The manuscript of survival – part 243

It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased manyfold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet. It has been likened to an enormous waterfall, and rightly so, as this incessant stream of light is just like those gigantic waterfalls you can witness out in the nature on your beautiful little planet. And just like those waterfalls, so too will this stream of light continue to replenish you all incessantly and abundantly in the times ahead.

For now, you have all been connected to this unending stream of light, and even if the information carried within all of this light cannot yet be detected clearly, it has already started to work its magic. Not only on you, but on your whole planet, and as such, it can be likened to a second coming to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. We do not refer to any single entity here, quite the opposite, as what has arrived on your shores is for all, no exclusions will be made. For this force is an indiscriminate one, for this is from the source of love, and love knows no boundaries. We will not go into any length describing what the outcome of all of this love will be, suffice it to say you have entered a new time for mankind, when the weight of love will continue to increase, day by day, hour by hour. And even if many will feel the heavy burden of the dark still pulling them down, know that this is only a temporary feeling, as soon you too will feel how the weight will shift and the light from the love will ease this burden more and more off your shoulders.

We will leave it at that today, and return with more at a later date. In the interim, please know that you are all within the boundaries defined as ”normal”. In other words, you are not veering off your designated course in any way. And even if this stage is more than a little painful for some of you, know that you too will soon find that the pressure will ease off and you will begin to breathe more freely like some of your fellow brethren are doing already. After all, this is not an obstacle course designed to keep you indefinitely wandering in the dark, seemingly without the ability to find your way to the exit. For you all know fully well just where that exit is, you just need to finish a few more chores you have given yourselves to complete whilst travelling through this dark tunnel towards the ever brightening light. So know that you will take exactly the time you need to finish it all off, not a second more, not a second less. And know that when you too emerge, it will indeed be into a sunshine even more brilliant than the one you witnessed just before you entered into this tunnel of completion.

44 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 243

  1. It’s dawned on me after viewing my twitter this morning….The darkside is releasing more and more if its power grip.

    More and more people are expressing their having been in a state of nothingness (peace). The NONdual state.

    We’re in the place where we can create in peace, love and harmony! All I ever wanted in the first place.

    Unlimited space to BE in spirit and in truth. Bless I just love my God for working with me through everything…on the fasttrack and very detailed at the same time. :0)))

    1. Dear Mariana! Sorry about that, but the spam-filter usually stops any comments containing a link, so they get stuck until I have the chance to “un-spam” them.
      Love and light, Aisha

  2. Thank you Aisha! I have talked to so many who feel either awful or like nothing is happening, it is good to be reminded that it is a process and we each go at our own pace down our own route. I am grateful for the community that keeps a conversation going here and a few other places, so that it is easier to get thru day by day rather than feeling lost or discouraged when things don’t really happen the way the Hollywood movie style predictions said they would;-)

  3. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased manyfold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet.

  4. Aisha,
    your personal energies beyond the CC’s help is supportive to me in grand ways. I take in only those channeled energies when I can connect with the channeler. However way “They” do it and pick special people like you is amazing and I am incredibly grateful you have accepted this role and are helping us. I feel the same of those posting here so thank you everyone.

    I have been in this since 1987 and humbled to say I am not out of the tunnel yet and have been shocked at how hard it has been for me this past week. But hearing others’ encouragement is helpful as well as hearing everyone’s honesty. I can feel the energies around me lightening up but can’t feel this inside at all yet. I look forward to coming to this site to connect everyday. I am feeling very special that I found you all here.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Nancy! Thank you for sharing this, and welcome to this space:–). I am so glad that we can all connect like this, it is of great help to me too! Love and light, Aisha

  5. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…” After all, this is not an obstacle course designed to keep you indefinitely wandering in the dark, seemingly without the ability to find your way to the exit. For you all know fully well just where that exit is, you just need to finish a few more chores you have given yourselves to complete whilst travelling through this dark tunnel towards the ever brightening light. So know that you will take exactly the time you need to finish it all off, not a second more, not a second less. And know that when you too emerge, it will indeed be into a sunshine even more brilliant than the one you witnessed just before you entered into this tunnel of completion…”

  6. Hi Aisha, I was attacked in June this year in my own home. However, I noticed in the past month that I have dropped the anxiety and fear. It’s become like a dim memory. It’s a wonderful release and feels like a gift. I’m guessing that’s all part of this ‘lightening’ that is spoken of by your companions. Keep us the good work as many of us ‘feel’ alone and these messages help remind us we’re part of the larger whole. Annie 😀

  7. Of late, I find myself with “jaw dropping expression” when I read these missives, as well as with a few messages from Others of Light. The synchronicities, as in “oh wow I was just thinking that, or I just wrote that to someone” as I am reading the very words, or words that describe the same thing. I sit here amazed, not only by the “Oneness” I am seeing unfolding, but having the same “affects with self” with these incoming waves of Powerful Energy that others are experiencing also. If we can push aside the dis-comfort, and the confusion, and begin to see a beautiful One Flow beginning to manifest, I believe all of us will have “jaw dropping syndrome”, walking around with a continual amazed wow. (smile) …….Hang on to all those who are still struggling…… WILL get better!! Blessings to ALL of you! And another huge thank you to Aisha!

  8. Thank you Aisha. I am still having a very hard time but I’m noticing a slight improvement and I hope it continues. Blessings to everyone!

  9. Hi,

    for me it is getting better. I took a long “emotionally purifying” shower and decided there that “this is it” so STOP WHINING!

    I know that it is getting better now.

    Love & light!

    🙂 Piritta

  10. I am one wandering around in the dark, having the energy of Flat Stanley, looking for the exit. Geesh … Thank you CC and Aisha… I think I can shuffle though another day….

  11. Thank you, Aisha! God works through you!

    I am already feeling much better and relieved – no pain, physical or emotional- and I started to understand/feel/know some stuff that before I could not even comprehend/touch – like the humanity history from the beginning, what happened during the centuries, how the Light works and protects us, and all this “know” is wonderful, and only very good things are in store 🙂 for all of us from now on.

    Freedom and heaven on earth, finally! We did it! (Light’s children) helped by Light’s Love and HIS Wonderful Mercy, and helped by our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven, and around the Universe!

    Congratulations! Be Happy!

  12. Dear friends! I want to give you all my heartfelt thanks for your contributions to this space these last few days. It has been amazing to read all of your comments, they are such a source of inspiration to me. The energies continue to be intense, but I hope you have all had the chance to find some time to connect and to savour the stillness of the holidays in some way despite it all. And thank you for all your kind words and wishes!
    Love and light, Aisha

    1. So much love! I see it now. And the ones still in the dark, they are about to burst through to the other side and feel the love! This has been an epic journey indeed. And its only the beginning. Yesterday was a calmer day for me. The waves of thought were more natural and slower like bay waves, rather then ocean storms..
      Thank you so much Aisha! I wake up each morning honestly excited to read your messages. I have so much hope for the future and so many plans to better mankind! This is so fun! 🙂
      Much much love & light to all!

    2. Dear Aisha, thank you for the constant support. But, I do have a question that I wonder if the CC’s might answer. I have not had any income for 8 months. I had to give up my art career and felt I was meant to do so. I could not function, so I clearly had to stop. I also had lost all interest in selling things and making money. Call me naive but I truly believed that the new world I would awaken to after Dec 21st would not require money! 🙂
      But, here I am, still in the same apartment, still needing to pay substantial rent and I really do not see how I can go on like this. I have never been able to hold a job . And, I really thought there would be some kind of information on our “next stage”….. I believe there have been hints at “new assignments.”I have reinvented myself 5 times already and have
      no desire to try to make money though I don;t want to be homeless either.
      I have no life, no friends , no family here. I am a ghost.
      I have no idea what I will do to make money and it is humiliating to continue asking family members for money.
      So, is there a next stage to this? Or is it just “chop wood, carry water” as the buddhists say.
      If you could shed some light on this, it would be so helpful.

      1. well, I still keep my job 🙂 but how I am seeing it is that we should not try to escape life/reality – you still have to work on what you came here for.

        On Dec 21 we reached point 0, and from there other timelines developed in a new dimension. Now, the advice I got is to dream big and create my own reality because I am the creator of my timeline future (sort to say :-). So, what I create/dream/focus on, this is what I am going to have/manifest 🙂
        We still have our free will, nobody will decide or do it for us. We create/manifest our own future (now without being hindered by negative energies) and now with a lot of Divine Help .

        1. Mariana, I know you mean well. I truly do. But, this was not helpful or at all sensitive to what I was writing. Rather antagonistic. I’m glad you can have a job and that it suits your mentality. But, I have never been suited to that…..AND, I was not asking you!
          Love and light,

      2. Hi, Michael
        I am in similar situation as you… Never appreciated money as other people did, always thinking that money are the main source for huge suffering of the people around the world, helping to those that do not have enough money for everyday living. During my private practice I often was working without asking people to pay me for my work. That kind of acting forced me to close my business after thirty years of working after the rising crisis made people with low income to multiply. Soon I became lack of means to pay the taxes…
        Conclusion – if we create our world by ourselves, starting an idea first in our mind (as CC are teaching us), than it is obviously that people like us are unpractical, because they do not not pay enough attention on money issue. Now, many ideas coming on my mind about what to do in the future, but I feel like I just do not have enough energy to start realizing them. If you are interested of my ideas and feel like having energy to realize them just e-mail me I will share them with pleasure.
        Thank you Aisha and CC for sharing your light and connecting people. Much love.

      3. Well, I,ve also not been asked, excuse me. But with all the respect you deserve, my brother, I,d like to say some words. I hope it help.
        Aisha, you Michael, Sonya, me Nohmad and many, many other LIGHTWORKERS are all flat broken financially. In 3D we were called the loosers by darkness. They always knew who we were and did everything to wipe out our Light. All our projects were ruined systematically by them. They just permitted us to breath, sometimes. It didn,t matter that our intelligence, sensibility, creativity, etc, was big. We were never permitted to be successful in anything. They promoted our suffering in all orders to steal our energy for their survival, we were vampirized energetically. We menaced their power, their dogmas, their evil acts of oppression over the masses. They hunted and killed us for millenniums. All that is over, now.
        As our name say, we work for the Light. knowing or unknowingly. We came for that and it was what we did, in spite of all. And our work helped the Divine Plan to unfold and a great success emerged from it. Love is blossoming everywhere on New Earth of 5D awareness. But we have not got a regular payment, and the rent is to be paid yet, and we need money for food, oil for warm our homes. Heaven knows. And our compensation for all our suffering while working for the Light is coming. Please, don,t fell humiliated to ask money for your needs. You deserve it. You,ve worked hard for Mother Earth and all life on her, tirelessly. But, I did nothing, you may say. And I say you you did a lot. You (your physical body) are the way through which heaven energies reached Mother Earth for Her not to need to make volcanos to erupt, earthquakes to destroy, and tsunamis to kill for the cleansing of dark energies everywhere. Now, the energies flow through your heart and cleanse everywhere and everybody that is near you. Darkness run away from you when they see you or they are instantly transformed to the Light. You are integrating who you really are yet. When you are ready, you,ll be visited by the Golden Angel (your Higher Self) and then He will enter inside yourself too, and you,ll became and Christ Consciousness Being. With power to command tornados or big rains to stop or to help in a drought, extinguish fires on your order. You are much more than darkness say you are. Don,t be fooled to believe what 3D people may say about you. Be proud to be a Lightworker. You deserve all the prosperity and abundance of Heaven on Earth. I hope all you wish be given to you soon.

        1. Dear Nohmad, Thanks for the awesome reminder an upliftment. Oddly, as you say above, I have had my promising plans and careers dashed quite a few times. And, I never would quite understand why it was happening that way. And , eventually, the story became…. “I am not worthy” and then it became, “I must be cursed.” I appreciate you pointing out the we deserve to be compensated. And, I do really believe that in my heart. Unfortunately, the people who I am asking do not believe it and resent it. So, it is a humiliating and surreal exercise.
          I do have some interesting and humorous stories on how these hollographic realities and stories play into each other but it’s too much to explain in this rectangle of a reply.
          I do feel the 12 chakras very active, the crown is a volcano, but , as you said in one of your earlier comments, it will happen when the systems are balanced. And, I will be the first to admit, as active as my energy bodies are, they are not yet balanced. I am working on that.
          So, thank you Nohmad, MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU , BROTHER!

      4. Dear Michael!
        I do understand your frustrations very well, because I am also hoping to see some outward signs of the monumental changes I literally “feel in my very bones” to quote the CCs. I know that this is my human mind talking, and that the CCs have reminded us again and again that we must try to avoid falling into the trap of letting our minds define how and when all of these changes should come about. But we are human too, and it is not always easy to stay connected to our true self at all times. For, as you said, the bills still have to be paid. And no, it is not possible for many of us to have a “normal job” in all of this. For the job we are all doing, is amazing and all-important and it literally makes my heart sing, but at the same time it is exhausting and unpaid. My life is also very different from how it used to be, but I have no desire to re-enter that old way of living no matter how challenging it can be at times now.

        So, where do we go from here? All I can say is that what has happend in the last days, starting around 12.12.12, is nothing like I could ever have predicted beforehand. It has been a never-ending onslaught of intense energies, registering in my physical body like nothing I have ever felt before. There have been some deep, deep changes ocurring within me that have been very clear to me, but at the same time are difficult to describe and seem to fade away when the daylight arrives and the outside world becomes visible again. But this is not over yet, these energies just keep coming in, and they are becoming stronger and stronger. I have asked for some more images or words that can help to explain more of what these energies are doing, not only to me, but to this whole planet, but I have yet to get any clear answers apart from the messages you have all seen. So all I can say is that I know that I have changed, and so too the rest of the world. But we are still not finished with this process, and I have no idea just when it will be “finished”. I just know that we will one day wake up to a world where there are no bills to pay, no wars to be fought and no famine and pollution to combat. But we are the ones that will make this happen, for, as the CCs put it “it will not be done FOR you, but BY you.”

        To me, this enormous waterfall of energies that are pouring in now will help us to be able to make our dreams come true, but I cannot say exactly how, and certainly not exactly when. I just know that the only thing that can stop these changes from happening, is if I give up. For I am the only thing that can stand in my way now, and even if my patience will continue to be challenged in the time ahead, I must keep believing in the truth that I can already feel is starting to manifest within myself. For I also know that this is not something that is just happening to me, it is happening to this whole planet.

        We have all left behind so much on this journey, and there are many things and many people who used to be part of my life that are no longer so. But what I have gained is far, far more vaulable to me. You are a part of that, dear Michael, and I know that this will not help you to pay your bills. But I hope it will help to remind you that you are not alone, you have a new famíly and you have many new friends in all of us. If we give up nothing will happen, so all I can do is to keep doing the work that is my task at the moment; channeling these messages and anchoring the energies. For how long, I do not know, because I am convinced that as these energies starts to manifest in different ways there will be many changes for us all. I wish I could give you some answers that would help to remove your problems dear Michael, but all I can give you is this, and the hope that you will in some way be able to continue without being held back by the lack of money.
        Love and light, Aisha

        1. Aisha, Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful response.
          I think that my panic was also part of my three days of darkness.
          Yes, it is The Thought that keeps bringing me down. But, I do understand that there is a huge process underway. And, yes, though I imagine I will be alone and homeless. I still do have people, if it came to that, I could visit for a while!
          Aisha, I am also very glad that you are in my life now as well.
          I have been scared to look to see if you or anyone else had responded to my message. I know it is not uplifting for anyone to read about these fears and concerns and I do not want to bring others down.
          But, I am glad you mention these energetic changes that happen in the night and during meditation. Because, I experience the exact same thing. During the night time energies, I often feel like I have been changed and feel so powerful and full. But, as soon as I take twenty steps to the kitchen, I am fallen back to earth. Also, during meditations, I am filled with indescribable bright light and energy, like my body is being stuffed with Light it gets so full. I feel at those times that , once again, I have surely ascended, but , a half hour later, I am back in 3D.
          I do believe that I will be fine, somehow. That I have at this moment, and, will always have, everything I need. And, I am just moving from one NOW MOMENT to the next NOW MOMENT where I will also have everything I need. with LOVE and GRATITUDE, Michael

          1. Dear Michael, your reply was posted at 3:33 am, that cannot be a coincidence :–) I am so glad that you have been able to “resurface” again. I am also very glad that you shared your story, it is an important reminder for us all when we face our own “days of darkness” that might appear as out of nowhere. I just found this channeling from Brenda Hoffman that was very helpful for me, maybe it can inspire you too:

            Love and light, Aisha

          2. AIsha, does 333 mean something in particular or just one of those great triple digit times? That happens to me a lot but 444 has always been the strongest for me.
            I will check out Brenda’s message. THANK YOU! MIchael

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