And so you have started to count down another year, and this time, it is as if you are starting a brand new countdown. Let us explain.

As you are all more than aware of, mankind have had their eyes and hearts set on the year of 2012 for a very, very long time, and as you are all also more than aware of, this has had such a strong impact on so many, it has been difficult to even think past this year. And so, now that you have well and truly passed through this portal called December 2012, you have now reached a brand new shore, a shore devoid of any footprints, where it is up to each and every one of you how you would like to make this year unfold.

For now, there are no more ”magic dates” and now, there are no expectations or limitations put upon you that could hamper you in any way. For now, it is indeed time to open up, set the old human limitations aside, and start to think anew. For now, there are no more deadlines to be met, no more dates to consider, or no other markers of any kind that could affect your thinking in any way.

So take this for what it is, a fresh start, with no set tracks to follow. So make sure that you do indeed follow your own instincts from now on, and do not follow blindly in the footsteps of anyone else. For now, you are free to let your imagination set the pace and the course. So test your wings dear ones, and do not let any old limitations hold you back as you start on this brand new year in the brand new era of mankind.