The manuscript of survival – part 282

As so many of you have already ascertained, the speed and the intensity of this clearing process is indeed like nothing you have ever come across before. You are literally being emptied out of anything that might be a hindrance to you in the time ahead, for only those that travel light, will be able to reach that destination they so long for. You see, this is not a sort of trial and error project, this is something that is indeed a very serious endeavor, and as such, nothing is left to chance here. So whatever you will experience in the hours and days ahead, know that this is all a carefully planned part of this process, and not something done on a whim.

We say this in order to remind you all that you are indeed carefully monitored by us throughout it all, and we have the full scope on what is indeed needed in order to prepare you all in the best possible way for the next stage of this journey. For you are all so very close now dear ones, and what you have in front of you may seem to be very daunting for you all. But know that even if you feel the pull from this gaping maw of expectations starting to pull you all in, know that you will not be allowed to enter until we deem you ready to do so. So yes, this is all perfectly orchestrated, and it will be given each and every one of you when the time is right. For this is indeed a series of injections of light, to call them that, and they will have some rather intense effects as they each home in on their intended ”targets”. For this is indeed like those heat-seeking missiles you see on your video screens, that seem to uncannily circle in on their target and the hit right in the middle of the bull’s eye.

So too it is with all of this, and even if the words we use may seem rather cold or even frightening, know that what we refer to are actually missiles of light of the most pure and profound kind, and what they will do to you all is nothing short of magical. For they will all penetrate to the very core of your being, and when they do, they will set off a sort of a chain reaction that is almost like the countdown process to a launch of your spaceships. For we are all gathered at the control center now, ready and eager to start this, the last in a very, very long series of fusillades of energy that will engender such a positive response in you all, you have no idea. But on the outside, you might not feel the impact from all of these ”missiles” as strongly as you mayhaps envisage at the moment, but do not think that they have no effect if you yourself have no sense of them entering your system. For make no mistake, you will all be hit by these ”love bombs”, and they will have a devastating effect on everything that has been implanted into you in order to hinder your evolvement into a true lighted being. For nothing of the old will be left standing after this barrage of light, and as such, the charred ruins of the old and obsolete will soon become apparent to you all. But, as we have talked about earlier, it is indeed from  these ashes that the new you, and through that, the new world will arise. So prepare to be hit hard but lovingly by something that will literally change you into something that is profoundly different from the person you still see yourself as today.

202 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 282

  1. And thank you Pink rose for sharing your experience as well as the info about your cats.
    My cat definitely wants to be extra cuddly and vocalizes quite loudly if she doesn’t have her canned food ready first thing in the morning!

  2. Hi Mindy!

    My name is Jade and yes, I experience the warming light (it looks yellow or golden out of the corner of my eye) and I can feel it very clearly, yet hands and feet are like ice. I think its my overhead light coming on, then I remember, oh yeah….I don’t have an overhead light. Hm. I am sitting at my desk, not in my car, so there is no reason for the dome light to come on, but here it is 🙂

    1. Thank you sharing your experience of this same anomaly Phillip and Jade!

      Jade, I’m glad you shared about the golden light…a few nights after I wrote this I was in that state between rest and sleep when I saw a flickering of golden light. As if a flame was burning in my room as I was facing it. It so so brilliant and moving in rapid flickering waves that I sat bolt upright sure that there was a fire in my room or the neighbors house was on fire!

      It’s interesting because when I was conducting the Quantum Hypnosis sessions for my book that was mentioned in the March 2013 the Awakening above in this blog, AA Metatron said he was one of the sources of information that came forward to provide humanity with the answers we were seeking.
      He said his presence was felt by a radiant warmth on the face and head and golden light is often associated with Metatron.
      I had started feeling this every time I conducted a session and now I feel it throughout the day in my everyday activities.

      I personally believe these experiences we are all reporting ( I am receiving reports of the blue light in addition to many other anomalies all over the world) are sign of encountering the benevolence of the Christ consciousness returning to the Earth and the ascension.

  3. Hi Everyone!
    I am enjoying reading your shared experiences of what you are experiencing as we enter this new dimension!

    Pink rose, I’m glad you mentioned your cats acting funny because mine is too. Last couple of days non stop talking to me. Just comes up to me and looks in my eyes and meows. Finds me in every room I go in and does the same. All her needs and wants are attended to so I know she is telling me something. Pacing a lot as well and running into and out of the house constantly. I keep asking her if an earthquake is coming (we are in So.Cal) yet she never acts this wild before one.

    I too have felt the waves of bliss and also bouts of anxiety/agitation.
    I truly feel as an empathic that I am picking up on the dark energies that don’t like this blast of LIGHT that is flooding upon us. For that reason I am avoiding crowds because of this intensity I feel. Alone I feel the bliss.

    I also feel extreme radiance of warmth over my head and face feel though my hands and feet are cold.

    Anybody else feeling this radiant warmth?

    Blessings ,
    Mindy Mitchell from Quantum Odyssey

    1. Yes, Mindy, my head gets extremely hot. There are times my husband touches my head and he snatches his hand back exclaiming he cannot believe how hot my head is. Yes, it is Golden Light pouring down. My feet are not necessarily cold they just continuously tingle. Same with my hands, along with a sensation of energy pouring out of my palms.

      My Heart goes out to you about your cats. Mine are SO out of sorts, one who eats “like a bird” now eating eating eating, another fighting and biting, some others exhibiting signs of their dis-eases, whining, pacing, fear on faces, not eating, then eating like no tomorrow. Yesterday I saw a racoon walking across our front lawn, a NEVER, looking dazed and lost and very out of it. Oh, yes, the animals are feeling something. Just give your cats as much love and support as you can. If you could see me at times, you would laugh. I go to lay down on a couch, and before I know it, I have two cats on the back of the couch, two cats on top of me, a cat behind my head, another cat on the table next to the couch, and about 4-5 others on the living room rug, all huddled close to the ground.

      One other thing you can do for them is to add WATER to their food. I have seen an increase in drinking water. Please make sure it is filtered or spring water. OH, and MUSIC, gentle soft music would be very helpful. No loud noises, even when talking……….

      Hang on………this day should prove to be a exceptional one!!!

  4. All I can say is thank u. I thought I was imagining all I see hear and feel not of this world. I sawone of your pics & it was of how or what I sometimes feel about my energy body. How I really look when my energy just needs to expand the confines of this body so to speak. The missles theory make sense to me now as for the last few years I. Am frequently overcome with such intense & immense emotion it just wants to burst out in huge waves…I have to physically breathe & release this flood of energy… thank u for helping me understand even a little of this. I know who & what we all are I’ve saw it. I’m just confused or foggy on how to attain it…. again, thank you. Love and light rusti

  5. …. and if I have missed anyone who sent me special wishes yesterday – know that you too are thanked from the bottom of my heart… much love has been sent your way today… Philip 🙂

  6. I love to talk about things like this. I could talk for a lifetime any never come close to the knowledge that is out their.

  7. Man has to learn to create suns and planets before he can learn to create a galaxy with a black hole. Man wants to play with this but must be very carful and not go past the speed of light before he is ready. Not in the form of creation. Much harm can come from this.

  8. This is also why there has to be negative and a plus field. Just like light and darkness. You can’t have one without the other. It is a coming together of these where creation comes from. This is where man gains knowledge and enters a new life. It has to be a balance between darkness and light both have to be taken to the next level. Its how you control these that makes the difference. Be a master of both learn from both not just one. There is no life without both. Even as you get to the next level. Learning never stops. It is just a higher learning that you will do.

  9. Where these two fields come together is where creation starts. When they become as one. This is the math of one form of creation. This is where man is now or close to.

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