The manuscript of survival – part 257

The tides have turned for so many of your brethren now dear ones, and you are no longer the solitary islands dotting this vast sea of humanity. In fact, if you look closely, you will see how your neighbourhood is starting to get more and more populated by likeminded souls. Let us explain.

As we have touched upon earlier, these massive injections of light will have their effect not only on you, the early risers as it were, but also on the whole congregation. In other words, no being alive on this planet today will go through this untouched by the finger of grace, and as such, your numbers will vastly multiply in the time ahead. That does not mean that you will feel as if immersed in a veritable deluge of friendly souls from one day to the next, far from it, but you will notice a steady increase in the corresponding vibration you will detect in the people you meet. In other words, be prepared to literally tune into more than a few sympathetic souls in the time ahead, but be also prepared to meet more deaf ears around you.

You see, this is indeed a watershed, but all of humanity is still ruled by the edict of free will, and as such, it is up to each and every one whether they will listen to these new notes in the air or whether they will continue to turn away from this alluring new tune. But if they do, you will not be able to tolerate their presence as lightly as you once used to, for their tune will sound more and more false in your ears, and as such, these meetings will feel more jarring than before. In other words, the divide will become more and more noticeable, as each and every one of your fellow men will have to take a stand and make a choice whether to open up completely to this clarion call from heavens, or to shut themselves down and shut themselves away from the rest of you.

For now, indecision is no longer an option, and as such, there will be some interesting encounters for you all in the very near future. For you will meet the light coming at you from the unlikeliest of angles, but you will also meet a brick wall where you once encountered seemingly wide open spaces. So again we tell you never to take anything for granted, and stay open to whatever you might encounter. For you will be more than pleasantly surprised, but mixed in with this delight will also be a few notes of discord, as those choosing not to hear will state their mind clearly and without hesitation.

So know that from now on there will be less grey areas, and a much clearer distinction between black and white. Or rather, between freedom and fear, as those still hell bent on keeping to the ground to put it like that will fight tooth and claw in order to be left to do just that. Be that as it may, the rest of you will revel in the fact that you will see how the stream of light-seeking individuals will continue to grow into a veritable flood, and you will all be swept up in this flood, and gladly so. For this is what you have waited for, in the endless hours of this solitary journey. So look around, and you will start to pick up on the signals from all of those beginning to prick up their ears and listen in on this heavenly music alongside you. For they cannot help but join in the choir, however timid and feeble their voice will sound at the beginning. For if you remember to acknowledge their presence, they will find it much easier to find their true voice and join you all wholeheartedly.

37 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 257

  1. Otmn and Oystergirl, i too was really surprised at the exactness of this list! helps me bc all my life ive had strange body phenomena, and as we all know it only got more interesting during ascension lol 🙂

  2. 2013 will definitely be an interesting year! Yes, I have also read in other light sources that now each one of us will attract like minded individuals and together as a group, we will create our own timelines depending in our level of enlightment and belief system.

    I am ready to meet my like minded friends in person!!

  3. As always the music of these readings bring me peace and a full on knowing that I am following the path strongly and walking at the right pace to arrive as I should! Also Christie! You could have replaced the word Starseed with the name Alex! LMAO so spot on its amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that! 🙂 hugs all Alex

  4. I intended to just say one thing, but upon reading what Christie found about starseeds. I’m amazed. Every time I get in the shower, I find a new bruise or scratch that I have no knowledge of. My mother had a hard time when I was a baby; I slept all day and was awake all night.
    I have had no idea that I wasn’t the only one.

    But to get to my point.
    A few days ago, driving on a 4 lane road, the traffic jammed up. It turned out that a few blocks ahead there was a crash. What was different this time was that everyone was waving the other car to go ahead, rather than before, when they all tried to crowd each other. The “me first” reaction was absent. So 2 lanes of traffic squeezed into the center turn lane to get past the crash. It flowed more smoothly than I have ever seen before.

  5. i have another present for you guys lol…. part of a writing in a website that i found today that you all might take delight in knowing that you fit some of these characteristics as starseeds, i will copy n paste a section (it’s from

    “Physical Symptoms and Signs of Starseeds

    Starseeds often experience sensitivity to extreme hot or cold (most of them being more intolerant to cold). They either can not tolerate the cold as much and prefer warmer or even hot weather, or they are more comfortable in colder weather and find heat intolerable.

    They may have a high tolerance for pain (or sometimes the extreme opposite and the starseed may be extremely sensitive to pain for some reason). Many starseeds have a high immunity to many viruses that would effect others easily. When they do become sick–which is not that often, they may recover more quickly.

    Many have a strong body (no matter what body type they may have) and it is not uncommon for a starseed to have never broken a bone within their life. They often heal very quickly from any sprains or injuries to the body. Even if weak in appearance starseeds can be have much physical strength and even an inner strength at exact moments when they need it.

    A strange symptom of some starseeds is that they may have a tendency to bruise very easily and often do not remember how they bumped themselves or got the bruise. They might find other unusual marks or scratches on their body at times and not recall how they might have gotten these.

    They may have a prominant birthmark or mole somewhere on their body. Sometimes a few birthmarks or freckles that they have are unusal in appearance or even form an unsual shape, design or pattern.

    Many starseeds feel an aversion to bright and unnatural lighting. Starseeds find peace and solace in natural sunlight. They tend to have an affinity with nature and many have a fondness for trees in particular, especially willow trees for some reason. Many starseeds feel more at home with plants and animals than with other humans.

    Many starseeds have acute hearing or an above average hearing range. They can be extrememely sensitive to sound and loud or chaotic noise disturbs them immensely. It’s not uncommon for starseeds to sometimes hear strange or unsual high pitched frequencies or tones in one of their ears. This often happens during periods of accelerated soul growth and can even be accompanied by head pressure, tingling, or other sensations that seem unusual in any area of the body. These phsyical experiences can happen out of the blue and occur for a period of days or week, then suddenly the symptoms dissapear just as abruptly.

    A common physical trait found amound starseeds is having blond hair, or hair of any color but with a reddish tint. Eyes can vary in color but many will have unsual or eccentric eyes, either in shape or color, but often just in their intensity. The eyes of a starseed can often be large and bright or have a unique spark to them. As a child, this can be even more intense.

    Many starseeds have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and typically any medicine, while others tend to have an extremely high tolerance to such things. All such physical tendencies such as these can vary depending on the individual and can fluctuate over time. This is true with most people but starseeds tend to be at a higher risk and must try to avoid withdrawing into escapism involving abuse of any substance (or abuse of anything as a rule) to cope with reality or deal with pain. This can cloud the starseed vision and delay their progress, but if it occurs early in life it can often lead to deep insight and life changing experiences which pave the way for their later awakening. The more awakened a starseed becomes, the less they rely on, desire or can even tolerate certain chemical substances. Most will then continue to make more conscious and positive decisions regarding their health in general.

    A majority of starseeds even as young adults are night owls and enjoy staying up later than the average person. There is a peaceful feeling of solitude and clarity that starseeds feel at night. Those who do sleep earlier may find themselves suddenly awakening for no reason often around 3am. Many starseedshave unsual sleep patterns or find that they can get by on less sleep than the average person, but still there are periods where they may feel extreme fatigue and need more sleep than usual.”

  6. right on!… and i see why the CC’s talk in parables, bc how else do you describe patterns, phenomena, waves that are happening within and without us…. since they are things that aren’t defined 🙂

    Aisha thank you again for sharing your heart… you mentioned you were doing better and “on the surface” again… and i hope you are doing well with these energies… please remember we are here for you too 🙂

    i have been very “demanding” that my every day, every moment reality be easy and pleasureable… it’s like i know it’s my birthright. i dont mind a little inconvenience here and there… but what has occurred this week has blown me out of the water lol… it is only a perception that things must be “hard work” or that to create change in the world you must work hard and sacrifice being happy. we need not ever sacrifice anything ever again, in order for some other well result to happen. that was just the illusion we were born into, but in the realms of our homes, it is not so. wellbeing, creatsion, love, just keep unfolding a thousand-fold, forever-more. i keep slipping more and more into my true dimensions regarding this, and the more i see it the more i know it is real and the more i say that this is what shall be true for my life and this is what others will be helped to see so that their own lives be abundantly loving, just by those in this space just being themselves. nothing need ever be sacrificed ever again!!

    in my own experience this last week, it has been a mixture of magic and feeling oh-so bad. i had a few days before this of just magic, then came the unpleasant stuff that had me out of my body for a while bc i couldnt handle the pressure. everything felt like a “warp” around me– like very funky energy. and what this missive said about those not choosing the new frequencies (ways of being), has been exactly what i needed to hear right now 🙂 let’s just say, also in line with me “demanding” my reality be high-vibe and never needing to sacrifice it for others, there are a few individuals that i all of a sudden have to face, bc they are still tied to me by maybe just a thin thread but it is still causing me to sacrifice my vibration. i do feel after many years of this process, that yes no one can knock our vibrations down as we are getting so clear of our wounds/ illusions… BUT that does not mean we choose those to be in our personal fields, who are not here themselves. that doesn’t mean we are uncaring, it means we are being natural with our lives. we choose the things our heart chooses, and we can have an attitude of blessing towards those who don’t choose to open up to this process. but for our personal realities it is becoming more and more important (or should i just say, natural) for us to choose what is in our personal fields (personal realities) bc it uplifts us, it IS us vibtationally, and the like. and it is not there bc we feel bad for them, or it is percieved that they will suffer without us. it’s just a perception if such a thing is believed and we are not allowed to function by illusions of the mind anymore, as we keep transcending them very quickly now. to put it lightly lol, we can’t do something “for pain” bc then we are instilling the illusion of that pain. we gotta do it bc it is in alignment. so who knows, with these individuals that i have to face… i bet things will just be “lifted” when i see what i needed to see. i think a few missives ago, CC’s said that we have never been blasted with this strong of injections as we are now. yep that describes my experience. g’luck to all you guys… if you are having a challenging time right now. at least it’s mixed in with a lot more magic now heh 🙂

    just for fun and maybe you guys are feeling like this too… a channeling that describes my very feelings these days from

    “Landmarks that You are Experiencing the New Reality:

    You find yourself able to manifest something without much effort or even much visualization. You simple focus once upon the creation you desire and not only do you feel it, you feel energy moving in your system as you focus upon your creation. You feel complete once you have done this. You stop thinking about it. You take inspired action with great confidence and things happen easily and quickly;

    You find you don’t wish to work hard or deprive yourself in any way with the idea that it will get you something you want. You see the craziness of this and you no longer feel you have to push, sacrifice or suffer to have the experiences you seek. You let creativity and shifting happen in your life with grace and ease. Struggle has always been somewhat optional, and yet now you really know how to live this. And now it is really optional;

    and Love becomes important beyond anything else. You want to feel the love you have for all of life. You want the experience of looking at the world with the eyes of love. You find the greatest joy comes from seeing the beauty in things. You cannot imagine your day without taking delight in all the ways you will make it beautiful–from choosing clothes you love and which feel good on your body, to making food, to arranging your dishes, to spending time with a dear friend–any and all experiences give rise to your creative urges for creating harmony. In essence you have become a momentum of peace within the stream of wholeness.”

  7. this IS what we have been waiting for in the lonely hours of the night contemplating our “sanity” sometimes so BE IT SO TRUE TRUE TRUE

  8. Thank you.

    What a gorgeous description of my experiences the last few months.

    Right on.

    The majority of the dark ones just vanished, seemingly overnight. The ones that are still here I cannot bear to be around any longer. The costumes have been shed. We know who they are now. It’s very easy to simply walk away. My mind has stopped rationalizing away/arguing with my intuitive impulses. I have become ‘whole’ in so many ways. Such a peace within this place.

    Thank you again, Aisha, CC’s and friends.


    1. I too have observed the darkness, as if overnight as you said, gone. I still see some surface, and it is now like fingernails being scraped across a blackboard EEEEEEEEK!, yet, the Power I feel within Me, humming at a very beautiful, High Intensity gives me the “space” to understand (yep I’ve seen you before) and walk away unscathed. What a glorious world that is being born right now. Tears come so quickly to these eyes of mine lately, for the gratitude my heart feels and the relief my soul knows has finally come.
      This morning, I woke up laughing, and telling the Universe I want this this and that today! And I laughed, making a game of it, and adding, “Now this I really do want to see!” Such Lightness in my heart and soul. Sugar and spice and everything nice!!!!! GRIN! What we all have gone through hell for, well, Family, we made it the Victory Line, and now we begin creating LOVE PEACE JOY and FUNNNNNNNNN! Yippee! Truly with Love, ALL things are possible! I FEEL it!
      May all of you have a glorious day! Hugs, Amy

  9. “You see, this is indeed a watershed, but all of humanity is still ruled by the edict of free will, and as such, it is up to each and every one whether they will listen to these new notes in the air or whether they will continue to turn away from this alluring new tune. But if they do, you will not be able to tolerate their presence as lightly as you once used to, for their tune will sound more and more false in your ears, and as such, these meetings will feel more jarring than before. In other words, the divide will become more and more noticeable, as each and every one of your fellow men will have to take a stand and make a choice whether to open up completely to this clarion call from heavens, or to shut themselves down and shut themselves away from the rest of you.”

    Unbelievable! Out of nowhere, unexpected, came the “jarring”. Ouch. Deep breathing, inner mantras, deliberate focus on Higher, refusing to be pulled under.

    Still singing a sweet tune, yet the “jarring”, is presently being scrubbed out. Stopped fighting with this one, bowed gracefully out, allowing this one to choose Light or dark.

    Majority of experiences now thank goodness, are of Light. And this is Good! Love to All, and to All a good night! Hugs, Amy

  10. Yes, the last of the dark side will now protect their fear and attack our freedom with all their might. The true Ones on the frontline are in despair now, on the edge, with no plan B. I hope that the new awakened singers in this choir will raise their voices to the max and bring the walls of Jerichusalem to fall. May the light reign.

  11. Thank you, Aisha! Personally have been seeing the “black and white” for a while now, and at first, it was shocking. Now, the more I radiate Love out around me, I am involved with wonderful exchanges versus “the shock”. Lately, I just feel as though I am walking on a cloud. I am seeing ++++ changes wherever I go. In fact, I was at my dentist’s office today, and I asked the Dental Hygienist if she is noticing people in general being happier. Her reply was YES. This young woman, as far as I know, has no idea of what the ascension even is. Our World is changing, right now, and for those who insist on hanging on what no longer is valid, the Higher Vibrations will lead them to another place where they can continue on their Journey until they understand the concept of Love.
    Man o’ live! This is SOOOOOOOO exciting to watch unfolding! I’ve walked into Wonder Land! Hugs and so much love, Aisha and all Soul Family who come here to drink deeply……:) Amy

  12. I am seeing this, feeling the off key with some I cherish but find too tiring now to be with. And feeling the sweetest of notes from unexpected sources, so lovely! At times, I felt that I would never come out of hermit mode as I am so sensitive to everything… the tenderest of plants. I still need heaps of solitude and stillness but can feel the lightening of the energies and my heart is singing a joyous tune. Trusting that our pods will come together, I will find my place on this earth that feels like home and the world I desire is being co created by us all right now. Thank you Aisha for your gift of encouraging words.

    1. Ohhhhh, Linda, (((HUGS))). Been where you are……..Be kind to you, be gentle to you, and just listen to You…..before you know it, you will find your place on this Earth, along with many of us. I too look for my “pod”. I am of the mind, that it will just “happen”. Nurture is what I am “hearing” for you.
      Hugs, Amy

      1. thank you, Amy. I do nurture myself well, following the promptings of my heart. I too feel it will just happen, we will hear our note sounded and all who resonate to that, will gather. I know the earth has a spot being prepared for me. Resting in the now with love

          1. Dear Amanda, thank you. Did you go to my blog? It is Funny how I see that expression used in channelings and writings now. I have been bathed in that golden liquidlovelight for so long and know it is part of our birthright. How lovely to find more hearts here drawn to Aisha’s clarity. Our hearts are reaching for one another. Trusting the timing of it all.

  13. I find that I prefer hearing from you, Aisha, when you are “aloft” or at least not “surface” bound. I AM often surface bound myself, and know what that’s like. …all too well. It’s the inspiration, the expanded view from above—and below and all around, that feeds me, keeps me inspired and
    doing my own part, inspiring others and taking care of business here on the “surface” of Earth..

  14. Wonderful Aisha. This describes how things in my world have become in recent months, I’m noticing the distinctions are becoming much more marked now. But as you say, more and more people coming into the light, some very surprising, some not even realising they are. Amazing times!!! No wonder we chose to come into human form now!! xxx

  15. Your messages are hitting home. I just randomly met some very likeminded people yesterday at the animal shelter. A LOT of volunteers were there. Some of them chatted with me. Heart warming. I’m a little hermit (for the moment), but I find when I’m around these likeminded individuals I’m open and chatty. We shared stories and talked about different ideas to help the animals. I’m SEEing the new. Thank you! ~Amanda

    1. Doing the Happy Dance for Amanda! You can kiss your “hermit” days goodbye, ’cause it is just gonna happen. You won’t even have to think about it. You wait. I give you one month. Things are changing SO rapidly, that one blinks, and another change takes place. You just keep on giving your Love to those beautiful cats, and that Love is finding Its way back to you! LOL I am SO happy for you! Keep focusing on the wonderful and good in your life, and don’t even give it a thought as to “how” things will change. They just will! (((HUGS))), Amanda! XXOO, Amy

  16. Thank you so much for this post Aisha.
    This is along the lines of what I was getting today as well … which also illustrates this message.
    Much Love

  17. Grazie Aisha e C.C. per continuare a sollecitare la nostra attenzione e consapevolezza su quello che sta cambiando dolcemente in noi e nelle nostre comunità.
    I vostri messaggi sono rassicuranti e ci indicano il modo più semplice per “cavalcare l’onda”, invece di esserne travolti.
    Un grande abbraccio e sorriso riconoscenti.

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