You have already felt the first stirrings of these energies coming into you dear ones, and you can perhaps attest that they feel like nothing you have ever encountered before. At least, your physical body can, and we know that for some, the moans and groans have been even louder than before. That is only to be expected, for this time, even if you have been well prepared, you will be battling with some rather unusual singals, to put it mildly. We do not say this to frighten you in any way, only to prepare you for what you have in store. As this is something that will be entirely new to you all, it is apt to raise some fearful voices, especially inside, but do not let them fool you into thinking that something is amiss. For it is not. Remember, you have been well prepared for all of this, but as the frequency starting to arrive now is so enhanced compared to anything you have previously encountered, it will in some ways seem to create havoc when it starts to interact with your own field. When we say ”havoc”, we mean in the sense that your body will be perturbed by this, so it will start to send out confusing signals, but only because it is confused.

As we said, it will not be harmed in any way, so we want you to just try to relax into it and breathe. Of course, your body will also try to tell you what you can do to support it in any way, so try to heed these signals. In other words, try not to get too focused on the signals of distress, but focus more on the signals telling you what to do. It may be needing some extra rest, or maybe even less of it, as the energies coming in will in many ways need to be given space to move freely through your body. And for some of you, this will make it even harder to just sit down and take it easy. So if your body wants to move, then do so, as this will help you accomodate all of this new information coming in. You may feel nauseous and have a hard time eating anything, or you might start to eat more than usual and even crave things you have not even touched before.

Again we say, heed these signals and do what you can do to support your physical body. For it surely needs your support and encouragement. Remember, you are the first ones going through all of this still ensconced safely within a physical body such as yours, so therefore keep giving it all the love you can in order to ease this transition somewhat. And please do not go into fear, even if you at times can experience the oddest phenomena. Your body will seem to have a mind of its own at times, and you will feel like you have no control over what it is doing, but again, this is only a transitional phase and will soon quiet down.

So let us just sum it all up by saying that these upcoming days will be intense indeed. So stay centered and heed the signals telling you what to do, but do not fall for the temptation to panic should your body start to behave oddly. We know what we are doing to you, and you are all carefully monitored throughout it all, so you will not disintergrate or come to any harm because of all of these inoculations of energy. Remember, they will only make you stronger, even if they at times will leave you feel weaker than ever before in the days and nights ahead.