For the last couple of days, things have once again started to pick up speed. For many, it is as if your heart and eyes have started to open even wider, and you are indeed starting to perceive things in a slightly different way. In other words, you have finally started to tune into this new tune, if we may call it that, and you have mayhaps realized that things are indeed coming to pass even if you on the outside have yet to see any real traces of this. We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is that this change that you have all hankered for so much is already in full swing. But as we have also talked about on several occasions, this may not come about in the manner you had envisaged. For a human mind is a simple one, as it cannot see beyond the boundaires it has been given. A human heart, on the other hand, is far more accomplished. For it can see and feal that which does not even exist yet, for it can tap into the true potential of something. And as such, the heart is a wise warrior, and as long as you follow your heart, you will know where to let it take you.

And it has taken you all this far already, and even if for some of you progress seems to be less than minuscule, you have in fact already made a quantum leap on this journey of yours towards that fabled goal you all seek so intently. Again we say, your heart knows this already, and now, the power of your heart has started to override the misgivings of your mind in a much more powerful way than it used to. For it has once again taken the driver’s seat in this, and by that, it has wrested away the control from the so much more timid and skeptically-prone mind of yours. So now, you will all start to see this whole process in a much more lucid manner. For now you will know where you formerly only had the hope, and now you will literally feel in your very core just how close to unveiling the whole truth you really are. And when you do, you are not the only ones able to perceive this, for then, the whole world will have to sit up and listen. For the truth will out no matter how hard the old and rigid structures try to hold it down. And now, they are crumbling, and they have other things to worry about than just keeping up appearances. And they will be kept busy indeed, as they feel the strong gust of wind that will tear down their house of cards once and for all approaching. And this wind cannot die down, for it is indeed fuelled by the power you all carry in your hearts, and now, you have gained access to that power, and you can feel yourselves starting to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity as you prepare to add to the storm approaching.

We say this not to scare you, just to remind you that you, through the actions instigated from your heart, are so important in all of this. For you are guided by your heart now, and that is not where the fear resides. For fear only engender violence and hate, and you dear ones, you are not to be lured into that old trap again. For you know that love will conquer the world, and from that love, a new world will arise from the ashes of the old. For the old world cannot stand the pressure from this wind of change, and it will indeed collapse into a heap of broken promises, taking with it the hopes and dreams of so many who had staked their future on this false flag of success. And they will feel as if everything they trusted their survival on, is razed to the ground. But you will know better, for you know that these smoldering remnants of the old will only serve to nurture the new and far more viable world that you are creating. And you know that from this seemingly lifeless heap of dirt, new shoots will start to emerge. For just like some seeds will lie dormant in the soil for years, even centuries, waiting for the right conditions before they can germinate, so too it is with many of your fellow men. For they all have it in them, they just did not know that they were still in that dormant phase. But now, many of these tiny little seeds will start to awaken, and you will all be amazed at the speed of their growth. For it will seem that the smoke has not even cleared yet before healthy and vigorous new sprouts will emerge all over, and they will soon cover the last remnants of the old with their proliferation.

So know that you will soon be as in a lush forest of healthy growth, and you will be able to rest in the shade of these sturdy trees whenever you want to. For you have done the hardest work, of clearing the path trough that dense and unpenetrable jungle to get where you are today, and you have done so at the expense of so much. But know that soon you will be assuaged by the arrival of all of these new and eager sprouts that will help to ease the burden off your shoulders, and you will be free to savour this new and fertile forest in a way you thought you never would. So again we say to you stay calm no matter what transpires in the days and weeks ahead, and know that all is well, for it has been thus ordained, and thanks to you, it will come to pass, and for that, we are all more than blessed.