A short update on the energies

Dear friends! I just received this message from the CCs:

“As you have already ascertained, the incoming waves of energy have not yet abated. All of this relentless hammering is driving out the last vestiges of your history here, preparing you all to enter the new as just that, new and unfettered by anything old that might hold you back. You have to endure a few more of these intense barrages of energy, but it will all start to quieten down as you approach the day for your Holidays. So again, stay calm and stay centered, and know that all is well. We salute you once again as we say that you are indeed the bravest of the brave, and you are more successful in your endeavors than you mayhaps can envisage at the moment. That is all for now, but we will indeed return with a more lengthy missive once these strong surges have abated somewhat. Thank you, we leave.”

I hope you are all still hanging in there! It was a beautiful day yesterday, but it was definitely back to business again last night. Still, it helps to think back to all of the love that surrounded us as we all connected to the energies of the soltice. Those energies are still here, but they are not as easy to detect now that my physical body is once again throwing a tantrum.

Love and light, Aisha



34 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. My time is now. I have been given a clean slate where I can co-create my life from a consious state. New friends of like mind like you, have come into my life to uplift me.
    What wonderful gifts of spirit. Serenity, peace and enthusiasm are my constant companions now.
    And to close this comment, I like to wish you all Merry Christmas.
    Bless you all. In Love and Light,
    Carmen 😉

  2. I very much enjoy reading your messages and about your your own journey.
    Over the last two months I have experienced that the ups and downs, but gratefully say that the ups were experienced more than the downs.
    I have also noticed that the pain has been wash away. Negative thoughts are no more.
    I have been given equanimity instead. I am
    happy for happiness sake. Health issues have
    been disolved and now I can count my
    blessings. Even though nothing has “changed”
    everything has changed. I feel new and whole
    in a way that I never experience before

  3. Hello Aisha and everyone…. Just want to say I saw, on another dimension, on 12/20/12 huge machines leaving…… going away. I was given help in understanding what this was — that this is truly the end of the Industrial Age – and the mechanization of everything ….. it was a very strong vision –and yes, my back between my shoulder blades was mysteriously sore this morning – but better now. Can’t thank you enough for your help Aisha. Let us all rest within and be at peace.

  4. a couple weeks ago i had a 12.12.12 meditation so intense that i didn’t think much had happened until i decided to write it all down. once i started re-processing it i couldn’t believe the incredible things i recalled.

    i had a great 2nd meditation that night too (“instant pink love… like i had just walked into an epic party”) where i actually felt my heart chakra start buzzing! that was a new one.

    but since then i’ve been almost completely unable to “lock in” on any meditation, there’s just been too much noise. it’s been very frustrating to lose my spiritual connection especially leading up to such a massive focal point as 12.21.12.

    I ended the 20th trying to avoid a comments battle on facebook (a habit i left behind last year that’s been resurfacing some in the recent debates on violence)… i avoided getting dragged in, but the whole thing threw me into a very dense, combative state going into midnight and the long-awaited 21st, and i was completely unable to center myself. no meditation, no peace.

    my 21st only got worse. a good friend’s father suddenly may only have weeks left, and another friend’s newborn daughter is struggling to stay alive, because her heart is too big.

    when i went outside at noon, the skies over l.a. were unusually blue and clear, except for one chemtrail struggling to take hold. no worries, i thought, they don’t seem to be doing very well.

    three hours later the entire sky was covered, layered up with criss-crossing trails, slowly unrolling into wispy strips… i’m talking all over the place and in multiple layers, we got absolutely smoked. i tried to send it my love but it honestly just made me furious.

    for the rest of the night it was anger, grief, despair, and disbelief, all underlying a complete sense of helplessness.

    worst. december. 21st. 2012. ever.

    i wasn’t expecting an “event,” any massive destruction or heavenly display, any real disclosure, i didn’t think the new economy was going to be announced… i just hoped that *maybe* on the 21st, some small reasonable law might be passed that would maybe begin to set up a tipping of the scale — i’m talking low expectations — something almost unnoticeable like an anti-fluoride bill, or the release of some important seized patents, or some glimmer of peace in some obscure place… or *maybe* we would just stop getting gassed from the sky.

    as far as i know, nothing like any of that happened.

    today was a little better, i kept switching between hysterical laughter, temporal disorientation, napping, and sentimental weeping (fleetwood mac’s “songbird” took me OUT) but i imagine that after the pressure wears off i’ll start connecting again in meditation, and i’ll climb out of this hole a little smarter than i went in.

    and then i’ll just keep going, because what else am i gonna do?

    thank you, aisha, for everything you do here, this blog is so important to us. and everyone else too, the comments have become just as enlightening and encouraging as the posts. i hope to see more open discussion everywhere.

    i wish i could be more encouraging today, but i hope this short story (sorry about the length) can help someone in some way.

    peace, love & light

  5. Huge hugs from ME to all of YOU! Yes, feeling a LOT of changes and darn it I didn’t even know what a sweet tooth was until NOW! when I finally fall asleep I sleep for like 12 hours straight! The energy is different now though, before 21 it was compressed as if I was being pushed under water and now I feel like it is effervescent–as if it is like oil being dropped onto water and spreading out over all…I feel EXPANSIVE! The weather is also intense–like 50-mile an hour winds whipping the earth and cleansing it of all the cobwebs as my gran would say-but I interacted with real people LOL today and I set the intention to see something–to feel something–and what I got back was LOVELY smiles and joy and even one young man who looked me RIGHT in the eye as if to say–I know what you are doing LOL…I feel the love–I am overwhelmed and overjoyed with it and I hope that even if it is only in small moments or glimpses, you are all feeling it too!!!! Hugs! Alex

  6. Three Days Night Prophecy. It,s not about the Sun going on holidays for three days. It,s about an inner process. It,s something that is occurring inside of us since 12-21-2012 when the Love Wave hit Mother Earth. It,s about the Transformation decreed by God for Mother Earth and all the reigns in Her.
    This transformation is being performed through our ADN. From 2 stranded beings we are becoming 12 stranded beings. And this process is very hard for us, because it consumes much energy, some from us and most from the waves coming in. This waves also bring information and activations.
    As 2 stranded beings, science said that about 95% of our ADN was junk ADN. Is this ‘junk ADN’ that now is being re-sequenced in 12 strands, with each of it with billions of pieces, all in the right position and sequence. So new ADN = new Being. We are transforming in our true Self. This means we,re transforming in an multi-dimensional being. And this process also implies in the integration of our several selves scattered in time and space in other dimensions. All these Selves of us is what is called Higher Self, True Self, I Am Presence. Are these selves of us that will contribute with our future wisdom, knowledge and skills as telepathy and others.
    Each process is unique, and is being closely supervised by our ascension teams. The heaviest part for us are these initial three days, but the hole process will go on until almost final of March, 2013. We will begin to sense the changes in us as soon as individual process are being completed and tested. The symptoms, besides common ones being already felt, one new more is to be felt: pleasure in the body in some moments.
    Similar process is happening to animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms, that will conduce them also to 5D. Well, let,s not forget of Mother Earth, that is going with all us to 5D too.
    Lot of rest. All that you can. Clean natural mineral water, lots of. Very light nutritive foods, fruits and/or juices of them. Happy Christmas for all.

    1. Thanks Nohmad. It did occur to me that this was “the three days of darkness” that everyone was talking about. I wish I had been prepared for it instead of expecting some miraculous shift into the fifth dimension. I have been spiraling down and out of control.
      Thank you , brother. It does help.

  7. Yes Samantha, I have experienced the bliss and ecstasy. When the bliss came in, I thought, “this is the shift.” But, then by the end of the day I was angry and depressed again.
    So, I sympathize with you. I cannot stand another day of this. Personally, I am pushed past the brink.
    Love to you,

    1. Yes exactly! So frustrating, but when its good its great! Hmm hopefully it will all even out soon. Until then at least we are in this together. Thank you and much love and light in these trying times!

  8. Hey Aisha, everyone!
    Just curious on how your energies and emotions have been? Yesterday and today ive been extremely exhausted and have felt a pressure that somewhat shortens my breath. Also meditation has been oddly difficult whereas before I could jump right into it. Emotions I’m experiencing are lowly and of frustration, exhaustion. This whole experience starting the 21st has intensifyed 10x for me, do you guys feel this way or have things been smoother? Sending love ❤

  9. “Thank you, we leave” ? Aisha do the CC’s commonly end their communications with you in this manner or are they all done? Thank you. My love to all my sisters and brothers

    1. Yes, Wilbur, They have said that several times in the last couple of weeks.
      Look at the missive the the night before December 21st. Same thing.
      They just mean….”over and out!” or “signing off”.
      Hope you are doing well.

  10. Hi,

    I felt a bit funny this afternoon as I nearly fainted. For a split second (walking the other side of a long rug of 4 meters or so to the almost other side) I was kind of unconsious like I was being reboothed. I lost a second. It is hard to imagine how it felt. I felt terrible shaky this morning. My heart was going mad ect. I do not feel well. I could sleep all day (I cannot as I have two kids to take care of).

    I used to be, a year ago, a person who would never eat any sweets. I have been eating so much chokolate lately. And no the crawing just stopped on Friday. No more of that. More water, yes!

    And now to bed! Sweet dreams!

    🙂 Lara

  11. Thanks You Aisha and C.C. since every day offer us this messages of clarification, of hope, of encouragement and appeasement.
    Peace and love.

  12. My physical body was close to destruction yesterday, at least it felt that way. Today is somewhat better. I hope the CC do not mean the easter holidays.;) Thank you Aisha.

  13. Hi Aisha .. many Solstice blessings to you. Norway looks beautiful. I am glad to hear that these energies will abate soon. I felt that yesterday they reached some kind of a crescendo … and last night it was like different parts of my body took turns in lighting up. So far today it does not feel too intense .. although I have not eaten anything. Have you been eating much lately…? I have not really had a decent meal since 12/12/12 although I have been drinking a lot of water .. yesterday I drank around 4 litres. My crown was so sore with the energies coming in.
    Dear Mariana that is beautiful to hear – I want Heaven on Earth – Thank you.
    Much love and thanks to you Aisha for passing on these messages.
    Love to all.

    1. Dear Eileen! I have experienced much of the same, both with my computer starting to crash a lot lately, lightbulbs popping, an appetite that is far from normal and also a lot of temperature fluctuations. All of the above symptoms usually show up when the energies are intense. It is like all of the regulators in the body are confused, so I am going from one extreme to the other in a very short time. Some days I cannot even get down any food, and then the next I can eat a huge meal and feel really hungry again as soon as I have finished it. I have intense cravings, varying from only eating white fish and vegetables for several days and then suddenly only wanting to eat snacks or sweets. The body temperature is also changing suddenly, from being icy cold and unable to get warm to being so warm it is tempting to jump out into the snow. I can go from feeling almost faint and unable to move to running around the house cleaning like mad in a very short space of time. I used to drink a lot of water, but now it feels like my body doesn’t want it at all. I drink a lot of tea instead. I have found that it is better for me to give my body what it tells me it wants, no matter how strange it is. Interestingly enough, I have a few friends who get exactly the same weird cravings as me and at the same time too.
      Love and light, Aisha

  14. Yesterday was horrible and today isn’t much better. My pain is through the roof. Thanks for the update Aisha. And as Mariana mentioned in the comment above, my son and I are both having a lot of strange computer glitches. Hmmmm…

  15. well. something definitely is going on – starting with 21st morning my computers behaved very strangely- did not recognize my passwords (3 of them), I had to reboot and change passwords (which I was confused which one was it in reality), I felt like I jumped in another timeline. On the 22nd morning (4:44) I was fast asleep but I heard a voice saying: He is here! (in my mind I asked: who’s here, and who’s talking, and why I are you waking me up at this hour :-). As an answer I got the feeling – God is here. Say what you want. In my mind (do not forget I was half asleep- what do I want? Quickly – what do I want? my HigherSelf please help). I want Heaven on Earth, and I kept repeating this, over and over again 🙂

    I thought you might would like to hear about one Lightworker experience during these glorious days. I love you all. and enjoy Heaven on earth 🙂

    1. Mariana

      Thank you for sharing this. I have been trying to chronicle my dreams for a little over a year. I have a pen and paper on my nightstand. For me, upon waking, the conscious mind seems to want to kick the unconscious one out as soon as possible. The hazy time in between is the most interesting part. Try to relax upon waking, maybe roll over and try to go back to sleep. That’s the way it works for me anyway.

      I have to tell you though – I thoroughly believe what you do. It’s not just words that we hear, like you described, it’s the feelings.

      If you have any more, please share them with us.


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