The manuscript of survival – part 272

The time of reckoning has in many ways already been here for quite some time now, dear ones, as you feel yourselves being pushed and pulled by the intensity of the incoming waves of energetic uploads. And when we say reckoning, we do not refer to some biblical scourge that has been oft prophesied, no, we refer to the fact that you have all digged so deep within yourselves now that you are almost scraping the bottom of the old container, searching for any lost clues as to what you really are. For what you are not has become more clear to you now, as you feel the sense of separation from the so called ”normal” world out there becoming more and more pronounced. And as such, the feeling of hovering over a deep abyss, walking precariously on a flimsly structure you have build purely on faith may be strong. For you have willingly abandoned everything that the rest of mankind seem to think is the normal way to live, but as yet, you have no clear understanding of what you have waiting for you ahead. For there are little or no clues as to what you are already starting to manifest, as it is in so many ways literally invisible to the outside world.

So yes, you are indeed taking the biggest leap of faith there is, for you have chosen to sever the bonds that tie you to the old without any clear idea as to what you are going towards. Or rather, deep within you know what you want and you know what you will achieve, but as this is still very much undetectable to the normal senses, you have little but a deep longing within to navigate by. And as such, the feeling of overwhelming insecurity may pop up at any time, and you get a sense of bewilderment, a sense of ”have I done a wise choice here?”, and sometimes, that feeling can be very difficult to shake off.

That is more than understandable, because you have chosen to be the wayshowers in this. You are, as we have talked about so many times before, travelling through unchartered terrain. So you will find no footprints to follow in the wake of, there are no clear markers pointing out the right direction, and there is nothing there telling you just how far it is to go before you reach your goal. So you will at times feel lost, like a babe in the woods to use an expression you might be familiar with, and the temptation to maybe call it quits and retrace your own footsteps may become almost overpowering at times. But if you actually stop to think about it, you will realize that there is nothing to return to. For the old world that you left is not a place you could even consider returning to. It is not the place for you anymore, because it is a place that holds nothing you could deem as positive. So there you stand, seemingly in the thick of it, with nothing showing you where to go ahead, and no sense of wanting to return to what you have left behind.

It is indeed at times like these you need to gather your senses and try to connect not only with your own center, but also with the network of fellow travellers that are all stepping ahead towards the same ultimate goal as yourself. For you need to reassure each other that you are not lost. In fact, you have a homing beacon within that is so strong you cannot override it no matter how hard you try, and you will find your way, even when you feel literally like you are walking blindfolded in the darkest of despair. For you are within inches of finding that glade where you will finally be able to see what you already know in your heart is there, and we do not say this to try to pull any wool over your eyes yet again. For you are going strong, even when you feel weaker than weak, and as such, we would like you to feel the strength that you emit by mentally joining yourselves to all of the others out there being pulled along by that same strong force as you. For you are beacons of light, and even if the neck of the woods that you are traveling through may seem to be on the dense side at the moment, you will see your own light reflected in the eyes of the others out there.

So seek their company, and you can do this literally from the comfort of your own home. For you have a calling within you that is so strong, and this calling is the same that is ringing in the hearts of all the others that have tuned into the same channel that they have within. And when you sit down to listen to this inner channel, you will indeed hear the voices of all of your fellow men and women humming along with it. So please take some time to sit down in solitude and tune into this choir that you yourself is such a prominent member of. Then you will be reassured by the clarity of your voices, and you will be better able to discern the power you all emit. Hopefully, it will make the last stretch of this ”jungle trip” a little bit easier to complete, because you will know in your heart of hearts that not only are you walking in the perfect direction, you are doing it in the company of a multitude of other shining beings, spanning your globe in an intricate network of shining paths, all converging towards the same goal.

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  1. Your participation each day depends on what you orient to. It’s important to rise above the many distractions of life and continually practice choosing what you focus, what you are paying attention to. Becoming a full expression of your being requires your focus. Growing this little by little is your path to mastery.

    (AMEN…….says ME!)

    Life at the Ideafrontier.

    Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy

  2. Wow, beautiful message Aisha and CC. My heart is with all my fellow friends out there, we are all over the planet and we are part of the same team. May peace, faith and courage be with you everyday of your lives. And we shall continue…

  3. Hi, yesterday evening I started to ‘see differently’… I saw my beautiful home and was so grateful! I saw myself and was grateful. I am full of exitement. I will start creating my worklife today. I know what I want but I need to visualize it in different ways.

    Yes, the change IS coming!


    1. Wonderful, Lara! Wonderful! When we see with eyes filled with majic and Love, the World is transformed!!!! The Change IS HERE! (((HUGS)))

  4. Hi Everyone,

    I, like so many of you, have been back to this site many times in the last 48 hours. I hesitated to write simply because so much beauty was already being expressed, but now that I see that 77 (as this point) comments have been made, it appears that our sharing our common hearts and supporting one is exactly the point. So I thought I would offer my gratitude and blessings as well.

    Since I was a child, my spirit has been carried by music and exceptional song writers. Though I am not a musician, I have always resonated deeply with music and, especially, heartfelt lyrics (frequency?) have often inspired the transcendence that we are all so very hungry for.

    When the missive invited us to our connect to our common channel, I thought initially of the growing community here at Aisha’s site and all of the people for whom these messages have become manna. But then I realized that very likely includes so many others who, through music, have carried me on those oh so heavy days. (I think specifically of Patty Griffin but there are many others.)

    Anyway, what I wanted to share with you is this: Very early, Emma had mentioned the she had felt like a “Soldier.” I almost responded immediately… Emma, I don’t know if you are familiar with the Goo Goo Dolls song by that name but I suspect it speaks very much to what you were talking about

    And then when I finally decided to go ahead and take the time to write that, the song, “These Are Days” Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs came over my Pandora account It was the live version and very fitting.
    Bless you all.


    1. I resonate very much with your musical messages and the importance of them Mark. I’ve had many such messages recently including – In dulci jubilo (In sweet rejoicing) on 21 Dec 12 and many since and more recently “…the best days of our lives…” from summer of 69 – and of course the feeling in the song of it “lasting forever…”

      Thanks for sharing…

      Philip 🙂

    2. Dearest Mark, I like you have Music in my veins. Curiosity has me asking you if by any chance, you have been hearing music, lyrics, melodies in your “ears” (I have no other way to explain this) and the Heart urge to sing out loud is so strong, I find myself singing to the “music” I am hearing. I sing not in English, but in the language I came in with, a “majical” language that I used to know the meaning to.

      I also for years, have “heard” the IAM (GOD) tones in my ears, sometimes so loud that I want to scream STOP!!!! Do you hear them as well???

      Yesterday I sang all day long, and I mean sang, in such a Perfect Pitch, with such beautiful vibralto, with such sweetness, there were times I “heard” this music and said, “This is ME singing???” My heart is just SO full of JOY and Music! And today, you would think my voice would be hoarse from singing with vocal chords not used for a very long time, but not so. My voice is Perfect. Hmmmmmm………(GRIN!)

      From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

    3. Thank you very much Mark
      It is exciting to know that someone echo my words and that make sense to anyone but me …
      Beautiful two songs you mentioned, did not know them , but yes, perfectly define what I start to notice. Long way to go and stumble remain prevalent, but we must stand firm, I know … but it is to stay strong? in what sense? Still searching ..
      Thanks again
      Much love to you

  5. Always always always the animals know before the humans do. Here is proof that our New World founded in Love is here!

    With all my Love, Amy

  6. This Day, I AM imagining a World so filled with Hearts full of Ecstatic Joy that All in this World FORGET hatred, greed, prejudice, war, jealousy, wanting only LOVE. OH, for the JOY! I want everyone to feel what I AM experiencing this Day, a Wave of Such Explicit and Complete JOY that encompasses the Whole BEing. This I know is our Homecoming!

    No matter what you “see” around you, don’t get dragged into the lower realms (for what you focus on that will be your reality), but keep your Mind centered on your Inner GOD and All Good. Know that whatever was created from out of Disharmony can be recreated into Harmony. And so it is!

    I AM leaving behind an entire lifetime filled with war torn strife! I AM walking into a Golden Essence where Dreams Do Come True!

    I just don’t want to stay away from here today! OH, Aisha, what you have created here I have NO words for, and I AM so deeply grateful! Bless you!

    1. Amen, pinkrose!! To your beautiful dream of the New World that we are making of Peace, Pristine Earth, Ecstatic Joy, Fun, Compassion, Light-filled giggles and Laughter for All souls. Sometimes I think, “If I had a few minutes of Creation-time, what would I do?” I’d stop all wars instantly and remove all weapons from Gaia. I’d wave my hands around the Earth and purify the air. I’d dip my fingers in the ocean and purify the waters. I’d lay my hands on the ground and pull all poisons and polluting technologies from the Earth, air and waters. I’d wave my arms around the planet and all animals would be free, loved, respected, protected, befriended and learned from. No more war, disease, hunger, lack. Everyone and everything would be at peace, creativity on overdrive, making an exciting future……… It is coming, and far better than that. Nova Terra, an Enlightened Age. Which makes all the struggles of this time, the aches, pains, loneliness, so worth it! Blessings, Kat

      1. Beautifully written, Kat! Just beautiful! I am on the same page as you! I so desire Gaea to be fully healed….ALL of Her! Has anyone noticed how fresh and clean the air smells and looks lately? I believe the “cleanup” has already begun from the LOVE in those hearts, beating to the One Heart of Source.

          1. These feelings and messages bring much joy to me pinkrose and Kat – in fact I’ll join you in as you purify the air and the oceans and more… powerful and beautiful – thank you… Philip

            1. Philip, our Thoughts are a lot more Powerful then we realize. Just BE Love and everything else will unfold graciously! All I do is focus on the Love in my Heart, and NOT the problems per se still around me, knowing, just knowing, that these too shall cease. So many already have. Miracles abound!

          2. Spot on pinkrose… Love is all there is – the joy and love flows from your messages and out into the world and beyond… I see miracles all around me.

            Our little community here is SOOO important…

            1. Philip, you just put tears of JOY in my eyes. Something of Huge Magnificence has begun here and I for one, am seeing Miracles in My Life because of Aisha’s Pond and ALL who are here! OH! For the JOY I have been seeking all My Life! May this JOY be yours for Eternity Forevermore!

              1. Amen to that … your joy is resonating out into the Universe for it is indeed a blessed vibration.

                I am reminded of a message I received recently in a group meditation with Spheres Of Light – something I had not heard for a long time and meant so much more that it ever had in my upbringing. It’s true unfettered meaning came though to me. The message: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth… feel the truth of that my beloved brothers and sisters…

                1. Philip, I am so honored to read your words and I deeply thank you. To share of myself, blesses me, for in the sharing, I in return feel that sharing returned unto me which makes my spirit soar. I have walked this earth many years and in all that time, this is the first time I have the privilege to share my Love, Love I have always known. To have open arms here at Aisha’s Pond makes me weep, for this I have not known to be my reality up until this time. To finally find a place where the Hearts beat to the One of Source (all Hearts do, most have just forgotten) is a Gift beyond measure. I write these words, my throat constricted and I must go to my private place to shed the tears that sting my eyes, in just such utter gratitude that the Love I have yearned to share is finally being shared. BLESS YOU!

  7. For everyone, I wrote a short blog sometime ago called ‘Turning Point’ connected with the gift of Spheres Of Light I shared here.

    We are at a ‘Turning Point’ and the metaphor in the blog may help you to see and experience things in a new light… The link is here:

    and if you are not sure how to engage with this gift go to the Home Page.

    With much gratitude and love to all. This will help you ‘ground in the flow’ as someone so beautifully put it. The gift is free to all…

    Philip 🙂

  8. Aisha and fellow Light Beings, I, personally, have been feeling disconnected form 3D for 8 months, now. But, it is comforting to know that I am no longer the only one. 🙂
    When I read your messages, I have always found that you mention the “Energy Downloads” either right before they are going to happen or you mention them right after they happen. So, when your post came in this morning, I thought I would see something about this ENORMOUS energy download that happened yesterday and today.
    It was most intense and magnificent.
    Did anyone else feel this one? No one seems to have made mention of it in these comments……I’d love to know.
    Love, Michael

    1. Dear Michael! I am back on my feet again after an hour of intense downloads, just one of many these last few days – or is it weeks, or maybe even years..? So yes, there are some truly enormous loads of energy coming our way now, and my whole body feels like it is “bipolar”. I’m shifting between feeling extremely energetic one moment and doing things like hiking in the woods for hours or cleaning the house from top to bottom to becoming almost comatose the next. Suddenly the body just wants to lie down for an hour or two, when I am fully awake and present but I just have to lie absolutely still with my eyes closed while the energies surge through me. Weird, but interesting, and definitely a clear sign that something is happening now. Love and light , Aisha

      1. Yes, the downloads are intense. They remind me of the ones right after 12/12/12. Splitting headaches too. ~Amanda

        1. Amanda, this is for you and for all of you who have yet to break FREE into virgin and pristine Land. Hang on, for you are almost there!

          PS. When I saw the picture of the dancer, I just melted all over the place. Not five minutes ago I said out loud, “I wish I now really knew how to dance as I desire to express this Intense Joy I feel inside!” One of my dreams is to Dance on my toes, Absolute Beauty in Motion. My Soul yearns to Dance, to step into the Shoes of Perfection that Know How to Dance. (closing eyes and just imagining……) ahhhhhh…….

    2. Dearest Michael, you must have missed what I wrote in the reply section on the last missive. I didn’t word it so that what I experienced was a download, but one who lives in our home, went ballistic, and I literally had to resort to Spiritual Warfare to kick out an entity that would HAVE loved to see me fail in my Mission (one that I have seen over the years whose main operative was to annihilate me). This download, yes, was THE turning point, THE most powerful, and IF one wasn’t grounded in the Flow, it turned one inside out and upside down.

      From here on in, it gets easier. Now, all we have to do, is figure out how to create the NEW. I believe with All I AM that this will just unfold effortlessly. It will JUST happen!

      Now off I go to feed the forgotten in this world………(((HUGS)))

      1. Thanks PINK ROSE, It is a good reminder to believe that it can and will all unfold EFFORTLESSLY. !!!!

  9. Hi all! I just wanted to share with you this ‘joke from the above”. Yesterday I looked at 4 old pictures of me, my toe covered in blood as I had stumpled with my sandals. (This is a long and a stupid story here and why there are pics of it but that is not the point here and also why I just happened to be staring those pics yesterday). I am at the holiday cabin. My dog woke me up. Had to put it outside and I stumbled again. Hitting the same toe. No blood this time. This ‘joke’ gave me the surety that you get what you think. So let’s start manifesting!!!

    Love & light!!! 🙂

  10. Pretty Right On! Thank you Aisha, the CC’s and all those here building this community. I can’t persevere without you all. Sometimes the messages here help to clarify what is going on with me, or simply validate my experiences. I am grateful we can do this for one another. I appreciate the garden and new shoot analogy and the images that come. Hmm, gentle on self? Haven’t gained mastery there but I am doing better as it sounds like we all are in that area.

  11. Once again, I am stunned into silence by your message — by its accuracy (for me at least, unto the depths of my Soul), its compassion, and its eloquence. I hope and pray that you, Aisha (aong with your CC’s of course), comprehend how . . . . ineffably profound, magnificently uplifting, and beautifully communicated have been your missives. I am sure I AM not the only Aspect of Oneness who is eternally grateful for your ineffable contributions to the All that We BE on this epic journey we chose to undertake. In La ‘Kesh. . . .

        1. You are welcome! I don’t have “technical steps” “how to”. I just DO what I AM being guided to do, and what just unfolds. There is a link below that Philip posted that may help you ground into the Flow and just BE.

          I do know that in order to ground, one must turn one’s focus inward and up. I focus on my 3rd eye, which then connects to my Pineal and Pituitary Glands resulting in my entire Crown opening up like a rose to sunshine. In pours, I mean POURS, this current of energy that lights me up, bringing serenity, peace, and health. With practice this becomes the natural way of being, and IT just continues to happen, even when I don’t concentrate on my 3rd eye. Of course, this means, I stay in the Higher Realms during my every moment. The moment you drop to lower vibrations, the Flow stops.

          We are One. We are Love. We are JOY! (((HUGS)))

  12. This is one of their purest and most couraging message I’ve ever read from our Friends.

    Love and Light to Everyone and Everything and what ever else “Every” is out there.

      1. Barbara, I felt this same thing when I read this message. There was something ‘new’ about it. I felt like we started a new chapter in a new book for some reason. Progression. ~Amanda

  13. Thank you for this thoughtful blog, Aisha…. I’ve had the ringing in my ears so loud the past few days…comes and goes but boy oh boy does it make noise ! I’ve also been experiencing the fogginess around the focal point. I can see what I’m looking at clearly, but it is circled in a dizzy mist. Is anyone else having that symptom?

  14. Grounding into the earth in the old way I find personally to be no longer effective because the earth has shifted into 5D…I ground to the crystalline grid and then also into the etheric grid and directly to the galactic central sun. You can simply make it your goal to ground into the highest and firmest earth energy available to you and this will also work–another idea is simply to find a tree and put both hands onto it!

    Singing a new song on this blessed earth and yes, hearing the choirs of heaven and lightworkers join in! 🙂 hugs! Alex

    1. Alex, I went through a phase where I was desperate to ground, for nothing I knew of to ground, worked. A new unfolding has manifested in my Life where no grounding is even necessary for me. I have found Home in the Flow. I AM here, I AM there, I AM you, I AM All. I feel Free, today, of all duality limitations. This is so challenging to explain. Even though I have yet to see ALL I know is mine, that feeling of Freedom is unshakable! Yes, there is a new song on this blessed earth, our Soul Song! OMG! This is SO exciting to be alive now! We have prepared for this “time” for SO long and it is now arrived! OH OH OH!!!
      From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

  15. Beautiful to not change Aisha and others
    Sometimes it’s so hard, stand firm against everything around you physically, I feel like a soldier though strong dropped all their weapons and with only his faith in response. Surprisingly enough sometimes, but other becomes heavy and you wonder: Do I not have to go back? Haven’t I forgotten something? I must not let go of what I have?
    But no, I will not return to the past, I want the future.
    Looks like nobody understands me (and most of the time nor do I pretend to) everyone says you should do to keep 3D life, but now it’s time to move, move to where we are hardwired to go. My question is how and in what manner is reflected in the life now. I feel like I have a long way and a lot to do and understand, but I also know that I never could have expected to be in this situción and here I am, which is wonderful to be following him even more. I need you guys, I need and want to be with you, you are my family and so I’m in no doubt that this war will win ….
    I hope to sing together and be able to listen to each other
    Much love to all

    1. Emma, la guerra está terminada. ¡Crea en él(ella/eso), siéntalo, saber él, sea la libertad! ¡Piénselo, dígalo, meditar sobre él(ella/eso), sea él!
      From My Heart to your Heart, Sister, Amy

      1. ¡PS! ¡Sepa que usted es el Amor, usted es Ligero, usted es Especial, usted es Seguro! Vaya dentro de, hágase estable con su DIOS dentro de, y sepa que nada de este mundo puede hacer daño a usted. Cantándole paz, mi amigo, mi hermana, paz de paz de paz …….. (((abrazos))) Mí

  16. Heh.. I feel exactly as it is wrote in this post.. I don’t know which way to choose, I lost my job but I do not want to find another that kind (its not because I didn’ t like my job, opposite I liked it.. I have no idea what to do with my life. There is no one who understand me, even my girlfriend, she accept me, but this is a s-f for her and nothing more.. And since last monday I caught cold and I don’t remember if I ever lie so hard sick like now.. Somewhere inside me I belive that this is happen what you write, but I still have so much difficulties and nothing on my horizon..
    Otherwise, I can still smile and I wish Love and Light to everything and everyone..

    1. Dear Soszkin! I am glad you have joined us here, because you are also one of those beautiful voices in this choir. We all understand you, because we have experienced the same things as you have, so you are not alone in this. This is not an easy journey, but it is one we will make together. I send you my love and light, Aisha

    2. Dear Soszkin
      It happens the same thing to me. I have no job and do not want to find one, this path is to start again, and this concept is back to it’s a former one which we are not identified with.. It is time for all changes and updates. Hard work is to find the right path without clues we expect to see with our limited eyes and understand with our limited mind.
      Hope this helps you, at least as it serves me to gain encouragement for me, coming to this pond to drink from the experiences of others and to not feel so alone because our environment does not support us.
      Much love to you

      1. Oh, honey, I just read this and my Heart tugged. I feel your “confusion” for it is mine as well. I know like I know myself that another way is about to open for many of us, yet what that is, man!, I don’t think any of us know. Believe with all you have, keep faith in what you believe, and lo and behold, you shall awake one day and KNOW where next to place your feet. That goes for ALL of us!

        Hang in there. Don’t look at the glass half empty. Look at the glass half FULL.

        Much LOVE from my Heart, Amy

        1. Ooooooo!!!My sweetheart
          You do not know what it might mean for encouraging me your words … I have considered each of your posts but some days it’s hard to stay alert … I fall and I fall ..
          you know where to put your feet and walk sign. It is my goal nowfor me, and that is so complicate to  to know what my goal is and let go of anything that is not goodfor me, and that is so complicate to  distinguish … love? … obsession? … dependence? … disagreement? … impatience?
          How easy it is to stop playing the game of others in 3D? Why some days it is so easy and others seem tiring?
          I know you will not answer for all this … but this pond is allowing me to spread what comes to my head and overwhelms me and I do. Anxiously awaiting news every day of it, my royal family, which I feel more and more.
          Much love Pretty Amy
          Heartfelt thanks

          1. Emma, believe me, every word I write, I write to myself as well. I still don’t know where I am heading, yet I know know know that I am heading towards something in which I can use ALL that I have gained up to this point in My Life. I encourage you, for I know the confusion. I seem to have passed this phase, and have found a Golden Vein of JOY. Do I know YET where I am heading? Um, no. I am getting “glimpses” yes, but how? Um, don’t know that either, and you know what, it does not matter. What matters to me is staying firm in my knowing that ALL will unfold exactly as I planned it to. One day, we all will have ALL of our new connections, and re-member who we are, and that is the TIME (no other way to say this, because there really is no time anymore) PHASE 2 of Our Collective Lives shall be revealed! ((((HUGS)))

    3. Thank you for your support.. I know you have similar or same experiences thats why I’ve decided to write here. @Aisha: I read your manuscripts for a couple of months, they resonate to me more then others similar texts, they are more neutral than others (IMO), so thank you for them.
      The “problem” is I’m like Thomas unfaithful, can’t see, can’t touch or smell I’m hard to belive, especially it gets worse in my life and I don’t see perspectives for better, even if I have some faith very deep inside me in all that changes and tranformations that occur. And there is a difference between you, here in comments below the texts – you are “virtual”, you live on other side of Earth, and I even dont’t speak english natively so I could express myself exactly I would like to. It is hard to live between people that do not understand what I’m talking about.
      But don’t worry, I’m not complaining, I’m far from it. This is the only place where is the people that understand, so thank you so much. It’s some kind of solace I’m not only one with such an experiences although you are somewhere on the other end of the world.
      Light and Love for you too ❤
      Thanks 🙂

  17. One thing I’ve learned from gardening is
    when you have a seed sprouting, the best thing to do is nothing at all. Leave it be. The little seed knows how to do it. In the earliest stages life is weak, it needs gentle care. care gently .

    Soon this seed will sprout, after a while it will grow into something strong, and then perhaps we may grasp the mystery.
    I cling to love, truth, beauty, and goodness; hold on tight, honey

    1. Ohhhhh, Otmn, what you just said was SO profound and SO beautiful. Gabrielle, please read these words. They will go straight to your Heart. Thank you, Otmn, for how you Love. Your advice is truly Magnificent!

      1. ah shucks
        thank you for noticing. I do my best to stay out of my own way and let spirit guild me. Being appreciated is one thing I am unfamiliar with.

        1. Ohhhhh, Otmn, we ALL have walked those shoes for too long not getting any “praise” or “pats on the backs”, and now it is time to shake those shoes off, realizing we are so worth recognition for Who We Are! Your words are Music!!!! (((HUGS)))

            1. Here……(blowing nose)…….here is a PINK one for you that smells like roses! Love on the Wind blowing Your Way…….sniff…….

  18. Thank you Aisha. I so identify with this message. This can be such a lonely path and then the “what is happening to me and am i the only one feeling it?”. Everyone else seeming so grounded in 3-D but i can’t access it and have nowhere i can access. Just wandering around in limbo-nowhereland. It gets really scary sometimes. I wish we could all be together and maybe it would be easier to ride these waves. LuvHugsLight.

    1. Gabriella, my throat constricted reading your words. Yes, the loneliness is what is the worst and in the looking around at a world I no longer have any sense of belonging to, yes, that too, can be frightening. I was just questioning my Team today if I am somehow missing the whole point and then I read your words. (((HUGS))) I too wish we could all be together so that we would have one another to hug and to talk to, cry with, and just plain hang on when the going gets rough. Now, I am feeling, “what now”? I know we have landed on “new ground” but I am hearing zilch, nothing from my Team. And to encourage you…..I THINK the worst is behind us. Perhaps the time has come for all of us who have forged through where no one else dared, to just recover and learn how to enjoy NOW. Like in vacation, until we hear from the Team as to “what next”?

      1. Thank you Pink Rose. I feel like my faith is indeed precarious but it’s all i have so i cling to it. Thank you for being there!

        1. Just hang on a little while longer for we really are heading for Ascension. We are almost there! Then we truly will be able to be together, working to bring Harmony and Peace and LOVE to this World. Until then, I KNOW we are together in the DreamTime….From my Heart to your Heart, your Sister, Amy

    2. Hi Garbriella~
      Yes, I agree is does appear that people in 3D are having no problem at all staying grounded. I wonder if that is really the case. Today I feel as if I have been on a carnival ride all day… dizzy, headaches and major nausea. It is a lonely path, but during this process I have discovered more of myself. I don’t rely on others as much, and I have a solid sense of self. You do have friends here. 🙂 X0 ~Amanda

  19. this message is what I think, what I feel, what I experience, you got no idea how it helps to be confirmed, recognized. Thank you Aisha, with love

  20. In Italia tra due giorni voteremo per il nuovo Parlamento: 600 deputati e 360 senatori che poi formeranno il nostro nuovo governo e avremo un nuovo Premier.
    I vecchi Partiti ed i vecchi uomini politici sono travolti da scandali terribili e da storie vergognose e ridicole: hanno sempre derubato il nostro popolo e, finalmente, i Giudici li stanno smascherando e mettendo in prigione.
    Da pochi anni è nato un nuovo Movimento (5 Stelle) che forse diventerà il più forte partito italiano.
    E’ composto da uomini e donne ‘normali’ e competenti che vogliono costruire il Nuovo Mondo per tutti!
    Hanno sogni, passioni, competenze, chiarezza di visione.
    Ti racconto questo, Aisha cara, perché come dicono sempre i magnifici C.C., intorno a noi molte cose stanno cambiando in profondità e la Luce si diffonde alla velocità del fulmine sulla nostra amata Terra.
    Ciò che accade dentro di noi, sta accadendo anche fuori! … 🙂 …
    E’ magnifico!
    Grazie a te Aisha e ai C.C. per le missive che ci aiutano a comprendere quello che sta cambiando.
    Pace e amore.

    1. Dear Maria Adele! I wanted to post the “google translate” version of your comment here for all to see it:
      “In Italy in two days we will vote for a new parliament: 600 deputies and 360 senators who then form our new government and we have a new Premier.
      The old parties and old politicians are impeached terrible and shameful and ridiculous stories: they always have robbed our people and, finally, the Judges are exposing and putting them in prison.
      For the past few years has created a new movement (5 Stars) which might become the strongest party in Italian.
      And ‘composed of men and women’ normal ‘competent who want to build the new world for everyone!
      They have dreams, passions, skills, clarity of vision.
      I’ll tell you this, dear Aisha, because as they always say the magnificent DC, around us many things are changing in depth and light spreads at lightning speed on our beloved Earth.
      What happens within us is also happening outside! ……
      It ‘great!
      Thank you Aisha and D.C. for letters that help us to understand what is changing.
      Peace and love.”

      Thank you for sharing this! Yes, it is indeed true as The constant companions have reminded us: the light is penetrating everywhere and affecting all, not only us, but people in every position no matter where they live and what they do.
      Love and light, Aisha

      Cara Maria Adele! Volevo postare il “google translate” versione del tuo commento qui per visualizzare tutti a vederlo.
      Grazie per aver condiviso questo! Sì, è proprio vero, come i compagni abituali ci hanno ricordato: la luce penetra ovunque e colpisce tutti, non solo per noi, ma la gente in tutte le posizioni, non importa dove vivono e cosa fanno.
      Amore e luce, Aisha

      1. Grazie Aisha!
        Fatti grandiosi stanno accadendo, proprio come sempre ci ripetono gli amorevoli C.C.!!!
        Il meraviglioso dono che la Nuova Terra ha ricevuto oggi sono le notizie dell’operatività del OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) che con i suoi atti depositati presso la CCU (la ‘MADRE’ di tutte le leggi commerciali e finanziarie – Uniform Commercial Code) ha liberato dalla schiavitù del debito ogni uomo e donna che abita su Gaia.
        Metto alcuni link per rendervi partecipi di questi grandi eventi:

        E siamo solo all’inizio!
        Presto tutti tutti gli uomini e le donne saranno consapevoli di Essere Liberi poiché appartenenti al One People’s Public Trust, all’Unico Popolo creato Libero dal suo Creatore ….
        Pace e amore.

    2. Carissimi Maria Adele, sono così felice per voi e il vostro paese, che ha penetrato il buio. Ogni paese in questo mondo seguire la luce in modo che tutto ciò che non è di amore. Pace e amore, Amy

      1. Cara Ami, le elezioni hanno dato un risultato che sembra portare l’Italia ancora più nel buoi.
        Ma io so che non è possibile e che le Stelle e l’Universo ci proteggono.
        Pace e Amore.

  21. We have arrived. Aisha, this missive embraced my being as I heard my Soul Song. Grateful tears. And with so much Love. Our New World has birthed.

  22. Thankyou Aisha for another timely message.

    Is it just me or does anyone else here find themselves rocking side to side in their chair as they read these messages, in a very gentle eliptical or figure eight motion? ? The subtle energies doing their thing, wonderfully.

    1. so funny my body flowing in a figrue 8 and I begin to tone deep and wide!!! We are connecting and yes, we cannot go back though that thought crosses sometimes. I know that I am moving to creating my heart’s desire, community, co-creation through my heart. Trusting and surrendering and singing with us all. Thank you for articulating this feeling, Aisha. With love to all of us pioneers for all that we are! So excited to think of being together playing in the physical ….knowing it is close.

    2. I dreamt of the infinity sign last night. I saw a whole bunch of them and made a point to remember to look the symbol up when I arose this morning. Unboundedness, expansion through balance, wholeness are some of the interpretations I found online for this figure 8 symbol. I’ve been experiencing a swaying going on with me a lot this year and last.

      1. IF I could post a picture here, I would. Last weekend, EIGHT of my cats ended up on my bed. This has never happened before! I knew this was a “symbol” so when I saw how they were all sleeping, I took the pic. Incredible the sychronicities! Incredible!

        Hahahahaha I am procrastinating by being on my computer. I have “things” on my “schedule” that I want to accomplish today. And for some reason, I just am singing in my heart language… is just bubbling up! OH THE JOY!

        LOVE to ALL! I send you HeartHugs! XXOO

        1. PS! Oh how I am laughing! I just found myself swaying back and forth and still am doing this as I write this. Yep, figure 8! I’ll be!

          1. Swaying around like tall green grass in a light breeze…… or here, like Stevie Wonder singing “You are the Sunshine of My Life”

            He’s definitely tapping into it while singing. Glad to hear you’re all feeling it too!

  23. As ever Aisha, a wonderful message – some words that particularly resonate with my wife and I “…as you feel the sense of separation from the so called ”normal” world out there becoming more and more pronounced” – so true. I’ve been referring to ‘it’ i.e. what was/is considered as ‘normal’ for some time now as a ‘House of Cards’ – feels like it will all fall apart soon. Fab!

    Another message I’ve been getting strongly is community and this is just one wonderful example of sharing in this journey. Very happy and grateful to share in this with you all.

    Blessings to everyone and know that Spheres Of Light are with you.

    Philip x 🙂

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