Everything is speeding up

Dear friends!

I feel like I have been inside a tornado of energies these last couple of days, but a good one. It is as if all the doors have opened wide, and the energies are just pouring in. So much is happening now, it is difficult to keep track of it all, and I am so glad that you have all ”taken over” this space with all your amazing comments. Wow – the energy you all bring in here have just exploded in these last few days, and I do not even have the words to describe how I feel whenever I log on and read and connect to what you all add to this circle. I know I have said this before, but I just have to say it again: I had no idea what I started when I first began this blog a little over a year ago. Then, it was just a place where I posted these messages, and a few visitors stopped by and shared their thoughts on what I had channeled. But now, it has truly grown into this vibrant and resilient community that is growing more and more powerful by the hour. So now this is not ”my space”, it is our space, and I so enjoy taking a step back and just watch in awe as you all bring in more and more of this beautiful energy. Thank you all for this, I do not even think you have all fully grasped just how important it is what you do here.

As I said, much has been happening in my life these last few days too. I have once again been thrown into something that came as a bolt out of the blue, and as always, I have to figure it all out by myself while my team stand in the wings giggling delightedly when I suddenly ”get it”. It is just like I find this little piece of information that seems rather unimportant, but suddenly it dawns on me that this is actually the final piece in a huge puzzle that has been there for a very long time, but now it is complete. And then, I see the whole picture unfold before me, and things I have been told years ago in a reading, or have been given to me in a message suddenly becomes clear. So I have in effect been given another task, but with this task comes also a whole new set of connections, and it is just amazing to see how once again something happens that I did not know was to happen, but when it does, you just know it is so right. This does not mean that I will stop with the messages here, not at all, it just means that I will be doing more of the same, but in a different context and with a group of people instead of doing it all by myself. I am so looking forward to that, for I feel so strongly that what The CCs talked about in the last message, about how the new world is all about connecting and working together, is so true. And for me, this has also been a revelation, for until now, this has been a very solitary work, with all of its advantages but also setbacks. So yes, these are indeed interesting times for us all.

What this new task will turn out to be, I have no clear information yet, but I have a hunch it will be connected to what I wrote about in The apprentice’s manual. As always, I am given no details up front, I just have to follow my intuition and go with the flow. I have already started to connect with a few other people, and it is so amazing to see how just everything starts to fall into place once you start to make the ”right” decisions. Time will tell what it will all turn out to be.

One very interesting and for me joyful outcome from all of this, is that my sister will be part of this work as well. She actually started to channel information long before I did, but for different reasons she decied to let that go a few years back. (She was actually the one that gave me my name in a channeling. As some of you know already, Aisha is not my ”real” name, it is the name I have taken because it represents the real me. My given name is Bente, and that is the name that my family and friends use, but I have a feeling that it will fade away in a not too distant future, with the rest of the 3D life.) My sister and I have been living together for the last two years, and this has given us both an opportunity to quit our old jobs and pursue the things that gives us real joy, which in my case has been to channel. So when all of my insights on this new ”mission” started to surface, we were talking non stop about it, and then she suddenly said ”I wish that I was supposed to do this kind of work too.” And I just said, ”that is a choice that you must make yourself.” So later that evening, she sat down and basically told the Universe that she was ready to once again do her part in this work. And just like that, she was back to channeling. And let me tell you, these new energies are not timid, and they are more than a little impatient to say the least! Interestingly enough we both get affected by them, so when she sits down to do her channeling, I am almost floored by the energies as well. So yes, we have been stumbling around here the last few days, it’s more like being on a boat at high seas than in an apartment.

I want to share a part of a message my sister received yesterday, because I think that it contains some information that can be of help:

” The undulating effects of the energy pouring in are taking its toll on makind. The disease you see rampant is a clear sign that no mortal body is unaffected by the events unfolding now. The untold stories are emerging from their crysalis. We are facing the ultimate challenge for all. To take the decisive step or not? Those left behind are doing so at their own accord and free will. We are by no means responsible for their final decision. Neither are you, dear friends. The hitherto unknown agenda on the template for today is simply merging with your higher selves. The lesson is simple, breathe in, breathe out, repeat. The apparatus of breathing is your vital connection to higher self. You inhale the essence of you as you expel the essence of everything else. Those in need, need only inhale more fully that they usually do. This will lessen the symptoms of the energy downloads. They vary from a slight tingling to a downright onslaugh of biblical proportions. We are told that you are wise to know when to face the sun and when to avoid it. Sometimes the energetic downloads are for your eyes only, sometimes not for you at all. So listen to the inner voice. It is in constant contact with All there is, and therefore you have first hand information about all you need to know. This is no mystery to you, but for eons you have tried in vain to quiet that persistent voice inside telling you to go where you dare not thread for fear of losing your footing completely. But the time has come to take off the mufflers and start singing in tune with that inner voice. For you and it are one, and the siren song for the old earth will ring from towers, gardens, schools and churches as more and more throw caution to the wind and emerge with their inner self. The choir is growing by the minute, and soon the whole planet will reverberate with the joyful tune. We are no longer shackled by fear but stronger than thunder, we are tearing down the shakles of mankind, whom is emerging triumphant in the new dawn.”

I will continue to share her messages if there is something in there that can be of interest. And as I said, I will also continue with The manuscript of survival as long as the messages keep coming. I do not know yet what will result from this other task that I mentioned, but for now, I have been told that part of my task will be to gather information that will be generated through me and through the others in this group. When this information will start to come, I have no idea, as I have been told that it will take some time to ”prepare us” for this work. I have also been told that I will be given instructions as to how and when to share it at a later stage, ”when the time is right” as the usual response is when I try to ask.

And with all of this going on, I am so glad that this forum has become the thriving community that it is. It means that it will continue to grow and expand, fertilized by your love and your energy, and it will attract new shining souls to this light that you are all adding here. I thank you all for this, and I know we will all continue to be blessed by what we have created here for a very long time to come.

Love and light, Aisha


117 thoughts on “Everything is speeding up

  1. Wow, Hi to all I am a new member and I am sooo enjoying the nourishment,spiritual insight and heavenly guidance.I to have be on the solitary journey for most of my life. I am grateful to have found the time, place and space of like minded energies. Thank you Aisha for all you do. Contined blessings to you and your services to the greater good of us all. 🙂 ❤

  2. Wow Aisha, I love that you put your own personal message in here too. I wonder how many people there are who are regular readers on your site. This is a very exciting prospect and it feels very comforting to know there are possibly hundreds of others like me, wondering, creating, praying, dreaming about about the new world. The channellings of CC seem to have given me an equilibrium to center on when all around me seems to be in such turmoil.I too feel my inner spiritual journey has been solitary at times and it has not been easy to find others who are on my wavelength. This site and the channellings are doing a wonderful job of keeping us connected. God bless you.

  3. Thanks so much dear Aisha for this lovely personal & more than detailed message with this delightful variety of thoughts, insights & helpful information !….interesting that you mention ‘The Apprentice’s Manual’ as I was going to ask you about that…it has been on my mind that I was rather disappointed it seemed as you had abandomed it, so I’m more than pleased that you plan on continuing in this work in seeing it bloom as it was meant to be ! It has been a while…Sorry…just didn’t feel too much like commenting-sharing as this now part of my journey was more of a solitude one in fine tuning my own energy…it is part of the soul evolving process & everyone will experience it sooner or later. I must admit though I have growing difficulty with the ‘Me’ syndrome…I said, I want, I need, I have…so many I encounter in blog comments, & in real life…& many times it seemingly makes me quite uncomfortable & I often simply need to walk away from it, & if I don’t, my mind turns into a busy freeway ! I always felt that one of the biggest stepping stones in spiritual growth is walking away…leaving the ‘Me’ syndrome…I think we All can be much better, wiser & stronger if we bulid on focusing our energies away from from ourselves & project our each creator’s gift of LOve, Compassion & Healing to other life, be it small or large, a person, a country… a BEE, a bird…a lake, the ocean, All embracing Mother-Earth ! & as I’m often told limiting my vision is human, as I need to visualize ‘Big’…All is possible, & this I will learn & will become more confident with. I think in much of our life’s experiences it is important to pause & reflect on ‘what would an ascended master do’…I often find myself saying ‘what would Jesus do’….I’m sure it wouldn’t be the actions, or responses that come from so many !….Blessings to you & your sister for a wonderful joyous day & future blog success !….& I do know about the recent beat me up, & spit me out energies…we All will fall down but we will get ourselves back up again……~ Bev

  4. To Aisha and her lovely sister: Much light/love for you two in this your new task. I,m certain it,ll be a great success as Aisha’s Pond

  5. Oh Ann, your so like me!
    Welcome to this pond, come on in, the water is wonderful!
    I also know of animals in rescue situations.
    I have not found another site where people daily talk about animal experiences during this amazing time.
    Welcome home sista!

  6. Welcome Ana
    Very beautiful how you describe your/our process, because is sooo similar for us.
    I hope see you more and more here
    Love to you

  7. Hej there and thank you Aisha,
    I have made a habit to meditate every day. It’s still quite a learning process. But It helps that almost six months ago I realized how to breathe through the heart and how to listen to it.

    Few days ago and last evening when I meditate I have had connect to something, but I was so surprised that it disappeared. However, I felt the warmth and love.

    Because of active meditation my dreams at nights are calmed down and become quite boring :). But I’m not complained.

    With an open heart I will go toward what is meant to me.

  8. Dear Aisha,
    Thank you for this inspirative insight into your life.All the best to your sister too 😀 I have to yet used to her use of words (and energy) during translation,but enjoyed the message.

  9. Hi there,
    thanks for all this, most interesting! Just a teeny suggestion – I would find it easier to read if it was black type on white background (or a pale colour) rather than white on black. If I think so, I may not be the only one. Maybe an age thing, not sure (over 50). But otherwise, great stuff – thanks, Jennifer H.

    1. Dear Jennifer! I think you will find it easier to read if you increase the size of the text in your webbrowser. Here’s how to do it:
      You can increase the size of the text on the page by doing this:
To zoom in, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the + key.
To zoom out, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the – key.
After zooming in or out, to reset your web page’s zoom settings back to their original / default size, press and hold the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the 0 (zero) key.
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel situated between the left and right mouse buttons, as an alternative to using the keyboard, you can press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key, while turning the scroll wheel forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out.
      NOTE: Macintosh users should use the Apple key (also called the Command key) instead of the Control key. Otherwise, operation on a Mac is identical to that of Windows and Linux.
      (From http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2008/09/increase-or-dec.html)
      Hope this can be of help!
      Love and light, Aisha

  10. Hello Aisha and my traveling companions!

    First of all, I would like to thank You, Aisha, for your continued dilligence in being a channel for the CC’s or whom I personally refer to as ‘them’. Your messages reach out to so many and I look forward to them each one… As they are confirmations of my experiences.

    I am reading each and every entry and have been going through my own very powerful transformation.

    I share my experiences so that others may identify and receive information that may be helpful.

    I have several times now been awakened in the night to strong, turbulent waves of energy, so strong that I have to shake myself out of it. It is scary and it is supernatural. This energy is basically lifting and stimulating my root chakra. Based on my research, I am deducing that this is part of a kundalini awakening. I have stopped this process as stated above several times because it is so overwhelming.

    One day last week, I decided to do a mediation and ask for their help. I also asked that we do this ‘gently’. I focused on breath, waves of breath, bringing the breath down to the naval, and then pushing the breath in a ‘wave’ pattern towards my sacrum. This was a very pleasant and unintimidating experience that had me both laughing and crying as the energy moved up my spine, through the heart, and down my arms. It was an absolutely beautiful sensation.

    I am also – as of the last few days- experiencing music completely different. Now when I listen, and certain notes are played, I feel the vibration/resonance/frequency in both my chakras and cells. It is as if my body literally vibrates like a string to the notes.

    I am also receiving my own information directly from ‘them’, and I believe that the more we share, discuss, and express gratitude toward ‘them’, the more we are given. I liken them to our cheer section screaming, ‘ holy crap SHE/HE actually heard us!!!’ Lol

    I have read recently that the ‘AScension’ Essentially IS a KUNDALINI awakening. The life force/vital energy/prana/chi rising up from its sleeping state through our chakras and out of our crown. It is my belief that not only are we to awaken to our own kundalini power, but our planet, Mother Earth, as well. We are ALL ascending.

    So, my brothers and sisters of the light, no matter what your personal ailments and symptoms, please know that you are not alone. Love yourselves!! Take care of yourselves. Do not allow yourself to be in situations or around those that are something other than love. This diminishes your light, and we need us. We need us all.

    I continue on my journey, and wish you all the best!

    Love and light,
    Your traveling companion,


    1. Thank you for your reminder Phoenix, we need to take care of ourselves, and sometimes that means distancing or doing whatever it takes to free ourselves of unloving people or environments, you’re right. No-one to save from themselves! 😀 Phew.

      Big thanks also to Emma and Pinkrose for the very warm welcome
      ;). Pinkrose, I feel for you….I have had some almost ‘blowout’ days, but not in a painful way (sore buttocks a couple of days) in all through this. I feel a bit spoiled – hope it stays that way :/ 🙂 but for sure, whatever it takes it absolutely worth every bit! I’m in love with this process, and all it means for us. Infact I’m kind of just a bit concerned that I’m a high vibe junkie! I’ve been feeling this on the increase for a couple of years now (although actually remember it beginning 5yrs ago) and I LOVE this feeling and when I find myself not buzzing it just feels odd. I have a feeling though, I won’t have to worry, I think the intensity is on the rise forever more – no stopping this train. My left ear is just woofing….it’s good stuff. Never a dull moment. Nice to be here with you all. Now you have my confession, you know something about me that no-one else does 🙂

    2. Dear Phoenix! Talk about synchronicity! If you have not read part 280 yet, I think you will get a nice surprise when you come to the end of the message;–) And thank you so much for sharing this information. So much of what you talk about resonates with me, and I find it very interesting that there have been several comments lately talking about how your perception of music has changed radically. Sound and music will (literally) play a very important part in the healing process in the future, so I am glad to see more and more people starting to notice this already.
      Love and light, Aisha

  11. Thank you dear Aisha for all you have done, for all the lives that you have touched and to the profound service to the great ALL there is. Love & Peace

  12. Dear Aisha,
    Sending you big blessings on the next big thing in your expanding. The only constant in all of this Universe is change and the best way to make that change amazing is in allowing the flow of it! You are doing awesomely well and wonderful news about your sister reopening to the flow of her own gift after realizing she really was in alignment with it! I know that any expansion of what you do will be a blessing to us all! I really enjoyed her sharing as a Light Warrior Myself I felt the power in it! The song by Twisted Sister called “We’re not gonna take it anymore” came into my head! 🙂 Hugs! Alex

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