The manuscript of survival – part 274

For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition. Not on the thin film of illusion that still covers it, but deep within the core. And deep within the core is where the truth is, as the rest is only a projection, a film still running to make you all think that it is business as usual.

But what is ”business as usual”? A continuous cycle of fear and greed that have fuelled each other for so long. Well, that cycle has been broken, and it can never be put back together again. For you are no longer willing fodder to this machinery of endless consumerism, for you do not buy into their vision of happiness anymore. For you have seen through all of this glitter and glam, and you have realized that true happiness comes from something else, something that is so profound, and it resembles nothing that can be bought for money. For that is what has been holding this charade together in the first place, this idea that true happiness comes from partaking of all of the worldly goods that are being displayed in the glass windows in any store. And the idea that you simply cannot be happy before you have it all is one that has been driving this wheel of fortune for generations. But there is not enough of anything, whether it be money or objects, that will quench this thirst for something to fill that giant void inside.

And so it has been going on and on, in this endless quest for fulfillment and redemption. But the only thing coming out of this, is more fear and then more greed, and the two have fuelled each other in such a way it has driven mankind, and with it Mother Earth, to the brink of self-destruction. But you have halted in your tracks, pulled off this yoke that has been pulling you ever forward towards this precipice, and you have started to push this momentum in a very different direction indeed. And now, the rest of this machinery has started to feel the effect from your new gravitation. For it is just like a magnet that is being pulled along by a seemingly invisible force, as your energy is starting to have a profound effect, not only on your existence, but on everything that exists. For you are not just single individuals making a new choice about your own way of life. You are also powerful generators of a field of energy that is starting to affect everything within a large radius around you. And even if you are small in numbers compared to the rest of the population on this planet, your field of influence is already powerful, but it is also growing by the day.

So now, you are pulling more and more into your field, and by your very presence, you are also affecting those around you, and by that, maximizing the effect these new energies have. For you are the anchors, and through you run the current that is amping up the volume on this whole globe. And you are all starting to hum just like an electric generator is emitting a low, but continuous sound as it generates that invisible power. So do not think that you are just a small drop in the sea of humanity. No, you are in fact as effective as superconductors, and you are putting out a steadily increasing amount of energy that is slowly but surely making its mark on everything around you. So yes, you are all busy changing the world, even if you at the moment feel you are barely scraping along yourself. For you are all powerhouses, and the combined effect from all of these amazing fields of energy is nothing short of miraculous. And now, you have already gotten the first glimpses of how this energy is literally starting to pull the old illusion apart. For this flimsy structure holds no power against the one you are wielding. For your power comes from the heart, and there is nothing that old fear based power structure can muster that will be able to staunch the flow from all of you.

So know that change is already here, and it will continue to grow in speed and intensity as the old structures will continue to crumble at a speed that many outsiders will look upon as an alarming rate. But you will know better, for you will know that this was a long time coming, but now it is finally here. And when the old dies down, the new and healthy shoots will emerge, and with them, a whole new structure will emerge. And this structure is not a flimsy illusion like the old one, for this structure has been build to last, and as such, you presence here on this planet is also guaranteed. For what will emerge is a way of life that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and then, you can create a brand new world where you and your planet will cohabit in peace and harmony forever.

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  1. One of my greatest joys has been to find a soul mate. Every ounce of love I have was poured out. Tens times more came back in. It was one of my life most rewarding moments. I have never felt this in any other way. It has changed me forever. It has been a soul melting moment for me. I am truly blessed and give thanks for this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have shared this post on my own blog (of course linking it to yours!);

  3. Hello everyone,

    I also want to thank you, both Aisha and all of you who are sharing your deep and profound experiences on this sight. It is a well of comfort and support, as well as you steadily learn new things.
    I just want to mention something that I myself have discovered recently. I have been very ill for a long time and SO VERY oversensitive to so many things. I have now been correctly diagnosed with Lyme Disease and also several other tick borne infections as well as so called co-infections like Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Pneumonie and chronic virus infections. All these infections give you symtoms both mentally and physically because they manifest themselves in the bodily organs like the brain, heart tissue, liver, joints etc etc. When you have these infections you react very strongly to external stimulants and I’ve found that I become very ill when the influx of energy is coming. Now I’ve been on antibiotics for for months and I can see more clearly what symtom is related to what happens to me on a daily basis. If you have severe chronic infections your reactions become much more amplified and difficult to handle. So just a humble advice, check out for physical treatment for things that needs to be treated, it will help you to withstand this shift in a better way.
    Unfortunately also the treatment of Lyme Disease and related infections are only in their early phase. The microbiologists know this.
    It is difficult to get the right kind of treatment and often you really have to educate yourself and fight for yourself to get accurate medical treatment. I myself now have to go abroad to get help with IV treatment in order to reverse my symtoms.
    I do not want to worry anyone, just be cautious so that you don’t overlook something that needs to be adressed.
    Speaking from my own, painful experience.
    All my love to you,

    1. Vanilla, the frequency of our environment is getting so high that pathogenic micro-organisms are beginning to not withstand anymore (beneficial ones are thriving). So, it,s just a question of (little more) time for all the causes of your current health state to disappear. Hold on a little more. You will witness all the incredible changes that are in store for us all.

      Much love/light for you, Vanilla!

  4. YES!!! I feel it everywhere now. It’s undeniable. Giving more strength than ever to continue with even more focus and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your messages. They have sustained me through everything!

  5. Random thoughts: didn’t know if anybody could relate.

    Last night before bed I saw a quick flash of my life which showed me the end of a movie, the credits rolling at the end. I saw my name, my family and even the little cat at the animal shelter. (Yes, I’m heartbroken). I didn’t know if this was to signal that this life really is an illusion or test, or if the movie credits rolling at the end were telling me this is the end of this (whatever we are experiencing now). It resonated with me. I felt a sense of ending, or it’s okay this is all done.

    Also, every so often I feel drops of water on my skin. It has happened quite a few times where I sit down and I feel like I saw on water or water hit me on the arm and i go to feel and nothing is there. I didn’t know what this was and if anybody else is feeling this.

    I’m not sure what we are in for, but a part of me feels like the movie Avatar is more than a movie. I see many parts of that movie as what we have in store. Not the plot obviously, but the colors and the images and scenery and everything is living and being able to connect by touch. I have always felt that the film is more than just a movie.


    1. Your whole Team look after you with extreme caring attention. They are really close to you. Although they all feel how you are feeling, some can,t avoid to pour some tear drops on you. Your frequency is very close to theirs, just a bit more and you,ll begin to see and relate with them.

      This movie (illusion) is over. The new one is beginning at any time.

      I love you unconditionally, Shiny Bunny, you know. Forget 3D!. Please, close this chapter and center in your Heart.

      If that cat is the cause of all this, GO BEHIND IT. It,ll LOVE TO LIVE WITH YOU TOO. All is O.K!.

      1. Thank you, Nohmad! I’m glad you are back on the blog more. I think we all are! Your words really cheered me up. Big time. I really hope the movie/illusion is over. I not only feel it, but I’m seeing it. What is next? the good news is it can only go up from here. Thank you again for your continued support. And yes, if for some unknown reason the people bring the cat back, I’m adopting him!

        Side note: maybe a month ago I saw on a newspaper or magazine the words “be careful what you wish for” and it caught my attention. Now, I’m living it. I’m in central timezone USA, and this evening I am going to cast aside my worries and try to manifest the future I would like to see for myself and the world. I think more than ever, at this end stage, our thoughts are more powerful than ever. Thank you to Aisha, the CC, and this entire blog (commenters and non commenters).

  6. This is for you, Amanda……

    First from Nohmad….

    Do not worry about anything. The angels in heaven are watching you all the time. Everything will be arranged well. Just a little more time. Do not look back, only forward. Think an eye piscar another may appear totally different world around you at any second. In this new world, everything will be better. No worries, just joy. All devemos be strong and wait with faith. No other choice.

    Your English is thriving. Your light each day obfuscates more. Glad you’re flying to house us all.

    When news mustren and say ugly things very horrible things, do not worry. It has nothing to do with us. We are now in a much higher frequency. Nothing more than this old world has to affect mara. It’s all good.

    A big hug and all my love

    Now from Emma……

    Guauuuuuu, Thank Nohmad
    How do you know that I speak Spanish? I do not know if you speak well or I’ve helped Mr. Google as I do sometimes, not everything I write is my translation 😉 perfect, but you do it very well. Sometimes I need to receive messages in my language because I get deeper (I think you understand what I mean) and you nailed it.
    I hope to be flying with you and you are able to see my light shining more is something really touching to hear.
    A while ago I was talking to is just part of my ego, but sometimes I still need support and care of others, but in this case the “other” Ye are my family now that I really understand, or where I can really express I need to do or need to leave me to be released (perhaps the latter is the more correct of the two)
    Sentiros I can not know how but I do not know if working together, enjoying or just support us, but if you can feel anything and I’m glad to hear chase that goal until I too am able.
    Your message has reached deep inside me, especially on a day like today.
    I thank you with all my heart
    Much love to you and hope to see you soon

      1. You are SO welcome, Amanda. It seems there are many of us experiencing the “wow, nothing is making sense anymore, even the little bit that was!”. Just hang on, do the very best you can (that is all you can ask of yourself), and it is just one baby step at a time. I feel like I have landed on an Upside Down Pineapple Cake. Say WHAT? I know all of us will be guided as to “what next?” Could this really be the step off point we all have been waiting for???

        XXOO Amy

        1. I really do think we are at the step off point. I am reading it in the progression of Aisha’s messages, I’m seeing it in the readers of the blog, i’m sensing it in my own life and around me. I really am trying to see this upheavel and mass confusion as a good sign. What else could it mean? And the physical symptoms out of nowhere. My splitting headache is back. Very unusual for me since I have maybe gotten 1 headache every few years in the past. I’m sending joy your way to everyone else here. I hope we all hold it together on this last part of the journey. ~Amanda

          1. Amanda, the MOST amazing thing just happened! I was downstairs feeding my cats and I thought (as I normally do) I would put a dish for Cookie (one of my cats) on her chair. I went about putting the food in each dish on the counter in front of me, putting one dish for her aside. I stacked the rest of the dishes and handed them out, coming up one short. Say what? I looked around, trying to figure out where I had miscounted.

            It was then, I saw COOKIE EATING FROM HER DISH ON HER CHAIR way over on the other side in our eating area off of the kitchen, where I was standing. I did NOT bring that dish over there, and my husband, who was in the kitchen, did NOT see me go over there at all. Holy cats! Our thoughts are really manifesting! I am sitting here stunned that this happened! Pinch me! That dish somehow went from the countertop in front of me, to the chair in the eating room where Cookie eats. Wowo!

            If it is to be, the cat that you so love, will be returned and he will come to you. Think it, Amanda, only IF you are absolutely sure this is for the best. (((HUGS)))

          2. Yes I too am sensing this, as the stepping off point. We are just that close! Hang on, everyone! Just hang on……..!!!!!

          3. I’m okay if he (my little orange cat named cam who is as light as a piece of paper) is in a loving home. But, if he somehow does come back to me, I will for sure take him. Oh yes, manifesting is real. I’m always wishing and thinking and always adding on the “and something better” at the end. Wonderful advice from this blog. I think that is why it is so important not to think, and just go with instincts/gut to make sure we are making the decisions best for ourselves. I was hoping, okay PRAYING (haha) the job would not call me back today with the offer details since they said they would. And, they DIDN’T. I feel bad, I want a graceful way out. Or a snag in the details where maybe they don’t need me. Kinda wimpy, yes, but I feel really bad. Maybe I should say, sorry, I get winded from just taking a bath and going to the grocery store… I don’t think I can work 50+ hours a week. We are almost there. We have to be. XOXO~Amanda

  7. Emma, también he estado pensando mucho en este “apuro” que muchos de nosotros parecen estar en. Desperté esta mañana, todavía determinado para ver el árbol por el bosque. Puedo estar relacionado con
    ustedes dos, lo que resulta en sus vidas. Tanto inmediatamente fue lanzado en mí, esto me lanzó del centro y me encontré azotando en el MIEDO. Hmmmmm ……… no bueno.

    Yo me hacía confidente que las ciertas avenidas en mi vida que yo seguiría, y AH AH AH hice aquella sensación TAN bien a finalmente y quiero decir finalmente tienen la sustancia, algo que yo realmente podría volar con.

    El No de Este también ha sido tomado. Me abandonan con nada. Es decir nada en 3r, pero todo en DIOS.

    Este es lo que la pequeña Voz tranquila me dijo esta mañana y TODA la lucha, TODA la resistencia, TODO el miedo dejado en un mero momento …..

    (Esperando que lo que le oí pueda aplicarse a su propia vida.)

    “La razón de su angustia, es la lucha en la que usted insiste estar implicado. DEJE VAN de la resistencia, y reconocen que TODO es Perfecto. ACEPTE lo que ES. No piense, no trate de entender algo en este tiempo, pero sólo FLUIR, regresar en su CORAZÓN y saber que todo calculará. Mirada sólo a MÍ (su Dios Interior), y no a las circunstancias alrededor de usted. No mire el cuadro más grande, pero sólo ponga sus ojos en este momento, sienta la ALEGRÍA, y sólo SEPA que todo ES cuando tiene que ser. Cuando usted Vive del Corazón, todo, Todo, evoluciona fácilmente. Tome un paso de bebé, entonces el otro, y antes de que usted lo sepa, usted habrá adelantado mucho, probablemente hasta no sabiendo como usted francamente lo hizo.”

    SÓLO SIGA SU CORAZÓN para ello NUNCA le conducirá incorrecto. No trate de entender cosas, porque ellos probablemente no tienen sentido ahora mismo. ¡SI usted está siendo conducido para hacer algo y el miedo está de pie en el camino, orden lo que teme apartarse de modo que usted pueda andar adelante! USTED es el creador de SU VIDA. USTED es el Maestro de SU VIDA. ¡Cuándo usted es centrado (BENDIGA usted, Nohmad para este recordatorio!) usted es fuerte y nada puede derribarle. Sólo ESTÉ. Sólo FLUJO. Sólo SEPA cambios que afectarán todos nosotros están en la fabricación AHORA.

    ¡¡Relájese, ríase, cante, baile, AME, HAGA qué usted AME hacer y hasta con aquellas cosas usted debe hacer, y no es demasiado tierno de, AMA aquellas cosas también!!!

    Hoy todos nosotros han dado otro Día Glorioso para tomar un, mayhaps dos, o tres, o una serie entera de, pasos hacia EE.UU en Nuestra Forma Perfecta de la Perfección.

    De mi Corazón a su Corazón, Amy

  8. I have had a deep sense of peace. My intuition is letting me know that the time is almost now. There is no need to be fearful even if the outside word is crumbling and crumbling it has been for years now, well actually one could argue that it has been crumbling even for millenias!

    I think that we are finally ready.

    1. Thank you for your “input”, Child of Light. Since I just recently fell down into Alice’s Hole and all in my life seems upside down, or opposite to what it had been, and nothing is “adding up”, your words and all here who speak, “Yep, time is just about here NOW”, I hungrily eat. I was sitting where you are at just a few days ago, until Major Tsunami hit me and I have been tumbling since. (((HUGS))) and Blessings! I’m really leaning on Faith……that no matter what is “experienced”, it is not what it seems. Oh, yeah!

      1. Center in your heart and be quiet. Analyze nothing. Think nothing. Be calm. Fear nothing. All is O.K. You have to do nothing. Just be. Just feel the love/light around you. Let your Team work peacefully. Don,t struggle. What is unfolding does not need your concern.

        If darkness comes to visit you, give it welcome. It,ll need to worry about remaining by you or running away from your light. Your decision is already taken, you ARE LIGHT. Let them decide for themselves about their future. They are not your problem. And they are really in big trouble. Let 3D behind. Look just ahead.

        Your Team is always by you, guiding, caring and protecting you. Fear nothing. All is O.K.

          1. Mayhaps you didn’t know I knew, but yes, I knew. I feel you. I know you. Do I understand it all, no, yet, that is not a necessity. All is well……..these holes are a peace of cake and easily climbed out of. This latest shift kicked my butt. Yes, I need to quiet me, revolve around my own Inner Compass. Too much thrown at me at once, especially when it comes to those I care for and who are hurt. (wild animals) Step back, breathe, focus on Love and hum to the Song I hear in my Heart. Send my Golden Mint Green Energy to those who are in pain……and healing occurs! (today’s main objective!)

            To have found you after all this “time”…….What JOY! Simply Marvelous! (GRIN) Now back to my book that centers me powerfully and to dream my Life into Being……..Flying together as One, dancing to the Beat of Harmony. (((HUGS))), my Brother. Infinite Light/Love to you, Nohmad!

  9. So not only full moon in virgo, but mercury is currently retrograde for a few more weeks. Add that to ascension and I’m pretty much ready to hide under a rock at the moment! I’m usually a sunny and optimistic Leo, but today is a day of complete irony and confusion. The cat I have been spending all my time with the last two mos. at the shelter was adopted today. I thought I would be happy since that is the ultimate goal, but my gut feels like it has been sucker punched. I finally got rid of the nausea, and now I have a different kind of hurting stomach. I watched the cat go from anti-social, hiding under and blanket and refusing to purr when you pet him, to a complete new animal who purrs and is affectionate and social and lovey. I miss that cat so much already it is truly painful! Also, I have been ‘chasing’ a certain job the last 5 years. There have never been any positions open, and if there are, I never seemed to get the interview. I finally interviewed for the perfect one last week and today they offered it to me! Great salary and I would have to relocate. Currently I work here and there, and I make just enough to get by. However, I realized that I don’t think I’m even capable of having a full-time job right now. Just showering and cooking and heading to the library wears me down completely. I can’t imagine working full-time, let alone the 50 plus hours a week this job would require, plus traveling. I feel as though I am already pushing myself and I’m hardly doing anything. thank goodness for this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to think. I (currently) accepted the job, because I feel I need the money and it would look great on my resume. But in the back of my head I don’t want to do it, and I could care less if it would look great on my resume. I’m not even sure I want that kind of job anymore. I don’t know if this is happening to show me that my interests changed, or what, but I am beyond confused. Something that I have been chasing came to me, better than I expected, and I am sick over it. I’m patient, but I am hoping we see some change real soon. That is, the instant change we are all waiting for. I feel like going back into the corporate world would be the death of me. I actually started my awakening process when I moved into flexible job and more time to myself. In today’s ‘economy’ I feel like I should worry about money. But, I know I shouldn’t. Two very great things happened today, and I have never felt worse and been more confused. I’d like to thank everybody on here for sharing, because it really does give some added clarity and new perspectives. ~ Amanda

    1. If you take that job means head jumping in 3D again. Is that what you aim for you? It,ll be great for your curriculum… Your bank account will be stuffed… Wild consumerism will run rampant in your life again… Mayhaps you will marry a pilot (that will never be at your side)… You will never think about yourself (your time belonging them, so your mind)… Coming back to Aisha’s Pond to talk with us, how?… New 3D friends, many commitments, work, more work, much more work… Gloomy perspective for anyone who is pure light/love…


      1. Thank you Nohmad, your words lifted me up like a balloon. I have never been this confused in my whole life. I’m waiting for someone to wave a magical wand over me/us and say it’s all over. The people at the company are so nice, but I really cannot even see how to function in that environment. The fear part of me says take the job so you can pay your bills. The other side knows that it’s not even an option. What is funny is just from traveling to and from the interview I looked in the mirror and I swear I aged ten years. I’m sure being stuck at the airport a total of 15 hours had something to do with it, but I actually aged, alot. I told people, wow, if I worked this job for a year I would look 65 overnight. It sucked the life right out of me.I can’t believe how things change. I’m sure most of you don’t recognize yourselves just a few years ago either. Money seems to be the issue for everyone I talk too. Either they don’t have enough for their bills, or they do and they want more to buy things. When will the money junk be done and over with??? I see it coming down, but really it’s not soon enough. Thank you again for your help Nohmad, I was hoping to get good advice. I’m lost. ~Amanda

        1. Amanda,

          what if you had the magic wand? What would you do then? Take a big paper/cartoon and cut out pictures / write out your dream job! Manifest in the way of “I have my dream job”. “I am happy in my job”. “My job gives me fulfillment” ect. There is always a good reason for everything and for you getting the job RIGHT NOW!!! I do not see everything so “black-and-white” and I would encourage you to dream and think what you really want. You can maybe do that also while trying out your new job? Why not give it a try and feel how it feels to work there and then decide whether it is for you? Or what do you want to do as you do HAVE the magic wand now…. 😉

          Read The Power by Rhonda Byrne, especially about the work..


          1. Thank you Lara. I have been able to manifest things and its really neat. The day before I go the call for the interview I asked my team to have a job come to ME, because I was tired of searching for a job. I was shocked when I got the call the next morning after not hearing anything from anybody for so long. I also asked my team for financial security while in this current world (or something better). And thank you for reminding me, WE do have the magic wand now. Too bad I am either scared (or) have no idea how to turn it on yet. 😉 It’s almost as if the old me and the new me are trying to decide what to do. SOOO much has changed even in this last year I am so thankful. My life slowed down, I’m tending to plants, loving on animals and being so in tune with the universe. Which in turn I have more to contribute. I’m writing this on here because I value the thoughts and opinions of the people on here and I know that it will help guide me and assist anybody else in similar situations. ~amanda

    2. Hello Amanda
      I read your comment just before going to bed, and I know I’ve been thinking about it all night even if I didn’t realize .. I have given it much thought (probably wrong) but I just feel soooooo identified … the same thing is happening to me, “my sure part” tells me that I do not want to work (as incomprehensible and unjustifiable 3D) says precisely what Nohmad, I get the impression that it would return to the old paradigm against which we are fighting so hard now … but where is the exit? What to do instead? There appears the part that says you need to work to eat and pay the bills … but “bills we have to pay” I think will be which we have with our own if we fall again, and these are the most expensive of all. ..
      But the question remains the same … how 3D resist this pressure? What is our role?
      I think I’m waiting for her same magic wand that you
      Anxious because these changes happen but do not even know how. A really tough day today, I do not know if you can feel it, but the strength I had yesterday has plummeted today …
      I hope it happens again soon and my mental part aside and stop being so hard.
      I love you all and thanks for being here

      1. No te preocupes con nada. Los angeles del cielo te estan cuidando todo el tiempo. Todo va a arreglarse bien. Solo un poco mas de tiempo. No mires para atras, solo para adelante. Piensa que en un piscar de ojos otro mundo totalmente diferente puede aparecer a tu alrededor a cualquier segundo. En este nuevo mundo, todo sera mejor. Sin preocupaciones, solo alegria. Todos devemos ser fuertes e esperar con fe. No hay otro remedio.

        Tu ingles esta cada dia mejor. Tu luz cada dia ofusca mas. Que bueno que estas volando hacia Casa con todos nosotros.

        Cuando las noticias mustren cosas feas e digan cosas muy horribles, no te inquietes. Nada tiene que ver con nosotros. Nosotros ahora estamos en una frecuencia muy superior. Nada mas de este mundo antiguo tiene poder mara afectarnos. Esta todo bien.

        Un grande abrazo e todo mi amor

        1. Guauuuuuu, Muchas gracias Nohmad
          Cómo sabes que hablo Español? No sé si tú lo hablas también o te has ayudado del señor Google como yo lo hago a veces, no todo lo que escribo es perfecta traducción mía ;), pero lo haces muy bien. A veces necesito recibir los mensajes en mi idioma porque me llegan más profundo (creo que entiendes lo que quiero decir) y has dado en el clavo.
          Espero estar volando con vosotros y que seas capaz de ver mi luz brillando más es algo realmente conmovedor de oir.
          Hace un rato estaba hablando que igual es mi parte del ego, pero sigo necesitando a veces apoyo y atención de otros, pero en este caso ese “otros” sois vosotros, mi familia ahora mismo que realmente me entiende, o donde yo realmente puedo expresar lo que necesito hacer o necesita salir de mí para ser liberado (quizás ésta última sea la más correcta de ambas)
          Puedo sentiros, no sé cómo pero lo hago, no sé si trabajando juntos o disfrutando o simplemente apoyándonos, pero si tú puedes sentir algo más me alegra saberlo y perseguiré esa meta hasta que yo también sea capaz.
          Tu mensaje me ha llegado muy dentro, sobretodo en un día como hoy.
          Te lo agradezco de todo corazón
          Muchísimo amor para tí y espero verte pronto

          1. Is anybody able to do the english translation? My computer is freezing when I go to the site and I would love to read what Nohmad and Emma wrote. Thanks! ~amanda

        2. In English
          Don’t worry about anything. The angels in heaven are taking care of you all the time. Just a little more time. Don’t look back, just forward. think that in a while another totally different world may appear around you at any time. In this new world, everything will be better. No worries, just Joy. All of us must be strong and wait with faith. Not another choice.
          Your English every day is improving, Your light every day brights more. Very good you are flying home with all of us.
          When news show you ugly things and say horrible things, don’t worry. Nothing has to do with us. We are in a much higher frequency. Nothing in this old wolrd has the power to affect us. All is ok.
          Big hug and all my love
          (more or less, I didi ti without translator)
          WOwwww, Thank you very much Nohmad
          How do you know I speak Spanish? I don’t know if you speak Spanish too or you were helped by Mr. Google as I do sometimes, not everything I write is on my own, but you do it very well. Sometimes I need to receive messages in my language because are deeper for me ( I guess you understand what I mean) and you put a nail on it.
          I hope I’m flying with you (plural), and you watching my light brighting brighter is touching to hear.
          A while ago i was speaking than maybe is my ego’s part, but I keep needing attention and support on others, and in this case that “others” are YOU. My family right now who really understand me, or where I can express what I really need or what is needed to be release from me (perhaps last one is mostly correct)
          I can feel you, I don’t know how but I do, I don’t know if working together or enjoying or supporting each other. But if you can feel somthing else I’m glad to know it and I ‘ll keep following this goal till I’ll be able to do it aswell.
          Your messages was very deeper to me, specially in a day like today.
          I’m grateful from my heaart
          I hope to see you soon
          IT took me lot of time because I did it alone ;). Sorry for mistakes

      2. Emma and Amanda, I too have been thinking much about this “predicament” that “many” of us seem to be in. I awoke this morning, still determined to see the tree through the forest. I can relate to
        both of you, what is transpiring in your lives. So much at once was thrown at me, it threw me off center and I found myself thrashing in FEAR. Hmmmmm………not good.

        I WAS getting confident that certain avenues in my life I would be following, and OH OH OH did that feel SO good to finally and I mean finally have substance, something that I could really fly with.

        No. This too has been taken. I am left with nothing. That is, nothing in 3D, but everything in GOD.

        This is what the quiet small Voice told me this morning and ALL fight, ALL resistance, ALL fear left in a mere moment…..

        (Hoping that what I heard you can apply to your own life.)

        “The reason for your distress, is the fight you insist being involved in. LET GO of the resistance, and acknowledge that ALL is Perfect. ACCEPT what IS. Do NOT think, do NOT try to figure anything out at this time, but just FLOW, get back in your HEART and know everything will work out. Look only to ME (your Inner God), and not to the circumstances around you. Do NOT look at the larger picture, but just put your eyes in this moment, feel JOY, and just KNOW all IS as it needs to be. When you Live from the Heart, everything, Everything, evolves effortlessly. Take one baby step, then another, and before you know it, you will have gained much, probably not even knowing how you honestly did it.”

        JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART for it will NEVER lead you wrong. Don’t try to figure things out, because they probably don’t make sense right now. IF you are being led to do something and fear is standing in the way, command that fear to step aside so that you can walk forth! YOU are the creator of YOUR LIFE. YOU are Master of YOUR LIFE. When you are centered (BLESS you, Nohmad for this reminder!) you are strong and nothing can knock you down. Just BE. Just FLOW. Just KNOW changes that will affect all of us are in the making NOW.

        Relax, laugh, sing, dance, LOVE, DO what you LOVE to do and even with those things you must do, and are not too fond of, LOVE those things too!!!

        Today we all have been given another Glorious Day to take one, mayhaps two, or three, or an entire series of, steps towards US in Our Perfect Form of Perfection.

        From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

      3. Emma, you are so sweet. Your words made me feel like a huge teddy bear was hugging me as I was reading what you wrote. 🙂 I’m waiting for the phone call today to hear what they will offer me. The old 3d part of me is saying yes take the job and work for a year and pay off all your debt and be debt free and have peace and freedom. The other side of me says, are you crazy? You will be ran ragged and worn out and depressed and lonely. It’s ironic that i was given exactly what I asked for an now I am resisting it. I see many of us are spinning in circles and wondering what to do in many areas. Does this mean we are at the end? Can I yell “check please!” and take a seat. Part of me knows that we will all be okay and everything will work out better than expected. But in the meantime, wow. Emma, thank you again for your insight. I hope you as well find out what is best for you. XO ~Amanda

  10. Sending everyone love and light to walk their path strongly. what came through for me last night was this…there is ONLY one path for EACH and every one of us! What is your path is exclusive to you because YOU are so IMPORTANT to the process! You are a creator GOD/Goddess! Your role is to deal with the energy in your very special way! In being open to going with the flow of this, you take on that role of helping all others because we are all connected! Aisha and CC have joined in providing a bit of confirmation to us all of what is basically happening in the Field and their information has Always been spot on. They are not talking about events or occurrences but they are focusing more on the important stuff and to me that is Energy. Energy effects each individual in different ways and so obviously different things will manifest for each individual soul because each soul has a different soul journey! The power of this full moon in Virgo is extremely strong and for me, as my sun is in Pisces and my natal moon is in Cancer this virgo energy is very different for me. what I would share with you all is not to beat yourself up over what you are feeling, seeing or experiencing–do your best to go with the flow and if you feel the need, ask your spiritual team for assistance. they are very much there for you! Big hugs and this message is very much in alignment with what is occuring in my life. Thanks so much Aisha and our blessed CC’s! Alex

    1. Alex, your words brought Great Comfort to me. BLESS YOU! These past few days have been THE most challenging, grueling for lack of a better word, and even my cats are loosing it. “Old” “past” behaviors that I really thought were ancient history, are rearing and roaring in this house (speaking of my cats). For days, I have been saying, “WHAT???” and today I got it. For some reason, those things we THOUGHT were all behind us, are once again in the forefront. The reason is different for each of us, and still, no, I don’t know what mine is (or my cats’).

      Energy. Yes. It is all about Energy. No more logic, no more processing, no more from the brain. It is all about the Heart, and the Connection Heart has to the Cosmos. This Energenic Change some would say is impossible, and on days like these past few, I would almost agree.

      You have MANY (((HUGS))) coming from me for your words really sank in. Thank you!!!!!! (especially about what you said regarding not beating ourselves up over…….) (deep breath) YEP!

    2. Alex, I just came back here (again) to read Aisha’s missive and your words here. Big lump in throat. These are Life Giving Words, Words that I cling to when I feel what I do, and how I do, as I do in this moment. I sit here rocking back and forth writing these words, to bring comfort to me as well to all those who read so many Life Giving Words here today. What I am seeing, Collectively we are becoming more “tight”, we are coming together stronger, as though the Energy within us, around us, and through us, is creating a Light Being made up of many many Lights, (us). I “see” this and correlate it to the billions of cells in One Body, each by its own right individual and complete as is, yet putting all those billions of cells together creates a Larger Body. I also “see” one drop of water and then look to an ocean…….same scenario. Each drop has all the qualities of the ocean, yet bring all those drops together, creates a wondrous, magnificent HUGE Body. Perfect. Powerful!

      Thank you thank you thank you to ALL of you who brought such Truth and Compassion and Love to Aisha’s Pond today. This is one woman who is so grateful.

    3. Wow, Alex. Sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer. Very deep you are indeed. 🙂 Loved your insightful message too. XO ~Amanda

  11. My son wrote a piece of music which inspires hope beauty light and wonder. He titled it The Place of the Great Blue Hope. I listen to it when I need to remember to have hope and faith. Here is the link for his utube video.

    The Place of the Great Blue Hope:

    1. Sunny, fabulous Peace of Music! Thank you SO much for sharing this and please thank your Sun for creating magic for this world!

  12. To give us ALL HOPE that these shifts, these “injections”, these upgrades are almost over……I share with you my interchange with a Dental Hygienist whose chair I sat in today.

    I’m DONE thinking that everyone around me is just hunky dory. So! I said to myself, What do I have to loose if I ask this beautiful young woman IF she is having Ascension symptoms? Hmmmmm….

    So, I asked.

    I questioned, “Do you by ANY chance feel nauseous at times, dizzy, achy, really tired for NO reason, and you find yourself scratching yourself on the head asking WHAT???”

    Her mouth dropped open. Her response to me, “How did you KNOW? Do I look like I feel like what you just described?”

    (she looked fine to me!)

    “No, that isn’t it.” Then I went on to explain about CME’s (she had NO idea what I was talking about so I explained a little and she listened). I then went on to explain about junk DNA, and again she had NO idea what I was talking about. In essence, I told her as a species we are evolving, and it involves our DNA becoming more activated and our brains becoming different as well. That’s about as far as I went, as I concluded this world seriously um “sucks” (yep I used that word) and she giggled, and I said, no, seriously think about what man has done to this world and how desperately this world and all who are in it, need healing.

    She was quiet. I could feel her thinking. She went on to clean my teeth.

    This just goes to show you, that people in general, who have NO idea what is gong on, are really being affected by the energy downloads. This in turn gives ME hope that our NEW World is just around the corner, and change truly is almost here.

    HOPING this small story brings many of you a lift in spirits as we continually get through these onslaughts, which are almost over. I really believe with All I Am that Nohmad’s message is the Truth and change is almost here.

    Just hang on. Don’t give up. I received an email today that sent my heart plummeting for it was from a friend who is giving up on the Ascension and giving in to the “illusions of this world”. For a minute, I was tempted to follow her. It is NOT easy to keep going on Faith……..I thank the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars for Aisha’s Pond for it is here we come to drink when we think we cannot take one more step.

    Love to All, All to Love………(((HUGS)))

      1. Amazing LAra
        Thank you very much. Here I’m finding a lot of clues that are helping me sooo much

      2. Lara, how wonderful!! What an AMAZING message from the Angelic Legions. So inspiring, calming and helpful. I kept nodding my head as I read. Thank you so much for posting!!! Blessings Blessings Blessings, xo Kat

    1. You can’t give up….neeever
      You are very important here, we are very important together, I can say more, you can’t give up and go back, because there is not way back…
      I love this story, one day I will be able to do the same, pretty sure
      Love you Amy

      1. You are SO right, Emma. There is no way to go back for it is GONE.

        I am SO glad you like this story, because it really shows all of us on earth are really being affected! Even those who don’t have a “clue”!

        Sending you LOTS of Love from my Heart to yours……your Sis

      1. Thank you, Philip! One just gets to the point, HEY, what do I have to loose IF I open mouth and say SOMETHING? From the way this young woman reacted, curiosity I would say, will propel her to start learning. Hehehehehe I LOVE this!

    2. Amy, that is great you were speaking to the hygenist and trying to inform her in your own little way. I remember a few years ago (before I really knew what was going on) I had an experience where I was visiting my family and I got really hot and shakey and was trembling out of nowhere. It was so scary in fact that I went to the emergency room and I didn’t have insurance. I think my bill was around $500-$700 total. They ran a ton of tests and blood work and shipped me off and told me I was fine! I had peace of mind, but it was expensive! A woman helping me with my spiritual journey told me I was releasing some childhood memories around the age of 8 and I totally felt she was right. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey (or that I was aware of) and I was glad I atleast had her to point me in the direction. I see so many commercials for fibromyalgia and everything under the sun. I’m not going to say people never have illness, but many of us are experiencing releasing etc and have no idea what is going on. So, thanks for sharing with her. You may have really helped her or somebody she knows.

  13. Oh just had to share this one folks! I get a lot of my intuitive hits and insights via lines in songs that I haven’t heard for a long time. It is the specific line that is important though the song as a whole has its message. Sometimes a word is cleverly changed which has a powerful impact on the message.

    One that just came whilst walking the dogs and pertinent to this group and today.

    “Give me the people that freed my soul….” (in the original song the word people is actually two words ‘beat boys’)…

    Now ‘we are the people/we are the ones…’ have a listen to this song in a new light replacing in your mind the message as I got it… enjoy:

    Philip 🙂

  14. Thank you all for all you have shared with us, Lara, Emma, Mark and Phillip. Thank you Aisha and CC for bringing us together. Lov. J.

        1. How many sweet souls are here?
          Every day You surprise me
          It’s really a blessing being here with all of yoy
          Love you Janis

  15. Reblogged this on meaningofstrife and commented:
    For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition.

  16. There was a subtle but very powerful energy in the reading this morning. Though we often come seeking those personal affirmation (as we certainly need them!), it is important for us to be reminded that this redeeming gift is for all. It is for all of Creation. and it is for all of those heavy-laden souls who, like each of us, have toiled so very long under the old.

    It is over for the darkness. It seems almost too good to be true. But it is true, and we will watch as all those heavy-laden ones are set free. Just as each of us are being set free from all the burdens that we have carried.

    May we all feel the power of this very good reminder.


  17. Changing the business world: Dear CCs, in your message we read: ” …you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition … ” — Some days ago I heard about a group of lawyers who call themselves The One People’s Public Trust. I got the following information and now am wondering about it more than just a bit:
    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks, and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems
    Is that the top of the iceberg finally bearing the power to visibly change ‘business as usual’??

    1. I came across them recently too Rohan – it was via a fairly circuitous route and the information publicly available that I could find was hard to follow. This article though spells it out wonderfully clearly and I now understand what I had sensed they had done but had not seen spelt out like this. Thanks for this link. Suggest everyone reads and appraises themselves – its a real eye opener and a harbinger of things to come…

    2. Rohan, THANK YOU for posting this link! This is incredibly important for everyone to know! I for one will be emailing this link to all on my contact list. If everyone does his or her part and commits to educate associates, this world will finally know it is FREE.

  18. Hi… I feel so dizzy that I cannot consentrate in reading such a long text. I feel like vomiting all the mental pain. Being near panic attack. I hope this state of mind will be over soon. 😦

    1. It will…for sure Lara
      Hoild on, we are all one, and we are togrther. I think is not too much for you these words, but encourage sometimes is neccessary, and that is what I send to you.
      Much love to you

      1. Thank you, Emma. I really appreciate your kind words. Maybe I need to face my last fears now? I may need to enter one year of Court trials and I really do not feel like going through that again. Oh well. Maybe a miracle will happen and I will get what I want. Quick and easy! 🙂

        1. Well done
          Your sad icon became a smiling one….first step,then… everything is gonna be better and better 😉

    2. Lara, the effects of the energy push should not last more than a few days and certainly not more than a week. If it lasts longer, it is not related to the energy shifts. Many people confuse their problems with the shift and therefore don’t get better. With the Full Moon yesterday, this in itself may be extending the issues but that energy will have passed by tomorrow. If you have UNREFINED sea salt in the house, I would take some as this will help with the dizziness…. Feel better, breathe, breathe, breathe….

      1. Dear Jot
        I couldn’t understand very good? What do you mean? How can we distinguiss them? Sometimes they are very confused
        Thank you in advance and much Love to you

        1. Emma, the easiest way to understand these influxes is to take a piece of paper and make three columns. Label the first column, *Normal everyday issues.* The second column, *New Issues* and the third column, *Resolved Issues.* This will show you what was present before the energy push, what has come in and what has resolved. If you aren’t resolving some of the *NEW* issues than you need to take another look at them….most of these will be the cause of being nutritionally deficient. Our Space Soul friends are not sadists… they love us and they allow us to recuperate from the last push before they give us another. They’re on our side and they watch out for us.

          This Full Moon in Virgo rules HEALTH, so it is showing us what needs attending to… it is also bringing inflammation, bloating, and dehydration…all which can cause us pain in the form of headaches, dizziness, aches and muscle pain and exhaustion. It will pass, but the FULL MOON is a powerful force when it’s in bloom…..:0)

          1. Dehydration. Yes!! I normally drink a lot of water (atleast 8-10 glasses a day) and right now that is not cutting it. Sooo thirsty lately! ~Amanda

      2. Hi JOT, I know what you mean by the confusion. However, I have felt SO good, full of JOY and bright energy. Even if the circumstances are sometimes very hard I have been full of optimism. So that is why this is so strange that I fall “to the bottom of a dry well” suddenly. It is so overwhelming and deep that I am getting really agitated. I thought this WAS OVER already. Obviously not… 😉

        I will take some sea salt. Thank you for the tip!

        This too will pass. I am just “sick and tired of all this”…

        1. Lara, I agree 100% with Calliope. Hang on. I too thought this was all over. I was so filled with Perfect JOY and then I crashed, and I mean crashed! I didn’t know what hit me, and in shock, I kept on asking what is going on? I broke, Lara, and I don’t break. (normally) And I did it here of all places, for all the world to see. YET, in my breaking, I saw the object of my Mission acknowledge those aspects in himself that have been tormenting him all these years, so the purpose in my breaking was twofold. BELIEVE that there is a Higher Purpose for what is going on, just HANG ON!

          You are in my Heart and as I attempt to sing this day, I shall direct those Songs to you to help you feel stronger.

          From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

          1. Dear Amy,

            thank you SO MUCH!

            I never break like this normally either. Let’s hope this was the final push now 😉

            Thank you for helping me. I wish you the same – the peace of mind and feeling of getting stronger, stronger in joy with the rays of the sun.

            From my Heart to your Heart, Amy!

            🙂 L.

            1. You are SO welcome, Lara! Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams. Know you are Loved, and safe, and fly freely in the Rainbow Land of Dreams!

            2. Lara, whether you know it or not, YOU help me as well. For in the words I speak to you, I speak to me. And mayhaps……LOVE that word! (thank you, Nohmad!) in our mutual breaking, what was “stuck” is now gone so that MORE of the Sun came come in, and MORE JOY as well! For now, it is adjustment time, and so, we “patiently” putter about as best we know how, until again we feel the Rush of Absolute JOY! Yes, Lara, this will come! (again!)

    3. Lara — Hang on.

      Just care for your body and sleep. I, too, have felt the intensity building these past few days. This past Saturday was awful for me, physically, and I just tried to sleep through it as much as possible.

      But it is true: this is no kind of life — sleeping through existence to cope with everything happening! This is not who I was meant to be. I understand this, and hope that this latest wave we are taking upon ourselves to connect the planet and birth her into something new will pass quickly. It’s been very brutal on so many these past days.

      Know someone read your words and is thinking of you and hoping you can withstand.
      Calliope the Muse

      1. Calliope, if we loose Hope, we have lost everything. I don’t know how much more I can do of this. I thought a year ago I couldn’t go on much longer, and now in looking back, what I went through then was a piece of cake compared to the velocity and the impact of the energy shifts of this present time.

        As I said to Lara, in my “attempt” to sing (my Heart Language songs) today I will send them your way to help you too. We all have to hang on to each other, for how else are we going to get through this? This has been one very L O N G birthing process. And yes, I agree with you, these past few days have been beyond anything I can even put into words.

        XXOO Amy

      2. Dear Calliope,

        yes, it definitely helps to know some lovely people are “out here” and understand and care.

        I feel that the worst is over. I HOPE the worst is over. 🙂

    4. Indeed hang on Lara, my wife has been having some similar things for the last 30 hours or so – she will get there and so will you and I know from supporting her its not easy when you are in the midst of it…

      1. Dear Philip,

        funny that you mentioned hours here. I know exactly when this started. It is 34-35 hours ago now. And now I feel that it is fainting away and I am coming back to myself. I hope this is same for your wife! What wonderful thing that you are together helping each other out!!!!

        Thank you for your support to me too! 🙂

        1. Glad to hear that you feel it is going away as it is with my wife… Yes we are blessed to have found each other – twin flames – something I put out to the Universe some years ago and made huge changes in my life to manifest it… all worth it…


    5. Dear Laura,
      As you can see from all these posts, many people are wishing, hoping, and intending for you to get better. Every day, people arise, make decisions, and move the world forward. But, this is a slow process and one that has no fixed time. Your soul decided how it wanted things for you to be during this period; sometimes that choice is hard on us in our unawakened state. But, the outcome for all of us has devine intention and results. Few of us can even imagine where we are going. Let this inspire you.

      In the meantime, follow this wonderful proverb: “When the storm rages, the reeds lie low.” There is nothing you need to do but take care of yourself. For me, I am doing my favorite thing: getting engrossed in one book after another. Much around me is demanding attention, but I am saying no, because I believe with all my heart that I must honor and love myself. This means being very selfish when necessary. Do the minimum required and be thankful for the one that loves you the most: you. All other things will work themselves out. Our destiny is immutable and is now being realized for all of us. While it may not feel like it now, all will be well beyond imagination. Hope this post wasn’t too long *grin*.

      1. Dear Joseph,

        I am very grateful for all the kinds words and well wishes here. I always try to help people and have been doing a lot in my life. I been giving away too much of myself. And actually, I am rather alone now. A lot of people left or I had to disconnect with. This has been a rather lonely ride.

        I am so happy to have found it here where people genuinely want to help each other!

        I am sometimes very angry with myself – even if I have forgiven myself unconditionally, lol. I am angry that I chose such a hardship in this life… Why didn’t I just gotten the easy ride. Well – I hope this is where the whole thing is heading. Life full of joy and happiness!!!

        I try to take care of myself. I have two small kids and no help from anybody. I am a single mom 24/7/365… It is not always easy to be the warrior of light at the same time!

        All the best! 🙂

        1. You can see Lara:
          You are not a warrior, you are a Hero. We are heroes (is my favourite word lately)
          Love to you

  19. Wonderful, wonderful – this is exactly what I am feeling and was talking about yesterday with the worldwide community Spheres Of Light engagements.

    Together my brothers and sisters we are changing the world for it is also rather like a positive chain reaction… your field or ‘Sphere Of Influence’ is bigger than you/we know…

    Deep gratitude once again Aisha and the messengers…


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