The manuscript of survival – part 244

This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you still feel rather let down by the action, or rather non-action, of this last week, let us just remind you that nothing could be further from the truth. For what has transpired during these days in the aftermath of 12.12.12. and 12.21.12. is nothing if not life altering, not only for you as individuals, but also for this world as a whole. For you will exit this year as citizens of the multiverse, not as mere citizens of your world, or even your country. We are aware that for many, this will seem to be less than apparent, but we also know that some of you have already started to travel this new world that has literally started to open up before you, and this will continue to expand beyond any horizon you might care to try to describe.

We know that this will indeed sound like just another dose of lofty words, served up to placate you all, but let us just say that for those still trapped within the confines of this at times more than challenging tunnel of love, know that these walls will soon start to fade away and you will get a taste of real freedom that comes along with it. In other words, this connection to All there is will become more and more apparent as these tunnel-like walls starts to dissipate, and we know that there are some out there who can already testify to this fact. So we tell you to be discerning in these last few days surrounding the shift from this year to the next, and by that we mean that it is important to keep your focus on those parts of your existence where you can already sense that the change has taken place. For some, that will be easy, as that part of them has already started to grow in intensity. For others, it will be a hard task to fulfill, as the parts of them still stuck in yesteryear will seem to be overpoweringly so. But we know that if you too give yourselves the permission to do so, you will be able to connect with that spark within that has been lit during these last few days. And even if your mind and your physical body will try to divert your focus away from that inner glow, you should not let that deter you from reaching in and connecting with it. For it is indeed important that you do so, lest you should let your own inner judge convince you that you did not pass the test you have been served with as this year starts to fade away. For you have not failed any test dear ones, not in any way. For you are here, and you are about to enter the first year in the new count, when you will truly find your voice, and make that voice heard loud and clear.

39 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 244

  1. Technical help need here.
    One is that my gravatar won’t show up even though it is loaded up and shows up in the log in area.
    Two is that every time I try to post my computer/internet connection goes weird and freezes and say the connection was reset. Has only happened with this site. Odd coincidence of some kind?
    I don ‘t mean to break any posting rules here but didn’t know how to ask tech questions privately.

  2. I am grateful for Aisha,the CC’s and for all of you posting here. I feel a very nice energy here on this site and I have not been able to feel anything nice for the past several days so that says something. I am encouraged to hear I am not alone in some things, particularly the physical stuff. Never dreamed I wasn’t on the simple way up and that I could be brought down so low in the trough between the waves at this point. I was so scared as I figured I must have made a decision at a higher level to check out of this earth plane game because the abyss I have been in lately has felt like the strongest and most agonizing ever.

    Maybe I am here to stay for a bit because I risen enough today to feel your connections and say Thank You.

  3. Thanks to everyone for your most informative posts/replies.
    It really does help a lot to know that this truly is ‘normal’ given what is occurring, yet for an individual with no one around that is experiencing these phenomena, at times can be quite perplexing and even feel lonely.
    I am usually very satisfied to be alone, rarely feel lonely, but again, the feeling of NOT being able to be in others’ company is entirely new.

    I have reached out to several other light workers in my area- none are experiencing what I am, to the extreme that I am.

    It seems that another cycle has begun within the last two days. Waking up with jaw clenched, head hurting, body aches, stiff neck.

    When I’m feeling good, and ‘light’, I am in a deep peaceful state everywhere I go. I smile at everyone and engage strangers in conversation.

    The waves are coming back in it seems.

    Again- thank you thank you to all for your feedback and information!!

    1. What you are feeling is the beginning of the Third Ascension Portal that will open 12-30-2012, remember? This new portal are new energies with specific target: the last blockages that stand between you and Who You Really Are. They will clean up us all also from all what interferes with our Free Will: our power to do as we choose. You know, if someone is owner of your time (in a job you hate, for example) he also own your mind. The energies will rise again to set us free. May be of a job, a thought, a dogma, one person, some people, a place, a country, anything that hold a power over us.
      Nobody may be happy alone, being an island in midst of this ocean of people. You,ve got this new 5D family that want to know who you are, what you think, what you feel and what you need for being happy amidst us. You know, we have work to do together, we are the creators of Heaven on Earth.
      There,s no harry. We are not ready yet to begin to work together. Oneness is the signal we are waiting for. Perhaps after this new portal. We need to have all ours powers back. Then we,ll know who is who and nobody will interfere our way or our work.

      1. Thank you ohnwentsya, phoenix and nohmad. My neck has bothered me since 12/16/12. My dreams (all night movies) started 12/12/12 for four days straight then went back to normal, then started again 8 days ago (12/21/12) and I think they are movies for good now. Nohmad – I don’t really understand the third ascension portal stuff. Hopefully you will read this and elaborate. Are there more? When?

        All of your help is greatly appreciated. Love and light Aisha and CC’s. What a great spot you have created Aisha.


        1. This is the last portal, but the new energies of Source Love will remain raining upon us until ALL beings of New Earth are beings of the Light that appreciate unity, love, happiness, prosperity, abundance, harmony and peace FOR ALL. This won,t be done in a week or in a month, doesn,t mind. What matter is that it,ll be done! How long depends of us all. Put warm salty water in your neck, it,ll help you, bro. We are the forerunners or pioneers that will begin to build New Earth to the pristine state Mother Earth truly deserves. We have a lot to learn. We have a lot to do. We have a lot to enjoy what is to be in love with life. Blanc Slant New Life.

  4. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    This is a wonderful message-and many of the comments are also very helpful. Often change is under the surface and unseen until it comes out fully-like the way land is moving for years before the earthquake releases the pressure and the movement settles into place. I would add to all of the good stuff in aisha’s message and the comments on it-be aware of your dreams, write them down, meditate on them-pay attention to what you are experiencing on other levels whether dreams or “daydreams”-all of our life is not only expressed in the physical.

  5. Greetings All & Blessings to Aisha for your continued Service ~ Wanted to share today
    some insights that may be of support to each
    one in addition to what we have been given .
    My husband and I have practiced the 12 Days of Christmas for several decades. You can google it, but it works!! And with that you are able to ‘See’ each month a preview of what’s to come in the following year, starting 26 th of December through January 6 th 2013. It will truly give you peace of mind, knowing. This has been proven to me since I can remember!
    Also it is up to us to make each day as joyful as possible to set the grid and intention of what’s to come, so much self responsibility is important on our parts.
    As for replying to the recent post regarding our changes in frequency, there are many times as we are growing in Light and shifting frequencies, there becomes a dissidence with some folks we know, or others we don’t. Our vibrations are shifting all the time, and when we are changing, often times we need space to equalize our energies, before we can continue to balance ourselves with others. It’s
    weird at times, but nothing is wrong, it’s a natural process of simply growing in Light.
    On a personal note, I was given weeks ago I would be going through an initiation of acceleration for weeks..! And surely it has not been a continuous joy ride, however, as we are here to uplift the planet & ourselves we often taken on the vibrations of that experience precisely, which isn’t all the time our own, but a clearing through our forms of the planet & it’s people’s. having been of Service for decades here, I understand this deeply, and it’s not always fun. However, usually when these things I occur, there will be a great upliftment when we are complete.
    And that my friends, is always worth it!! I simply wish many of you understood this truth, and wouldn’t ‘personalize’ all that moves through you in clearing, because it is not all yours.
    Our Mother Earth is clearing her vibrations, she has been sick, she needs release and is doing so, we are simply helping her.
    These are a few things I wanted to share from my heart, and I hope it helps. I am also grateful for this forum, and having the ability to share with also the beautiful guidance from Aisha. what a blessing you are to each if us,
    ‘Thank You’!!
    May us each continue to discover our newness in the days ahead, and may we be ever watchful for one another and give our Love openly and completely, that we may be healed as we heal one another ~
    Blessings & Peace ~
    xxx Shekinah

  6. Today is my 19th birthday. I was born on a full moon, and last night/tonight is the first full moon on my birthday since I was born. Its also the end of a 9 year cycle for me and things are starting to add up quite perfectly. The feelings I have for this upcoming year make me honestly giddy and excited. I feel right today, it may be because of the weather changes here in new Jersey but never the less its nice and sunny and I’m ready for the new year. I’m so thankful and just in awe of the love I feel. And to think i wasnt capibable of such love and happiness! I’m so excited for what is to come. Everyday its something new!
    Love and light my fellow travelers!

    1. Congratulations! Your vividness and lightness is stunning! Go forth showing your grace and light to everyone, everywhere. Show us all how life must be lived! God bless you, your path and your projects, always.

  7. To me this sounds just as another dose of lofty words served up to placate us all…

    Good luck for 2013!…

  8. Oh my goodness ! I haven’t for a long time awaken in such a pissy, angry bad mood as I did this morning. Totally had given up, feeling PUNKED again with “lofty words” . I wasn’t going to even get on the computer. *oh sigh*.

    I’m not much in a better mood but I will make it thru the day at work and contemplate today’s missive.

    1. Same here Kalea. What really ticks me off is that we’ve been hearing these words for such a long time. And I do recall the beings saying we’re waiting for you on the other side… Really? Waiting where? I look at this world and what has changed exactly? There’s still poverty, war, hunger, corruption and slavery all ruled by the bloody elite with their guns and money. So tell me please anyone, what exactly has changed? The sheep seem as numb as they’ve ever been. Yeah I already hear it, I’m one of the dissappointed ones.. well, I’ve been feeling like this for a looooong time now, not just since yesterday or the 21st of you know when. The more I think about it, the more I feel lied to and held for a fool. Two things I cannot stand. Yes usually we come around after “these” droughts, but for how long? A day? An hour? A couple of minutes? What I’m trying to say is that the isolation and darkness seems much more profound than the few high points. And I’m fed up with it, this is not right.

    2. Didn’t mean to be such a Debbie Downer yesterday. I am a much nicer calmer person today. Still pondering my BEingness however. This writing was helpful to know it as ok to be in such a down mood and that I just need to keep on keeping on. Sending Cyber Hugs.

  9. Does anyone have information about the technicalities regarding the ascension/changing frequencies and the human connection?

    Since October have felt increasingly ‘different’ around others. I describe it as perhaps being that our three parts – body/mind/spirit have become melded together. One thing with three aspects that speak and act in unison, rather than the ‘old’ way- mind constantly arguing with the spirit, analyzing, etc.

    So, when around other humans, I immediately sense a ‘pulling’ and feel the need to walk away, be alone. It’s not everyone, mind you, just some. It seems that as long as I am doing my work, and giving, I feel fine. I am unable to receive, however, and this is creating a very lonely feeling that I have not experienced in quite some time.

    Perhaps the changing frequencies are also giving glimpses of feelings much lighter and loving therefore creating a longing.

    If anyone has insight into this phenomenon of needing to stay away from others, I would appreciate it very much. There must be a scientific explanation.

    1. omg the same thing happened to me yesterday, i just couldn’t talked to people, was getting dizzy around them, felt like they were sucking all my energy out of my body and just had to go away from everybody to be alone to recharge my self. Not to talk how angry and pissed and moody i was all day … but thankfully things are better today (60%)….
      don’t have the explanation but hey yr not the only one 🙂

      1. Yes, I completely understand. I went from doing corporate recruiting and interviewing people and promotional work in the evenings at clubs are bars and being around and speaking to 100’s of people a week to literally hiding out from my own family members just to have my own space. I also went from working 50 hours a week to maybe a few hours a month (not completely by choice). I wonder if people think I am depressed or having problems, but that really is not the case at all. I feel lighter than ever, but being around a lot of people, or any people for that matter gets draining very quickly. Amanda

    2. As I’m beginning to understand it, when you raise your frequency it becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible to “hang out” with others who aren’t at that frequency. People naturally separate like oil and water from each other according to their vibrations, and if you try to “force” a relationship or meld with someone of a different vibration, you will know it. It may not feel good if that person is not engaged in raising their frequency, or perhaps are at a different stage in the awakening process than you. I’m finding this natural separation occurring with people I’ve known for a long time and also with the general public. If I go out to buy food or do errands, sometimes the energy is so overwhelming I find I must get in and out of the store, etc. quickly or I start to feel disturbed. I think that allowing such “separation” can be feel paradoxical as we strive for more awareness of our inherent Oneness and our interconnectedness with All That Is. Yet, simple physics cannot be argued with. For example, I know my companions in other realms love me even though I’m not yet at a frequency where I can meet them in the physical. And I know I love my deeply unconscious mother even though I can’t be around her or even listen to her voice for very long because her vibration is quite disturbing to me. Ah, the joys of awakening… 🙂 I hope this helps.

      1. Heather and Marco, Thanks for your post. It really helps me to hear your experience about relationships, and the shopping, the unconscious mother etc. I want to tell you that I am experiencing all that as well.
        The relationships vanished. Even one of my closet friends of 30 years called last week and left a message and I have not been able to call her back. I tried talking to my extremely unconscious mother and father yesterday. And, yes, for the last seven months, I have only left the house for a couple of hours a day to do errands and shopping and I find it quite disturbing as well. And, yes, it is so paradoxical that as we strive and meditate for unity consciousness, it is hard to love and be around these people. I was really hoping that after the 21st we would be ensconced in the 5 D grid and not so vulnerable to all the toxic energy.
        Anyway, thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

      2. Heather, Yes. I have been feeling this kind of disassociation from most people for quite sometime. Sometimes it is more pronounced
        than at other times. It can be very uncomfortable and can produce a lot of anxiety. I used to accept everyone and now can tolerate very few people. I hope this passes soon. .
        Love , Crazywolf

        1. Hey all feeling like oil in a watery world! Joining the club but I am a natural energy reader and thus have always had to deal with putting up protection so as not to get drained and zapped and taking in negative energy or emotions…what I would suggest here is something I am trying because frankly, the whole idea of us being ONE energy of differing vibrations and separating out into layers, while some rise and others fall doesn’t feel like unconditional love to me…with our rising vibration, our increased opening of the heart, why not try to consciously SEND love out of your heart center to the guardian angels of those folks who are bringing you down. You could send love and light directly to them but sometimes it is easier and feels more divine to send energy to their guardians (we ALL have them) because as divinity knowing it is divinity they will know what to do with it. I am starting to think of THIS action as my service to all that is..I know that even though I feel beat up physically–that is where my body is hurting big time but my heart and soul feels in bliss–I know that I have an Unlimited source of energy and love and light and that I can abundantly share it with those who are of lower vibration and it is through this sharing and caring for those that do not see eye to eye with us that we learn to love unconditionally…getting out of our comfort zone is what it is all about…HUGS to all….:) Alex

    3. I have travelled this tunnel of love as they call it & come out the other side.
      The isolation is an extremely important part of the process. A process that can only be done alone. It brings you further into contact with your own soul, outside energy can dramatically affect the outcome.
      Be patient with yourself, the tolerance for others and the outside world does return once you have established an unbreakable mind/soul connection.
      A point to remember for any interested is you must play out all your past karma to reach the end free & clear. This process can be helped along by acknowledgment & awareness of what karma you are restoring.
      Balance is the key to an easy transition- it’s not called heaven on earth for nothing, Balance!!!

    4. Sorry, there,s no scientific explanation. The problem is that no man has ever walked our path before. We can begin to talk from the now, and the now is every moment that we breath. Things happens to us now and we have no more correlation to do with anything we knew from the past. And the funny part of all of this is that that past is vanishing among our fingers in front our proper nose. But, we,ve got our now and it,ll be there forevermore.
      Birds of the same kind fly together, remember? In our case, birds = people and kind = frequency = Light Quotient. The separation is natural and necessary. For both parts, the feeling of being together is unpleasant.
      If for any circumstance you feel depleted, walk in the beach, in a park full of trees. Go to visit Mother Earth, that She will embrace you with Her love that will nurture you, as always. Open to the new, there,s no other choice, because, as always, change is the only constant.
      And don,t run away to the top of a mountain thinking you are abnormal. No, you are the norm now. They will have to follow you if they want to find happiness in New Earth. You became a wayshower. So, spray your light everywhere freely and abundantly. We,ll transform this dark place in paradise again, forever.

  10. The black dot is still around, when will it disappear, if you have any precise dates, with the group of champions, you are channeling through?

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