The manuscript of survival – part 246

And so you have started to count down another year, and this time, it is as if you are starting a brand new countdown. Let us explain.

As you are all more than aware of, mankind have had their eyes and hearts set on the year of 2012 for a very, very long time, and as you are all also more than aware of, this has had such a strong impact on so many, it has been difficult to even think past this year. And so, now that you have well and truly passed through this portal called December 2012, you have now reached a brand new shore, a shore devoid of any footprints, where it is up to each and every one of you how you would like to make this year unfold.

For now, there are no more ”magic dates” and now, there are no expectations or limitations put upon you that could hamper you in any way. For now, it is indeed time to open up, set the old human limitations aside, and start to think anew. For now, there are no more deadlines to be met, no more dates to consider, or no other markers of any kind that could affect your thinking in any way.

So take this for what it is, a fresh start, with no set tracks to follow. So make sure that you do indeed follow your own instincts from now on, and do not follow blindly in the footsteps of anyone else. For now, you are free to let your imagination set the pace and the course. So test your wings dear ones, and do not let any old limitations hold you back as you start on this brand new year in the brand new era of mankind.

28 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 246

  1. Dear Aisha and all, during the past couple of days I have experienced a very intense period, again, where I felt like exploding from all the energy bombarding me. What’s happening? Anyone else??

  2. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…”So take this for what it is, a fresh start, with no set tracks to follow. So make sure that you do indeed follow your own instincts from now on, and do not follow blindly in the footsteps of anyone else. For now, you are free to let your imagination set the pace and the course. So test your wings dear ones, and do not let any old limitations hold you back as you start on this brand new year in the brand new era of mankind…”

  3. I sure like the manuscrits of survival. This year I want to unifie myself with myself and I know that I can because of the energy I am getting. Thank you so much

  4. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. Mindfulness. Living in the moment. Smiles. Things that I plan to embrace. PEACE.

  5. So yes, since 1983 I am waiting for McKenna´s dream to come true.
    Long before you had to know your Maya sign, the dreamspell notifier,
    a friend had ordered this strange book of the “Invisible Landscape”.
    I Ging, Space Invader and Magical Blend, the future would be definetly exiting, at least down in the Eighties. Tuella and the Project World evacuation made their appearance and Osho was still Bhagwan. Ken Carey blow our minds with the Starseed Transmissions, I shook hand with Leary, had lunch with RAWilson and smoked a spliff with Lilly. Robert Monroe was my nightly sleep enhancer, and a friend used a telephone while being in a supermarket.
    1984 came and went and all I saw was a piece of DNA. The years between ´85 and ´95 were so awfull, some wondered how we survived this madness anyhow. Maybe hardcore therapy is a term that names this crisis best. 1999 came and passed and we partied hard. Islam scored in many countries, while Acupunture, St. Germain and the Sangha saved my life. Entagled in the net channeling blossomed like a good child, the terra operation continued as a constant compagnion. In 2005 I sometimes thaught, my god just 7 years to go from now on. Quite suddenly we are in 2013, the Ego has landed.
    At a single point in time (line) just before this magical event, I never ever wanted to have anything to do with all of this “transmitted knowledge”, in case nothing would have happened. So 2012 came and went and maybe we are now finally cured from this expectation illness and prophetical extrapolation hype. But Diana Cooper has just released the dogs. 2032.
    Let it pee.
    Anyhow Me looking forward for transmission and lecture and chapter (didn´t we had chapters in the beginning?) 432 of the manu chao of survivre and the third for the technical support Apprentice.

    I hope we understand our true freedom, before this brand new age turns into a new age brand.
    love, light and organic pizza

    1. I understand what you are saying and what you are feeling. I personally jumped from the boat of Armaggedon one year ago, aprox., when I found Aisha’s blog and of other channelers, talking a different message, of hope and of new life (inside the same body), and here we are. A new shore without footprints, year 0001 of New Age, with the promise that we can be, do or have whatever we want, that is with our Free Will restored. Can we ask more? It,s coming and it is Unity or Christ Consciousness. And our Inner Earth and galactic family of the light.
      My brother, Michael Jurgen, I know that all that has happened to us is not easy to accept, understand, to manage it in our minds. It,s dose for lions. But, we,re alive and free. It,s a great new beginning! With lots of changes to come to our world. Isnt,t it exciting? Don,t you think that we should be with risen arms being grateful to Heaven?
      Share with us all: yours ideas, your deep thoughts, your dreams, your meditations. I,m sure we, all together, shall find a first step to begin with. Hugs!

  6. I’m glad that I am going forward with all of my friends here. Thank you Aisha and the CCs. It’s nice to be through with last year. Nohmad and Christie – Wonderful thoughts. Thank you. Happy New Year to all.


  7. What happened to us? All of us, darkness + light, were caught in full by the Dezember 2012 Express train. And what now? Everything has changed. Anybody is the same as before. God,s love has changed us all.
    Darkness may think that for them all is the same because they are inside high-tech bunkers 40 kilometers under Earth surface. But they drink water, as us, everyday. For God’s love there,s not neither boundaries nor shielding. And water was the first target of all codes, information and activations for change from the beginning of unfolding of the Divine Plan.
    We are all on the same ship: Mother Earth, together, as always. But it could be different. We could have one Old Earth and one New Earth, now. But not. The Plan changed at the last time and we are all in the same New Earth.
    Lightworkers’s job was too well made, beyond expectation, so everybody on Earth has risen his/her light quotient and is living embodied on New Earth. But we are now in Aquarious Age, so as soon as we leave this tunnel of transformation we,ll be well inside the Photon Belt, a place with a very high vibration that darkness can not withstand, but people of light can. This is why God’s love is enveloping Mother Earth, to transform all darkenss into light. Duality is over, as darkness. We are heading Unity Consciousness now, because we are all one. We,re all the same spark of light of God. Our form, color, size, evolution, intelligence, etc, may vary. But not our essence. We are all sons and daughters of the same Father/Mother/God. All made as He/She is, whole, all knowing, powerful and perfect. This being of the Light is Who We Really Are. And our time of experience/game in 3D/duality is over, so EVERYBODY must AWAKE now to the only REALITY. Love is the only reality. God has the last word about when we,ll leave this tunnel, and when our galactic family will land. Meanwhile, light will be disseminating transforming darkness in light.
    Let,s begin to forget the dogmas, the lies, the deception of darkness. They just wanted to control us because they believed they were different, much better, intelligent, expert than us. Darkness will not inherit New Earth, we are. Or they transform in light again or they leave Mother Earth forever.
    As this will take some time, we of the light will have to protect us of their attacks, ASKING everyday for protection and grounding to our Angelic Team. And we have much work to do. Make of our dear Mother Earth our paradise and bring Heaven to Earth.

  8. Aisha,

    Can you please ask the CCs about the upcoming earth changes and certain global coastal events which could affect all of us in the early part of this new year?

    Thank you very much!

  9. perfect… today i was thinking about how i should be approaching my life which by now feels extremely multi-aspected and therefore confusing to navigate as im sure most can relate to.. and my immediate answer (knowing) was “follow my instincts.” not meaning in the sense of reaction. but in the sense of presence and following my senses from this place. “senses” and “instincts” are words (feelings) that have been coming up a lot for me, and i think it’s because i am very close to my core self (esp. right before 12-12 i started to feel very much this way). the core self is who is sensing and ‘instincting’.. it’s like being in a constant state of meditation which i feel i am lately, and where i can be after so much “noise” has been wiped clean this month. and now im much more living the idea that meditation is not really a practice, so-to-speak, but our natural state… (things have finally improved in my physical reality and continue to, and i know it will for everyone else).

    also integrating with this that, the feminine is the well from where we draw up our/ the power and the masculine makes the decisions of how to draw out the desired creation from the feminine (sometimes the masculine decides it’s best to wait). but only once it has been present and sensing of the feminine does the masculine decide and implement… this is the peaceful power ive been experiencing more of lately…

    i really feel that we are on a faster road now and steadily increasing speed, yet becoming perfectly still… 🙂

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