You have been anxiously awaiting good news dear ones, as you have all been struggling various ways through this tunnel of love. For many, you have already seen the proverbial light at the end, but for others, the darkness will seem to be even more profound. Fret not dear ones, you will not be stuck in this darkness for ever, and even if you might have a hard time getting your hope up at this moment, know that this is only a part of this process, and you are in fact not doing anything wrong at all. Let us explain.

As we touched upon in an earlier missive, in fact, we have talked about this several times before, mankind have a habit of making presumptions in their heads as to how and when certain things should come about. And, as you all know so well, these fabled days in December 2012 have been a bit of a hyperbole, to put it lightly. That is easy to understand, because as none of you have any prior knowledge as to how such a massive process as this will come about, you have an ingrained need to try to picture it anyway. And then, some of these images take on a mass appeal, and they are aired and discussed and seem to take on a life on their own. After a while they are presented as ”facts” or even ”The Truth”, and many will start to adhere to these truths. Well, as you all know so well, a human mind has a certain limitation to it, and anything not fittting within these limits will not be easy to understand. So too in this, and as we said beforehand, many will become very disappointed during this period of transition. And many have, even to the point of destruction. For they have come to lose every hope, not only in this process, but also in themselves. And when they do, they will have a hard time finding anything to believe in, and their future will seem to be less than bleak.

Mankind have a long story of this, and as usual, it will act a sort of a self destructive mechanism. For, as we have said on so many occasions, there is nothing that can stop you now, except yourselves. For your fear is the only thing standing in your way now, there are no outside forces creating havoc anymore, they have been neutralized and cannot affect but minor irritations here and there. The only thing stopping any of you now, is your own inner fear of letting go and pushing through it all. And this inner voice of self doubt have been very, very strong, as so many of you have testified to lately. And do you think it was a coincidence that it was heard by so many after a day when so many of you were literally swimming in bliss and love?

We do not say this to criticize any of you, we are merely trying to shed some light on this process. For this is in so many ways a solitary journey, where you will be forced to face every challenge you meet head on, and you are the only one who can decide whether to keep pushing forwards, or whether to give in to that voice inside telling you it is futile to continue. Remember it is not for nothing we called this period the tunnel of love. For just like in a carnival ride, it is a dark tunnel you have to pass through, and surprises are lurking where you least expect them. And why is this process like this? Why, to give you the chance to discover the real you, the one that is residing at your very core, the one that is so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you could ever have hoped for. For this is not a journey set up in order to make you all suffer. This is a journey set up to make you all become very clear about yourselves. Hence, this seemingly endless barrage of mental and physical ups and downs, throwing you off course one minute, guiding you back and firming your resolve the next.

For again we remind you, that this is a journey where it is every man for themselves. For it is up to each and every one of you just how fast or how slow your journey will be, because it is up to you to determine when the time is right for you to finally round that last corner and see the bright lights shimmering up ahead. Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather a reminder that this journey is not over for any of you, and even if you are amongst those still lingering somewhere in the darkest parts of this tunnel of love, you are no worse or no better off than any of the others. For you will all reach your goals at the designated time, some sooner than others, but all will do so at the exact time that is stipulated for you. And remember, you are the one stipulating this beforehand, there is no one else who can force you to endure one second longer of this process more than what you yourself have decided. Likewise, there is no one outside yourself who can give you a shortcut either. For each and every one of you will have to take this at your pace, and each and every one of you will be emerging from that dark mouth of this tunnel victorious.

For when you emerge, you do so whole and complete. For along the way, you will have shed any extraneous baggage you might have acquired that was holding you back, but instead, you will have gained all of those ”missing parts” that constitutes the whole you. So we say this today, on the day that marks the beginning of a celebration of spirit and light for so many of you: do not forget to celebrate yourself. For even if you still feel mired down in the darkest part of this tunnel of love, you have made an extraordinary achievement already. In fact, for those still fighting off their urge to call it quits and give up, we say you must celebrate more than most. For you have chosen to take the most challenging route, and what you will learn along the way, will be lessons that will bring humanity such a long step forwards once you too emerge from this tunnel and become ready to share of your lessons. For they will not come easy to any of you, but what they leave behind is someone shining so brightly they will literally be able to light up even the darkest corner of this planet.

So again we tell you, celebrate yourselves in any way you can, for you have certainly more than earned the right to do so. And again we repeat, wherever you are, know that all is well and that you are doing everything just as you were meant to do it. For the tides have turned, and this waterfall of energy that has started to pour over you will affect you all in so many ways. At the moment, this light will be impossible to detect for all of those still finding themselves at a loss inside this seemingly endless dark place. But know that this light is also showering you and penetrating you to the core. So you too will benefit from all of this in so many ways, and so too will the rest of the inhabitants on this planet.

So take this for what it is, namely a message of hope, and a message of admiration. For you are all shining beings, and what you have already accomplished is a deed that outshines what anyone else in Creation can lay claim to. We salute you all and wish you all the best for this next stage of your jouney, whether it will be in broad daylight, in the half light of dusk or in the pitch black of the night.