The manuscript of survival – part 231

You have come a long way dear ones, and even if the road has been a slippery and steep one for many of you, know that it is indeed about to level out considerably. As we have already discussed in an earlier message, this month of December will bring closure in many ways. And even if the rest of your sojourn on this planet will not be without its challenges too, they will indeed be of a very different caliber than the ones you have been through already. Not only in this life, but in all of the lifetimes you have amassed on this solitary journey you have undertaken.

For this is indeed a journey you have to take all by yourself. And even if there is much solace in the companionship you all share now that you have started to connect so beautifully, you are all aware that you and you alone are the one that have had to face each and every moment of decision that had to be taken. And so it will be in the days and weeks ahead too, but as you have all grown into beings of such stature and brightness, you will not be fazed by any of them. Rather, you will see them for what they are, namely confirmations that your journey through this seemingly endless maze of dark underbrush and small open glades is about to come to an end, and you can feel a lightness in your step that was not as present before.

For now, you can sense that a final shift is approaching, and with it, so much will change for you, and even the air will seem to brighten as you start on this final stretch of this journey of unfoldment. And know that even if you will at times feel more than overwhelmed by these energies coming in, you will also feel how the strength they carry will lift you ever higher, and you will start to sing out in joy, even if your voice might be feeble at first. For now, you can sense the pull of the inevitable, and what it will bring, is something that cannot be undone. And you have made it so, because it is your conviction and hard work that will finally come to fruition.

So even if the days will be short for all those living on the northern part of your globe, you will also see how the light is starting to seep into so many of your fellow men. And with it, so much of the old dross will finally slough off. So light a candle today, and do it to celebrate the fact that the light is indeed coming back. Not only in you, but in millions and millions of other shining souls residing on this little planet. You will be returning to the light, and just as the days will start to lengthen soon, so too will the amount of light being emitted by all of you increase steadily in the time ahead. So the future is bright, in more ways than one, but the light will not come unannounced. Because when it comes, it comes in a form you have not witnessed before, and it will touch you all in the deepest recesses of your hearts. And when it does, it takes a hardened soul indeed not to be touched by this light of change.

24 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 231

  1. I am surprised to say that I am expecting to be flabbergasted more and more.
    I keep hearing the message “Be a lighthouse”, which beautifully resonates with the above message 🙂

    I’m noticing that many, many comments beneath messages such as gems like these are also becoming pure messages of light straight from the heart, or from the higher self if you will.
    And this sight, accompanied by a feeling of divine waves of soothing love, inspires me greatly, and lifts me up to new great heights, feeling a new level of graceful invincibility.

  2. To transform all darkness (that is here for eons) in Light everybody must agree that is not an easy task. It,s really much, very much energy indeed.
    To take Mother Earth from 3D to 4D took more than 80 years. But this is a blink of an eye if normal evolution would be taking place. And now we,re almost stepping into 5D. How? If all that energy should be beamed directly to our planet there would be certainly another asteroid belt in our Solar System. And CCs are telling us that more and more energy will come to our shores soon. How? Lightworkers, yes, Lightworkers is the answer. Because Light must be drown through Lightworkers abiding Mother Earth strategically scattered worldwide. Each one of us has a blueprint, an energetic identification, and we are been beamed all the scheduled Light of transformation. And the Light that pass through us target everything end everybody around us and the places/peoples we aim to help (may be across the globe, if you want). The Light spreads through our hearts. And is coming more. Don,t frighten if you see that your body is beginning to glow. It,s an indication that your light coefficient is reaching 92% of white light. And it,ll rise up to 98% in someones. Darkness will say that it,s witchcraft, of course.
    Dogma is the trap that darkness used to keep us enslaved forever. Because dogma is belief written in stone, it,s the ultimate truth, it,s no longer open to question. So when we stick with it our mind is closed and no further spiritual growth is possible. There,re many Lightworkers still hostages of multiple kind of dogma. Best car/house/apt, best carrer/job/profession, biggest account/wealth/posessions, etc, etc. Just Light will molten our stone beliefs and set us free again. Always use your heart to evaluate your situation. Your heart is your firewall for all tricks, lies and deception from darkness. Let,s no worry about it. Plenty of Light is coming our way. Everybody will awake in the right time.

  3. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    With all the craziness going on in the day to day world, I really appreciate these posts reminding us of the deeper goings on, the positive changes that may not be apparent yet and that we do have more strength than we think to face the challenges. Thank you Aisha!

  4. I just discovered your postings (through ‘the2012scenario’ and really love what i read. I went back to the first ones, and am at part 36. I LOVE the “let me speak of details” since that seems to be missing from so many other messages that I read. I love the clear, simple language, too. I look forward to reading each and every one. Thank you for gifting us all with this! Many you have peace, love, and many blessings in your life.

  5. Hello Aisha, dear Constant Companions, and everyone else.

    First I’d like to share this amazing video with Carl Boudreau, who does a terrific service of a monthly astrological evaluation for everyone on the planet. His gift is wondrous to behold. All of our gifts are wondrous to behold. Please read the video description and possibly the detailed explanation on his blog, which is linked under the video.

    Next, I appreciate that we have all made it this far on our earthly adventures. Many of us have truly desired to just ‘pack up and move on’ from these realms due to the challenges, feeling so isolated and uncomfortable. Yet, we know that we are on eternal adventures more amazing than we can imagine. Being part of this big eternal family adventure helps me to hang in there and keep on keepin’ on.

    May we all remember who we really are. And may we remember to stay in the middle of the stream of life, away from the sides of the stream where we get bonked and bumped, and caught up in the eddies.

    In the middle of the stream of life we flow, riding the cascades and appreciating the view.

    bliss and blessings,

    1. Wonder Full~~ to see Northwatuppa’s work here (Carl Boudreau)
      it’s a Navajo name, indeed the wisdoms of the Ancestors are coming
      back to us

      bless all in the Sacredness of
      the Walk between the Worlds


  6. Aisha
    As I caught on to your messages earlier this year, I never paid too much attention as to when or how. That may sound strange but I had a curiosity as to how this all began. Yesterday, I went back and started reading from the beginning the preface and part one. WOW

    I mean WOW. To look back over this year and its occurances in the context of those channelings, I have really gotten a far wider perspective. I’m only through the first 20 and am in the process of reading the rest. I SO look forward to your messages. At least now I have a way to fill the time between them by bringing myself up to date.

    I would STRONGLY suggest to all who visit this site that you do as I am doing. You won’t be disappointed.

    Aisha and Constant Companions – Much love and blessings to you.


  7. Posted a link to Lightworkers in Greece.
    Thank you Aisha for remaining steadfast in this work. December will prove to be a turning point I believe.

  8. As we go forward into the light, let us all stop for a moment, look at our beloveds and lift a toast to “ancient evenings and distant music”-Robert Waller

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