The manuscript of survival – part 242

You have been anxiously awaiting good news dear ones, as you have all been struggling various ways through this tunnel of love. For many, you have already seen the proverbial light at the end, but for others, the darkness will seem to be even more profound. Fret not dear ones, you will not be stuck in this darkness for ever, and even if you might have a hard time getting your hope up at this moment, know that this is only a part of this process, and you are in fact not doing anything wrong at all. Let us explain.

As we touched upon in an earlier missive, in fact, we have talked about this several times before, mankind have a habit of making presumptions in their heads as to how and when certain things should come about. And, as you all know so well, these fabled days in December 2012 have been a bit of a hyperbole, to put it lightly. That is easy to understand, because as none of you have any prior knowledge as to how such a massive process as this will come about, you have an ingrained need to try to picture it anyway. And then, some of these images take on a mass appeal, and they are aired and discussed and seem to take on a life on their own. After a while they are presented as ”facts” or even ”The Truth”, and many will start to adhere to these truths. Well, as you all know so well, a human mind has a certain limitation to it, and anything not fittting within these limits will not be easy to understand. So too in this, and as we said beforehand, many will become very disappointed during this period of transition. And many have, even to the point of destruction. For they have come to lose every hope, not only in this process, but also in themselves. And when they do, they will have a hard time finding anything to believe in, and their future will seem to be less than bleak.

Mankind have a long story of this, and as usual, it will act a sort of a self destructive mechanism. For, as we have said on so many occasions, there is nothing that can stop you now, except yourselves. For your fear is the only thing standing in your way now, there are no outside forces creating havoc anymore, they have been neutralized and cannot affect but minor irritations here and there. The only thing stopping any of you now, is your own inner fear of letting go and pushing through it all. And this inner voice of self doubt have been very, very strong, as so many of you have testified to lately. And do you think it was a coincidence that it was heard by so many after a day when so many of you were literally swimming in bliss and love?

We do not say this to criticize any of you, we are merely trying to shed some light on this process. For this is in so many ways a solitary journey, where you will be forced to face every challenge you meet head on, and you are the only one who can decide whether to keep pushing forwards, or whether to give in to that voice inside telling you it is futile to continue. Remember it is not for nothing we called this period the tunnel of love. For just like in a carnival ride, it is a dark tunnel you have to pass through, and surprises are lurking where you least expect them. And why is this process like this? Why, to give you the chance to discover the real you, the one that is residing at your very core, the one that is so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you could ever have hoped for. For this is not a journey set up in order to make you all suffer. This is a journey set up to make you all become very clear about yourselves. Hence, this seemingly endless barrage of mental and physical ups and downs, throwing you off course one minute, guiding you back and firming your resolve the next.

For again we remind you, that this is a journey where it is every man for themselves. For it is up to each and every one of you just how fast or how slow your journey will be, because it is up to you to determine when the time is right for you to finally round that last corner and see the bright lights shimmering up ahead. Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather a reminder that this journey is not over for any of you, and even if you are amongst those still lingering somewhere in the darkest parts of this tunnel of love, you are no worse or no better off than any of the others. For you will all reach your goals at the designated time, some sooner than others, but all will do so at the exact time that is stipulated for you. And remember, you are the one stipulating this beforehand, there is no one else who can force you to endure one second longer of this process more than what you yourself have decided. Likewise, there is no one outside yourself who can give you a shortcut either. For each and every one of you will have to take this at your pace, and each and every one of you will be emerging from that dark mouth of this tunnel victorious.

For when you emerge, you do so whole and complete. For along the way, you will have shed any extraneous baggage you might have acquired that was holding you back, but instead, you will have gained all of those ”missing parts” that constitutes the whole you. So we say this today, on the day that marks the beginning of a celebration of spirit and light for so many of you: do not forget to celebrate yourself. For even if you still feel mired down in the darkest part of this tunnel of love, you have made an extraordinary achievement already. In fact, for those still fighting off their urge to call it quits and give up, we say you must celebrate more than most. For you have chosen to take the most challenging route, and what you will learn along the way, will be lessons that will bring humanity such a long step forwards once you too emerge from this tunnel and become ready to share of your lessons. For they will not come easy to any of you, but what they leave behind is someone shining so brightly they will literally be able to light up even the darkest corner of this planet.

So again we tell you, celebrate yourselves in any way you can, for you have certainly more than earned the right to do so. And again we repeat, wherever you are, know that all is well and that you are doing everything just as you were meant to do it. For the tides have turned, and this waterfall of energy that has started to pour over you will affect you all in so many ways. At the moment, this light will be impossible to detect for all of those still finding themselves at a loss inside this seemingly endless dark place. But know that this light is also showering you and penetrating you to the core. So you too will benefit from all of this in so many ways, and so too will the rest of the inhabitants on this planet.

So take this for what it is, namely a message of hope, and a message of admiration. For you are all shining beings, and what you have already accomplished is a deed that outshines what anyone else in Creation can lay claim to. We salute you all and wish you all the best for this next stage of your jouney, whether it will be in broad daylight, in the half light of dusk or in the pitch black of the night.

41 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 242

  1. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…”Remember it is not for nothing we called this period the tunnel of love. For just like in a carnival ride, it is a dark tunnel you have to pass through, and surprises are lurking where you least expect them. And why is this process like this? Why, to give you the chance to discover the real you, the one that is residing at your very core, the one that is so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you could ever have hoped for. For this is not a journey set up in order to make you all suffer. This is a journey set up to make you all become very clear about yourselves. Hence, this seemingly endless barrage of mental and physical ups and downs, throwing you off course one minute, guiding you back and firming your resolve the next…”

  2. It,s early yet. We,re transforming to the second. Each love beam that hit us alter us. We,re awaking very slowly, as should be. There,s no hurry.
    We are in the integration period that will take us before Who We Really Are.
    And who do you think you really are? Your thoughts, perhaps your body, no, certainly I,m my career, I,m ‘the’ lawyer or ‘the best’ surgeon, you may say. No, you,re not. You,re the point of an iceberg (inverted, of course) that is beginning to rise your eyes and see that there,s more, much more that you didn,t know about you. You always were a soul, incarnated on Earth or elsewhere, taking experience. Why, what for? Is experience the target of existance? No, experience is a way of probing all what you already knew and forgot. And NO, I,m not under alcohol or drugs as you are thinking about me!. I,m very calm and the words are flowing easily from deep inside, my head?, no and I don,t channel. When Father God thought us for the first time and Mother God birthed us, we were made whole, all knowing, as God. But then, with time, we begun to question in our proper minds what would it feel like to experience all that that we knew, as God too. Then it was created The Absolutum. Can you imagine a dozen eggs pilled one upon the others? And one hundred? And a thousand? And infinite? That is what the Absolutum seems like. But the eggs are universes. And here we are, on Earth of the Solar System of the Milky Way of this universe. And as you can see, there,s more, much more to know. And we are beginning. And our galactic sisters and brother will show us all they already know, that,s infinite more than what we know now. And we will experience all we want. Because now we are free to do, to be and to have whatever we want. We were returned our Free Will, again. There,s not more darkness beings ruling upon us. We are Free.
    And what now? When the real action will begin? When all will begin to change around our lives and our environment? As soon as we decide to. We are the creators of our reality, dreams and destiny, now.
    We are atomized (inside a society, town, city, county, province, country, continent and globally) us darkness wanted us to be. Divide and conquer, remember? We will have to do something about it. Everybody around us IS NOT our enemy as darkness taught us. We can do something about it, too.
    There,s not hurry. But we must begin to think about it. It,s OK that will have galactics help, but what about us? Will we remain crying for the past, the pain, the suffering, when at the reach of our hands it,s opening a whole new reality, a whole new paradigm to enjoy life (and flesh) to the full? I know it,ll be wonderful!.

  3. Thank you aisha and cc!
    There’s so much depht to this last message, I’m going over it several times finding new treasures every time.
    I can see my own resistances to let go all through these days! I see myself almost desperately clinging to fixed ideas, judgements of all kinds, and holding negative emotions over almost anything I see!!
    It’s like all my darkness seems to have somehow gotten stronger, more obvious, more in my face!! get even surprised of all the thoucts

  4. Merry Christmas to you and the “motley crew.” Thank you once again for strong & clear guidance, and encouragement. It’s “full speed ahead” through this tunnel of love.

  5. I am pretty sure that the struggle the Divine Beings are talking about is not about body aches and pains. I for one have had more than my share in my life, from childhood and I still experience them. For, also, pains are a reflection of what one feels inside, in their heart and mind, blockages, and transmutation as well, let’s not forget that. The physical body is going through major changes and we have to acknowledge that and welcome the changes. Be in gratitude and not rebellion. Allow the changes to be. The struggle is about waking up every day and waiting for change to come up, and not seing the change, day after day, years after years. The struggle has not started last year or in December 2012 because of the energies. It has been there all along and most people who never really suffered in their physical vehicles find it overwhelming to have to go through the aches and pains at the moment, even if it started a few years ago, as if “it should not be” or “what did I do to deserve that”. For many life has been a lot easier than you think, compared to many others’ that you don’t even have a hint about. Look at the struggle for what it is and do not focus on the physical pains but on what it feels within your heart. Let us ask ourselves why the changes are not showing up when we were told so many times and a long time ago (for me it was just that) that everything would be ok and only the best of life would be presented to us. Maybe everything IS ok however it shows up. Maybe the change is within the appearance of no change. It is up to us to look inside and see for ourselves, for you and me individually, where the real struggle is, what this is all about. Acknowledge, Accept, Allow, Be thankful and Know that change IS coming and IS here already.

    Take care of yourselves the best way you can and know that you are loved. As the message said, and I quote:

    “In fact, for those still fighting off their urge to call it quits and give up, we say you must celebrate more than most. For you have chosen to take the most challenging route, and what you will learn along the way, will be lessons that will bring humanity such a long step forwards once you too emerge from this tunnel and become ready to share of your lessons.”

    A part of us knows WE are special in what we are going through, have been experiencing for so long now. Hang in there and know you are not alone.

    Namaste my sisters and brothers, in Love and Light.

  6. As CCs have already said this process is very complex. It has begun a lot of time ago and will take some time to finish yet.
    To say the truth, as you must have already perceived, we,re experiencing an agony or suffering suggestive of that of death. It represents our death in 3D. How can we expect to rebirth in 5D without dieing to 3D?.
    Anciently, this passage always meant the destruction of the physical body. This time is different. We,re making the passage with our bodies and together with Mother Earth and all life on Her. But we can,t take all that does not serve us any more to 5D. All the extra baggage it is being removed from us. As soon as you are made anew, you,ll leave this tunnel and begin your new life in 5D. There are physical and emotional problems involved. The pain in different part of the body represent the transformation that is being taking place in all levels, from cellular to whole systems inside of us. The emotional pain is taking place through chakras cleansing from parasitic entities, healing and activation to function to the optimum level. Chakra is a Sanscrit word that means wheel. Until recently, we were functioning with 7 chakras. Any malfunction in any of them represented a manifested illness in our body, in a part related to it. Now our chakra system or energetic body, that forms our aura it,s being updated to a complete chakra system, as shows this picture:
    Full chackra system
    It is impossible to integrate all other aspects of us (our Higher Self) without this extended chakra system functioning perfectly. Is our individual angelic ascension team that is taking care of all the details of our new chakra system. Now, the time has come for all of us to become aware of this system and reap the rewards of using it in our daily and spiritual lives. A long time ago, only the Great Masters, through endless years of preparation, were of the few to access and use this powerful energy system.
    This full chakra system represents the next step in the spiritual evolution of men. And we,re becoming what it is called the I AM Race, Avatar Race, God Race, or Christ Consciousness Race.
    Or do you think yet that Jesus the Christ will come and save us all? We represent the Second Coming of Christ (Consciousness). And we,ll perform the same miracles Jesus did and will do grater miracles too. We,ll create New Earth, the Golden Age, Heaven on Earth.
    When the time is ripe, and we have already left the Love (transforming) Tunnel, our brother and sisters from Inner Earth and from the Stars will come and help us to join to our infinite Galactic Family of the Light.
    Marry Christmas to All!

    1. Thank you NOHMAD, I really appreciate your message. I thought I had gotten through my negative emotions. But, today, Christmas. Alone, here in San Francisco. Torrential rain outside, all day, I cannot even go out.
      I am frustrated beyond comprehension. Yes, the 3D death is most definitely happening and has been for a couple of years. I was just hoping that we would have competed this by now. All I can do is lie in bed and try to sleep.
      And, I keep wondering if I might be DEAD already. I surely have no life at this point!!
      Thanks for the encouraging words.

      1. My friend, I know and understand what you are feeling. Suddenly everything is imploding around you and all your dreams have no more sense. Everything is changing so quickly that we can not understand. A new world is under our feet now and we neither can understand the old. Relax. Doesn,t mind. Let go everything of the past. Open your heart to the new, to the light, to the love. Amazing things are in store for you. I feel you are a great soul end excellent person too. I,m certain that a lovely soul (female) is almost touching your life. Your lonely life will disappear in the blink of an eye like darkness under 5D love.
        PS: I suggest you that you consider the possibility of leaving your email, as I do. If this help you, I have received zero emails from Light beings + zero emails from darkness beings, since I sign my name with it. To say the truth I received some scams from Burkina Faso (Africa). It,s the 419 Nigerian scam. Open your eyes!, case you accept may suggestion.

  7. this missive is PERFECT. moved me to tears in its touching accuracy. what a crazy existence this is. bring on the future. ❤

  8. Aisha…I share your messages on another Facebook group of “lighthearts”…we so appreciate your inspiring, clear, supportive posts…you are a gift…much gratitude, Judy

  9. Mariana, sending you love to deal with the passing of your mom! with everything going on it is an added level of energetic clearing certainly! Knowing you have another guardian angel looking out for you is a good thing…

    I too have the intense shoulder pain also on the left and basically pain everywhere…I will sent an intention to feel better every day and see if it works…

    Aisha, as always, you and CC are spot on…it reminds me of the old saying, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink…none of us “knew” how this would go down–and so we were told over and over–stay in the heart–the place where miracles happen and “belief” is suspended so wonderous things can occur….I am in my heart and it is growing exponentially…tons of love to you all! Alex

  10. To all of you who are suffering physical/emotional/mental anguish…..please know that this all will pass. I send you My Love Light to help you through. Hang in there! You can and WILL do this! ~AA~

  11. Thank you, aisha and all. You are a continuous blazing light. The sorrows, despairs and lightlessness in this tunnel of love are challenging, so thank you for this message of hope today. Mine is a rocky road: Bliss, faith and well-being one minute, hopelessness, tears, aches and pains the next. Oy. But onwards no matter what! Christmas Blessings unceasing to you and yours. Love, Light & Peace 😉

  12. Thank you Aisha and CC for this message of upliftment and hope for those of us who relate to every word in it. Beth, know that you are being sent healing and loving thoughts to you. I love you.
    I love us all. J.

  13. Merry Christmas to all! Thanks Aisha and CC’s for the warm, sensitive help through the last few days. Too all – My Love


  14. Well, I guess, this part of the manuscript of survival has answered my question from yesterday. Thank You. Love and Light to All of Us

  15. Bless you, Aisha and CC, for your consistent missives that are so clear and full of hope. The “Tunnel” has been the darkest yet, full of twists and turns, never allowing One to know where the next turn will lead. This Woman is the most grateful One alive today, for She has exited the “Tunnel” and is now able to “see” the Light. I am so grateful to you! ~AA~

  16. Thank you very much Aisha and the team, it is really a message of hope for me and it gave me strength not to give up, but continue on my way. I wish you a merry and wonderful Christmas time.

  17. Thank you Aisha. I’m one of those who is still having a very difficult time. Most of it has to do with a major increase in physical pain. I thought it would have been better by now. The pain is causing disturbed sleep and emotional issues. I have slept in my recliner (sort of) for like 5 nights so far because of the unbearable pain. Have they mentioned anything about hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, clavicle, neck problems? I’ve gone through a lot of your blog but I haven’t found anything yet. I feel like there is a specific reason and I’m looking for confirmation. Even my chiropractor can’t fix it after months of trying.

    I am grateful for your posts! Thank you!

    1. Beth I am so sorry to hear of your pain, emotional and physical. May it all leave you. I send you love and light. PEACE.

    2. I have/had the same issues, Beth. It started on Dec 12, and I thought of sleeping in my recliner, where I felt a little better – left shoulder, arm, back crucifying pain.

      I did not want to be like this during Holidays, so I scheduled an appointment with a shoulder specialist (maybe it’s broken or whatever, or just to give me some strong pain pills, because the prayers worked so far :-). The appointment was on Dec 19 (so a week in pain). He did extrays- nothing wrong – just a little bit of inflammation in(?)one of my cervical vertebrata (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice whatsoever, but sharing my experience). The doctor prescribed prednisone, and the pain went away little by little, and I do not know if it’s from the pills or I just moved on … – still fell stiff but I am not longer in pain.

      I thought, I might share this with you, to see that I pass through the same stuff. I hope you will also get the relief you deserve very soon, and I pray for and I feel so 🙂

      1. And on top of that my mom crossed over on Dec 16 – talking about emotional turmoil combined with physical pain 🙂 I do not know how I passed through, but I did – I asked for help a lot, that’s for sure – crying pf emotional and physical pain in the same time – now if I a am looking back -that’s really “3 days of darkness” or so.

        I am fine now, and I received a message from mom – not to sad, she is spending this year Christmas in Heaven 🙂

        I hope sharing one person experience through all this, helps. soon relief to you all!

    3. Hi Beth, I’m dealing with exactly the same pain. Is it your left side too? (feminine energy, Right-brain, clairvoyance, etc…) In my case, I was run over by a truck about 20 years ago and have been associating it to that… until last night and today’s message which has made it all perfectly clear to me now. I awoke screaming last night, and not from the pain which had intensified in my sleep, but from this “entity” that was creeping up my back and tryting to get in to me. I’ve been “fighting entities” now for well over a year each night. After reading today’s message I’m starting to believe the “entities” are my own creation, and the pain is resistance to “something”. This Tunnel of Love will either drive me crazy, kill me or re-create me… I’m hoping for the latter. I also realise I’m on my own here, just as you all are, but any sharing on entities would ease my mind… Love to you all, and a lot of nurturing Light.

    4. Hi Beth – I too have been having hand, wrist, arm and neck pain… right sided. I have no idea what it is about either. No specific injury or known trauma. It hurts to grasp things…and to relieve the pain I have to let go of whatever it is I am holding on to. (OK – I just “got” this message! My guides are laughing with me at this statement! enough said.) May we both find relief in whatever way works best. Love, Jessica K

      1. Thank you Wilbur, Mariana and Jessica! It is so nice to be understood! Thank you for the advice. I might get medical help if it continues after Christmas. I hate to do that because drugs don’t agree with me but desperate people do desperate things. I can’t do this much longer.

        I love that Jessica said, “to relieve the pain I have to let go”. Bingo! I think that’s the message too! I tend to get the message while writing just like you did. 🙂

        Mariana, I am so sorry about the loss of you mom! So sad. 😦 Stress messes me up too and I have a lot of inflammation. Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire. Other times, I can feel the actual nerve zapping me. It’s horrible!

        I noticed the zapping often happens when I am first beginning to fall asleep. When I asked WHY I am being kept awake and I felt the answer was because my physical self is trying to keep me grounded because it is afraid it will die without me being fully conscious. Like if I left my body during sleep, I might not come back. This is a fear coming from the cellular level because I do not fear death at all…but my body apparently does. So, I ordered my physical body (earthly mother) to submit to Spirit (Heavenly Father) and all will be fine. I think she’s just scared. Does this make sense to anyone else?

        Another thought that crosses my mind is the location of the pain (mine is worse on the left but it’s bad on both sides). Clearly I am not alone and I wonder if we aren’t having our hands cleared for healing others the way Jesus did. I think God’s healing energies travel from the brain, down the neck, down the arms and through the hands. As I write this paragraph, I’m getting strong, painful zaps!

        Anywho…thank you all for your replies! ❤

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