Today we would like to delve a little deeper into the physical and mental fallout from all of these energetic shifts that are coming your way. We know that for most of  you, these can be more than a little difficult to swallow at times, because they can literally render you unable to do anything at times except exist. In other words, you will be left feeling almost helpless, as your physical body will at times not even respond whenever you try to rouse yourself from the lethargy that you seem to be inundated with. That is easy to explain, as your body is a wise creature indeed, and if you listent to it, it will tell you exactly what to do and what not to. In other words, it too is guiding you through this process in any way it can, and even if it at times seems to be in opposition to you advancing on this path, it is in fact your closest ally. So it will help you by sending you all sorts of signals along the way, because it knows only too well that this is indeed a journey that cannot be taken half-heartedly, and as such, it will hold you back whenever that is needed, and it will also prod your forwards whenever that is the best option.

Let us explain. As we have talked about so many times already, the very fact that you are indeed ensconced within a physical body whilst going through this shift is something very unique indeed, and therefore, none of you bring any earlier experience of doing just that. So you are indeed novices in all of this, even though you have been through similar shifts before. But, as we said, not whilst residing inside a physical armor such as the one you are carrying at the moment. So you have in many ways no clues as to what is the wisest way to do this. But your physical body is a wise creature indeed, and it will tell you, because it knows fully what is needed in order for the two of you to complete this journey together. For you are indeed a team, and a magnificent one at that, so that is why we tell you again and again to be sure to listen well to your body. For it will know when something needs to be adjusted, because it is an amazingly intelligent construction indeed, far from the inert lump of flesh so many seem to look upon it as.

It is nothing of the sort, it is indeed a creation of the most magnificent kind, and the way that it has been constructed will leave even the most advanced of your scientists flabbergasted at times. And the more they research and prod into the mysteries of this same body, the more they will shake their heads almost in disbelief at the complexity of its functions. For it is nothing if not beyond compare to anything you yourselves are able to put together, and as such, you have a very intelligent and capable ally on your side. For remember, it has been hard-wired to survive in almost any set of circumstances, and it will respond accordingly. And do not forget, now that it too has been freed from so many of the limitations and setbacks that have been put upon it from outside sources in order to hinder the two of you from freeing yourselves from the third density existence, it too will finally start to run on all cylinders. So now, you are left with an increasingly stronger running mate, and it will literally start to work miracles in order to help you towards fulfilling this journey. For it has abilities that you cannot even comprehend yet, and these abilities will help you break through any barriers that might still stand in your way.

And, as you all know so well, some of these barriers are still erected within your mind. For even if you have already managed to free it from much of the old programming and hindrances that was put upon it in order to hold you back, the mind has a habit of trying to cling on to these old beliefs. We have touched upon this subject many times before, but it bears repeating that the little voice of disbelief and uncertainty that at times raises its head within is indeed a tenacious one. But, as we have also talked about earlier, this used to be your strongest opponent in all of this, but now, it has started to see things more from your side of the table as it were, and it has started to join forces with you, albeit somewhat reluctantly at times. But soon, it too will be able to let go of the firm grip it has on the idea that it needs to ”save you” by holding you back, and when it finally frees itself completely from this obsolete idea, it will join forces with you and make you move forwards and upwards even faster.

So therefore we say know that you have some formidable allies, and even if they seem to moan and groan and protest loudly at every new incline on this road, know that they are in fact helping you by making you stick to the speed that will best enable you to unveil the whole spectrum of yourself. To repeat ourselves again, you cannot just jump straight into the full force of what you are in fact capable of maintaining, because then you would literally burn yourself out, and you would not be able to hold it all together in any way. So yes, this is a process that needs to be left to unfold step by carefully planned step, and even if your mind still seems to have more than a few objections at times, it too will soon start to push you forwards in larger increments than before. As we were saying, this is indeed a carefully planned process, and even if your physical body and indeed your mind will seem to be blatantly at odds with it at times, they are actually helping you move along as fast as you possibly can. And never doubt that whenever you are able to handle it, your body – and soon also your mind – is 100% committed to help you increase your speed towards fulfilling this whole process of literally emerging as the most amazing butterfly ever from the most constricting and cramped chrysalis you could ever imagine.

So yes, that journey is indeed a challenging one, but as we said, it is not a solitary one, because you are truly in the most capable of hands, as you have been set up with a physical body that will do all it can in order to help you take to your wings at the earliest opportunity. And so too your mind, as soon as it fully realizes that that is why it is here. Not to keep harping on the old tunes of yesterday, but to join you in singing the praise of the new dawn.