The manuscript of survival – part 217

We applaud you all for being undaunted by all of these massive changes, and by ”undaunted”, we refer to the fact that although you will in so many ways be more than a little battered and bruised at the moment, you are still going ahead full steam. And that is indeed something to be applauded, as you have more than once proven that the challenges you face are not something to be taken lightly. But still, you soldier on, and not just we, but the whole of Creation thank you for that.

You see, you are indeed the ones that make the change happen, and even if we are here to offer all sorts of inducements, energies, and backup to keep you all going, you are the ones who have to make that decision to do just that day after day, hour after hour. This is no mean feat, and it is not for nothing that you have been labelled as the bravest of the brave. But now, we do hope that you have gotten a little bit more wind under your wings, to call it that, and that you have all managed to tap into the new energy levels that have come in and been put at your disposal. For if you have, you will get a distinct feeling of momentum, and that the hill in front of you have ceased to seem as insurmountable as it mayhaps seemed only a few weeks ago. And rightly so, as recent events have more than confirmed that in the battle for supremacy on your planet, victory has for ever fallen into the hands of the light, and now, it only remains to make the whole world sit up and acknowledge this truth.

This may seem like a far fetched concept indeed, as the majority of your fellow men are still under the influence of the illusion created by your old captors, so to them not much positive can be seen whether they choose to focus on the lives of those close around them, or if they look further afield. But you know better, as you have aready started to tap into the truth that is already starting to seep through this disgruntled layer of depression and anger that is still covering so much of the surface of this planet. And soon, the illusion that holds so many down will be even further ripped asunder.

So rejoice dear ones, you are at the apex now, and you will feel how that shimmering dream of tomorrow will start to solidify more and more as the time passes. You have chosen to hurtle yourselves into the unknown, and now, you will finally start to feel how it actually begins to manifest under your feet. For so long you have been hovering over a seemingly empty void, but now, that void will finally start to be filled with everything you have ever dreamed of coming true.

10 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 217

  1. Filled my heart with joy and put a big smile on my face! 🙂 Thank you Aisha and The CC always

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