As you have mayhaps noticed, these last few days have been rather turbulent, and rightly so, as the influx of energies have certainly made their mark on many of you. We venture to guess that you have uttered the words ”things are getting more and more peculiar” in one way or the other these last few days, and you are certainly correct in your observations. Yes, things are certainly becoming more and more peculiar, and they are doing so as the level of energetic awakening is becoming more and more intense. Or ferocious, as some of you mayhaps would prefer to describe them as. For they are nothing if not relentless, and what they are doing not just to you but to your whole world, is starting to stir up many a reaction. And we do not just refer to what is going on in your physical body, even if that in itself may be difficult to overlook. No, we refer to those perhaps more subtle signals that something very profound is going on indeed.

So what can these signals be? Well, let us just say that we think there are not a few amongst you thinking that you are starting to lose your grip on sanity, as the whole world around you seems to become more and more indistinct. In other words, you look and you fail to see any solidity at all in things around you. It is like things are starting to become more and more blurred, even to the point where you have a hard time really focusing on anything at all. The time and some of its quirkiness has already been mentioned earlier, but that is indeed a point that will become more and more obvious as, yes, more time passes, and you will seem to be even more hard pressed to try to quantify it at all. For what is time now? Certainly not the one defining measurement it once was. And with the dissolving of this trusted marker, so too much else will start to take on a rather interesting hue to call it that. For now, nothing that surrounds you can be seen through the goggles of yesterday, and as such, your mind will have a hard time trying to adjust to it all. It is just like when a person suffering from some sort of ailment of the eyes get this accurately adjusted. And even if the eyes can finally focus and take in everything properly for the first time, the mind will seem to be very muddled and confused indeed. For your being is as we have repeated often geared to maintaining status quo, and now, so much must be taken into reconsideration, it will at times be a challenge not to feel slightly – or maybe even completely – mad.

So take this as a reminder that never before has it been more important to trust that this process is indeed a very carefully monitored one, and all you have to do, is to surrender to it. And we do mean surrender completely. That may sound easy, but when it comes down to it, your whole being has been hard-wired to try to hold on to the controls in some way or the other, as otherwise, your very survival could not be assured. In other words, surrendering yourself completely to this very, very confusing and at times almost frightening process of dissolving everything that feels familiar and entering a world where everything is completely new, will be met by more than a little resistance from yourself. After all, your system is only doing its job protecting you in any way it can. So yes, you must all expect to encounter resistance from within, as that is only to be expected when you are about to literally surrender all that you take for granted and all that you have relied upon so far in order to fully embrace the new.

And the new is nothing if not very, very different from anything you have encountered so far. You see, you are beings of such a magnitude and potential being literally injected into a rather frail looking and small human body, and as such, you will at times feel like you are literally imprisoned within something that is too claustrophobic for comfort. For you are indeed finally starting to tap into your real greatness, and that greatness is not used to operating within these strict confines that your physical body dictates. So again, expect to become befuddled and frustrated, and at times feel totally at loss as to what you are and why you are even here in the first place. But again, this is only a phase, and even if it will be challenging in so many ways, it will also bring with it the first instances of seeing who you really are. And even if your mind will have a field day trying to tell you that something very, very strange is going on, you will also feel the surge of expectation from what is to come.

For what is to come can only be described with one word, namely magic. But this is magic of the true kind, not another conjurer’s trick being passed before you. So again we tell you to stay the course, and the only way to do just that, is to relinquish any thought you might harbour of trying to maintain control in any way. For total surrender is the order of the day, as this is what will give you the only ”control” you can have. For you can only control your own response to all of this magical outpouring of newness. So open your arms, hearts and minds to whatever may come, in whatever shape, form or taste it may have, and know that you can never ever guess what is coming to you next. For such is the nature of this quest, as you have indeed embarked upon the part of this journey that goes into unchartered territory. But know that we know just where you are headed, and we will make sure that you get there, even if the road you will take to get there will be one you could never even dream of making up yourselves. So again we say, prepare to be surprised, in more ways than one, but also prepare to be delighted. For even if the road will be very strenuous at times, it will certainly give you more than one reason to rejoice in the time ahead.