The manuscript of survival – part 269

Today we would like to delve a little deeper into the physical and mental fallout from all of these energetic shifts that are coming your way. We know that for most of  you, these can be more than a little difficult to swallow at times, because they can literally render you unable to do anything at times except exist. In other words, you will be left feeling almost helpless, as your physical body will at times not even respond whenever you try to rouse yourself from the lethargy that you seem to be inundated with. That is easy to explain, as your body is a wise creature indeed, and if you listent to it, it will tell you exactly what to do and what not to. In other words, it too is guiding you through this process in any way it can, and even if it at times seems to be in opposition to you advancing on this path, it is in fact your closest ally. So it will help you by sending you all sorts of signals along the way, because it knows only too well that this is indeed a journey that cannot be taken half-heartedly, and as such, it will hold you back whenever that is needed, and it will also prod your forwards whenever that is the best option.

Let us explain. As we have talked about so many times already, the very fact that you are indeed ensconced within a physical body whilst going through this shift is something very unique indeed, and therefore, none of you bring any earlier experience of doing just that. So you are indeed novices in all of this, even though you have been through similar shifts before. But, as we said, not whilst residing inside a physical armor such as the one you are carrying at the moment. So you have in many ways no clues as to what is the wisest way to do this. But your physical body is a wise creature indeed, and it will tell you, because it knows fully what is needed in order for the two of you to complete this journey together. For you are indeed a team, and a magnificent one at that, so that is why we tell you again and again to be sure to listen well to your body. For it will know when something needs to be adjusted, because it is an amazingly intelligent construction indeed, far from the inert lump of flesh so many seem to look upon it as.

It is nothing of the sort, it is indeed a creation of the most magnificent kind, and the way that it has been constructed will leave even the most advanced of your scientists flabbergasted at times. And the more they research and prod into the mysteries of this same body, the more they will shake their heads almost in disbelief at the complexity of its functions. For it is nothing if not beyond compare to anything you yourselves are able to put together, and as such, you have a very intelligent and capable ally on your side. For remember, it has been hard-wired to survive in almost any set of circumstances, and it will respond accordingly. And do not forget, now that it too has been freed from so many of the limitations and setbacks that have been put upon it from outside sources in order to hinder the two of you from freeing yourselves from the third density existence, it too will finally start to run on all cylinders. So now, you are left with an increasingly stronger running mate, and it will literally start to work miracles in order to help you towards fulfilling this journey. For it has abilities that you cannot even comprehend yet, and these abilities will help you break through any barriers that might still stand in your way.

And, as you all know so well, some of these barriers are still erected within your mind. For even if you have already managed to free it from much of the old programming and hindrances that was put upon it in order to hold you back, the mind has a habit of trying to cling on to these old beliefs. We have touched upon this subject many times before, but it bears repeating that the little voice of disbelief and uncertainty that at times raises its head within is indeed a tenacious one. But, as we have also talked about earlier, this used to be your strongest opponent in all of this, but now, it has started to see things more from your side of the table as it were, and it has started to join forces with you, albeit somewhat reluctantly at times. But soon, it too will be able to let go of the firm grip it has on the idea that it needs to ”save you” by holding you back, and when it finally frees itself completely from this obsolete idea, it will join forces with you and make you move forwards and upwards even faster.

So therefore we say know that you have some formidable allies, and even if they seem to moan and groan and protest loudly at every new incline on this road, know that they are in fact helping you by making you stick to the speed that will best enable you to unveil the whole spectrum of yourself. To repeat ourselves again, you cannot just jump straight into the full force of what you are in fact capable of maintaining, because then you would literally burn yourself out, and you would not be able to hold it all together in any way. So yes, this is a process that needs to be left to unfold step by carefully planned step, and even if your mind still seems to have more than a few objections at times, it too will soon start to push you forwards in larger increments than before. As we were saying, this is indeed a carefully planned process, and even if your physical body and indeed your mind will seem to be blatantly at odds with it at times, they are actually helping you move along as fast as you possibly can. And never doubt that whenever you are able to handle it, your body – and soon also your mind – is 100% committed to help you increase your speed towards fulfilling this whole process of literally emerging as the most amazing butterfly ever from the most constricting and cramped chrysalis you could ever imagine.

So yes, that journey is indeed a challenging one, but as we said, it is not a solitary one, because you are truly in the most capable of hands, as you have been set up with a physical body that will do all it can in order to help you take to your wings at the earliest opportunity. And so too your mind, as soon as it fully realizes that that is why it is here. Not to keep harping on the old tunes of yesterday, but to join you in singing the praise of the new dawn.

55 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 269

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I would like to recommend your blog to anyone (that means probably all of us..) who are experiencing all sorts of “interesting” physical symptoms from these energetic upgradings.
      Love and light, Aisha

  1. Perfect Aisha! Thank you for this most encouraging post. I am publishing a piece on Ascension Symptoms in the morning and just added this as a Related Article. Blessings and love, alia

  2. Dear CCs, thanks very much for describing the abilities of our body. Is there any difference between beautiful bodies and ugly bodies? 🙂

  3. Thank you Aisha, CC’s and you fellow members of Aisha’s pond….watering hole for me. I read all of the messages more than once. Glad to be in the same big boat here with my fellow journeyers, with the eating or not eating. I have very much needed the reminder yet AGAIN of the value of the physical stuff as I my ego keeps shouting to me that something is wrong and this is not just the ascension process and I had better figure out how to rescue myself, or else, etc etc, blah, blah, blah. But I can’t hold onto my knowing in the throws of my ego temper tantrums and total physical/psychcic exhaustion these days. So, this watering hole is of great service until I can walk more into the direct experience of my deeper knowing.
    Blessings to all of us. I am looking forward to sharing how I feel on the other side of this birth process, or at least sharing from my higher perspective of it all. I will be much more uplifted and uplifting then. Until then, you all and the energies created here are helping me stay afloat, often in spite of myself!

  4. Today I awoke happy as could be and then intense tears for what seemed like no reason. My body aches like never before but it is sill vibrating with an energy to move. Not hungry at all but hungry for something! I really feel that intense energy of release and intergration is happening right now and this missive really speaks to me! Thanks again to you all for sharing and to of course Aisha baby and the blessed CC! 🙂 Alex

  5. “And never doubt that whenever you are able to handle it, your body – and soon also your mind – is 100% committed to help you increase your speed towards fulfilling this whole process of literally emerging as the most amazing butterfly ever from the most constricting and cramped chrysalis you could ever imagine.”

    What a great idea for a meditation! thanks

    For anyone interested the link shows it being done. I’ve found that the more clearly I visualize the better are the results.


  6. I remember standing in a hall with some of my fellow student friends, waiting to get into the lab. We were studying Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, and in standing in that hall, we had many hushed and awed conversations about the Miracle of the human body, how intricately put together it is, to such an extent that comprehension on a human level is impossible! The absolute Genius of creating this body that you and I are clothed in is Mind Bending, leaving one in utter awe of the Perfection of the Human Body. All of us, you and me, and all Sentient Beings, are created in Perfection with the Sole Purpose of reflecting Source’s Ability to create. Wrap your head around that, just think upon the fact, that you and I are capable of creating just as Source is, and, that is how we were designed to Be in the first place! Just thinking about this reaches to my Soul that is saying…..yes.

    What we are all experiencing now is the letting go of the conditionings that were indoctrinated upon our psyches within this dimension…..all those things that are not true and have had one purpose only, and that was to take from us our Power as Co-Creators! We are taking back our Truth, and if you think for one minute the scrapings of old and the removings of outdated material are not sometimes mind numbing, body racking, think again. When doing Inner Work, it becomes very clear how deep these “hooks of untruth” have gone, and how resistant they are to their removal.

    Be gentle and kind to you. Be patient with you. Yes, and I can say this and KNOW it, the body does know, for it has the Intelligence of Source within it, within every single cell (and you have billions of them!). Scientists have discovered a “something” within each nucleus of every cell, and they are stumped at what “it” is. That IT is Source and multiply that by a few billion, you will know beyond any doubt, we all are capable of anything, and I mean anything! Meditate on this for a while and experience the “rush” you receive! Get that Knowing deep within your Being, and you will effortlessly, change your Life to line up to what is was meant to Be…. DIVINE LOVE.

    Whew! This missive is making the top of my head tingle with massive amounts of energy streaming in!

  7. As always, Aisha, fabulous, clear, succint! It is extremely helpful for me to know what is going on, not just intellectually but experientially as well, and the messages coming through are appreciated to the nth degree, to say the least. Thank you again and again, from the heart.

  8. Beautifully written words! Linguistics used are becoming more complex, deeper, more multi-dimensional. This Magnificent Missive, needs to be read more then once! Aisha, the CC’s are using incredibly powerful words, “Old Engish”, or “Sacred Words”, if you will, with meanings within meanings contained within the text. Your confidence in YOU has increased, and with it, your ability to hear at a deeper (higher) level has risen. Cudos!

    All those “clouds” you are experiencing are non other then sand polishing the pearl you are, Aisha! Great Peace of Art is written here! Thank you!

    These words are Life Transforming, IF you allow them to Be! Again, I thank you!

    From my Heart to your Heart,

      1. Thank you, Aisha. Seems we are all growing and moving towards……um what exactly I don’t think any of us know,….. but to know we as a “collective group” have movement and immense growth…….that brings great comfort to my Heart. May Peace be yours this Day. From my Heart to yours, Amy

  9. Hey those Russian comets going are way cool! Hey fleet! Bomb us some more fireworks! All ur base are belong to us! Hehe!

  10. I felt this morning that I will pass out from the exhaustion… I put my child napping during afternoon and kind of meditated, half-slept in the abyss. After that I was fine! My house is a mess. I do not care today and give a blind eye to it… We just sit on the sofa, do nothing, have candy and cartoons, sauna in the evening to wash away all the negative energy.

    Does anyone have cravings for sugar, pancakes ect.? I used to do without both and now I just ‘need them’ and do not care. I know that this will pass soon! Weird!

    1. Dear Lara! I get some really intense sugar cravings at times, it’s like all my body want is sugar. During those periods, I have no appetite for food at all, but I can eat whole bags of candy in no time. And then it suddenly changes, and all I want to eat is fish and vegetables or things like home made soups. So yes, it is weird, and I never know what comes next. At least I have learnt not to plan ahead regarding what we’re going to eat in the next few days, because all of these cravings suddenly disappear, and the things you just had to have you cannot even think about eating anymore.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Hi! Great to hear! I had a period in my life that I ate VERY healthy food and felt great. I know that it is coming back soon so “I do not stress about this” but I find it amusing. Yesterday we had pizza. Tonight I went to get two more. The saltier and greasier the better… ;))) During the week we had tons of the pastries with almond and whipped cream. Luckily enough, all these treats have no effect on my weight and I so ENJOY them to the maximum without any quilt!

        :))) Lara

    2. Hi Lara! I’m smiling because I just left a restaurant and ordered pancakes. 🙂 Yes, for sure craving them! 🙂 ~Amanda

      1. :)))) as I replied above for the last two days it has been pizza – the pancake (OR all sorts of treats like that with whipped cream, jam ect) craving has been the craving for the 2013!!!! :)))

        1. I’ve been craving pancakes for a while. French fries and hashbrowns too. And yes, pizza is in there as well. I had to quit the cinnamon rolls because it was getting to be ridiculous…haha. I’ve been a health nut my whole life so this phase is bizzare. But as Aisha stated, sometimes all I want is greek salad and lentil soups. It is very hard to try to plan what you eat because the cravings shift so quickly. ~Amanda

          1. LOL! Just came to my mind… Last moment of pregnancy. Last moments of cravings. Sugar needed for the big effort. Chocolate is a common craving after giving birth ect. So we are almost there!!! 🙂

    3. im so glad you all brought up cravings and food… i know i should just listen to my body, but as im so sensitive to everything body-wise the old worries start to creep up about my diet, which seems erratic most of the time…

      dittoooo on every single craving that Amanda listed lol, how interesting that i have the exact same ones.. and what Lara said, “we just sit on the sofa, do nothing, have candy and cartoons, sauna in the evening to wash away all the negative energy.”– sounds like fun; wish i could be in support like this with my family.. Lara, if you don’t mind sharing, im wondering if you feel that a sauna is having positive effects on our little ascension process? im looking into buying one, a small personal dome one, to hopefully have an outlet for energy/ toxins…. : )

      1. Christie,

        I am a single mom with two kids (3 and 5) so it is easy to stay on the couch doing nothing & eating candy – kids love it and they could not care less about the mess around…

        I do a lot of “mental decisions” while taking a shower or sitting in the sauna that “this is also a mental cleaning and an energetic cleaning”. So I remove all the negative energy from my mind and my body. I do not find that sauna is better in that than taking a shower, a bath (my favorite too but in this house there is no tub) in the process. Sauna however is very good place to sit quiet and meditate or just get into balance, to ground ect. I live in Finland (close to Norway where Aisha is from) so it is a common thing to have sauna and we get used to them since we are born. Yes, I love to go to sauna and I would recommend it. 🙂

        1. thanks Lara.. for helping me out n describing things for me…

          i know what you mean about clearing the mind in the shower, seems to happen naturally for me.. interesting how both the literal and figurative meanings of “cleaning” happen when showering (and also how a method of psychic clearing is to wash with water)… : )

    4. ..for the last 23 years I have eaten perfectly…no sugar….candy…ice cream etc….& no craving for them either. Just organic,… protein, veggies, fruit, nuts etc….now I can’t seem to find any foods that safisfy my hunger, (which I am barely hungry anyway, or I get famished, no happy medium), ……recently I am eating wierd things and mixtures with no upset afterwards (eating cookies etc and then turkey and mashed potatoes!)…..and yes, now I started eating cookies, ice cream, whipped cream. When I eat, it feels like the food is going nowhere…like my insides are hollow . My journal of energy downloads, (in 2012), correspond with the dates of the downloads in the channelings……I just did not know what was going on at first….I kept saying I feel like Superman must have felt when he came in contact with Kryptonite!!
      Thank you so much for all that you do Aisha…….!!!
      Love & Light

    5. I pounded down a pound of fudge Wendy!
      OMG! Sugar? Yes Yes Yes.
      And to top it all off, my pants are getting to be too big!
      I’m kind of liking this symptom! (hee hee hee)
      I think I can cope with this.

  11. Another insightful update. Makes sense. I definitely have a sense of things needing to be in harmony and at the perfect pace so as not to overdo it… thanks once again Aisha…

  12. Aisha, when it will be implemented Ascension? There is hope for the new world in 2013? Thanks and Gratitude!

  13. Once more fits perfectly into my process. It is something that scares me, I am hungry while I have no desire neither strength to do it and I become thinner and thinner _ alarmingly, what does my body say to me ? I do not understand it
    Doing something is not always the solution, but maybe just exist is not enough. I guess I characterize myself for my impatience, and that’s completely mental. You’re right that this is more difficult to keep my mind off of it … I keep trying
    Aisha thank you very much, thank you very much indeed …
    much love

      1. Me, too, Emma and Janis! I was just saying to myself today as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, that I seem to be “disappearing” getting thinner and thinner. I have barely any taste for food of late, and what I do eat, doesn’t put any weight on my frame. I am drinking water like it is going out of style, and this is about the only thing that tastes good to me.

        My cats are eating oddly as well, either not eating, or eating as if the food they are eating is their last meal, and then they want second and third helpings. They don’t eat like this. They are not gaining any weight either. In fact, my Cookie cat who I have known for 8 years and has always kept herself extremely trim, ate 7 meals in one day a couple of days ago, a NEVER. My eyes bugged out of my head! Then today, I pick her up and what??? where did all that food go? She is as trim as ever!

        My husband who won’t even listen to anything “ascension” just said the other day, he is eating but he seems to be loosing weight. Odd……

        XXOO Amy

        1. I am loosing weight also somehow. I do not have too much to loose but I am not worried about it. I just noticed this as I had one of my favorite pants on the other day without belt and the pants almost fell when I ran few steps with my dog… 🙂 They used to fit me perfectly and now are like one size too big…

          1. Lara, now I am reeeeeeeally glad I didn’t get rid of the jeans that were too tight last year. Now? They are even a little loose on me. With age, the waist tends to spread yet lately my waist is seemingly going back to when I was years younger (of course I am working out at a gym, so this just might be a contributing factor!). These jeans are comfortable again! There is nothing worse then wearing something that is tight that restricts your breathing! Ugh!

          1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Right back at you, Janis! May we all fly high and meet in the Rainbow Dream this night! (((HUGS))) Amy

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