The manuscript of survival – part 258

You have turned on the light well and truly now, dear ones, and with it, comes the realization that so much is on the verge of changing forever. For the tides have turned, as we have started already, and the wheels of time have started to speed up considerably. At the moment, speed may not be the word foremost on your minds, as now, much seems to have come to a somewhat silent and nonplussing halt.

Let us explain. For many, the month of December was a period of intense activity on so many levels, literally like being swallowed up and into a massive vortex that was spinning ever faster. But now, it is almost like you have been spit out on the other side, into something that seems almost eerily quiet in comparison. But trust us when we say that it only seems like that, for nothing could be further from the truth than thinking you have all been stalled on a sidetrack somewhere far, far away from the action you lived through last month. For now, there is actually even more going on, but again, so much is happening under the radar as it were. And even if some of you get a taste of this newfangled action from time to time, mostly during your nightime and your sleeping cycle, the rest of the time it will seem to be more than a little hush hush. And rightly so, as you have all finished some rather gruelling rounds of energetic upgrading, and as such, too much action is not what you need at the moment. The word we seek to impart into you all today is integration, for that is what you all are in the midst of at the moment.

An old curse says ”may you live in interesting times”. And for many, the all-out onslaught of energies that you receive on a rather regular basis can in many ways be described as a sort of curse, because you get so debilitated at times you a have hard time even trying to function as a human being. But then, when everything seems to quiet down much like it is at the moment, for many, that is even more of a curse. For then they think that they have ”lost it” in some way, and that they have become totally disconnected from it all. So yes, finding a sort of middle ground here between action and ”non-action” is almost impossible. For when the body quietens down after a bout of these energetic ”symptoms”, the mind has a habit of piping up with all sorts of suggestions. And, as many of you know, the mind has a habit of suggesting that things are amiss, has it not? In other words, when the body is less under siege from these energetic upgrades, the mind has a way of making itself heard. So now, in this strange but at times very quiet period, many will start to doubt themselves in new ways. And even if they deep down KNOW that they are just where they are supposed to be, it is easy to start to think too much.

So again, we repeat the same mantra of stop trying to DO so much, thinking or otherwise, and just BE. And know that all is well and you are just in a sort of short recreational period in order for your system to be better able to integrate this enormous amount of energy and information you have acquired these last few weeks. For it is nothing short of amazing, but it is also a rather large handfull for your system, so just be patient. And know that under the surface, there is no such thing as a lull in the proceedings. Far from it, for now, it is indeed full speed ahead, and we are all working hard and fast in order to keep up with your abilities to jump ahead. For that is what you are all doing dear ones, pulling ahead in quantum leaps to use a phrase you will be familiar with. And just as in that exciting, but oh so strange world of quantum relativity, there is no way of knowing just what will happen next. Well, for us, there are no secrets or surprises lurking ahead, but for you, the next step is not something you can envisage with any clarity. And rightly so, as then you would probably not believe it anyway. So again we say just stay the course, and relish the small breathers you get, for time is indeed short before you get the next push ahead.

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  1. Muchísimas gracias Amy, Sarah…Habéis hecho que mi día empiece con más luz.
    Gracias a todos por hacerme sentir esta unión estando físicamente tan lejos..
    Margarita, no te sientas sola, todos estamos en el camino y aunque el proceso es duro, Dios ha puesto a nuestro alcance herramientas como esta para guiarnos mejor y recibir tanto amor y comprensión como aquí podemos leer, para mí en este momento es fundamental para continuar y entender mejor el proceso que yo misma no sé como explicar. No soy yo la que pueda aconsejar nada, pero intentando aplicar lo que nos dice Aisha de que todo está bien aunque nosotros no lo veamos, hace un poco menos dura nuestra insistencia en cargarnos con culpas inexistentes. Cada vez funciona más y más, así lo siento y espero que siga mejorando.
    Mucho amor para vosotros

  2. I continue to feel grateful for the connection to this pond here and also continue to marvel at the expansion of this as well as the growing intimacy that is present. Today I am particularly helped by hearing from members and the CC’s that I am not alone nor off track by having my mind re-create it’s stories about the need to hurry up and get going yet I have no clear direction ..yet. And my body has not assimilated the energies yet as to be anywhere near quasi-functional….yet. I remain humbled that I still struggle with the tension between what I intuitively know and what my egoic mind tells me about my soul journey. So thank you all for helping me reconnect with the truth.
    Oh, food? I guess we are going through some massive changes.

  3. Oh My God, What a relief it is to read your missive, Aisha!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    Your words always resonate with ‘US’ here, and keeps us ‘In Check’, as to what’s really coming down. Feel so blessed by the CC’s and You, Aisha….!!
    Love to All, on our ‘Journey Home’!!! xxx A & Z

  4. Someone mentioned being dizzy. I have been getting dizzy too. It started about 2 weeks ago when I sat up in bed around 3:00am. I was about to stand up to go the the restroom but the room was spinning like I have never seen before. My first thought was a vortex…like I woke up in the middle of something important happening while my body slept. Then I thought again and wondered if I was getting my sons flu. Well, I never got sick at all but the dizzy spells still continue every time I sit up or lie down. I believe this is part of the ascension process but I am still taking precautions just in case it’s something else…like maybe dehydration for example.

    But getting back to Aisha’s post; This one really hit home for me. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling. I’m grateful for the break from the misery but there’s a part of me that wants to keep pushing forward. There’s also that doubting part of me that thinks there’s something wrong if I don’t have a constant flow of new energies. The new energy burns as it arrives so I have to remind myself to just relax and enjoy the pause.

    Thank you!

  5. Leo Full Moon: Time to Size Up Where You Are.
    The full moon of Leo whispers to be still in the joy lingering around you, yet question your true purpose at this time with the opposition to the Aquarian sun. Aquarius is the sign of the individual within the collective. So as the moon being in the sign of inner voices and nurturing the individual, we have come to the part of the year to recenter into our inner truth and listening to those whispers of the dreams and possibilities. It is a time where we realize if we are truly keeping our words to ourselves with the New Year resolutions or letting it all slide…once again. And where else are we letting it slide? This is also a planet alignment about relationships…with self, in intimate and sexuality healing time, in health, in career and those around us. Where are we letting our self down again? Or are we standing up and doing it right? Are we focusing on the positive things in our lives or questioning others for the space we are restlessly allowing ourselves to be in? This is in all areas of our lives. How are we keeping our power or giving it away? Answers are available with in the stillness and silence where the heart sings, especially with the magic of the Leo moon. Leo, the ruler of the sun, the self and the feminine energies of nurturing and presence; this is the time to look at our relationships, our jobs, diet, exercise or the lacking in any of these areas and find the truth… heal and move into new patterns, habits and realizations of the possibilities of impossibilities happening now. Asking questions to self and the Soul… where am I off? Where am I right on the path? You may be surprised at what you hear within your dreams. Dreams are becoming more vivid and telling as the subconscious is screaming out for the change to happen… peacefully or not. It will happen. The easy road or the mud; it is going to happen and although most of us don’t like changes, it is for our highest good and the good of the all. So listening to the sun and moon dancing to your heart’s tune will get you back on track. It is a sweet song of the soul whispering to you… to focus on the truth, understand the people around you may not be working in your favorite and it is time to let go, trust the better times are ahead. Take the time to listen, understand, and reflect before you act… so you don’t make the same lessons return to learn again. Open your mind and manifest your heart’s desire by releasing the clinginess of wanting what you want now. Dive into your uncertainty and see what you are doing because of it. Who are you because of those unknowns you have to know before or keep close? Remember the saying from Mark Twain… “Don’t make someone a priority, if you are an option.” No one needs to be used that way. It serves the ego, not your path. If you know the truth, follow what it tells you to go and do. It will save you in the end of things. The planets are lining up for miracles to happen quickly or sharply. It is up to you to go with the flow or hit the rock in your stream. Stop hurting yourself. You are worth so much more than you think. Act with the knowing with the unknowing factors and you will come ahead with healing nurturing yourself and all…for the highest good in the now moment. ~jv/jh
    ShareThis Published Saturday, January 26, 2013 5:29 AM by JennVirginia

    1. Ohhhhhhhh, yes, this is right on! “NURTURE” is what I kept “hearing”! We truly are becoming One Mind. How glorious to see this! Hugs, Amy who prefers to flow rather then hit the rock in the stream…….

      1. Oops, I was SO excited about what you posted that I forgot to thank YOU! (((HUGS))) to you for posting this! ^^Amy^^

  6. Me gustan mucho tus mensajes, Aisha, porque me ayudan a continuar…bueno… no siempre. A veces me siento identificada con lo que dicen, como últimamente que hablan de lo decepcionados que nos sentimos algunos después del 21 de diciembre.

    Pero, yo sólo parezco coincidir con la mayoría de los que escriben en lo negativo (los síntomas, el ánimo cambiante). Yo no he conseguido experimentar presencias, sensaciones maravillosas de amor.

    ¿Acaso me estoy equivocando y no estoy viviendo el mismo proceso que vosotros?


    1. Querida Margarita! Por favor, sepan que no están solos en esto, como usted tal vez puede ver en los comentarios de este blog. Esta parte del viaje está lleno de emociones extremas, y nunca sabemos lo que viene después. Sólo tenemos que recordar que todo está bien, incluso cuando parece que todo está mal. Como un compañero inseparable decir: sólo mantener la calma y estar centrados, y no pensar demasiado. Eso no es fácil, lo sé por mi propia experiencia, pero sólo tenemos que confiar en que todos estamos en el camino que es la correcta para nosotros.
      El amor y la luz, Aisha

  7. maybe, maybe not
    but it looks to me that Nancy and the Zeta’s have finally admitted your existence.

    I quote

    “the alien presence is driven by the Council of Worlds and the billions of aliens that have arrived in Earth’s vicinity to assist”

    I do wish they would cease to be, so snarky.

  8. Ahhh, the reboot/ebb in time. What I find interesting is I “thought” that during these periods we would all be “able” to do all the little things we normally did unconsciously to pass our days like do laundry and sweep. LOL not! I have found I still have to follow my heart and do what feels right and if that means no dishes done, then oh well! 😉

    hugs and thanks for all you do Aisha and CC! Alex

  9. I got in my dream this old guy saying about he has got hes dark times too and bla bla bla and I was naked on a table and wondered what the fuck is happening and suddenly was paralyzed and felt people rushing into my house. I mean come on in the relams can you please be more quieter?!? And I was released to go forward just witnessing my rooms go by and go to the “tools”. I saw a sign saying “forward drive”. Man it was quiet. I was about to make noise with the fixing tools but layed them down. No physics, no regret, just freedom there. I asked for the sight of my soul before going to sleep. Don’t know what it means but the words just came to my mind.

  10. En mi primera intervención aquí solo puedo deciros que prefiero expresarme en mi idioma que es como me siento más cómoda.
    Únicamente puedo expresar gratitud….
    Es tan reconfortante esperar cada día a leer este blog y tener el resultado siempre mejor de lo esperado. Aquí dejo de sentirme sola con todos vuestros comentarios que definen a la perfección cada uno de los síntomas que estoy teniendo en este momento.
    Aisha cada día es como si estuvieras a mi lado y describieras cada uno de mis días en este proceso, sabes describir al milímetro cosas que no sé expresar con palabras hasta el momento en que me sumerjo en estas líneas y me reconforta el día.
    Gracias, muchas gracias de corazón.

    1. Emma, so wish I knew how to speak and write in Spanish. I read your reply in English. Your thoughts are beautiful! Love, Amy

      1. ~Love to you Amy~
        I’ve tried replying to your comment multiple times, but it’s not working,lol..
        But, I posted about the full moon and what it represents.
        Hope this helps all of us.

      2. Dear Amy,

        Our dear Emma is saying that she prefers to express herself in her language, it is easier for her. All she can express is gratitude. She looks every day forward to reading Aisha’s blog and getting even more than she was expecting. She does not feel alone anymore knowing about everyone’s symptoms, which she is experiencing at the moment. She feels like Aisha is at her side, assisting her every day in the process, describing at best what she cannot do herself, until she reads this blog and integrates the words. She then feels comforted for the day. Of course she is thanking her very much, from her heart. ^^

        1. Sarah, your interpretation of Emma’s words brought tears to my eyes. I read her words through the translator, yet, you spoke from heart, as did Emma. Thank YOU for interpreting her words speaking from heart. The LOVE that is radiating from this site is Brilliant and Pure. Aisha, what you are doing here, or what is unfolding here, is because of who you are. A Piece of Heaven………
          Much love to you and Emma on this Glorious Brand New Day! ~Amy~

          1. Muchísimas gracias Amy, Sarah…Habéis hecho que mi día empiece con más luz.
            Gracias a todos por hacerme sentir esta unión estando físicamente tan lejos..
            Margarita, no te sientas sola, todos estamos en el camino y aunque el proceso es duro, Dios ha puesto a nuestro alcance herramientas como esta para guiarnos mejor y recibir tanto amor y comprensión como aquí podemos leer, para mí en este momento es fundamental para continuar y entender mejor el proceso que yo misma no sé como explicar. No soy yo la que pueda aconsejar nada, pero intentando aplicar lo que nos dice Aisha de que todo está bien aunque nosotros no lo veamos, hace un poco menos dura nuestra insistencia en cargarnos con culpas inexistentes. Cada vez funciona más y más, así lo siento y espero que siga mejorando.
            Mucho amor para vosotros

            1. Emma, my Sister, you put more Light into my Day with your Presence and words to me. Mucho gracias! Mucho Amour! (I think I just wrote much in Spanish and Love in French!) Many many hugs, knowing we are One, Amy

              PS I have always Loved the Romantic Languages and of late, been wanting to know how to speak them! They are SO much more then English, which I find to be “flat”.

          2. I was thinking I had thanked to Aisha as well, which I didn’t. I’m so sorry, of course many many thanks to Aisha to being able to connect all of us in this Glorious site, I’ll be gratefull forever. God bless you.
            Hopefully even languages can not separate us anymore…There is no language flat enough to not link so beatiful souls like all of you
            Millones e infinitas gracias Amy, again. I’m sure if you want to learn my language you gonna do it very well. In my case, sorry for mistakes
            Amor y Luz para todos

  11. Truly, once again, spot on with how I am feeling generally… although this time feels anything but ‘recreational’ but more like going through a kind of endless marathon with breathers to eat and sleep… and somehow even sleep doesn’t really give me much actual rest, as apparently we continue our work while in the sleep state. I for one feel like I would love a bit of R&R, though haven’t the foggiest how to get any. Anway, thanks as always, Aisha and CC… of everhthing I read regularly your messages seem the closest to my heart and experience. Blessings and namaste, Leigh

  12. Thank you again, Aisha. It’s so wonderful and comforting to hear these validating words.

    Amanda- yes, the boxing ring and stiff neck– I completely know what you’re talking about. Like right now.

    I don’t seem to know how to quiet my “let’s get moving” mind and just BE right now. Whether I like it or not, I’m feeling that I need to be out and about in my community instead of being the hermit that I’ve been for the past 10 years. Events seem to be pulling me in and putting me in these positions where I need to be more visible, speak my words. All the while, my body feels like I just finished a boxing match.

    I was not one who expected the world to change overnight on Dec. 21, but I was kinda sorta hoping that our bodies would be more adapted to receiving and integrating these energies after Dec. 21. However, I see it’s a continuing process.

    Aisha, what a wonderful community has gathered here. I’m enjoying their company. Thank you.

  13. Thank God for you, Aisha! Oh my goodness these certainly are “interesting times.” I’ve been (my mind has been) berating myself for not doing this, not doing that, not moving into another space, etc. etc. I’m so grateful for your description of this period of time so perfectly!! “A somewhat silent and nonplussing halt…. eerily quiet…on a sidetrack somewhere far, far away from the action…. more than a little hush, hush.”

    Just BRILLIANT!! And I feel so relieved reading your words. And BTW, “during your nighttime and your sleeping cycle,” was also a welcome point. My dreams have been bizarre. I don’t recognize the people or places or incidents at all and I wake up a little disoriented and grumpy! I definitely feel “out of time” and “out of place.” It’s as if everything is dust around me, I don’t connect to it anymore and I don’t want to be where I am but I don’t “see” where else I should be. I’m grateful for your saying that we’re all exactly where we’re meant to be. Once again, your beautiful post is spot on and just what I (and likely what EVERYONE) needed to hear. Bless you and thank you unceasingly. Happy Weekend, xo, Kat

    1. “It’s as if everything is dust around me, I don’t connect to it anymore and I don’t want to be where I am but I don’t “see” where else I should be.”
      Well Said…Ditto! ~Amanda

      1. Hello sista’! So glad you feel the same way, Amanda. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have to remind myself that I’m exactly where I should be….. wherever that is!! 😉 LOL!

  14. I am not satisfied with the latest missives. Other start to feel this too.
    There is much talk much about energy boosts and updates. Very nice, but how can one verify these injections? The division or watershed has not found many friends either.
    Yes the energies after the 2012 hyperia have come to a halt. January is on the other hand always a quit month. We have minus degrees that are cold on every measuring scale. Everythings are stiff like cream on a birthday cake.
    Fine that the CC( corps consulaire) have knowledge about our future.
    What else can we do to stay the course, if there is no clou how to change
    the direction anyway. In the industrial fun society world we live in, how can we undo our doing? Stop preparing meals, refuse going to work, stop washing ourselves, stop shoveling snow, stop writing unasked answers in the bloggoshpere?
    In Gefahr und großer Not
    Bringt der Mittelweg den Tod.
    “finding a sort of middle ground here between action and ”non-action” is almost impossible.” See?
    Tides are turning, that´s what they do.
    Wheels get faster that´s what they do.
    Integration, well this concept has never convinced me, am I a Boa Constrictor?
    You have done a great job, but now that the rest of the world can read your survival hints in even Kisuaheli, the content gets washed out
    and undefined uninspired. It starts to feel like salusa, the never ending prosperity is yours and soon and yawn and selamat falun.

    Man-like is it to fall into sin,
    Fiend-like is it to dwell therein;
    Christ-like is it for sin to grieve,
    God-like is it all sin to leave.

    Sin. (Sinngedichte, published c. 1654).

  15. I know the strength of being as that has been my path for the past while. I feel the excitement in my heart, which is jumping up and down with joy while my body moves in molasses and takes its needed rest. I love the knowing that is so strong now, the peace that I feel. What a time! The excitement of Christmas and all the holidays combined is a faint feeing compared to the tsunami of love that I feel approaching. Anchoring in the peace waves with love. Thank you Aisha

  16. As usual, Aisha, these missives are so inspiring. “Stop trying to DO so much, thinking or otherwise, and just BE” — what great advice, given these current conditions. It seems there is always someone writing about “10 things to do to accomplish…” something or other. Message: try harder, do more. No doubt, they mean well, but really, we ARE where we need to be, even if it may be a bit tough more often than we like. Even then, we have each other’s support and love. This love (and we the loving and loved) are creating a new world. What more could one want or ask?

    On another note: I have read your postings from front to back and am very grateful for what is being given. There has, interestingly, been a noticeable, but subtle shift in the sophistication of the language used. I am intrigued by this. I hope you don’t mind my curiosity in asking, “have you noticed this?” In this change, there seems to be a deeper sense of connection to the CC. Fascinating.

    1. Dear Joseph! Yes, the “voices” coming through from The constant companions have changed over time. As you maybe know, they are a group of beings, and I have been introduced to “new members” from time to time. Their energy, choice of topic and especially use of words vary. Some of them seem to “pop in” for just one message now and then, but others come through for longer periods. I never know who it will be from day to day, and I never know what the topic of the day is beforehand either. I have been told that they feel it is important to present themselves as a collective so that I do not get too attached to any one of them, and they always tell me when a new “voice” will connect with me. Some of them have a very intense energy, it’s like I cannot write fast enough, and they want me to post the message as fast as possible. Others are much more “quiet”, in fact, sometimes it is so quiet when I sit down to connect it feels like there is no one there. But there always is :–). I have certainly learned a lot of English doing this work, for they have a much larger vocabulary than me. Some of them have a very old fashioned or even poetic way of expressing themselves, while others are almost strict and very formal. I certainly spend more time correcting mistakes and checking out the spelling of words that are unfamiliar to me than taking down the actual message. I just write any unknown words as I “hear” them, so it is quite a challenge at times to find out how to write it. So yes, I also think it is very fascinating and almost surreal at times (let me change that to VERY surreal!) – and certainly something I never ever thought I would be doing at all! It gives me so much joy to see how the words that I channel touch the hearts of so many others, and it is so amazing to see how these messages have connected us all in a way that I could not even dream of :–). I am so glad I am not that “normal person” with a “normal job” that I used to be!
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Thanks, Aisha. I too am glad that you are not a “normal person” with a “normal job.” I truly hope the CC’s know how much we appreciate their missives and that you know how much we appreciate your efforts in bringing these words to us.

  17. whew, am i glad to read this one.. i started thinking something might be wrong bc it felt like a panic attack and i wanted to cry for “no reason”- which rarely happens for me.. also dizzy waves took over me and i “saw” silver blobby bubbles circling n coming into me which stopped my thoughts for a while and felt good but dizzy- did anyone else have this at all? how weird!

    also wondering if we had 2 downloads last night instead of the usual one that i usually have. cuz i felt two, maybe we’re on an even faster track now… it’s getting weirderrrrrr lol

    1. My headaches are back. I wouldn’t say I have fatigue, but I’m less active than usual. The stillness suits me for the moment. Feeling ‘out of sorts’ with great anticipation. Just BEing. Enjoying the big snowflakes that are falling on the trees. Smiling with family. One meal a day suits me with maybe a healthy snack or two. Can’t do coffee anymore and meat makes me gag. Also, dairy makes me gag. Vegan it is. My dreams seem so ‘real’ and are often the products of what I was thinking during the day. When I wake up I feel ‘extra’ tired. My neck is very stiff. I always wake up like somebody left my body in a boxing ring. ~Amanda

      1. Amanda, more stillness and more “symptomatic” right now it seems 🙂 appetite changes too, i saw you mention a juice fast and im thinking of doing one too… boxing ring haha i know it too well 🙂

        1. You know, I used to do juice fast with no problem. I would lose weight and feel so energized. I have tried a few times to do a juice fast over the last year or so and I end up having to stop after half a day. Not due to hunger, but it doesn’t agree with me anymore. Not sure how to describe it, but I get stomach pain and it feels too “acidic” or something now. I’m okay with it, but I did give it a try last week. You never know, you may be able to do it with ease. Good luck if you try it out. 🙂 ~Amanda

          1. interesting, Amanda.. bc i noticed the same.. i used to do juice fasts and then in 2012 it was much harder, thought it was my imagination or i was just feeling funky for another reason.. but yes for me the acidic thing too, plus maybe just too sensitive to go on no food. even tho i thrived on it before. i was hoping it would be different now so who knows, maybe a water fast? maybe a watermelon fast since it might be more soothing than acidic. and i think i remember somewhere saying watermelon will clean out all organs in addition to giving a very good intestinal cleanse.. thank you for mentioning it, too foggy-headed to make clear thoughts by myself right now lol and i appreciate the comments for giving me some more momentum.. and really interesting too that others are feeling the same type of things.. 🙂

      2. Haha!!!

        I cannot stomach meat anymore either, Amanda!! I didn’t eat very much meat to begin with, just organic chicken a couple of times per week, but just in the last 5 days have tried to eat it and cannot!!! Perplexed as to how to get enough protein. Lol

        I usually have at least one fresh juice per day. Beet, carrot, celery, apple, and ginger. But I have been eating only one solid meal per day for a few months except when around the upgrades. Either I can’t eat enough, or I can eat nothing at all.

        Definitely ‘saw’ downloads last night while drifting off to sleep. The other day I saw what looked to be a HUGE crystal drop in from the sky down into my solar plexus and I swear I felt it for a moment.

        What a wonderful place to be. So much gratitude!!!

        Everything’s changing!!!



        1. Phoenix and Christie and Amanda, hugs to all of you!

          Things are getting weirder? Still unsure if my neck is attached to my head at this point and still not so present. Yet, what happened last night and into this day, was a phenomenon I have as yet to experience. Not sure what actually happened either……

          Yesterday morn I woke up feeling like a kid at Christmas. Nothing out of the norm happened. If anything, I got whacked with 3D junk and had to focus on staying High Vibe. I was reading one of my spiritual books last night while eating dinner. I came to a passage in the book describing this heart rendering event in a man’s life that I immediately felt immense Compassion for. I stopped reading and just closed my eyes, sending that man Love.

          As I was sitting there, a Presence emerged into the room, an Unseen Presence, but one radiating Pure, Absolute Love. IT came in slowly, built to a crescendo, peaked, stayed for honestly I don’t know how long, then slowly retreated. Was I breathing? Don’t remember. Was my heart beating? Don’t remember. All there was in those Moments, was LOVE and only LOVE.I sat there stunned to my core, drinking in this Vibration that I recognized as my Twin, Home, Source, and I just wanted to hang on Forever. When I felt IT beginning to leave, I started saying, “Please, No, stay, don’t leave!”

          I was dazed. I sat there for I don’t know how long. Every cell in my body and is right now, humming to the Intensity of Pure Love that I basked in. Oh My God. A Presence illumined my Being with Total, Absolute Love. To feel that Love, to be vibrating with that Love, words escape me. Oh, they honestly just escape me.

          I awoke this morn feeling as though I had not even slept. BUT, it wasn’t the battle weary fatigue. This was floating in a Sea of Bliss, of Utter Peace, and me not in any way able to function, fatigue. With super human effort, I got out of bed to do the mandatory things that had to be accomplished and as soon as I could I crawled back to bed. There all day, I have just been basking in Love, Peace, just hovering it seemed over my bed. Download after download occurred as well, and as soon as I came back to down to Earth, Up I went again.

          I managed again to get out of bed at 3pm to again do what I had to do. I deliberately cleared my head in the icy blast of Winter that is here and as the minutes tick by, I feel more balanced and more with it.

          Speechless, rocked to my core (again) although this time, a Holy Presence came to me. I wanted to see this Presence but I was told just to FEEL It and open my High Heart to it. Ohhhhh, I had NO problem doing that, for I was immersed in my Truth of Who I Am. I don’t understand what is happening, but I am writing what I am here because this Energy that is coming in, is truly changing ALL That Is.

          I wish I could have given more detail, but words are failing me. I also saw Bright Blue Lights today, that usually show up when something “big” is about to happen. Holy Moly. To return to the Love I experienced last night, is the ONLY thing I truly desire!

          With all my love, Amy

            1. Sarah, I do NOT know how I am still in body. The downloads (uploads) have not ceased this day. Love, Amy

          1. Oh my gosh, I felt them too this morning!!!
            And what a beautiful story you shared Amy.. Thank you
            I woke up with such clarity today. I had been stressed for 2 days, thinking how I needed to be eating better,quit smoking,work out, blah,blah blah..
            If I start comparing myself to someone else, it’s all downhill,lol..
            I sometimes forget that we are all divine and exactly where we’re supposed to be. I felt such gratitude and peace this morning and then during the afternoon when more intense waves hit.. I love those times, b/c I just embrace them and ride them out..
            Throw out the control and surrender to source/soul..
            I’m really enjoying the energies of this full moon too. I’ve always had an infinity to the moon. Such beautiful/magical times..

            1. You have no idea how needed your words were. OMG. I “shared” my experience with my husband this evening, and it went flying right over his head. No comment. No reaction. Did you even HEAR me??? I am still shaking inside with what all happened. Where am I? Where is he? I have been seeing him go further and further away from me……..What little connection there was, is null and void. I’m High Soprano and he is oh so low bass alto.

              I just spent the last 2 hours questioning my sanity and asking myself why am I the one who has these off the walls experiences? How “nice” it would be to be “normal” or maybe even “human” for a few moments. Hmmmmm..Maybe on second thought… thank you! I was even thinking maybe I “died” last night and have slipped into my New Body today. The only other place I felt Total Absolute Love was with my NDE in 1984. Could some of us possibly right now be “dying” to our old life and being born into our New?

              Yes! The Full Moon is stunning tonight and more then likely the reason for these intense powerful waves. My face just about froze to my parka hood as I stood outside looking UP, mesmerized by Her beauty. Don’t know about you, but today was exceptional to say the least when it finds me down for the count and hovering above my bed! I don’t stop…….Action in Motion stopped today.

              (((HUGS))) right back to you!!! I am so OUT TO LUNCH I think your name is Jess……forgive me if I am mistaken. If it is now, know we are sisters and that I Love you! Hang on……..the Ride of Our Lives still is not ended. Where’s the handle bar???? LOL (trying) Amy

              PS You are LOVED just the way you are NOW. Give yourself an embrace, look into your eyes in the mirror, and see your Perfection.

          2. Amy,

            For some reasons my heart tells me it would be nice if we could spend some time together. Can you meet me this night, God knows where? lol.

            In November of 1994 I experienced Absolute Love a whole night long. I was Love, I was loved, and I loved. The color pink was everywhere and I heard a bit of music before I woke up in the morning. At night I would wake up often but I always remained “asleep” within the Love and the Pink. There were no expectations, I was in the eternal Now, I was not excited, I WAS, simply. I will never forget that night. Unfortunately, I do not remember how I felt the day after.

            Another experience I had in 1996 was with Brother Sun. I was on my way to a spiritual gathering. I was sitting in the bus and looking at the Sun, as I have been doing since 1993. At one point I turned my eyes towards the entrance where a lady was coming in. There was a blur from the Sun, yellow. Then it happens. The blur separated in three little golden hearts in a triangle and then joined to form a big golden heart which moved up in spirals and stopped. I was like in a trance. I will never forget that one either. Love message from the Sun acknowledging my love for It. I had other experiences too, of course, like you all do. We have more than we believe.

            Isn’t it amazing what we can experience when we are in a state of gratitude, self-love and love for our outside woeld? The more I read about other people’s experiences and about our ability, now, to bring new ones to manifestation makes me want to play with the magic and start being serious about it.

            1. Sarah, your stories are amazing! In reading your words I realized that yesterday as I was hovering all day over my bed, I was still experiencing the Love that Immersed me the night before. There was no “thought” only BEing Love, Peace, and Utter Contentment. The intensity was so strong that I honestly could not function and when I had to, it was a super human effort on my part. I managed to read the missive yesterday morning, and also tried to help Aisha with the translations. Looking back, I don’t know how I even was capable of doing that much.

              I too look at the Sun and feel such Absolute Love from It. I’ve been told I will go “blind” by looking at the Sun. I hushed those outer voices. These past few months, the Sun has been SO bright, I have had difficulty looking at It. Not too sure if it is from the slant leaning far South, or if It’s brilliancy has increased. Looking at the Sun has increased by ability to “see”, to “feel”, to “know”.

              Thank YOU for sharing your experiences. Sarah, these are the types of things of which you spoke of, I have the ability to “see”, even as a child, yet this world DID it best to convince me I was “crazy”. I had the interchange with my husband last evening to (again) bring me to my Truth, bring me back to my Center, and walk with confidence that no matter what others say who do not understand, I am who I am. Simple. And no one can take that Truth from me unless I allow them.

              I did not read your message until this morning. I want you to know that I woke up feeling such happiness as though I had been with a very good friend. I believe it is possible we were together last night, getting reacquainted and exchanging Life Stories. (((HUGS))) Your Intention brought forth a Divine Appointment in which the two of us met and laughed until we could laugh no more! GRIN!

              Dear God! The Peace and Love that is is evident in the very air we breathe is Priceless! I am so glad I volunteered to be here Now, even though for years, I questioned why I would be in a world who refused to know Love.

              Peace, Love, and Joy in my embrace to you, Sister. ~Amy~

            1. Hi, Linda! This Event just happened. I didn’t ask for it (not that I know of), and in fact, I was “silly” earlier that morning. I woke up feeling like a kid at Christmas, and I said to “Self”, “OK, I want such and such”, making a game of the silliness I felt. I in no way did I expect Love Incarnate to show up in my home! I believe if I hadn’t been sitting, my knees would have given out. The Absolute Holiness I felt around me was HOME. Could it be I had this experience to know I am Spirit, and in telling this “story”, it will remind you as well that you are Spirit? LOVE is All There Is.

              Still, as I write this, even though I feel more settled and at least standing, the “after effects” are still resonating. Between this Event and the downloads yesterday, I think I jumped up a few ascension stairs, not just one. Things are unfolding rapidly with a Captial R!

              I’m reading a book written in 1930 that describes exactly what is occurring NOW. Wow! It truly is possible for us to ascend when our Inner World reflects our Outer World. Incredible!

              With Love, with Light, and with many hugs, Amy

        2. Dear Pheonix and everyone,

          Try Mung (also named Moong) beans sprouts. They are very good, full of protein and vitamins, live, easy to digest, and it takes only 5 days to germinate. Good in vegan sandwiches with any vegetables or on pasta. Try other sprouted beans and grains, mix them and you will have all the proteins you need. Complete proteins are a mix of complete grains and fatty grains (nuts, linen, sesame, safflower and sunflower) or complete grain and legumes).

          1. Sarah, thank you! The sprouts are something I have considered several times but just haven’t taken the steps yet. I will purchase a sprouting kit today.


            Follow up note: Last night before leaving work I took two bites of organic dark chocolate- a gift- not high in sugar content but that tiny bit lent me to become nearly lethargic after arriving home. Sat slumped over at the kitchen table for over an hour.
            The food sensitivity is really amazing and surprising.

            Thank you again for the suggestion!


          2. Thank you, Sarah, for these suggestions. I supplement with protein powder every day, because like you, I gag with meat. Beans as well, are very high in protein, so I eat a lot of those. Love the sprouts, and I thank you for “reminding” me. I totally forgot about them. Now I again have that knowledge to put to good use!
            Much love, Amy

            PS Phoenix, IF my love of chocolate leaves (I eat semi-sweet chocolate morsels)……hmmmm……come to think of it, my “craving” for chocolate doesn’t even seem to be there anymore. Interesting.

  18. Hi Aisha
    I have just written something similar this morning myself regarding BEing. It is great to see the same message around the place … Unity Consciousness. Wonderful.
    Much Love and Thanks

  19. Thank you my dear Aisha and Constant Companions. I am trying to take it just one day at a time. I am so thankful for all the love and protection that I receive. I send my love onto the Cosmos.

  20. Hello all! I just wanted to extend my gratitude to all of you who help to share these messages. The manuscript of survival is being posted on so many websites around the globe, and I am very grateful for that. But most of all, I want to thank all of those incredible people who take the time to translate these messages into their own language in order to make them even more accessible for others who are not so fluent in English. Some of you have already been in touch with me, so I have been able to thank you personally. But to the rest of you, I want to send you all a heartfelt thank you. What an amazing labour of love you all do! And thank you to Luisa for sending me the links to these translations, and for initiating new ones. I will post links to the different translations on the Links-page. So far, the list is as follows:


    Again I want to say thank you to all of those involved in spreading these messages to others, whether in the original form or by translating them. If there are other translations out there that I am not aware of, I would be very grateful if you could send me a link to them so I can include them on the list.
    Love and light, Aisha

    1. Aisha, two languages that came up immediately that I did not see on the list, are Italian and Spanish. And then, there are so many dialects in Africa as well that I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that one! I wish I had the translation links for you. I am hoping someone else does. The World as large would benefit from these missives. As of today, I will “put that thought out to the Universe” and know that the ball is rolling! Love to you on this New Day, Amy

      1. Not quite sure if this would help out, Aisha. I didn’t download it.

        Every missive brings Harmony to my Soul. I too have been hearing “this is the rest period after one very long and arduous assignment”. Having many dreams being with very large groups of people as if reuniting. On the physical level today, this body just is craving sleep to soak up the Love that is gently embracing it. This period reminds me of coming to the end of an extremely challenging period of Life, realizing it is finished, and then just dropping with sheer relief.

        I hold so much gratitude in my heart for what you are doing here.
        With much Love, Amy

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