The manuscript of survival – part 260

As many if you have noticed lately, there are interesting occurrences starting to happen. As usual, the changes you so long for have not yet manifested on the outside, rather, they are discernible within. We know that for many, this in itself can be frustrating indeed, because you all long for more tangible results from all of these intense energetic upgrades you have been receiving for such a long time now. Well, let us just say that you will soon see how these internal effects will start to multiply, and with them, the realization that the outer changes you have been looking for in vain may not be the most important part of this process after all.

Let us explain. As you have in many ways entered new ground, what you still see around is in so many ways just a lingering remnant of the one you left behind. However, there are still many things that ties you to this old world, and all the practicalities and indeed impracticalities of the monetary system is indeed one of them. But let us just lay that aside for the moment and concentrate on what you have ahead, namely the realization that the new world you entered as you literally shifted from the old year and into this, the new year of 2013, will start to manifest in more tangible ways than you have seen so far.

You see, you are all more or less still hovering over the ground of this new world, and as such, you have not been able to ground yourselves sufficiently into this new energetic level that you have entered. In fact, this is an important part of this process, and not something that should be cause for alarm for any of you, although this feeling of disconnection can be more than unnerving at times. You see, you all feel deep inside that you have in some ways been left out in the cold, and the reason for this, is the clear separation that has occured. In other words, you have been separated from the old, but as you are still in this seeming void not yet fully connected to the new, you may have a hard time finding any footing at all. Especially since you all in your daily goings on feel the pull fom the old. In other words, you will feel slightly discombobulated from this energetic vacuum that seems to have formed around you, so we are here to tell you that this is nothing to worry about.

We know that our words will be like a mere puff of smoke for some, as this feeling of unease, irritation and even disempowerment may seem to grow at an alarming rate lately. So again we remind you that all is well, and you are perfectly poised for the next step of your journey. And even if this period may feel more than a little bit unsettling, not only for your mind, but also for your body, know that it will soon start to dissipate as you will all in some ways get a glimpse of the surface of this new world that you still feel more than a little disconnected from. For your roots are already starting to seek down, and little by little, bit by bit you will all start to feel the strong connection that is awaiting you there. For then, you will finally sense that you have indeed come home, and your hearts will lift again as you feel this surge of welcoming starting to percolate throughout your whole being. But until then, remember not to berate yourselves whenever you feel yourself falling under the spell from the void. For it is a powerful place indeed, and it can leave you feeling almost powerless. Know that this is not true, as you have all stepped into your powers, but as you have yet to be allowed to ”touch ground” with your new home, your powers will seem to be almost nonexistent at the moment. But that is about to change, as you will all be allowed to send those first tendrils down into the new soil that awaits you, and then you will start to feel how your powers will start to make themselves heard again.

Again, this is not a signal that you are disconnected from it all because of your actions or inactions in any way, far from it. This step into the void is an important part of the process, as you need this period to reboot and rewind after that long immersion in the third dimensional world before you literally reconnect not only with your true self, but also with your new home. So, not long now before you all feel more at home, not only in your physical bodies, but also within your own greatness. Until then, go easy on yourself and let yourself rant and rave should you so need. There is no need to hold back on any negative emotions that might arise, so just let them pass through you in order to let off some of the steam of frustration that will inevitably build up in this holding pattern you are currently in. And remember that you are about to step out of this void shortly, and start to truly connect for the first time in eons.

47 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 260

  1. Thanks again Aisha for your most enlightening post. A little bit in “code” but I feel encouraged that we are putting down our roots into the New Reality and also got the sense that we’ll be awakening to our 5D abilities shortly. Love an blessings, Alia

  2. I read this missive yesterday. This morning, I woke up to a mess. This has not been unusual lately. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and I thought of the message about “let yourself rant and rave.” This made me smile. I don’t normally do that, no matter how bad things. I also felt this incredible affection for the CC’s. It is hard for me to sense other entities and feel a relation to them, since I have never encounter one in ordinary life. But, in that moment this morning, I felt from them this mother-like quality that brought on that smile. After all, what deeper warmth and caring is there than that given by our mother. It was then that the CCs become very real for me, and the first emotion I felt was affection.

    I was struck that the feeling was one of affection. I would have imagined it would be love. But, then I understood that so much cruelty has been done in the name of love; love has little meaning today. It is really affection that expresses that deep connection to another in which there is no expectation, no demands. It is quite lovely. Today, I celebrate affection and hope each of us has a deep feeling of affection for someone today, and every day after. May that grow into affection for everyone all the time.

    As always, Aisha, thank you for making all these discoveries possible for each and every one of us. You have my affection

  3. I want to encourage all of us here who have been getting download after download lately.
    There is a very high wind here today. Every time I have witnessed a high wind, it seems to “blow out” the intensity of the downloads, the releases, the cleansings, and afterwards, there is a significant lifting of the energies. If this is one of those “blowing out winds”, we all should be feeling relief and “lighter”. This could very well herald the period when again we stand strong, and we begin to use the Gifts that came along with the downloads. My eye is ever toward Mother Nature, and what she is experiencing, I usually can apply it to my life.
    So, I give you all this encouragement, and within hours, perhaps a day, all the intense downloads will lessen for a while to again enable us to breathe.
    Hope this encourages you. ~Amy~

  4. As with the others here, I too am certainly in the void…. along with all of its accompanying emotional angst. Your posts have become a constant help to me during these sometimes extremely difficult days and nights now, thank you again Aisha and your spirit friends. I must add…. I hope ‘soon’ means…. well…. SOON!!!!!!!!! namaste, SB

  5. Amy,
    Maybe you could bring some dirt inside and warm it up. It would be best to dry it and sift out all the worms. >grin<
    It's cold in the PNW, too.

    1. I am SO grateful to you for this reply! Just this morning I put my snow boots on and off fell a clump of dirt (dried mud) onto my kitchen floor. At first I groaned (another mess!) but then I remembered your words. Immediately I scooped the dirt up and held it in the palms of my hands. Ahhhhhhh, relief! Coming back to Center. Just the smell of dirt connected me again to Gaea. Thank you so much! I now have dirt in a glass container ready to use again! Hugs, Amy

  6. grounding is as easy as walking barefoot in the dirt; the more fertile the better, btw.

    Yesterday in the grocery and then again at another place, 6 to 8 little kids, the 3 ft. tall sort,, came close and stood next to me. They did make eye contact, they didn’t speak, they just stood close to me. The first few may have escaped my attention.
    I had this other thing happen=
    I felt some sort of energy jolt when I touched an old bottle. I dunno, maybe the bottle was holding something energetic. It felt more like that sense you get while dowsing. that’s a new one to me.

    hugs for all

    1. For those of us who live in “colder climates” it is a bit difficult to walk barefoot. All my methods of grounding have failed recently. Hugs, Amy

  7. o wonderful to connect and read other people´stuff that is happening.of coure I know I am not alpne any longer but the cough and the itching and the phlegm and all this stuff makes me wonder too but ye it is clearing and cleaning and cleansing that is happening..great to KNOW lots of love back to you ALL WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE/DELIGHT

  8. My sensitivity is increasing. I can no longer tolerate any TV shows with fighting or negativity. I was watching the biggest loser weight loss show yesterday, and I felt dizzy and ill just watching the people intensely work out and get screamed at by the trainer. I have never had a reaction like that to tv… I have been close to bedridden since Sunday night with some type of flu: sneezing, coughing, chills, fever with goosebumps, dry heaving and body aches. Also, my usually sunny disposition has been switched over to complete apathy. This missive mentions the ‘void’ and I’m pretty sure I’m in that void right now. I feel like I’m scraping the very bottom right now, very painful. But atleast it only can go up from here, right? That is what I am telling myself anyways. Blessings to all! XO ~Amanda

  9. During this past week, I’ve been quite suddenly “called into service”-advising people, helping organize the neighborhood, etc. So while I am grateful to be finally doing my “work” it’s kind of difficult when I am still dealing with all of the nasty emotional and energetic stuff. A bit of a confusing time.

  10. When you get energy downloads, does your heart feel very odd, chest tight, trembling of hands and jittery feeling inside. Beathing is about all you can do because it is actually very intense and scares you. I wonder what other feel during “energy downloads”.

    Is anyone’s sleep being interrupted with bile in throat but not feeling ill and no gastic distress present? Hard to get that down the throat but once that was done and a little walk around the house I went back to bed and slept fine. Sore throat this morning. This is a very strange event.

    God bless you all who help me find my balance each day. Aisha, thank you much for all you do for me. Today does feel like too long on the Disneyland Teacup Ride! LOL!!!!

    1. Pupma, I relate. At times my chest feels like it is in a vise and it hurts. Yes, trembly and it is all about I can do is breathe, and rock back and forth, saying, yes, I can do this! Bile, too, at night coming up so that now I have to sleep with several pillows under my head to keep my head elevated. That might help you. I then go into spasmotic coughing to the point it is required for me to use my inhalers (unable to breathe from the bile). Don’t want to alarm you or discourage you, but this had been going on for months for me. I barely have the ability to write this today, but I needed to connect to you so you don’t feel so alone. Hang tough! You can do this too!
      Hugs to you! ~Amy~

      1. Thank you all who responded to my request about body symptoms.
        So nice to know I have company while rocking back and forth!
        Bless you all!!!

    2. i had a sore throat this morning too, even tho that hasn’t happened in a long while. and YES on the jitteriness and heart stuff. at certain times, it takes on these qualities for me. it feels alarming and like something is wrong..

      and this is what actually happened to me last night. hard to breathe, jittery, and like i was losing my mind. i was at a cafe trying to get some writings and papers in order and writing some thoughts down… but my hands would tremble and breath was erratic. my vision was flickering and my mind was c-r-a-z-y. calmed down after a while, but i also noticed that during that time, 3 hours had gone by like nothing. i sat in a cafe for 3 hours, even tho it felt like maybe one hour!

    3. Dear Pupma! Let me just say YES to all of the above. Every night I wake up several times to receive another energy download. They are all different, but always intense. It feels like I have a big lump in my throat. almost to the point of not being able to breathe sometimes, so in order not to panic I have to imagine that I actually breathe through my skin or the top of my head instead of the throat. That helps a lot. The last two nights another interesting thing has started to happen. I usually “see” colors with my third eye during these downloads (my eyes are always closed), but now, I have started to see very intense lights and distinct shapes/objects moving in individual patterns. They make my head hurt, but I am already looking forward to the next round! Has anyone else experienced something similar?
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Aisha, yes! seems things have gotten more visual..? last week, i was lying down, not even sleepy, but these matrix patterns started appearing. this seems similar to what you said, “very intense lights and distinct shapes objects moving in individual patterns.” so the patterns started getting more pronounced and then with lots of color. everything kept shifting and morphing. as soon as i thought i saw an aspect of the patterning, it would morph into something else. it was visual, yet drew me in energetically to where my physical environment was drown out. it was very pleasant, interesting, but relaxing too. it made me feel connected to the “behind the scenes” that i forget about at times. so after it built in intensity, it then made me fall asleep even tho i wasn’t sleepy before it started (maybe i was due for something on the other side). like you Aisha, i was thinking, “gimme more of this!”

        i have seen other things, mostly colors and patterns moving, which usually don’t get as complex as the matrix thing. and also i see pretty blue sparks/ small circles, even in daylight. sometimes as i fall asleep i have white/silvery orbs in my eyes and they are very relaxing. they do a growing and a fading that is very gentle to the eyes. this happens intermittently. but i enjoy this too. i heard orbs are your guides/ other beings showing themselves to you.

        this is a little less related to ur experience, but a few hours ago i was feeling pretty bad, so i lied down and tried to flow the energy out of my aura. i first got in a state where things were muted and my senses dulled, my mind was on hyper drive and i let it run its course. it took a while here to let everything out (i guess is what it was doing). i think what happened was i decided for my awareness to leave earth for a while so that my physical body could do what it needed to with all the energy that was blocking it. so i was “out” for a while and it sounded like muted t.v. in the background the whole time with a bunch of my own mind chatter. but then, something weird happened to where a heard an unmistakeable suction sound and i was “back”, and felt a lot better. but get this! the moment before i was suctioned back into my body, i got an image of a big spoon held before me (like you would hold if you were eating cereal, down below your face). but, in this big spoon were a very distinct image.. a big yellow stripe and underneath it, a big green stripe. not tangible, but energy-stripes. yet very distinct. i saw this right before the huge suction occurred. then i woke up as “me”… and feeling relieved now.

        for anyone who would like to know about this leaving earth thing, i learned it from one of my favorite healers (sarah biermann) and i just remembered to do it tonight. she said when things feel like too much with all these clearings and upgrades, imagine yourself leaving earth through a wormhole in space, and up the dimensions, and merging with the awareness of your higher self. she said imagine seeing earth below you, knowing your body is there and safe. then turn your vision the other direction so you can have your focus off of earth life, and rather on absorbing yourself in source-light. stay here for a while till you feel regenerated. then go back down the imaginary (but real) wormhole. and back into your body.

        when i did it tonight i wasn’t thinking about specifics, like the wormhole or the dimensions. i just imagined going out to hang out with my higher self, buoyantly being as my energy-self for a while. it apparently worked really well and i didn’t even need to intend to come back to myself. but, i did have so much “noise” in my aura that my experience consisted more of muted noise than the basqueing in light. but the fact that my surroundings were muted i think shows that i was not fully in 3d. just chatting so that it helps me make sense of things… maybe you all would like to try this out…


      2. The energy downloads happen every night for me and seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I have seen colours behind my third eye for some time so I guess that’s not new. It feels like a constant series of upgrades and my body ends up feeling like its in a high vibration all over. Not had anything in the throat though. One thing I have done if its getting really intense (quite often) is ‘intend’ to share it with those who may be less sensitive and at some level would like to connect – this feels good. I also offer it up ‘as it were’ to the energy grids surrounding the planet as a kind of thank you. Feeling gratitude throughout the process I find really puts it all in a good place. Hope this helps…

        Re the grounding query – forget who the comment was from now – and you may have tried this already… but if when standing or sat you imagined the light coming down through your crown chakra, down through the spine, out through the feet and spreading out like tree roots of light into the ground and right into the centre of the Earth – I find that often helps my clients. You can even imagine your breath going down this way too… Philip

      3. Hi Aisha
        You have a lovely community here. I have seen the lights/patterns you talk about since childhood. It’s fantastic to see energy in motion and once you understand the patterns you its amazing what can be done with them.
        My ability to sense them is so sensitive I feel them years before they actually hit the planet. The unversial energy currently arriving, although intense and mostly hitting our internal systems is definitely worth going through the process.
        The outward manifestations you talk about in your missive will arrive once the internal journey is complete, just as they describe. I am living it now and have never felt more at home and peace in my life as each piece settles into place.
        Although there is still much missing they arrive for me now almost on a daily basis with minimal effort required on my part other than to continue my inner work and attend that which requires my energy externally.
        For all those going through it now please don’t give up, I understand how frustrating and slow the process can feel at times, it is worth it and part of my current purpose is to be a living example of it 🙂
        From one small light amidst a billion others glowing from within xo

        1. Also it is true what they say about appreciating your internal rewards more than the external manifestations.
          I value what I am receiving now but have found my true value in the journey I went through to get here xo

  11. That made a lot of sense to me – thank you. I haven’t been able to ground properly lately. The old meditation techniques don’t seem to work but I don’t know what new techniques to use. I asked for guidance on this yesterday and today your message pops into my inbox. 🙂 Seeing this time as a passage through the void makes a lot of sense to me and helps me understand my current state.

    1. Suzanne, ditto. Meditation, all I have known, no longer functioning. Grounding? Ah, yeah, right, no can do there either. I’ve been bouncing off my ceiling for almost a week now, maybe longer. I found this message in my email box just now…….I haven’t read the entire message BUT in the scanning of it, this may help many of us here understand what in the world is happening.
      To everyone here, I give all of you hugs and support you as best I can. Barely chugging along myself, yet Love goes a long way and that is what is in my Heart. Hang on. There is only one way for us and that is UP!
      Much Love and many many LightHugs, Amy

  12. LOL you can all say what you want but Today, CC and AISHA are talking DIRECTLY to me! LMAO I am like a day ahead on stuff and yesterday I had my first temper tantrum in a long long time. I literally sat in the car after and screamed at no one in particular (my higher being!) I SO want my life to move forward and GET on with this! Bill Ballard also speaks on the idea that a lot of old gunk is coming up not just clearing our own stuff but WE are helping to clear the old gunk of others and so the down feelings may not even be our own but transmuting the negativity and connections of others and finally finishing the soul contract. Thanks CC…love you tons and love you too Aisha baby! 🙂 Alex

  13. Aisha, Thank you and the CC’s for all your support. I am definately in the Void this past few days. Having more strange energy and bouts of nausea.
    Thankfully the headaches i had most of 2012 are mostly gone now. And sometimes i can almost function. Still having heat flashes mostly at night.
    Love, Crazywolf

  14. Thank you so much Aisha and CC.
    Like a cool drink on a hot day this hits the spot for me.It does go a long way to explaining the “lost” feeling.The old seems vague and the new is just out of reach.Really looking forward in anticipation now.

  15. Thanks so much for this message, aisha and the CC’s. The void is where I feel I am, too detached from the 3D world to take much interest in anything, yet wanting so MUCH to feel connected at a higher vibration. I am doing my best to stay in peace and harmony and welcome the Light. But part of me is impatient to get going again!

    In about 6 weeks, we will be moving into spring in Canada, and I really hope to feel “the ground beneath my feet.”

    I am SO looking forward to seeing you all in 5D!


  16. I feel I have been in the void for the last 2 and a half years! I am ready to connect again, this time, home in the 5th. 🙂

  17. Thank you so much! I have been feeling as though I had gone backwards, with fits of frustration and anger. Feeling like I wasn’t grounded. I thought I’d completely lost it. But this message helps it all make sense to me! Thank you!

  18. Reeboked this on

    “For so long you have been hovering over a seemingly empty void, but now, that void will finally start to be filled with everything you have ever dreamed of coming true. ” missive 217
    ” And remember that you are about to step out of this void shortly, and start to truly connect for the first time in eons.” chapter 260
    full void, out void, a void

    Void, or Shunyata, Buddhist philosophical concept
    Void (law), something that has no legal effect
    Void, a verb used in a medical context to denote excretion
    Void (cards), to have no cards of a particular suit in one’s hand during a card game
    Void is the philosophical concept of nothingness manifested.
    Void, in housing, accommodation without occupancy agreement, without income
    Void (Middle-earth), the part of J. R. R. Tolkien’s cosmology which is uninhabited
    Void (astronomy), the empty spaces between galaxy filaments
    Void, Lack of matter, or vacuum
    Void safety, an issue raised in programming by a reference that is not attached to an object, also known as null reference
    Void, in casting or injection molding, describes a defect where there are empty spaces (air pockets) in a completed part
    Void (fanzine), a major science fiction fanzine
    The Void, a fictional location that the Time Lords called the emptiness between universes in Doctor Who
    Void (band), a Washington, D.C.-based hardcore punk band
    The Void as a cognomen is not easily defined, as the word itself means “empty” or “without content.”
    “The Void” (Star Trek: Voyager), an episode of Star Trek: Voyager
    We Are the Void, a 2010 studio album by Dark Tranquillity

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