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The times are turning and so too are you, as you are slowly but inexorably being pulled into this vast tunnel of love that is already starting to have its effect on you. For many, this will seem to be a rather painful one, because all of the physical symptoms from this churning and compressing will indeed mask what is happening at your core. But for others, this voice of bliss and joy is already starting to surface somewhat, and it will grow stronger in the days ahead, and you will all start to tune into this jubilant choir that awaits you.

But until then, you best be prepared for more of the physical and indeed sometimes mental ”setbacks”, because this process will only intensify as the hours and days go by now. Not much time left before you enter the crux of this vortex, but before you get there, it will indeed be like you are being in a vice that keeps tightening and tightening around you. Again, we say this not to frighten you in any way, just to prepare you all for rather a rough ride in the days and nights ahead. Remember, this can in many ways be likened to the fetus’ twists and turns down through the birth canal before it enters the world as a newborn baby, surrounded by love and joy. But before it gets there, it too will have to travel through a seemingly dark, scary and uncomfortable stretch that will literally squeeze, push and pull at it with relentess power. So too will you all be reborn into a world of love, light and joy, but remember that these final stages will be amongst the most uncomfortable and at times scary for so many of you.

We say this in order to prepare you, and also to remind you that just as in a birth of a new child, you are heading for something that cannot be described as anything but a revelation, and a joyful one, but again, it will take some hard labour pains indeed to get you there. We say this in order to reassure you all that even if your body will feel like it is being pulled apart or squeezed into an seemingly impossible space, or your mind will run gamut between ecstasy and agony in the days ahead, know that all is well and that this is only a transitional phase. And just like a human child, you have been designed to withstand all of the pressure that you can and will experience inside this ”birth canal”. So know that we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival into the new world on the other side, and we are already celebrating your successful delivery into this world. For we are all your proud and joyous family, ready to welcome you into this world.

So again we repeat the same message of staying centered, and above all, stay connected not only to your true source, but also to all of those other beautiful souls traveling down this same birth canal. For you are all moving forwards, even if it will at times seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We know you will make it dear ones, and we know that these days will go down in your history books as the rebirthing of the new. So take a deep breath, and get ready to be pushed and pulled forwards towards the end of this intense journey. We are already holding out our hands, ready to lift you up to the light in celebration.

Dear friends! These last few days have been beyond intense, and I am so grateful for the way you continue to connect, share and encourage each other here in this space. I do not think this process could be bearable if I had to go through all of this alone, and in addition to a few very close friends who are also lightworkers it helps me so much to be able to connect with all of you here. Reading your comments certainly makes it clear to me that many of you are experiencing much of the same as me, and I would like to add some of my own stories here as that can maybe be of help to others as well.

The energies that started to come in a day or two before 12.12.12 were so intense, but they have only gotten stronger and stronger as the days go by. And to me, they are a clear confirmation that something huge is underway now. In addition to the messages that are part of The manuscript, I am also being given daily ”updates” for me personally on the work I am doing. For it has intensified as well. Starting about a week ago, I am woken up 2-3 times every night, guided to pick up one or two of the crystals I have by my bedside and then instructed to open up for the energies coming in. As I said, they started out very intense, but night after night they have become even more so. They ”feel” different every time, sometimes it is like the very distinct feeling I had in my hands during a very strong healing session, except now it is in the whole body. Other times, some of the muscles in my body starts to twitch or even cramp up, other times it feels like I am dissolving completely, my breathing suddenly changes pace or intensity, and my body temperature fluctuates wildly. Some of these downloads are also accompanied by information, either in the form of geometric shapes moving in set patterns, words or even images. The images are just so beautiful, a world filled with bliss and love, and I have a huge smile on my face even if my body is less than pleased by what is happening. What I have been given to understand is that these downloads are not for me, but that I am a part of a group responsible for literally helping to build the new Earth by being channels for these energies coming in and down into the very core of our Earth. I have met up with this group several times already during some of these sessions, and I think that some of you are reading this blog :–).

I also know that some are frustrated because they feel that they are left out somehow, they cannot ”feel” anything or do not have any clear image of what their part in all of this really is. Let me just say that no one on this planet today is here by accident, we are all equally important. For some, the task is a very visible one, for others, they are either doing something ”behind the veil” that they are just not conscious of, or have a task waiting ahead. But never forget, the communal effort we take part in by the personal journey we are undertaking is the main reason for all of us to be here in the first place. And what we are doing now, in these short but intense days between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 is probably the most important work we will ever do.

And, yes, it IS hard work, and it seems that we have more in store. As the CCs said in a message to me today after I woke up sick as a dog 5.55 last night: ”You see, the physical body is more than hard pressed at the moment, and this will only intensify as this week gathers momentum. You are all being compressed and squeezed into something that is infinitesimally small, yet huge beyond comparison, and therefore, your physical limits will be more than tested in the days ahead. So try to stay calm and centered, no matter what happens in the time ahead. And yes, we will keep repeating this message as the days fly by and you feel the ever growing pressure both on the outside and on the inside. So, let us leave it at that, and leave you to take care of that sore and somewhat confused body of yours. Give it much love, after all, it is what is making this whole process possible, and as such, it is the real hero in all of this.”

So let us all keep encouraging each other – and ourselves – to keep going! What we do is certainly impossible to describe, the only thing that is possible to describe are the physical symptoms that range from feeling literally as light as a feather and stronger than anything I have ever experienced before, to suddenly feeling like gravity has increased about 400% and I have a hard time just turning my head without feeling faint.

I reach out and take hold of your heands as we gather in an ever increasing circle of luminous souls, and I ask you all to do the same. Together we will lift this world up to be the magical place we all dream of and know will become reality. And I also know that we will look back on these days and say ” it was harder than anything I have ever done before, but it was worth it in every way!”

Love and light, Aisha

As each day goes by, the intensity will magnify in such a way that many of you will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. That is, it will feel like you have a hard time keeping up, or rather, your physical body will. But please rest assured that no one is being left behind here, and even if you at times feel like you are indeed struggling mightily to keep up the pace, you are not lagging in any way. For this time, it is not you setting the pace anymore. For as you have all entered this vortice of change, it is the pull of gravity into this deep wormhole that is pulling at you, and it is doing so at a set pace. So you are all being transported through this portal, whether you feel you are actively taking part in it or not.

So just try to stay calm and centered, and have compassion with yourself as this pulling and squeezing will have some rather intense side effects on many of you. Again, we remind you that you will not be harmed in any way by this, and even if your body seems ready to call it quits at any time, it have been designed to take all the stress it will be subjected to in this period. Remember, you have been well prepared for this, and like those astronauts spending months and even years preparing for their first sojourn into space, so too have you been well prepared to withstand whatever stands ahead of you on this journey through the vortice and over to the other side.

So stay calm, as we once again remind you that all is well, and that you are all exactly where you are meant to be. So set your mind at rest, and give yourself the care and comfort you need in order to make this journey as endurable as possible. For we know it is not always pleasant, but it is not done with malice, only with all of the love you could ever want. For you are indeed pioneers, and you are also going into this on behalf of us all, so we will do all that we can in order to ensure that you will be able to look back on this period and say ”I did it, and so did millions of others, and together, we changed not only the world that we live in, but we also helped the rest of Creation to attain the brilliance it shines with today.”

So again, we leave you with these words that you know so well by now: you are the bravest of the brave, the strongest of them all, and you will succeed in an endeavor that is of a magnitude hitherto unseen anywhere in Creation. We thank you and salute you all once again, as we say our goodbyes for now, and leave you to continue on this journey for one more day. That is all for now, we leave.

We have come today to give you a short update on the proceedings. For now, you are well and truly on your way to your greatness, dear ones. You have taken that decisive step in through the doors that will bring you all that you have ever wanted, and by doing that, you have accepted yourself for what you truly are. You are an infinite being, capable of making miracles happen. For you have already shown that, by the fact that you have taken yourself successfully through the long and arduous journey that have brought you here. Remember, you have come here on your own accord, you have not been carried to the doorsteps of this large mansion and then been deposited here, ready to set yourself up and take just a few steps on your own in order to get here on time. No, you have taken every step, whether it be feather light and filled with joy, or with the heaviest of burdens, carrying with you all the sorrows in the world. But you did it, and for that, we cannot but have the greatest of admiration. For no one that have not been in your shoes can tell just how difficult a journey this has been. And that was its purpose, as you all knew so well before you came.

For yours was to be a journey of discovery, and what you have discovered, is indeed the greatness you have within. But in order to do just that, you had to pull a veil of forgetfulness across that would be impenetrable. But now, you have arrived at your designated destination, and what you are about to see, is what you knew would be waiting for you all along. For you will once again enter yourself in all of your glory, but as you do so, you will know with every fiber of your being that what you have been through on this self-imposed journey on this planet is nothing short of miraculous. For you bring with you experiences that no other living soul in All of Creation can match, and by that fact alone, you stand taller than the rest. For you have been to hell and back, in every sense of the word, and as such, you have become a being of infinite knowledge, and now, your task will be to spread this knowledge to the rest of Creation. For you know what it is like to be trapped inside a body, unable to sojourn into the ethers and connect with all the other beings out there, beings for whom it is an important part of their existence to do just that. So you have been all alone in this great void, and by standing alone, you were forced to rediscover your very core. And by doing that, you have helped the rest of Creation to do the same.

For many were indeed becoming somewhat complacent, and they had started to forget the glory that rests within. For when you have everything at your disposal, you tend to forget the fact that within is where the true gem lies. For each and every soul, not just on this planet, but in All of Creation, carry within a unique imprint, a tiny little seed, that is unlike anything else. And only when you are connected to that tiny little morsel of infinity can you shine in your true spectrum of the light. And that is what is needed for the whole, that each and every being in existence truly know what is their true color. Otherwise, they will start to fade and change hue, and by that, the whole light-symphony will start to become somewhat out of tune. So that is what you have achieved by doing the work you have so diligently done in life after life on this planet. Challenged not only by your own forgetfulness, but also by that superimposed extra prison put upon you by those tricksters set upon delaying this whole process for us all by holding you back with their evil little schemes. But now, they have been neutralized, and with it, you have all started to speed up this whole process of liberating not only yourselves, but us as well.

For now, you can finally step up and say ”I know what my true color is, for I have found it on the way, fighting against myself and so much else that I have met on my way coming here today”. And what you have found along with it, is the key that will unlock the same door within everyone else in All of Creation who has somehow forgot what their true color is. So now, by your actions, we will all be able to do the same, and what was once starting to dim down and fade will become as vibrant and brilliant as it once was.

So thank you to each and every one of you. You have made yourselves into the shining examples we knew you would be. And now, we will all start to match our brilliance to yours, and together, we will make sure that this symphony of colour and light will start to ring out loud and clear once again. We salute you dear ones, you have finally managed to unlock that door into the very core that we all carry within, and the outcome from it all will be infinitely more beautiful than you could ever have hoped for. The journey has been a long one indeed, and it is not over yet, but now, you can hold in your hearts that you have overcome the most difficult of obstacles in a way that will help to lift us all to a whole new level of brilliance. We thank you, and wish you all the best for the remainder of this transitional period. But know that you have certainly accomplished what you came here to do, so what you have left, will only be the last pieces of readjustment that will help us all find our tune yet again.

Today is the first day in the rest of your life, as someone once said, and that is so true. For now, you will pass into the mouth of that energetic vortex that is spinning ever faster just in front of you. For today is 11.12.12 or 12.11.12 if you will, the day before 12.12.12. So get ready dear ones, you are about to enter the wringer in more ways than one. Of course, this is a jestful way to talk about what for so many will be the pivotal point of their life, or rather lives, here. But we do so in order to remind you all that this is a day for rejoicing and for taking stock of just how far you have come. For your footsteps linger still, and they cover much ground, and for that, you need to give yourselves all the credit you deserve. For you have indeed come a long way. Far, far longer than you mayhaps can even envisage, and we say this today in order to make you all take a pause and connect with your past in some way. For your past is what has brought you here, and your past is what has made your future possible. For tomorrow, your future will begin in earnest, so today, give yourself some applause for what you have managed to accomplish in your sojourn here on this planet.

For what you have done, no man has done before, and so too, it will be in each and every day ahead. For now, you enter the phase that has been calling in your hearts for many a lifetime. For as you enter the vortex of change, you will enter the rebirthing period, that fabled period talked about for thousands of years. For you have indeed made it dear ones, and as you stand upon the threshold of tomorrow it is befitting to salute yourselves for every step you have taken since you first entered a human body. For those steps are so many, and some of them will seem to have gone in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. But they did not. Because every step you have taken has been for a good reason, and even if the actions you took on that way for many will be deemed as harsh or even cruel, they were an important part of your journey. For you did not come here to live a blissful existence life after life. You came here to taste everything, even the bitterest of potions, and you have dear ones. For each and every one of you have played out the whole register. You have been the oppressor as well as the oppressed, the judge and the criminal, the victim and the perpetrator, the saint and the sinner – all rolled into one. And that is exactly why you have made it all the way here.

And here you all stand, alike in the fact that you have been a part of this human race for eons, and you have finally come together to witness the rebirthing of this same race. For after tomorrow, what has been will be left at the wayside, and the only thing that will count, is how you choose to create the new. So we say this to you today, lift your head and stand proud in the knowledge that whoever you are and whatever you have done, now or in a previous life, you are all qualified to enter this tunnel of love. For that is what it truly is. A vast tunnel of love that will wash you all clean and send you out in the other end with a very new perspective on things.

So savour this moment, and give thanks to all that you are and all that you have been, and prepare yourself to be taken into the loving, if somewhat intense embrace of this vortex that awaits you. We give you these words today, for tomorrow we will not call in on you in the same way, as we will leave you all to enter the stillness you have inside in order to prepare for the ride you have coming up. So spend some time today to give thanks for the way you have made yourselves arrive at this door, and then, let it fall away and concentrate on manifesting your future. For that is the task that awaits you as soon as you have cleared the gates and entered that tunnel, and for many, this process will start even sooner than you think. That is all for today. We wish you all godspeed and a safe journey in the days ahead.

You have already felt the first stirrings of these energies coming into you dear ones, and you can perhaps attest that they feel like nothing you have ever encountered before. At least, your physical body can, and we know that for some, the moans and groans have been even louder than before. That is only to be expected, for this time, even if you have been well prepared, you will be battling with some rather unusual singals, to put it mildly. We do not say this to frighten you in any way, only to prepare you for what you have in store. As this is something that will be entirely new to you all, it is apt to raise some fearful voices, especially inside, but do not let them fool you into thinking that something is amiss. For it is not. Remember, you have been well prepared for all of this, but as the frequency starting to arrive now is so enhanced compared to anything you have previously encountered, it will in some ways seem to create havoc when it starts to interact with your own field. When we say ”havoc”, we mean in the sense that your body will be perturbed by this, so it will start to send out confusing signals, but only because it is confused.

As we said, it will not be harmed in any way, so we want you to just try to relax into it and breathe. Of course, your body will also try to tell you what you can do to support it in any way, so try to heed these signals. In other words, try not to get too focused on the signals of distress, but focus more on the signals telling you what to do. It may be needing some extra rest, or maybe even less of it, as the energies coming in will in many ways need to be given space to move freely through your body. And for some of you, this will make it even harder to just sit down and take it easy. So if your body wants to move, then do so, as this will help you accomodate all of this new information coming in. You may feel nauseous and have a hard time eating anything, or you might start to eat more than usual and even crave things you have not even touched before.

Again we say, heed these signals and do what you can do to support your physical body. For it surely needs your support and encouragement. Remember, you are the first ones going through all of this still ensconced safely within a physical body such as yours, so therefore keep giving it all the love you can in order to ease this transition somewhat. And please do not go into fear, even if you at times can experience the oddest phenomena. Your body will seem to have a mind of its own at times, and you will feel like you have no control over what it is doing, but again, this is only a transitional phase and will soon quiet down.

So let us just sum it all up by saying that these upcoming days will be intense indeed. So stay centered and heed the signals telling you what to do, but do not fall for the temptation to panic should your body start to behave oddly. We know what we are doing to you, and you are all carefully monitored throughout it all, so you will not disintergrate or come to any harm because of all of these inoculations of energy. Remember, they will only make you stronger, even if they at times will leave you feel weaker than ever before in the days and nights ahead.

Today is another auspicious day dear ones, as you will once again receive another important upgrading into your system. As you have already noticed, this is indeed an almost continuous process now, and it will continue to increase as we approach the onset of the full exposure to these life-enhancing energies. You have come such a long way, but you still have quite a ways to go, but this will be accomplished in a very short timespan even after your measurements. For now, the floodgates are well and truly opened, and what will come in will take you all by storm.

So take some time to breathe deeply to set your mind at ease, lest is hould be too overwhelmed by what it see before its inner eye. For now, you will all start to get images or snapshots that will seem to be very out of place with what you are currently experiencing from your outside environment, and for some, they will have a hard time distinguishing between the two. For now, the other side will start to bleed through into this one, and just like oil and water, the two will not really merge well.

So expect some blurriness in the days ahead, as you all try to readjust your sets as it were to this new programming. It might take some time to get used to, and your body may also respond in some unexpected ways. So get ready to be thrown off balance as the layers will roll and merge and separate on and off in this adjustment period. But do not worry, you will soon regain your composure and get used to moving around in a very fluid environment, both on the outside and the inside.

As you are all more than aware of, things have started to happen now, and although you will all search in vain for any traces of these changes in the outside world, there are indeed some small hints as to what you have in store already appearing. We know that these signs will seem to be of no importance as of yet, but as time goes by, these small droplets of hope will start to gather in size, and soon, they will start to form into small pools. And after that, much will happen at a fast rate. We say this in order to remind you all of the fact that contrary to what many have preached already, you will not wake up to a completey changed world the day after December 21. Or rather, it will not seem to be much different from the world as it was when you went to sleep the day before. But you will know better, for before you reach that day, you will all have in some way or form become aware of the deep, deep changes that are already underway. You will feel this, literally in your bones, and even if the pomp and circumstance many will expect will seem to be less than willing to appear, you do not need any outward signs to tell you what you already know.

Mankind have already entered their future, and nothing can change that. No ”big bang” or absence thereof can do anything to alter this. You are on your way into the portal of total renewal, and for some, the changes have already started to manifest in some interesting, but rather unexpected ways. So know that nothing you do – or anyone else do for that matter – can change the fact that humanity is changing for ever even as we speak. And the change is for the better – in every sense of the word. You just have to acknowledge the fact that everything you have been told of this change beforehand could not in any way depict the real truth of it. For the real truth is beyond what your mind can comprehend, but it is not beyond what you will be able experience in the time ahead. For you will enter the zone of togetherness in a way that cannot be described. You will be the first to go through this metamorphosis, and we cannot tell you how lucky you are to be the ones chosen to be here on this planet to take part in this unprecedented event. You are the ones hand picked to be here, for you are but a handful compared to all of those souls competing for a place when the call for volunteers went out.

So know that you have all waited for this for a very, very long time indeed. And even if you today cannot yet remember the full scope of this assignment, you will soon access it fully, both in your physical body and also in your higher self. So rejoice dear ones, even if you might wake up feeling less than enthusiastic about this whole affair. For you are just like those astronauts strapped into their vehicle on the launching pad waiting for the signal to start the engines and blast off into the sky. Impatience is normal now, as you can literally feel the humming of the idling engines ready to kick off and send you all out into that so longed for journey into your true selves. So try to settle in and make yourselves comfortable, you do not have to wait much longer now before you feel yourselves lifted off from the ground of third density reality and into something far more uplifting indeed.

The tension is waxing and waning, as you all feel the pull from the vortex you have entered. In many ways, it is just like entering a black hole, and you have just passed what is referred to as the ”event horizon”. In other words, there is no turning back now, and even if this concept might feel a bit challenging, it is only the first stage of a wondrous process that will deliver you safe and sound on the other side of this monumental vortex of energetic change.

But just as in a black hole, there is no way of literally seeing anything ahead of you, as it seems that every last drop of visibility is sucked away from you, just like the light particles entering the mouth of said black hole. But fear not, this is not about disappearing forever into something that on the outside might seem like an abyss. Rather it is indeed like entering a set of interlocking doors where you cannot see what is on the other side before you have passed them both.

You see, you are leaving everything you know behind you, and you are entering a new set of energetic imprints that is waiting patiently for you on the other side. But as we said in an earlier missive, this transition will in many ways be like passing through the eye of a needle. Because you cannot pass through these doors laden with any baggage in any way, and as such, much will come up for review in the days and nights ahead. And much have already, so do not be surprised if you find yourselves hearing the echoes of issues you thought you had long since passed on your journey here.

Do not take that as a signal that you have failed any tests, and that you will be unable to pass through this portal. That is not the case. This is only a signal of the clearing you have done and are doing already, because this is in many ways now an automatic process where your deepest core is literally taking care of this business of lightening the load. So just stay present, and see what arises, for it is meant for you to see this. But that is all it takes, you do not have to go into any deep analysis of anything, just acceptance. And acceptance is all it takes, as then you declare yourself ready to go one step further.

This may sound dramatic, but we think you have all been through many of these instances already. This is just a reminder that you are not meant to feel ”unworthy” in any way, no matter what issues might arise, and no matter how you react to these issues mentally, emotionally or physically. See it for what it really is, just that final lightening of the load that will help to propel yourselves through these doors, and into the brand new that awaits on the other side. It will be like entering a ”tabula rasa”, where all you have ever done will be declared null and void, and you can all restart your lives devoid of anything that has been pulling you down into the lower densities. And this goes for each and every one of you, for as long as you have decided to let the light into your being again, you do not have to answer for anything you might have done in an earlier incarnation or even recently.

For you are all beings of light then, and you all share the same future, regardless of your past. Let that be our little lesson for today, for we think these thoughts might come against a little resistance in some of you. For you are all worthy of this, and you will all be treated the same as you enter these doors to the future. We say this with respect and love, as we know that you will all feel the same respect and love when you exit those doors. Not just for others, but for yourself as well, and that is mayhaps the most challenging part for many reading these words. You are loved by us all, and soon, you will also be loved by yourself, unconditionally. And when you do, nothing else will matter, because then you will truly be the new humans, embracing yourself alongside all of the others. And then, your true powers can finally be released from the prison they have been held captive in. For love conquers all, and so it will be this time. So just surrender to this process dear ones, you are heading for the land of the ones who have surrendered to their own greatness, and rightly so. For the prison bars you have erected on the inside is far stronger than the ones who have held you captive on the outside. But these bars will simply melt away as you enter ever deeper into this vortex of love, the energy that will erase the old and let you finally begin to start anew.

You have come a long way dear ones, and even if the road has been a slippery and steep one for many of you, know that it is indeed about to level out considerably. As we have already discussed in an earlier message, this month of December will bring closure in many ways. And even if the rest of your sojourn on this planet will not be without its challenges too, they will indeed be of a very different caliber than the ones you have been through already. Not only in this life, but in all of the lifetimes you have amassed on this solitary journey you have undertaken.

For this is indeed a journey you have to take all by yourself. And even if there is much solace in the companionship you all share now that you have started to connect so beautifully, you are all aware that you and you alone are the one that have had to face each and every moment of decision that had to be taken. And so it will be in the days and weeks ahead too, but as you have all grown into beings of such stature and brightness, you will not be fazed by any of them. Rather, you will see them for what they are, namely confirmations that your journey through this seemingly endless maze of dark underbrush and small open glades is about to come to an end, and you can feel a lightness in your step that was not as present before.

For now, you can sense that a final shift is approaching, and with it, so much will change for you, and even the air will seem to brighten as you start on this final stretch of this journey of unfoldment. And know that even if you will at times feel more than overwhelmed by these energies coming in, you will also feel how the strength they carry will lift you ever higher, and you will start to sing out in joy, even if your voice might be feeble at first. For now, you can sense the pull of the inevitable, and what it will bring, is something that cannot be undone. And you have made it so, because it is your conviction and hard work that will finally come to fruition.

So even if the days will be short for all those living on the northern part of your globe, you will also see how the light is starting to seep into so many of your fellow men. And with it, so much of the old dross will finally slough off. So light a candle today, and do it to celebrate the fact that the light is indeed coming back. Not only in you, but in millions and millions of other shining souls residing on this little planet. You will be returning to the light, and just as the days will start to lengthen soon, so too will the amount of light being emitted by all of you increase steadily in the time ahead. So the future is bright, in more ways than one, but the light will not come unannounced. Because when it comes, it comes in a form you have not witnessed before, and it will touch you all in the deepest recesses of your hearts. And when it does, it takes a hardened soul indeed not to be touched by this light of change.