The manuscript of survival – part 213

As you have already ascertained, the sun is starting to deliver her gifts to you once again. The energies will be intense this time around, and for many, that will mean some rather acute physical symptoms too. Do not worry dear ones, as they will not be anything aside from a bit irritating. In other words, even if the fallout from some of these incoming rounds of energetic bombardements may leave you feeling more than a little exhausted, it will not have any lasting effects on you. Or rather, the lasting effect will as always be a very beneficial one, even if your body will try to tell you otherwise. So please, stay calm and centered and remember to breathe into it all, even if your body or even your mind will try to get you into overdrive. There is nothing to fear in any of this, only that you should lose yourself to the temptation of going into fear, as this is only the next phase in this long line of energetic imprints that is being placed into your bodies. So again, feel free to revel in the fact that any physical or mental unpleasantness that may erupt in the days ahead will only be a signal of something very positive coming into your system, so do not take it as anything else. And remember, even if you do not exhibit any kind of ”symptoms” because of this, it will not mean that you have been left out of it. It will only mean that these energies coming in do not trigger anything in your system, but they will deliver their message into you as well. So stay centered, and keep breathing, and know that the next few days will bring along many a message from ”outer space” and into you all.

35 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 213

  1. Yes, Aisha……..almost more than it feels possible to experience. Feeling the same as you; you are certainly not alone. I love you; love us all. J.

  2. This is really funny. There’s facebooks and everybody knows EXATLY what you think. Some meaning for this? It’s been a mind bogling trip that dreams do happen. Shit jusr get together and rapes everybodys minds. Before I wanted to knew what everybody thinks and where did all the fancy words you use come from. It’s like a stack of shit just piled on front of each and other and here I am. I mean mentally I think. And upgrade to 2012. I was visiting futuretimes and past also. I could ask fit things like good dreams and some accounts and allsort of things. I can pretty much control this fucking thing now! It’s cool! What do you people wish for????

    1. I mean I apologise for everyone out there for my rude language. Yeah I’m the elephant here. Man… makes kinda humble.

  3. I am just starting to get back on my feet again after a very, very intense round of energetic downloads. Anyone else been through the same these last 24 hours?
    Love and ligt, Aisha

    1. Oh yes, Aisha! it has been so intense. this whole week in general has been, and though there have been the few times where the energies lifted into something more positive-feeling, the speed and intensity have been pretty constant and still are for me. im having more muscle tightness than usual. almost like my body is bucking against the light waves, with not long enough of a chance to relax. we are so used to this routine by now, but when it gets intense so quick, i forget bc the energies are so strong (thus, feeling so real). and so my mind goes crazy trying to grapple on to anything! 🙂 and i forget, it’s planetary, not so personal 🙂

      there were themes coming through of my core wounds, now looking back, there were many variations of scenarios that reminded me of past stuff, and it was throwing me off. i was unsure of my every move, it seemed, bc the old ways had died and i didnt know yet what my new ways were. last night, i ran into someone who is aware of this process, and we uncovered some of our “new frequencies” for this round together, but that was just lifting our head above water for a little bit to get some perspective, and now it’s down under again. at least i feel a little better remembering that it’s just the waves of energies happening. the friend i ran into, also says he has felt very intense things and confusion/ doubt. but all in all, this is much easier than, say, 2011, when the solar flares began for the first time…

      anyone else having dreams, night after night? i have been dreaming every single night and remembering them, for nearly a month, which has never ever happened before. they aren’t really high-vibe dreams, but just a lot of content and details in them of various people and interactions. why am i dreaming so much?? (usually id remember them a few days apart only, and they would be more varied. some “normal” dreams like the ones i mentioned, some astral, some really high-vibe, some that are purely symbolic, some with my guides, etc.– so im wondering why. i usually find out the answer later on!)

      so i am very tired but spontaneously happy at times, feeling more love than before. i feel like since people everywhere are getting more sensitive and aware, we are naturally wanting those things and experiences and environments that reflect well-being, from a natural standpoint. those things that are good/ high vibrations is what i sense people seeking without necessarily knowing it. those who i have talked to say that they are seeing now that high energy is what feeds them, not the usual things we think make us feel good. so a love-filled interaction with someone, boosts and helps them, more than other things. this will be good bc we will begin more and more to demand the natural order of the world and of nature, bc that is what heals us and brings us well being. i also want to say that, not everything is as it seems, bc when things come up for clearing as they do every day now, we are seeing the dark stuff come out. it’s too easy to assume that the masses are falling back, or that we are too, but i sense it a whole other way now. if you try to sense people’s soul desires (sounds ambiguous, but recently i have been so tapped into this, and have had various conversations with strangers, and i just can feel what their soul is yearning for)– so i can see much of the underlying state of their current soul, and it is different than i had imagined. (as i have learned it, the soul has both dark and light, the dark being what still needs to be addressed. and the higher self does not retain darkness). i sense people wanting well being, but just confused as to how to bridge their current state of conditions to a life of richness and fullness. the young age groups are so easily aware of things and pick up on things so easily when i talk to them, but like us all, are feeling like they want or need guidance sometimes. it’s like we are tracking our way back to the state of wholeness that was our original state. can be very confusing as we entered a dense matrix reality that took us away from that in nearly every way it could. but at least we know it’s already within us, bc that’s where we came from. and the road back isn’t going to be the long tedious road it took to get here. we are quantum jumping at times, making things happen in our timeline at a very fast speed, and fulfilling much more of our “return” than is ever visible to our human eyes. i get this sense very strongly lately. g’luck to all!

    1. I feel out of control. Well it’s habitual but there’s so many things going on I don’t know if I’m tripping or not. Day and night and time is really confusing. So much information and glitches in the system. But that’s all just fun.

  4. It’s been emotional rollercoaster especially lately but throughout the whole year. It just only seems to be intensified the closer we get to the end of the year. I guess one should just be gentle to oneself and not be so judgmental.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  5. OH MY GOD! This new wave is playing my frequency. MY HEAD IS BUZZING WITH EUPHORIA!!!

    1. Same here, Michael! I got this amazing picture in my head this morning how we are all literally being showered with light and love. It was like I was just a collection of light particles, and a never ending stream of these particles was coming in to the body, both from Mother Earth and from the universe. The feeling of love was so immense, I have never felt anything as powerful as that. I was shown that it is just the same for everything here on earth now, except for those who have chosen to shut themselves completely off from this river of light. They are instead just “feeding off themselves”, so their powers are actually diminishing while the rest of us just keep growing stronger and stronger. Shine on!
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Thanks AISHA!!! I agree. And I finally can see how the whole consciousness will be able to shift even though we still do not see the signs of change in the outward/society. It is clearly just a matter of “time” as we are being lifted up in the harmonic frequencies.
        Nothing can escape these frequencies of UNCONDTITIONAL LOVE!
        I have been in extreme gratitude all day. I feel like I am truly being restored to my true self.
        THANK YOU AISHA! This Manuscript of Survival has truly been just that for me.
        I am grinning from ear to ear.
        LOVE TO YOU!

  6. Lately, when I have been walk in the evening with my dog, I noticed that one of the star of the sky glimmers in differently than before, and sometimes I can hear the whispering: see the sky. And I see a shooting star. It comforts me.

  7. Wow oh wow Bev and Jane you are both right on the money for me with your comments!!! Although I have been clearing karmic stuff for ever it seems, I did have an unusual out of character meltdown yesterday…and the thyroid/ascension symptoms have been awful again as of recently. I feel as though I’m expanding, not getting lighter! My thyroid is way off again. Nothing fits me anymore or even feels tolerable. My belly is from here to China….and I eat right and in the gym at least 4 times a week for weight training and cardio. Muscle testing tells me this is all temporary but it’s awful to experience going through it. Aisha’s work has been a Godsend and knowing that others are going through the same stuff helps as well. Grateful for all Brothers and Sisters in the Light…as well as the chance to commiserate a bit… Love to you all!!

  8. I have had many ascension symptoms and the last post was accurate for me.However many are suffering symptoms because of the bio nano technology indestructible cells finding their way to us through chemtrails too,so hard to know the difference.Max Igans film Trance Formation on you tube seeems well researched. Are many experiencing thyroid symptoms due to ascension?For months I have a pill stuck in the throat feeling which is apparently thyroid problem,for which I would not take pharmaceuticals.

  9. Thank you dear Aisha for the ‘heads up’ on the in coming waves….I have been feeling quite stressed out as of late, & I personally can atest to having
    my patience red line yesterday & pretty much had an explosive melt down ! I had been informed that I would be going through a period of ‘thought memory purging’ & were necessary adjustments, but it appeared to be a bit too much for me to handle yesterday….I always like to believe I’m strong in spirit, in support, patience & understanding but obvioiusly I still have work to do ! I’m also told I need to focus more now on letting go of control, & the need to map out my missions on my on & I must build a firmer stance with the powerful strength of the spiritual realm….I have to re-program into thinking ‘We’ instead of ‘Me’, which is proving to be ever so challenging ! Anyways I’m feeling a little better today…so I’ll leave you with this message from my guide ” if you cannot believe & trust that we will help you succeed in the little things within your life, how do you expect that you will succeed in changing the world ? you must Trust & Believe without a dust particle of doubt ! ” …..Keep Shining-Trusting-Believing my Friends !~ Bev

    1. Hey Bev, Aisha, Allies, and Constant Companion,
      I, too, had a meltdown yesterday after feeling stressed out and angry!
      Then, I went to sleep at 5 pm and slept for 17 hours!!
      As always, it is SO helpful to hear that it is indeed an energy upload/download.
      I really didn’t know because lately, I consciously feel the incoming energy more, and my crown chakra usually throbs, but yesterday, I had no such symptoms; I just got angry and then exhausted.
      Anyway, again, Thank you!

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