The tide has turned now, and the rush of the incoming energies is starting to pick up yet again. You will feel this, literally in your bones, but as always, the sometimes rather unpleasant side effects cannot entirely mask the fact that this is indeed only beneficial. Not only for you, but also for your planet. Let us explain.

By now, you are not unused to these incoming barrages of energy, far from it, but you might feel more than a little less than enthusiastic about the fact that it is time to endure another round of these at times rather painful immersions. But, they are only for your benefit, and even if some of you may think that we do this to you as some form of spite because we perhaps like to see you suffer, that is certainly not the truth. We know that this can at times be a tempting explanation, for we are well aware that a physical body is not too happy accomodating all of these energies at times. As you all know so well, because you are the ones who will suffer the consequences from them. But you are also the ones who will reap the benefits from them, but we also know that these benefits may seem to be rather fickle compared to the relentlessness of these upgradings themselves. Be that as it may, we just want you to know that you have another bout coming up, and even if this may cause more than a few moans and groans and more than a little despair in some, we are here to remind you all that there is indeed an important reason behind all of this physical and mental discomfort that may arise. It will not be apparent at the moment, so we know that this may be quite an uphill struggle for some of you, but please bear with us, and bear with yourselves, as these injections are a necessary and unavoidable part of it all.

Small consolation, we know, but the only one we can give. For we are again only spectators to this, and as such, us cheering you on may not be what you need at the moment. For what you perhaps crave more than ever is a quiet confidence that you have arrived, and that the work is indeed over. Well, as we have already stated in an earlier missive, the work has in many ways just begun. But before you erupt in a choir of misgivings, let us just remind you that the work you are doing now, is very different from the work you did only a few weeks ago. For you have arrived indeed, at a far loftier station than the one you so strenuously worked your way up from in the previous months. But unlike those happy go lucky travellers who only set out on a journey in order to savour the scenery, your journey has taken you to a far more interesting and indeed challenging place. For you have brought yourselves to a brand new world, where you yourselves are instrumental in making everything come about. In other words, what you will receive now, are more building blocks with which you will be better able to take part in building the new, and as such, these growing pains will signal a brand new phase on your journey. So take these pains and signals from a disgruntled body as a signal of commencement. It is indeed time to go back to work, but it will also be work that will give you great pleasure. For what you are doing is actually staking your claim to the future. For it is you who will make that future come about, and what you will be receiving from these celestial downpours of energy will help to set you up to make all of that come true.

So again we ask you to stay calm and stay centered, and even if some of these intense waves of energy may knock you off your feet now and then, know that you are more than ready to take it all on, and you are also more than strong enough to get back on your feet in no time. For you have been well tuned to play along with this new melody coming in, and as such, you have become a far more accomplished instrument just in these last few weeks. So even if you might hear a false note here and there as your physical body sometimes seems to miss a beat, know that this is not considered as a fault in any way. After all, you have not had much practice to play at this level yet. So be kind to yourselves, and do not berate yourselves even if it does not go as smoothly as you mayhaps wished for from the start. For remember, you are certainly threading on virgin ground here, so a few missteps here and there are to be expected. So accept them, for we do, but we also know that you are the harsher judge here. That is only natural, but again we remind you not to be disappointed in yourself should you fall short of your oh so high expectations in yourself. For this is indeed a period of trial and error, for it will take some time before you are all well settled into your new role as creators. So have fun, and do not take yourself too seriously in the time ahead or you might miss out on some of the joy if you do. And this is indeed a joyous occasion, even if the work in itself can be more than a little strenuous at times. We will leave it at that, and leave you to start preparing for this, the first round of the new and improved you.