The manuscript of survival – part 279

The tides have turned, and once again the churning of the incoming waters are pushing up so much to the surface. This will be apparent to many of you, as you seem to be almost inundated with old garbage that suddenly appears as out of nowhere. This can be very disconcerting, to say the least, for we know that you had hoped to be out in clear waters by now, far from the old flotsam and jetsam that was cluttering up your life in an earlier existence. Well, these old issues are nothing if not tenacious, so it takes an awful lot of hard work at times to get rid of it once and for all. We hear your tired sighs dear ones, and we know that for so many, this will feel almost like that final straw that broke the camel’s back. But you are not broken dear ones, far from it, and even if this mountain of garbage seems like it is about to drown you all in some ways, know that it cannot do so, and it never will. It may look as if it is threatening to completely obliterate you, but that is not the case here. For the only reason it has appeared in your vision, is because you are more than well equipped to handle it at this stage. For you have become very efficient at this, and you have worked through so much already, it has given you all a well developed talent to literally hack your way through this too, just like you have hacked your way through the rest of this dark jungle you have traversed to get to where you are today. And not only your muscles but also your resolve have become so strong by now, they cannot be stopped by anything, no matter how daunting it may look on the outside.

For you are beyond stopping now dear ones, and this final mountain of old junk that is lying in your way is not insurmountable, and you will all manage to bypass it in some way. Either by simply squashing it under your feet as you climb over it, or by plowing straight through it. And that will be a major achievement for you all, but it is not one you will have to manage all on your own. For you have friends now, in all sorts of places, and they are ready and willing to give you all a hand in this task of breaking through that last barrier. You will find them wherever you look, so do not forget to do so. For you cannot get assistance unless you ask for it. So please, do not think that this is a mission you have to take the full responsibility for yourself. For you deserve all the help you can get, whether it be of a celestial kind or whether it is from a friendly neighbour or co-worker, or someone you have connected with in this space.

So again we say, you are all so very strong, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you have to stand all alone and master anything that comes in your way. For that is not the way to do it in the new world. For in the new world, we all stand together, whether they are currently on our side of the veil, or you are already gathered together on your side. We are one, and you are not alone. So please remember to ask for help, for this cleaning up of the last vestiges of the old world is not a solo job. It is a communal effort, and therefore together you will do this, as long as you do not close yourself up and hide away in shame because you think you have caused too much fuss and trouble in the first place. This is not fuss and trouble, this is important work that is to be done on behalf of us all, and therefore it is to be done in the company of some trusted fellow workers.

For you are no longer meant to travel alone, you are meant to gather into groups, and then, these groups will also start to connect and grow even bigger and stronger, much like what has happend to all of you already starting to gather around this warming fire. For you need to seek out the warmth and company of others, otherwise this whole project would be coming apart. For this is all about coming together again, after an eternity of wandering alone in the desert, looking for some sort of sanctuary. Well, the sanctuary is already here, it is in the company of other brave souls.

So do not stand off in the shadows anymore, take a step into this ring and link your hands to all the others already standing there, for it will make you all feel how the strength is surging through you. And only by doing this, will you be able to finally connect all that has been disconnected for eons. For you are closing the gap now, day by day, spirits mending together as one. So do not shy away from this reunion, for you have been expected for such a long time now, and nothing will gladden us more than if you too will let youself be drawn into this circle of friends already gathered. For you are one of us, and without you, we will not be complete. So make yourself at home dear ones, you have come to stay, and it gladdens us all to no end.

143 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 279

  1. Love and Light to you Aisha for your service to Gaia and humanity. I would like to know what does “CCs” and “Pond” mean in some of the missives I’ve read? Thank You!

    A. Muhaimin Shamsuddin

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to this Pond! For “The Pond” is the name that has been given to this community of souls that have gathered here to connect, share their words and energy. It was a name coined by Nohmad, one of the brothers who has been a part of this community for a very long time, and it is a very apt name. For this is a place where people come to find their own light reflected back to them from this beautiful Pond of other shining souls. We sometimes refer to the people gathered here as “UniPonders”. “CCs” is short for The constant companions, the group of entities that give me these messages that I channel. You can read a little bit more about them here.
      Love and light, Aisha

  2. Dearest Lonewolf,

    Where to begin? My GOD, we have SO much in common, it is just mind blowing! So much of your Life reflects mine, which probably comes to no surprise to you, or many here. This is the first time in my Life, and I have walked 55 years on this earth, that I have connected with those whose Hearts beat to the One Love, here at the Pond. I don’t know how I lived my Life before I found Aisha and CC’s. I am SO glad you are here and please stay for as long as you are guided.

    In the plants you mentioned, I know you are speaking of my husband. We live in a VERY conservative part of the world, first of all, and second, my husband is an addict, who if given any mind altering substance would abuse it. He is closed to any kind of help, either it being mainstream medicine (oh but he will pop those pills!), spiritual, or from family/friends. He is afraid to be well, to be happy, to feel good.

    I highly encourage you to keep doing the Inner Work, no matter where it leads you, for I can attest, I have been getting breakthroughs of late, where I honestly do experience Nirvana. Today in fact, a photo I had taken of a Rainbow years ago, which I was viewing while taking a break, seemed to come to life and totally immerse me in it, so that I became the Rainbow. I felt this Rainbow. I felt the Absolute Love and Perfectiion and I felt all the blending together of the colors. I flew SO high I didn’t know where I was for a while, nor did I care. Now, all I have to do is go over to that picture, and inhale those colors and I get that feeling again, not as vividly but still get it.

    I’ve been on this Path of Transformation since 1984. Now, I am NOT discouraging you so please don’t think OMG! it’s going to take me THAT long??? NO NO NO! Everyone’s journey is individual and unique! It certainly sounds to me you are making a LOT of progress. The exhaustion is terrible, I know. Have you ever had your thyroid level checked just to rule out a malfunctioning thyroid? Just a “thought” I am bringing your way!

    I am SO touched by your concern for my husband. I have been helping him for 29 years, and to still be on the end of hatred, is very difficult to handle at times. I have arrived at a place in my life, I am just not willing to go on like this. I have plans on speaking very frankly with his counselor tomorrow, telling him how this “system” stinks in expecting me to take care of him all on my own, without any help here in our home, and without any support of any kind for me. Yep, drop em off at the family doorstep and turn the back. Yep, I know all about it.

    WELCOME! Feel free to come here and drink deeply, for there truly is Unconditional Love here, so much Wisdom here, and Soul Family. I know your loneliness has come to an end, and I also know you will start recognizing Soul Family here. It is a given!

    From my Heart to your Heart, Amy Crystal Rose (Amy)

  3. Hi everyone,
    Finally a message that describes how I feel. 🙂
    After the last ones I felt pretty lonely thinking I was the only one going through lots of old fears, sometimes even not knowing of what I was afraid. But when I read this message and all your comments, I realise that I am not alone.

    So thank you for all your comments.
    And thank you Aisha for doing all this.

    Amy you are incredible. I send you a big jug and lots of strength.

    Alex and Aisha your stories are truly inspirational. It made me realise that “trusting that all is well” is still an issue I have to work at a lot.

    Another issue is “not belonging”. I still have to find a way to believe that all is well im that area, too.

    So still a lot of work to do. But the CC are right it feels as if most of the work is kn the past. 🙂

    Sending love to everyone.

  4. note to ALL: it gets better! 🙂

    i love this site – i love the messages, i love the non-stop widespread synchronicity, i love the crowd that’s gathered here to learn from our companions and each other, and i will always be excited to see what comes next.

    but – for me, in these last couple weeks the messages have taken on a kind of past tense – suddenly instead of relating directly, i feel like “oof, yeah i remember that, all those pains and all that garbage…”

    i don’t know if i’ve just been rolling with the body-aches and brain-melt for so long that i’ve finally acclimated, but many of my personal aspects and almost all of my creative projects are currently converging on some new Center, like i’ve finally found the track. it’s pretty great.

    it still comes with its moments – traffic can still make me angry as hell, but today i went through the grocery store without even rolling my eyes at a single zombie! that’s a major leap forward for me. overall i’ve been able to shed most of my past baggage and future anxieties and be much more content in Now. my creative output is exploding – i don’t have time to finish everything i’ve got in the pipeline, but i’m committed to doing it all this year, and more.

    some of the concepts that the CCs describe that maybe made me scratch my head a year ago now seem as obvious and true as the blue sky… i KNOW that we ARE getting there. i’m watching it start to happen, piece by piece, just like i watched the darkness settle in a decade ago. i saw that then and i see this now, we’re bringing in so much light right now! it is unstoppable, but not instant, and it requires our continued input.

    to those still locked in struggle – hang in there but please be safe first. i’ve personally bounced back from some dark places with the grace and unconditional love of my amazing wife, but i also lost my sister at the hands of a man who couldn’t handle his demons. i wish that nobody should ever have to go through that, and i hope that you all stay safe through this unsettling time – until the light finally breaks for all of us.

    beyond that i can only offer what i’ve learned: the only change you can affect is in yourself – you can wait for someone to change themselves, but you can not will it, force it, or do it for them.

    peace, love, and so much light

  5. Hi all. Sorry to say but I am getting really tired and “pissed off”. I felt great the couple of days. I read this missive (I get an automatic email and I will be removing that so it is up to me when I come to read these. Nothing against you Aisha or the messages but this feels good now to do this) and thought that “I am not going to be effected and it is like they also give some “fear” by telling “it is going to be hard again”. I have been going through SO HARD that I have no willingness to go through it again and again.

    Yesterday I got some great news. I told them to my friend who brought up old stuff related to this “news” in a manner that I really felt bad. I have been feeling bad since then. Yes, I tried forgiving, letting go ect. I texted her about my “point of view” and she explained and apologised. I still feel bad. I react to my children. Now they feel bad too.

    I feel as if I need to be in no connection with anybody. It is like I am a small sprout that I need to protect in every level. I should not be opening up any of my stuff, otherwise there will be a cold wind attacking the new life?

    Oh boy. I was looking forward to the weekend and no, it does not seem so promising any more. 😦

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Me too! I am taking a step back from the blog as well. We are on the same page. I’m sending whatever energy I have left today to you! 🙂 ~Amanda

  6. Amy, It sounds to me like your man has parasites. Parasites change the behavior of the host to their benefit. A lot of parasites prefer an acidic (angry),environment and many feed on adrenelin. So they deprive the brain of the right chemicals which allow someone to calm and quiet. I’ll bet he drank some sub-tropical creek water. He can’t change what he can’t control. Detoxify his liver and get some vitamins into him.
    From a guy who spent 10 days locked in the psych ward before some specialsit figured it out.

    1. Otmn, thank you! Yes, this sounds exactly right. I have supplements and vitamins to detoxify him, but he won’t take them. Anger is his comfort zone and that is where he wants to stay. I have every confidence the LIGHT that is working on him right now, will address this and change this. He has SO many problems, just so many, some that have been given him, and many he himself have created with his WORDS and THOUGHTS.

      OH! If only I could get subtropical creek water. I live far away anything tropic!

  7. Go to this website it is what I have studied all my life. Thank you consciouslyone. I to know the old ways. This is my journey in life. To be one with the light. I love the way you write it is like some of the old writings. it has taken me most of my life to find some of these teachings.
    Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts. They all ring true. My birthday .

    Unite to Shift, Recieve the Gift

    Posted on February 21, 2013 under angels, ascension, channelings, consciousness, enlightenment, healing, humanity, Love, poetry, spiritual poetry, spirituality, Uncategorized

    1. Thank you pinkrose and ray! It means so much to me, I am literally shaking in gratitude. I have just begun putting my writing out to the world, and at only 22 I have so much to learn. Know that tonight you have made quite an impact on my path. It is a glorious and magnificent journey we are on, and it is beyond my wildest dreams to have the gift of sharing with such beautiful, magnificent souls. Be blessed, stay blessed, thank you thank you.

      1. Ohhhhh, Honey, your so young and your energy is SO beautiful! Yes, keep doing what you are doing! I am covered in goosebumps! You are glorious beyond imagination! I rejoice for I am alive to actually witness the new generation of Light that is coming in now. (((HUGS)))

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