The manuscript of survival – part 264

As you have mayhaps noticed, activity is on the increase. Not only inside, but also on the outside. We refer to the downloads that are being registered not only in your body, but in your celestial and indeed earthly abode as well. So you are not the only ones currently feeling the urge to moan and groan a little at the moment. Indeed, as above, so below, and you are all being inundated with round after round of strong, but ”friendly fire” if we might use such a phrase. For this is indeed a barrage, but even if you do feel rather the worse for wear at times, we venture to guess that you have all in some ways been able to tune into that new tune that has started to make itself heard within.

In other words, even if some of you may feel less than inclined to even lift a finger at the moment, you are in fact growing steadily stronger. For as you opened up to these changes in energy, you have welcomed these missives from beyond your atmosphere that have started to trigger a chain reaction inside you all. And this chain reaction is of such a magnitude it will sweep away any of the old cobwebs still clinging in the hidden corners within. We know that we have talked about some of these ”spring cleanings” before, but what we refer to now, is on a whole different level indeed. This is no longer preparatory work, this is the finishing touch to call it that, and for those of you still harbouring any doubts as to how you are doing in all of this, we can guarantee you that you are performing excellently.

After all, you have welcomed these changes, for without your innermost decision to do just that, your life and your whole world would be at a very, very different place now. For you have welcomed the light in all of its shapes and forms, and the light has started to make its voice heard in earnest now. So even if some of you are still faltering under the heavy pressure from this new visitor, some of you are already feeling the pressure lifting, and with it, your soul. For there comes a moment for each and every one of you when suddenly the storms raging within suddenly seem to go away completely, and you are left with a quiet but oh so strong knowing that you have arrived. Exactly where you have arrived may not be clear yet, but the feeling you have within is such a strong confirmation you just know that you have stepped away from the confusion, and the certainty has finally started to surface.

So fret not, all that have yet to savour the calm of this moment, for it is coming to you too. And again we say, do not think that it is by fault that you still feel the storm raging around you. It is not by chance that any of you are where you are at the moment, and it is not any form of competition where the amount of time you spend in this cleansing storm is measured. For you are all winners, no matter at what moment you cross the ”finishing line”, and as such, you will all have reason to celebrate. For you are all reaching inside to wrestle forth the real you, the one that has not been reachable for lifetime after lifetime. But now you will finally meet up again, and you will do so at the exact right moment. So again we repeat the same advice of breathing and focusing, and know that underneath that roar of wind and hammering of rain lies that quiet spot that is yours, and only yours. It awaits you all, and you will not be able to miss it, for it is calling to you with a power that cannot find its match anywhere in the universe or beyond.


48 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 264

  1. Mostly now, I’m feeling befuddled and confused. I barely remember why I have entered the bathroom sometimes. On the other hand, physically, I still have strange pains, but not as much.
    My way of dealing is to tell myself, to let the energies flow in, and flow on through, and out again. no holding on to them, no
    let it be

  2. The big problem with darkness is their absolute incapacity of freely giving anything, principally love. The love concept is unknown to them. Whatever or whoever they want to feel pleasure or any of their less evolved needs/feelings they take by physical force, deception or money power. So, all they really need and seek is power. In few words, this was the behavior they always performed. Now their pyramidal system of power is crumbling without repair. Active darkness of top is gone forever and the base (passive darkness) is beginning to awake and running away from their system, without looking behind. It,s a big mess. Somebody forgot to tell them that ‘things’ change.

    The massive flood of love/energy that is being poured upon us all is the way Heaven managed to awaken all of us on Earth. ALL OF US. But imagine what is going on on the minds of darkness people, if us of the light feel what we feel in this endless healing and cleansing of our beings to turn again who we really are. ‘Things’ are a bit difficult than was expected. We were exposed to low frequencies for too, too long. And darkness were playing around like fish in the water. Now they feel like fish on dusty earth because the vibration is rising and rising and rising.

    Darkness always treated us as sheep, thinking they were superior, better, clever than us. They had all they wanted and us just the crude labor. And now? Things changed? Who is who, now? Is there any apparent difference yet? Without the system/game/matrix functioning, what is what remains? I know you know we are all equals. The problem is that we are 99% and you 1%. But equals, one and the same. It does not matter we of light are departing our sheep/two stranded DNA state in your concept of us. What really matter is that, after this transformation that is going on, we,ll become 12, 36, 72, 96 or more stranded beings. To more strands more dimentions you can master over. And what will be your end now? Time is becoming short. Make your minds now. Who in sane mind will wish to end in a dusty 3D forgotten planet, full of ferocious salvage big animals to run from? Another planet like Gaia? Don,t kid.

    The love concept, that never made part in the lives of darkness people, was the most important goal for them to destroy, because we are love. Love/energy is the only reality. So they executed every plot to destroy the best in us, and they succeeded. With dogmas, movies, books, etc, they convinced us that love was something impracticable. When we mean love we substitute love with other lesser feelings like appreciation, great esteem/regard/appraisal/estimation, etc.

    We are (yet) incapable to feel that real love, that unconditional love that make any relationship a great success, that make we feel what plenitude, integration and fullness really mean. When we feel LOVE there,s no place for greed, jealousy, hatred or war in our lives. And is this LOVE what we ALL are heading again. Call it Oneness Consciousness, call it Christ Consciousness, call it Home.

    The vibration gap is growing and also the problem of intimacy, the simple act of living together with parents/brothers/friends or the social convivial with people of low vibration. It,s a lost case. Oil and water blend. We know what is going on. Let,s be the wayshowers we are intended to be. We can only depart/leave/sever those relations that hurt/offend/damage us. Because to continue means to embrace 3D again and the opposite means freedom, happyness, new life. The door is wide open (for ALL). Choose as you please. The time is now.

    1. Nohmad, your Beauty and your Soul Wonder Fill Me. Your Light is exceedingly Powerful Blazing Bright and Eternally Infinitely Pure! Bless you for these words of Perfect Diamond Truth. Bless you! And welcome back to Aisha’s Pond! With All of Me, much Love, Amy PS Did you hear the Tree’s Whisperings?

      1. I,m all broken. A mega storm turned 60 of them to the floor. I had to chop them to free the way and electricity lines. The rest of them played their best music for me. I treated them one by one the best I could as they surely deserve. In a crowded spot there,s a big ancient stone. It,s vibration is felt from 20 meters and merges with my aura making me feel out of this world.
        I asked why so many work to be done in so short time. Answer: Mens sana in corpore sano.
        Pains all muscles of my body, but I,m OK. All my plans of quietness failed. Just Heavenly synchronicity functioned. Thanks God! I,m glad you liked what I was ruminating while working so hard. Hugs, Amy!
        PS: Tomorrow I,m going to the shore to rest for 10 days. I,m wondering what Heaven has in store for me now.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! It is so important to be reminded about all of the positive energy that is becoming visible all over this planet.
      Love and light, Aisha

    2. Thank you, Eve, for such an inspiring video. I was nodding my head with every point you made. As a woman I’ve never felt free to just be myself for all the reasons you state. I’ve visited to your wonderful website, made a small donation and happily join your cause to refuse to accept violence against women and girls for one more second in any country on Earth. Bless you and thank you. Love & Light, Kat

  3. “For you are all reaching inside to wrestle forth the real you, the one that has not been reachable for lifetime after lifetime. But now you will finally meet up again, and you will do so at the exact right moment… that quiet spot that is yours and only yours. It awaits you and you’ll not be able to miss it, for it is calling to you with a power that cannot find its match anywhere in the Universe or Beyond .”

    Beautiful poetic truth, Aisha!! So wonderful and exciting. That’s what it feels like to me. The inner is becoming clear and unmistakable. It’s like seeing rays of light from the inner sun before the full sun is visible. Thank you so much. xo, Kat

  4. Jane, you are definitely not alone. Thank you eternityeagle for your words of comfort. Nothing feels real or stable, with nary a place to stand on or feeli comfortable without or within. It is the feeling of total letting go.
    Thank you Aisha and CC for making it possible for us all to connect this way so that we know we are not alone. J.

    1. Jane, please see my reply to you above where I wrote to Jean and Heather all together. You are Beautiful and Perfect. All is as It needs to BE. Trust in the Process, no matter how “scary” it can get. We are ALL in this together! Love and many hugs, Amy

  5. So does anyone else feel wave after wave of terroro in their heart centre? feels frozen,can not make the silplest decision or act? I slept until 11 am this morning! Woke,walked the dog,ate something & feel overwhelmed and exhausted. This is all very very peculiar indeed and hard to accept.

    1. Jane, you are exactly where you need to be….. To be FREE of this terror, and let it go. It is so simple. And the “Energy” will help you.

      I’ll tell you how I do it and it works. This may not be your way, but maybe my example can help you figure out what to do.

      I stand in My Power and go within (that means taking my eyes off of what is coming to the surface and going to my Higher Self). I take control by facing calmly what is coming to the surface. Don’t put a label on IT. Don’t try to figure out the whys and the whats. Just accept what IS. See this “thing” for what it is. Ask Gaea and your HS to assist you in letting this go, all of it! Recognize it, embrace it lovingly, release it to Gaea, asking Her with you, to transmute this to LOVE, grounding it into Gaea. From there, you direct this LOVE to radiate out to all the world, going to where it is most needed, and then return to you, filling within you all those places where once this thing resided. See this DONE. And then close the door. KNOW it is done. Do not doubt that it is DONE. And then stand there (sit, lay down) and feel the LOVE that you yourself just created for you.

      I hope this helps. It takes a lot of strength to stop feeding (feeling) the terror and to stand there in your Power and take control. You can do this. this is what this time is for. Letting go of what is NOT wanted in the New World……….Peace.

      1. This is so beautiful and healing, Amy, I can’t thank you enough. The tears are flowing right now and it is good. So often I forget to ask Gaea for help, and so many times I walk away from a releasing session doubting that it is DONE (self-doubt has been my middle name far too long). On both counts this is due to deep wounding concerning my mother. But who better to help heal that than Gaea. Jane, thank you for expressing what you are experiencing — I definitely hear you and relate. Much love to you, to Amy, to Aisha and the entire community for creating this opportunity to heal and get free. Much love : ) Heather

        1. Jean, Jane, and Heather I bow to Thee and (((HUG))) Thee. I too have tears smarting my eyes as to know I have touched a heart in my attempt to lend a helping hand. Heather, I know and understand the wounding of the Inner Child and those are the entities that we are letting go right now. They are resilient, for they have lived long within our BEing. They are all what we have known, for what a child is told as Truth, is believed. Please, don’t doubt any longer, and know in Truth, you are Master of Your BeLoved Life. I too feel the weariness, the “fear”, the inability to place a foot on solid ground, yet I am determined to stay strong, even when wearied from all the Inner Work, and portray to MySelf and to All, that I am who I AM, and no one will ever take that from me again! My Love is True and Strong and I hold each of you in My Heart, knowing just knowing, that we really have come to our New World. For now, nurture you, and be good to you. Rest when you can and do not try to figure things out. They will figure themselves out effortlessly, you’ll see. For now, just BE, and hold your Inner Child close to your heart, telling her/him that eternally now Love is All There Is. And so it is. With all my love, Amy

          1. Dear Amy, what a beautiful, powerful Light you are indeed. Thank you with all my soul for your healing encouragement and wisdom. Last night as I did my daily clearing session I did exactly what you said and what a powerful experience it was to transmute the old stuff into new love and welcome it back into my being. THAT is the way to do integration, my teacher. My new mantra is “I am the Master of my Beloved Life.” I love you so much. : ) Heather

            1. Oh, Heather, Tears of Great Joy and Gratitude are in my eyes. You have no idea how YOU just made my day Golden! Bless you! I KNOW this way works. It was given to me by Spirit and now I share with YOU! Now I am sobbing! OH! This is what we so need…..reaching out and sharing and helping one another on our Collective Ascension Journeys! I love you! Amy

  6. Hi all, yesterday was great. Today not. Very heavy, VERY heavy… And on top of that I had a nasty appointment I could not miss (had to bring the kids to visit their Dad for 3 hours). (Funny: the dog (!) has major GAS problem so it even stinks like s…t here ;). I so hoped the lighter days were here to stay and then BOOM, I feel like I am sleep-walking. Oh well, this too will pass.


    1. Hello Lara ^^,

      I have CFS and FM but yesterday I did feel lighter and this morning very heavy, as was last Monday and many many days before lol. I so got used to it but let me tell you, I just cannot wait to have my beautiful energy back. I will jump around like a young kid.
      Have you heard about what is going on in Iran and Israel? Watch on YouTube. The New World has really started.

      Yeah baby! ^^ 🙂

      1. What an inspiring story Sarah, thank you for sharing it – my wife and I felt blessed to have seen it. I’ve just shared it on my facebook account – more people need to see this…

      2. You are SO welcome all! I follow my inspiration and I knew this one was a must see. 🙂

        P.-S. I won’t mention again about my ascension symptoms unless they become unusual and fun.

        1. Do you know what my first thought was, dear Adam, as I was watching it? We were asked by many ascended beings and many times to send love to the Middle East and I guess we did just that and it has brought its fruits. I secured me even more in the belief, actually the truth, that we are making a heaven of a difference here on Earth. Don’t you think? When They say we are living in the most exciting times, aren’t we feeling it now more and more and is the domino rippling effect not getting enormous luminous proportions?

          Weeeehaaaaw! 🙂


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