules and such–you know how that old world put so many fences around everything. Of course, they’re gone now…

    Let Your Clarity Define You…

    Bless you all.


  3. SENDING MY LOVE/LIGHT TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE STRUGGLING! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ah yes the waves. I’ve been awash for the past couple of days in issues. I spent a lot of time clearing them last year and they’re back again with the latest influx of energy. After christmas I had a few pieces of bliss but they were fleeting.

    This ascension thing is tough stuff!

    1. Yes,the waves have been getting more intense all month. Pieces of bliss are few and far between. These latest influxes have had all four of my bodies aching and shaking. No two days are the same. I am not sure how i am still alive. Went to a doctor finally and had normal blood pressure and blood tests ok. but my heart rate was very high and my anxiety off the charts especially in the AM. I feel little motivation and my tolerance for anything out there in 3D is very thin. I am encouraged by those here who seem to have made the finish line. I am still in flux. It seems the more i let go of the more shows up for release. There is an end to all this wierd feelings, nausea, headaches,anxiety, and endless symptoms, is ther not ?

      1. Hang in there Crazywolf. You are still here which means you are stronger than you think/feel right now!

        It seems we are being ‘shaken down to the foundations’ as per Aisha’s insight the other day with the old hut and ties with the CCs messages I feel – oh and the one from Tina/Vanessa too…

        The foundation is surely our essence and that is strong indeed…

        With you all the way.

        In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

      2. Crazywolf, I too encourage you. Don’t give up. I have a post in here today saying in all honesty I didn’t think I was going to make it, and almost went to the ER.

        This is what got me to the finish line. I did the exact opposite what my body wanted to do. I was in real pain, intense, which I went to an acupuncturist for, but no relief. I zeroed in where the pain was (it was confusing and conflicting) but when I finally knew, my husband then turned to Homeopathy to find me a remedy to help relieve my pain. I took this remedy and yes, the pressure to some degree lifted. That and a heating pad. BUT!!!

        The BIG decision that went exactly opposite what I wanted to do and what helped THE most, was this. I wanted to just lay prone, and OH I felt so bad, so tired, in so much pain. Yesterday morning, I woke up and said THAT’S IT! And I became determined to start cleaning my house. I took breaks, with the heating pad and more homeopathy but kept moving.

        Last night I was in agony. I will NOT be afraid, I kept saying. This morning waking in so much pain, after popping all over the place like a piece of popcorn during the night, I put the heating pad on and fell back to sleep. When I awoke hours later, the pain was barely noticable. My Team told me 3 days total for complete relief, but I am MOVING and still cleaning today. My energy is off the roof, from barely nothing to now OMG this is incredible…..I am FLYING.

        These are my thoughts as to WHAT occurred. In the moving, I began to increase the circualation to the area that was hurting which in turn helped start the “letting go process”. These areas are where the primal, deep hurts of our life have been stored, and they do NOT want to let go. Then the download happened last night, and because those muscles were now ready to be released due to the increased circulation and MOVEMENT, those painful areas released. I also found myself DEEP breathing and in so doing, pop pop pop all along my spine as disks went back into place.

        Do NOT give up. Movement…..we need to MOVE and breathe DEEPLY. Keep this in mind, because the way these downloads are coming in one after the other, you may find relief!

        AND for all of you (JANIS) whose “dreams” of what IS isn’t quite what they were hoping for, do NOT give up on those dreams! Please. Things work out in ways we just couldn’t even dream of.

        I hope I made sense here. It is time for me to feed my cats and I am kind of in a rush, but I wanted to get this to all of you who are still struggling. DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. But please have common sense and don’t hurt yourself! Pace yourself.

      3. Crazywolf, sounds very intense. Like you are moving through a lot very quickly. I just want to share that the symptoms can be greatly decreased by avoiding caffeine, coffee, and sugar. Your pineal gland is very sensitive right now and these things are not in harmony with the pineal gland. I do not know if you consume these things or not. But, if you do, you may find the symptoms greatly diminish and you might even enjoy the incoming energy. Of course, also drink tons and tons of water.

  5. Thank you Aisha and CCs — As I live right on the Pacific Ocean where riptides are a true danger, this is a wonderful reminder and analogy of how to deal with these negative tides. Blessings to all, Alia

  6. Uniponders would love to share three things from last night:-

    First a dream in which I was part of some acting troupe going on to what appeared to be a dark stage with some steps. I followed the the others up but no-one seemed to know what to do so I started ascending literally and I floated about in the air in pure joy making wonderful swirling motions and I could see in my minds eye the beautiful symmetry and maths of it all! Felt great!

    Then a really cool dream: I was going on a flight to Reykjavik (as in Iceland’s capital) and was at passport control. Someone had taken my jacket and passport. So I went to find it and someone had it and the passport was gone so they did a DNA check and I was told something to the effect you are the ‘real deal’ so you can go. I immediately realised that Reykjavik was code for Reiki Ja Vik – as Reiki = Universal Life Force Energy and Ja = Yes and Vik = Victory so translated ‘Victory of the Universal Life Force Energy’ or even shorter ‘Victory Of The Light!!!’ My/Our Identity had been stolen but the DNA (our true self) always emerges and the truth is revealed! This was my dream but I feel it applies much more widely… enjoy…

    Finally, I felt a heat inside my body like I was being warmed up from the inside and this got stronger and stronger and lasted for a very long time. I fell into a deep sleep and some point I awoke half awake/half asleep and tried to move but was held in place by the most powerful force – even with both hands pushing I could not move and realised I wasn’t supposed to because at the same time I realised my whole being was being vibrated at an incredible rate. I was definitely plugged in and this carried on for a very long time.

    Feelings of joy and joyous tunes had been going through me as well…

    I shared ALL these feelings with ALL life and this just made it stronger!

    Transmutation and transformation in action…

    In Joy, Light and Gratitude

    Philip 🙂

    1. Absolutely so cool Philip my dear brother, I too had a message about DNA and activating to 12 strand. I really had an odd night last night and I know I was all over creation and dreaming and learning but I remember none of it so I am assuming I was astral traveling. Glimpses of being somewhere then somewhere else…

      What I do remember was before bed I was listening to some Tibetan Singing Bowl music and vibrating very strongly and then relaxing and two separate visions came up, one was a reminder of an older vision that fits in with Aisha’s waves…and gives us an idea of how to use the energy of the present to move forward. I was sailing in a small boat, I have done this all my life, very easy to maneuver but easily tipped…balance of life—When the wind comes up–energy to move us forward–if there is fear most captains turn the boat either into the wind so no forward motion can be made but the boat will not tip, though it can be jostled greatly in this space of no movement–or the captain will turn down wind and completely abandon to the flow of the wind and go where the wind wants them to go–this is like giving up control of ones destiny to the vagaries of the outside energy…

      I on the other hand, knew my skill, and I also knew that I could skirt along the edge of the wind and the waves as long as I had the energy and courage to hang literally my body outside of the boat as it healed over in the wind. This is like surfing–and you find that sweet spot where you are going absolutely as fast as you can with the energy of the system completely balanced. Your boat is pushed to its limit, you are using the wind (energy) to its limit, you are pushing your body to its limit over the edge (called hiking out) and you use your intuition to know that at any moment, you Can turn into the wind, or you Can turn downwind, but it feels so darn good to simply go with the flow of the wind and water and shoot like a rocket across the waves…

      I laugh because I have visioned this scene since a young child….and I never realized how applicable it was to moving the energy and creating life and racing towards this new amazing future!

      I also had another vision where the sun and the moon dropped down beautiful ribbons of light and as people had the courage to grab onto these ribbons of light they were lifted into the air like a gynmast in the circus spinning on a rope and the moon developed angel wings and so did the people suspended in the stary night sky…

      then I dropped to sleep and like I said, I dont remember much after that until 9 hours later!


      1. Heheheehe… too, Alex. I know I had an awesome show last night, but darn, I couldn’t tell you what it was about. At the time, it was tremendous! LOL Too funny!

      2. Brilliant stuff Alex – its great that a few us are getting the DNA message. I remembered that is the second one I have had now – so that feels good.

        I love the wind/boat analogy and your aha moment…

        Happy travelling with the flow – you’re flying as it were!

        In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

  7. It,s in the air, It,s in our dreams…
    We feel it coming again, quietly…
    No fear, just love is our welcome…
    Heart centered, knowing the future…
    We wait peacefully our proper call…

    Thousand nightmares forgotten…
    Deep pain, dark night of the soul…
    All is past, nothing remains, it,s over…
    Like brezze that cames from Heaven…
    We wait sweet angels to take us Home…

    There, at Home, waiting for us are them…
    All loved beings of thousand other lives…
    No time, just abundance, joy and freedom…
    Lost knowledge, hidden truth, miracles…
    It was a good ride, crowned with wisdom…

    We are leaving 3D to never return…
    Our Free Will will show us what comes…
    No worry, sadness, illness or sorrow…
    Just bliss, happiness, peace and love…
    What more should we want after hell?

    New adventures, skys, firmaments…
    Past, now and future, all at one time…
    New planets, solar systems, universes…
    Whatever we dream, want or wish…
    But you Mother Earth, always will be mine…


    1. I got up. I drank tea. I read Nohmad’s poem. I became blissful. It’s been a good day so far.

    2. Nohmad, I actually read your poem last night, in my wanderings around my house with a silly grin on my face, and the words merged with me, becoming me, and hoping believing knowing that what you write has now commenced.

      Your poetry is powerful and pure. I see improvement with every “sonnet” you write.

      From my Heart to your Heart, Mom Amy

  8. Hi all you beautiful people! Definitely feel that ” Go with the Flow” which has been my mantra for a very long time…even my kids tease me about it, is the phrase of the day!

    I too had a strange dream last night. I was also in a pool LOL in the clear water, in one corner I saw a snake, head down and body completely straight. I have always had a physical affinity for them, and used to catch them with my hands and have no fear of them and they loved to play with me.

    So I went to save/catch this snake and as I grabbed it with my left hand It bit my palm gently, like a love bite and then came into my arms. The head was large and the body was painted as if like red chinese laquer on the head and then part of the back and then green and gold swirls as if painted with an old design from China.

    Kundalini and creativity gifted I felt the connection strongly. It was so cool!

    So glad everyone is sharing their dreams and visions because through reading and integrating them we all grow in our perspective. This pond is like the 100th monkey syndrome–as one learns the others integrate the energy of it as well….

    Rosie, nice to see you again! Big hugs and hugs to all! 🙂 Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      I’ve been loving your posts for the last week or so, as long as I’ve been swimming in the pond.

      I just figured out how to customize my image in the little square and I chose a shadow image. Black and white, duality, magpie. All aspects that I’m enjoying choosing to define my personae in the pond.

      I love imagery and metaphor and I love your interaction with the snake. I wonder why it came so straight? All I can come up with is a reference to the Divine masculine (linear) as opposed to feminine (swirls). Or maybe just in going straight to you.

      Thanks for sharing, wish we’d all grown up sharing dreams in the morning over coffee.


      1. Magpie, I love your avatar! I also giggle because My dog is named Maggie Mae and we often call her our loving magpie!

        Straight snake represents my kundalini is in full expansion. My dear energy reading friend Lisa confirmed this when I expressed my dream to her. She also shared that a lot of folks are experiencing this snake rising energy in their fields. Very cool!

        Hugs and love to you all…all you stars in the sky above our blessed Unipond! 🙂 Alex

        1. Hi, Alex! Last night was incredible! So much happened, but I wanted to share with you as I lay in bed I began to quake, shudder, spasm, shake. A part of me observed, and said, “hmmmmm…..this is interesting” as I continued to lay there and then another tremor hit. All I can describe it as is this motion starting deep in my belly that made my legs flop around like they had life of their own, and then my pelvis began to jerk, hehehehehe, then one of my arms got in the act. I lay there, jerking, feeling like a kernal of popcorn that is bouncing all over the place. And the really cool thing about this… felt SO good, as if something in my body were releasing. Then I had SO much energy I didn’t want to fall asleep, and heard myself saying, “Is it morning yet so I can jump up to have my coffee?”. I finally got up to have a bowl of ice cream, yep, good ole ice cream, because the jerking that involved my stomach at times, left this body wanting FOOD. In fact, as I write this, my stomach is growling like a tiger which is unusual for me.

          Oh, and as I lay there flopping about, image after image came to my Mind’s eye, and what they all were, I couldn’t tell you, but it was one awesome show! So here I am flopping about with muscles pop spasm jerk, a silly grin on my face, enegy racing through me, and I could care less what was happening because it just felt so darn good! LOL

          At one point I saw this Pond, and I saw shooting streaks of light, like fireworks, shooting out in all directions. I “heard” laughter. Then I found myself dancing round and round with another woman, hand and hand, heads back and leaning way back, dancing in circles with sheer abandonment as we created golden helixes up up up! You know how kids swing each other around around going in circles? That is what I was doing with this woman. And I felt just like a kid too, free, with not a care in the world.

          Like I said. Last night was very interesting……….

          1. Cool Amy!! I forgot to mention in my update I’ve had my body jerking around for a few days now when I lie or sit still in the energy.

            It’s actually an experience I’ve had before and witnessed a lot of before with the healing energies I work with which is probably why I forgot to mention it… BUT… I’ve never had it quite so consistently as this and I relate to your descriptions and experiences of it… feels like this body is being freed up of any stuff it doesn’t need so it can be ‘loose and natural…’

            Thanks for reminding me!!

            In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

          2. Dear Amy , I just laughed out loud when I read how you felt like a kernel of popcorn! I can really relate to this, both the uncontrollable jerks and spasms, but also the hunger after these intense downloads. But most of all, the popcorn image. Just the other day, talking to a friend about how so many people are having these amazing breakthroughs lately, I told him I got the image of a kettle of popcorn where first just a few kernels pop, then suddenly, the whole kettle is filled with popcorns exploding. I feel it is the same with this process, a few separated “pops” here and there, and suddenly we will be surrounded by people opening up and blossoming like popcorn emerging from those hard, little kernels :–)
            Love and light, Aisha

            1. Now I laughed at your imagery! Yep, I sure popped an entire kettle full of popcorn last night, jerking and jumping all over my bed, my head wide open with ears blazing hot, and then OH hungry!!! Of course, I HAD to have the ice cream.

              I gave birth to ME last night, Aisha. I have come HOME to where the HEART is.

              IF any of you are struggling with real pain, do what goes against the grain and start MOVING. DOING. I have been having such intense pain to the point of almost going to the ER. I started moving yesterday, determined this pain will NOT bring me down. Then last night the download and popping corn, and in the popping a HUGE release within me, very deep, that is allowing the pain to abate. I tell you True, it is a MIRACLE. Also, Homeopathy and a heating pad across my lower abdomen helped immensely. I swear those jerks released what was OH so stubborn to let go, but let go they did! Today I have so much energy (and yesterday too) that I AM FLYING! Yippeeeeeeeee! Flying with my Sister, creating helixes!

              And I won’t mince words either. I almost gave up. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think this “birthing” was going to end. Weeks upon weeks of acute pain. Determined I am and that determination pushed the baby out and I HAVE BEEN BORN!

                1. Oh, silly me! I read this, Philip, and said “It’s not my birthday!” and then I realized what you meant. So, seeing I was born early this morning, my birthday is March 28, 2013. Hmmmm……..that is a ONE (add all the numbers together and then keep reducing until you get a single digit). OMG! I am laughing my butt off! A ONE. Makes sense to me, Unity Consciousness. I was born into Unity Consciousness this AM. YOWZA!

          3. I am simply giggling because I was gonna come in here and ask if anyone when falling asleep was having odd body movements or nerves shooting off or itching and tickling on the surface of the body at random locations! Also feeling deep body pains in specific spots like a hot dull ache and then it resolves itself and I was thinking as well of how much the body must change in order to complete this process.

            What I love is that in the past, I probably would have been in fear about feeling these weird sensations, like the literal Plug that gets snapped into the front of my head most nights LOL

            Ice cream sounds a great plan for comforting the body! 🙂 Magnesium is much needed at this point as well!

            big hugs rosie, love you! I also love the popcorn analogy and love that aisha had a vision of the kettle…this fits in with the 100th monkey syndrome really because a few pops here and there and then BAM! Awesome!

            Love alex

  9. Hihihi – I also have to laugh about your description of riding monster waves!
    I had that kind of dream a week ago…! I dreamt I surfed big waves, standing on them with all my clothes on and a suitcase in my hand :DDD
    It was such a wonderful, great, mind-blowing feeling!
    The waves got bigger and bigger and instead of being afraid I was all smiles and knew that I would master it.

    So lovely to hear all your `water-experiences´, beloved! ❤

    Thank you, Aisha for all your channelings and your being…*

  10. Cannabis seems to be my answer. I’m following my instincts. I’m not fighting. I follow pleasure.

    1. Sacred Medicine will give you visions but it wont let you stay there. What will you do when the lid is empty? Pleasure must be followed by pain, it is the endless cycle of delusion we all seek freedom from. But underneath is the spring of Joy that we carry everywhere and never runs out as it is our birthright. Forget the instincts and seek out intuition.
      I wish you freedom and endless joy.

      Here is a link to Graham Hancocks excellent talk on the role of Sacred Medicine and consciousness.

  11. Hi Friends,

    I am back for five days on a cheap cruiser ship. Imagine all the things that you are talking about here–but with too much food and an overly smokey casino. I woke up last night literally imaging that I was choking on stale air or maybe stale energy. So the post was perfect.

    I got back home; went for a walk; and promptly went sleep. I dreamed of turquoise blue water and felt that I was nearing that elusive door I have been straining too hard to hard to find. I feel I am very close now. I look forward to remembering you all.

    Oh, and the pillars of that world that were building. I thin four of them are: Love, Light Abundance and Beauty. That has become a mantra for me and I include with it “and all the unique expressions with these.”

    Love and Light to you all!


    1. Mark! I LOVE your mantra and I am going to start saying it as well! Cool beans! LOVE LIGHT ABUNDANCE BEAUTY. Fits perfectly what I am seeing in my visions. Thank you SO much for this mantra!

      I look forward in remembering YOU as well! Yes, SO close! (((HUGS)))

    2. “I look forward to remembering you all” – that’s beautiful Mark!
      And so true – we never were strangers we just forgot!

    3. Mark, how beautiful !!!
      Note to self : we all go up and down these days. When we are “down”, remember posts like this one, because the “up” is just very close by, AND it’s a general cleansing for most of us 🙂
      So much syncronicity !
      Love Joy and waves of Light 🙂

  12. Hi Pond dwellers,
    I woke up this morning with the phrase “intention that is weaving a tapestry of abundance” at the front of my mind. I got the sense that it is colllective weaving that is creating and manifesting the abundance, so wanted to share with all of you as we ride the waves and surrender to the currents, however they come. Peace to you all 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing. Manifesting abundance……now that is a beautiful vision……..And so it is!

  13. I LOVE YOU MY FAMILY! Tears smart my eyes for the battles have been so great on my end, and to know that together we are going HOME, OH FOR THE JOY! I promise not to let you down, but you need to keep up your end as well, and that is just simply, let go, let GOD, release all fear and jump feet first into LOVE and stay there! Peace, my Brothers and Sisters. Peace!

    1. Gratitude for these two posts Amy… there’s been some bizarre things happening in my body and now feels like the last vestiges of my Catholic upbringing fear is being transmuted… I thought it had gone but had a vision of the light bombing the Church I went to as a child to open it up to the light… took a few goes but now see it is open to the light and the last vestiges I feel are being transmuted from the body… so I’m staying observant and letting the light get on with it for I am LOVE – just as we all are…

      I feel this is important for others who had the same false teachings… so I share the light and love with them…

      In gratitude Amy and much love, Philip 🙂

      1. Awesome, Philip. So glad to hear you are just letting go and yes, it is so important to let go of the “old brainwashing”. I was just speaking of this very subject with my husband last night, how “religions” in general want the followers to know what THEY want them to know. I also very quietly said that there is more then one Master, other then what the Catholic Church teaches, and to my amazement, no rebuttal. I left things at that. (smile)

        (((HUGS))) to you and Sue, Philip. Peace to you both.

        1. I knew you’d relate to this one from what you had posted here before with your own experiences… well done on what you said!

          I genuinely thought it had gone for me but when I asked for clarification – this is what I got – so I did my usual process and I know it is being dealt with.

          I feel its like the CCs message said something to the effect about this tide of energy reaching new levels – so for me this is ALL good…

          I know from experience that if it emerges its there to be seen for what it is, released, tramsmuted and I am freed so roll on the light and joy…

          I feel something big is unfolding now!

          In Joy and Light,

          Philip 🙂

          1. I always wondered how they were always teaching about joy and peace at my church but they never seemed to find it!? They were tripping over their own faces even though every second word was rejoice! I just realised recently what the word rejoice means – its bliss! I would never have guessed. Still I learned the teachings of Jesus and for that I am grateful. Its a miracle they have survived as well as they have. I often wonder what it was like in the early days, those early christians must have been blazing! They were rejoicing all over the place. Woah, I dont have to imagine! its happening right now, the second coming is christ consciousness for all, yay!

            1. Christ Consciousness for ALL indeed Pash…

              I guess it was just part of the journey that things got rather shrouded… but imagine the celebrations when as Mark put it – “we remember…”

              In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

            2. Ohh, pash…I couldn’t reply to your comment above cuz the reply button didn’t show up BUT your other comment meant so much to me…”…Ultimately we will have to love ourselves to the point where no one and no situation can topple our bliss and sever our connection to Spirit…” that and the rest of what you wrote helps me…think I’ve been hiding from the world and now I have to come out and PLAY…it makes me anxious because I don’t understand all the things that everyone else seems to understand about how to operate in the systems of this world…financial, health care, etc…too many details…I thought if I could allow my intuition to lead the way then maybe I could depend on that. Now I have myself in a big jam and maybe I was doing more hiding than depending on Spirit…except I really do feel that I did the best I could understand…I really don’t know…I really don’t know…

              Anyway, thank you for sharing, pash…♥♥♥…janis

              1. Janis, I too feel as you do, OH believe me. I don’t know the way of this world, but yet I would like to encourage you. When I was doing all the bills, I did them well and was able to save money. SO, in the actual doing of something we may feel shaky on, we will be guided, I just KNOW it. I’ve been out of circulation for 20 years, and when I do go out, it is like walking into foreign lands. I’ve had major fear issues to overcome regarding “out there”, and now it seems when I do go out, I am surrounded in a “cloud” and nothing is able to hurt me, and that includes, uncomfortable exchanges. It is going to be OK. Just take ONE thing at a time, and know know know that you can do this. Always THINK you can do this, and when you catch yourself with the negative talk…….you know what I am talking about, catch yourself and say NO! I CAN and I WILL do this!!!

                Remember you are NOT alone. We are Family, we are ONE. And you know where to come to talk when you have a heavy burden.

                Sending LOVE to you, my Sister. Back I go to dive into my day. (grin)

                1. You know what, Philip? I often feel I don’t have any words to offer but I so appreciate that you responded…I am learning the value of presence and yours here on this blog adds so much. I appreciate your offering of the Spheres of Light information on various occasions and have been touched by your blog’s presentation of it…many thanks…♥♥♥…janis

                  1. You are most welcome Janis!!! I always feels its an honour to be present for someone and glad you find the Spheres insights helpful too…

                    Much love… Philip 🙂

                  2. Oh one other thing I’ve been meaning to say Janis every time I see your heart shaped cloud it reminds me of a profound experience with a cloud on Easter Sunday 4 years ago. I mentioned it here once. I’m still amazed at today. So even the simplest things we are not aware of at times makes a difference to people. So just your sign reminds me of a special event in my life!! How good is that? Philip 🙂

              2. Dearest Janis, can I just say the energy and presence you bring are wonderous and inspiring and i’m not just saying that. You say a LOT with every post and even when your not posting. So there is no need to feel that you dont have any words to offer because its not true!

                The reason it appears to you that other people know how to operate the world and you dont is because they are lying and that wouldnt even occur to you! 🙂 The world is a sorry mess and its a miracle any of us get by at all. Any semblance of a so called ‘life’ I had has pretty much evapourated and good riddance if you ask me!
                My body only functions at random and unpredictable times and my left brain isnt far behind, I hang out here at the Pond and with my healing group and thats it! I am to remain cloistered for the moment.
                Thats pretty clear.
                I’m being gently encouraged (ha ha) to let go, be in the now
                and trust in God. But I know now I’m not here to DO so much as I’m here to BE and I’ve never been more content or stress free.
                The meek shall inherit the earth. (I think gentle and sensitive would be a better translation) and thats US. We may be on the fringe today but thats a good thing!
                Trust in your intuition, if you have a mission in the world of today know that you will be looked after. Dont waste you energy trying to fit in, it wont work. I tried for years, nearly killed me! Be your unique and wonderful self. That is all that can ever be asked of you.

                1. Pash, you honestly put tears in my eyes. What wonderful advice. GOD bless you! Sending you my Love with (((HUGS))) Your Sister, Amy

                  PS Janis, every word Pash speaks here is Truth. BE yourself!

                2. *watery eyes* I can’t tell you how much your perspective means to me, pash…so hopeful…so affirming…thank you for wanting to offer these words to me…sending much love…♥Pash♥…janis

              3. Janis, I know this reply is out of order, but I too like Pash, just LOVE to see that white heart in a blue sky and those little hearts your spread out all over the place. My heart jumps up into my throat with JOY when I SEE you here. Much LOVE to you, Janis. Your Sister.

                1. Ohhh, your words are such a wonderful pick-me-up…thank you, sweet Amy…and I feel that surge of pleasant anticipation when I see your pink rose as well!…such a bright spot! So glad to have found this wonderful pond…much love to you, Amy, and to each one here…♥♥♥…janis

      2. I’m having odd bits and pieces coming up for clearing too but it seems like small fry. The big stuff has been processed as far as I can tell. I’ve been 10 feet off the ground since the equinox and although there are wobbles the real kicking hasnt come. Could it really be? Is this it?

        Philip you are a star! 🙂

        1. Pash,I do believe this is it. My head is blown so wide open, my ears are red and hot. Yes, yes yes, your BIG kick is coming in NOW!

          Love to all of you! Hang on for the Ride of your LIFE!!!


          Grinning like no tomorrow…….YOU are a brilliant STAR! (((HUGS))) and LOVE to you, Pash!

        2. … and so are you Pash – In fact recently I was told we are all SUPER STARS!

          … as you say this seemed small fry but I was intrigued it had come up.

          Has some really cool dreams and experiences last night which I will share in a separate post.

          I’ve got a strong feeling about something important unfolding…

          Phiiip 🙂

      1. Thank you, Janis. It seems I drank some “Truth Serum” someplace last night! Mayhaps it was in the ice cream I ate last night! Hehehehehe

  14. It has been so cloudy where I live, heavy, with only the peek of the sunshine here and there. Something though has begun to happen in spite of the gloomy weather. (And I FULLY believe it is the people’s MINDSETS who live here in this area, that are attracting this cloudy and gloomy weather, cold too with snow flurries) Today in fact, again snowing, but somehow I am receiving comfort from this as though it is snowing LOVE and I am totally surrounded by Flakes of LOVE. Wow.


    Last night as I came outside I looked up at the moon, and I saw a beautiful blue halo around Her and this long arched tail, which looked like a chemtrail that started where the moon was positioned and ran straight down the sky towards the earth. I stared in wonder, watching, unable to tear my eyes from what I was seeing. What WAS I seeing? I have been seeing TWO moons, and I have seen the moon PINK, and now THIS? In moments this tail seemed just to evaporate into thin air.

    STRONG download coming in right now, and my time is 1:30pm EST. Heads up, everyone, keep calm, stay Heart Centered, and just LET GO. As Nohmad states, we are going HOME. Period. No ands ifs or buts.

    And let me tell you this, IF you are clinging to fear of any form, you will not be able to go through the Gates of Transformation, for fear is NOT allowed passed the “check in point”. You have not done years worth of Inner Work and release for nothing, so if there are any remaining hints of fear, let them go. Do not name them. Do not identify with them. Just let them go. ONLY LOVE EXISTS and ONLY LOVE will Ascend.

    You are LOVE. You are LIGHT. The past is the past and NOW is the NOW. Even if you don’t FEEL the shift yet, KNOW it is happening now and just hang on to your HEART and LOVE knowing your TIME has come!

  15. I just witnessed a strange happening in the sky. When I got out around 11:45 this morning, I saw a huge crescent shape band in the sky. At first I thought it was a ‘curved’ chemtrail, but the widt was much more defined and regular and the shape was perfect as a part of a circle. It also seemed to be more luminescent than the surrounding clouds which covered part of it.

    I got to the gas station, by then it was cleared from the clouds. At one end, there seemed to be a bright bulge, blue/green in color that slowly moved along until it reached the middle point of the arc. This was not a sundog effect, as the sun at some point, had a full 360 rainbow effect we often see and the angle of the phenomenon didn’t match the angle of the sun bow.

    Then, before it was again hidden by the passing clouds, I saw a huge fine diagonal line run across the phenomenon, which only last a split second. I waited for the clouds to move but by then it was gone. I wish I had a camera to film it. It got a few people curious at the gas station, I was looking at it for about 15 minutes. Could be a matrix glitch, a starting of splitting realities or the reflexion of the edge of a cloaked ship?

    On a side note, yesterday I watched ‘The croods’ with my daughter and I think this movie has much symbolism concerning ascension. It is the story about humans evolving into higher states of consciousness, presented as ‘non thinking’ cave men living in a permanent state of fear based survivalism living at the end of their world about to be destroyed. By following the light, they will escape their feat and discover Love, the wild animals will become their friends and they will end up on a ‘new earth’ in paradise . Now if this is not foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

  16. Hello pond dwellers 🙂
    Writing a quick one (have not read today’s post yet) :
    Where I live we are undergoing a strange snowstorm (started during the night from Monday to tuesday, with high winds).
    There was a severe weather warning from that night and to be over yesterday (tuesday) afternoon. They said all will be back to normal 🙂

    Well, not only is it NOT over, but it’s currently snowing heavily. Totally unusual for this time of the year. TOTALLY. Media is silent as if it had stopped as they said. How can they ignore such a phenomenon, this should be “food” for “breaking news” as they love to do.

    Personally, I feel like we’re “out of time”. This is the best I can come up with. Energies are high. Feeling tired most of the time.
    I slept today between 1 and 3 pm. After which right back to “studying” and sharing.
    And I’m already depleated of energy, as if I’d just been thru a full day.
    Also feeling that there is something ABOVE the clouds. They are hiding something.
    Anybody have insight ? Or is any of you undergoing similar strange weather ?
    Much love to you all, Aisha and fellow pond dwellers :). I Will be back a bit later to read the post and hopefully “chitchat” with you.

    1. Its snowing in Scotland too. On the radio they talk about ‘disruption’ and ‘chaos’. They never say ‘look up in the sky, tiny pieces of fluffy ice are coming out of the clouds and gently drifting to the ground, isnt it a miracle?’ They are missing the point of life, I think!
      I feel the same as you – my body is exhausted but my spirit is soaring and time is running out of time.
      Lots of love to you 🙂

      1. Wow 🙂
        So both sides of Europe are white now !
        Thank you so much for answering (and validating similar feelings).
        Well, I can imagine why they perceive this as “chaos”, we would too if we didn’t journey in awakening 🙂

        Lots of love, bundles of joy ! Have a great day 🙂

  17. Aisha! Thank you so much for building the foundation for a pond that may turn into an ocean. Your work is beautiful and a joy to receive.

    I’m sending this poem for the Uniponders (to ponder?). Its’s an english translation from Octavio Paz’s “Cloudburst”. The link that follows is a TED talk with Eric Whitacre who created a virtual choir of many worldwide voices and set the poem to music. It’s about 20 minutes long. I think you can find just the music (Cloudburst) on YouTube for a shorter version.

    La lluvia ojos de agua de sueno ( Cloudburst) by Octavio Paz.

    The rain …
Eyes of shadow-water
eyes of well-water
eyes of dream-water. 

    Blue suns, green whirlwinds,
birdbeaks of light pecking open
pomegranate stars.
But tell me, burnt earth, 
is there no water?
Only blood, only dust,
only naked footsteps on the thorns?

    The rain awakens … 

    We must sleep with open eyes, 

    (…) we must dream aloud,
we must sing till the song 

    puts forth roots,
trunk, branches, birds, stars, 

    we must find the lost word, 

    and remember
what the blood, the tides,
the earth, and the body say, 

    and return to the point of departure…

  18. Thank you so much for all the messages Aisha. I’ve been “riding the currents” for many moons. Recently the energies have felt like waves on the ocean rolling through.
    Sometimes I get bouncy energy, quakes, shakes, kundalini spirals up the spine and interesting head sensations, or feel like I’m moving sideways or backwards through space. I love it all!

  19. Hmmm…as I’ve sat down to eat breakfast, simultaneously noticing huge energy surges running through my arms and core simultaneously reading this update! No other place do I read where I get so many consistent episodes of multidimensional “whaaaaaa?!”‘s…. I too am also compelled to laugh here as things are getting curiouser and curiouser as the moments pass…..xo to all 😉

  20. Lololol!! I woke up at 3:30 this morning to right in my dream journal…then again around 7. Here’s part of what I wrote:

    “I was at a big swimming pool with other people. I couldn’t swim but I jumped in anyway. I threw up old food. It wasn’t even was energy…and it held me. It talked to me.”

    I could only laugh when I read your post this morning…we’re here! Be Love and live light!

    1. What a nice dream redpilldreams… it must be very pleasant to be in the pool of talking energy. I woke up last night also in 3,30 in the morning. I knew I had a dream, significant one, but I couldn’t remember what it was. I only had a feeling that was a student…But the previous two nights I had very pleasant dreams and I clearly remember that I was seating in a wonderful garden full with flowers in blossom around me and I had a feeling that I am abroad (where it was i couldn’t realise).
      Much love to all, especially to you Aisha&CCs…thank you for your gaidance.

    2. Since many have shared their recent dreams here, I would like to share the dream I had last night as it was quite profound…any insights welcomed! (3:30-4am awakening from this dream too)
      I was back at my family’s farm and was awakened in the middle of the night by a commotion outside. All of my cousins were there, telling me to look up at the sky. The moon was large and full, with an orange/gold glow (NE direction). Then I looked about 90° east and there – just as large as the moon- was what appeared to be the earth, such as it would look from outer space. Quite a shocking thing in itself! But then it began to descend upon us as we stood in a large open field, crashing like a meteor behind a grove of trees! Then out comes this disheveled crew of humans, dirty and shabbily clothed.
      My memory of the dream gets a bit fuzzy after that, but I remember the conversation we had with them. They said they began traveling just before the shift destroyed much of the earth and have been wanderers, stopping at different places/times/planets and surviving off supplies gathered or gifted. They were obviously not met with kindness and generosity at every stop…
      We told them that in our time, the shift had just occurred but the earth was not destroyed. The response was that we had obviously done much good work, to bring about the Unity that altered the course of history in our timeline. We gave them food and some supplies and then they said they must move on…
      The feeling I had when they left was that they acknowledged the possibility of a different reality but refused to accept it for themselves – like being convinced that their reality “was what it was” and they chose to continue on their path of strife in survival.

      1. Hey Jess, cool dream!
        It reminds me of a message my trance group received last year. We were asking about the Shift and how long the upheavals would last and were told that they would continue into 2014 but there were other planets that were worse off than we were.
        I know its hard to believe anyone could make more of a mess of their planet than we have but there you go!
        I’m not saying it’s true but it is interesting.
        Some said this planet would split into 5d and 3d on 21.12 but it was canceled so we could all go together.
        Any ways you dream beautifully illustrates the choice we face, either we work together towards a world that works for all or we end up scratching a living out of the dirt.

        1. Pash,
          I surrendered any personal convictions of reality about 2 years ago! That, too, seems to be the ‘button pushing’ topic for me since the solstice on 3/21…a challenge to my most sacred core beliefs ☺ Most difficult work, to face one’s greatest fears by choice, not necessity…COURAGE- but the reward is Freedom

      2. Great dream Jess… I love them been following mine for about 8 years so I have a great handle on them. Most dreams are personal messages though they can be prophetic in nature… and this obviously has those characteristics… It would be in my book a cross between what psychologist David Fontana calls a level II/III dream. Level I – day to day stuff, Level II – stuff deeper in the psyche, Level III from the Collective Consciousness.

        As dreams have energy and evoke emotions the energy of those in the dream are important to the interpretation. So I feel Pash is pointing in the right direction…

        So take my suggestions only as pointers and signposts… as I’d need to know more to be clearer but from the feelings you describe it is possible you are both seeing/experiencing the Ascension process as a great thing for you/humanity but also have concerns/fears for those that don’t make it… and ‘of course’ this would be totally understandable… Hope that helps in some way…

        In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

        1. Does anyone know without a doubt what will happen to those who will not make the ascension? Or have we ascended and we just don’t know it? Will our ascension (higher vibration) affect all around us, bringing those vibrations higher as well? Some questions I have been contemplating…..

          1. Hi Amy, I came across some information on this in Aisha’s early channelling which I had been drawn to read the other day as I had only come here recently!! So, it might be worth a read – up to about 1-50 seemed to contain a lot of stuff…

            One thing I read elsewhere suggested there was a kind of split in August 2011 where the 5D version of earth was created and two timelines were running to give everyone more time… it was interesting that Aisha’s main chanelling started then if I understood it correctly. It was interestingly when I was also given the Spheres Of Light insight – the process of that event was described as accurately as I’ve seen anywhere in Aisha’s channelling.

            Don’t know if this is much help but I just feel drawn most to Aisha’s channelling as we all seem to do!!

            In Joy and Light 🙂


            1. Actually, Philip, it really doesn’t help. Take a good look around you. Lots of heavy 3D’ers still around, and still here we are, still in heavy 3D. If the earth split, why are we not there, on New Earth?

              I’m asking some tough questions today. I am beginning to believe that it is US who will be bringing Heaven to earth. Every time I get “near” an ascension event, I still find myself on 3D. I don’t mean to burst anyone bubbles, but facts are facts. If I isolated myself totally from this world, I could have BLISS every day, because this is who I am, this is what my energy is. Unfortunately, even though I am revving on happiness today, I live with one who is doom and gloom, with a mindset in 3D.

              And I KNOW many of us are in the exact same position.

              Eyes wide open and asking questions.

                1. Jess, I do thank you for this link. However…… does not set right with me.

                  I have come to learn, anyone who paints a dire future, and then wants you to learn how to ascend out of this dire future according to what they know, my red flags are thrown. I have nothing against this man, and he in his own right, is passionate about what he does.

                  Are we not ALL to learn how to become our own Masters by listening to our Hearts? Do you really think only a select few “who qualify” will be given information by one man in how to ascend?

                  Discernment is so critical here, My Family. And when MONEY is involved, I say UH UH……and move on. This is DUALITY mentality, and still someone reaping the benefits off of those who think IF they learn this method that this man knows, they will be saved from the dire predictions. No. THINK. Does this FEEL right to YOU?

                  No. I will not accept this in my life. I haven’t walked solo for 20 years for no reason. I have learned to LISTEN to me, and to ONLY walk according to what I hear ME say. Jess, again, anyone who paints FEAR, and then puts a carrot in front of your nose, walk away.

                  I mean NO offense to anyone. This is how I think and how I have lived my life for a LONG time. Yep, it sure as gotten me into trouble, especially when I begin putting VOICE into what I know is MY Truth.

                  And there you have it. Hey, at this point, if we go PA-BOOM we go together! Then we will be HOME, so what do we need so desperately to learn from someone else?

                  Stay Heart Centered, stay in Divine LOVE, and stay BALANCED. Beyond that, I have no answers, even though I asked some tough questions today.

                  Miracles DO happen. Ya just have to be in the right frame of MIND to SEE them.

                  1. Beautiful 🙂 This pond is Reflective…
                    We already have the answers that we seek
                    We ARE the question and the answer
                    Remember, now?

                    Xoxo 💓

              1. Amy -thank you for your honest and deep enquiery- its inspiring.

                Jess – I agree with Amy on that link. It is loaded with mind control techniques and psycological programming. Love everyone and trust no one. A loving universe must be inclusive – if you need certain knowledge or techniques to ‘advance’ then its not a loving universe and we are all wasting our time and I want no part of it.

                My take on ascension is to treat it like science fiction. Intellectually stimulating to entertain the scope of possibilities but i will not invest in it in any way. I’ve had my fingers burnt enough already with future gazing. Even if the planet turns into a giant toadstool tomorrow I will still be me. I will have done the work on myself or not. The level of unconditional love I have attained will be unaffected by the decor.
                As soon as we need something to be different we have dropped the ball and missed the point.
                There will be no cheating at the back of the class! 🙂

                Ultimately we will have to love ourselves to the point where no one and no situation can topple our bliss and sever our connection to Spirit. Obviously I aint there right now but I have been blessed with satori on 3 occasions for several days in total and I promise that no one and no thing will affect you in any way whatsoever. We are very close to that day. Lets keep turning up the love until it consumes everything.

                1. Pash, now I absolutely must say to you, I enjoyed every word of your post! I too have been burnt too many times with Promises Galore. Spirit keeps telling me, there is NO TIME in the Spirit Realms, so when all is to occur, it shall. Meanwhile, I determine if I live in Peace, Love, JOY, or down in the trenches, bemoaning my fate that I live on a planet I don’t understand. When you come from the Higher Perspective of Love, all turns into Glory and Wonder. I like you, have worked hard to find my own way, and no one is going to take that from me. You put it so nicely saying “Ultimately we will have to love ourselves to the point where no one and no situation can topple our bliss and sever our connection to Spirit”. Yes. That is IT exactly. And when I tumble down, hitting my butt on the way, I know I still have Lessons to learn, for I still am not fully living in Divine Love in ALL aspects of my Life.

                  But isn’t it grand when we fly high and the view is so Golden and Sparkling Bright? Magic is all around you and the FLOW is HOME. So when I do find my footing in the FLOW once again, I know that the Lesson I came tumbling down to learn, I am now applying for I have learned, yet now must put it into action. IF I don’t put it into action correctly, tumbling down I go again to be taught in the muck from another angle what it is I am to learn.

                  My challenge is great, yet I rejoice, for it is the making of a Master. To stay in the Heart Center with the one I live with, IS a task that at times takes me to my knees. Yet, IF we are not pushed outside of our comfort zones, we will not grow. I am the Rose of Great Beauty. Roses are extremely hardy, yet SOOOOOO beautiful. True? Yes. As I am.

                  1. “But isn’t it grand when we fly high and the view is so Golden and Sparkling Bright? Magic is all around you and the FLOW is HOME. So when I do find my footing in the FLOW once again, I know that the Lesson I came tumbling down to learn, I am now applying for I have learned, yet now must put it into action. IF I don’t put it into action correctly, tumbling down I go again to be taught in the muck from another angle what it is I am to learn.”

                    Niiiiiiiiiice! Right in the apple’s eye!

        2. Thanks Philip – I’m interested in learning more about dream interp. David Fontana work recommend? Totally makes sense about emotions being a key indicator…I think “amazed” and somewhat saddened by their choice would describe my emotional state. But I also recognized their free will to live as they chose. What they were choosing, like so many do, was to acknowledge the existence of abundance/peace/freedom for other people but refusing to accept it for themselves. It is already here for all, but they had not yet attained the level of Consciousness to realize this.
          Someone else here mentioned having a dream with 2 moons – which is how it appeared in my dream at 1st! I had to do a “double take” to catch that one of the ‘moons’ looked like earth…any ideas there?

          1. Hi Jess, re David Fontana… when I was looking for a book about 8-10 years ago now I spent a lot of time looking and I could see there were huge numbers of books out there. Many were enormous tomes with all sorts of interpretation offerings in them but none of these seemed to appeal to me. I felt an instinctual pull to David’s book called “Learn to Dream” – interpret your dream symbolism, enhance your inner life, remember your dreams… and went with that pull. What I then read and discovered affirmed it as the choice for me.

            Professor Fontana it turned out is the author of some of the most widely read psychology books in the world… and various other credentials, the book was slim but really well laid out in an easy style and lots of images and it made the point that a lot of symbology is personal so it only includes a brief common symbols interpretation section which makes a lot of sense to me now for the reasons I mentioned before… most dreams are personal.

            He has another book apparently called The Language of Dreams but I don’t have – one was enough for me!

            Re the emotional states you described amazed/saddened – that would point me to the Level II characteristics of the dream – i.e. something your psyche is showing to you to ‘heal’ the ‘saddened bit’ that is. What I do with this is just ask the energies to transmute and release and that does the trick.

            On the 2 moons one turning out to be the earth… I offer some suggestions but again it could be down to you… and your symbology… 2 moons – 2 paths possibly, to ascend or not? Interesting that the ‘2nd Earth – descended’ and they were somewhat worse for wear – that seems like a powerful metaphor for the 3D experience that they seemed to be choosing. It could also be your psyche showing you in stark terms the experience of the 3D in powerful terms and again something for you to heal/release – if you see what I mean.

            Any and all people and indeed objects in dreams can also be aspects of you – and they can all carry messages! So its worth ‘listening’ to them ALL. This is another reason why the energetics of everything in the dream is so important. So I feel from this further info it definitely has both Level II aspects – i.e. personal to you and Level III components as well – i.e. a more general message for others.

            BUT as I say PLEASE ONLY USE my suggestions as potential pointers to your own deeper understanding… you will know when it feels right.

            I’ve become adept at my own but I can only offer you some pointers.

            In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Pash! I got this incredibly strong download last night, and the image I was given, was of surfing these monster waves with other UniPonders. It was so amazing, we were all trying our best, sometimes hitting them perfectly and keeping the balance all the way in, other times crashing down, but all of the time we were laughing and applauding each other. I had this huge grin on my face all through the download, and I was thinking “I just LOVE this!” So let us try to enjoy the ride, and even if we are pushed down under the surface by this energy, we cannot drown and we do not fail, no matter how many tries we need before we hit the perfect run.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. “…but all of the time we were laughing and applauding each other. I had this huge grin on my face all through the download, and I was thinking “I just LOVE this!”

        Aisha, I have a big smile on my face. I LOVE this attitude! We have each other… all of us here. Love you,


          1. Ohhh, I just read your other inspiring posts here today, sweet Amy…inspiring…I thought of you while you were away and missed you, too…sending love and (((HUGS))) right back…♥♥♥…janis

  21. Yes this is exactly what it feels like has been/is going on for me and just letting it flow definitely feels like the way my fellow Uniponders…

    Gratitude as ever to Aisha, the CCs and all in this beautiful UniPond…

    Love, Light and Joy Philip 🙂

      1. Love the Surf’s up Aisha, Bill and I exchange this term quite often.. Love & Light for being you!

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