Solstice blessings

Dear friends! I just wanted to send you all a little message on this important day now that I finally have a short break between these super intense energy downloads. For they have certainly increased these last two days, both in intensity, number and duration. I did a solstice-meditation together with my sister at the exact time for it, which was interestingly enough 12:12 in our timezone. It was a quiet and serene one, very different from the one we did at 12.12.12, when the energies felt like we were breaking through a wall of light. After a while, a bird started to sing outside the window, which is rather unusual for this time of year, and I suddenly got this image that I know some of you also have shared: I saw this enormous waterfall of light that started to pour down on us all. It literally filled us up with light, and from us, the light started to flow out into every part of this planet. It was so beautiful, and then I heard this phrase from an old Carpenter’s song “We’ve only just begun” over and over again. In other words, this waterfall of light will continue to flow down into us all, and it will continue to fill not only us, but everything and everyone else with light as well.

Yes, we’ve only just begun this part of our journey, and I am looking forward to all that will happen in the wake of all of these energy influxes. Our work is not over, and I for one will continue to do my part and keep sharing the messages that will come in the times ahead. I send you all my blessings, and I thank you for also taking part in this work that we do together. I leave you with a picture I just took when I went outside to see if I could get a glimpse of the sun on this, the shortest day in our part of the world.

Love and light, Aisha


30 thoughts on “Solstice blessings

  1. Dear aisha, The song I kept hearing over and over yesterday was “Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With me…..” over and over and over:

    ♫ Let there be peace on Earth
    And let it begin with me
    Let there be peace on Earth
    The peace that was meant to be
    With God as our father
    Brothers all are we
    Let me walk with my brother
    In perfect harmony

    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now
    With every step I take
    Let this be my solemn vow
    To take each moment
    And live each moment
    With peace eternally
    Let there be peace on Earth
    And let it begin with me…… ♫

    Love & Light and Peace 😉

  2. Dear Aisha, Thanks for sharing that beautiful photo. It looks very dreamy there. I felt the most intense energy come in at 3:11 AM San Francisco time. I was in bed and it woke me up like a call. It felt like what I imagine dry ice to be. It was a freezing cold heat that focused on my crown chakra.
    It was so intense it took my breath away. But, I just opened in gratitude.
    Thanks for taking the time to share with us today.

  3. The crystalline 144-grid of Gaia is now perfected, immaculately-pulsating. The door is open. It is a sense of achievement that makes up for the potential initial disappointment about the date Dec. 21st I felt today in many of you. Fear that nothing will happen, not fear about he naive doomsday and its daredevil deeds some people do in utter delusion. It is not over yet, in fact, physical ascension has just commenced. And it is NOW that the ascending portion starts to directly benefit from our strenuous energetic and spiritual endeavours. You are most probably notified by your higher self that actually it is only the beginning phase of your divine mission you have incarnated here for in current linear End Times. It is a grand finale, and is a period of 9 days, from 21st to 30th, falsely and naively believing in this date so blindly that the transition will occur in a split of a second invisibly. This period is also a transition, a Stargate of ascension, just like 12.12. It will be also incredibly immediate, but not like this, with so much, striking discrepancy that inner and outer realm of reality indicate, your environment not being compatible with ascension. It will be also rapidly abolished and your environment will finally adapt to your higher vibrations. So let the ascension party finally begin. This planet is of ancient age and existed long enough to be lulled into an insiduous slumber of destructive extraterrestrial interference. But now, the illusion of linear time and unawareness of Gaia is over. Soon she claims, becomes aware of the fact: I AM.Yes, I exist. I DO! And this self-awareness, discovery triggers the retrieval of higher consciousness (atlantis and mayan timelines civilizations in the past had a semi-aware Gaia). With Gaia’s dark hypnotic enslavement/unawareness, how can we expect to heave her up? She must, in the first place as a prerequisite, become aware of this benevolent intent. We can not even say she has given us permission or accepted the offer as she can not even respond yet. So a Planetary ascension is yet to come, very soon. If I realize this, as a humble Planetary Ascension-team member, then what about those countless other diligent lightworkers? Direct your attention into the right place, and to the actual place, whence your focus most rewardingly belongs NOW, your intent fully and only upon collectively raising up Gaia, a wake-up call for her. As you can FEEL, energies are already fully enhanced, and advanced, but we must ask Gaia to become friends, accept our friendship, and for it to be done righteously she must move herself by Herself, setting herself into motion. And only then, upon realizing this can we really bring forth New Earth. On the surface indeed, ascension could be easily carried out already. But it is not just the people we evacuate, it is the PLANET HERSELF we help ascend. Since she was unaware and now she comes to realize, through our restless strenuous assistance and support that she indeed exists, overpowering the dark influence this poor planet has been inflicted with for such a long time. It is a major leap, a shift, a sudden, rebellious transition, releasing her from the shackles, into a whole new, higher level of existence: making ascension possible on a Planetary level this time. Personal ascension could have been carried out by most of us a long time ago, though we came here for something less selfish, more socially rewarding and much bigger, grandest event in the whole universe!
    As a wayshower you can convert others possessing the spiritual ability into way-showers, good luck!

  4. Dear Aisha,
    My wife, Alia and I were astonished to see a large flock of Goldfinches descend onto our yard this morning (on the Oregon Coast of the USA) – normally there might be one or two or three at this time of year, or even none at all – but this flock of 40 or 50 was very unusual! the sense of a waterfall, or river of light flowing through us onto the planet is also very present here! Thank you! with Love, Tomas

  5. Thanks you Aisha for this message relaying the light waterfall images. AND the image of the snowy mountain landscape. I just heard on a conference call last evening that Mt. Shasta was under whiteout conditions.
    Is this near you, perhaps in New England someplace?

      1. Wonderful, That’s beautiful Aisha! Thanks for sharing that. I now live in Santa Rosa, California USA (1 hr north of San Francisco) & recall driving to Oslo from Stockholm in 1969….on many dirt roads at the time. I understand that Norwegians now all get a very helpful passive income from the oil extraction projects in the North Sea. Let us know if you wish to hostess or be part of a global event, so we can come visit you in Norway! or anywhere —come to California! perhaps to a “New Living Expo” I’ll show you around. “Your” messages have been very reassuring.
        I see there is a great event at Stonehenge in the UK. Some of my friends
        went to the Yucatan in Mexico to Mayan pyramids. I heard also of some going to a Guatemala lake. I’m feeling phenomenal energies right here at home in Santa Rosa and there are many events, sacred chants, dances, poetry, & ritual ceremonies, and party festivities too. I already feel like a GALACTIC citizen, not only a global one. Love, George

  6. Well, the energy definitely is intense and wonderful! We had a huge storm come through but as I stood outside by my guardian tree and prayed the sun swelled in front of me and radiated out light of the purest white I have ever seen! WE definitely had a rush through here because my greenhouse, which withstood the likes of hurricane sandy has been knocked off its moorings (not broken, only tumbled…)

    Will continue to anchor the light today and know that I join you all in spreading it out over the world! We have indeed only just begun! Much love and light–Alex

    1. Alex, thanks for your kind words of encouragement that I received from you on a previous post. And, Alex, I have had that same sensation as you just mention here, of the sun coming through the clouds to shine on me and greet me. It is quite amazing. Sending you my light and love on this most auspicious day! Michael

  7. Hello Aisha,

    thank you and it’s a beautiful snowy picture. I am in your timezone and sort of missed the exact time, due to being at work. But it started to snow around that time (finally 🙂 ).

    Have a wonderful Christmas Time everyone.

  8. Thank you, Aisha, for the words, the energy and the connection. Thank you for your uplifting messages and for shining your beautiful inner light even when it is dark outside. And thank you for the lovely photo, reflecting the magnificent sunrise we are all waking up to.
    In loving Appreciation,
    Mexico City, MX

  9. Dear Aisha North,   thank you for your blessings and all the best to you and your sister …   Rose from Bavaria / Germany

    Gesendet: Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012 um 15:13 UhrVon: "aisha north" <>An: knoepfle-r@web.deBetreff: [New post] Solstice blessings

    Aisha North posted: "Dear friends! I just wanted to send you all a little message on this important day now that I finally have a short break between these super intense energy downloads. For they have certainly increased these last two days, both in intensity, number and dur"

  10. What a beautiful picture. In my meditation I saw today a huge portal of light with radiant light pouring in from above in immeasurable quantities. Oh I loved the synchronicities.

    Love & Light

    1. I have to post this here even though it is not a reply to any post. It seems (from this) that I received a late message for this day. Please, you must all listen to this. I found it on David Icke’s website. It is absolutely beautiful music. It was written and sung by Kelvin Rush. It’s called “I Seek Asylum From This World”. The music and words are amazing. It’s what we are feeling at this time. Please, please listen.

      Much Love


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