The manuscript of survival – part 259

Just a short missive today, as the waves of energy have started to pound harder onto your shores again. For some, this will manifest in some rather intense bouts of nausea and dizziness, so make sure not to force yourself to do more than what is strictly necessary whenever you feel another of these waves starting to gather force. As we have talked about previously, your physical body has become much stronger now, and it can indeed digest far larger quantities of these life-changing energies by now, but that may seem as a small consolation as long as the amount of energy you are being exposed to is increasing along with it. In other words, you get a huge helping every time now, as your appetite for this lifeforce has grown exponentially along with your abilities to digest it.

Still, it will leave a few symptoms of discomfort in its wake, but that is not a case of overindulgence from any side here, neither yours not ours. In other words, even if it will feel less than comfortable at times, you can be certain that you will never be exposed to anything you cannot handle, either physically or mentally. We know that for some this will sound rather unlikely, for they do feel like they are hanging on by their teeth at times, but trust us when we say that your abilities to not only survive, but actually thrive from all of these constant injections of energy is actually far above and beyond your perception of your own limitations.

So again we say just try to breathe into any discomfort that may arise, and do not forget to ask for help in balancing these massive injections should you so need. There are ways to ease the discomfort somewhat, and we will not give away any secrets here if we say that your breathing pattern is deeply involved. So focus on your breath, and ask for assistance from your guides, and do not forget your ally, Mother Earth. She is the best balancer there is, so seek out her assistance, and we think you will find much solace there.

37 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 259

  1. Just laying on my couch with my sweet dog Forest….watching the rain fall… listening to the soft music…calms my soul so much…..Everything is ok….its ok….all ok for now….thankyou out there sweet ones~

  2. OMG! My cats’ fur is standing on end, especially over their spines, like you would see with static electricity. I’ve never seen this phenomenon. Yes, I have seen this, when one gets excited but all of them with no apparent excitement? No. My head feels like it is about to come off, and the song, “Dizzy” is going round and round in my head. Wow! Anyone else feel like they are walking under water with an exploding head, especially the crown area? Starving last night and this morning, now not hungry at all. Speaking of food, my taste buds still are gone. Barely able to keep myself going today and can only do minimal. Pain? Inside I hear a scream, and I have to remind myself to breathe. I have a high tolerance for pain, but when it gets this high, I have a tendency to hold my breath. Would have loved to work out but barely can drag my butt from a prone or sitting position. Hubs is falling apart yet he chose to resist resist resist and I do now believe the bar just went a notch higher. Oh, FYI……he noticed a huge discrepancy with the stock market today with a quote 10 cents off. He reported it and was told never have they seen this. Oh oh………Crumbling crumbling crumbling old matrix……….and the NEW is coming in! Yeah, baby!

  3. The missive and comments today are truly stirring. I thank God for this site and all that I continually glean from being here! I know these energies have been extreme in their intensity lately, for as I write this, I don’t know where I don’t hurt. I have been through this “cycle” many many times and it has everything to do with releasing and cleansing. First the spiritual level, then the emotional/mental (at times for me at least, I am spared the buckets of tears), and then the physical. I just have to be patient, allow the process to unfold, and rejoice mightily when these pains cease. And they shall! Then I go back to my dancing!

    Aisha, again bless you for this missive, and all here who shared, thank you! I could relate to everything you wrote. It makes one feel not so alone. Yet, I must admit, going through the ascension process (es) I no longer feel so alone. There is this Sweet Connection I sense, and with It, such Love radiates from my heart. We truly are becoming One Unity Consciousness.

    With much love and many hugs, Amy

  4. Here is the thing dear ones and if you look deeply at your reactions to the current energies you will get it. Not only CC is speaking about new energy coming in but Sanada and Saul and Jesus and Archangel Micheal are all talking about a big “clearing” happening. This means that things from your past lives that you have no conscious memory of like Miasms in the body (energy wounds) and physical reactions from abuse (yes dearests, I feel those too!) are coming up. Steve Beckow of golden age of gaia (used to be the 2012 scenario) speaks on Vasanas or those beginning energy reactions to extreme stress that lock us into reactionary patterns. I am currently releasing on of the oldest Vasana’s for me that started before my birth! I am releasing layer after layer of hurt and anguish and finally getting to the bottom of an issue that has colored my life for all time and so I am thankful for it! When these things come up, try your best to not project them out on others, but Own your responsibility from a soul perspective for your life. This is all you! Accept the feelings, dig to the bottom of them, like diving to the bottom of the sea and finding an oyster, pry it from its hiding place and bring it to the surface for release. This work MUST be done in order to move higher. This work MUST be done in order for spirit to descend and fill you fuller. It is down and dirty work but it is divine work! I bless you all and send you all love and light for your path and know there is no right or wrong place on the path to be! Do not judge yourself! Does the toddler who is crawling look to the toddler who is walking and say, I am not good enough because I cannot walk? No, he simply strives to do the best he can! We have no clue how many lives someone has dealt with to get them to their level of enlightenment and why do we judge ourselves based on other’s situations? I am where I am, I am happy to be where I am, because it is all me! What a relief! 😛 hugs and thanks blessed CC and Aisha for letting us share and grow in your garden! 🙂 Alex

    1. So beautiful, Alex, thank you for this! Yes, why not be happy? What’s not to love about All That Is? : ) Heather

  5. I for sure felt these energies yesterday as I felt the nausea and dizziness as I went out of the house .Sometimes it is a little hard to deal with , but I know it is all for the good …so hang in there beloved soul ..roew

  6. thank you christie sometimes the comments being more personal are even easier to relate to the next level as it were in relating to the origional report i find them so helpful thank you for posting i haven t lived with my children since they were little and they are big now 35 and 31 and this has always been a big trauma for me especially around xmas and this year i got to do xmas myself for the 1st time since my son was 2 while my daughter was round the corner at her step mum s extremely difficult for me especially as she has nt spoken to me in a year so the intensity of the time since december with all the accension experiences as well and not often enough by any means any one to talk to who understands or is tuneing into these oh so helpful and there are people who understand and are going through this also missives iam truly thankful to you all i will hopefully write more in a bit i just have to do something else a minute x

    1. Linda, i also find what ppl are sharing on here, to be very helpful! yes, very intense emotions they can be as things come up to release. you will get through it, we all will…. love and blessings 🙂

    2. I am sorry, dear Linda. My heart is with you and with your children. Let’s not forget the stepmum who also needs our love. We are will be reunited one day, for sure.
      Thank you for sharing. Big Hug.

  7. Felt “spacey” last night. Also, nauseau after eating one piece of pizza (no topping). I have just a few simple things listed to do in my planner, and I can’t seem to get to them. I would love to be able to go for a walk, but that would be way too strenuous of a task. Discomfort and pain, but deep inside I know it’s getting us closer to where we all want to be. Good luck to all, and thank you Aisha for these messages! XO ~Amanda

  8. Cara Aisha,
    il mio appetito è aumentato ed ero un poco preoccupata dal fatto che in due mesi ho preso 3 Kgr (ero un poco sottopeso!) ma leggendo la tua missiva di oggi in cui si dice anche: “In other words, you get a huge helping every time now, as your appetite for this lifeforce has grown exponentially along with your abilities to digest it.” adesso sono molto più tranquilla … 😉 …
    Ci sono anche altre persone che stanno immagazzinando in questo modo le nuove energie, ovvero con l’aumento del peso corporeo?
    Grazie per tutti gli aiuti che ci date Aisha e C.C.!
    Pace e amore!

    1. Cara Maria Adele! Sì, aumento di peso è molto “normale”, quando il corpo si sta adeguando a tutta questa energia. Inoltre, alterazioni dell’appetito, in modo da non siete i soli a sperimentare tutto questo! Amore e luce, Aisha

        1. Dear Sarah! I speak and write Norwegian and English. I know some French, but all the rest of my “multilingual answers” are thanks to Google Translate.
          Loven and light, Aisha

  9. Thank you 🙂 for this note…

    i knew there was another increase in our process cause a few days ago, i got to the point where i felt i couldn’t settle down. after a bout, i usually look around to distinguish external from internal (still have a problem with shielding), then feel my aura, and ground. but it hasnt been working the last few times, or maybe more like im too out of body and “lost in energy” that i dont know how to come back. i don’t like it.. but hopefully things will get easier very soon. i am majorly resistant after these bouts esp. after the recent butt-kicking increase, but at least my physical duties are so few that i dont have anything to really do anymore that i don’t want to… and life is really easy for me in this regard n im very glad about this…

    i did have 2 downloads last night, rather than the usual one i get. both shocking to the system in ways i have never felt before. wondering if anyone else is on the same page.. but also i am sooo sensitive that i think that it may be the biggest factor as to why i get so whammied by the downloads and i always have been… do we ever fully adjust to this?

    yesterday morning’s download/ clearing was like fear had been released from within my bones and the sensation of spikey-anxiousness was so piercing that i was in a mode of extreme fear/ panic for a while. taking over my whole body/ being, so overwhelming. i just told myself, it’s a big clearing so just breathe. so that must have been the biochemistry created during the physical abuse from my childhood that im clearing at this time, that now i released from my bones. everything that happens to us is both an energy event, and a biological event, im seeing…

    things are undeniable at this point. the “shift of the ages” is fully alive and everywhere… but please oh please go easy on me! g’luck to everyone 🙂

    1. Thank you for posting, Christie. I hear ya on being really sensitive. If I’m around a negative person, my whole body locks up (stiff shoulders, neck pain, acid reflux). Definately have to work on my shielding too. I also wanted to say thank you for suggesting watermelon on your last post to include in the diet. I love watermelon, and I bet that would be easy to eat…and healthy too. Thanks! ~Amanda

      1. thank you Amanda… i know what you mean about being around someone with negative frequencies and the “lock up” that happens. and what you said about wanting to take a walk but it being to strenuous, ditto. all i want to do is to take super good care of my body, but it’s been too much lately. thanks for sharing 🙂

        for anyone else feeling “slumped” which i guess is a lot of us here, i just read an energy report saying that it is slow difficult energy right now (saturn is opposing jupiter, which makes things feel “stuck”, plus disapointment energies after 12-21 are having an effect on us). so it was reminding me to just to do nothing, just be. easier said than done lol.

      2. I have another point of view, although yours is completely true as well. I have been experiencing lots of those symptoms with a person I care a lot about. By myself I do not have them or as often and as painful or strong. He is good though with his hands helping me get rid of the tensions in my upper back (paradox).

        So, my point of view is that maybe it is a sign I am not at the point of being able to express love unconditionally with any and every living being. It is resistance on my side. Resistance to what is, to what the divinity in the other person has chosen to experience for his own evolution, resistance to let go and be the Love that I am, entirely and without thinking how “bad” things are with him often, or how “good” they could be IF he was different. Resistance to let go and be in the now in all the good moments spent together because I keep focusing on what does not work. I need to be with myself most of the time now because of that, when my heart wishes the best for him, for me, for us, together or not but together would be fantastic. I just cannot tell him it is over because it is not over. It is not over with every encounter in my life, it is just the beginning. So my explanation goes for everyone I will meet that will push a button in me, until my only reaction is Love and warm embracing.

        I want everybody to be happy. ^^

        I also feel locked up with some people and it saddens me. Not that I need their appreciation or love, but they sure need mine unconditionally.

        I am ultrasensitive, empath, compassionate. I start with myself, I follow my inner guidance and may the Will of God Be, for the highest good of all, for we are All One, locked up or not, aware or not, loving or not.

        Thank you. Love and Light to you all.

    2. Hi Christie
      Try focusing on boundaries rather than shielding. Define the connection of where you end and the other energy (either from people or otherwise begins) And strengthen it. Worked for me, may help you too.
      Best of luck xox

    3. I so hear you, Christie. Just when I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of my childhood abuse wounding, another layer of truth emerges. It often brings with it uncontrollable weeping and that piercing anxiety you talked about. Plus deep physical aches that so many of us are experiencing. The CCs are right, though, it’s never more than I can handle and I’m happy you’re finding this, too. We are truly lovingly supported in this clearing. We have asked for this acceleration, to see the truth of those remaining darker aspects of ourselves that require our complete acceptance and validation. This is our opportunity to honor and thank those aspects for showing us more of who we are. I get it finally – it’s only by fully embracing the dark that we can fully embrace the lighter aspects of creation we now prefer…and in so doing welcome much sweeter days that are not only ahead but already within. : ))) Much love, Heather

      1. thanks, Therese and Heather… Therese, ive been trying to separate energies of me and the external, but there may be more involved in my case that i didn’t mention, like soul fragmentation is what im thinking. in which, it is much harder not to have outside energies attach to you. oh well, all will be healed in time, and i may be getting a healing session which involves biofeedback, to help my issues with sensitivity and aura stability. thanks for taking the energy to give me your suggestion!

        Heather, thank you for sharing.. acceptance and validation… what i needed to hear… there seem to be so many layers of our early conditioning that we are letting go of, and they seem to be intertwined with past life stuff. i try to dis-identify bc in actuality, NONE of it is ours. just what we took on in all our lifetimes to clear for the planet. so much easier for me to let go of the blame-game when i remember this… thank you sweet Heather 🙂

        1. “NONE of it is ours,” that’s so right on Christie. Thank you for that reminder. And how synchronous your post is…I was just realizing how the stuff we’re letting go from childhood, or from whenever, is tied up with other-lifetime stuff…multiply that by infinity! I agree it is so critical to dis-identify with it all. I look at it all as a huge cosmic play or movie we are all playing our parts in so Consciousness can know more of itself as All That Is. No one to blame in that scenario since we all signed up to play these parts. Thank you and many continued blessings in your healing. : ) Heather

          1. i just really love what you’ve said Heather; and what a synchronicity on the childhood thing!

            what an energy i felt from your blessing on my healing, thank you so very much, you are a beautiful (full-of-beauty) soul and it shines through : ) blessings to you in all ways!

  10. So we did feel this very strongly, and we have to rebalance the areas aroud our heads and around our feet, in order to make it bearable.
    Our dietary habits have changed dramatically also in the last weeks.

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