Dear friends! I just received this message from the CCs:

“As you have already ascertained, the incoming waves of energy have not yet abated. All of this relentless hammering is driving out the last vestiges of your history here, preparing you all to enter the new as just that, new and unfettered by anything old that might hold you back. You have to endure a few more of these intense barrages of energy, but it will all start to quieten down as you approach the day for your Holidays. So again, stay calm and stay centered, and know that all is well. We salute you once again as we say that you are indeed the bravest of the brave, and you are more successful in your endeavors than you mayhaps can envisage at the moment. That is all for now, but we will indeed return with a more lengthy missive once these strong surges have abated somewhat. Thank you, we leave.”

I hope you are all still hanging in there! It was a beautiful day yesterday, but it was definitely back to business again last night. Still, it helps to think back to all of the love that surrounded us as we all connected to the energies of the soltice. Those energies are still here, but they are not as easy to detect now that my physical body is once again throwing a tantrum.

Love and light, Aisha