Back on the surface

Dear friends! Feels like I am finally able to breathe again after some very, very intense days. Judging from your comments, I am not the only one who have spent more time down at the bottom than on the surface of this beautiful little pond lately (thank you, Nohmad :–) ! ). I’ve been through much of the same as many of you, ranging from a lot of physical pain in the head, jaw and right side of the body, heavy fatigue, feeling weird about eating anything at all, and fighting off a panic attack when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling literally trapped inside a body that felt totally alien to me. It’s been like all I wanted to do was to just pull a blanket over my head and forget that I even existed. But at the same time, I have had moments of total clarity where I just KNOW that everything is OK, it will all happen at the exact right time, and I do not need to DO anything to make it happen. In fact, the message I got was ”stop trying so hard”, and the image they gave me was of salmons trying to fight their way up a waterfall. Or, as the CCs said in the last message: just surrender. It is tempting to try to ”push ahead” a little extra at times like these, when everything seems to be a bit unclear, and we feel the pull from whatever we have waiting for us at the other end. But the only thing that happens whenever I try to do this, is that I get frustrated. So now I keep reminding myself to just let it be and surrender to the flow, no matter how strong or how static it feels.

Being ”back on the surface” again also means that I am finally able to appreciate all of the comments you have shared lately. It is so amazing to see just what a wonderful and supportive community this has turned out to be! I do not know if the rest of you have noticed this, but it is like it has grown so much in intensity and luminosity in these last few weeks. I must admit that as December started, I was very unsure about what would happen when we passed the days surrounding 12.21.12. Despite what the CCs had shared about this period in advance, I knew that there were bound to be some very disappointed people out there. So I was expecting to see clear signs of that here, but instead, what you have all brought to this space has been beyond anything I could have hoped for. To quote the CCs: cudos to you all for creating this community of sharing and caring and support. It is like it has taken on a life of its own, and I am so happy for that. Who knows what it will grow into in the future? So thank you all for bringing your beautiful reflections to this pond. Without you, this would be a solitary place indeed!

Love and light, Aisha



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  1. We thank you Aisha and CC!
    I am glad to read you feel better. Me too, the pressure and pain I was feeling in the head before 12-21-12 was really strong! And the pain did not go away with aspirin. Thank God it is now gone!

  2. If anyone is interested, there is an energy clearing tonight on unboundedpotential . com
    Art Giser is doing
    “Opening up to guidance from your spirit and inner wisdom” tonight(will be on website afterwards for awhile)
    Only if it resonates with you..
    I’ve had a few energy clearings with Emmanuel Dagher(I have them on mp3 if anyone is interested- deep core clearing/money healing-which I was so not into, but it actually brought some stuff up and I learned well from it) recently and they were amazing..
    Which is how I found that site…
    Love to you all and thank you so much for your kindness and sharing

  3. Ohhh, love this, Aisha…this is my fav place to come for help in ‘centering’. I struggle with some physical aspects that I don’t see anyone else mention and I struggle with conflicting perspectives…old energy vs new energy. If I get to my wits’ end, I end up asking myself, “In this very minute, would I make a decision to DO something different or, in this very minute, do I choose to let go of what my mind can’t work through?” It helps me to bring it down to ‘this very minute’…and, of course, that’s a lot of what it’s about…operating in the NOW. A similar description of the idea of surrender that goes with what you’ve written and that helps me is the idea that “everything that you want (what I ‘want’ is relief) is downstream”…”let go of the oars and let the stream carry you”…and “be like a cork in this fast moving stream”… Anyway, thank you, Aisha and Friends, for creating this space…♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Thank you Asiha, I don’t post often but your posting have really helped a newbie since October adjust and understand what I have been experiencing. I also had a rough last week. It was as if all the crusty parts of more then I know, was getting broken up and was floating to the top to be released. If I was to put a words on it, it would be all the feelings that were holding me back from falling in love with myself. And so I continue, move on and enjoy this period more then fear it. Much love to you and all your readers. T

  5. Thank you Aisha! Although I believe not all of us, who’s reading your chanellings are making a comment that often, like myself, but it does not mean that we are not anxiously waiting for those e-mails from you to pop up in our Inbox! Again, only because we are not making that many comments, yet, we can relate to a lot of your messages, like this one above, and it is always a great-great joy to read your (yes! Your!) teaches. I’m saying “your”s, as these chanellings are coming through you, so eventually, a part of you is always injected into our every second day lessons from the CC. Sometimes I feel like a little kid, who’s back to school, with the exception that I just absolutely love being in school again, not like when I was a child. Anyway, all I want to say, I guess, is thank you. I think it really makes us connected to each other, feel like I got some sisters and brothers along the whole world. Thanks again. Really!! Love and Light to All of Us

  6. Dearest Aisha, and all of you Loved Ones…….I am so thankful for all of your messages. Aisha, what you are experincing is exactly what I am as well….waking in the middle of the night with such a panic feeling and the tenseness of that feeling during most of the day of feeling alone, lost and, yes, confused. For years, I was in such a peaceful and sometimes blissful state knowing all was well no matter what was happening. Now, trust and rememberance of that state is so needed while feeling “not here.” Thank and bless all of you for letting me know I am not alone. I love you, each and every ONE…we are all ONE. J.

  7. Oh Sweetie! I literally burst into tears reading your words of waking up in a panic because you felt you were in a body that was alien to you. YES! The truth of that broke through my resolve to simply carry on as usual and my dear daughter asked me why I was crying and this is what came out of me and I thought it would be interesting to share with you all:

    My daughter is 16 and my other daughter is 19 and as I told her, they were born with a newer operating system. I am going to be 49 in march and while I was born into a family of energy readers the rest of my body is just like anyone elses LOL except i had lyme disease which has been healed.

    I told my daughter that she doesn’t feel the increased energy coming in AS MUCH (but she does feel it and like her sister they both feel energy but for some reason feel that reading energy is “cheating” lol and giving them an unfair advantage…I told them to think on that because they don’t have to read other people’s personal energy, only their energy as it pertains affecting the girls…if it affects them, it is part of their own energy…but I digress)…She doesnt feel the incoming energy as much because her operating system is of a higher level with more “storage” space and more power. Just like the original main frame computer was the size of a room and had limited capabilities now the new computing system is compact with almost unlimited power. These are the children coming in today. They are already upgraded.

    I for one am in the process of the upgrade, and download after download my body rebels with pain, disorientation, lack of the ability to fall asleep but when I do I sleep for 12 hours and wake feeling unrested, emotional mood swings from high joy to sadness. Even my cat is going crazy lol and I realize that at some point, when the operating system has been completely upgraded, the hardware is gonna start to change. There will be more fluidity, flexibility, ability to hold light and energy, abilities that are of a psychic nature, but the very cells, bathed in this new energy will change (silicon based versus carbon based) and when that happens we will all feel much much better! LOL

    Ok, enough rambling–So glad you are feeling better Aisha and we love you tons! 🙂 Alex

    1. Thank you for bringing in the point that the younger ones are already equipped with “newer” software and a better (more natural) understanding of how to operate it. The older we are, the older our operating systems and the more challenging it becomes to adjust to the upgrades. When I read through this post, the part I related to most was “going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head.” But then, I came in on the first, post-WWII Boomer wave, so I got the equivalent of the mainframe computer. I’m definitely no “techie” but I did get the “love-to-learn” gene, so I don’t resist tooo much. Tell your girls “IT’S NOT CHEATING” to read the energy. And if they’d ever like to give this old-timer some lessons, I’m a great student and I’d be grateful. Blessings, Alia

  8. Love to you energygain..
    I’ve been seeing the energies at times too(very new to me). How cool to know others are too. I saw an intense thick haze lift out of my living room on Xmas Eve..
    My dogs all started howling right before it happened.. Very profound experience. Have also noticed a web throughout the trees..

    1. Jess, your writing is so in tune with what I experience, as I am willing to bet, many here as well! I too see energy, have all my Life, but now it seems to be easier. The denseness seems to be vanishing. For example, I was taking a shower, looking at the tiles, and it seemed as though the tiles were no longer impenetrable, but had a softening to them, as though something “behind” them was showing itself. It was fascinating just to look, and blink, and it was still there. Vibrations seem to be rising. It so difficult to put into words…..what used to look solid, doesn’t any more. Also, at times, the very air itself I can see the molecules or a “golden haze”.
      Very cool about the thick haze lifting out of your living room. I have 15 indoor cats, and I have seen them freak at times, or in so much pain that their eyes are bugging out of their heads. Intense? Oh, yeah! I’ll take this awesome “soft” Bliss and I will keep it, thank you!
      I’ve given myself the luxury of being on this computer today more then I normally am, and I thank all of you for reading my words, and for Aisha, for allowing me the privilege of expressing my thoughts in her Pond.
      So glad you could picture what I described with the exchange between me and my Trees and intend to use it too! The LOVE I feel from them is incredible! I feel so honored they Love me as much as they do!
      With all my LOVE, Amy

      1. PS. I too have been facing my fears with such incredible releases and a knowing I am a whole lot stronger then I give myself credit for at times. ~AMA~

  9. Dear Aisha, I so much love your messages, they help me recognizing things and understanding. You were talking about the right hand side of you body and problems with i, I got that for months now, this dis-balance, what is it, what can I do to get rid of the pain in the joints and muscles? Could not find it in your answers to others, sending you love and light

  10. Glad you are feeling a bit stronger. I agree – the energy effects have been weird lately. I got the ‘stop trying so hard’ message too. I’m hoping February will be easier.

  11. ~Love to you too Amy~
    Thank you for for the warm welcome and the wonderful image of the trees cradling us.. I will use that image when things feel too much. I’m surrounded by gorgeous maples and lilacs and I’ve been lucky enough to sit outside every morning to greet the sun. I’m in the midwest, but the sun just feels so darn warm and loving that I make myself go out a few times a day..
    Helps me to feel love & gratitude..
    As for the fears that people are feeling, I’ve been getting them too. I’ve become extremely aware of energy lately. I’ve always been, but I numbed it down for years. Was too intense and I did not understand it.. Plus, have some experiences with the paranormal when you don’t know your own power/abilities and it can freak a person out,lol..
    Anyway, I’ve been feeling when the energy is intense.. At least the energy that I am experiencing. It seems when it’s really high, I go into a zone and ride it out. It’s the coming down when I feel scattered. Those are the times I get myself up and change things up a bit. Do things out of habit/break those habits…. I’ve been using my non dominant hand, as an example. It’s like we have to learn how to do things new now. So why go back to the old?
    Also, when I am afraid, I’ve been making myself confront it. Doesn’t always happen right away, but if I don’t I’ll get pissed at it,lol…
    Plus, fear lowers our vibrations.
    I’ve got 8 animals, so they know what’s up.. And they’ve been jumpy for a few nights now. At first I got freaked out and then last night I embraced it..
    I went to the dark quiet rooms of the house and sat in my fear, got out of my head and let myself FEEL…
    Funniest thing happened, a wave of intense love came through me and I felt a lightness to the room. I know I am always protected/loved.. And am in divine guidance at all times.
    I hope this helps..

  12. Your comments feel close to what I am feeling. The energy is lustrous. My head was
    having a feeling of too much energy going into it in crown and different places. I just ‘let it be’ and rested. I feel ‘all is well’ in spite of needing more rest. I go walking every day to exercise and breath the fresh air. Looking at the trees and water and rocks, sometimes is so gorgeous, as though I have never seen in this way before. I ‘see’ energy. I could from time to time before, now I have this sight with me as though another channel has opened, but I think it is really that I look with a more relaxed sight. Just another way to view. I can definitely see much evidence of a change. I knew it would be slowly, for a while yet. Many are not even awake. A bigger influx of energy will likely come at some point. For now, slowly is best.
    Thanks for writing. Its very helpful.
    Love and blessings to you and us all.

  13. Very reassuring for me to know you also have struggled to eat too,I have been struggling with food for months,I manage a walnut and a date for breakfast! My extreme physical aches and pains have recently eased,but I too have had wave after wave of panic and sometimes terror that comes out of nowhere! Equally I have moments of clarity and optimism and expansion.
    The weather here in wales Uk is crazy and chaotic,2 miles away people have been snowed in for a week,here all we have is rain and sleet.

    Your previous post was very reassuring.Thankyou,because I have felt at the edge of my sanity and end of my tether,deep old wounds I thought resolved have reared their head for clearing,so today have had to be kind and gentle with self.

    Thank you for these wise and wonderful posts and sharing your experiences so openly.

  14. I am having similar feelings as well.

    One minute i am feeling blissful and calm, then into the second one i am feeling sad… Then i am feeling blissful again. lol.

    But there is no why to stop it, right? keep bringing it on!…=)
    As we are one and a fragment of the creator i am sure we can handle anything.

    I should say that i have been reading your text regularly and still haven’t thanked you.

    So now i shall Thank you for your beautiful words Aisha.

    That Love. Peace. Light and Harmony be within you. Always.

    Namastê and till next time!

  15. This place feels like a safe haven and it’s wonderful…
    Thank you Aisha and all who have made it so.
    As someone who was shocked wide awake/brought back to life in April 2012(very intense kundalini experience, though had no idea even what that was at the time, I was just gonna enjoy the ride and confront everything that scared me,lol), I’ve gotta say it’s been interesting to say the least. While I’ve always had an open/curious mind,deep connection to the earth, and an unwillingness to conform to what others thought I should do(don’t put me in a box and label it please)… It’s been a bit overwhelming and lonely at times. I mean just to ask people what in the heck is going on has been a challenge at times. Not that I want that, it’s the putting the words together to actually ask about it. Instead of getting frustrated, my kids and I decided to make a game out of it. We’ll take words and find the words inside of them. Heck, why not make it a game and have fun with it…
    But yeah, I did nothing to prepare for this. Had no prior knowledge of what was to happen.(well I know I did, it’s just the remembering that’s been tricky) Just the urgent voice that said hurry up, we have things to do so get your ass in gear and get to it…
    I’d go forward, slide back, go forward, slide back until the full moon in November. I feel I received a great blessing and have honored that ever since. I have felt a peace that is so intense it’s un freakin believable.
    This inner knowing/strength/love that outshines everything else. I don’t need to know all the details right now at this second. I have total trust in my higher self/soul/guides, even though we have not spoken in a way I remember.. Not that it’s all a bed of roses, but the experience is so much more beautiful.. I am so grateful to be here right now, to grow in this beautiful garden of Mother Nature and to be a conscious part of the living web of life.
    Thank you…..

    1. Oh, Jess, your words really touched me. Beautiful. You have given me Hope because I have been going back and forth for a L O N G time, and now for 2 days, this “unfreaking believable” peace, JOY, and well being has set in. OH, please stay! Weeks, in I believe in October I was flying, feeling such Bliss and then BAM, again crashed on the Rocks. Since then, it has been one war after another. And here I was looking forward to having all this “drama” over with and ascending in December. Hmmmm… I am really glad it didn’t happen that way, and the ascension is now in progress.

      I know this is an individual Journey for each of us, yet, I am SO done with the ups and downs, the being turned inside out, upside down and beaten down, that all I want in this Eternal Moment of Now is to have this awesome state of being stay. My beautiful Trees have since yesterday kept me from falling into 3D chaos. Last night at 11:11 I was awoken to the sounds of sirens screaming past our home, and my husband talking very loudly on the phone. For reasons I don’t understand, I felt panic. I closed my eyes, FELT my Trees and they embraced me, gently rocking me back to sleep. When I awoke, again all is well today. (I think the 11:11 siren deal was a sign that 3D is seriously in trouble!)
      Thank you for writing what you did. I am so grateful as well, to be alive number one, and to be alive and well at this time of our history. We do live in a beautiful Garden…….The Garden of Eden.
      Love to you! ~Amy~

        1. Janis, Love, I too struggle with some “physical aspects” but I don’t speak of them. Our Minds our so powerful, I hesitate to give power of suggestion. Just know, from one sister to another, All will be Well.

          IF this helps you, I have found when I stop resisting, or fighting the “issue”, accept what IS, and develop a mindset that “I am well” regardless…… and then do my best to act that I am well……..things flow better, and honestly, I am finding improvement. This is from a woman who was not walking for 2 years almost 20 years ago, due to a severe lower back injury and 2 botched surgeries. Doctors claim I should be in a wheelchair and paralyzed IF I don’t have further surgeries. I said F!!!! the surgeries and have concentrated All That I AM in my recovery, My Way!
          (((HUGS))) to you……..I also have had really intense “ascension symptoms” that I have not seen anyone mention, but I have faith those are mine to work through……..with my Personal Process.
          I send my Love and Healing Energy your way. I wish you only Health and Happiness! Your sister, Amy who is in this present moment doing free standing squats with 95 pounds on my shoulders, 4 sets, 10 reps. Impossible? No. Possible!

          1. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate ascension symptoms and physical anomalies and problems due to lack of good health maintenance because we did not know our bodies were our temples. If I had known, long time ago, I would have done otherwise with It. Actually if I could go back to the start of this incarnation I would change so many things! I did learn the lessons. So all the symptoms I have had in my body since childhood are both from ascension and from imbalances and “self-sabotage”. Feel free to share your symptoms, Amy, whether physical or or multidimensional. You might be surprised how many people are experiencing the same. btw I cannot wait to be able again to go to a gym, and at least do a minimum of exercises in my appartment and go for walks. Bye. xx

          2. omg…thank you so much for responding, Amy…I missed the notifications that I had a response…so appreciating your perspective and the time and effort and encouragement sent my way…sending much love…am smiling at your lighthearted way…:)

  16. Oh well, ohh well… “back on the surface” sounds like the perfect opportunity for bringing some “insights” on the “tableeven tho we may call it kinda “round table” as is the “plane’t” called Maya as illusory Maya trully is… haha.. it may be vey well callled Sparta since looking through illusions it seems we “fight” a lot “around” here…lol; point is we can only walk so far on a sphere before finding oneself to the very same place; if you know what I mean… calll it Maya call it Sparta dunno about you but I am tired of fighting with the “Bats” or let’s round them up…and call them “Batman” lol … no offence intended as I love them all beyond death… hahaa… ohh geez you wonder where is this going…lolol… yeah I know is deep.. just bringing some insights… on the surface…talking about the SUR face…lol “ego” all and all the egg shell that’s trying to protect the status quo…in case it might break and an alive and beatiful thing might come out of “it”….lololol
    Ohhh dear…enough laughing already… gosh it feel good…too funny…anyway..back to the matters at hand… and talking about bats and stuff… about the facts that many of us been on the road doing Marry goes around for quite some time… is there a time?…lol… maybe still finding ourselves encapsulated by old paradigm thinking, politics and constitution, laws and rights, borders, paper money, cultures, rituals, wooodoo and what’s not…lolol… when the real deal is in the yolk… trying to feed on those “whites” and break the shell…sooner or later…lmao; what about the bats? you might ask…yeah yeah….them too…sooner or later..but as blind as they are they might seem for now, they might very well enjoy an omlet!!! hahaaa; too bad I am a bad egg lol.. not very tasty lol ….cheep cheer’reeap …I enjoy breaking eggs too, but from inside out…lol….yah I got the “virus” of talking in parables as I have been in touch with all the Cheer”leaders for a while mostly “online”…but now I reach out on the internet as well…lol I think is a good time as any to regroup myself in a confortable nest amongst true star brothers and sister friends who don’t expect me to break any laws…lol.. universal laws I mean.. as I have nothing to sell, nothing to subcumb to, and many other No Things as I may list if I would like the list to appear long.. you get my point..there is no point in doing that.. so bottom line going back to the very reason of this internet reach out… does any of you have the means to accomodate me for as long as it takes, unconditionally with a place to nest in?.. peacefully?, harmoniouslly? is kinda odd to ask this of you…as I had to drop all my “illusory” posssesions a while ago; so I am pressuming a lot of you are in the same position as I find myself in… walking the talk, doing the grass hooper thing… I would rather talk and walk or hoop around with like minded friends than bumping into “walls” that scream to me to “get a job” or something, not that I need any money.. lol… like I said..I won’t break any laws and I don’t have anything to sell .. con’tribute to this society… besides painting on the eggs is an ester’ tradition hahaaa…and I leave that to the rabbit or the rabbi…lol

    ok this is getting rather lenghty.. happy trails.. keep “in” touch and if you can give a hand out gimme a sh”out”…lol.. I roam throught US for now…lol living the dream… the aMerKan’a dream not the Obama Care…lol

    Thank you Aisha for the space created, for being part of the cheerleaders; Would you please help me maintaining some privacy and confidentiality for the help request I have initiated?… thank you so very much…and if you want to “verify” my credentials or legitimacy?… please do it with your trusted guides.. much love to all.. is time to gather up our strenght and focuss.”…

  17. Bless you Aisha, for the work you have done and are doing – and also for this little community of joyous souls. I wonder how it would have been to find the world jolted into something different in December with millions ‘vanishing’ in a trice. A bit alarming to say the least. What is actually occurring is much more gentle but also far reaching, perhaps giving the same millions a chance to find the shift within themselves. Whatever your view on the American Election – the hope and love on the faces of the vast numbers at the inauguration spoke volumes to me. At the moment it is day by day – and that has always been the best way to approach the Divine Mysteries – which we are even now living through.

    1. Hi Murray….a nicely worded comment !…may I also Agree that his speech was glorious & so filled with truth & realness…hard to believe how anyone could not have been moved by it !…it covered basically everything regarding our hopes, our dreams, what needs to be fixed, what needs to be done….such an intense, & emotional projecting spirit he has…I often feel that his energy has a way of bleeding right through the tv screen ! Be well dear Murray !…..Bev

  18. This site was recommended to me by a friend and I must say I have found it to be very inspiring and uplifting at a truly tumultuous time in our evolution. November was such a difficult month for me, when with perfect divine timing, I came across your site. Thank you for your work. I, too have recently had some extreme fatigue and financial concerns to worry about, but I, too absolutely feel that everything will work out and never before have I felt this so deeply and with such compunction within. I don’t know how I know, I just know that going with the flow is the way to go. I have also found that being this way, makes it so much easier to be in the moment. I ve stopped worrying about things that havent happened yet and may not happen, letting go of the FEAR which has been conditioned into us, and I realise the joy of life is truly in this moment. If we worry about the future all the time, we miss the NOW. What a blessed insight. I read your updates every week and they help me to clarify the changes in our world at this time. Thank you Aisha. Bless you!

  19. Hi Aisha, thank you for sharing your experiences with us and the appreciation you have for what this blog has become. We greatly appreciate you as well!
    I had a smiliar experience as you last night. As I was laying in bed at about 2 am I had a sense that I was not ME in my body. I was very spooked/scared and started to wonder if I am not ME, where am I??? I thought to myself, so help me god if I see MYself walking around I’m going to lose it. I only “let” this happen for a minute or two because I was freaked out by it. When you said you felt trapped in a body that felt alien to you I knew what you were speaking of. I have trust in the process, and I am excited, but sometimes the experiences are so foreign that there is no natural coping mechanism available.
    Speaking of some strange occurances, i often see repeating numbers (444, 333,555, 1111, 1212,etc..) however one “random” number keeps showing up and it’s 232. I just thought I would throw that out there and see if anybody else keeps noticing that particular number or not? I was joking to some friends that if the space ships land and I see one with the number 232 on it I guess that is the one I will get on. 🙂
    This process started amping up for me in early 2010 after some tragic events: home burglary, car accident and mother in the hospital in one week..shook me to the core. It was like it rattled my inner self. On a drive home in early 2010 shortly after, I “noticed” how gorgeous the scenery was. The grass was so green! Had I not noticed this before? The leaves were on the trees? I never realized things. The fatigue and hunger set it. I was eating icecream (which I never liked), lots of food, chocolate. Was I pregnant? No. Fatigue set in and I was sleeping 11 hours a day when I could. My 2 jobs recruitment and interviewing and sales and marketing were no longer appealing. In the past dealing with 1000’s of people a week ignited my inner flame. I used to love exercising and walking and have always been athletic, now I feel like sitting and relaxing. Now, and since last year. I’m a complete hermit. Will I answer my phone? No, Text? Yes. I dash in and out of the grocery store as fast as I can. I did read somewhere that this process is a more”feminine” process of basking and receiving rather that giving and doing. So, I’m telling myself it’s okay to be a hermit who likes to rest. 😉 To be honest, this blog, in particular has helped me keep my sanity since my body, mind and lifestyle are completely foreign to me. thank you to all. 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda…Thanks for opening up revealing some of your personal experiences, as this in itself is often a difficult thing to do for many !…may I just add that many do begin their awakening process when something profound happens them & it commonly triggers a questioning from within, something like “who am I…what is life…is there more ?”…most likely your tragic circumstances triggered this & it is part of the process to begin seeing through new eyes, not that anything around you has really changed, it is you that has changed !…becoming more of a recluse, too is part of the process, as this allows more time to focus on feeding your inner knowledge, so it really isn’t a bad thing…& often as we begin seeing others with our new eyes, we mostly see things we do not like…but the truth is that we cannot help those that do not want to help themselves…& this can be rather frustrating !….so be patient my friend…your understanding will grow & mature & soon you will be better equipped to handle this & so much more !….as far as the numbers…this is a good thing as this is just one of many ways your higher self communicates with you…the one repeating number you will come to know this as part of your soul signature…mine is ’37’…& it appears often & frequent in everything I do, I see & sometimes it will manifest in a most astonishing way…I could say more, but it is rather complicated….Trust that you are more than o.k. & everything is moving ahead in a perfect step by step as it should be. Remember that much of this process is rather uniquely simple & beautiful….it is us that make it way more complicated than it needs to be…..Blessings to You !! Bev

      1. Thank you Bev. Yes, I do not mind being a recluse for the moment. What is that saying….still waters run deep. I feel like I have done more ‘work’ in my reclusive state that I did when I was very busy. If I didn’t have the ‘time’ now I would have never noticed all the bunnies in my yard, or volunteered and grew to love animals, or sat down to watch and enjoy a movie, or get to really know my family. I was always impatient and never sat still. At first I was a fish out of water, but I’m seeing myself and the world from a completely different view. When I’ve asked my inner guidance/guides for help I get a one word answer: adapt. So vague, yet so clear. I feel like I did a spring cleaning, stripped away all the old that did not work( fears, restrictions, people, jobs) and I’m brand new. A lot of hard work! Now, I feel like I’m taking baby steps and adapting into the new. I was devestated to only be working a quarter of what I am used to, but once again, the divine plan knew better and I could not be more thankful. XO ~amanda

  20. Thank you Aisha for your kind words ….I completely understand your feeling about putting the covers over you….Boy… I know!…Sometimes I just feel lost….alone…and confused. Although tough I know I have to push forward because I too feel that everything is as it should be…And we will be ok.

    What confuses me though is the intensity of the dreams that I am having….it leaves me so perplexed…but with a feeling that I need to do something but just don’t quite know what…..yet..!?

    I guess (although very hard) this is what it means to just let go and let it flow…and hopefully the answers will come….:)

    Thank you Aisha for your messages…I love you all and I look forward to what is to come because eventhough I cannot explain it …I just know we all have a future of love…peace…joy and happiness ….

    Love and light…..

      1. I’m not remembering my dreams, for some odd reason. Yet, if I am awaken suddenly, I realize I am dreaming. Hmmmmm…….I will tell myself before I fall asleep that I will begin to remember my dreams!

        1. I used to never my dreams. Nothing. Nada. Now, I can recall the people and events and vivid colors. And whatever I am thinking about when I go to bed ends up as a ‘story’ in my dream. So it does reinforce that what we think will grow/manifest. I was reading the newspaper and saw a line that said “be careful what you wish for” and it hit me we all need to be conscious of what we are thinking and wishing for.

  21. Aisha, thanks for the channeling, very revealing since i went about to read them.
    A few weeks after 21dec2012 the whole stuff started to happen. It seems my body did need some more time to adjust. And that suits other channelings which give the information that ascension isnt coming right away. It is gradually. But I have been shifting in time. And I lost things, and then got back to try again. Much curing is busy. But its strange how these days i am losing stuff i got in my house, and then moments later i notice that i am 1 week back in time. Yes I experienced today before, just about a week ago, that is from experience. Its like last week was the first week for me where true transition takes place. And next week and february will just add more i guess.

    The thing that nags is that things repeat, im already in a 2012 feb to 2013 may repeat. So these smaller “cycles” if you will are just making things more uneasy. I have been 4 years into this whole thing the awakening process part from 2012-2013 that kept repeating. And is still repeating. And I ask for clearance while i still do my things. As i know that I will garantueed come to feb2012. I have no clue for what reason. And i ask that too with self talk. But I feel not heard.
    Thoroughly excited what this brings this time, whether its bullshift 2012 feb experience where i go back to that date and have to start everything over from scratch while not having any clear signs what to do, people around me dont notice the changes and are in disbelieve about what i speak about the news comes again and again, disclosusing that time is becoming and is a different thing that it was. Or maybe wishing something that is fully joyful.

    I want to leave the past, and not want the final experience to be going to the past, because i dont want to experience the past. I guess because i dont want to experience it then i need to to dissolve those thoughts. I rather dont, and dont wish to go back, there is no need. Im longing for new experiences, and there is no need to waste magic to shift conciousness to the past, better to renew and show ways to continue in 2013 not going back to 2012. That only makes me want to believe everything is a lie.
    Because i cant progress. Emotions run wild these days. One day its calling out for these cosmic guides to be crazy the next moment i long for information to have a slight idea why things repeat as they do.
    I wonder how time now works. But i dont see how. I can wake up from one day to another and be in a total different day. That is odd. Very unusual. Because its not going to bed on the 20th of january 2013 for example, and waking up on the 21th of january of 2013. No rather weird experiences like going to bed on the 20th of january 2013 and waking up on the 14th of january 2013. Those things make no sense. Just maybe there comes some answer to it. Is it wise to start things? Or try to rest more, and just first see what is around us at the moment? To see what the energies allow for us.

    Many thanks, it seems your channelings are suiting reality. There are other that dont so well suit reality but perhaps do fit when looking at them from a whole different level.


    1. You are the creator of your own reality. It all comes back to the truth of the Law of Attraction.
      Here is the excerpt (integral) received this morning from Abraham Hicks:

      (“That Which Is Like Unto Itself Is Drawn… Everything that you perceive here in your physical environment is Vibration, and the life you are living is your Vibrational interpretation.

      The powerful Law of Attraction is at the root of everything that you experience; and the stable, never-changing, always-accurate premise of this Law is: that which is like unto itself, is drawn.

      When you give thought to something, you begin the attraction process of the essence of that subject into your own life experience. Once you have activated a Thought Vibration within yourself by giving your attention to the subject, the progression of expansion occurs.”

      — Abraham

      Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 693

      Our Love,
      Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)
      Visit Us Online | ©1997-2012 Abraham-Hicks Publications.)

      When we focus on what we do not want it repeats itself because we are feeding it. This morning, instead of thinking that my relationship with my manfriend is not working I declared: I have a wonderful relationship with that man. And I let it go and will see what happens. Every time I will be thinking about him I will declare the same. It might not work if we are not meant to be together but I least I will have given a try at the Magic we are in. We might both just grow with my own positive and enlightened thought.

      Give it a try dear Thomas, you never know until you do. It is how it works. To have faith is to not let it go when one needs it.

      Let’s all, this very day, give it a try for something pertaining to us personally and particularly. And let’s see what unfolds from it.

      Have a magical – new – day everyone.

      Keep smiling and keep attracting. 🙂

      1. Beautiful, Sarah, just beautiful. Yes, you speak Truth here, and no matter Who Truth comes from who is firmly founded in Love, it is the same. I am reading the “I AM Discourses” and every time I open the book I am presently reading, the “radiation”, the “Love”, is surreal and embraces my Soul. When we understand the Law of the One, how powerful we become!
        I relate to what you shared re: relationship. I too have been silently chanting only words of Love, and when, and yes they do, the “old” thoughts of negativity creep in, I toss them out, negating them before they take hold. Something I read goes something like this: IF you serve 2 masters, by thinking what you Desire for Good and allowing any other thought to exist that is opposite of that Desire, your thoughts have just neutralized one another and no thing is created……IF you are conscious of your thoughts, you will be amazed at the “chatter”.
        HUGS and great big thank you! I encourage ALL here to think BIG and only think BIG and GOOD! XXOO, Amy

  22. Aisha, thank you for your beautiful personal message today. I too have been getting “stop trying so hard and just flow”. Walking away from certain idealogies that one must understand and know tons of “knowledge” in order to ascend was one of the best things I did for myself. I have always been “self taught” by Self, and Self continues to tell me, “keep it simple for simple works best”.

    Many many hugs to you. So related about throwing the covers over the head and not even wanting to get out of bed. LOL Love, XXOO, Amy

  23. Thanks for this warm & personal message !!! & a beautiful calming, serene image !….it’s so true that this journey we all have embarked upon requires lots & lots of patience & a steadfast faith that everything is proceeding as it is meant to be…the only thing that was ever really asked of us was to shine this sacred holy energy of LOve inwards & outwards & that’s pretty much it, the rest we do in our individual spiritual developements, creativity, helping, sharing is simply ‘Bonus’ & of course ‘Greatly Appreciated’…but was never mandatory. This process cannot be forced & I’ve heard John Smallman, I believe, say this very thing….& again as I mentioned before, it’s like a steamy hot cup of tea, that is meant to be gently & slowly sipped…not gulped ! & Yes this wonderful site that you have created has grown into a beautiful sanctuary of sharing & friendship in which you now have lots of followers who not only seek your inspiring CC messages, but also find solice in sharing their words, & reading the messages of others !…so Thank You Aisha for this most successful labour of LOve, of Hope & Belief that you could make a difference….& see just how wonderful of a difference you have made !!! Blessings to ALL of You for making your own very important difference that is building & keeping Ascension moving forward with success…one step at a time !!!

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