The manuscript of survival – part 236

Today is the first day in the rest of your life, as someone once said, and that is so true. For now, you will pass into the mouth of that energetic vortex that is spinning ever faster just in front of you. For today is 11.12.12 or 12.11.12 if you will, the day before 12.12.12. So get ready dear ones, you are about to enter the wringer in more ways than one. Of course, this is a jestful way to talk about what for so many will be the pivotal point of their life, or rather lives, here. But we do so in order to remind you all that this is a day for rejoicing and for taking stock of just how far you have come. For your footsteps linger still, and they cover much ground, and for that, you need to give yourselves all the credit you deserve. For you have indeed come a long way. Far, far longer than you mayhaps can even envisage, and we say this today in order to make you all take a pause and connect with your past in some way. For your past is what has brought you here, and your past is what has made your future possible. For tomorrow, your future will begin in earnest, so today, give yourself some applause for what you have managed to accomplish in your sojourn here on this planet.

For what you have done, no man has done before, and so too, it will be in each and every day ahead. For now, you enter the phase that has been calling in your hearts for many a lifetime. For as you enter the vortex of change, you will enter the rebirthing period, that fabled period talked about for thousands of years. For you have indeed made it dear ones, and as you stand upon the threshold of tomorrow it is befitting to salute yourselves for every step you have taken since you first entered a human body. For those steps are so many, and some of them will seem to have gone in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. But they did not. Because every step you have taken has been for a good reason, and even if the actions you took on that way for many will be deemed as harsh or even cruel, they were an important part of your journey. For you did not come here to live a blissful existence life after life. You came here to taste everything, even the bitterest of potions, and you have dear ones. For each and every one of you have played out the whole register. You have been the oppressor as well as the oppressed, the judge and the criminal, the victim and the perpetrator, the saint and the sinner – all rolled into one. And that is exactly why you have made it all the way here.

And here you all stand, alike in the fact that you have been a part of this human race for eons, and you have finally come together to witness the rebirthing of this same race. For after tomorrow, what has been will be left at the wayside, and the only thing that will count, is how you choose to create the new. So we say this to you today, lift your head and stand proud in the knowledge that whoever you are and whatever you have done, now or in a previous life, you are all qualified to enter this tunnel of love. For that is what it truly is. A vast tunnel of love that will wash you all clean and send you out in the other end with a very new perspective on things.

So savour this moment, and give thanks to all that you are and all that you have been, and prepare yourself to be taken into the loving, if somewhat intense embrace of this vortex that awaits you. We give you these words today, for tomorrow we will not call in on you in the same way, as we will leave you all to enter the stillness you have inside in order to prepare for the ride you have coming up. So spend some time today to give thanks for the way you have made yourselves arrive at this door, and then, let it fall away and concentrate on manifesting your future. For that is the task that awaits you as soon as you have cleared the gates and entered that tunnel, and for many, this process will start even sooner than you think. That is all for today. We wish you all godspeed and a safe journey in the days ahead.

~ by Aisha North on December 11, 2012.

44 Responses to “The manuscript of survival – part 236”

  1. Dear friends! I have taken the advice from the CC’s and will be spending 12.12.12 ”offline” to give myself time and space to be present. I think of this as a sacred day, so instead of connecting with you on my computer, I will do so through my heart. We have an interesting time ahead of us, and if last night’s two energetic downloads were a taste of what we have in store, I can only say ”hold on to your hats”. Thank you all for your presence here, both on this blog and on this planet. We are here to do something magical indeed, and I am so proud to be a part of this huge gathering of shining souls. And now, we will all start to shine even brighter! I send you all my love and my light, and I am so grateful for the light and love that you all send me in return.
    PS: I just turned on the radio and heard this Nina Simone song, how perfect!!!

    • Dear Aisha,
      I received my first ever QHHT session this past Saturday. I got lots of good info from my Subconscious/Higher Self. In particular I had questions regarding the 12/12/12 and was told in no uncertain terms that I was to take this day off as “I would not be able to function normally”. I am to start meditating at midnight local time (EST USA) and only break when necessary for the entire day. I was also told to focus my meditations on the crystaline core of Gaia to amplify and send these incoming energies there to assist with necessary upgrades and also on the crystaline grid so that those not attuned at this time may receive these “upgrades” from there when they are ready. There was mention of DNA upgrades tomorrow as well. My SC also told me that the 12/12/12 is actually more important than the 12/21/12 date for all of humanity, and that 12/21/12 was difficult to see beyond because of all the hype about this date. SC specifically said a lot of people would be disappointed the day after 12/21/12, but that there would be amazing things for those who were ready to see.

      I want to make a blog entry about all of this, but the time compression is really throwing me for a loop… I seem to be loosing minutes throughout the day now. I work harder, almost frenzied trying to get everything done, I start earlier and work harder but seem to always run out of time. I accept this for what it is and hope that I can move beyond this 3D existence shortly (although my SC had some interesting things to say about my future purpose… I may be coming back, quite often apparently).

      To top all of this off, as I was meditating last night (yes I felt the downloads too!) and felt compelled to end it abruptly, when I looked at the clock it was 12:12 :-)
      I thanked my guides for the reminder and slept hard all night long!

      In Peace
      Keith R.

      • Dear Keith! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for adding your light to this process. As the CC’s keep reminding us, this is not done FOR us, but BY us, and I know that there are many out there who will be kept very busy in the days and nights ahead. I also have the understanding that 12.12.12 is the most important “focal point” to quote the CC’s, as it signals the beginning of this whole process.
        Love and light and gratitude to you all!

      • Hi Keith,

        what is a QHHT session?

        thank you. Jessica

        • Jessica,
          Sorry, QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and was pioneered by Delores Cannon. You can read lots more about it here:

          In a nutshell, you are regressed through 3 past lives where pertinent information to you may be gleaned, then at the end of the session your Subconscious/Higher Self is brought out by the practitioner and asked questions, then performs a healing on you (if it is in alignment with your purpose). You determine the questions ahead of time so the practitioner knows what things you are interested in learning. It can be quite uplifting and enlightening.

          In one of the past lives I was regressed through, I found out I was in Lemuria at one point. A woman and I were making life through direct transference of energy. It was beautiful to behold and I feel so blessed to have seen that during this particular lifetime. It also gives me great hope for our future.

          In Peace,
          Keith R.

          • Dear Keith,

            Thank you for responding. I have heard of Delores Cannon before but have not heard about the QHHT. This technique sounds really interesting. Information coming from past selves can really serve to clarify our purposes now.

            Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Spending time creating the new world environment will be delightful.

            with Love, Jessica

  2. AIsha, I just finished meditating and took a look to see if we might here from you. So, perfect timing. A beautiful message to set us up for our 12 12 12 portal…..TUNNEL OF LOVE!
    Of course you need the day to yourself.
    Sending you my LOVE, LIGHT and DEEP APPRECIATION.

  3. Thank you, for everything, Aisha!
    Words are so absolutely futile when it comes to describing how grateful i am to have been a part of all of this, to have found you and the constant companions.

    with all my Love and Light,

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  6. Thank You Dear Aisha, for all you have shared.
    (How much have we helped, what have we learned)

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  8. A little something for Our Hearts:

    • Thank you for posting this, js. Gaia is so beautiful. We are so very lucky to be able to call her Mother.

  9. Thank you, Aisha. Love, light and blessings always and to all!

  10. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companion for every single day of this life you helped me to bring back to the light. My Love and Light, Ale.

  11. Hello Aisha,

    I hope this will come true!… You carry a really great responsibility here by publishing all these messages of hope. I would feel really deceived if nothing was to happen in the end. I am asking the question to all readers here on this website : how will you react if nothing promised/predicted by Aisha was to happen?

    • Guerric

      A fair question. I have plans and backup plans for the future. If nothing happens, I will activate my backup plan.

      I don’t think that will be necessary. I have read from multiple sources that the crystal grid is to be activated. Aisha has talked about crystals also.

      More to the point – I can feel it. I am in awe. So thankful, grateful, humbled.
      To my divine creator, blessed be these times. There are no more words.

      Much love to all. Many blessings.


    • My dear Guerric,

      all this change happens on the inside first and then, through your new eyes, you will see the world differently.

      there are many different ways to see that are beyond how your physical eyes register vibrational light data. You can see through an an understanding, a knowing, a remembering.

      Seeing can be felt like a subtle shift in your perception or it be experienced like a blast of new insight.

      Regardless of its form, be open to the new energy of love. Be expectant. Be surprised and delighted and know that all is well and all is as it should be.

      with love, Jessica

    • Hi Guerric

      Firstly hang in there for a little moment longer.

      We have all asked ourselves this question if we are honest with ourselves. Questioning the reality we saw around us is how we started to wake up, so asking questions is a good thing. Where you find the answers on the other hand is the dilemma which leads me to my point. You need to get to a point of trust within yourself.

      If you rely solely on outside information with no way to “question” the truthfulness or validity for yourself then this journey would seem very chaotic. However if you have a direct connection to divine collective consciousness through your HS you can find answers to anything, and I mean anything. If someone is working for the FBI for example or just needing some encouragement.

      So in answering your question I will keep living in the NOW. I have already been deceived by government and religion so I am used to it.

      The interesting thing is that more and more people are now coming to the same realisation within themselves that the 21 Dec is the time of Divine justice. The universe will filter the pure of heart from the scum of humanity in a terrifying all encompassing presence. I would not want to be in the latter group!

      Aisha, who is an incredible light being hasn’t promised or predicted anything. She has courageously and generously given herself and her time to passing on messages from the Constant Companions. It is solely the readers responsibility to question the information shared and take it or leave it.

      One last thing. The light will always welcome any last minute fence sitters if they choose to do so.

      Warm regards

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  13. Dearest Aisha and Constant Companions I surround you in Infinite Blessings of Love & Graditude for the Gift of your Light not only to me but to all Bearers of Light, Wayshowers & Lightworkers here now. Your messages have helped to Light the way home for many beautiful souls.
    You are Beautiful, I Love You!

  14. Tears of joy poured when I got to the end of this post…it’s so incredible what we are about to recieve, this Love, pure and perfect. Oh JOY!
    Love to the World :)

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  17. Dear Aisha,

    Thank you for the precious gift of your messages to us…much gratitude, Judy

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  19. Dear Aisha
    Thank you so much for your posts … especially these last recent ones which have been so beautiful. They have really spoken to me .. I have added them both to my site .. I hope you do not mind … but things as good as this need to be shared. :-)
    Also … noticing the numbers today … Manuscript number 236 adds up to 11. If you were to post one tomorrow it would add up to 12 – Perfect!
    Much love and appreciation.
    Your sister

  20. Dear Aisha…Thank you for this inspiring message from the CC’s ! Sorry I haven’t commented lately, but as you have stated it’s been a time of reflection in the footsteps of our journey, in which has brought us here today…each wonderfully unique in what we each have done, what we have seen & learned, what we have perceived & how we have grown into who we are today ! Tomorrow indeed is a pivotal day in ushering in transformation, where ALL the dots will be be connected, a gateway open to allow passage & connection to a new level of consciousness, but we must understand that for many, it may be just another day as this is a journey for each individual soul & many may simply not be ready to enter. In our present form we do long for the essence of being complete again embraced in the divine energy of Creator’s LOve, but in our present state the ego will remain to have power to fill us with uncertainity, doubt, fear, misbelief, impatience & an unwillingness to let go of our many physical attachments. Ascension is about re-connecting to our higher-self & the divine sacred energy of creation, but it will only happen when our earthly spirit is ready, a willingness to loose any & ALL expectations, to completely tune into letting go in perfect LOving acceptance, trust & understanding that we will be one again, not a minute too soon, or a minute too late ! Placing complete trust in our higher self to know & decide when we are ready to rise, & have accomplished our earthly lessons. It will not be a sweeping down of rescue, it will be a decisive union in connection as it is meant to be, & always has. Dear Aisha, enjoy your tomorrow in peace & blissful connection with Mother-Earth as she enters her completion cycle for sacred healing & re-union with the perfect LOve energy of the universe ! I find it interesting that your next manuscript will be ’237′…a number of transformation & readiness to step up to the next level…..Bless You ALL my friends…Let Go & Let Be !!!~

  21. Tomorrow, at 12:12:12 Arkansas time, will arrive a beam from outer space directly on an ancient Atlantis Crystal deeply buried there. In response, It,ll awake and send forth a programmed sequence that will reverberate through all Earth, and will be helped by other eleven Sacred Crystals already awakened and all ancient pyramids on Earth. This vibration will awake many people instantaneously and in response a mass-awakening will begin.
    Each one of us will react differently. Most sensitive people will begin to feel something, others not. But all will begin perceiving transformations in their lives and around them with time.
    Utilize a time converter from internet to know when the event will be happening in your locale. The best thing to do is to prepare a quiet place and enter a meditative condition. Call your Celestial Team and thank Them before hand for their assistance during this very important event. Ask Them for the best outcome for you and everybody else on Earth.
    I personally will ask to Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek to protect and guide me through Ascension. I have no fear. I,m very calm. And I expect just the best from this event, for me, for all life and for Mother Earth (that will ascend on 12-21-2012).
    I wish to live in a world where it,s impossible to find a man, a woman, a child or an animal with fear in their eyes or in their minds.
    I want to live in a place where everybody has all they need to live their lives comfortably, healthy, peacefully, harmoniously and prosperously.
    I want to feel forever, for me and for all, unconditional love, true friendship and limitless bounds.
    All is in Divine and Holy order. Go with God.

    • Hello there, Nohmad, is the time of 12:12:12 just after 12 midnight or just after 12 noon?
      Thank you for this exquisite news. JOY! JOY! JOY!

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  23. Thank you Aisha and everyone.

  24. Thank you Aiisha and CC for being with us. Love, J.

  25. I have recently become aware that all the paths that I have taken, all lead to the same place and all along all I had to do was to just stand still. Eons of searching for some complicated truth achieved by pennetance or salvation or proving worthy enough to be bestowed some great secret that would lead me to enlightenment, self realzation or a unification with the Creator; for these latter ideas I have truely cried oceans of tears and screamed millions of frustrations into the heavens. The great absurdity. The great cosmic joke. I played this upon myself. I have waited forever for the punch line. The punch line has just been delivered with impeccable timing. All that I have sought, I never lost it. I already have it. There was no patway to take, I was already standing at my destination before I departed. The paradox is… That I had to walk each and every step to get to the point of understanding that there really was no path to take afterall and that all I saught I already had. Wow! How absurd. Pretty damn funny. Laugh your way into the vortex my beautiful ones. What game shall we play next? Something peaceful and Loving this time please..

    • Dear Wilbur, I can so relate to your so beautifully stated summary of the past 50+years of my life. Thank you. with love, Jessica

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  27. Heart swelled with appreciation of All that Is….see you all on the flip side and sending love and light for the highest good for all….Blessed BE! Love and hugs and courage to all…Alex

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  29. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for this beautiful and uplifting message.
    It does feel like it has been a long way…and that is just taking into account only this life, not remembering all the past ones.
    So, let the games begin!

  30. I love everyone !!!!!

  31. With an Open Heart, Love to All
    Relax and Enjoy-

  32. Let the orgy begin! You will feel it inside you as they say!

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