As many of you have already ascertained, the energies have once again moved up another notch. It can be difficult to stay centered in these blasts of light, but please know that no matter what transpires in the next few days, you are not about to fall apart. We know that for many of you, this thought will come very close to the surface as both your physical and emotional state may be in turmoil. And, it is not about to abate in the next few days. Please do not take this as any form of preaching of doom and gloom, as this is only a forewarning of the incoming light. So yes, even if you at times may feel like you are being torn apart from all of these goings on, know that what we bring is in fact good news. For you are about to be filled with a large amount of light of the utmost clarity, and when the storm once again abates, you will find yourself filled to the brim with this clarity too, and you will be able to better discern the real goings on behind all of this hullabaloo.

For in the midst of these bouts of intense discomfort, it will as always be very, very difficult to find any positive aspect at all in what you are going through. For this will be nothing if not challenging for many of you. But again we say, please remember that all of this is only clear symptoms that you are being cleansed of all of the old, and your true core is being purified and sifted out from all of the old morass still covering it, much like when specks of gold are washed out from the tons of sand covering it.

So take this as another reminder to seek out the help you need in order to be better able to face these onslaughts of the light. For there is no better word for them than that, as they are indeed unremitting in their efforts to bring out the shining core of the real you. And you will be able to stand it all, even if you may at more than one point cry for mercy. But again we say, you are not here to be tormented, you are here to become the purest essence of yourself. And just like the process that turns the humble piece of coal into the most brilliant of diamonds, it cannot be done without applying the most intense form of pressure there is. But from the heat of this furnace the shining plumes of the phoenix will emerge. So know that even if you will feel as if you are about to be consumed by these flames of transformation, you will not be so, as you will once again emerge victorious and resplendent and for the first time able to show the world – and yourself – your true colours.