A short update on the energies

Dear friends!

It is difficult to describe how I have experienced myself these last few days, it is a sort of mixture of just floating serenly in the Pond, while at the same time barreling fast forward down rapids shouting with joy. But today, there is this strange feeling of “pause”, like the stillness between an exhalation and inhalation. So I checked in with the CCs as usual and this is what they said: ” You are correct in surmising that you are in a sort of suspension at the moment, between the ebb and flow of these great cycles or waves of energy that are coming your way. It will not be long now before you feel a new surge of energy coming in, but this time it will not come crashing in, rather, you will feel how the momentum starts to build ever so slowly, before it comes higher and higher, rushing in way past the marks left by the old waves. It will come more slowly this time, so it may not feel like your legs will be knocked away under you, but still, it is indeed best to stay centered, lest you should lose balance once again.”

I feel myself slowing down, connecting with myself, spending time in solitude, out in Mother Nature. My body still have these strange shifts between lightness and an almost foglike heaviness, where I cannot even think. But underneath it all I feel the new vibrations as this very solid foundation, giving me so much assurance that I have in some ways “arrived” after all. As always, reading all that you share in this space brings me much joy, and it has been so beautiful to read the descriptions from those of you who took part in the group mediation. Philip, thank you for setting up this “special edition” of your weekly meditation and inviting all Uniponders to take part. I have been “disconnecting” myself lately to better be able to flow through all that is happening to me now, but I have been told that I am to invite you all to a “Gathering around the Pond” as soon as “the dust settles” as The CCs put it. I think you all have felt how the energy in this space has grown so much lately, and judging from the images you shared from your meditations, it will be a very, very powerful experience once we can all sit down and connect. Until then, I send you all my love and light, and I thank you all for your presence here. You have all poured your light into this beautiful Pond, and it will continue to increase in clarity, brilliance and size as we all let the light continue to flow through us.


38 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. I have been feeling a lightness unlike any lightness I have ever felt before in my body, the best way to describe it is that it feels as if I’m transparent, part of everything….if that makes sense? Today has been the strongest I have ever felt that. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for your posts as a real reality check for all the strange spaces I find myself in these days and can totally relate to your sharing here
    onward and upward!

  3. Just a quick dip…

    The noises are too great for me to focus much on this much right now. I just wanted to drop by and say Qi Gong just walked into my life last night!

    I have been swimming through the sea of energy with no bouyancy for a long time now. This could not have come at a better time for me.

    I was intending out for a teacher to appear of some description that I could actaully meet and here it is. Now I can go and meet a whole community of people on the same page energetically to find my centre!

    I wish I could focus some more on interacting with the other comments here (I am browsing them everyday) but its too intense for me to stay very long.

    I have to say though, the power I have recieved from this place to be able to sift through the thoughts, emotions, cycles, and energy flows to almost being able to switch negative to positive like a light switch, by finding inner worth that I have never felt in my life is pretty incredible!

    It is spring here but I have still not seen the temperature up too 10c and there is still snow most days but the sun is so intense, and not in a bad way. This is the first time I have ever looked forward for the snow clearing and the earth heating up. I usually hibernate in the shade feeling claustrophobic all summer wishing it would just snow already.
    I think it is because my body mind and soul are cleansed more than they ever have been. I am assuming that my horrendous summer experiences are caused mostly by pathogens, parasites etc which I now think are finally under control.

    Yeah the energies are strong (and not always nice) right now. I only started typing to tell about the Qi gong, not sure were the rest came from but thats how it goes!

    Peace to you all!!!

    1. Hi Ian, just wanted to say congratulations on finding Qigong where you are! It is wonderful! Qi Gong and Tai Chi have helped me a lot when I’m feeling really off center and/or anxious. So gentle yet powerful, and very healing.
      Take care!

  4. Hello Aisha and everyone else! My name is Tina (though for several months now I have been wanting to change it to Vanessa) and I had a message come thru that I found very helpful and wanted to share if that is okay:
    “Restructuring: Just like buildings that get broken down and rebuilt, so do relationships we have with others and ourselves. You are questioning everything including your own beliefs. This is good. You are making room for the new you. It is like you are being rebuilt with a more solid foundation. You need this foundation to be strong before adding more layers (people in your life). Don’t sell yourself short. You have come so far. Look for and see the positive in your life. Get out in nature more often.

    Letting go of attachments is not the same as saying goodbye. Keep the love in your heart without attaching to the emotions connected with people. Do this by feeling the love and then send it out into the Universe. Don’t hold on to it. Love is not fear or clinging. Love is adapting and accepting what is. Judgements are not love either. You must feel the love within. It all stems from inside you. What affects one affects the all. Hold strong in your faith and your belief in yourself. The new is a mere blink away.”

    This really helped me and a friend of mine found it quite helpful as well. I thought maybe it could help others too. πŸ™‚ Love your posts Aisha as they resonate with me sooooo much. β™₯

    1. Wonderful Tina… seems to fit so well with Aisha’s experience today and no doubt all of ours in one way or another…

      In Joy and Light,

      Philip πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you Philip. I love how our experiences all resonate with each other and that we all have a place to come together.

        Tina/Vanessa πŸ™‚

    2. Vanessa, this name really fits your inner beauty. Thank you for sharing this message. It,s one full of truth/love/wisdom. It,s an arrow to our heart of hearts chakra. To us begin to love the True Love/5D Love, not that old 3d love that darkness taught us to feel, full of jealousy/preconceptions/hate/profit that just bring up unhappiness. Share with this, YOUR Family of the Light, all you want and take all the light from this Pond that you need to enlighten your way. Welcome!

      1. Nohmad, thank you so much for your kind words. And I really do like the name Vanessa. πŸ™‚ Getting channeled messages is relatively new to me, especially ones so profound. I am happy to share any that I feel will resonate with other people. So much love in the pond! I’ve never commented before. This feels like a wonderful community. I am happy to be here with everyone else! It truly is a family of light. and love! Thank you for the warm welcome. πŸ™‚


    3. (Tina) Vanessa, thank you for sharing your channelings as they fit with the pond nicely. It makes me smile to think that these similar messages are coming through so much now to so many.

      1. Hello Nancy1312. I love Aisha’s messages as they are so wonderful and always resonate with me. I am happy that many of us are now getting similar messages and we have a place to get together and share. I finally feel like I fit in! πŸ™‚


    4. Tina, I find your posting to be unusually profound and applicable. I’ve saved the text and am going to reread and meditate upon it. I feel I’ve been needing something just like this. I thank you for taking the step to contribute.

      Love, your brother Carl

      1. Hello Carl! And thank you. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. I’m happy to actually have something to contribute! Blessings to you!


  5. Tremendous hugs to you Aisha and sending a High Five to our most beloved CC’s! Today, the sun is shining brightly after snow/rain yesterday and it opens my heart wide! Will get out into nature later but today, the energy feels as if there is not a breath of wind…quiet, peaceful and expectant! What a lovely space to rest in! Also, when you mentioned gathering around the pond, my heart skipped a beat with much love!

    Sending everyone a Huge hug! Alex

  6. As usual, I AM feeling almost exactly the same things as you, Aisha, uncannily similar moods and sensations and such — for many months now. Not always exactly in everything, but REALLY similar. Maybe we share the same CC’s, LOL!
    Anyway, how do I find out about these meditations ahead of time? I would love to gather with you and all the others around the Pond and synchronize my Energies with other ‘kin’ for the betterment of the Collective, the Oneness of US! I missed that memo I guess. .. .

    1. Dear friends!
      There seems to be some confusion around ”the Gathering around the Pond” that I mentioned. As I said, I have just recently been told by The CCs that I shall invite you all to connect here, at the Pond. As usual, they gave me no details up front, other than it will not happen right now, as it seems many of us still need time to integrate and assimilate all of the energies that we are currently swimming in (or against, as it feels a little bit like at times…) But as soon as I get more guidance on this, I will of course let you all now. The other group meditation I mentioned in my post, was the one that Philip so generously set up and invited us all to take part in, and judging from the comments shared by some of those that did, it seems like it was a beautiful experience. So thank you all for connecting, sharing and caring!
      Love and light, Aisha

  7. Love and light to you as well Aisha. Thanks for providing the foundation for the pond, and for your continued commitment to that calling. May all of our foundations hold true as we occupy our own space and allow others to occupy theirs, while always remembering that we are all connected and integral to the whole.

  8. Hello again! I have just been out for a walk in the forest behind where I live. There used to be an old log cabin there. The roof had caved in, and it threatened to collapse on to the path, endangering anyone passing by. On the day when the old Pope left the Vatican, a crew came and dismantled the whole thing, and last week, the day before the Equinox, a helicopter came to remove it all. Today, when I walked by it, the only thing left was the old foundation, as solid as ever. What a perfect symbol – and timing – for the process we are all going through!
    Love and light, Aisha

  9. Thanks for the heads up Aisha, usually I say bring it on, but I have to say I’ve been enjoying a days break from a fuzz that accompanied the last lot.

    I also missed the meditation. I was hoping there would be a separate email as to what time and what the focus is to be. I’d love to join, and I don’t care what time it is. See you pond side soon.

  10. Thanks again for this Aisha.

    I was feeling a need for a bit of a pause. Some bizarre sensations in my body right now.

    Look forward to the gathering around the pond when the time is right…

    … and your welcome re the Special Edition…

    In Joy and Light,


    1. Hi there, could you tell me when the next meditation will be as I would like to join in. I am in uk so not sure if the time is the same as Aisha as I am not sure where she resides. Thank you I shall wait to hear from you. regards Chelsea

      1. Hi Chelsea, my suggestion for the meditation which took place yesterday at 8pm UK time (which is where I am too)… was a kind of starter to see if it resonated with people here… it seemed to as far as I can tell and from the comments I have seen thus far…

        There’s a possibility we could do this each Monday at 8pm which is when I do one with another worldwide community using Spheres Of Light.

        However, I notice today that Aisha has had a message from the CCs about a “gathering at the pond” using their words and my sense is that it would be wise to see what emerges from this before proposing a regular Monday Meditation.

        At present, as I understand it, Aisha herself does not have any details on this so I guess we will wait and see.

        I saw/see my role in this as a kind of catalyst that may spark other things in the Pond… so my suggestion for now would be to see what the collective of the Pond wishes to do combined with information that Aisha channels… there could be something new and exciting emerging….

        So I suggest keeping an eye on the posts!

        Hope this helps for now!

        In Joy and Light,

        Philip πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Philip. I was wondering if there is another way for all of us to keep in touch. Is Aisha on facebook? We seem to have a great community/family of light here in the pond and there should be a way or place where we can all keep in touch more easily. Thoughts?


          Tina/Vanessa πŸ™‚

          1. Dear Tina/Vanessa! I am so glad that you have found a home here, and I wish you a warm welcome! This is The Pond, as we like to call it, and this is where we come together to connect, share and interact from the heart. I do not have a Facebook page, and I never will, for this is the space I have created for us all, and where the energy has been anchored for us to do so. So please feel free to comment, ask or share whatever you want with me and with all of the other shining souls gathered here.
            Love and light, Aisha

            1. Hello Aisha! I am happy to be here. I can understand not wanting to join the facebook community. It can get overwhelming and negative at times. Thank you for the welcome! πŸ™‚


        2. Hi Philip, I saw a lot of discussion on your monday meditation…unfortunatelly I missed it. Could you please tell me where I could find it so I could be prepared and alert for the next Monday? Warmest regards.

          1. Dear Chelsea and Sonja! Coming together and conneting in this space is powerful indeed, and I am glad that you feel called to take part in this too. There seems to be some confusion as to how and who is putting this together, so here is a clarification. I have just been given instructions to start to prepare for the first ”Gathering around the Pond”. I have not been given any defined time for it yet, but it will be sometime soon, when the energies have quieted down a bit. I will give you all ample information, including the time, on this blog beforehand, so there is no need to worry about “missing out” on it. :–) (I live in Norway, so my time is UTC+1.)

            If you have any questions or comments about this, please direct them to me.

            The meditation so generously offered by Philip last monday, is part of his work. To avoid any further confusion, I suggest that any questions regarding his meditations are directed to Philip on his blog, http://www.spheresoflight.org

            Love and light, Aisha

    2. You guys DID IT πŸ™‚
      How wonderful ! I missed out, as some friends were visiting (mentioned in a reply yesterday).
      Next time I’ll be there. I read the pond and Gaia immersed and everyone (just read it a while ago) and it’s amazing !
      Love and Joy and Light to all.
      Amazing (word of the day) things are happening more and more often πŸ™‚

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