The manuscript of survival – part 271

The reason you might all feel a more than a little bit put out today is as always easy to explain. Once again the level of energetic downloads has been amped up, and you are literally being bathed in the forces of change. So yes, expect some rather interesting side effects as you once again are being pushed and pulled in every direction from all of this life-enhancing information that is being beamed into you. And once again you will feel how you are being almost prodded into reaction, as these energies will indeed not stop at anything in order for them to be completely assimilated by you.

This may sound a bit callous, but we say this in order to underscore the fact that even if the outfall from all of this energetic bombardement may be less than pleasant at times, it is always done with the best of intention. So yes, they are merciless at times, but they are also doing you a world of good, so again we say hang in there. Little comfort, we know, to all those of you beset by bouts of nausea, fatigue and maybe even sudden onsets of deep, deep sadness. But remember, they are indeed signals of advancement, and even if they are not pleasant during the actual insertion, these new codes will all help you become what you have been striving to be for so long.

Let us leave it at that for today. We think you will have less inclination to read today and more to rest, as it is indeed important to make sure you obey the wishes of your body whenever it is beset by all of these outside forces. After all, you are a great team, and you will get through all of this together and emerge at the other end victorious, shining and infinitely stronger than what you mayhaps feel like today. For this is just another revamping of your system, and one that will help you to explore even more of the hidden potential you carry within. So again we say stay calm and breathe deeply, and give yourself the time and care you need in order to make the most of this new information you are receiving. For just like your computer, you need to give your body space to better be able to reset all of its systems whenever a new program has been downloaded. So take this as a hint to stay centered and not to push yourself too much at the moment. Rather, it is a time for quiet comtemplation, and also for gratitude towards yourself. For you are constantly working so hard towards the goal of resurrecting yourself, and you are doing it bit by bit, piece by piece. So let us leave it at that for today, and give you all another reassuring pat on the back. For you are doing good, even at times like these when you feel less than perfect.

50 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 271

  1. Aisha please resume my subscription to The manuscript of Survival. thank You very much! Salu!

    A. Muhaimin Shamsuddin

  2. (Blush) Thank you, Janis. I just do what my Heart presses me to do. I love you for the Bright Light YOU are! (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh, owie, I sit here aching but with a BIG smile on my face! Bring it ON–last night i felt it beginning. its like a USB gets plugged into my third EYE and it starts and I say to my spirit team, I accept this influx of light for my highest good and the highest good of all. I also asked for a bit more understanding of the new energies…Sending you all love and thanks to Aisha and CC for rocking our world! 🙂 Alex

  4. I talked with three women who like me had such pain for about 2 days lower back, right side. Just wondering (:

    1. Ohhhhh, what a gorgeous planet we live on! Thank you, Aisha, for sharing this with all of us, and thank you for being such a magnificent Beacon of Light in this World! I know I saw YOUR light in one part of this video!

      1. We live on or we live in? Both are correct, right?
        We think the same ))))))))
        I couldn’t understand everything but almost, images are international, and this Planet can’t be describe with 3D words.
        Love Amy too

            1. If memory serves me correctly, you speak Spanish. So,

              Te quiero, Emma.

              If not, and you speak French,

              Je’taime, Emma.

              I am beginning to practice speaking in one of the languages I Love. Thank you for being the “impetus” for me doing so! XXOO Amy

          1. My emotional language is Spanish, but I’m realizing that in this moment I can feel even Suahili )))))…because there is more than words here..
            When you want you can try practising and I will help you
            Much Love dear Amy

    2. Wow, thanks for sharing Aisha! I always love seeing images of the Earth from space. Space has fascinated me since childhood and now the real reasons are becoming clearer by the day.

      Bless the day when we all have that experience… soon I trust 🙂

  5. Joining hearts and thanking all of you for the beautiful beings you are and so thankful to Aisha that we have a place to express our gratitude in words. Love, J.

  6. When we digit http://www.aishanorth…, or we think about this transformation process we are undergoing, or we feel the energy flowing through us, we lock ourselves in high frequency/new energy/5D mode and leave the old energy behind. Then we perceive/think/understand things in a new/different/enhanced way. This also explain our delight in often coming to Aisha’s Pond, where we are nurtured in many different ways. This does not happen to normal 3D people, who come once, understand/feel/sense nothing and leave to never comeback. This is not true with darkness people, who always return to know what the hell is going on on Earth, though not feeling/sensing nothing. Their goal is to find out what happened to their perfect enslaving system/matrix/prison to try to find a way to fix the ‘problem’.

    Backdoor. The ‘problem’ is always that same backdoor that someone left without lock. And reincanation was the backdoor that Heaven used to bring us, lightworkers, to Earth planet. We were detected instantly by darkness, but they said: ‘great, more new light/energy for the system’. Many of us were killed and many were transformed into darkness. But a great number of us is alive and we are the cause of the ‘problem’. Because through us is coming huge amounts of love/positive energy, that literally is imploding this ‘3D reality’. Although our identity/passport number/address/position may be known, the chain of command of darkness is already broken without repair and the detonation of nuclear weapons is forbidden by Heaven forever on the surface of planet Earth. So, the ‘problem’ remains and is getting bigger to the second because more people is awakening and is being beamed also.

    As we all know, the influx is rising to the second, what makes the gap between darkness and light to be bigger in the same proportion. It,s just a question of time for people of the light to be out of sight of darkness and 3D people.

    This is the situation, and NOBODY can reverse it. So, why to try to hide/explode everything/pretend that all is OK and the same as always. It,s hard to accept defeat when you win 13.000 years the same game. But nothing endures forever, change is the norm. It pains to lose everything hard conquered. But what can be done now? It,s time to begin to face this new reality. Planet Earth is in 4D and going into 5D. And 4D is your last border. Two options. 3D again elsewhere or… 5D. And the choice is open… and free. There is not lies, coersing, pressure, deceit. There is just opportunity.

    The signs are at sight to everybody see. Pope, run away. Big comet hitting Earth. Next solstice is another threshold. Expect the signs on the sky. But don,t wait for the last one, maybe too late for you to make up your mind then. Choose wisely now. Take your time. Ponder carefully the options. A lost dusty infected inhospitable planet in a parallel universe or all the blessings of Heaven, the same blessings we all of light yearn for. No questions. No judgment. If 5D option is what you want for you, and you have free will to choose, just ask heaven to help you. Instantly an Angelic Team will be ordered to help you for you to be able to withstand 5D energy. And you will enjoy Golden Age with all of us, AS ONE OF US, as a brother of us that you truly are.

    You may want to try to ask for help to the Annunnaki, to turn things like they were before. Sorry, they are of the light now. They also made their option, like all of us. You may try to ask for help to Satan (Lord Lucifer). In vain. He also is of the light now. He,s in planet Venus, but in 6D. Sorry. It is you by your own and your option. But don,t despair, Heaven waits for you with open arms. WE ARE ALL ONE.

      1. Right back at you, Emma! It brings me great Joy to know you are understanding now what is beginning to happen. (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Both your message, Nohmad, and your missive, Aisha, are very timely indeed. I thank you both SO much from my Heart as I reread them, and both brought great reassurance to me today.

      In my sharing (again) my Hope is the reader, you, relates and an A-HA moment occurs in your Life this Day!

      Yesterday I experienced an instantaneous combustion Event that ignited a level of Power within me that I was not aware of.

      This is not what these words are about, but what I just told you, does have great bearing on what is to come and what came afterward for me in My Life.

      This Combustion Event happened outside of my home.

      When I came home, an entity showed up, one who I am very familiar with, and one who would like me to believe it still has its power. Someone in my home opened a “door” and this entity was only too eager to walk through.

      At first I was angry. I mean reeeeeeeally angry for I have SO had it with this sh**! It’s DONE! It’s OVER! I did not react, but instead withdrew. It was so not easy to get my anger under control, for there was a part of me that OH just wanted to have a screaming fit and be justified in doing so!


      Twice, this entity attempted to “steal” the power that has been ignited within me and twice it FAILED. The first attempt connected to my anger (that wasn’t even in my awareness but yeah, it still connected!) and yep, I became angry. I realized IF I remained angry, that entity’s purpose would have been attained, all to MY undoing! I would have wreaked havoc within myself IF I stayed angry.

      This anger served a purpose, though. I vented to a good friend, and in the releasing of the words, the anger abated.

      I went to work (spiritual). I calmly decreed Protection and I kicked that entity out out out! I fell asleep. A second attempt came when I was sleeping, and this time, I said NO! go away!, (knowing my Protection and Power were solid) and promptly fell right back to sleep.

      Today, I SING my heart language, and I will remain in LOVE all day! This entity is gone, and I will in no way open the door to one who has no right to even be here. My World is created from Love and ONLY Love and I shall allow nothing, and I mean nothing, to interfere and take that from me. I and I alone am responsible for My World and what is in it, and what I say, goes!

      Any “dark” hold has NO power left, so IF something of the dark shows up on your doorstep, step into your Power immediately and command that darkness to leave! And in the leaving, surround it with LOVE, for yes, even the dark wants to be Loved. It has just forgotten how.

      From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

        1. Thank you for those HEARTS, Janis. They reeeeeeeeeally made my day! The Rock of all Ages’ Explosion happened this morning in my kitchen, the third attempt to steal my Power. This time, the anger in me showed (oh yeah, baby!), as I pinned with my voice and energy, this entity to the metaphysical wall, telling it in very clear terms, the war is OVER, completely and finally OVER. At the same time, I only allowed LOVE to be seen in my eyes. (talk about multi-dimensional!) I was the proverbial PIN that blew up the balloon, leaving in its wake, exhaustion and me curled up on a floor later, tears just streaming, my innards shaking, and heart just rendered in pieces. The scene was UGLY, yet I AM THE VICTOR! The dark may in fact be dis-empowered, yet I tell you true, it is relentless, it is nasty, and it doesn’t care who it takes down as it goes down. There is ONLY one way for me, and that is UP!
          So much LOVE and Gratitude from my Heart to your Heart, Janis.
          I love you. Amy
          PS IF you are one who has not been involved in deep spiritual “warfare” and don’t understand what I just wrote here, count yourself mightily blessed. Peace is here to Reign, Forever and Ever. And so IT is!

          1. Amy, pinkrose, what a lovely picture you’ve chosen to represent your newness…thank you for sharing your story…you are such an encourager…sending much love your way, ♥Amy♥…janis

      1. Wowwww Amy
        I don’t know if Janis understood everything, but I’ve tried to understand what has happened to you, and so so….
        But I am really proud of you being able to decide that any kind of anger is going to enter in your life and how you are so capable to kick it out. I am convinced I will do the same someday when I’ll realize these signs in the way you do it.
        I just can say: Oleeeeeeeeeee

        1. Emma, Emma douce. Très simplement, vous avez mal compris. Très brièvement, j’ai lancé une sombre entité qui est entré par mon mari. Cet être a eu envie de me faire du mal et me prendre vers le bas pendant des années. Aujourd’hui, pour la dernière fois, je me suis levé pour le face à de la folie véritable, réel danger, tenu bon, et j’ai ordonné ce qui est de quitter. Il l’a fait. Ensuite, comme d’habitude pour moi, je suis tombé à part, pleurait et tremblait, parce que ce genre de travail est gravement difficile. Ces êtres sombres OUI sommes impuissants maintenant, mais ils aimeraient vous faire croire différemment. La guerre est finie, Emma, vraiment vraiment terminée et maintenant Maintenant nous de la Lumière sont sur ​​le point de voler haut et ont des vies que nous avons vraiment rêvé.
          J’espère que cette traduction aide. J’ai utilisé Google Translator pour écrire ceci pour vous. En outre, vérifiez mon profil et vous devriez voir mon adresse e-mail. Écrivez-moi à tout moment!
          De mon cœur à votre cœur, Amy

        2. Emma, Emma dulce. Muy simplemente, mal entendido. Muy brevemente, comencé una entidad oscura que venía con mi marido. Este ser había querido hacerme daño y me llevan hacia abajo durante años. Ahora, por última vez, me levanté a la cara de verdadera locura peligro, real, se mantuvo firme, y pedí lo que queda. Él lo hizo. Luego, como es habitual en mí, me vine abajo, llorando y temblando, porque este tipo de trabajo es difícil en serio. SI estos seres oscuros tienen poder ahora, pero le gustaría creer de otra manera. La guerra ha terminado, Emma, ​​realmente terminado y ahora Luz Ahora estamos a punto de volar alto y tienen una vida que realmente quería.
          Espero que esta traducción ayude. He utilizado el traductor de Google para escribir esto para usted. Además, echa un vistazo a mi perfil y usted debe ver a mi e-mail. Envíenme un correo electrónico en cualquier momento!
          Desde mi corazón a tu corazón, Amy

          1. Well done sister!!!!!!!!! Google translator is not the best one…but I guess I’ve understood the gist….
            I will, for sure

  7. Hello Friends,
    That was a pretty substantial wave/injection last night. And then to receive the confirmation through Aisha’s work today. This is indeed, an amazing, if sometimes uneven, ride. May you all be greatly blessed and upheld as I am now very sure that we all are.

  8. Makes a lot of sense as ever Aisha. Big very noticeable download last night for me – like a pulse of lightning or lighten-ning if you like!

    …and thank you to all those who’ve chosen to explore Spheres Of Light – your INTENTION is enough and the energy will now be anchored and you will grow with it integrated with the downloads coming our way.

    Blessings to each and every wondrous soul. Philip

  9. thank you Aisha and Companions, as always – i got a really wonderful feeling reading this, a much-needed happy wave!

    good work everybody 🙂 love you all

  10. Grazie Aisha e C.C. non solo per gli incoraggiamenti che ci date, ma anche per la sottile e benevola ironia con la quale ce li offrite! … 🙂 …
    Pace e amore, per Tutto e per Tutti su Gaia e nell’Universo!

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