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As you have noticed, these swirls of energy that are enveloping you have become more and more tangible to you all in so many ways. Both your physical body and your mental body have become almost battlefields it seems at times, because there is such an ebb and flow going through your whole system that is constantly changing. Keeping your balance and your focus will seem almost impossible at times, at least if you go about it in the ”old fashioned” way. Let us explain.

As we have talked about earlier, you have certainly entered the flux now, and with it, all concepts of stability and certainty must be left by the wayside. For if you expect to find true balance in the sense of keeping yourselves standing rigid and unmoving throughout all of this, you will literally break into pieces. That is because you have to adapt to a new sort of fluidity that will entail being in balance even when everything both around you and inside you is wildly fluctuating. And that is no mean feat, because it will literally go against so much of what you have taken for granted before. But that is just it, as the old ”truths” do not any longer apply, not even in this. You see, as everything is speeding up, so too are your abilities to maintain balance even if you seem to be tottering to and fro with no set pattern. That is, if you understand what we mean by ”balance” now. Balance used to be described as keeping a stable equilibrium, like the eye of a storm, where everything seems to be motionless while everything else is in constant motion. Well, that used to be the right way of describing balance, but now, it is actually something else completely. The best way we can describe it to you now, is by using the image of someone balancing on small segments of ice floating on the surface of a lake. If you stand still for too long, you will literally fall into the water, but if you keep moving in a fluid motion, you will be able to keep your balance. This will probably be a diffiult notion to wrap your head around, as we have used the image of a tree so many times. But now, being as hunkered down as a tree will not serve you any good, as then you will in many ways be wrenched away from your roots and end up toppling to the ground or splintering into pieces because the pull of the forward movement will be too strong.

Do not get us wrong here, we are not talking about giving up your equilibrium and your grounding in any way, we are just talking about finding a way to keep that whilst not being bogged down by it in a way that will stop you moving with these incoming energies. For as you all have noticed by now, they do not pause any more, they just keep on coming, and so, you will hardly have any time to stop and take a breath before the next one hits you and starts to propel you forward again. So yes, the challenges keep mounting, as you need to take this on in a very different way than before. Whereas it used to be the case that you would get a period for assimiliating and adjusting to the new levels of energy in between these bouts, now they keep coming at you like an incessant flow of waves that just rolls in without any pause between them. Hence, the increased pressure you all feel that seems to take forever to get used to. In all of this action, you have mayhaps not noticed the fact that you are in fact becoming very adept at this, and that your physical body, albeit somewhat battered and bruised by now, actually have the ability to keep going forwards anyway. That is because you have been well trained by now, and you would not be exposed to this seemingly relentless barrage of energy if we were not absolutely sure that you could take them.

We know that for many, this will seem to be very far from the truth, but believe us when we say that you are so much stronger than you can actually fathom yourselves. And even if your physical body keeps up the choir of moans and groans, aches and pains it is only for show, as it too has become more adept at taking in whatever it is exposed to. So all of these physical complaints and mental downturns are actually mostly for ”show”, if we can use such a word. Because you are all thoroughly readied for all of this change, and so all of these ”symptoms” are much like the phantom pains we have discussed earlier. In other words, your body still thinks it has to protest loudly whenever it is hit by one of these magnificent waves if energy, so it will comply and do it’s best to tell you that it is not very happy at the moment. But in fact, it is happy to comply each and every time and start to readjust itself once more, because you do not any longer have those physical and mental barriers set into place in order to restrict you. So take these complaints for what they really are, a mere echo from the past, when you were a much frailer person. And learn to stay in balance in the new way, where you flex and bend and keep moving with the flow, without losing your focus or your inner strength. It may sound like a tall order, but you are already doing this unconsciously. It is only a matter of becoming conscious of this whole process, and then you will start to relish all of this movement, as you will see that it is taking you faster and faster towards that ultimate goal you are all dreaming of.


As you have already ascertained, the waves of energy are crashing onto your shores again and again, and with these waves, much debris is being churned up. So to the casual onlooker, the amount of detritus seems to be ever mounting, even as the waterline is creeping up closer and closer to their feet. Let us explain.

As we have stated on so many occasions, the tides have indeed turned, but with the tide, there will be what some will refer to as a veritable influx of denser material. By that, we mean that because of the fact that the amount of light on your shores is increasing, the easier it will be to spot those remnants of darkness that is still hanging on as it were. And so they will in many ways become more apparent to you all, and for many, that will to them signal that you are becoming more polluted by it than before. So to them, the way towards being cleared of these damaging goods seems to be a very long one. Hence, the level of frustration is rising, and so too the amount of vitriol that is pouring out of your fellow men. This comes in all shapes and sizes, but these outbursts are only caused by them focusing of the detritus still left instead of the clean waters streaming in. But just like it is difficult to concentrate on savouring the scenic view somewhere if it is marred by too much litter left by previous visitors, so too it is in this phase of the cleaning. So much is being washed up by this ongoing cycle of incoming waves of purifying energy that it will seem like you are becoming more and more polluted, when the fact is exactly the opposite. But to you, it may look like you are stranded in a backwash, surrounded by all sorts of unsavory flotsam cluttering up the surface around you, and the surface itself will seem to be slick with the oily residue of chemicals leaking out from some decaying structures. It is difficult not to feel tainted by these spills of negative energy, but there is a safe way to get out of it. By literally ducking under the surface, you will see that this scum is literally just that, a thin layer covering the surface on a small part of this vast ocean you are all swimming in. And under that thin film, everything is as pristine as it was in the very beginning, and down there, you can find peace, tranquility and ease.

As always, we speak in parables, but the message is clear. Do not let these outbursts of desperation fuelled by the dying gasps of the darkness taint you in any way, as it is up to you whether you choose to wallow in them or not. For you can easily avoid it all by going inwards and reaching that point of serenity and calm that resides there. And when you do, all of the unease, anger and frustration will be washed away again. So take this as a reminder not to stay in those polluted pockets that will pop up in the most unexpected corners now. It will only serve to pollute you too and leave a film of sludge that will cover your eyes from the light.

Mankind as a species have for too been long been harbouring the thought that they are unable to do anything but follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. In other words, for many, the thought of opening up to the idea of not being the sole living sentient beings in the known universe is to them mere fantasy, as they consider themselves to be the pinnacle of creation. And as such, nothing can be done without them being the instigator for it. And they also see that as their entitled right, as they see the rest of the world surrounding them as their domain. But now, as more and more of you are starting to wake up to the fact that mankind is not alone in this vast space, the idea of sovereignty over other living beings is also starting to fall apart, and rightly so, as you are no more overlords over anything than anyone else. You are a mere speck in creation, but together with all of those countless other ”specks” that exists everywhere else, you constitute a vast tapestry, woven together like silken threads into something so beautiful it will literally take your breath away the first time you see it in all of it’s complexity.

For you see, contrary to what so many of your fellow men believe, you are not alone, and you never will be, and that brings with it so many repercussions. For as more and more of you awaken to this fact, so too the idea of only being accountable to your peers will also fall away. For you cannot begin to open up to this truth that you are but a small part of this whole creation without simultaneously give away the idea of yourselves as some kind of masters of the universe. For you are not, but so are no one else either, as this is a creation set up to by fragments where no one has more power or are considered as more important than others. That is because at the core, we are all exactly the same, and even if our outward appearances and place of residence will vary greatly, no one can call themselves entitled to be the ”rulers” of the rest. And that is exactly where these fallen ones calling themselves your overlords have erred. They think that they can continue this little game of theirs, using you as their plaything and lording over you in every aspect, but that is no longer the case. So now, the tides have turned against them as we have already stated on so many occasions, and the time to put things into balance yet again has come. And with it, the idea that some of your own can claim to be rulers of the rest of you is also coming to an end. Because there is no way that any single entity will be allowed to misrepresent the people they call their constituency or subjects.

Greed, fuelled by fear, will no longer be the way in which mankind will rule themselves in the future, as the whole basis for this creation is respect and unity. In other words, the idea of fiefdoms scattered across your planet where everything is being divided up so that some can claim power over others, is heading for the scrapheap. For by stepping into the truth that you are in fact not just citizens of this planet, but also citizens of All of creation, you will also realize that you as a species is but one single unit, and with that, you will also realize that you have nothing to fear from your fellow men. You are not to be divided anymore, you are to be united as a single group of beings, all set to recapture the beauty and peace that this planet once held true. But on the way you will need to get rid of all the old notions of ”them” and ”us”, defined by the appearance of your skin, by the language that you speak or by the place that you reside. In other words, all the old boundaries, whether they be on a map or just in your minds, will have to vanish in order for you to become the true citizens of the stars that you really are.

But fret not, as this will only be a natural consequence for you all once the veils have opened completely and you can see this fact for yourselves. Then, these old notions of separation will become null and void, and only those resisting to accept the whole truth of this unveiling will stubbornly try to cling on to the old way of making themselves separate from the rest of you. But they will have to struggle hard with this, to no avail, for this is a fact that will be more than obvious to you all. So no matter how high they seem those old and rigid frontiers set up to keep you all apart, not just from us but also from yourselves, they will all fall down under the pressure of the truth. So look ahead, and you will see a people united, not just with their brethren from around the globe, but also with all the rest of us ready and eager to be united with you once again. That time is coming dear ones, and it will come mayhaps sooner than you think. For we see how so many of you have already opened your hearts to us, and as this flow of love continues to grow, these borders are already starting to crumble. And crumble they will, there is no force in the world able to hold back this flood any longer.

This morning I had another visit from The teacher. This time, he showed me a bookcase, and asked me to think about how I need go to about it if I want to access the information in one of the books it contained. Of course, it was by doing the usual thing, lifting it out from the shelf, opening it up and starting to read it. Then, he showed me a huge library. I have never seen anything like it, it contained literally millions of large books. He said ”what if you did not need to go to the books, but the books came to you?” Then he held up a key and told me ”but in order to do that, you need the key.” And when he said that, the key changed into a crystal, and I remembered what happened two days ago during another meditation. Then The teacher gave me a large crystal, shaped like a diamond but flat on one side. He told me to hold it against my forehead, and it was like it disappeared inside my head, and suddenly it was like I was standing in this huge beam of light that was centered on my forehead.

Back to this morning. The next image he gave me is also one I have received earlier. I am in a group of about ten people. We are standing in a circle around a table, and in the middle of this table there is a large, shining crystal. We are all touching this crystal with our right hand. The teacher told me that there are several groups like this, and they consist of people who all carry the same frequency. In other words, they gather people who are ”tuned” to the same frequency as in those large crystals. These crystals are apparently carried on board their vessels, and they are all different, not only in frequency, but also in the information that they contain. These are in other words the huge library I was shown earlier, and these groups of people are the ones that will be used to literally carry that information back to our planet. The different groups will channel different information, but they are only able to carry the information with them and share it with others. They cannot use it for anything themselves as that is beyond their abilities to do so.

However, back on our planet, all of these channels or transmitters will be connected to people that can use this information for the purpose it is intended for. In other words, it is scientific information of different kind that shall be used to ”reconstruct” our planet in such a way that it is actually being reset back to an unpolluted, untainted phase, and the same goes for our physical bodies.

The teacher also told me that there is a sort of build in safety catch embedded in this information, so that it cannot be misused in any way by people ”tainted by the dark” as he put it. In other words, not the people carrying this information nor the ones that will be given it can take it and use it to their own advantage instead of what it was originally intended for. That is, for the benefit of our whole planet. First of all, anyone who gets in contact with this will only be people who are as he put it ”pure”, meaning people who are carrying the light already, and not still under the influence of the dark side in any way. Secondly, the information is just like other channeled messages in that it contains so much more energy than just the actual words. But unlike the energy carried in ”regular” channeled messages, this energy is literally an intelligent one. The actual word The teacher used was that it has a sort of ”bullshit detector” that is triggered whenever anyone tries to misuse this information, and then, the whole energy in it will change in such a way that it will be rendered useless to anyone trying to manipulate it.

He made one more thing clear to me, and that is the fact that there won’t be as he told me “a spacecraft landing on the White House lawn anytime soon”. And what he meant by that, is this: many expect these beings from another world to land on ours and solve all our problems for us. That is not how this process will be. We must literally clean up our own house, but they will provide us with the tools to do so. And this information contained in these crystals are some of these tools. They will give us this information, but we must understand how to use it ourselves, and in that way, we take back our powers and learn to take responsibilty for our actions again. This is in other words a way of empowering ourselves again by saving our planet. Yes, we will be given much assistance by these representatives from other, more advanced civilisations, but they will not just suddenly appear on our shores. That would only result in two things: first of all, mass hysteria, and most important, it would only serve to once again make humans feel powerless, or even make us actually demand that others fix the problems that we have caused ourselves. The problems have of course been exacerbated by those manipulating us from behind the scenes, but if we expect to be ”saved” by outside forces without doing the actual job ourselves by finding our own strength and resources to do so, we will never ever escape from this prison we are already in. But then, we will stay behind the bars of powerlessness by our own choice. And that was the end of today’s lesson.

As the time passes and the gears shift, you will all feel the increase in activity now that the end of the cycle is coming to an end. A usual, this is not meant as a portent of doom and gloom, only as a reminder that you are passing out from the shadows of the old and entering the bright light of tomorrow. Let us explain.

As we have stated on so many earlier occasions, mankind have been thoroughly programmmed to see any change for the better as the opposite, namely a shift into dire straits without any hope for salvation. Hence, the multitude of doomsday sayers that so loudly declare that mankind is heading for destruction. And as this year by many has been labelled ”the year of armageddon”, everything is certainly heating up. Especially in these channels, that is, the electronic web that connects the world.

You see, there are so many still under the spell of the old illusion that they will waste no time in proclaiming the end of the world, and so many are willing to acquiesce to their point of view that they have all but lost faith in a new tomorrow. They will see death and destruction lurking in every corner, and they are met by daily missives in the news that seem to proclaim the same. Therefore, a feast of fear is starting to get a good grip on so many of your fellow humans. We have said it before and we will say it again at any chance we get: do not fall into this trap of engendered fear, as it is just that, a trap that will catch so many unawares and result in them giving away their newfound freedom in exchange for another long sojourn in that sea of despair that they had finally managed to extricate themselves from. So again, take this as a warning to be very careful about what you expose yourselves to in the time ahead, because there will be many an occasion to meet the messages from these doomsday sayers if you so will.

For as the wheels turn faster and faster, the changes they bring about will make many a timid soul believe in the so-called end of the world, and they too will be apt to lash out in fear at anyone standing within reach. So stay centered, and know that the changes we herald do not entail the end of the world as they are depicted so brazenly in your horrorfilms. No, they entail something else completely, and as we have already discussed in these annals, the changes are already well on their way. As we said earlier, this is the end of a cycle, a cycle that has been too long in anyone’s mind, and a cycle that has been forcefully prolonged by those dark overlords of yours. For them, what they see around them at the moment spell utter disaster, as they cannot but see that their sovereignty over mankind is coming to an end. But for the rest of you, what you will see around you will spell freedom, and we mean that in every connotation of the word.

So stay clear in your hearts about this, otherwise these naysayers might get their sticky fingers into your mind and try to convince you too that you should take another deep dive into that pool of fear that they know will wash away so much of that hard earned power of yours. We think you will all see what we mean by this, as they will in so many ways try to stage a show to engender just that kind of response from you all. Again, this is not meant to scare you, only to forewarn you that the troops of negativity are hard at work trying to find a way to entice you back into their fold. So always, always keep your focus on the light, and as you will see, the points of light are already starting to merge into bigger and bigger spheres that will be very difficult to lose sight of, even for the most timid of hearts. So stay strong by staying awake, and keep your focus, even if you are being battered and buffered by all of those trying to get you to look into the abyss they have created. That way, there is no way that you will do as they want and lose your footing ever again

I just found this very interesting link of a recording made by NASA of an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts. Not only is it beautiful, but it also triggers something in me about the way information is being channeled to us from the Universe. To quote from the article: “They are thought to be one of the most important waves for energizing the electrons that make up the outer radiation belt.” To me, this is also linked to the research on the acoustics of so many sacred places around the world. The subject of sound and vibration is so important, and this will become more and more clear to us all now that the veils are lifting. The ancient civilizations knew about of this, and they utilized sound in their healing work. I have this image of the “the hospitals of tomorrow” that will be like giant auditoriums where sound in the form of beautiful music will be played in order to help people rebalance themselves. As The constant companions have talked about so many times, disease is literally caused by our organisms being “out of tune”, and I think that sound will be the most important tool for healing in the world we are creating. After all, the fact that it was so widely used in earlier civilizations tells us that this knowledge is vital to us. And, contrary to the medication produced by big business today, it is free and have no harmful side effects.

Listen to the beautiful voice of our planet here:

We would like to take this opportunity to once again delve a bit further into the same topic as last time, namely the fact that the massives changes you are all anticipating are in many aspects already under way. You see, you have been programmed to expect some sort of massive upheaval, or cataclysm if you will. But again, the plan we refer to does not look the same as the one so many of your fellow men carry around in their heads. Therefore, many have lost their faith by looking in the wrong direction, waiting for something that has yet to manifest. Let us explain.

As always, mankind have been manipulated by the selfsame forces that have been holding you down by triggering the fear in you whenever you try to stray off the beaten path that they have devised for you. So making the changes and the choices all of you have made, has been nothing if not brave. For you had to face all of those fears each and every time you listened to your heart and dared to choose another path ahead than what has been inscribed literally in your genes. As we have talked about so many times in previous messages, mankind lives under the assumption that they have free will, when this ”will” actually have been carefully tailored to suit the puppeteers sitting behind the scenes and pulling your strings. Therefore, your actions have in so many ways been controlled by the behaviour that have been preprogrammed into you. In other words, you must follow the narrow path set up by those creatures who have set themselves up as your overlords, lest you should make choices that would go against their best interest. And, as you already know, their best interest is not the same as yours. But as they have been very careful in hiding their tracks, you did not know that you were actually willlingly following their lead. Hence, the mismanagement on so many levels, prompted by those preprogrammed stimuli that would actually reward you whenever you did the things these overlords have deemed as ”good”.

And if you ever strayed away from their skewed road, you would be punished in so many ways, especially by the triggering of that inherent fear they have set you up with. And as you all know so well by now, going against the grain of what has been deemed as ”accepted behaviour” is almost rutinely met by ostracism from your fellow men. And we think you all have a good knowledge of the shear amount of ridicule, blackballing, insecurity and unease life choices such as yours will engender. But you have persevered, no matter how hard not only those around you, but also that inner voice emanating from your own ego have been working away on you to literally stop you all in your tracks. But they failed, and you succeeded, and now you are all standing before us, strong and tall and shining your light over a sea of fog covering up so many of your brothers and sister. But now, from that sea of fog, you will see so many other brave souls emerging. And it will finally dawn on you that this path that you have chosen, and which you have been literally fighting your way along for such a long time, that path was not as solitary as you have been thinking. For there are literally thousands of others, nay millions, who have been following that same path, but as you have all been separated from each other, you have not been able to detect the presence of so many other brave pioneers fighting the same battle against the powers that be. But now, you will start to not only detect each other’s presence, you will also start to interact much more closely in so many ways. And we mean this both in the metaphysical sense, but also the physical sense. For now, the time has come to start pulling those connections in, and to start to gravitate towards those you feel compelled to meet up with.

This does not mean that you all have to start literally flying around the world. It simply means that you will all find someone in your vicinity also emerging from that fog we mentioned earlier. And you will find that even if you up until now have seen yourself as a solitary island of hope, drifting in a sea of hopelessness, now you too will see dry land somewhere on the horizon. So start looking dear ones, as these fellow travellers might be closer than you think. And when you find each other, magical things will start to happen. Because then, the pooling of resources will start in earnest, and together, you will start to build something that is so vast and powerful you have no idea.

So know that your solitary journey across this immense ocean is finally coming to end, and you have so much solace and joy at hand. For your neighbour is as eager as you are to literally get this show on the road. You have all been well prepared for this, as you have all tossed off those old bonds of fear holding you down. And we want to remind you that you have all come this far by your own strength alone, so even if you do not find any of those other islands close at hand at the moment, know that you are strong enough to withstand a slightly longer period of solitude if need be. But again, you are not alone in this is any way, because we are always, always by your side. But what you have in store, is meeting up with some of those other shining souls who have so willingly fought the same battles that you have, and who have also set themselves free from the old shackles of ”modern society”. And when you do, nothing will be the same ever again.