A short update on the energies – part 2

Dear friends! I had such an intense experience this morning, I felt I needed to share it with you and hear if there are others out there who have been through something similar in the last few hours. Just like so many of you have commented on already, yesterday turned out to be a really, really challenging day emotionally. When it was time to go to bed, I was so irritated, frustrated and fed up with everything, and I asked my guides to get some form of affirmation that what we are going through at the moment must be more than just another day of intense physical and emotional distress, but nothing came. I had a very restless night, not even trying to meditate with the crystals helped, it only made it worse. To me, it certainly felt like I was in the middle of the “three days of darkness” like some of you have talked about already.

Then, early this morning, I woke up and decided to try once more to meditate with the crystals and once again ask for some sort of confirmation. And what I got was this: first, I saw this square object being covered by a larger object of the same shape, and that again being covered by a bigger one. Much like a stack of toy blocks of increasing sizes being stacked over each other so that only the largest one is visible and all of the others are hidden inside it. I suddenly realized that this was all of my “fragments” or aspects coming together, and I was thinking that the smallest one was probably me in this dimension. But then, they all fused together and merged into one complete square block, and this in turn was transformed into a golden heart. Suddenly I felt this golden heart inside of me, beating very strongly. I almost started to cry, it was such a powerful moment because I felt that now I had finally merged with all of my aspects, and that they were all present inside of my body. But then, this golden heart started to grow and became so huge I felt myself almost as tiny as a grain of sand compared to it. And now, the heart had changed into representing All of Creation. So I was whole again, but I was also reminded that I am just a fragment of everything that is. All of this in itself was so overwhelming, but then came the part that made the strongest impression on me. I was lying on my back during all of this, and then I suddenly felt my body transforming into grains of sand, and that this sand was literally pouring down through the bed and towards the floor, just like the sand in an hourglass. I felt myself becoming thinner and thinner, and soon there were only a few grains of sand left. Then they too disappeared, and I had this very strong physical sensation of falling backwards through a tunnel before I started to accumulate again in a new heap of sand, just like in the bottom part of the hourglass. I have never ever felt anything as clear as this, and when it was over, I was lying on my side, feeling like a newborn baby.

This morning, I received a message from the CCs, and here is some of it:

“What you saw during the process was indeed exactly what happend. You have now successfully merged yourself into a whole being, and the sand of time has run out only to be refilled with the new you. The image is indeed a very apt one, as what you once were does no longer exist, but it has been replaced with an everlasting supply of new life, or sand, if you will, that will finally start to count down your new life. We know that for now, all of this will seem very faint and improbable, but you will soon start to get into the very core of all of this as soon as your physical body and your mental capacity gets rested enough so that you can fully appreciate what has happened.” They also told me that there are indeed many others who have been through exactly the same process now, but that do not have any strong images of this. I am so curious to hear if any of you have anything to share on this!

Love and light, Aisha

PS: When I got out of bed this morning, I was very sore and stiff in my back, between the shoulder blades, and so was my sister. It felt like we both had been through an intense opening of the heart chakra.

78 thoughts on “A short update on the energies – part 2

  1. Hi Aisha,
    I’ve recently subscribed to a YouTube channel named Luminous Liquid Light , not sure if thats you or not but great channel, fyi.
    Anyway what you were describing is all to familiar to me , although each individual experiences this I believe in there own way.
    My experiences in this past month were as follows:
    I felt the need and was drawn to Mt Shasta California to celebrate Saint Germains day on December 15 and also partake in a 3 day Violet Flame workshop and concert which started on 12/11/2012 . Saint Germain has been and continues to be a major influence in my life along with Many Arch Angels and the Universe as a whole . I had a great time , met some great people, 46 people attended, I volunteered with the sound equipment .
    I left California feeling a bit as though I had more questions than Answers from this trip. I got on My flight came back to New York and found out that my dog , which was being cared for by a friend in Connecticut , Supposedly bit some one in Ct law was that he would be required to stay in Quarantine for 14 until the victim showed no signs of infection. I tried to move heaven and earth to find a loop hole but no luck. I was heart broken. I hadn’t seen him for 10 days while in California, and was so looking forward to spending time with him sleeping and cuddling etc,
    I returned to home on Long Island NY. and felt really down being alone, but am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I got back on the 18th or so. I settled into my routine and was planning on getting in a few days of thorough complete stretching ,working out,running and meditating in preparation for the unknown on the 21st .
    Continuously these days wondering why that happened with my dog and why I didn’t find what I was looking for on Mt Shasta. I then realized that I knew the Answer, which I would have never gotten if I didn’t go to Mt Shasta, where I had gone to get answers. I had made a Major breakthrough in that , All these months Following my very fortunate full true Kundalini activation a few months prior in August, I had been searching outward for my answers, when I should have been searching inwards into my own Heart.
    When I did that I imagined my heart of pure Brilliant White Light , pure unconditional love from the Mother, knowledge, light and wisdom from the father, holy spirit and divine creator. I then took my entire consciousness and existence into my heart, which took me to an infinite endless reality of pure love and creation, which I believe to be the all that is, infinite love, light and creation. It was Magnificent Brilliant Pure Love. All that is ,was and will ever be were here. I then proceeded to focus my intent on locating our Universe , I did with ease, then Galaxy , then Sirius then Pleiades then our sun and finally Mother Earth. I often wondered why the energies and connections are so abundant one day or few days and completely gone some days leaving us cold and alone questioning if we are delusional or not. I do Have the answer Dear ones, we as light workers must be the beacons and pillars of light, Knowledge, unconditional Love and Creation for the rest of Humanity, day or night. Until they are able to become energy points themselves and join Mother Earth and the rest of humanity until one day we become one united energy. Oneness .
    Now Getting back to when traveled through our Galaxy then found Earth , I had went searching inward because the outer energies I usually get from Gazing directly into the Sun weren’t Available, It was a Gloomy cold day and I didnt care for it . So what I then did was truly remarkable and a miracle to me.
    As I approached the Earth I located North America then Long Island ,i then saw cloud cover throughout the entire eastern Seaboard. I was in a state of pure love co creator mentality as I have achieved in the past. I then willed and bathed a swatch of pure love sunlight from myself in the sky about 3 hours wide and pierced and dissolved the clouds in that part of the sky over long island, enough to get me through until sunset, it stayed perfectly sunny for the rest of the day. Thats not all.
    I then located my Home , my Bedroom , and My physical Body in Meditation achieving Oneness with the Universe and all of Creation . I then Sent and received unconditional Love and Light to and from My Physical Body My Higher self , My spirit, and all of infinity, creating an infinite loop in all directions until I turned into a Sun, a Major energy Point for all Humanity
    and the Universe to Dance with and to Feed from. It was truly Divine . I am So So Blessed , little old me . All the Miracles in my own Self Discovery, Self Healing , Healing of others. I’ll set out to do an Errand and I come across regular people on the street and start talking, and helping , Counciling them. Before I know it hours went buy. I wouldn’t change a thing. If I lose all my material possessions and Home, I am convinced with my enlightenment I would be very capable and happier in deep meditation under an apple tree , make that a banana tree somewhere tropical (LOL)

    Jeton Lita
    Lita Organization
    Love Is The Answer
    website in the works

  2. Hi Aisha,
    I’ve been following your channels for a while and find them quite accurate, as opposed to a lot of other channelings! I’m posting this in response to your message regarding the hourglass.
    3-4 years ago I had a similar dream/experience, and saw an X with the middle point of the X being 2012. However it was also an hourglass, and we were the sands of time travelling through that point. I also got the words “Time Jump”, which is quite an unusual expression. I immediately sketched what I saw on a piece of paper and have been frantically looking for it, but haven’t found it as yet – but I’m sure I will, and will send it onto you when I find it.
    I know some are feeling quite flat at the moment as we were all hoping that something big would happen on the 21st and it didn’t. On saying that though there are still a lot of strange phenomena going on around the planet – for example the pillar of light in Brazil. So I keep my hopes up that we are heading in the right direction and that things can only get better 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank You all for sharing all your experiences during these strange times. I’ve recognized so many different things I’ve myself experienced during the last month. Reading about what you’ve been through has really made me understand what is happening to me. And this is of tremendous comfort in my situation. I’ve been of very poor physical health for a very long time and I’ve been very distressed by all the energy coming down and have had a hard time handling it.
    I had planned to go to a church where there was a concert “for love and light” on December 21st but was so unwell that I had to stay in bed. I was so sad about it and late at night I was in real despair and sent a prayer to the Universe that please, would they send me a MESSAGE so that I could continue to beleive, because at that moment my old analytical self popped up and I was unable to hope for anyything that you write about here.
    A couple of days later a red Amaryllis flower, here in Sweden regarded a symbolic flower for the advent times in the month of december, began to shed tears, red liquid that dripped down from the petals of the flower, down on the surface on the table where it stood, it even trickled down on the floor so I could not miss noticing it it! It looked like drops of bright red blood.
    The stains are still there and I haven’t been able to remove them with any cleansing liquid. I’ve asked several people if they’ve heard of this happening in connection with this flower before, and no one has…
    I now feel that this was a very obvious MESSAGE, the one I had asked for. And the woman who gave this beautiful flower to me is a Reiki Healing Master and her name is Magdalena…Maybe it is all connected? I haven’t interpreted any special meaning into all of this, just been thinking that this was such a concrete and visual sign, something I could not explain with my analytical, intellectual side.

    Thank you again, all of you who share your thoughts and experiences here, and Aisha, for making it possible and giving us hope.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Ingela in Stockholm, Sweden

  4. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…”All of this in itself was so overwhelming, but then came the part that made the strongest impression on me. I was lying on my back during all of this, and then I suddenly felt my body transforming into grains of sand, and that this sand was literally pouring down through the bed and towards the floor, just like the sand in an hourglass. I felt myself becoming thinner and thinner, and soon there were only a few grains of sand left. Then they too disappeared, and I had this very strong physical sensation of falling backwards through a tunnel before I started to accumulate again in a new heap of sand, just like in the bottom part of the hourglass. I have never ever felt anything as clear as this, and when it was over, I was lying on my side, feeling like a newborn baby.,,”

  5. bonsoir tout le monde, concernant ces dernières heures il est vrai que je n’ai pas non plus réussi à dormir alors que je n’avais pourtout pas fais de sieste ni même fermer l’oeil de la journée. Je me suis senti comme si je n’avais plus besoin ni de dormir, de manger ou de boire. Nous ressentons certes des choses de manière unique mais si quelqu’un à ressenti comme la sensation d’être illimité j’aimerai bien qu’il me le fasse savoir, de cette manière sa me confirmera au moins que je ne suis pas tomber à la renverse ; ). ( si vous pouviez me répondre en français, ça m’arrangerai )

  6. Good evening everyone, for the last few hours it is true that I have not been able to sleep while I did not do forall nap or even sleep through the day. I felt as if I did not need to sleep, eat or drink. While we feel things in a unique way but if someone felt like the feeling of being unlimited I would love to please let me know, that way at least confirm its me that I’m not falling in reverses; ).

  7. oh my… Thanks for this text, cause I’ve been feeling so bad for the next past days… overwhelmed, depressed, confused… On the 22nd I’ve been brutally confronted to THE remaining wound in my life I hadn’t been able to cure yet. The deepest, the more destructive, the one that had nearly destroyed my life and I was surviving since nearly my whole life… And suddenly I was wounded again, the SAME way. After a deep and constructive therapy rebuiling. So I felt miserable and totally.
    Since I am disturbed. I act strangely, I hardly control my actions.
    But I realise also that this new trauma is the key I needed to access the first one and cure it. Powerful wind impulsing the last of my last cures…
    And yes, like you, I could hardly sleep last night and I cryied several times within the few latest days, including today…

  8. Aisha, I have always felt your Companions’ info to be very aligned with my experiences, so I am happy you asked us the readers to share any “similar” happenings. I started having these episodes since the 12 -12 portal where i kept landing in other dimensions before finding my way back to this 3D one and have been bi-locating in 3d and 4d often. The night of the 21st I felt myself drifting away (or being sucked into another reality) as I went to bed. 3D merged with 4D as it often has happened and I just appeared in another reality. I want to emphasize there was no period of lack of consciousness or interruption. I found myself staring at my living room through a wide and elongated window. I could sense some link to my 3D body still but could not feel it or see it, and as a matter of fact, when i projected the thought of moving my arm in front of my face I realized I had no visible body at all. I wondered how to get back to my body and tried moving it blindly but to no avail. Finally I was able to make a noise and found myself back in my body. I have had astral dreams before and have even experienced being consciousness in the universe with no body, but this FELT different because now i was also aware to some extent of my 3d body.
    Yesterday morning I found myself in the Violet temple in Alcyone (but I saw it as energy instead of how one would see material things here on 3D) and saw and felt my Lightbody at the same time I felt my 3D body in bed and even opened my eyes several times and saw both realities at once. I kept touching my own lightbody (a total trip btw) and smiling at the sensations of feeling more than one body. Sometimes it does happen that I thing my 3d self said something or moved and its my 4d body. It even happens with thoughts between my twin flame and I often lately.

  9. Anger: someone once said we are angry because of sadness. Makes sense. I had been in a ‘rage’ when I was around a particular person. I really have to trust this feeling and that person won’t be influencing my life so much in the future. Fortunately the rage has abated and I have this strong feeling of peace… finally. *smile*

    Nice to know others have been suffering as well… *lol*

    1. thank you so much for reminding me of this. Underneath rage is sadness. I really needed to hear this right now.

  10. I have been feeling similar about reconnecting to All My parts/aspects/rejects/castaways/orphans and that this is the time of the final and complete reconnection. It is needed for Us to take All of Our aspects into 5D.
    Any who do not complete this collecting and reconnecting will continue to have aspects in a 3D reality. That is My intuit anyway.

  11. Fernando Diaz yes i do havesomething to share…. while ago i wrote a message that was given to me right before they told me to go outsiede and look at the spaceship that came to visit me … they told me this telepatically and yes it was there as i went out to look … the message was … yes you have a great sense of humor .. but now its fragmented in 11 dimensions… soon they will all merge in to one and you will have this sense of humor entirely

  12. This is my first time reading your blog. I couldn’t read all the comments but had to respond as having a somewhat similar experience to some of you. Dec. 21 during the day I was emotionally distraught over whether or not to go to this solstice ceremony in the evening. I felt very emotionally vulnerable and felt sad, confused and lonely. I never feel lonely which was odd. I know it wasn’t just about going to the ceremony. I wanted to be with spiritual women on this special night. A list of events led up to my feelings of going back into my little girl self and I cried my way through my psychotherapy session. My body was holding so much tension. I got home and looked one more time (the 5th time) for what I wanted to wear and couldn’t find the last 4 times and finally it appeared…a dress of the night stars and moons so I knew I should go. I went and got stuck in horrible traffic which made my body even more tense thinking I was going to miss the meditation at the beginning. Amazingly enough I was early as though time had stood still. The ceremony was wonderful and there was a segment where we were to release any grief we were holding on to and I sobbed my way through that then an amazing calm came. I saw many old friends and some new ones. I was so glad I went. That night I was woken up many times with terrible muscle pains/spasms and I would go back to sleep after getting up and walking a bit. Each time I dreamed that something was being done to different “segments” of the bottom half of my body and I would have painful spasms in different parts of my legs. It lasted all night long. I finally got up at 1pm exhausted. The pains finally went away. Very odd.

  13. I have to share what my friend shared with me. On the morning of the 21st, when she was beginning to wake up, and was in that half-dream/half-wake state, she saw the words “We are here with you now” in front of her. More validation. Myself, emotional, but feeling very much disenchanted with a lot of the things that used to give me deep and abiding pleasure. Not the good things, mind you. I’m beginning to really feel uncomfortable with excessive eating and TV watching, and my overall health has become a very real concern. Honestly, leaving my addictions behind will be the best thing to happen to me ever. And I know that I am being prepped to step out of my prison, and I am very priviledged to be here now.

  14. So glad everyone is here and sharing their pieces of the puzzle and their story which gives great hope.

    Aisha, I have not been one for visioning in my life but I do read energy and sense changes and shifts rather dramatically. I have felt lately as if I am like an arrow that hit a target and other arrows were coming in to the same target point and splitting my arrow, joining it. The day before the solstice I was visiting with my cat and walking towards my computer after having such a delicious walk visiting with all my sacred trees in the area and I was feeling my heart chakra very open and flowing the love and all of a sudden I was hit from behind as if another spirit literally stepped into my skin. In fact my arms when up to my sides and my hands forward as if to stop myself from falling and all of a sudden my heart chakra, which was already full on open (have worked with chakras for over 10 years so I know the feelings!) EXPLODED and energy shot up my body with such a tremendous force of love and light that tears sprung out of my eyes and I gasped out loud and spontaneously said–HELLO YOU! Before that time I had felt as if everything energetically had been condensing down and down and down as if under water under pressure or like a pearl being created or a diamond under pressure or friction…then they additional energy seemed to be feeling the inside of my body, like it was wearing a new suit and testing it out-I literally floated around the house feeling like that for a few hours of the newness of this experience and this body and these feelings=I settled into the belief that I had combined all my fragmentary personality focused 3D timelines into one body–all the lower, more dense versions had come UP and then I had merged with all the higher versions until finally, the last nesting doll was added to the center and everything was pushed together and for the very first time, I was no longer raising my vibration and ascending but my higher self had simply dropped down its vibration a bit to descend INTO me…it was delicious–it was awesome and I think we ALL went through the needle together!

    At this point I am still having glimpses of and feelings of joy, expansiveness, as the energy is no longer compressing but expanding outward, over all things (like you said about your golden heart visual)…I also feel that on the other side of the needle while I am expanding out and separating from what no longer serves me, I feel like I am much closer to and have greater access to my higher self…Very cool!

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