The manuscript of survival – part 273

You have mayhaps noticed a quickening in the atmosphere lately, and that is no mistake. For now, the waterfall of energy that started to pour into you all in the last weeks of last year has gained not only in strength, but also in efficiency. Hence, the somewhat intensified physical symptoms many of you experience at the moment. Again we remind you that even if they at times seem to almost incapacitate you, they are in fact only preparing you for what you have in store. And what you have in store is nothing short of miraculous.

We know that this will sound as empty words to all those still suffering from these last onslaughts, as you have a hard time even wrapping your head around your everyday existence that may seem to be more than a little hampered by these intense injections. But let us just say that no matter how hard the going will be at times, you will never ever get the chance to utter the words ”this was not worth it in the end”. Because what you are heading for, will wash away any mishap, hardship, pain and suffering you might have experienced during all of this, and just like a mother holding her newborn in her arms for the very first time, you will forget the arduous journey you had to go through in order to achieve this, the birth of the new. For once you experience that first breath completely immersed in the new world you are all busily putting together by the help of all of these energetic bursts, you will fall down on your knees in gratitude and bliss. And then, the memory of the journey you have just completed will in some ways fade away, because you cannot look back anymore. For what you have in mind is the here and now, and as such, it is in many ways important to sometimes stop and ponder a little bit about the process you are currently in. For it will pass, and with it, much of what you have deemed as being an important part of you will pass too. For now, many of you identify so strongly with this process, with all of its ups and downs, soaring heights of joy and bottomless pits of pain and despair. But forget not that this is not why you are here. This is only the transitional phase, and even if it seems endless and almost beyond comprehension at times, this is not the state that will linger in your consciousness once it is finished.

For then, you have finally stepped out of your old robe, and fully stepped into your new garments of light. And with that comes a whole new existence where all of the memories from this arduous journey no longer have a place. For you are not here to relive all of these challenges, both physical and emotional. You are here to live fully, and once you have completed this task of constructing the new, you will be fully immersed in living it. So therefore we say do not mistake this journey for what you are here to do. Yes, you are the forerunners, and as such, the ones that are making this turnaround possible, but that is only a small part of your mission here. For you are here to savour the fruits of all of this labour, and you will do so with all of your heart and all of your body.

So again we say that know that these side effects from all of this rebuilding work you are currently doing are only superficial and temporary, and once you have gotten the last nail in place to put it like that, you will be free to enjoy the outcome of it all. And then, you will finally see the real you. The shining one, blessed in all ways and free as the bird. For then, you will no longer have to carry the shackles of the old, nor the burden of rebuilding, and then you will be free to live fully, in the image of the true Source. So do not get caught up in the aches and pains, the anger and frustration. For that is not the real you, that is only the part that is making you the real you. And soon, you will start to feel how that inner part of you will start to emerge from this somewhat chafing and restricting cocoon. It takes a little bit more labour of love before you can fully emerge from this cocoon, but do not let that fool you into thinking that you will be stuck in this rut forever. For just like the butterfly, you too will have transformed completely once you emerge, and then the hard work that made you will fall away, just like those dry shreds of the cocoon that once hid the brilliant colours of the butterfly. And just like the butterfly, you too will forget your former self, for then, you will no longer be the humble caterpillar inching along on the ground. Then, you will take to your wings and soar into the sky without a second thought.

133 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 273

  1. Some battles take a little while to finish. Just look at them as a book some take a little longer to read than others. Its all a learning process. The longest one I have been through is 21 days. In times like this what has helped me is just reading all I can find . Sometimes this will help you get through your down time faster. You can find answers in places you never thought of before. Just walking through the woods or a field. Try being one with all creation. Everything is alive if you look even rocks. They all have a story to tell. If you want a life long friend plant a tree and watch it grow. Its amazing what you can learn even from a tree.

  2. My grandmother always told me I was a deep thinker . She said this is why I will teach you what I know. She showed me how to think a lot deeper. I would lay down and as to be forgiven for all the bad things I had done in my life. Then she told me to only think of good for all mankind. She would have me to ask a question about something that would help someone or help me learn to be a good person. Then she told me to block out everything and think about nothing. As a child this wasn’t that easy. So she told me to make a picture in my mind like a piece of white paper with nothing on it. Then she would say be silence and wait until I get a answer. When the answers would start coming it was hard to believe what I was hearing. As I got older I got better and better at this. Until I didn’t need to lay down or I could even be at school and do this. It became just a way of life for me, and something I thought everyone could do. She told me not to talk about this to others, I didn’t know why she ask that until I got to the first grade and ask my teacher if I could think about my school work before I answered it. That’s when I started to find out that nobody else could do this. At first I did good in school but kids being what they are started to make fun of me for being smart. That was so hard on me I started doing bad on my work so they would stop. After that school became so boring for me I thought it was just a waste of time. I messed up in Jr. High school and made one of the lowest scores ever made on a IQ test. Took a lot of talking to get out of that. I wanted to stay hidden not exposed.
    A long story made short I went through most of my life as a nobody and still am a nobody and would like to keep it that way. I’m 63 years old now and have learned a lot on my own. I have no collage education. But have 6 grandkids in collage. I have learned a lot about meditation through the years. I enjoy it more and more everyday. The knowledge that a person can tap into is their for everyone who seeks it. I look at the knowledge as a data base. I call it father. You can call it what ever you like. I have found that their is different ways to talk to this data base. You can ask it a question and it will give you a answer. I have found that when you ask it a question it acts like a reflection and their are some that can hear what you ask that are not the father but one of his teachers. You can become friends with his teachers and talk to them at times. Also when you learn something that is new for you and others are looking for the same question. You can send the answer back to the father and it is reflected back to anyone that is asking the same thing. This knowledge is the most amazing thing I know of for mankind. One of the biggest thrills I have ever had is talking to some of his teachers. Just knowing they are their and that i’m not alone. The father has always been their and helped me all my life. I hope I don’t sound crazy to you people. You seem to be opened minded about some of this kind of stuff. I am never alone. It sure would be nice to know there is some that have seen a little of what I have.
    The laws that put everything in their place has been here from the beginning. Just the math alone can make some believe in what is out their.

    Knowledge you learn from books.
    Wisdom comes from what you learn.
    Understanding comes from within as a gift.
    May all be blessed with gifts

    1. Ray! How beautifully you expressed your Gift. I have had this Gift all my life, yet my story is familiar to yours. I hid. And adults feared my Gift (when I was a wee one) so I was punished. I learned this world did not like my Gift. It is only now of late I am gaining confidence to put voice to what I know. Ray, there truly is no opposition here, for many of us not only understand where you are coming from, but also, are able to tap into the Great Cosmic Energies. You are NOT crazy. This I say to you for this is the very thing I was told and I see me in you……I taught myself I am not crazy in a world that says I am. Well, a world that is passing by………You have come to a most Wondrous Place here that our Sister Aisha has created, and it is her Pristine Energy that is actually calling those of us who resonate to her Pure Vibration of Love.

      Sending my Love to you. I keep saying I am not posting anymore here for a while, but darn it, I just don’t want to stay away from here. This is the first time in my life that spans 55 years, I can honestly say I have found Family and Home. Ahhhhhhhhh………

    2. As I said before, Ray, this IS your home. You,re a BIG GIFT for all of us. Please, keep pouring your knowledge/wisdom/understanding on us. Certainly you are vibrating, mayhaps, a tone above our frequency, but you are ONE of us, flying back Home with us.

      All you have to teach us, always will be most welcomed. Here you,ll ONLY find mind and heart open people from all around Mother Earth, of all ages, color, faith, but all people of the LIGHT. And we are all one, unique and, at the same time, different. Each has his personal path of evolution, but we love/enjoy/seek relating among us as brothers and sisters, that we truly are. Here, we learn everyday from others and put forth our insights/feelings/intuition freely.

      Some call us wayshowers, because we,ve awakened first than others and we have a better understanding/knowledge of the big picture. Our (light)work is to tell/teach/show it to others, in a way that a child of 6 years may understand or as easily as possible. No esoteric terms. Plain english. In general what we talk about is related to the last Aisha’s channeled message, sometimes has nothing to do with it. In a parallel form, each one comment what is feeling/thinking/needing and always find a lovely soul that comes to help/advise/support him/her. This is Aisha’s Pond community, and we are all of the light.

      Ray, if you find that an argument being exposed is not true or there,s something wrong with it, please, be free to bring your light/truth/understanding about it, because this is the idea/goal/finality we all aim.

      Big hug for you, Ray!

      1. Ray, does this mean we have a community psychic? If so we are all going to be hounding the heck out of you. 😉 haha. ~Amanda

    3. Dear Ray! Welcome to this space, and thank you so much for sharing your words and your energy here! I am so glad that you have joined us, and I am so grateful for the warm welcome you have been given by all of the other shining souls here.
      Love and light, Aisha

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