The manuscript of survival – part 275

Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we refer to are almost unseen by many of you, you will still feel their absence as a relief in your whole system. For this process of pushing and pulling, squeezing and letting go in an almost rhythmic fashion is not only pulling you all further along on this path, it is also ensuring that you continue to travel ever more lightly. So take a bow, as you certainly deserve it, after having once more being plunged into the icy waters of second thoughts, and once again emerged from it even more certain that this is the only right path for you, and this journey is what you have dreamed of for eternity. It might not feel like a dream journey at all times, but even when the going gets tough, you know you have no real desire to call it quits and return to where you came from. For you sense, even in the darkest of hours, that you are being pulled along towards the brightest of lights. And even if the current at times seems to double up on itself and throw you into an impasse, you still sense a sort of forward momentum anyhow. For you are never in stagnant waters for long, and when you are there, know that this too is according to plan. Because you are not meant to withstand an endless succession of rapids without having the chance to breathe in, exhale and give yourself a little rest now and then. For you need this pulse to be just that, an on and off sensation of movement and pressure, easing into a somewhat slower and more tranquil phase, where you get the chance to catch your breath and recuperate a little bit before you once again get to shoot another rapid.

But these quiet moments, if we may call them that, sometimes seem to be the more challenging ones, because then your mind gets a little bit more space to start to think and feel again, and then, uncertainty and disbelief starts to raise its little head again. So for many, the periods of intense physical signalling is mayhaps the more bearable ones, because then you not only get all the confirmation you need that something is indeed afoot, but your mind does not get any space to misbehave again, and it will resort to sitting quietly in a corner and maybe just sulk a little bit. So this cycle of intense activity interspersed with some ”down” periods to call them that, each bring with them their own unique challenges. But for you, who have become seasoned travellers already, we think you have found a way to navigate the rapids as well as the backwaters. For you have learned to connect, both with your own center, but also with the whole network of fellow travellers out there, and as such, you have become more than adept at taking it all on no matter how daunting the rapid is or no matter how eerily quiet the pond seems to be at times.

For you have journeyed well, and will continue to do so, for you have set your sights on the one true thing that you know, that you are destined to conquer this whole river and get to the promised land you can already sense somewhere in the distance. And best of all, now you know that you will arrive there in the company of a great many other shining souls just like you. For you are not alone on this river any more, in fact, you have already connected with so many others on the way, and you can hear their shouts of joy, and you can shout out encouragement to anyone you hear is in distress. And that way, you can all help each other onwards on this journey.

Let us just close off todays message with a salute from us all. We are in awe of your accomplishments, and even if this may not be news to any of you, we would like to remind you all that you have come such a long way in just the last few weeks. And the biggest accomplishment you have made lately, is the connection you have all forged whilst being tossed to and fro in the churning waters of this river. For it is not given that you should take the time to reach out to others while you yourself at times are barely holding your head above the waters, so we are here to remind you all that you have in fact achieved something that is more than amazing indeed. So cudos to you all, you have not only helped yourself so much further along the banks of this river, but you have also linked up with the others in such a way you already form an unbreakable chain of light, each link pulling the others along, and each part of the chain making all of the others just that much stronger. So again we say do not forget to thank yourself for what you do. For what you all do is nothing short of magical, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we do so on behalf of All of creation.

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  1. I know one needs to push love in his journey. Many people have different names on how to do this. I know of a lot of them. I know one needs a intent for his journey. I know ones heart and intent must be pure to do this. What I was trying to ask about is what you saw and learned on your journey. I know this can be shared with others that have or have had the same intent. Every level has the same basic laws. Gaining access to the different levels depends on how pure you intent and thought process is. You can journey to the present, past and future or just journey around the earth. All this can be shared with some. Every person has a different reason when they journey. Many reasons are in the same levels and can be shared with anyone that has access to that level. Each level is the same. The higher the level you can access the more you learn. You can share all the lowers levels to people that have access to them. But you can’t share a higher level to one that hasn’t gained access to it yet. I think some here may have done this. I always try to push a thought of love to everyone in everyday life. This blocks most harmful thoughts and helps those who receive the love. But I also have to protect myself from a lot of stronger thoughts. Hope you know what I mean. This is different from just trying to learn and becoming one with yourself. Every level you will go to has a learning process. Just like this one only you are trying to get to the next level.
    You never stop learning it is infinite.

    1. I wanted to ask the same but I didn’t know how and wher to find it. If you know some pages or blogs I would like to you tell me.
      Thank you very much

    2. Dear Ray! I am so grateful for what you bring to this space, your energy is much needed. I am looking forward to what your presence and your information will do to us all, as you have something very special to share. I hope it will bring you so much in return.
      Love and light, Aisha

    3. Wonder, wise words, Ray. Thank you!

      When I journey it is not in the physical sense. I blend and become One with All That Is. The higher I travel the higher the vibration is. I seem to incorporate into my Being when I return, different perspectives on Life and I am led to walk those perspectives out. I have been taught how to read energy, and what is truth behind the “words” or actions. I have been taught how to live a purer life in all areas of my life. There is nothing tangible I can give you regarding the experiences, for in spirit, it is not like here. The knowledge is instantaneous and is absorbed at a cellular level. When I speak here at Aisha’s Pond, many times I am incorporating what I have learned, and what I am learning as well.

      These journeys happen, they are not planned, they just happen. It has everything to do when I am ready for them. (I think) Then I seem to have a period of Life to apply what I have learned, or walk it out, with adjustments here, adjustments there, coming ever higher and like I said, more pure.

      This is a subject I really don’t talk about because there really are no words to adequately describe what I experience. All I can tell you, these experiences affect me deeply, and do change me. I Love deeper, I accept what mayhaps I did not before, I see from a different “angle”. Achhh!

      I did my best here to describe to you. This is a way of learning I agreed to do. This is when I meet my Team and all those who are working with me. No names. No figures. No terrain. Just vibration and a KNOWING from Source.

      1. PS I am NOT special in any way! We ALL are learning how to connect with our Higher Selves and to Source. I will not even suggest I am any better then anyone due to what I experience! We are in this together!! Your way of connecting to Source may be different then mine! Just do it, so that we can together transform this world into One of LOVE.

        Ray, I am who I am, and speaking of how I connect that is enough. I am here for support, and Love, and to reach out to help a hurting Heart. That is all.

        1. Dear Pinkrose! You are special in so many ways, because what you bring to this space, no one else can. We are all like different pieces of a puzzle, we all have our own unique frequency, and we cannot be replaced by anyone else. Thank you for bringing all that you are and for sharing it here! Love and light, Aisha

          1. Dearest Aisha, I say the following quietly and with wonder. I am deeply deeply thankful to YOU for giving me the freedom on your blog to be myself. No one has ever done this for me. My entire life I have been feared, or reviled, or pushed away all because of who I am, and the Light that shines from my Heart. People on this planet are afraid of Love, dear heavens! it is the Truth, for It with the Light highlight those things in people they would rather not see. Uh ha. I’ve been a reflector, an anchor of Light, the dark buster, and now, now the parameter of my Life is changing. It began here on your blog. It is running over in my life. Today for example, I was pulled, literally pulled to a Chiropractor who works out of the gym I go to, and for approximately one hour, we talked GOD nonstop. I am familiar with his “lingo” and I have the Understanding of said lingo, so I was not uncomfortable in the least. It was the BEST hour I have had in a L O N G time!

            In fact, there were a few times I started speaking my Heart Language which is the normal for me, for I seem to bumble in English at times, just groping for words, and up bubbles my language. No problem. He interpreted that as “speaking in the Spirit” and he actually raised his hand and said, “Praise GOD!” How awesome! What a Gift it is for me to talk GOD freely and without FEAR. I also found out, much to my surprise, that this person understood, or was beginning to, the “bigger picture of GOD” and OH how I was jumping for JOY inside! Churches are beginning to GET IT, that GOD is not OUT THERE, but IN ALL OF US! WOWOWOWOWOW!

            So, you, dear pure sweet Aisha, are giving me an opportunity to let go of my fear (the voice saying, “You are crazy! …….. and as a result I hid) and openly saying what bubbles up in my Heart. GOD bless you! I will never forget what you are doing for me!!!

            I also thank you for saying what you did to me. It meant the world to me!

            From My Heart to your Heart, Amy

            1. Dear Pinkrose! Again I must say thank you for sharing all that you are here! Because your courage to do so will help others do the same. We have all in some ways been afraid of showing our light, because we see that it can make us into targets for others.This fear of being ridiculed, shunned or maybe even persecuted is something many of us carry deep inside, because we have experienced it again and again in previous lives. But now it is time to stop hiding ourselves and start to shine in earnest. Only that way can we help each other to complete this transformation, not only of ourselves, but this whole planet. As The CCs have said again and again, nothing can stop us now, except our own fear, and the biggest fear many of us have, is actually to let our inner light shine brightly. So every time someone like you overcome that fear, it makes it that much easier for the rest of us. I thank you from my heart and back to yours!
              Love and light, Aisha

              1. Aisha and Amy~ there is a quote that came to my mind when I read what you both wrote.
                “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.” ~Marianne Williamson
                (The quote runs longer, and maybe some of you are familiar with it, but I thought it was relevent to how many of us felt/feel.) ~Amanda

                1. Amanda, you nailed it, and yes, I have heard this quote as well. Pushing aside our fears in order for our Light to shine fully, is what I believe, many of us are doing right now. We are walking away from lifetimes of intentional annihilation form those who feared us. We are strong, we are determined, and we walk victoriously, more and more so every day! Thank you!!

                  (Just this morning I felt the “familiar” niggle of fear in my gut, and I demanded it to go! GO! I will NOT listen to fear any more! As of this writing, it is gone. IF it returns, again I command it to GO!)

              2. My Dream is to live to see not only this Beautiful Tapestry grow exponentially, but all other Tapestries of Light as well. Not only that, my Dream continues that we all live to experience those of like Heart to be able to actually physically be together as One. In other words, time/space drop away and like a Diamond Magnet those whose Hearts beat to the One Source are all brought together in order to become the Way Showers of the World, helping to heal Gaea and all who share Her Body. Yes, many of us are doing this now, but imagine, the Infinite Possibilities we would have combining our energies, working together, funning together, BEing together………Imagine……..

                I love you, Aisha.

  2. I have noticed some of you do mind travel. I don’t see much written about it in here. Do you have another website for this. There is a lot of different types of mind travel. I would love to speak to some on this if you know how to do it. Maybe we could share some things. everyone has a different type of mind travel. Kinda like a doctor who only does one thing.
    Others do several kinds like a MD.

    1. Hmmmmm……..I don’t talk much about this, for there are no words to aptly describe what I do. I mind travel all the time. I combine Love from my Heart (FEELING IT) with this “energy” that radiates from my 3rd eye, and as I go about my every day, I am able to function from multiple dimensions. (like multi-tasking!) When I “drift” (in my quiet times) I become One with the Sound of OM I hear (I AM) and the Current of Energy I feel always pouring in through my Crown. That’s about as close as I can come to what I experience.

      In my opinion, we all must learn how to merge into the One, and the less talking about it the better. Just learn and do it….that is my motto. Some people need to digress and put information into classifications etc, but me, I just go with it, pushing thought aside. In fact, whenever I get thought involved, my flying stops.

      Does this make sense to you, Ray?

      1. What you have just described is how one does shamanic
        journeying except with intent.

        Bless you, Crazywolf

        Thank you Aisha for this most loving space

        1. YES!!!! Always with INTENT! Thank you for writing regarding what I do. I just do what I am “being led to do”, “being taught to do by spirit”. I am finding with practice, the “attitude” stays in place and things just “happen” without much effort on my part. The moment I drop from the Higher Perspective, though, everything comes to a screeching halt!

          Really, how much I do thank you, Crazywolf! To actually have a “term” for what I do is so cool. I am laughing, though quietly, for in this life, I created a life without validity for what I “feel” to do. (((HUGS))) and with much gratitude!!! To get an answer, no, doesn’t change anything, but what it does give me some substance as to how I have been taught to LIVE.

            1. Crazywolf, I will be there. I am so touched by your gesture of kindness. I didn’t know you had a website. I fly off and on of this computer due to so many in “real life” who depend on me, so I am actually sitting on my computer in 5 minute segments, if that. I will go and I will educate myself what I have been doing all my life and not knowing what I have been doing. Thank you! When all is quiet in this house in the evening, that is when I have the time to read at leisure! BLESS YOU, Crazywolf!!! OH! To think I will be learning what I am all about!!! Thank you does NOT cover it!!

  3. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. I am trying to live in the moment. Peace, Love and Harmony my mantra.

  4. I love reading what you people have to say. There is a lot of love here. I look forward to watching this grow.

  5. I look at some of my battles as a vine root. Some has shallow roots and die when pulled out of the ground. Others have very deep roots and when pulled keep growing back. With these deeper roots I have needed help to over come. To everyone that has come across these deep roots they always seek help. Finding the help can only come from within. If you look long enough help will come. Just never give up. I have pulled a lot of roots and still have a few of the deep roots to go. I have Three more that I know of. I know I will get to the bottom of these if given enough time. I look at all of these as a learning process that I enjoy. I know what is ahead of these. This gives me the strength that I need to get through this. I feel I have been blessed and protected in many ways.

    My deepest desire is to stand on the right hand side of the creater. And knowing I did this from my own choice. If everything was given to us we would not learn why we are so blessed. Through learning of what we go through in life. We are given a understanding that must be done to get to the next level. It is becoming a master of ourself by choice that our strength comes from as a gift.

    Knowledge is a trial and error process.
    Wisdom comes from what you have learned.
    Understanding knowledge and wisdom is a gift that gives honor to man.

    Never give up and never stop learning.
    May all be blessed with love, health, happiness and the strength to carry on.

    1. Beautiful, Ray! And SO true! I look upon those “roots” from my experience as a gardner. I call them “dandelion roots”. IF you don’t dig out the entire root, and I mean all of it, that dang dandelion will grow right back! I relate that to personal “roots”. All of them must be dug out totally, or they will reappear, somewhere down the road.

  6. dearest aisha.
    i have found your site by accident,i would say,if i didn’t better.:D
    since than i check in daily,because since the 21 of December last year,everything is different,and your channelings seems to be in synch with what is happening in i am truly grateful for every single word from you.blessing,love and light to you,and every single beautiful soul here.thank you always.

  7. Dear friends! Thank you for all the beautiful words you have shared here today! This space is certainly growing into something so magical, I do not think any of us can even begin to understand what we are creating together. You make my heart sing!
    Love and light, Aisha

  8. Yeah everyone who has so eloquently described the beauty of Aisha. I agree. And in almost every conversation I have, I find myself saying spontaneously, “Oh there is this wonderful young women In Norway who was just picked to be a channel and who is so authentic, and the people who gather are wonderful and gush on and on.”
    So I am happy many others have written what is in my heart.

    1. (((HUGS))) Nancy! I am so glad you are here and you can feel the miracle of Aisha’s Pond! From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

      1. {{{ Hugs }}} to YOU pinkrose. You’re an absolute angel on this site. Between you and Aisha I feel “saved” every day by TRUTH, LIGHT & LOVE, and therefore can keep trudging! You are fuel in my Spiritual tank, thank you. Namasté, Happy Trails, Happy Everything! xox

        1. Ohhh, Kat, you are making me cry, for heaven’s sake. Honestly, your words are music to my Heart. Hope I am writing this correctly….blurry eyes. I LOVE YOU! (((HUGS))) Amy

  9. I feel the channeled message I am getting in response to reading everyone’s posts is, “A showering of blessings to Aisha and every soul here and those not physically present but who are affected by the vibrations created here.” I personally feel the magnitude of the goodness evolving here growing exponentially every day.

    I am grateful I have been guided into this pond of wealth. And not surprised!

    On a physical note, today I have felt more physical exhaustion than I have ever felt in the 20 plus years I have been on this path with awareness. I am in some deep resistance to seeing the blessings in this. But I must be awakening more beautifully than I can see or am willing to see because I can see my resistance so well.
    And my work right now is so recognize that my suffering comes from making myself with my resistance wrong. And walking more into the knowing I have that, this, too is okay and right. So, if anyone can follow this spiral, what a weird idea it is to no longer resist the resistance! And I am looking forward to rereading this post when I can allow the nectar here to make me smile even more than I am now.


    1. How beautiful your speech Nancy
      I am also grateful to have been guided here and in this pond to drink every day with each and every one of your comments really relieving
      How bright is the light that emerges here and how great it is to come here in times of potholes …
      Being with all of you makes my days brighter
      Thanks for sharing your feelings so encouraging.
      Love to you

  10. Thank all of you for your loving companionship. Thank you and bless you Aisha and CC for making it possible. I love you, J.

  11. Thank you for such a lovely message today, Aisha.
    I hope everyone’s health issues have resolved by now..
    Enjoy your journey…… and spread your joy !

  12. I’m starting to notice things in my daily life. My eye will focus on something for a second or two longer to get my attention. I used to ignore it, but I found it’s always giving a message to note. Today, before reading this message, I saw a weekly paper with a headline and I only saw the last two words which read “Have Arrived!”. Later after reading Aisha’s message, in red writing at the bottom of my screen I saw “unknown zone”. Walking in my kitchen I noted a hand towel with the word “Dream”. Just wanted to share what I noticed today. 🙂 Thank you! ~Amanda

      1. Hi Emma~I’m hoping it means something to me as well as to all. That would be so nice to have arrived in the unknown and be able to dream! 🙂 You are not alone today, Emma. XO ~Amanda

  13. Greetings all. Yes, our Constant Companions are encouraging us to proceed in the midst of all that is dismantling from the past paradigm on Earth. We are strong in numbers of like-hearted souls who are all strengthening ourselves and encouraging others. ALL OVER THIS AMAZING PLANET AND BEYOND.

    Here is a link to show just how powerful we, the citizens of Mother Earth really are. We are helping to dismantle the powers that thought they were. And they are now intensely squirming and for them ‘all hell has broken loose’. They are finally being brought to task for all the ways they mis-treated others and the planet.

    What you will find on this website link is most amazing and powerful–empowering the citizens, along with their Spheres of Inflence, to assist in co-creating our new 5-D ways of being on this planet.
    International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State
    THe world is completely changing, VERY QUICKLY!

    Send Love to all who are participating in bringing about these swift and powerful changes to the past paradigms dismantling! THAT would be all of us! The LOVE GRID is pulsating all around this planet and beyond!

  14. I “happened to have this in my email box” and so I pass it along here, for it speaks so perfectly what all of us are experiencing. Peace, My Sisters and Brothers. Peace is about to break through for ALL of us! Until then, just know All is Perfect, and before the wound can heal, it must be excised to rid itself of the poisons.

    1. Hi honey
      I have something to tell you. I’ve been having a very long walk today and you were present in each of my thoughts to solve the problem that drives me crazy right now: if I react as I feel as I feel would be back to 3D and falling in anger hands, and I don’t cope with hardly …it will continue eating my guts and letting myself being possessed have as it has done so far. To heal the wound sometimes you have to open it and let it go all the infection. I’m here to share and receive light, no more darkness …
      My heart told me you had the solution that I should contact you, but it was not necessary, here is the answer, or I think, which I must act and not allowed.
      Word empathy is in my head for so long and the lack of it is something we should let each one fights by Their Own
      Maybe not what I interpreted it was, but I had to express it.

      1. Ohhhh, Emma, you are SO beautiful! The more you focus on that anger, and do I EVER have experience on this, the more you feed that anger and the more it grows. Let it go, Luv. Let it just go. You are so right that when the wound is exposed, it must be “cut” to let the poisons out. Just let the poisons out, Emma. Do it with LOVE in your Heart. See this anger be transformed into LOVE and then that LOVE radiates out to all this World and then back to YOU!

        Your are SAFE. You are Cherished. You are LOVE, Emma. You are HEALED. And it is SO! Amen!

        I LOVE YOU! Your Sister, Amy

        PS IF you would prefer me to translate this into Spanish, please let me know and I will. Your writing tells me you are really emotional today, so you may not understand what I wrote in English. BIG (((HUGS)))

        1. May you be right
          But I can’t find any solution more…I don’t anger being, it follows me. I can’t let this happen more and mor, that’s why I need to act in some way. Perhaps is not today but another one.
          Huge Hug to you

          1. Here is a Secret I share with you, Emma. Somehow, gain the strength first, (only you have to know how to do this) within to KNOW KNOW KNOW (how is NOT necessary) that this issue is settled, gone, no longer to bother you. Just KNOW. Then, bring your focus to other things in your life, specifically those things that make you feel GOOD and HAPPY. Get immersed in those things, don’t “think” about the issue, and somehow, somehow this will resolve.

            Sometimes, a really good cry helps. Always, forgiving those involved with this issue, including you, always helps.

            Sweety, I have flown on “the Wings of Faith” so many times, even with issues that I deemed to be impossible to ever straighten out. In the flying, and in the getting involved in other GOOD aspects of your Precious Life, your INTENT and KNOWING resolves the issue that brings great distress to your Heart. It’s the Law of Attraction at work. What you focus on that is what you have in your Life. (it is a mystery)…..

            No, Life does not change like “magic” yet, those issues become bearable, and Life becomes better. I’m leaning on Nohmad’s words that all will be changed quickly soon. In my opinion, we all deserve to Live IN our Dreams for real.

            Just hang on a little while more, and you WILL be getting a Fresh Breath of Pure Air. You, too, Amanda!! Just hang on and hang out at Aisha’s Pond to FEEL the wondrous high quality Energy that radiates from this site.

            My Heart Song has returned once again, so when I sing, I send you my Songs to your Heart to bring you JOY. (((HUGS)))

          2. Forgive……..I am thinking in “chunks” today and not all at once. But another reason that could be the “challenge” in this issue, might be unfolding. You MAY have missed something within this issue that you thought was over, in order to gain the Wisdom it still holds for you. It is a Treasure. It is a Gift. Sometimes the scrubbing hurts in order to gain the shine, but it is ALL worth it.

            OH, Brighysmile, you SHINE so brightly! TRUST that what is happening is for your own Higher Good. So not easy to embrace especially when the Heart is hurting so darn much. I am praying for you. I am singing for you.

            I declare you are FREE of ALL ANGER for ALL Eternity, Emma!

          3. There is no more beautiful words I can say you, I’m paralized!!!! I’m soooooooo grateful to you than you never can imagine. You make me cry, but being from you is because of JOY, SATISFACTION, PLEASED, GRATITUDE and PRIDE to have you in my life.
            I’m with you Somehow and somewhere, I can feel it

          1. Thank you, Janis…..your words mean so much to me. (((HUGS))) To have found all of you, brings me to tears. You have no idea how much jungle I have chopped through to find you! My Heart is more then willing to pass along a kind word, a loving gesture, and my hand in friendship. XXOO

  15. Wow, wow, wow. I can feel every single word of this message, and every single word in every comment so strongly. We are like a blazing fire, with more and more logs put on it. The strength is immense. Every comment is so true and so beautiful. What a blessing to have found this space and linked up with such amazing souls. And Aisha, thank you. ~Amanda

  16. I am finding that when I reach out to help someone, that person ends up helping me. And vice versa. The support is wonderfully mutual. I believe this is exactly what is supposed to be happening.

    Aisha, do you know how many of us are reading or subscribed to your blog?

    1. Dear Naomi! According to the “site stats” this blog have 640 followers and something like 1200 visitors per day. Judging from the comments, I think there are quite a few “returning visitors” each day ;–)
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Thanks, Aisha. I know it’s irrelevant, but I’m always wondering how many others there are out there like me. And again, I am so grateful to you for sharing your abilities.

        1. Naomi-How ironic. Last night before bed I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering how many visitors Aisha has on a daily basis. Thank you for asking. 🙂 Amanda

  17. Thank you so much, dear Constant Companions & Aisha. Your messages are so gentle & fine & delicate & peaceful & warm & loving & harmonious.

    Caution, Caution: Please be EXTREME VIGILANT.
    Our REAL HARD WORK is starting but NOW:

    TELEPATHIC MESSAGES : Johan Last Updated: Feb 27, 2013 – 3:41:08 AM

    Feb 27, 2013 – 3:37:55 AM

    Email this article
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    I Am Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, Your Sovereign.

    A time for Great Healing OR RESTORATION TO HEALTH has arrived.

    One normally heals or thinks about healing after the infliction or wound or injury BUT NOW OUR THOUGHTS MUST EMBRACE HEALING AT ALL TIMES, AT ALL PLACES, AT ALL SITUATIONS, for many simply don’t even know of their infliction or wounds or injury as yet !

    Most painful it will be for those WHO THINK THEY KNOW … for they are stuck in their thinking and no way they will give up their choices, their decisions, their rustic ideas, their beliefs. By fear of losing face, they will harden their stances and fight off any approach or reconciliation or attempt to change their minds.


    And that type of Restoration to Perfect Health COMES FROM YOUR HEART, not from your reactive and limited mind.

    So remain Connected at ALL time, you have been shown and Guided and Inspired enough, and let those Heart Virtues talked about so many times ( Appreciation – Compassion – Forgiveness – Humility – Understanding and Valor ) Guide you to the best action and creation in every different instance or approach or call for help.

    Not with closed, BUT WITH OPEN ARMS and a FORGIVING HEART NO MATTER WHAT, will you bring RESTORATION TO PERFECT HEALTH what this Precious Mother Earth as society needs badly. Mother Earth will heave and shake and tremble and show what power has been unleashed by opposite then healing thoughts.

    Like hot and cold are not opposites, but the extremes on the same thermometer, so are two adversaries only extremes on the same opinion meter, but no deadly enemies … only an opinion or a lack of understanding or a case of ignorance away from each other.



    We are With and Within you, as you KNOW, so allow us to work THROUGH YOU AS A LIGHT HOUSE in the darkest hours before the DAWN.


    My Blessings to you all, My Children of Light.

    Christ Michael Aton, Your Sovereign.


    TELEPATHIC MESSAGES :SHELLEE-KIM Last Updated: Feb 27, 2013 – 8:27:23 AM

    The Rising Fires
    By Monjoronson thru Shellee-Kim
    Feb 27, 2013 – 11:54:36 PM

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    The Rising Fires

    Monjoronson Through Shellee-Kim

    Good day beloved people. It is I, Monjoronson here to share a little more with you. Shall we begin?

    Many at this time are finding increasing discomforts emerging from the very core of their beings.

    Much like a pot of food cooking at a high temperature, overflowing and spewing its contents in all directions. While this may be messy and ensure a good clean up and while it may also spatter contents which burn some, it is important to know and understand the importance of this cycle and how it may serve you.

    The planet collectively has called to her a great raising up in frequencies. This has begun in earnest. And, is in fact well underway as we speak. And the above is one of the effects that is to be experienced for those many not in alignment with their true, inner selves or Higher Selves.

    What is to come will be even more intense, energetically-speaking. And thus the times of increased pressure are upon those in resistance or inadequately prepared. And many are to know these fires as fires which burn, rather than fires which cleanse or heal, as a result.

    Whichever type of fire is appropriate for your level of preparedness or lack thereof, it is seen that most of your planetary population are to begin consciously acknowledging that great and discomforting change is upon them.

    To the majority this will literally represent a time of feeling – individually and collectively – that they are in a hell, of sorts. And that would be true, of course. For it is to be a perceived hell of the one experiencing such emotions. But it is also this very hell that is the cleansing fire of the personal baptism. And one which will serve to ready each for their choice ahead.

    Although a sobering time is upon you collectively, the small pockets of those who have risen up around the globe in readiness of what is to come, will contrarily experience this cleansing time as affirmative, liberating and a relief.

    Now, there is also an opportunity for action. There will be constantly arising issues over all that is occurring and squabbling will break out publicly and through the media over what is occurring and why. This will occur during and immediately post the 3DD and just prior to the full activation of Fleet on the planet.

    The prepared ones at this time should step forward and begin to use their skills, gifts and experience to share with others. For they will be heavily relied upon to hold the fort, as it were, in this short interim period.

    Those of you who have chosen roles in leadership in one or another capacity, shall be given the necessary assistance from Fleet that is required and to help your ease of passage into your roles. This has been spoken of already by this and other messengers.

    Now, we would also like to draw your attention to the coming night sky. There is to be much activity from Fleet by way of shows and other activity, that will be visible for all to see. Further evidence that is to confirm Fleet’s benign existence to the masses. So keep your eyes heavenwards.

    Adjustments to our recent plans have seen more joining us from further away. Some of these beings were onlookers and have now decided to join with us in a more practical manner, as greater numbers are required in our current plan. (SK: I get many of these beings are not in human form, but various ‘other’ forms. Not confirmed by M).However, all those who form part of our umbrella body, as it were, are in full service to and with us and thus, your planet and her people.

    There is little more to be said at this time, other than it is for you all to be extra vigilant now. What hasn’t been learned by you ones by now is likely not going to yield any miraculous turnarounds. But we must and will make use of who we can, what we can and where we can in support of the coming changes.

    It is time for all to rise from their slumber and know themselves. Indeed. This is all I would leave you with on this day.



  18. Thank you for giving me strength everyday! This is a first response for me, but, i just felt I needed to connect with all of you really wonderful people. I look forward to this everyday, and I can honestly say good things are finally happening for me. God Bless all of you!!!!

    1. Much love and light to you Kim
      We are one, that’s why we are here together, thanks to blessing Aisha.
      We are being feeded here every day. Such a wonderful thing…
      Love to you

  19. Here I find myself once again, eagerly opening my laptop to read the latest missive before I go to feed and care for the wild animals/birds that have come into my Life. Aisha, this Pond has brought so many Gifts to my Life, most importantly, the Gift of Connection. This is another brilliant missive, one that I am SO relieved to read, for this past week has been one of the roughest passages in the River of Change as yet I have traversed.

    Thank you, from my Heart to your Heart, for your continual commitment to feed us here at this Pond. There are days I think of you and carry you in my Heart, for if you had been feeling anything to which that I had been, I honestly don’t know how you were even able to “hear” the CC’s. It was all I could do to keep my head above water, much less channel. My Heart is Eternally Grateful to you, my Sister of Light. (((HUGS))) and SO much Love to you on this New Day!

  20. Aisha’s pond is overflowing Light/Love and is crowded of beautiful blazing souls thanks you, Aisha. God bless you! It,s a honor to be part of this worldwide community of sisters and brothers of the LIGHT. Thank you CCs for your caring support.

  21. Thank you Aisha, you’re posts cheer me up, they resonnate with me, I look for them every day, and knowing we are not alone with our struggle and pottering makes me so happy, bless you all and hold on, we’re on the way!

  22. Spot on again Aisha. Much gratitude to you and the the CCs.

    What you have created here Aisha is a blessing to the world and its effects reach well beyond those that comment or just read the messages. I felt called yesterday to write something about this called Spheres Of Influence.

    Deep gratitude also to everyone who comes here whether you comment or not. It’s a wonderful thing to share in this sacred journey.

    Joy to all!


  23. Aisha, you are truly a humble and brilliant soul. Your kindness, grace and generosity of spirit shine through every choice of word and every message you post. I took a couple of months break from commenting as I felt, that at some point, by the time I would finish writing a comment and got ready to post it, it was no longer true……so I would delete it! Also, our journey is so much about self mastery; I needed to learn to let things go and look within. So, that’s what these past couple of months since Dec 21, 2012 have been for me. Not to mention getting over the intense disappointment of not jumping immediately into my pristine 5th dimensional reality as I had envisioned.
    Also, I feel it was by divine design that we are all so far apart at this stage in our journey and that once we are truly vibrating at our new post cocoon frequencies we will all surely connect more easily as our new RADIANT, WHOLE, TRANSCENDED SELVES.
    With Love and Gratitude to you and the CC’s,
    PS. I am so happy to agree with the CC’s that we have, indeed, reached a milestone. I am happy to say that I do feel like I am floating in very warm, buoyant and hospitable waters in these last couple of days.

  24. Once again, right on the money, as they say, just what I needed to hear today. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s for keeping these messages grounded and reliable. Some channelings I have come across are so wired to the moon right now, making far out promises I wonder if they are deliberate disinfo.
    This one has a consistency of gentle encouragement and the uncanny ability to shine a light on what is going on that i really appreciate during this intense roller coaster of upgrades.
    (I also greatly appreciate Jesus’s messages through John Smallman)

    I really feel what is being said about us working together and I feel less isolated today. We are one big beautiful soul and I love you all.

  25. Dear Aisha, we have to thank you for the great, great job you’re doing. You are constantly bringing light and hope to all of us. We never feel alone,no matter where we are, since we have your messages. You are like a big lighthouse that guides us safely to our destiny. Many, many thanks and all the blessing for you.

  26. Dear friends! I just want to add a personal THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have connected in this space. I cannot even find the words to say how much your words and your energy have touched me, and every day I see how you are all making this little pond grow bigger and more beautiful. It is like it has taken on a life of its own, and what The CCs say in the last paragraph of this message is so true: you have all helped to make this into a growing community of shining souls, and by connecting, we can all be brave enough to stand tall and show our true colours. Now I can see that this was the real reason I was pushed to start this blog about one year ago. The messages I channel are just a small part of it, but the rest of the energy in here is all thanks to each and every one of you. You have truly started to build the new world already, and I am so grateful to be allowed to be a part of this.
    Love and light, Aisha.

    1. Oh my God, the right words at the right time
      You can not imagine how great are your words to me, quack important to know and to feel part of something right now …
      As good chain portions need other, and right now is what I need, being drowned in the river but knowing that another part of the chain will pull us so we can breathe. Each part performs their role even if we don’t know which one, but with time and strength we will find out.
      You are a blessing, it is a blessing to have this place to drink every day and not break our Slavonic and even become stronger.
      really grateful

    2. Aisha,

      Thank you for your kindness and for your gentle and generous spirit. Your willingness to serve in this capacity his a blessing to many, and we are truly grateful.

      Know that you are greatly appreciated and held in our hearts.


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