Please check your mind at the door

The light is increasing in our world, but with it, the resistance to change is also increasing. And the “mastermind” behind so much of the negativity that surrounds us on all sides is none other than our own mind. Remember, the mind has been programmed to keep us down by keeping us from finding our true strength. And just like the man who refuses to be rescued from the flood (see my comment on The manuscript part 209), the mind will try to keep us from “rescuing” ourselves in any way it can. Because the mind knows that if you do succeed in freeing yourself by connecting with your spirit, it will no longer be able to control you. So, it will prefer to pull you deeper and deeper under an ever increasing flood of negativity. I see signs of this “battle of wills” as The CC’s called it in my own life, in people around me and in some of the comments posted here. For the mind always uses the same weapons to try to make us lose focus, because it knows that if it can trigger our anger, fear or any other negative thoughts, it can succeed in holding us back a little bit more from liberating ourselves from its dictatorship.

We all want change, we all want to see the world we dream about become reality. But our minds fear that change, because with it comes their defeat. And so it will fight us every step of the way, to quote from The manuscript. And now, when we are all becoming more than a little “battle weary”, the mind has found a way to get in a nasty attack here and there. And if we are not careful, it is too easy to fall into the trap our minds are so busy setting up. Because when the mind manages to make us lose our focus and disconnect from Source, we start attacking ourselves and we start attacking others. We become irritated and angry, and we start to believe in the negativity our minds keep feeding us. And so, we start to give away our powers yet again, and the spiral of negativity gets a chance to drag us further down.

It is easy to lose patience because of this, with ourselves and with this whole process. And so, it is easy to start spreading the negativity we feel we are drowning in. And some of that negativity has started to appear in this space as well. I started this blog to give us all a place where we can support each other. This journey is more than challenging, we all know that, but we must make sure that we do not make it even more challenging by letting our minds trick us into bringing that negativity in here as well. So if your mind manages to trigger you in any way, please refrain from sharing it with the rest of us. It will not only affect you, but all others that see it as well. I want to keep this blog the way it was intended from the start, as a place filled with love and respect, where the only energy we freely share is the energy of love. So take this as a warning that I will not tolerate any more mudslinging here. So, if in doubt, please check with your heart where the words you want to share are coming from. I want us all to be able to find the support we need here, and even if we do disagree with someone, it must be done in a respectful way.

We are so close now, so please do not let us make this journey any longer than it needs to be by letting the mind back into the driver’s seat. Because if we do, we will end up back in the place where we started from. I know that many of you are exhausted from what you feel is an uphill struggle without any sign of the changes you so long for. But I also know that there are many others out there like me who already see some of these changes happening. But remember, your mind will never allow you to experience those changes, so the only way to make them come into your life, is to let your heart take control. And what your heart wants for you is what the whole Universe wants for you: a life filled with joy and love.

Love and light, Aisha

28 thoughts on “Please check your mind at the door

  1. Dear Aisha,

    Your observations in relationship with the mind (or as some from Eastern philosophies would refer to as ego) resonate on many levels… However, there is one important attribute of the mind/ego we might also consider within the context of this posting… And that is ‘control’.

    Do you ever wonder what might happen if you could set aside your own mind/ego need to control this dialog, and instead “allow” (Heart attribute) people to participate on any level they chose? Yes, there may very well be what appears to be negativity being expressed as a result of fears, but these circumstances may also serve as a doorway for many to evolve Spiritually. Who are we to judge? (mind/ego attribute)

    Your intentions are admirable, and of course this is your blog so you can ‘dictate’ (ming/ego) whatever rules you want. But do you ever wonder what might happen if a space of “Surrender” (Heart) was honored???

    As a teacher, I have come to know that many important lessons on our journey take place within a cathartic process that may at times appear to be very messy, ugly, and seem negative. However, things are not always as they appear. More often then not, these circumstances are a blessing in disguise, and all we need in order to see this is a shift in perception.

    So the time has been taken to share this with you from a space of the Heart… A risk has been taken to call you out on what appears to be a blatant hypocrisy with your mind philosophy… Because this is what “Friends” do!

    If you might find yourself in a space of anger, frustration, and/or negativity with this sharing, then in ‘Truth’, this is a gift…! The question is, can you see it?

    Love to you Always, All Ways,

    1. Dear Ananda, thank you for giving me this opportunity to clarify the object of this blog, and my role as a “moderator”. I was instructed to start this blog by my guides, not only as a place to post the channelings I received, but also as a place to anchor a specific frequency of energy. I have been given very clear instructions that it is my responsibility to keep the integrity of this energy intact. Therefore, there are two things that I will not allow in this space:
      – disrespect of any kind towards others that have posted their comments here
      – energetic manipulation instigated by the dark side
      I consider both to be detrimental to the energy that this blog carries, so I therefore ask those who feel the need to share that kind of negativity to please do it somewhere else.
      Love and light, Aisha.

  2. Sorry my pardon. I allways fire up slowly sand stop slowly. NICE PLACE youu people got here. Gonna check it out later on much closer spect. Really talented öeople here and wanna put my mark on it. Good night all and sweet dreams. Big boss is waiting for ya. Work lightly in the next coming weekend mylittle padawans!

  3. Very well said and I agree!
    I do enjoy and look forward to your messages ever since I found you. Many of us know how hard it is to remain calm and cool while receiving negativity and agression from others…especially difficult when coming from your own family!
    Thank you Aisha, V.

  4. Thank you Aisha for all that matters as Kristine just said. Love and light to us all as we join hands and hearts. J.

  5. This is my first time to comment here, but I wanted to let you know that I and many look here daily for hope and inspiration and wisdom. I don’t check other people’s comments because I need to take the messages themselves and live them as much as I can. That is all that matters. Because of that, thank you.

  6. Excellent message. Thank you Aisha to point out the “great deceiver”, which is the mind. I have tried for many years to discipline it, either by meditating or by infusing positive thoughts and affirmations in it. What has always amazed me is that as soon as I let go just a little bit of this routine, negativity comes back at a gallop. I can even say, my affirmations never really worked because my mind is fighting back with even stronger negativity and waste all my efforts. It was like digging a little hole to plant a tree, and so much mud would come out that the tree had no chance to grow. That was so discouraging.
    For many years I thought I was full of unconscious rubbish and bad karma and I would have to do a tremendous effort to change the direction of this mountain of negativity.
    Now I start to understand that what I took for a “natural” aspect of my life is in fact part of a plan to manipulate us. We are under a pressure which is not natural at all. When our mind could be a friend and a tool to create a good life in abundance, in such world of ours, and under such a spell, the mind is trained by outside forces to disconnect us from the source and to attract us in a whirpool of negativity. Its good to know that this spell is not really our fault and we can observe this negativity with a neutral and calm behavior. Its just not us!
    Thus, as you say Aisha, remains the way of the heart. My heart cannot tell me for sure if all what the channelers say is true. But my heart tells me this world must change. We cant continue to live this way. We better stay open and keep the mind quiet. Blessings to you all.

  7. I have read many posts from various sources on the mind tricking a person with negativity and such. A while ago ( I don’t remember if it was 2 or 4 or 6 months) I understood that I have a mind, therefore it must be an integril part of my physical experience or I wouldn’t have it. Just having the feeling of a negative energy in connection with my mind is in itself a lower vibration so I’ve made my mind my best friend (we’ve always been together lol) and if a negative feeling comes up this is my mindes way of telling me I have a belief I need to look at and resolve. In short I’ve found, for me, that insted of fighting a part of myself, I’ve learned to love it for the help it provides and have a really good working relationship with it.
    p.s. therefore one doesn’t need to spread the negativity out to everyone else. Everyone has thier own path to follow and giving them negativity does not help , it only hinders them and ones self.

  8. For those of you failing to see your comment appear here, I ask you to please read the above message (“Please check your mind in at the door”) again. I think you will see why I chose to not let it through. I am not suggesting that this is a place where only one opinion will be allowed. That would take away the purpose of this blog altogether. But I will not allow any finger pointing, blaming or accusations. We are here to share our own unique opinions and views on this journey, and in that way, inspire and guide each other. But we must do so with respect, for each other and for ourselves. So please make sure that you comment from your heart, that is the only thing we all have to agree about.
    Love and light, Aisha

  9. Very well said: the way you introduced the subject, Aisha, the facts and pros & cons of our preprogrammed mind. Then a warning to all of us to always listen to our heart’s voice instead of our mind and a warning to those ones who doesn’t want to follow that way, then respect our way of choice of life. Which is a life filled with piece, love and light. Again, well said. Barb

  10. Dear Aisha,
    I sometimes wonder what would happen to those who resonate with your work if you were not here. Please understand that there are those who truly Love you and your contribution. Since the day I found you I must always put a “Dear” in front of your name because that is just the way it is.

    Much Love

  11. Thank you dearest Aisha. I agree with you am am so very thankful for your wonderful blog. I look so forward to it each day. Let us share with other, support and Love each other for we are sisters and brothers, we are ONE. Peace, Love & Light to each and everyone of you.

  12. One major reason of why people slip out of the so-called darkness and lose their hope of better live is that the money is too large for most people ‘s everyday lives. Money, or rather the lack of it powers sometimes my thoughts and sometimes takes forces. I often hope that the money did not exist.

  13. All right I’m sorry if I misbehaved here Aisha. Your website is really fantastic, I’m a fervent follower and I didn’t mean to offend you or the other readers, who have all really helped me with their thoughtful and kind responses – I’m just having a tough time that’s it but I promise I will check my mind before writing a negative comment in future…

    1. Guerric, your comment was just “realistic” and, at least the one I have read, not “negative”, imho. Maybe reality could be meant as negative, but it is the world we face everyday and many of the readers, not writing, do face the same challenges you described.
      On the other hand we still live in this perfect dualistic 3D, as we planned before every lifetime. So, everything is perfect, also the “negativities” (let’s call them this way).
      The most important thing is to remain grounded and honest with ourselves and don’t lose heart, on one side, but also don’t make up feelings that you are not actually feeling. Problems must be solved, not jumped over. I am very happy that you manifested them because you are true and not a blind follower or a faithful.
      Many see some changes? Good. What?

      I hope they will become more evident also for the other many many many who still ignore them, in order to avoid the possibility to write and read again comment like Guerric’s one, not because they” disturb” such positivity, this is the very last problem, but because it is much more important that people would be really and fully happy for the changes, evident and clear, that should have been happened.

      I leave, because I can’t stay in a place were the reality should be ignored in favour of the usual old newagean “positivity” at all costs.
      Even if I know that your honest and sincere. It is not the so called “positivity” to let things change. But just the heart, the wish and, maybe, something some way somewhere sometimes happening. And the weakness is a sign of heart and a distress call, not to be ignored in the name of a sort of nice behaviour. If I am wrong, please, prove me the contrary.

      Naturally nobody, sincere and honest, will never accept any sort of “change” happened just if stated by words. Sorry, it should be too easy. But I trust you and still “hope” you are right.

      This is my testament.

      Sorry Aisha, you know, I told you often, you have been my last one trustable channeling, but when I listen the word “positivity” I prefer to work among the real people and not the dreamers. Have a good path. Whatever it will be.

      1. Dear Danilo! Let me just repeat what I wrote to you in an earlier comment: I know that the messages I channel can never be of help to everyone, but I truly hope you will find someone or something that will help you find your faith again. To quote from The manuscript : “There are many fountains of information out there, and it is not given that each and every one of you should drink from the same one. Even though the end goal of this transformational process is the same, the path to getting there is an individual one, and you must therefore find your own way forward. It does you no good to blindly follow in the footsteps of others, as you all need to heed that small voice inside of your own heart. And remember, they all sing to a different tune, therefore your path forwards will be likened to someone else´s backwards, and vice versa.”
        Love and light, Aisha

  14. “Ditto”…I agree whole heartedly too !! Let us ALL keep focused on the positive with LOving kindness, compassion, patience & understanding ! There’s still much work to do & we need to keep moving forward, not backwards, with increasing positive spiritual strength…if we are unified we certainly are stronger & will achieve so much more !!! It is the true essence of life in every sentient being to be LOve, Receive LOve, & Give LOve & that is the equation that makes us complete ! In the end LOve always Wins…so bickering, feuding & indulging in any aspect of negavity is simply a waste of time, resources & energy…& indeed we are running short on All 3 !~ Keep Growing & Shining On your beautiful soul brilliance my friends !!! & Thank you as always Dear Aisha for ALL your work, dedication & support in LOVingly building this site !!!~

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