Dear friends! I just wanted to send you all a little message on this important day now that I finally have a short break between these super intense energy downloads. For they have certainly increased these last two days, both in intensity, number and duration. I did a solstice-meditation together with my sister at the exact time for it, which was interestingly enough 12:12 in our timezone. It was a quiet and serene one, very different from the one we did at 12.12.12, when the energies felt like we were breaking through a wall of light. After a while, a bird started to sing outside the window, which is rather unusual for this time of year, and I suddenly got this image that I know some of you also have shared: I saw this enormous waterfall of light that started to pour down on us all. It literally filled us up with light, and from us, the light started to flow out into every part of this planet. It was so beautiful, and then I heard this phrase from an old Carpenter’s song “We’ve only just begun” over and over again. In other words, this waterfall of light will continue to flow down into us all, and it will continue to fill not only us, but everything and everyone else with light as well.

Yes, we’ve only just begun this part of our journey, and I am looking forward to all that will happen in the wake of all of these energy influxes. Our work is not over, and I for one will continue to do my part and keep sharing the messages that will come in the times ahead. I send you all my blessings, and I thank you for also taking part in this work that we do together. I leave you with a picture I just took when I went outside to see if I could get a glimpse of the sun on this, the shortest day in our part of the world.

Love and light, Aisha