The manuscript of survival – part 268

As of today, many will feel a quickening in the atmosphere, and rightly so. You have once again passed through another whirlwind of energetic updates, and as such, it is time to get another breather before the next one hits you. We hear the groans of discomfort already, but just bear with us – and with yourselves – as the intensity of the next round may not be as overpowering as you might fear. As we have talked about in an earlier missive, your physical bodies have been well primed by now, and as such, you will find that you actually spend a lot less time in the digesting of even the most powerful of downloads. This will not be apparent while you are in the midst of such a storm of course, but we think you will see how when it all eases of, your physical aptitudes will also bounce right back up again, and quickly so. As always, there are some individual occurrences in all of this, but in general, we think you will find this to be true.

We know that for some, these updates are becoming more interesting than they mayhaps used to, because you can in some ways sense the changes they bring with them. And as such, they will seem to be less of ”wasted time” if we may use such a phrase. For there is no doubt that for others, all of these physical and mental symptoms without any seeming results apart from feeling down and out in all sorts of ways will seem to be more or less counterproductive after a while. We cannot fault you in that, but let us just say that this will not go on indefinitely, and you will all at some point get a much clearer image of what all of this is really about. So again, we come to give you another heads-up as to what this journey is all about. For we know that for some of you, it seems to be solely about physical discomfort and mental anguish in one way or the other. Not at all times, but at times overpoweringly so. So let us just repeat that none of this is done out of spite, or to harm you in any way. For all of this is done out of love, and it is indeed a carefully planned process put together in order to help you put yourself back together and become the brilliant being you truly are.

For you have existed in a very singular and limited way for many a lifetime on this planet, and in order to break free of this old mold, much will have to be retuned and redesigned. And, as always, such a process is not without its ups and downs, and the growing pains can be monumental at times. Well, let us just say that you have already shaken off the most constricting of those old limitations, and from now on, we think you will feel how this expansion will increase in momentum in so many ways. For now it has shifted from being a pressure put upon you all in order to break that lid of constriction that was placed upon you such a long time ago, and instead, the process is now all about growing and expanding into your true size.

But as usual, this will bring with it its challenges too, as a mind who for so long have been confined behind very strict limits will sometimes have a hard time coping with this expansion process. Hence, the somewhat bewildering array of symptoms that will accompany this stage of the process. For you may feel yourself as if growing in stature, like you have become a giant, or you will feel the exact opposite, like you have shrunk to a infinitesimally small size, and accordingly, the physical manifestation of your surroundings will undulate, sway and grow less than predictable at times. So again we say do not think that you are going mad, you are just growing at a rapid speed now. And just like those children going through a phase of the same, when their physical body suddenly launches into a rapid spurt of growth, you will feel how you are creaking at the joints, and becoming imbalanced in more ways than one.

So yes, you have just been given another injection of ”growth hormones”, but unlike those negative side effects that may be displayed from injecting these actual hormones, the recations you will get are just temporary, and not harmful at all. They are just signals that you have once again shed the old skin, and you are busy stretching and growing into the new one, one size larger, and even more brilliantly hued than the old one. So again we say give yourself the cudos that you so deserve. For you are all going valiantly forwards, and the steps you take each time are nothing if not gigantic. No more shuffling forwards for you. No, you are jumping ahead at full speed, and as such, you will all see how things will start to fall into place very soon. And yes, we do mean soon in the way that you define it. For as yet, your sense of time, albeit somewhat uncertain at the moment, is not yet fully comparable to ours.

So just take it slow, and start to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. We think you will find that you have that much more room within if you do, and know that this is indeed new territory for you all. So please go explore, as you have so much new to discover in your own back yard. You do not have to go far now to find fertile ground, as you have all been instrumental in creating new fields inside of yourselves, and that is where you will start to sow the seeds that will bring you so much sustenance in the time ahead.

52 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 268

    1. Caro Andrenapoles, muito obrigado pelo trabalho que você faz para ajudar a espalhar estas mensagens! É tão incrível pensar sobre como essas palavras se conectar pessoas de todo o planeta, eo fato de que eles estão sendo traduzidos em mais idiomas e mais brilhante por almas como você é uma constante fonte de alegria para mim.
      Amor e luz, Aisha

      Dear Andrenapoles, thank you so much for the work you do to help spread these messages! It is so amazing to think about how these words connect people from all over this planet, and the fact that they are being translated into more and more languages by shining souls such as you is a constant source of joy to me.
      Love and light, Aisha

  1. Getting those “highs” from the upgrades don’t really seem to beat down so badly as of before. You know the trip in the heaven and bouncing back to the ground again. It sure has reassured the mind a bit knowing yoy can control them a bit. The inner-child getting crazy as the lollipop is taken away-sympton for me. A grown up moaning like a newborn. Some major programming to be overwritten. Thank you for the heads up again! Feeling like on the winning side for a change!

  2. I’ve been experiencing a new and different emotion since 2010.. good thing i found these messages.. Thanks Aisha! btw, are you from Norway? I’m now living in norway.. and yes, ive heard about the news on meteor showers over russia today..

  3. Happy Valentines Day to all of you love angels! Aisha, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when I am blue”…. This song is being sung by me to honor you! Thank you for all of your posts that help me to remain sane.

  4. What a pleasant surprise to come across this gem of a blog just a couple of weeks ago. I think it was Meredith Murphy who pointed me this way. Thank you Aisha for so generously providing these timely words of insight and encouragement from the CCs, and thank you to all who share their experiences here. Many blessings to you all, and to all who just visit here.

  5. So accurate again, last couple of days were very emotional and stressfull for me. Thank you Aisha, CC and all of you for being there, every day I come here to see if I’m still “normal” and if what I experience makes sence. I don’t feel so lonely when I read all your posts…. Thank you, LOVE to you all ♥♥♥

  6. Struggling…so many conflicting thoughts…most about physical issues…unsure of what to do…best I can come up with is…IN THIS MOMENT, am I going to do something different or let things ride the same for now?…if yes, do it…if no, let the struggle go and ask for help to be aware of any new perspectives I need to be aware of if I need to decide to do something different…so appreciating this and every message, Aisha and Friends…♥janis

    1. Exactly what I think Janis.
      Thank you very much for being so…normal and share your feelings
      I send you Love

  7. I knew something was “up” when about 6 of my cats piled on my bed last night and I became a human sardine. OH OH. For days, I have been feeling the Bliss, the Golden Energy, LOVE. Then today. Valentine’s Day of all days……unconnected again. Shifting sands. Coldness, emptiness, every where my eye rests, absolute insanity. Not within my home, not within myself, but on the news, in those around me in places I went to today. All I have is standing on Faith, that this too shall pass as I remember to breathe and not hold my breath.

    I had a dream last night that a huge ship sank at the intersection of 2 lay lines (spelling?). At first I was an observer. Then, an active participant running for my life. I saw a man stuck in a huge mud hole and I stopped my running to try to pull him out but to no avail. I had to get to the car that was standing by with another man to escape. I never did get to the car because in the 3D realm, one of my cats frantically scratched at my quilt right at my abdomen to pull me out of the dream. As I did, the words, “Let it ALL go!” came to the surface.

    C H A L L E N G E Day! Extreme HIGH surge of electrical energy running rapidly through the core of this body. Ears ringing excessively with impossibly HIGH tones. Top of head is about to blow off. Wow. How is my body holding this much energy???!

    Thank you, Aisha and CC for the heads up. This morning I saw this, said NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY! And sure enough, this day turned into Shifting Sands Inc. I was reeeeeeeally hoping the Bliss would stay this time!

  8. Would it be crazy to think that this message was written for me? My inner feelings, opinions, etc., all shifted within the past 24 hours and came to pass. After reading this, I can’t help but feel that there is someone out there on the same wavelength as me. I’ve been stressed, paranoid, even terrified at points over the past month or two and it all just came to pass. But the things those feelings caused me to carry out were productive in what I feel is a coming danger. Sometimes I think I’m just crazy.

    1. i was reading something from a channeling today that you might be comforted by (no, you’re not crazy!)…

      “each individual throughout the planet is now beginning to make choices to take back their own sovereignty of Being; and they are uniting in focuses that are designed to bring attention to long-standing and ongoing concerns that need addressing.” : )

  9. Loved non-crazy ones
    I guess to everyone is a bit of a time of contradictions … all is well and all is not well …
    I’m going crazy or I’ve never been so aware?
    I’m a hero and I feel weak. I feel like I waste my time and I feel like I’ve never taken advantage so much, I am in the best way and I wonder if it is the right path. Alone and at once so loved. I hurt all over and yet I feel strong … I said, a lot of inconsistencies. But all is well and even better, will be better.
    Struggling to make every day a Valentine’s Day celebration ….
    Thanks Love Aisha, you are lovely and make me feel so good.
    Love for all

      1. Your more than welcome. I didn’t intend to put something clear..on the contrary I think my words are the most confused ones, jajajajajaj. But they are just my feelings, and I am so glad to test I’m not the only one…it is so heartwarming…
        Thaks to you to share your gratitude with me.

        1. Dear Emma, I completely relate to what you’re saying, thank you. I, too, am seeing what I call the paradox in everything. I have a difficult time with it and then remember that all of life is paradox. We’re set up for contradiction and inconsistency being in a polarized physical existence here on Planet Duality as I like to call it. But as weird as this can all feel, I’m starting to enjoy walking the razor’s edge of this paradox, to observe the contradictions and consciously choose what side of the coin I prefer to experience going forward. Thank you for sharing. Much love : ))) Heather

          1. Ohhh my dear Heather
            You can not imagine how much your words mean to me. I just express my gratitude for not being alone in this path, it makes me feel better and better even if my days are not so…
            Much love to you

  10. I sent love to everyone this Valentine’s Day so if you don’t get any other love messages today, at least you got one here. Blessings to all.


  11. my left hip felts like it wanna drop out of me. I barely stand up from bed. It seems like pain come from nowhere… Now it have more sense…

    Thank You for this message – right on time 🙂

  12. Thank you companions constant & Aisha, I thought I was going crazy, now I feel better, I went through a storm that has shaken me from head to toe, your post really helps me to understand

  13. Aisha thanks for your guidance its describes exactly whats going on. I feel what´s going on but your loving words are an confirmation for a lot of people. Thank you so much it makes me after every message happy and grateful! a lots of love

  14. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. I have a terrible back ache right now., near the root chakra. A great influx of energy no doubt.

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