As many of you have already ascertained, the quiet after the new year has already left, and now it is indeed business as usual. Or rather, more than usual, as the first energetic impacts of the year have started to arrive into your systems. They might not be as soft footed as some of the others have been, as they are certainly not shy in announcing their arrival. We know that this might seem to be a rather abrupt awakening after the last days that have been a bit on the quiet side, but as we said in an earlier missive, this waterfall of light cascading onto your little planet is not about to dry out anytime soon.

So best be prepared for some rather intense first offerings as this year announces its intention by amping up the volume once again. In other words, this will not be a quiet and shy little year, contented to stand in the shadow of its forerunner. Rather, this will be a year of some major movements of energy, and in their wake, interesting outcomes will follow. We would like to leave it at that for now. However, we will return shortly with more as these energies start to take their effect on you all. That is all for now, we leave.