As you have already ascertained, the pace has gotten fast and furious by now. Many of you have already felt the brunt from this barrage of love bombs, and even if the outcome from all of this will be very positive indeed, the process in itself can be more than a little taxing for you all. You see, this is all about giving you all the best possibility to travel unhindered through this next phase, and as such, nothing will be spared in this effort. So again we say, prepare to be pummeled and squeezed, as you are all being sanctified by these missiles of light. And do not think you are falling apart at the seams, even if you might feel like it from time to time in the days ahead. For you are in fact being fused together in such a way that you become as solid as you can be. And when this process is finished, you can indeed withstand anything. So that is the goal here, even if some of you might feel like we are trying to tear you apart, limb by limb, memory by painful memory.

So again we say, remember to breathe, for that will indeed bring some alleviation of these symptoms. For the breath is the sacred link between you and the very Essence, and as such, the better you are in connecting to it in your own physical body, the more you will be able to ease this transition somewhat. Let us leave it at that for now, and let you all go back to nursing yourselves through it all. For these days can be brutal on so many of you, but in the end, you will know that the purpose is as noble as they get. For this is about lifting you completely out of the old morass you have been treading in, seemingly forever. So take whatever comes in with open arms, for it will help to remove the last vestiges of the old that you still might carry within.