For many of you, the upheavals you have been experiencing lately, indeed are maybe still in the midst of, will signal an important departure from much of what you have looked upon as an integral part of your life. For now, everything that does not serve you anymore will be slowly but surely extracted from your life, but as most of these things have very deep roots indeed, it will not be a very swift process. You see, much of this are issues that have been allowed to bury themselves deep, deep within your psyche in some way, and as such, this extraction process will not be without its challenges. For, as we have talked about so many times earlier, your whole human set up has been designed in such a way it craves stability more than anything, and now, that is the last thing you can expect. So these bouts of energetic cleanups coming in now will have you all tossing and turning from all of this intense removal, so the very ground beneath your feet will seem to be less than stable at times too.

Let us explain. As it always is with these energetic immersions you are once again in the middle of, they will seem to disturb so much, and your equilibrium will be almost guaranteed to be lost for longer or shorter periods during all of this. We speak both of the more emtional processes, but also of purely physical ones. So you will feel yourself stumbling more than once during the next few days, as everything you have on the inside, and indeed also on the outside, will seem to be endlessly shifting around, and in addition it will do so seemingly out of synch with everything else. So expect to lose your footing in more ways than one, but know also that if, or rather when, you find yourself falling to your knees in some ways, you will always be able to get back up on your feet.

We tell you this as a reminder that this is not about breaking you down, it is in fact all about rebuilding you, but this process can easily be misconstrued as the other way around. For you will all in some ways suffer the consequences from this, in many ways brutal, process. But again we say, this is not to make you suffer, this is only to ensure that you will emerge victorious at the other end of this journey. So try to stay calm, even if the storms you will face up ahead will have you seriously considering if you will be able to weather them at all. And please know that there is no shame in holding on to something in order to help you stay on your feet throughout all of this. And when we say something, we might as well rephrase that to someone. But please choose well in whom you turn to in all of this, for a wise soul will know to choose another wise soul for comfort, whether it be one of your fellow men, or one of us. For if you choose to cling onto someone that has already succumbed to their own fear, they will not help to keep you standing, they will only ensure that you will not be able to stand up ever again after immersing yourself in this sea of fear they are apt to create. So again we say be sure to connect with your true brothers and sisters in this, lest you should accidentally pick someone much less buoyant in order to help you to stay afloat in these days ahead. For you will all need support in some way through all of this, so it will do no good if you choose to latch onto someone already going under in their own sea of despair.

Again, we come to give you encouragement, not to take away any last vestiges of hope that you might have. For this is not an easy ride, not in any way, but never forget you are more than able to complete it. For that powerhouse you all harbour inside has only just started to come alive, but it will gain momentum for each day now. So do not think you have taken your last breath, even if you may at some point get the wind knocked out of you, for you have just begun to breathe freely, without the restrictions that have been holding you down for eons. So again we say, focus on that breath, for it is indeed more important than you can understand now, and it will help you through even the worst of these squalls that are currently hovering on the horizon. For you are indeed build of strong stuff dear ones, they very stuff the stars are made of, and you cannot be snuffed out as easily as you mayhaps think at the moment. You will continue to shine brightly, even through the darkest hour of the storm, and as such, you will also help others. And by your light, others will also find their way to a safe harbour, and by your grace, you will do the same too. For you have not lost yourself yet, and you will not do so either, as long as you keep your gaze averted from all of those trying to lure you into their deep pool of fear.

So stay afloat, and fasten your eyes on all of those other islands of love that are right there beside you, and together you will soon feel your feet touching solid ground once again. And you will know with all of your heart that you can never ever be dragged down into that deep void of emptiness that so many others so willingly have lost themselves. For you will emerge onto dry land, and you will do so only to discover that this is indeed familiar ground. For you have been here before, but only in your dreams, but now, it will turn out to be reality.