Dear friends! I had such an intense experience this morning, I felt I needed to share it with you and hear if there are others out there who have been through something similar in the last few hours. Just like so many of you have commented on already, yesterday turned out to be a really, really challenging day emotionally. When it was time to go to bed, I was so irritated, frustrated and fed up with everything, and I asked my guides to get some form of affirmation that what we are going through at the moment must be more than just another day of intense physical and emotional distress, but nothing came. I had a very restless night, not even trying to meditate with the crystals helped, it only made it worse. To me, it certainly felt like I was in the middle of the “three days of darkness” like some of you have talked about already.

Then, early this morning, I woke up and decided to try once more to meditate with the crystals and once again ask for some sort of confirmation. And what I got was this: first, I saw this square object being covered by a larger object of the same shape, and that again being covered by a bigger one. Much like a stack of toy blocks of increasing sizes being stacked over each other so that only the largest one is visible and all of the others are hidden inside it. I suddenly realized that this was all of my “fragments” or aspects coming together, and I was thinking that the smallest one was probably me in this dimension. But then, they all fused together and merged into one complete square block, and this in turn was transformed into a golden heart. Suddenly I felt this golden heart inside of me, beating very strongly. I almost started to cry, it was such a powerful moment because I felt that now I had finally merged with all of my aspects, and that they were all present inside of my body. But then, this golden heart started to grow and became so huge I felt myself almost as tiny as a grain of sand compared to it. And now, the heart had changed into representing All of Creation. So I was whole again, but I was also reminded that I am just a fragment of everything that is. All of this in itself was so overwhelming, but then came the part that made the strongest impression on me. I was lying on my back during all of this, and then I suddenly felt my body transforming into grains of sand, and that this sand was literally pouring down through the bed and towards the floor, just like the sand in an hourglass. I felt myself becoming thinner and thinner, and soon there were only a few grains of sand left. Then they too disappeared, and I had this very strong physical sensation of falling backwards through a tunnel before I started to accumulate again in a new heap of sand, just like in the bottom part of the hourglass. I have never ever felt anything as clear as this, and when it was over, I was lying on my side, feeling like a newborn baby.

This morning, I received a message from the CCs, and here is some of it:

“What you saw during the process was indeed exactly what happend. You have now successfully merged yourself into a whole being, and the sand of time has run out only to be refilled with the new you. The image is indeed a very apt one, as what you once were does no longer exist, but it has been replaced with an everlasting supply of new life, or sand, if you will, that will finally start to count down your new life. We know that for now, all of this will seem very faint and improbable, but you will soon start to get into the very core of all of this as soon as your physical body and your mental capacity gets rested enough so that you can fully appreciate what has happened.” They also told me that there are indeed many others who have been through exactly the same process now, but that do not have any strong images of this. I am so curious to hear if any of you have anything to share on this!

Love and light, Aisha

PS: When I got out of bed this morning, I was very sore and stiff in my back, between the shoulder blades, and so was my sister. It felt like we both had been through an intense opening of the heart chakra.