The manuscript of survival – part 270

We know that for some of you, this time has been a time of discord. For where is the much promised ”promised land”? You gaze about and all you see is exactly the same as your eyes landed upon back in the old days of 2012. Well, we are here to mayhaps give you another glimpse into the unseen, as what you have been fastening your eyes upon may not be the whole truth of your existence. For what you have been trained to acknowledge, is a mere superficial world of illusion and despair, and as such, deep inside, the longing for something so much more profound is growing day by day. And rightly so. For, if this was a case of ”what you see is what you get”, then this existence would be a sorry one indeed, with little or no room for improvement.

But think again, as we say, because what you actually see is not what you will be getting, for what you see are just the remnants of the old that is slowly but surely starting to fade way. And fade it will, in some cases more abruptly than you could have thought, as the news coming your way via the airwaves and the mass media have more than stated clearly. For you see, this old garment of fear and disillusionment has already started to rip at the seams, and this unraveling process has gained momentum, and will continue to do so. We gather that many of you have already started to sit up more alert in your chairs following the dramatic events of just last week, concering both earthly and more celestial powers of various kinds. So yes, this is indeed an interesting time to be alive, and certainly an interesting time to behold.

For remember, you as the wayshowers have already taken it upon yourselves to prepare for what is to come, and you have jettisoned the old baggage that so many of your fellow men are still dragging behind them. And as such, you will be literally free to take action as soon as you see the opportunities start to arise around you. And now, thanks to the lessening of the grip of that old and conservative in every sense of the word, the spurts of new growth will start to emerge in evey nook and cranny. So the old guard will be literally caught off guard, and even if they try, they cannot manage to rustle up enough power to stop this process from taking place. And they know it too, because they too can read the signs coming their way. After all, it is not as if they are written in minuscule letters hidden somewhere in an obscure channel. No, the signs have become loud and clear now, and they will continue to amplify and magnify as you move towards spring on your half of the globe. For this year, the spring in the north will herald spring all over the globe, and the autumn falling on the other half of your globe will signal the end of the old brigade. So they will be fading away, just like the colors of the fall, and they will tumble to the ground as they lose the grip on their powers, just like the leaves must relinquish their hold on the branches on the tree. But just like those leaves, nothing of the old will come to waste, as it will serve as nutrition for the new saplings starting to poke through the dense cover on the forest floor. For this is a cycle dear ones, and the energy contained even in the most backwards and stubborn of souls will serve to energize everything else as soon as it is liberated from the old husk of negation.

So again we say that you have chosen well, as you have chosen to be here at this exact moment in time, to be participants in this cycle of rejuvenation and renewal. And by your very presence, you have made the wheels begin to turn, as you are the ones who did that formidable task of pushing and pulling with all of your might to get the wheels moving again after being stuck in a seemingly endless morass of muck for such a long time. And by your gargantuan efforts, the wheels finally started to move, and by your ability to not give up, you have now ensured that these wheels have started to move freely and on their own accord now.

So take this as another reminder that you have done the most challenging part of your task already, and from now on, you will focus on the rebuilding of things. And that is certainly much more rewarding than toiling in the muck with something that seems to be stuck there forever, and that refuses to budge no matter how frustrated you get. For even if frustration will raise its head now and then in the time ahead, it will not be for the same reason as before, because now you will sense that whatever gets these wheels to slow down is only a small hindrance or a little pebble holding you back, but only momentarily. For now, the old swamp of disbelief and disempowerment has been left behind, and all you have to do is to keep yourselves moving along, and start to relish in the speed. Feel the wind in your hair, and know that this signals the wind of freedom, not only for you, but for this whole planet. And know that you will be propelled along by forces mightier than whatever the opposition to this forward momentum might try to throw in your way. For this journey cannot be stopped now, not by any earthly powers, nor by anything else.

49 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 270

  1. Ok, I have to say that last night here in the north east we were hit by INTENSE–almost above hurricane force winds. The night howled to life as if huge turbines were humming overhead and when I went out to look at the sky, there were these long wide swaths of sky that appeared to be of different density, almost opaque but you could still see the stars above them and then interspersed with clear black sky. I stood there in the wind with it blowing my whole body back and I felt safe and I literally turned my eyes to the heavens and said, I love you I love you over and over again! That CC would speak of having the wind in my hair–LOL this is so on target for me it is simply miraculous! Thanks so much to our blessed Aisha for her loving care for us and her sharing of the divine words of CC! Alex

    1. OH wow, Alex! How cool! I, last night, looked up at the Moon and sang my Heart Song to Her loudly, not caring who heard me. No wind here, though. LOL I just thought of something. Is it possible my Heart Song to the Moon caused the Wind to blow where you live? I too live in the North East! Hmmmm……I said “I LOVE YOU” to the Moon again and again and again! Wow! Just wow!!!!! (goosebumps!)

  2. I agree about the “signs”. I’d say lightning hitting the dome of the symbol of the old world grip on humanity is definitly a sign.

  3. What a beautiful, hopeful and powerful message this is…. I am feeling that wind of freedom now, thank you…. right there with the rest of you, namaste to all!

  4. thank you! for your continued support Aisha.

    wonder if anyone else is coming to a space of meeting ascension “in the eye”… i welcome and love being supported and ideas of others as well; but also being prompted internally to sense if there are any areas within me where i might be adhering to ideas of what i conceive to be ascension (or our process in general)… of which might be blocking my sights… in other words, what ideas do i have about my process that is not serving me anymore? i guess the “backbone” of my “process” is to learn things from the healing, metaphysical, and intuitive abilities standpoint, so i might have some ideas about what this process looks like and therefore what is possible for myself. i have complete faith and knowing that i will and am climbing out of all of the illusions. but sort of in an introspective mood today in order to take inventory i guess. maybe, i might meet myself “in the eye”.. but i have times where it’s too much to look at myself in the mirror lol : )

    1. Beautiful, Christie! Very introspective day today…….When you can look yourself “in the eye” in the mirror, and honestly say, “I LOVE YOU!” and mean it, you will know how Mighty and Glorious you are! Hugs, Amy

      1. Amy~ thank you! you always have a precious way with words that lights things up… your spiritedness, sensitivity, n intuitiveness are so beautiful !

    2. The conceived idea that does not serve you anymore is that what happened to you ruined your life. No. Please, take that as just (a negative) experience. Forgive and let it go.

      You are a most beautiful and untarnished being of light and nothing, NOTHING of your past can ever maculate you. Know that your light is now lighting the lives of many, many people that suffered like you. You are a Wayshower, transforming yourself in who you really are. And your Team is making the impossible to help you to forget. Please, help you yourself for them to be able to best help you.

      You are living a new life now. Choose whatever you want/wish/desire for this your new life. New friends?. New love?. New house? New country?. New planet? New universe?. Whatever you want is yours. But, please, don,t look behind. Please, don,t try to fix any 3D situation. It,s over. It does not belong to us any more. We are heading Home, where will meet new friends/family again. What remains behind is because does not serve us anymore.

      I know you are a most sensitive being, so I,m trying to do my best to try to help you without hurting you. From deep inside of my heart, I wish you to turn over that page of your life and begin this entire new chapter, anew. Look in a mirror inside your eyes. Take your time. What you see is perfection. A pure soul of infinite light that only wish all the best for everyone. This universe is a big mirror, that reflex in our lives our most cherished desires, so expect all the best for yourself, too. It,s coming. Much light/love to you, Christie!

      1. thanks Nohmad..

        what you describe is actually the opposite of what im going through at this time..

        i had the masculine aspect down, which is what you seem to be talking about. where i knew i was Spirit/ Source and was essentially free of anything that abuse could inflict on me… and was very willing to move and see past anything. forgive everyone and everything. no one meant any of it, it’s all non-personal. see them as Source and it’s all good, nothing could be wrong. i was very willing to look to new horizons and take big leaps of faith. that was the first part. and i was good at that. astrologically, im an air-fire composition so it’s very in my nature for me to be like this.

        im gonna take this opportunity to chat bc so much has been coming together, and maybe you all would enjoy hearing. this isn’t to “prove you wrong” Nohmad in any sense, i just happen to feel like sharing and i do appreciate that you have offered me your insights. so…. also in this first part of my healing, my ego was really into feeling secure through an intellectual grasp on the ascension process but also having an intellectual fluidity for spirituality and spiritual concepts. which was a very important phase for my process and also the right place for me to be at the time.

        the second part, which i would later experience (which is right now) is the feminine aspect of my healing. which was to allow those deep feelings that i was so good at “moving past”. now it was time to allow it to permeate me, and actually BE free. so this is what im experiencing now. ill say more below….

        and yes as you say, we are beautiful beings incapable of being tarnished. very true and the fundamental level. but when we have come to the feminine side of our healing (where the feminine is incorporated into ourselves) we know that we are also perfect as we are right now, battle scars and all. that was the trick to my last healing bout with abuse. meaning, coming to a place where you do not try to prove your power, or display it. whether through intellectual means, physical, or anything. you just are powerful as you are. really and truly. but when you have done the masculine part (which is usually needed first bc we were born into a masculine game), it’s hard to see that everything is perfect as is. the feminine knows it. it feels it. in the first part of my healing i “knew” it intellectually, but it was not a consistent feeling. the feminine knows that what looks like regression in healing (acting out, being “immature”, saying or thinking shocking things, being truthful in the moment, and simply not caring if anyone thinks you’re crazy for doing it), is actually forward movement. bc those things were blocked and did not get expression during the times when our wounds were inflicted. they must come out and they will, and they will pass. then you know that those things are not “regression” or a “problem”; they were just temporary states. and those were JUST the labels. it bears no mark on us. this was JUST the earth game. we were never “wrong” in the first place. it’s kinda like, we gotta get insane in order to get sane; and that’s precisely bc we entered a game that was insane. in other words, we came into a game that was misaligned with our very essence. when we be our true essence, the game tends to call us crazy. as we heal we get to the point of seeing that those labels are only there bc the world we stepped into was so misaligned, wherein someone being authentic looks quite nuts.

        so the second aspect of my healing was being authentic as to be seen as nuts, not caring or believing in the label, and thirdly not feeling the need to display my power in any way (ego) to deter what bad things others might think of me. so that means seeing past that program and not believing in any of it. very hard when raised in an extremely authoritarian family who only values power that is materially and societally recognized. HA- not me at all, actually i came here to bust down those very ways of being here on our planet earth… and im actually laughing at the irony now that i see it lolol !

        not that all healing has to take long, but it does take time for the most part, bc we are undoing massive amounts of patterns. especially with severe abuse, i learned throughout my process that it has an affect on your whole foundation in life. everything is tied to it in one way or another; meaning other themes are tied to abuse, related to the first chakra especially. Money, relationships, safety. So as ive undone all these wounds, i have had to re-visit these themes over and over, not repetitively, but cyclically bc that’s the way they were wound up energetically; or how they play out while undoing/ unlearning. i talked with an energy healer once, and he sort of explained things to me in this way. but back then i was not ready to really know what it meant. i thought i was healed from the abuse bc i didn’t feel sad about it, and i thought i’d done all my work. but actually it was just inaccessible to be healed at the time, which is how i sense it. ive learned from a lot of healers, so the main thing i kept hearing was that, to really free yourself you just gotta allow it. “you have to feel to heal.” i had no feelings or even thoughts really, of my past abuse for several years. and then in the last few months it was time to really feel it as i’d never done before. but the timing im sure was very guided and it needed to happen like this.

        hope this was somewhat insightful, for anyone going through similar things… if you are having tough emotions come up, just know that it is perfect for you to be having them, as your mind will come up with a bunch of reasons saying that you are confused, etc. etc. Not true, BE as you feel, and just know that all that you are feeling in the moment is perfect. that’s what lets these tough energies flow faster; and it is really the bridge to your next level. but more importantly, it is the loving thing to do for yourself: to feel your feelings without self-judgement (they are feelings, they don’t define you). you KNOW. you are PERFECT. : )

        1. Christie, your honestly and your willingness to share touches my Heart deeply. I have a “feeling” many of us who are walking the Path of Light and Love have gone through mountains of abuse, as we so bravely chose to be in places where Love was not. This is the time right now, to let go of all those “attachments” others and we ourselves created in response to the abuse, yet in order to do this, coming face to face with those attachments without fear is the Hero’s Journey.

          My Heart swells with Love for you, for It knows only too well, the Journey you describe. With these Golden and very High Energies that are now pouring in, something majical is taking place when it comes to the “old” coming to Light in order for us to throw it away. There ceases to be a big drama. Learning to know the “signs” …… oh oh something is coming to the surface again …… and relaxing in that knowing and just allowing it to unfold is getting easier and easier. Now all it takes is your realization that NO! this is definitely something that is NOT coming with me to My New World, and taking that something gently in your arms by firmly stepping into your Power, you place it on the Cliff of Old as you stand on the Cliff of New. In moments, as you direct and work with the Energies, that old transmutes to Love and returns to you as Love, filling in all the spaces where once “that old” held dominance. No more bondage. Only Love.

          One day, and one day soon, all that was created out of Disharmony shall be no more. And so it is! From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

  5. I feel it. It is here. I am giddy. Joy to you all. Thank you with all my being…from my thoughts onto the benevolent ones throughout the Cosmos.

  6. Most meditations simply don’t work for me. How cool to have a meditation without words be so effective energetically! Thanks, Aisha and Phillip for sharing this. I think it can help a lot of people through this particularly intense transition we are currently experiencing.

    1. Yes it is a real gift and power comes from its simplicity and purity.

      I feel sure it will help many. As I’ve said feel free to share it widely and if anyone needs clarification look at the blogs or contact me.

      I know it is part of my calling to get this out to humanity!

      It is all worth it friends and using this will help you flow through the journey – be prepared to ‘let go’ of stuff that no longer serves you.

      Blessings and Spheres Of Light are with you.

      1. I commented ^^^^ but again I will say thank you! This world really is need of people as yourself! Thank you, Philip! HUGS! Amy

        1. Your welcome Amy! Its a blessing to be able to share it with the world.

          I’m reminded of a quote I came across at the time the gift came through: “The spirit of the gift is enhanced by its constant donation.”

          Sounds like you are floating free today!!

  7. I feel just awful. I started to “cry my eyes out” today when the kids were doing “something minor”. I really do not like this process. It is very hard. I REALLY hope it is worth this pain. 😦

    1. Lara, Luv, I too found myself in tears this morning. I will not give up no matter what! Perhaps what is on my Mind today will help you in some way, so I share with you and all who come to Aisha’s Pond.

      (I speak in the third person at times, so that I do not personalize. I have been taught by spirit not to personalize, but only to flow.)

      This body requires a miracle and to hope hope hope for that miracle every day is quite challenging. (Right here, I am being told what you focus on, that is what you shall have in your life). For 20 years, this body has experienced chronic pain, which requires the taking of pain medication. This body feels like a puppet on a string, with someone else controlling the substance it needs to have a semblance of quality of life. This Mind attempted to cease slowly the taking of said medication. The “experiment” failed.

      Tears. Not now, but earlier.

      (I am hearing as I write this, so please bear with me. I “hear” not in words, but in feelings, then I have to transcribe those feelings into words.)

      Now for the flip side of the coin. There are always TWO sides to all situations!

      This body was “promised” many many moons ago that this medication is acceptable to take, and that it will get this body to “ascension”. My understanding of ascension, is, it is a process, a slow one, that requires a lot of effort on our parts. IF ascension was in one step, these bodies would not be able to tolerate the extreme energy and expire.

      This body has been given a “condition” I do not like. Stop. Flip the coin. This body has been given a “condition” that has again and again and again given ME the opportunity to rid this Mind/body its attachments, habits, attitudes not founded in Love. This body has been the vehicle for many years worth of Inner Work with the Main Goal being Ascension.

      Instead of focusing on this “condition” I deliberately dry the tears and rise above it, and proceed with my day with a “light heart” and a song on my lips. This body knows I have done all I have to improve its condition and in fact, this body really has received a miracle. It is walking.

      I choose to live my Life from 5D, flowing with Love beating my Heart, knowing that when I move forward to those things I love to do, and do those things I love to do, and when I do those things that I “must” do, I love those things as well………and in so doing, my day flows effortlessly (unless I am getting bombarded with downloads and shifts). By keeping my eyes on what I am moving towards (even if that something is hazy) and not getting dragged into “drama”, more and more I am experiencing Deep Peace, and a knowing, I am ascending!

      Now for the encouragement. Last night, as I looked into my bathroom mirror, I saw Youth on my face, I saw Peace on my face, and my skin looked golden for Real! I have white skin in 3D and have “known” all my life that is not the color of my Real Skin. I am right now, seeing changes, seeing them with my own eyes. The only way that is happening is by Me persistently consistently choosing to live my Life from the Higher Perspective and have faith that all is good, all is perfect, I am on track.

      Aisha, words again seem to fail me to write how deeply the CC’s missive today has touched my Heart. It has encouraged me immensely. Thank you so much for being so faithful to your calling and by sharing with us these Enlightening Missives. BLESS YOU! (((HUGS)))

      From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

      1. Amy, how beautiful you are!

        I am baking a chocolate kind-of-a-brownie-things with my kids. My daughter DEMANDED them and I said “ok”…

        I am also booking us two nights away in the country-side at the horse ranch. I need to get out of town. I need to get out of the daily chores. I need to go and relax – just be with my kids in the nature. So I am listening to myself and “worry about the financials later”. YES, I am in a very deep process of creating myself abundance!!!! :)))))

        1. Good for you, Lara! Don’t “worry” about the outcome, just do what you feel is “right! You’ll see. Everything is working for the Good, and that includes You! I have basically no clue how this that and the other are going to manifest in my Life, yet I just continue to do what feels “right” and also tat which brings me great Joy. With faith everything will come together!

          Me? Today, Bliss Golden Energy coming in, to the point I just want to veg. Two words for me today….Power nap…..with my “kids” (cats). I am floating! HUGS! XXOO Amy

          1. I would like to explain you how I feel. But at this time it is very difficult to me find the correct words to say you all my feelings. This period to me is like I’ve lost my vocabulary even in my language, or there isn’t vocabulary enough to explain that ( and you “steal” my words and are able to explain here…such an incredible thing to me). That’s why I am coming here frequently to understand what it is. And your words ( I mean Amy’s words and others’ ones) are such a relief for me. I can’t explain even why, but it’s so. Every day I can feel something new that I don’t know what and how, but you are showing them to me very reliably, I want to feel you more and more, because it is amazing…… I keep reading and following you, I hope here and somewhere else I’ll discover soon.
            Sorry for mistakes, you know)))))
            Thanks for existing

            1. Emma, my Sister, your English is Perfect. You are Perfect. I feel you as you feel me, even through this computer screen. We “recognize” one another, and for some, for the first time in our lives, we have connected to someone we understand. I too stumble with words, yet at times the Presence that flows in me and through me, seems to take my fingers and I just follow.

              Something has “begun” here. Many Aspects of One are finding one another here, and even as I write this, I am stunned and filled with Great Joy at knowing this is True. I KNOW you, Emma. And I know you KNOW me as well. How is this possible when we live so far from one another? We are One. I too come here often, and drink deeply at Aisha’s Well of Love.

              It is a True Miracle for me to be experiencing this in my Life. The journey since a child has been so lonely, confusing, painful as nothing about Who I Am even resonated closely to anything around me. I came in to bust up the dark clusters, to anchor the Light with Love where there was none. So many of us have done this, and now, NOW we have begun to to discover Our Family, our Real Family, again! This is a time of Great Restoration and JOY for us who have worked so hard for the Good of All.

              IF you do not fully understand what I have written here, please use a translator, for it is so important that you know what it is that I have written.

              We are Sisters. We are One. We are Love. We are Light. We have come to Free the World of all dark. And we have done just that! As for the words, they too will return! The brain you have is just getting a BIG upload, and many many new connections are being made. Be patient, for the words and feelings you have in your Heart will just one day burst forth, leaving you with your mouth wide open saying, “Did I just write THAT?” This is how I feel every single time, inclusive of Now, when I write. It is incredible what is happening!

              From My Heart to your Heart, Amy

      2. You know perfectly well when and why all the pains of your body came in your life. Your sharp perception of the ‘reality’ of our common past is the reason. And your impotence and intense desire to change that ‘reality’ is the why. Now, darkness is slowly fading, as your pains.

        Your body senses, second to second, the ongoing of this transformation, and perceives, without error, that the cause of your situation is finishing. So, the effect will be your total restoration to perfection. It was the only way, for you to remain alive till now, that your Mind/Body/Team found to help you.

        Enjoy your renovation and rejuvenation. Each and any pain you suffered will certainly be transformed in joy/happiness/pleasure. You are an example of dignity, courage and bravery for all of us. It,s a BIG honor for me to be flying, wing to wing, with you. Much love/light to you, Amy!

        P.S: Be patient, my dear friend, next solstice will bring many new blessings for you.

        1. Dearest Nohmad Love, my eyes are shining with tears. I read your words, my soul became very quiet, and my Heart embraced the Love and Caring interlaced in your words. Your encouragement has done more for me than I think even you know. It has been one very long, arduous journey and for you to know how even I question how this body is alive, is a true wonder that Unity Consciousness has been birthed.

          I do so look forward to the Coming Moment when I am truly Free in this body. I am Free NOW, for this body is not me, yet, to actually live to see the Rose unfurl its petals, to give me a Glorious Perfect Body, is a Dream come True.

          Peace, my Brother. And this very grateful Heart reaches to your Heart to say, “I love you.”

          From my Heart to your Heart, Amy who flies Wing to Wing with YOU.

        2. I am replying one more time to your exceptional message to me, Nohmad. My pains ARE receeding (since approximately 2 weeks ago) and that is the main reason why I attempted to “leap” before the “correct coordinates” were ready for me to do so. I keep coming back here to read again and again your words, for they are the BIGGEST confirmation I have had regarding what I am sensing to be True. The day we meet, I will know you. I have one very large Heart embrace for you. In the meantime, another Heart embrace is yours in the ethereal. Bless you, Nohmad! Your words are Truth.
          (IF you are not a male, you have a very strong male energy either coming from you or which is around you….hence me saying “Brother” in my other reply.)

          It is an honor to have met YOU here at Aisha’s Pond.

          1. About a week and a half, a clone of my whole Team is working wing to wing with you, at my request.

            And yes, my energy is around you every time I think about you, or when I read your comments that make me vibrate higher with the power of your light. And you are wright, I,m your brother and I love you too, unconditionally. Hugs, Amy!

  8. Dear friends!
    I just wanted to share two comments that were posted on the “About the manuscript” page in order to help spread these words, and also to invite others to respond to Attilas question. Here is his comment:

    “Dear Aisha!
    Thank you for the continued messages! It is difficult for the translator’s interpretation, through the program, but I understand the point. The Hungarian translations correct, it is very slow, are finding it hard! It is of great help in everyday life. to your messages. Thank you! Me and my family was looking forward to a change of 21 December! I knew that no matter what happens in the year 2013 with a new chance to start. I worked as a computer graphic in January. I quit my job, because I felt I did not have to lie on the hypocritical media tools, advertising and business’s operation. I do not want to have this act! So difficult that there is no permanent job. Like you said, I eagerly and anxiously wait to see what the job is in the process of producing destination. I do not know, and I can not find my place. Meditation practices also ask for your help. What is the technique with which most, the easiest way to find the internal relationship with yourself? Can you help me in this? Maybe I can find on the internet a good practice? I feel a great need to help me someone who holds my hand and show the right way. I am lucky that my wife is just as interested and excited about what will happen. We are each other Pillars, along grow. We have been getting to know the esoteric stuff, and everything starts to get the picture. Now we have seen that there is a reason, everything has been designed for the “big game” of life that we live here on earth. I am very open to these things, I am not satisfied with myself, I do not see that the Shroud fall. We need a teacher who can help us specifically. Thus, only lost, aimless, meaningless, and often we feel our lives. The desire that something should be, we are alive! But the fact that we do not know what direction to move, leave (with the physical body, we can not, in the shadow world) has lost the power it can have useful things we could spend or things to be built, which now makes sense. This is the most frustration. I look forward to your response. A lot of energy to you, to what you are doing. I wish you all the best and much happiness to you. Regards, Attila.”

    I also wanted to share Philip’s response:

    “Hi Attila, it is interesting to read your story and experience and I wish you all the best in your brave decision to quit your job. I left a high powered job in engineering in 2009 to focus on my spiritual journey.

    You ask about a meditation tool and I am delighted to share with you and everyone who comes to this blog a profound yet very simple spiritual gift I received from the Universe in August 2011 here to aid humanity in this consciousness shift we are experiencing right now.

    I call this gift Spheres Of Light and it ONLY requires your Heart Based INTENTION to connect with it. I have been told in similar spiritual downloads it can be regarded as a ‘genesis meditation’ a simple process in which we rebirth ourselves. Its energy anchors you to ‘gaia’ (Earth) and the ‘universal energies’ and realigns your energy field to your true path. This may unfold quickly or more slowly – it varies from person to person.

    I am blessed to have received this gift and I am sharing it with the world through a non-profit foundation we have set up in the UK. You can experience it directly from our Website and you are free to share it with anyone and everyone. Please do!

    The website is:

    Amongst the other things it will do is help you on your journey to Self Mastery.

    If you need any help feel free to contact me – you can find the details on the Website.

    This is a gift for humanity and it will help everyone anchor all these new energies that Aisha’s blogs are talking about into you so that you become the you that you really are.

    Blessings and Spheres Of Light are with you.

    Philip Wade – Spheres Of Light Foundation”

    Thank you all for your caring and sharing!
    Love and light, Aisha

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