Never a dull moment

Dear friends! These last few days have been beyond intense, and I am so grateful for the way you continue to connect, share and encourage each other here in this space. I do not think this process could be bearable if I had to go through all of this alone, and in addition to a few very close friends who are also lightworkers it helps me so much to be able to connect with all of you here. Reading your comments certainly makes it clear to me that many of you are experiencing much of the same as me, and I would like to add some of my own stories here as that can maybe be of help to others as well.

The energies that started to come in a day or two before 12.12.12 were so intense, but they have only gotten stronger and stronger as the days go by. And to me, they are a clear confirmation that something huge is underway now. In addition to the messages that are part of The manuscript, I am also being given daily ”updates” for me personally on the work I am doing. For it has intensified as well. Starting about a week ago, I am woken up 2-3 times every night, guided to pick up one or two of the crystals I have by my bedside and then instructed to open up for the energies coming in. As I said, they started out very intense, but night after night they have become even more so. They ”feel” different every time, sometimes it is like the very distinct feeling I had in my hands during a very strong healing session, except now it is in the whole body. Other times, some of the muscles in my body starts to twitch or even cramp up, other times it feels like I am dissolving completely, my breathing suddenly changes pace or intensity, and my body temperature fluctuates wildly. Some of these downloads are also accompanied by information, either in the form of geometric shapes moving in set patterns, words or even images. The images are just so beautiful, a world filled with bliss and love, and I have a huge smile on my face even if my body is less than pleased by what is happening. What I have been given to understand is that these downloads are not for me, but that I am a part of a group responsible for literally helping to build the new Earth by being channels for these energies coming in and down into the very core of our Earth. I have met up with this group several times already during some of these sessions, and I think that some of you are reading this blog :–).

I also know that some are frustrated because they feel that they are left out somehow, they cannot ”feel” anything or do not have any clear image of what their part in all of this really is. Let me just say that no one on this planet today is here by accident, we are all equally important. For some, the task is a very visible one, for others, they are either doing something ”behind the veil” that they are just not conscious of, or have a task waiting ahead. But never forget, the communal effort we take part in by the personal journey we are undertaking is the main reason for all of us to be here in the first place. And what we are doing now, in these short but intense days between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 is probably the most important work we will ever do.

And, yes, it IS hard work, and it seems that we have more in store. As the CCs said in a message to me today after I woke up sick as a dog 5.55 last night: ”You see, the physical body is more than hard pressed at the moment, and this will only intensify as this week gathers momentum. You are all being compressed and squeezed into something that is infinitesimally small, yet huge beyond comparison, and therefore, your physical limits will be more than tested in the days ahead. So try to stay calm and centered, no matter what happens in the time ahead. And yes, we will keep repeating this message as the days fly by and you feel the ever growing pressure both on the outside and on the inside. So, let us leave it at that, and leave you to take care of that sore and somewhat confused body of yours. Give it much love, after all, it is what is making this whole process possible, and as such, it is the real hero in all of this.”

So let us all keep encouraging each other – and ourselves – to keep going! What we do is certainly impossible to describe, the only thing that is possible to describe are the physical symptoms that range from feeling literally as light as a feather and stronger than anything I have ever experienced before, to suddenly feeling like gravity has increased about 400% and I have a hard time just turning my head without feeling faint.

I reach out and take hold of your heands as we gather in an ever increasing circle of luminous souls, and I ask you all to do the same. Together we will lift this world up to be the magical place we all dream of and know will become reality. And I also know that we will look back on these days and say ” it was harder than anything I have ever done before, but it was worth it in every way!”

Love and light, Aisha

62 thoughts on “Never a dull moment

  1. Hi Aisha,
    Thank you for the service that you do for Gaia and for humanity. I look forward to meeting you and the members of this blog after Ascension. Hope you feel better in the days ahead. Hang in there!

  2. Thank you all for sharing your stories here! It really, really helps to see that I am not alone in this, and that so many of you are having similar experiences. Love and light to you all! Aisha

  3. Aisha, I cannot thank you enough for your blog.
    In October of this year things started really amping up. Energetic changes, having many more vivid 3rd eye images and started becoming increasingly frustrated for no reason. I have not been able to be around people like I used to. It’s almost as if a switch flipped. I cannot tolerate the energy of others that are not at a similar frequency, right now, with the exception of my work.
    The body aches were almost unbearable last week, almost as if I don’t quite fit in it anymore. Like I need to be stretched!
    I have seen images of rectangles, almost like computer parts coming through a vortice and into my mind. I believe they were templates of some sort.
    A lot of times as I’m passing through the day I will feel a very real ‘lightness’ or almost floating sensation. Time and space seem out of sync some days. I believe this is coming in waves. I am not the only one noticing. Friends of mine that are not in the healing arts are also feeling this. So I’m fairly sure this is nothing imagined. In fact, I found your blog just last week. As I read back through starting with October 2012, I just about jumped out of my chair to realize this is the info I’ve been looking for!
    I especially appreciate the info they give about our nightly sojourns. I’ve been waking up with my jaw clenched almost every morning. I have no recollection of what has happened during the night, however.
    Just got hit with a MAJOR wave!

    Thank you thank you!
    Light, Love and Blessings

  4. the title reminded me of a film i watched again last week—The peaceful warrior. One of a lesson was just so similar to the title , it went like this ,”theren is never nothing going on”. you need to be open to the moment. If some feel left out, you might want to work on the separation illusion and focus on Oneness. The moment is always FULL ON and with an impeccable timing (garanteed).
    You can see with other senses than with the eyes.
    Go inwards and with confidence that YOU KNOW and everything is alright just the way it is for you, without comparing=EGO.

    thank you AISHA

  5. HI Aisha,
    Let me tell you one thing. Those of us who are experiencing these ascension symptoms are some of the most fortunate ones who are living on this planet now. I feel so. Because, I have frequently come across a statement from Salusa and other sources that once we ascend, the spiritual progress is going to be very slow. It is in the blessing of third dimension or duality where a soul is most ‘thirsty’ and eager to learn in order to accomplish higher lessons. And in those terrific lessons, there is one particular feeling, a most dreadful one, when one feels that he is being dropped from an airplane, all alone, without any support….! This is the most threatening, at the same time, a feeling which could be described as a great blessing in disguise. And one more interesting observation I wish to tell, it may be different from individual to individual, is this- The intensity of these turbulent energies is at its peak, mainly around the dates 7-8,17-18,27-28. That has been my observation.

    PS: The font size on your blog is too small. So, there is an additional exercise! Better if it could be increased to 12.

    1. Dear Chetan! You can increase the size of the text on the page by doing this:
      To zoom in, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the + key.
      To zoom out, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the – key.
      After zooming in or out, to reset your web page’s zoom settings back to their original / default size, press and hold the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the 0 (zero) key.
      If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel situated between the left and right mouse buttons, as an alternative to using the keyboard, you can press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key, while turning the scroll wheel forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out.

      NOTE: Macintosh users should use the Apple key (also called the Command key) instead of the Control key. Otherwise, operation on a Mac is identical to that of Windows and Linux.

      Love and light, Aisha

  6. As Nature does not give jumps, Heaven also does not. If all the energy that is meant to come on 12-21-2012 was delivered in a huge beam, it,ll be too much for everybody, Mother Earth inclusive. So the energy/vibration will begin to rise tomorrow, reach climax on 12-21-2012 and begin to slow down for more three days. It,s a long ride. So we must be prepared. As we all know the principal objective of this heavy wave is to make Mother Earth to ascend to 5D awareness. And the energy can,t hit directly Her. We are the medium through which all that energy will pass. We are acting for a long time as transformers of energy for Gaia and all life upon Her.
    We must be well grounded, this means that we must have an excellent energetic link with Mother Earth’ s core. Ask Archangel Michael to make the best link you can withstand. For better energy conduction, your body must be comfortably warm and you must drink all the pure water mineral you can. Eat nutritive organic foods with a little more salt than usual.
    All is OK!. Have no fear. Everything is closely monitored for everyone and each of us for the best outcome.
    After 12-21-2012, active darkness (those who promote evil acts against humanity) will be gone forever. Passive darkness (those human like you and me that were also deceived) will remain in 5D awareness with us, unless they don,t want to.
    The energy necessary for splitting 5D New Earth (for all of us) from 3D Earth (for darkness) is too big. So, the Divine Plan was modified to facilitate things for us. Although the energy is available, everybody (principally Lightworkers) are very tired for the long work being made for holding the light and also because such intensity of energy would be dangerous for transmission lines of electrical energy on Earth.
    Because nothing happens on Earth (that you can read on newspapers or watch on TV news), darkness is not going without fighting. Galactic ships destroyed about a dozen nuclear weapons in flight around the world. Remember that missile that left California (USA) a time ago? An internet? You are using it. And why darkness didn,t cut it? Of course they did, they own all the satellites. And how is it working then?. Good question. And what about III World War? Does darkness not want anymore to make money, cause insane killing of innocents? Good question II. And where are the tsunamis and volcanoes and earthquakes? Good question III. Answer: because of the Divine Plan.
    So, again: All is in Divine and Holy Order. The Best is yet to come!

    1. Nomad, been meaning to tell you that I love to read Aisha and CC but I also come for your updates. You tell it like it is to you and I can feel your no-nonsense energy but also intense love for us all. Thank you. You wicked rock! Alex

  7. Thank you Aisha and love to all. The hardest part for me right now is dealing with the very intense symptoms at the same time as being embroiled in Christmas 3d stuff …. The timing is the worst for me when all I want is quiet, peaceful alone time to rest and free my mind to fully focus on what’s really happening – very frustrating and stressful x

  8. Tremendous love for you Aisha baby and our awesomely beloved CC’s! I have been feeling the need to express something very similar to what you shared here. Like the cheerleader or the team coach…Stay the course, stay the course…don’t know the course? no biggie–your North Star is always LOVE…if you feel you aren’t doing anything or are waiting to be shown what to do…Send love…if you don’t feel anything…send love…you CAN visualize and meditate on love being sent to everyone…all beings, the lovely mother we live on Gaia, our dear CC’s and Aisha…LOVE energy is the biggest blessing in all of eternity and YOU have it–and I have it and sharing it is paramount right now…

    I would also share that there is no right or wrong or WAY of anything…some folks are going to experience some symptoms, others others, some intuitively are gonna do this or that…just LIKE a stomach cell does a certain something in the body and that something is completely different from the something that a nerve cell does or an ovary cell..they ARE ALL PART of the same WHOLE…just as we are standing in this luminous circle of light…

    Stay the course–navigate by your north star…that star is LOVE! 🙂 Alex p.s. thanks Aisha for “keeping it real…” with all of us! We love you!

    1. I can not express how precious this channeling us for me! This last portal has actually done amazing things for my clearings! The usual intense moving of dense energy through my body and mostly head has tested my resolve time and time again. Now it is almost purring out of me. My entire core is open and clear and the energy is popping like crazy but finally with some ease! What I experienced the following day as left no doubt in my mind about this great shift we in! Let’s bring in this love and light and be done with the pain and suffering! I’m willing to transmute the dense energy and can not wait to embrace multidimensionality! Love to you all!

  9. Thanky you very much for your sharings. I as well have been physcially “off” as well as my girlfriend. Moments of deep emotional release as well as my car blowing two tires this week as seperate times and then suddenly last night just dying out of no where. So much is shifting with in me an all around me. I am grateful yet part of me begs for a break. Thank you for your encouragement for us all. Blessings to everyone who reads this and all who breathe our air. (fish too lol) 🙂

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