The manuscript of survival – part 211

We would like to take this opportunity to speak to those amongst you who are really struggling hard now. You will feel that this uphill has been too long and too steep, and it feels mayhaps like you are already starting to slide backwards. We are here to remind you yet again that you are not alone on this journey, and that we want you to be sure to ask for assistance whenever it feels like the going gets too rough. You see, although you are surrounded on all sides by beings wishing nothing but to be of assistance to you in this tremenodus task you have taken upon you, we can only do so at your request. So please, do not think that you have to grit your teeth and keep heaving all of the combined weight of your efforts alone, as that is not the case.

But the human mind is nothing if not stubborn, so it behooves us to remind you of this again and again, as there are some out there who have gotten it into their heads that asking for assistance is like admitting defeat. It is not, and it never will be, because this journey has been planned as a communal effort from the very first beginning, and only as a communal effort will you be able to complete it. So please, reach out for help, both from those around you that are tangible, but also remember to ask for help from us, the invisible ones. Because we want nothing more for you than to succeed, and we will do all we can in order to lighten your load and make the incline feel slightly less challenging.

So again we say this: do not fall into the trap of thinking yourself too small and insignificant to be able to succeed in this endeavor, for you are not small. You are magnificent indeed, but even so it is not meant that you have to go into this relying only on your inherent strength. That would not be enough for any of you. No, the only way to be a player in this is to regard yourself as a team player, so do not forget those teammates of yours that are toiling beside you. For whenever you manage to connect, both with your fellow men and with us, your more unseen helpers, you will in that way magnify your contribution in this great plan. So even if you have a hard time lifting your eyes from the ground at the moment, feeling almost overburdened by it all, please remember to do so and to acknowledge the ones that stand around you, ready to help you reignite that inner flame that might be faltering by now.

You are so loved, so do not let yourselves overlook that love by the fact that you have a hard time at the moment. Because now, you might need it more than ever, and now, you also deserve it more than ever. So do not forget to collect what is no more than your due. You are creating a new world, but together, all of us can help share the burden in the way that it was meant to be from the very beginning. Do not berate yourself if you stumble and fall at times, and certainly not by denying yourself the assistance you so readily deserve. For remember, if you do not ask for it, we cannot give it to you, as it is you and only you who can open the door to your heart and let us in.

27 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 211

  1. Cara Aisha, nostro Grande Aiuto e Gioia, prego Te, e Coloro che Tuo tramite ci aiutano, di perdonare Tomas e la sua anima spezzata.
    Con amore, un sorridente sorriso.
    Maria Adele – Torino – Italia

    1. Cara Maria Adele! Non credo di aver fatto qualcosa che ha bisogno di essere perdonato, perché è solo seguendo il suo percorso di vita scelto, e sarò sempre rispetto. Questo è tutto ciò che chiedo agli altri e, perché tutti noi abbiamo un viaggio diverso, anche se abbiamo lo stesso obiettivo, alla fine.
      Amore e luce, Aisha

  2. I am so disappointed on you Aisha for not publishing my little comment, I guess Its just too much for you, hey, take care.
    I wont be coming your way or your website anymore.
    Keep your rosy and flowery bubble going, I don’t want to be the one who burst it.

  3. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions for another wonderful missive. I am not at all afraid to ask for help, I sometimes get caught up in whatever the difficulty is and just forget to ask. When I remember to and do ask, help comes extremely fast and is always most effective and ALWAYS greatly appreciated! I Love you All and wish to thank you for all of the love and support. Peace, Love & Light to all of my beautiful sisters and brothers.

  4. The most important assistance there is to give by the spiritual realms is to help the individual to access his own Higher Self, as that is the most needed topic there actually is.

  5. Indeed, I feel as though I am going under for the last time. It’s been just over three months since my Beloved Soul Mate died of cancer, and while all you “ascencion” bloggers have been saying that light and love are increasing all the time, I can see only darkness and pain and utter despair. I feel as though I cannot go on, the devastation of losing My Love is so great.

    I beg her to communicate with me…I beg any other entities ‘on the other side’ who can help to help me, and yet I begin and end each day sobbing.

    So if any of your “light beings” can help me find any sort of relief from the abject misery and terror of being left here alone and devastated, I’d appreciate it.

    At the end of each day, part of me hopes to not awaken the next morning still in this horrible world.

    If this “ascension” happens for all of us, will I be reunited with My Darlin’? Will she be waiting there in 5d or wherever for me? Or do I have to die to be with her again? Or am I really supposed to just give up and lay down and die?

    These are things none of these “channelers” ever seem to want to talk about.

    1. Of course you have not to die. And dont,t think her as dead, for the first person you,ll see when you get to the other side, inside your body, is her.
      She,s already there, waiting for you. But you just have a different way to get there. You have work to be done yet. So, clean your face and be strong. Ask CCs to help you to lighten your heart. And remember that you were not left away. Love is the force that is thinning the veil and love is the warranty that you,ll join your Darling soon, very soon.
      Much love/light & strength for you Seeker. DON,T GIVE UP!

    2. Oh dear Seeker, I am so sorry for your tremendous, devastating loss. My Love to you where ever you are. We are all ONE. Your beloved is always with you. Love is forever.

    3. Thank you both for your kind words…I am trying to be strong, but it is so very hard yet. My frustration at the disparity between what I am experiencing and the “positivity” of all the ascension information sometimes becomes so great I have a hard time believing anything positive at all could be going on anywhere.

      Which is why I’m having to reach out and ask these questions. Nothing really makes sense to me anymore. Life has become surreal since she died…and the overall feeling I get left with is “everything is wrong”…to use a sci-fi cliche, I feel as if I’ve been tossed into the wrong “timeline”…this wasn’t supposed to happen…like this is all some horrible parallel universe that’s not the “right” world for me to be in. The “right” world, of course, would be the one where we are both alive and happy and still here, living our lives out together.

      I am trying to understand…I feel I have got to or else this will do me in. I have to find some way to sense her, to feel her presence, to hear her voice, to know she is there. Yet when I look to my heart, it still only cries out in the agony of knowing she is gone. I hope my heart finds peace soon.

      Thank you all for your kindness.

      1. Dear Seeker! I hope and pray that your heart will find peace after your devastating loss, and that your pain will become love again.
        Love and light, Aisha

      2. You and your Darling always were vibrating very differently. You always thought of her out of this world, thinking in the world of the moon, not apt to cop with the challenges of our world. But you was hard enough for you both. You always was trying to get more wealth, a better position in your job, more fame, more everything. She was always trying to make you see life in a different way. She did all she could for you to change, in vain. But her love for you IS so big, so big, that when she realized that time was becoming short for you she didn,t give up. She asked for help to Heaven to help you to awake. She could not lose you! How could she be happy without you? The rest of the story you know. Wealth, science, remedies, treatments, religion, church, nothing you did could make she remain alive.
        And now, what about you? Just the deep night of the soul could make you stop and up your sight to Heaven and ask for help. Now you are cleansing your OPEN heart and receiving all the help you deserve. You did not fail. You was deceived by darkness as we all. And you have had the most beautiful proof of love of your Darling. Her task is fulfilled. You are awakening and you are not alone, you are among your Earth team. And your Darling is very happy seeing that your hard stone heart broke in pieces and now is healing because of the infinite power of Love.

  6. Dear Aisha, and dear all,
    I need to share this with you
    This afternoon, I made a short walk in the woods with my dog.
    While walking I was praying. I asked my guides to help me have my ego and my persona step aside so that I could better welcome and integrate the light. When I came back to my car, I realize I didn’t lock the door and then that my bag wasn’t there anymore. What has been stolen during that time are all my id papers. I don’t really know what it means, but I felt it had to be that way. Love and kisses

  7. Dear Aisha…i found your website about five mounts ago (randomly-wouldn’t say:) and since then it’s been my constant companion! I completely resonant with it. Although i’ve been reading it from ‘the behind’, i said it’s a high time to give you, Aisha and CC, an enormous THANKS! Needless to say…’re of such help! 🙂
    Lot’s of love from the heart…Yasna

  8. Thank you CC and Aisha……….Comfort and assurance are so welcome today and every day. Love and light to us all. J.

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